Pioneer Wrestling Association

Halloween Night 2020

Our screens come to life via the Magee Network along with PWAís new streaming affilite We Are SPLAT! Either way you just gave money to the Strader Sisters the minute you double clicked the power button and scanned your handsome/beautiful face (your mother paid us to say that so you know). The PWA logo flashes centre on the screen of your viewing pleasure (whatever that may be, PWA can be streamed on all). The scene comes to life to a desert setting with multiple cactus plants, cacti if you will, and we can see in the distance a flicker of light can be seen. Cara Townsend and Victoria Strader (the child Meghan gave up for adoption when she was 14) enter our scene in similar clothes that the female leads wore in the original movie.

Cara: Oh no, what are we gonna do? Figgy has new asshole now!

Victoria: We donít need no man to save us, itís 2020. Girl fucking power, bay bay!

Obviously Victoria is right, but by the look on Caraís face that wasnít the point she was making.

Cara: Ok since you are so smart which is the hell out of here?

Victoria licks her thumb and holds it spinning slowly around trying to feel which way the wind is coming as Cara looks unimpressed. She smacks her arm down in frustration.

Cara : Stop that! I doubt the chainsaw bro can smell anything through the masks of his. Ick!

Vicroria: Ok follow me this way...

No sooner does she say that our audio outletís make a loud sound as the chainsaw is revving up and cutting both young womenís head off. Leatherface stands tall and proud doing his chainsaw dance making his piggie squealing noises. We fade in Ashes to Ashes by Tarbox Rambler

Cara Townsend: Hello ghouls and specters and welcome to TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gerry Essex: Boy do we have a evening in store for you! But I gotta know... how did you get your head reattached so quickly and so well?! You canít even see the stitches and it mustíve been at least 300!

Cara just looks at her broadcast partner and shakes her head brushing off his very stupid question.

Cara Townsend: Yes we all titles except the tag team titles up for grabs tonight for starters!

Gerry Essex: Also we canít forget what I think will become a feud between SNS and Izzie McKelserDee or whatever.

Cara Townsend: While we sit in the mini cinema built by Scoot Nash Strader for his grand kids we can enjoy the safe warm environment while the talent deals without the cold desert air at night. Up next, itís the big man Adrian Kalis versus Tamika Kalis! Who will advance in the self imposed tournament!

Adrian Kalis versus Tamika Kalis
Standard Match in Bringing Order to the OoC
Time Limit: None

Cara Townsend: I have to say, this outdoor set-up with all these giant screens so we can watch and call the matches!

Gerry Essex: My chair could be a bit more comfortable but yeah this is pretty cool.

Cara Townsend: Our first match takes place in area ĎAí and is part of the internal tournament to crown a new leader in The Order of Chaos.

Gerry Essex: Itís funny that we havenít seen Mister Chaos himself... Simon Kalis.

Cara Townsend: Thatís true Gerry, Iím sure eventually Simon will have something to say about it.

Gerry Essex: So itís Adrian Kalis versus his stepmommy, Tamika Kalis, the one who grounded him? Hahahaha.

Cara Townsend: Itís that damn dirty Vega contracting COVID-19.

Gerry Essex: Oh come on, donít tell me you believe that shit?

Cara Townsend: (under her breath) Dear lord help us all...

Gerry Essex: What was that?

Cara Townsend: Nothing, Gerry. Anyways as promised actors from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre are our ring announcers tonight! I am so pumped to introduce you to Alexandra Daddario!!!!

We cut to Area A on the Strader Estate and Alexandra stands in the middle of the ring in the outfit from TCM3D when Leatherface realizes she is his cousin. Both Adrian and Tamika in the ring in their respective gear, both dancing like Mohammed Ali.

Alexandra Daddario: This match is scheduled for one fall is for the internal tournament to crown a new leader within the faction! In this corner is ADRIAN KALIS also known as Masakazu standing at 6'2, weighing in at 200 pounds... hailing from Montreal, Quebec Canada!!!!

The camera pans over to Adrian who just winks for the camera throwing a few jabs towards the lens.

Alexandra Daddario: And in this corner weighing in at 138 pounds, standing 5'9, and she is co owner of the PWA with her sister, Meghan Kelser.... TAMIKA KALIS!

The camera pans to the General Manager of the PWA as she gives the lens here families infamous sneer followed by a wink of her own. She motions for a microphone.

Cara Townsend: Does she have something to say to Adrian?

Gerry Essex: My sources tell me thereís a few people that arenít here tonight that should be.

Tamika Kalis: First off, thank you Miss Daddario for making a special appearance tonight and the rest of the actors. I would say their names but I donít wanna give away the surprise! Ok, so as the internet dirt sheets ran rampant in crazy theories and lies they are right about a few things, one being that Jacob Seldon has decided to not show up to the event so Lisa Seldon our Intercontinental Champion is off filming a death match for another promotion because of Jacob. Johnny Maverick had two false negative tests for COVID19 and while we do know in fact he isnít infected with the virus with our third test but I felt it best he stay home or at the very least, if he is sick, contaminate the competition in BWF. Just kidding David, you know the Cowgirls love you. And finally Hunter Sullivan felt it wasnít necessary to show up to the World Title shot I gave him but donít worry Robinson, I have a replacement ready to go toe to toe with The Phoenix! I am however am done with these no shows. Effective immediately if you are booked and you decide itís unnecessary to show to fulfil your contractual obligations you will be considered in breach of contract and you might as well pack your bags. Meghan and I have been to lenient with all the roster and that ends tonight. Too the fans at home that purchased this show through our partner weareSPLAT! you will be gifted this pay per view and have your money refunded. I apologize to the fans of PWA as they deserve better that what they have been given.

Cara Townsend: Wow, thatís unfortunate. I was looking forward to Seldon versus Seldon!

Gerry Essex: I was hoping to see Maverick tonight myself. Such a fantastic athlete. Easy on the eyes.

Cara Townsend: Wait what?

Tamika hands off her mic to the time keeper and nods at Alexandra it was time to wrestle.

Alexandra Daddario: Letís get this party started!!!!

The TCM 3D star steps through the ropes as Adrian and Tamika meet in the middle of the ring and bump fists out of mutual respect.

Cara Townsend: Great show of sportsmanship!

Gerry Essex: I wanna see Tamika spank him.

Cara Townsend: Thatís how you replaced Rentfro, so maybe be careful.

Gerry Essex: I didnít mean it in a sexy way, geez. Everyone is sensitive these days with their minds in the gutter.


Tamika starts the offense with a European uppercut, Adrian stumbles back from it into the corner turnbuckle. She follows it up with a running knee lift into Adrianís face. Kalis comes back for another strike but Adrian ducks and rolls away from her. Adrian is quickly up, hits a spinning heel kick to Tamika which sends Kalis into the corner turnbuckle. Adrian rushes Tamika into the corner, running his shoulder into Tamikaís ribs. Tamika grabs onto him and begins bashing her elbow over the back of Adrianís head. Adrian flips forward, sliding free, his legs wrap around Tamikaís neck as he hangs upside down. Tamika runs forward with Adrian locked around her and goes for a reverse piledriver but Adrian flips himself up then kicks himself away from Tamika by kicking her shoulders and then hitting a sit out face buster.

Cara Townsend: Interesting back and forth.

Gerry Essex: You say interesting, I say boring.

Adrian gets to his feet as does Tamika.

Cara Townsend: I donít think itís boring.

Tamika charges at Adrian. They begin a grapple power struggle, but it seems almost fruitless as both competitors are evenly matched. Yet Kalis with a knee goes for Adrianís chest, but Adrian masterfully blocks it with his knee. Adrian tries to headbutt Kalis, but Kalis easily twists her head around to avoid it. Out of no where Kalis with a surge of energy and power overtakes Adrian and locks him up, taking him down with a northern lights suplex.

Cara Townsend: Masterfully done.

Gerry Essex: Our boss is taking it to Adrian! Maybe she does want to be the next leader of the Order!

Adrian quickly rolls and gets to his feet, springboard moonsault on Kalis as she gets to her feet, taking both of them down. Adrian grabs Kalis by the legs and locks in an Indian Death Lock. He begins to apply and release pressure, teasing Kalis almost but Kalis refuses to tap out. Adrian now keeps the pressure on the hold, smirking as he tells Kalis to just give in.

Cara Townsend: Considering thatís where Tamika suffered at the time her career ending injury I think tapping out might be a good idea.

Gerry Essex: Naw, fuck that! Letís go boss! Reverse the hold!!!

Adrian has Kalis writhing in pain, but the spirit of Tamika Kalis is unquestionably strong. Kalis makes a grab for the bottom rope, and latches on. Adrian doesnít let go of the hold.


Adrian keeps it on.




Finally Adrian lets go and gets away from Kalis. Adrian grabs Tamika by the neck lifting her up to he feet but she charges her shoulder into Adrian, double underhooks his arms and hits a back breaker that stuns both the crowd and Adrian. Kalis covers.




Adrian rolls away and gets to his feet as does Kalis now. Adrian with a thrust kick lands hard against Kalisís ribs. Another to Kalisís thigh, but Kalis moves away from the thrust kick coming for her head and grabs Adrian by the leg and slams him to the canvas. Kalis quickly now with a Boston Crab on Adrian and moves him to the middle of the ring. Adrian writhes in pain, trying to use his leg strength to escape but to no avail. He realizes heís stuck in the center of the ring with no escape.

Gerry Essex: I wanna say TAP! But I donít want the boss running the order

Cara Townsend: I donít know Gerry, I donít think sheís trying to win, just to show Adrian and the world sheís still got it.

Gerry Essex: Oh the boss definitely has still got that ability to send a message .

Adrian begins crawling with his hands out, using his upper body strength to slowly move towards the ropes. But Kalis pulls back and then reapplies the pressure, having snared Adrian nicely in a well applied Boston Crab. Adrian pushes up with his hands, which makes the pressure from the crab that much more unbearable. But he moves towards the ropes and with a last mad dash grabs onto the bottom rope in time. Kalis lets go and makes sure he doesnít relent, grabbing Adrian by the hair and lifting him to his feet.

Cara Townsend: I smell disaster for Adrian.

Gerry Essex: Boooooooo!!! No Boss donít do it!

Kalis lifts Adrian up for a stalled suplex, holding him high up for everyone to see. But Adrian slips out of it, spins Kalis around and kicks herin the gut. Out of no where Adrian with the MASADRIVER! Adrian quickly covers, hooking the leg.





Alexandra Daddario: The winner of this match, ADRIAN KALIS!!!!

Adrian helps his step mother to her feet and they embrace in a hug as Tamika lifts his hand up high.

Gerry Essex: Oh thank god! The boss doesnít need the hassle of leading the Order. They are a tad crazy. You might be too young to remember but ten years ago the Cowgirls were in a slump and the Order beat the hell out of them for it.

Cara Townsend: I may have been 11 at the time Gerry, but I remember. The Order is supposed to be the best there is, was, and ever will be in this business.

Gerry Essex: Why does that sound familiar....

Cara Townsend: Donít worry about it Gerry. Anyways... lets tune into area B for the drama!

All Falls Down

Adrian Kalis remains in the ring, he seems to be eyeing a woman who has somehow made it onto the gated property. Cara and Gerry from their comfortable sheltered conditions take notice to that woman.

Cara Townsend: Hey Gerry, you see what I see? And do not say a little silhouette of a man....

Gerry Essex: I think I saw her in the crowd when Adrian broke Dyceís neck.

The woman leaps over the guard rail as Adrian steps out of the ring, she reaches into her purse and pulls out a can of bear mace and sprays it wildly at the security who are rushing towards her and at Adrian himself. Adrian winces as he tries to wipe the mace from his eyes, and he coughs as he breathed some of it in. She continues yelling wildly at Adrian as more security comes, this time cautiously trying to approach her.

Cara Townsend: Oh shit I think thatís Dyceís wife!

Gerry Essex: I thought Jeremy Gold was?

Cara Townsend: No, thatís Vega.

She seems to calm down as she drops the bear mace but, she immediately reaches into her purse and pulls out a brick which she swings and connects with Adrians face. He didnít even see it coming as he tried to wipe more bear mace from his eyes and facezsn.

Cara Townsend: Good thing the boss was here to call on those paramedics!

Gerry Essex: I am just curious how she got out that far. I am very thankful we are in this enclosed movie theatre watching this on a mini IMAX.

As the medics place Adrian on the stretcher, as he bleeds profusely from the new gash in his forehead, the woman is tackled by security and is lead away to police officers who have now arrived on the scene to take her into custody.

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Scott Nash Strader versus Izzie McDee
Legend Killer Series
Stipulation: Unknown

Our screens tune into ĎArea Bí where Izzie McDee continues her Legend Killer Series against Scott Nash Strader. Both competitors are in the ring awaiting the match to begin as Scott Strike, star of 2017's LEATHERFACE, stands in the middle of the ring in black shoes, blue jeans, black retro PWA t-shirt, and brown leather bomber style jacket with a microphone in hand.

Scott Strike: The following contest is a FIRST BLOOD match!

Scott looks over at Izzie and sneers as all match types tonight were secret until minutes before the bell was to ring. Izzie shrugs and pays no heed to her opponentís imposing family sneer.

Cara Townsend: Oh cool!

Gerry Essex: First blood, eh?

Scott Strike: In this corner weighing in at 295 pounds standing at a staggering 6'10", hailing from right here in Texas... he is the patriarch of the Strader family.... SCOTT...NASH...STRADERRRRRRR!!!!!!

The camera pans to SNS as the big man winks into the camera mouthing the words Ďpiece of cakeí while gesturing towards Izzie McDee.

Scott Strike: And his opponent weighing in at a 160 pounds standing at 5'9", hailing from Ashville, North Carolina..... IZZIE...MCDEEEEEEEEEEE!

The camera pans to Izzie McDee now as she smiles and blows a kiss into the lens for the fans watching at home.

Cara Townsend: First blood, I bet Meghan picked out that stipulation.

Gerry Essex: Thatís a very good possibility! Scott Strike is out of the ring now and the official calling the match tonight is Michelle Attwood and she has just signaled for the bell!


The referee, Michelle Attwood, moves out of the way between McDee and Strader, who immediately go to work on each other. Strader gets the early advantage and puts McDee in a hammerlock, but McDee quickly counters with a sharp elbow to the nose of Strader, and McDee follows it up with a sharp roundhouse kick, sending Strader into the ropes. Strader comes storming out of the ropes and nails McDee with a right hook, and follows it up with a big uppercut. McDee staggers back and Strader goes for a grapple, but McDee drives her knee into Straderís gut and plants him into the mat with a DDT.

Cara Townsend: McDee is trying to take the advantage early in the match Gerry. Sheís gotta keep Scott on the defensive if she plans to win this match.

Gerry Essex: I agree, but thatís a hard task. We all know how tough Scott is and Iíve watched his career and heís not one that bleeds all that easy.

McDee gets Strader up to his feet and sends him into the ropes. McDee drops for a telegraphed dropkick, but Strader sidesteps away from it. McDee crashes to the mat, but immediately gets up. Strader delivers a stiff kick to McDeeís stomach and lifts McDee up for a big-time powerbomb he calls THE FINISHING TOUCH!

Gerry Essex: Oh man! The entire ring shook violently with that one! That canít bode too well for McDeeís back but at least the her ankles are doing good.

Strader goes into the ropes and does a big-time elbow drop to McDeeís ankle. Strader up to his feet, and stomps on McDeeís ankle some more.

Gerry Essex: I take that back..

Cara Townsend: It was only a matter of time before Strader went for that ankle. And McDee knows Straderís weaknesses too.

Strader lays off a moment and McDee uses the ropes to get back to her feet. She is favoring that ankle, and Strader moves in to attack. McDee dodges a right hook, and delivers a gut punch to Scott. McDee follows that up immediately with a left hook to Scottís jaw, and then smashes Scottís face into the turnbuckle. McDee grabs Scott by the head, climbing up the turnbuckle with her feet, leaping off the top and hitting a big-time tornado DDT!

Gerry Essex: What a move!

Cara Townsend: McDee can pull off some great moves despite that ankle.

McDee slides to the outside and begins digging underneath the ring for weapons. She pulls out a few chairs, a ladder, and a baseball bat. She tosses them all into the ring. McDee climbs up on the apron and then climbs to the top turnbuckle. Strader gets to his feet, but gets immediately knocked back down with a missile dropkick from McDee. McDee gets to her feet and picks up one of the chairs.

Gerry Essex: And McDeeís calling for it! Sheís gonna try to put an end to this thing right now!

Cara Townsend: Thatís smart, Gerry. The earlier she can get this over with, make him bleed and call it a night.

Gerry Essex: And McDeeís going for the kill!

McDee rushes and swings, but Strader blocks it with the other chair. McDee tries one more time, and their chairs collide. They hold them together, face to face, but Strader begins to easily overpower McDee. McDee slips out of the hold and sweeps Strader off his feet with the chair. McDee lifts the chair high into the air and slams it down on Scottís chest.

Gerry Essex: Thatís gotta hurt!

Cara Townsend: All the years of cigarettes and cigars catching up with the big man. Looks like he is having trouble breathing!

Gerry Essex: And you can bet your bottom dollar that McDee knows that!

Cara Townsend: My.. what?

Gerry Essex: Itís an expression.

Cara Townsend: Ok, boomer.

McDee throws the chair away and gets Strader to his feet. She lands a right hook, and then slams Strader into the turnbuckle. McDee throws the ladder on top of Strader in the corner and then rushes to the other corner. McDee throws her arm up and then charges. She leaps and tries for a corner splash, but Strader shoves the ladder into McDeeís face!

Cara Townsend: Good God! Strader just cracked McDeeís head with that ladder!

Gerry Essex: That was a dangerous move from McDee, but there would have been a hell of a pay off if Strader hadnít reversed it!

Cara Townsend: How is she not bleeding?

Gerry Essex: Quick question, if itís her time of the month... does Scoot auto-win?

Cara Townsend: *face palms*

Strader gets a hand on that baseball bat that McDee threw into the ring. McDee manages to get to her feet, shaking off that hit from the ladder. Straderís in the batterís box. He swings and - - -


McDee goes down to one knee, yelling in pain. Strader begins to choke McDee out with the bat. All the official (Michelle Attwood) can do is sit back and watch, there are no disqualifications in a first blood match. McDee drops to both knees, her face turning red. Sheís trying to fight, but she canít overpower Strader. McDee falls to the mat with Strader still trying as hard as he can to choke McDee out. McDeeís face turns pale.

Cara Townsend: Heís gonna kill her!

Gerry Essex: Naw, heís just teaching her some manners

Finally when Strader thinks itís enough, he lets go. McDee lays there motionless on the mat and Scott pulls a soft of Marlboro Redís out of back pocket and lights a cigarette.

Cara Townsend: Whatís he doing smoking during a match?

Gerry Essex: Well if his son John can win a match by forcing a pin with his handgun over in project: Honor, then surely the father can have a smoke during a first blood match.

Cara Townsend: There is zero logic in that statement. Scoot should be trying to make his step granddaughter bleed!

McDee has crawled across the ring and uses the ropes as she begins to try and get to her feet. Scott takes a final drag as he flicks the smoke off into the dirt thatís just past the ringside matting on the ground.

Gerry Essex: Come on, Scoot! This isnít your ash tray!

Cara Townsend: No it isnít but he owns the place.

Attwood backs away from checking on Izzie and SNS comes rushing in and spears McDee into the corner. Strader rams his shoulder into McDee once more, and then picks McDee up and hits a big belly-to-back suplex. McDee crashes on one of the chairs. Sheís holding her back. Strader picks up the baseball bat again. Strader swings and connects with McDeeís face!

Gerry Essex: OH MY GOD! Strader might have broken McDeeís jaw with that!

Cara Townsend: How in the hell is she not bleeding?!!?!

Strader looks at the bat in disbelief. He tosses it away with anger and frustration and picks McDee up. He tosses him into the corner with one arm, and then hits a running clothesline. McDee falls to the mat and Strader keeps the assault alive with a series of punches and stomps.

Gerry Essex: I donít know if McDee can take much more of this, Cara. She just canít seem to keep an offense going against Strader tonight, itís reminiscent of her match against Seldon at High Stakes.

Cara Townsend: I donít know, she was mounting offence back in August.

Strader sets up the ladder in the opposite corner. He gets McDee up to her feet and tries to whip her into the ladder, but McDee reverses and kicks Strader low and hard. McDee grabs Strader by his dirty blonde hair thatís turning grey in his maturing days and throws him headfirst into the ladder.

Gerry Essex: Good reversal by McDee there!

Cara Townsend: That definitely looked painful, but Strader is up to his feet.

McDee leaps up to the top rope her back to the ring. McDee then leaps backwards off, corkscrewing around to face Strader, and hits a cross body taking the near 7 foot big man to his backside. McDee gets to her feet as big man starts too as well. Strader gets to one knee, trying to shake off the pain and gets to his feet, still a little dazed. The Attwood checks him out, and Strader continues the fight. McDee gets on the defense, but Strader unleashes a quick jab and then takes McDee down with a clothesline. McDee gets back up and Strader tries for a big boot, but McDee dodges and sweeps Strader to the mat. McDee leaps off the top rope with a perfect moonsault.

Gerry Essex: And McDee is staying on the offensive! I owe Jim in catering 5 American dollars.

Cara Townsend: I donít get why she went for that move being there are no pinfalls!

Strader gets to his feet and McDee nails a right hook. McDee tries for another punch, but Strader blocks it and grabs McDee by her throat.

Gerry Essex/Cara Townsend: CHOKESLAM!

Strader slams McDee to the mat with a massive chokeslam. McDee yells in pain as she connects with some of the ladder. Strader puts the ladder over McDeeís head and chest, and ascends to the top rope. He stands tall atop the high turnbuckle, ready to sacrifice it all for the win. If sheíll bleed but at this point she may be Supergirl and SNS will need to find some kryptonite,

Gerry Essex: Good God, Strader could crush McDee with this move.

Cara Townsend: This canít be happening.

Strader jumps in leg drop fashion and connects with the ladder, and nothing else.

Cara Townsend: McDee slipped out in time! Strader is in severe pain!

McDee gets to her feet and begins to lay into Strader. Rights and lefts, and even a few kicks for good measure. Strader looks dazed lying on the mat. McDee grabs Strader and tosses him out of the ring. McDee nails a right hook and sends Strader into the barricade. Strader fights back with a left jab that sends McDee staggering back, then Strader spears McDee into the side of the ring. McDee drops Strader to a knee with a double-arm axe handle to Straderís back. McDee shoves Strader to the ground and begins to stomp on him some more.

Gerry Essex: This is madness Cara ! These two are fighting like they have a year long grudge.

Cara Townsend: I donít imagine Izzie having the greatest opinion of her opponent considering neither Showtime or Thunderwolf would have a good thing to say about him outside of his accomplishments and itís an well known fact her step-mom isnít the biggest fan of him neither.

Gerry Essex: Isnít the biggest fan either? AND WINNER OF UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR... CARA!

Cara Townsend: Someone took their Ďdouchebagí pill this morning.

Scott manages to grab onto her ankle and yank her off her feet. He eyes up a chair close to him as Izzie does the same. Both competitors crawl towards their hopeful weapons.

Gerry Essex: Look at these two, I think they have the same idea.

Cara Townsend: just a matter of who gets to their chair first.

Izzie grabs onto her as Scott grabs his. They both stand up and ook over their shoulders to eye each other up. Izzie flips her chair around grabbing onto itís legs, as does Scott with his.

Cara Townsend: Oh Shit, they are thinking the same thing.

Gerry Essex: Oh this is gonna hurt!

They pivot with all the leverage they can muster and their chairs connect with each others faces at the exact same time causing blood from Izzie McDee and Scott Nash Strader fly through the air, some even hitting Michelle Attwood in the face. She wipes the blood from her face as both Izzie and Scott lay on the mat motionless as she calls for the bell.


Cara Townsend: Wait, so who won?

Gerry Essex: I think itís obvious Scoot wins just based on my previous question about the menstrual cycle.

Cara Townsend: Remind me to ask mrs. Kelser and Mrs. Kalis for permission to hit you when you say stupid shit.

Gerry Essex: You are gonna be hitting me a lot then.

Michelle will soon have her answer as Tamika Kalis rolls up to Area B accompanied by Dustin Kelser in their own standard green electric golf carts. Dustin immediately tends to his daughter, and Tamika does the same with her dad but not before whispering into the officials ear. Attwood leans over the top rope and motions Strike to come closer. Scott Strike nods and grabs his microphone.

Scott Strike: The following contest has been declared a draw!

Gerry Essex: A draw? What the hell?! Scoot won!

Cara Townsend: If anyone won, it was Izzie McDee. However neither one of these two look like they feel like winners.

Dustin has helped his daughter to the golf cart to take her back to Meghan and Tamikaís house within the estate the show is being broadcasted from. Tamika has done the same with Scott and heads towards his place which also is conveniently within the Strader Estate.


Maya Kalis versus Meghan Kelser
Standard Match
Bringing Order to the OoC

We move back to the commentary team in their set up area in the home movie theatre SNS had built for his grandchildren. As a audience who loves horror (if not, what are you doing here for this show?) We soak up all the Texas Chainsaw Massacre paraphernalia in this excessively large home movie theatre. The seats have all been removed and dead centre facing the screen is PWA black and silver commentary desk where Cara and Jerry sit and watch all the matches on the equivalent of 8 65" 8K televisions in one big screen for the ultimate viewing experience. Cara flashes her pearly whites for us watching.

Cara Townsend: itís been a heck of a night so far with Adrian Kalis advancing in the Orderís tournament to crown a new Supreme Leader!

Gerry Essex: And we saw Scoot Nash Strader get a tooth knocked out in the unbelievably violent first blood match. I had one of the ring crew guys at Area B to scoop up the teeth and get them to me asap!

Cara Townsend: Why in the heck would you do that?

Gerry Essex: Those babies will be worth a small fortune.

Cara Townsend: Yeah, sure they will.

If you could hear her eye roll, it would be the one that followed that comment.

Gerry Essex: Iíll be laughing last.

Cara Townsend: No doubt, Gerry. No doubt. Anyways up next we have Maya Kalis versus Meghan Kelser in their bout for this leadership tournament.

Gerry Essex: Yeah I got a lot of money riding on this match!

Cara Townsend: I donít even wanna know what the bet is.

Gerry Essex: Well good, I wasnít going to tell you anyways...

Cara Townsend: Letís head to Area ĎCí for Maya versus Meghan!

The camera turns towards the giant screen and shortly after the viewing has filled our TVís, browsers, smart phones, etc. Meghan and Maya are in their respective corners awaiting Jessica Biel to announce the match and competitors involved. She wears clothes similar to her movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot but much much much cleaner and not tattered. Yet. The night is young.

Cara Townsend: Wow I canít believe Jessica Biel is here!

Gerry Essex: The bosses went all out! I hope Bill Moseley is here!!!

Jessica Biel: In this corner standing in 5'19 and weighing in at 200 pounds hailing from Montreal, Quebec Canada... MAYA KALIS!!!!!!!!!

Maya bouncing from her left foot to right foot throws a few jabs at the camera lens.

Cara Townsend: If I was a betting girl, and I am not, I would say Maya is gonna be Queen Supreme.

Gerry Essex: Iíll have to check with my bookie.

Jessica Biel: And in this corner standing 5'10" and weighing in at 160 pounds... hailing from London, Ontario Canada... she is one of the owners of the Pioneer Wrestling Association... MEGHAN.... KELSER!!!!!

Meghan tilts her head to the right and winks into the camera before laying the family trademark sneer. Jessica steps out between the ropes and sits over with the time keeper at 6ft apart.

Cara Townsend: Lance Westin is the official this round of the Orderís tournament.

Gerry essex: Heís a fair and good man.


Maya begins hopping around the ring, back and forth, her eyes focused on Kelser. Kelser lunges forward and grabs her by the neck, and Maya tosses her into the corner turnbuckle. She charges into the corner, landing an elbow across her head, which sends Maya crumpling in the corner in a heap. Kelser puts her boot across Maya's throat and begins pushing down, crushing her throat. She kicks and tries to scream, frantically grabbing onto Kelser's leg and twists to the right with a extra bit of Ďumpfhí.

Cara Townsend: Oh thatís the bosses bad knee but she got herself some good shots in beforehand.

Gerry Essex: Iíll be honest with you Cara, I am not sure how much she wants to win this match. I am calling a Maya win right here and now!

Cara Townsend: You might be right, I know that Meghan and Tamika arenít too happy about being apart of the roster.

Maya holds her throat but gets quickly mud hole stomped into oblivion by Meghan Kelser for her troubles. Kelser lifts Maya up and tosses her across the ring, she lands hard on the canvas clutching her sides. Kelser heads to the top rope and comes flying off with an elbow drop, crushing Maya's chest in and then covering.




Kelser looks up at the referee Lance Westin and shakes her head, but he holds two fingers signifying it was a two count. Maya rolls out of the ring and falls to the outside of the ring and Meghan Kelser slides out of the ring after her. Westin begins the obligatory count.


She lifts her off the ground and grabs her by the back of the neck, twisting her back but Maya grabs her by her Cowgirls From Hell belt buckle and yanks herself to a standing position pushing Kelser closer to the mat but she remains on her feet.


Maya then elbows her in the ribs and grabs her head and smashes it against the guard rail. She hops up onto the ring apron and then hits a missile dropkick on Kelser, sending her right over the guard rail onto the gravel just past the ring mats surrounding the ring.



Cara Townsend: That definitely would have knocked out the plexiglass back at the PWA Dome .

Gerry Essex: Thatís what happens when we get stuff made in China.


The refs count hits 6 and Maya rolls into the ring and then back out to restart it. Kelser climbs back over the guardrail. She motions her to enter but Kelser circles the ring then slides back in. Maya runs at her but she gets caught in a grapple. Kelser pushes down on her and she realizes she they are almost equal in size and strength, so she squirms her way out. She puts her into a wristlock, but she easily escapes it. Maya with a thrust kick to Kelser's thigh, then another to her gut and another to her ribs. She follows it up with a rising knee straight to her face and finally takes her down. She hits a standing moonsault and covers.




Maya rolls off of her and lifts her up to her feet. But Kelser with a european uppercut and she follows it up with BLACKENED!! She covers!





Kelser drives her elbow hard across her forehead and then gets up, flips her over so she is laying on her stomach. She locks in FOUR STICKS! Maya writhes in pain and reaches for the ropes but can't make it. Lance checks on her, seeing if she'll tap. She refuses but Kelser continues to apply tremendous pressure. Maya grabs her head and winces, shaking her head in complete refusal.

Cara Townsend: Say what you will but this has been fast and entertaining!

Gerry Essex: If my wife had a nickel for every time I said...

Maya makes one last ditch effort to reach the ropes and manages to grab the bottom rope. Kelser lets go but she grabs her up off her feet and gives her a big knee into the gut. She keels forward, and Kelser grabs hold of her but Maya slips out at the last second before she can a inverted piledriver but instead is greeted with PERDITION!!!!!!





Jessica Biel: The winner of this match and advancing in the Orderís tournament... MAYA KALIS!!!!

Meghan gets to her knees which causes Maya to extend her hand out to her aunt through marriage but her hand is greeted with a smack. Meghan pulls herself up on her own and gets into Mayaís face. Lance and Biel look tense than breathe a sigh of relief as Meghanís sneer has turned to a smile and has embraced Maya in a bear hug.

Cara Townsend: What a quick back and forth between these two fine wrestlers.

Gerry Essex: I canít believe I owe Jim in catering five bucks.

Cara Townsend: Are you still moaning about that?

Gerry Essex: Hey, five bucks is five bucks. I didnít realize you had money to burn!

Cara Townsend: Says the guy who gambles his money away. Anyways, up next... PWA Grizzly Beer Championship will be decided!

Jacob Figgins versus ???????
PWA Grizzly Beer Championship Match
Stipulation: Unknown

The actor that played Pam in the 1974 classic, Terri McMinn stands in the middle of the ring in Area ĎDí that is also surrounded by a standard cage... (or is it?) And only Jacob Figgins and the official Scott Swindell are with her as the match stipulation isnít the only secret tonight at Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Teri McMinn: The following match is to crown a brand new PWA Grizzly Beer Champion! The first competitor standing in at 6'3", weighing in at 238 pounds, and hailing form Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada he is JACOB FIGGINS!!!

Figgins nods at the camera and the millions of fans here on earth and a galaxy far away because he is the space man.

Teri McGinn: And his opponent who has finally passed a COVID-19...

Cara Townsend: No, it canít be!

Gerry Essex: I am so glad to be in the comfort of Scoot Nash Straderís home movie theatre right now.

Before Teri can even get out of the ring Vega comes flying up to Area ĎDí on a really shitty go-kart and the dirty looking Vega makes his way to the caged ring. Teri and the official get out of the ring.

Cara Townsend: Wait, why did Swindell get out of the ring too?


Vega enters the ring and Figgins rushes him, slamming him into the cage door just as it clicks shut. Both men bounce off the door just before the flames shoot up it.

Cara Townsend: Oh my god! Itís an Inferno Cage Match!

Vega lands on top of Figmeister and starts to hammer him with punches, but Figgins grabs his head and knocks him off with a headbutt. Figgins rushes over and keeps Vega down with a knee to the face, bloodying his nose. Figgins wraps his arms around Vega's head with a chin lock to keep the champion grounded.

Cara Townsend: That's good strategy by Figgins, he's making it hard for Vega to breathe and air is already going to be hard to come by in that cage plus I am sure the COVID didnít help either so heís conserving his energy.

Gerry Essex: Well itís a good thing Fig got off the cocaine.

Inside the cage, Vega manages to squirm around and start hitting Figgins in the ribs with his elbow. Figgins rakes Vega across the eyes but rolls away and gets to his feet. Figmeister delivers two hard kicks to the ribs of the COVID-19 patient-zero. As Figmeister starts to kick, Vega sweeps his leg out from under him. Figgins crashes down hard on his back and head. Vega bends down to pull Figgins to his feet, but Figmeister punches back. Vega steps back and nails Figgins in the throat with a roundhouse kick. Figgins collapses to the mat clutching his throat and now Vega pulls him to his feet. Vega scoops him up and throws him backwards with a t-bone suplex. Figgins crashes into the cage and falls to the mat and rolls back toward the middle of the ring.

Cara Townsend: That was a brutal suplex and Vega isn't even trying to pin him!

Gerry Essex: He might be filthy but he is smart, Cara. He saw that Figgins had the presence of mind to roll on the mat in case he was on fire, and a man that aware, he's not getting pinned just yet.

Vega picks Figgins up and drops him down with a sidewalk slam, with Vega's elbow driving into Figgins's throat. Vega hooks a leg...




Cara Townsend: Look at that, the first pinfall attempt and it was a near fall! That is proof positive that this match can take the fight out of anybody!

Gerry Essex: Notice how Vega is targeting Figgins's throat? It is real hard to put up a fight if you can't breathe!

Vega stands up and measures his opponent, then hits him with a knee drop to the throat. Vega gets back up and grinds his heel into Figgins's face. Figgins tries to pull himself to his feet using Vega, but the champion laughs and shoves him away. Vega delivers another knee drop and makes the cover.




Vega pulls Figgins to his feet, but Figmeister droops down to his knees. Vega locks his arms around Figgins's waist and flips him up for a powerbomb and covers.




Cara Townsend: Vega has to be wondering what it is gonna take to put Figgins away.

Vega steps back, waiting for Figgins to get to his feet. Figmeister struggles and only makes it up to one knee and stops, trying to catch his breath. Vega rushes forward, launches himself off of Figgins's knee and goes for a shining wizard. Figgins ducks his head under the kick and Vega goes flying from the momentum. Figgins rolls over and locks Vega in an ankle lock.

Gerry Essex: Figgins is trying to take away Vega's speed advantage and buy himself a little recovery time, great plan. Even better, it will be all up to Vega to break the hold, because there's no rope break in a cage match let alone a inferno cage match!

Cara Townsend: And he'd better hurry up and do it, he's laying dangerously close to the flames.

Vega starts kicking at the back of Figgins's head and Figmeister is forced to release the hold. Figgins rolls away and gets to his feet, taking his time and keeping his eyes on Vega. The champion gets to his feet, but a combination of injured ankle and a pool of sweat on the mat sending him crashing back down. Figgins pounces on him , locking his arms around the champ's waist and flinging him up off the mat in a german suplex.




Figgins pulls Vega to his feet by the hair and drags him towards the ropes.

Cara Townsend: What is Figgins doing?

Figmeister pushes Vega into the ropes and hits him with a high knee to the midsection. The champ slumps against the ropes and Figgins twists Vega's arms into the ropes, trapping him there.

Gerry Essex: Vega is just inches from the wall of flames! Thank god we arenít at ringside to smell that!

Figgins steps back and then charges Vega, spearing him right into the side of the cage and holding him there. There is an audible sizzle as Vega's back is held against the flaming bars. After several long seconds, Figgins backs up as Vega screams, then Figgins rushes forward and does it again. Another few seconds pass before Figgins backs up and runs forward for a third time. Vega uses the ropes to pivot up, and Figgins runs underneath Vega, hitting the cage with his head. Figgins falls backwards, his hair on fire and flails at his head to extinguish the flames. Figgins gets up and heads toward Vega, but Vega again uses the ropes to pivot and kicks Figgins in the face. Figmeister falls backwards and Vega starts trying to get loose from the ropes. Figgins gets to one knee and stops, panting, as Vega gets loose and charges Figgins. Figgins sees him coming and scoops Vega up in a fireman's carry and the crowd can clearly see Vega's blistered, cracked back. Figgins surges up to his feet and dumps Vega down with the MOONSHINE DELERIUM!!!!




Teri McGinn: Ladies and gentlemen your new PWA Grizzly Beer Champion... JACOB FIGGINS!!!!!!


????? Versus The Phoenix ©
Stipulation: Unknown
World Title Match

We move to the final Area ĎGí for our main event of the evening where the Phoenix stands in his corner with his big gold World title over his shoulder. He shares the ring with horror legend Bill Moseley who is dressed as Chop Top From TCM part 2.

Chop Top: Yíall look good enough to eat! Muahahahaha. So this match is a Hell in a Cell match up!

Cara Townsend: I am glad we are safely up inside this house.

Gerry Essex: Oh Bill is a very friendly guy. Nothing to worry about. Besides, heís out there by the Hell in a Cell that has been littered with weapons!!!!

Chop Top Moseley: In this corner we have the current chump... oh sorry... champ... *eye roll* weighing in at something, standing depends on what 7/11 yíall are leaving, he is The Pontiac Firebird!

Robinson doesnít look all that impressed as he probably hoped heíd get to go home since Hunter didnít show.

Chop Top MoseleyĒ The challenger is some broad... oh, right Tamika Kalis!


The Phoenixís eyes go wide as tamika seemingly appears out of no where as she gets the Phoenix locked up in a Hell in a Cell. The Phoenix and Tamika stand center ring, surrounded by weapons hanging from the steel cage. Collar and elbow lockup, The Phoenix shoving with all of his weight, but Tamika plants her feet firmly into the mat.

Cara Townsend: I canít believe Tamika is wrestling tonight for the World title after opening the show.

Gerry Essex: She is trying to get control back of her championships, itís a shrew move on her part!

They release the hold, staring at each other and both go for a forearm shot and both connect sending the other stumbling. The Phoenix charges forward with a clothesline, Tamika ducking under and kicking backwards with her right foot, he spins around catching the foot. Tamika with a reverse enzeguri catching The Phoenix just over his right eye sending him into the ropes. Tamika presses her advantage as The Phoenix rebounds off the ropes missing a running forearm smash. Tamika spins out of the way of the forearm, but doesn't avoid The Phoenix's kick into her ribs bending her over in pain. The Phoenix presses his advantage with a forearm to the back of Tamika sending her down on one knee. Tamika sends a right fist into The Phoenix's midsection before shoving him back towards the center of the ring. The Phoenix bounces off the ropes with a running knee, but Tamika slams The Phoenix down onto the canvas with a spinebuster that seems to catch Cara and Gerry off guard.

Cara Townsend: Wow the boss is kicking ass!

Gerry Essex:Sheís not gonna win.

Cara Townsend: What makes you say that?

Gerry Essex: Because itís The Phoenix.

Tamika off the ropes, leg drop onto The Phoenix as Tamika is in firm control. Tamika pulls The Phoenix up, sending him into the ropes and she follows quickly with a elbow smash sending him over the top rope to the floor below. He lands heavily on the outside and Tamika climbs up top, looking to do some major damage while she can. The Phoenix gets up, a bit groggy, but turns to see Tamika flying at him with an axe handle smash. He catches her, tossing her into the cage with a release belly to belly suplex and the cage rattles upon impact as Tamika falls into heap on the ringside mars. The Phoenix stalks over, picking up the steel chair hanging off the cage to use as a weapon. He swings down as Tamika is on one knee, connecting with a solid thunk on his skull and laying him out on the floor, the un padded dirt floor. The Phoenix pulls Tamika back up to her feet.

Cara Townsend: The Phoenix showing his strength there as he threw Tamika into the cage.

Gerry Essex: No one is doubting or has ever doubted The Phoenix's strength, but then again Oxís are strong, dumb as rocks, but strong.

Tamika with a shot into The Phoenix's junk, doubling the suddenly mortal man over in pain as he holds himself, but Tamika doesn't stop. Tamika sends The Phoenix down with a swinging neckbreaker onto the floor and winces a bit as she gets up to his feet a second time. Tamika digs under the ring as though the weapons hanging from the cage aren't enough. Tamika pulls out a wooden table and she is right, there are no tables hanging from the cage so she made the right call. Tamika sets up the table, looking over at The Phoenix who is on one knee. Tamika with a running knee misses as he ducks to the side firing right hands rapidly into Kali's ribs that he kicked earlier, but Tamika fights through with a roundhouse kick to the back of The Phoenix's skull. The Phoenix accepts the blow, but manages to somehow get up to his feet and meet Tamika with a look of determination on her face. Right from The Phoenix, right from Tamika! Right from The Phoenix! Right from Tamika!

Gerry Essex: This is reminding me of Captain America fighting off Naziís!

Cara Townsend: Robinson is nowhere as honorable as Cap.

Neither talent has slowed down, they are both red and look sore, but neither PWA superstar has stopped throwing fists into the other's face and head! Tamika with a left catches The Phoenix off guard, but only for a moment as he returns the left fist with one of his own and now four fists are flying and four fists are connecting!

Cara Townsend: Do you hear the sound of their fists striking flesh?!

Gerry Essex: I can't believe they are still standing!

Tamika stumbles, but so does The Phoenix as these two appear to be very evenly matched here tonight! The Phoenix with a running charge, Tamika with a hip toss sends him over to crash into the steel and leave a dent where he slammed into it as well! The Phoenix rolls back over and somewhat up to his feet, Tamika with a running knee slams it right into The Phoenix's face but the the Champ wavers on his knees shaking his head and refusing to go down. Tamika nods and slams a second knee into The Phoenix's face before pulling him up and whipping him into the corner post. His forehead connects with a solid sound and he bounces back into a release German suplex that causes his skull to slam heavily onto the onto the dirt floor.

Gerry Essex: Someone check the dirt out there, it may be dented!

Cara Townsend: Tamika in control here, but who can tell for how long?

Tamika drops a knee onto The Phoenix's head before pulling him up and the back of his shirt is bloody as the dirt and grave; opened up a wound on the back of his skull. The Phoenix stumbles forward, but Tamika helps him along with a running bulldog slamming face first onto the dirt floor. Tamika rolls The Phoenix over, slamming the back of his skull into the ground, trying to open the wound up even more, but The Phoenix shoves with a right hand and Tamika backs off somewhat out of surprise. Tamika pulls him up to his feet, lifting the former Pantheon leader up for a Double Arm DDT!

Cara Townsend: Look at the feat of strength here!

Gerry Essex: I repeat my statement about the Ox.

The Phoenix rolls on through, much to the shock of everyone. He is up to his feet lunging at Tamika with a spear. Tamika spins out of the way, The Phoenix runs up the side of the steps spinning around with a roundhouse kick catching Tamika right in the face sending her against the ring apron. The Phoenix with another spear attempt, but Tamika once again spins out of the way. The Phoenix dives into the ring, up to his feet quickly and off the opposite ring ropes. Tamika turns around and The Phoenix launches himself over the top with a Phoenix style plancha, Tamika catches him!

Cara Townsend: My GAWD!

The momentum carries Tamika into the steel cage, but The Phoenix uses the chance to grab a staple gun and release a few staples into Tamikaís body!




Gerry Essex: The Phoenix is treating Tamika like she is just a stack of papers!

Tamika drops The Phoenix, but The Phoenix isn't finished, he sends a staple right into Kalis's forehead causing a small trickle of blood to begin flowing from the wound. The Phoenix with a forearm backs Tamika up a bit, but the clothesline sends her down onto the wooden table Tamika set up a bit ago. The Phoenix looks up to the top of the cage before digging under the ring as well. The Phoenix pulls out a ladder, setting it up near Tamika for a very high risk move here to possibly end the match.

Gerry Essex: Its not often that these type of moves pay off, but when they do.

Cara Townsend: Will the ladder hold The Phoenix's weight? With all that Yoohoo the PWA is supplying itís former owner youíd think heíd lose that girlish figure.

Gerry Essex: Thatís why he has personal trainers, duh.

The Phoenix begins climbing up, but Tamika rolls off the table and shoves the ladder as he is half-way up its height. The ladder falls, but he jumps down before he is injured from the fall, he looks up and Tamika slams a chair right into his face sending him against the cage. Tamika with a second shot and a third busts the forehead of The Phoenix open and the blood begins to flow down his face to create a crimson mask under his actual mask.

Gerry Essex: Now The Phoenix's bleeding from the forehead, wonder if it is blood or his brains?

Cara Townsend: It is Halloween... brains... mmm... brains...

Gerry Essex: Stop that, I have unmatched fear of zombies that people do of clowns

Cara Townsend: So, Sunday nights on AMC is too much for you then?

Gerry Essex: *hiss* shut your whore mouth!

Tamika swings the chair again, but The Phoenix slams a double fist into her stomach causing Tamika to drop the chair. The Phoenix lunges forward, but Tamika lifts a knee to meet his face standing him back up. Tamika with a second knee catches him in the midsection and a DDT puts him on the dirt for now. Tamika lifts the ladder up, closing it and suplexing it onto The Phoenix's back before rolling the champion up to his feet and slamming his face into a pizza pan hanging from the side of the cage leaving a red smear that is not pizza sauce.

Gerry Essex: Vampire favourite, pizza with extra blood...

The Phoenix stumbles away from the onslaught, but Tamika gives chase with another pizza pan slam to the back of him this time.

Tamika with a right, but The Phoenix rolls out of the way onto the backside of the ladder sending Tamika struggling to hold onto the ladder she grabbed after her pizza pan attack but with them climbing up it is it sways from the weight of the two competitors. Tamika with a huge right hand, The Phoenix avoids by ducking to the right and he connects with a chop that Tamika falls back from. Tamika lands on the table, quickly rolling up to her knees and back to the ladder with a dive towards The Phoenix!

Gerry Essex: All that work and they aren't going to fall into it?

The Phoenix and Tamika fall towards the cage, the ladder toppling over with their combined weight causing gravity to rear itís ugly head! Tamika grabs the cage, but The Phoenix shoves away from the cage, using the momentum to into the cage to create force to move away from the cage. The ladder moves away from the cage!


Bits of table and blood fly up into the air from the impact as both competitors go all the way through the tables to the desert dirt floor below!

Cara Townsend: Oh! MY! GAWD!

Gerry Essex: That... was... fantastic!

The referee steps into position, moving a big chunk of table out of the way in order to see if there is a pinning position taking place.




Ding Ding Ding

Chop Top Moseley: Winner of the match.... And still PWA World Champion.... THE PHOENIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cara Townsend: He may have won, but he's not going to be wrestling for like a month.

Gerry Essex: The boss doesnít look like sheís in all that great of shape either.

The sound of several gunshots rings out, however the sound is emanating from the sound system.

Gerry Essex: Oh no, this isnít good.

Cara Townsend: I donít know, sounds like itís a good thing for the PWA

The skull emblem of The Order of Chaos once again adorns our screen, however, the silhouette of a man seated begins to come into focus as the emblem fades away. He sparks a cigarette, the snap of his zippo shutting echoes out.

Voice: The king is back.

Cigarette smoke fills the air around him.

Voice: All hail.

From behind the man, we now see heís seated somewhere outside as the clouds part to allow the light of the moon to reveal him.

Simon Kalis: The Order of Chaos!

He stomps his right foot down, slaps his right hand over the left side of his chest before extending his right arm and hand outwards in a raised angle in the classic fascistic salute.

He smirks as he takes a drag off his cigarette, the smoke rises up as the clouds move over the moon once again, returning us to darkness.