Pioneer Wrestling Association

Live From the PWA DOME St. Louis, Missouri 'Murica
October 14th 2020

[ The PWA logo flashes across our screens as the temporary Chaos theme song ‘Jump’ by Van Halen begins to play and we can hear the fans in attendance cheering as the cameras pan around the PWA Dome in St Louis, Missouri. ]

I get up and nothin' gets me down
A Shot of smiling Lisa Seldon standing over a laid out Riona Langly and that just makes everyone happy

You got it tough I've seen the toughest around
A shot of Jacob Figgins holding the PWA Grizzly Beer title high up in the air after a match.

And I know baby just how you feel
A shot of Vega drinking what must be his own urine

You got to roll with the punches and get to what's real
A shot of Scott Nash Strader holding up the PWA World Title being attacked from behind Matthew ‘The Virus’ Engel

[ Pyro’s shoot off out of the ring posts and all up the ramp to a massive silver, blue and red firework shoot off up into the sky lighting it up bright as the sun is mostly set. ]

Ah, can't you see me standin' here
A shot of Adrian and Simon Kalis signing their official contracts back in 2009 with the Chaos brand

I got my back against the record machine
A shot of Showtime being awarded the AOWF World Heavyweight Championship

I ain't the worst that you've seen
A shot of The Viper and Jacob Figgins from their tag team days together

Ah, can't you see what I mean?
A final shot of the Cowgirls From Hell sneering on our screens, as the cameras the pan around the excited fans in attendance and the speakers all around the PWA Dome blare cheers out of them from the fans at home as the cameras settle on the new commentary team of Gerry Essex and Cara Townsend. ]

Cara Townsend: Welcome to Wednesday Night Chaos from the PWA Dome in St. Louis, Missouri!

Gerry Essex: And what a show we have for you folks tonight! First up is the next bracket of the leadership tournament within the Order!

Cara Townsend: That’s right! It’s been confirmed that our own General Manager in Tamika Kalis will be facing the winner of this next match at Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

Gerry Essex: Mr. Dyce is already in the ring as is Masakazu aka Adrian Kalis!

Adrian Kalis versus Benjamin Dyce
Bringing Order to the OoC part iii
Singles Match
15 Minute Time Limit


Benjamin and Masakazu circle each other, Benjamin being extremely nonchalant as Masa looks for an opening. Benjamin reaches for a test of strength, Masa shakes his head in denial. Benjamin sticks his hand out for a shake, but Masa again shakes his head.

Cara Townsend: Masakazu not falling for any trick of Benjamin's.

Gerry Essex: Dyce needs to attack! The Leadership of the Order is on the line!

Benjamin continues to hold his hand out, but Masa continues to shake his head. Masa's head goes to the left in a shake and Benjamin slams a running forearm into his head rocking the lightweight back. Masa stumbles, trying to catch his feet, but Benjamin pounces with rights and lefts pounding them with precision on Masa's skull until he is against the ropes. Benjamin grabs him by the head, tossing him half-way across the ring, laughing as he does it. Benjamin takes a running charge as Masa gets back up to his feet, he spins around tripping Benjamin. Benjamin's throat lands across the bottom rope and he gasps for breath. Masa is trying to shake the cobwebs, but Benjamin is back up to his feet, anger boiling off of him in waves. Benjamin slams another running forearm into the side of Masakazu's head knocking him to one knee.

Cara Townsend: If Masakazu gets an opportunity, he has to take advantage of it.

Gerry Essex: Keyword is If there Cara.

Benjamin slams the point of his elbow right into Masa's face, sending his head rocking backwards on his neck. Benjamin picks him up, high over his head in a gorilla press, releasing him with a slam. Masakazu's body bounces off the canvas and Benjamin is there slamming a knee right into the ribs sending him over onto his back. Benjamin pulls Masakazu's head up, slamming his right knee into the forehead and face of the Order of Chaos member's face. Benjamin lifts him back up, onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry, he releases him to slam across the ring.

Gerry Essex: Calf Toss, a rare move from Benjamin.

Cara Townsend: Better offence than I expected!!!.

Masa somehow manages to get up to his feet, his back to Benjamin who launches himself at his opponent. Masakazu turns around and out of nowhere hits THE MASA DRIVER! He covers!




Eric Emerson: Your winner and advancing in the leadership tournament within the Order of Chaos, Adrian Kalis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cara Townsend: Dyce isn’t moving.

Gerry Essex: Masa probably snapped the dudes neck. Look, paramedics are coming down to help Benjamin!

Cara Townsend: Hopefully he is alright, up next a word from our new streaming partner... We Are SPLAT!


Gerry Essex: I am very excited about this new sponsorship!

Cara Townsend: With the PWA now streaming over multiple platforms our fans don’t have far to look for our programming! Up next we have the ‘Battle of the Scoots’.

Gerry Essex: You just Scoots?

Cara Townsend: The Panther is already in the ring awaiting the PWA Hall of Fame member!

Scott Nash Strader versus Scottie ‘The Panther’ Snow
Standard Singles Match
Time Limit: 15 Minutes

The lights in the arena dim as the opening riff of “Adam Raised A Cain” hit’s the p.a. system as Scottie Snow stands in the ring awaiting his opponent. The ADCtron lights up with a standard SNS in the middle of the tron flashing off and on as Scott Nash Strader steps out from behind the curtain to chorus of boos he takes in with his arms open and hands opened to the people.

~ In the summer that i was baptized my father held me to his side
As they put me to the water he said how on that day i cried
We were prisoners of love a love in chains
He was standin' in the door i was standin' in the rain
With the same hot blood burning in our veins
Adam raised a cain ~

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Houston, Texas and weighing in at 302 lbs....

Amy Nash Strader steps out from behind the curtain, takes her husbands hand and they begin their descent to the ring.

~ Adam Raised a Cain
Adam Raised a Cain
Adam Raised a Cain
Adam Raised a Cain ~

Eric Emerson: Accompanied by his wife Amy Nash Strader...

As they down to the ring, Scott wearing a white muslce shirt, blue jeans and a pair of buckled black leather biker boots. Amy has form fitting blue jeans, a small red tee, and platinum hoops hang from each ear.

~ All of the old faces ask you why you're back
They fit you with position and the keys to your daddy's Cadillac
In the darkness of your room your mother calls you by your true name
You remember the faces the places the names
You know it's never over it's relentless as the rain ~

Scott leans back as he grabs onto the ring ropes to pull himself up. He steps through the second and third rope as his wife takes a seat by ringside.

Eric Emerson: He is a PWA Hall of Fame member.... SCOTT!! NASH!! STRADERRRR!!!!!!!

~ Adam raised a Cain
Adam raised a Cain
Adam raised a Cain
Adam raised a Cain ~

Scott climbs the turnbuckle and extends his fist in the air as the fans roar in disapproval as his music fades.

Scott leans back as he grabs onto the ring ropes to pull himself up. He steps through the second and third rope as his wife takes a seat by ringside. The referee ref gives the cue for both men to meet in the middle. As they step to the middle of the ring, you can see the big height difference between the two men. Strader smiles and nails Snow with a big time right hand. The crowd reacts with a pop as SNS starts to unload on the smaller Scottie. Snow quickly drops down, causing SNS to miss a haymaker and nails a dropkick to the knee. Strader stumbles back as Snow tries to get on the offense by firing punches and chops. He gets Scott to the ropes and goes for the flipping dropkick, but SNS uses both hands to send Scottie down to the mat.

Cara Townsend: Strader looking to shake off the ring rust before heading into Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Gerry Essex: Wouldn’t you?

SNS picks up Snow and whips him into the corner, Scott rushes in and drives his knee into the midsection of Scottie. Quickly lift Snow up on the top turnbuckle. Scott fires a few shots at Scottie before joining him on the ropes. He hooks him up in a double arm underhook before leaping back and riving Scottie’s head into the mat. Over Rye Drive!!! Scottie shakes a little as SNS floats over for the pin.




Scottie gets the arm up as SNS looks down with disgust. He picks Snow and fires a few kicks to the stomach, before backing into the ropes. Strader comes off looking for the big boot to the side of the head, but Scottie dodges. SNS planets his foot and with blinding speed springs around for a clothesline. Snow catches the arm and leaps up, nailing a picture perfect leaping armbreaker. Scottie backs up before leaping in the air and driving a knee into the back of SNS’ neck. Scott holds his neck as Scottie sits him up and quickly hooks in a Dragon Sleeper, leaning back trying to apply as much pressure as possible.

Cara Townsend: Snow is showing he can stay with the big boys in the PWA.

Gerry Essex: You kidding? Snow sucks, that’s why this is happening.

Snow stands up, still keeping the hold on. In one quick motion, Scottie drops SNS’ neck right acSnow his knee, before letting him hit the mat. Scottie steps back and is measuring SNS up. Strader gets to his knees and out of nowhere Scottie nails a swinging neckbreaker. Strader’s neck bounces up off the mat as Snow looks to stay on the attack. Snow hits the ropes and comes off with a giant leg drop. Scottie follows through and hops up before hopping up on his feet. Scottie quickly hooks the leg.



SNS powers out, still showing signs of strength as Scottie rolls off of him. Snow goes for a soccer kick, but SNS catches his legs and lifts him up over his shoulder. Scottie starts to fire his knees into the chest of Strader, trying to make him let go.

Gerry Essex: Snow is in a bad spot and Scott is looking to *beep* him up..

Scottie finally nails a good elbow shot, right around the ears of SNS. Scott loosen his grip. Scottie with a knee to midsection, he steps back and sends another knee right to the temple of SNS. Not hitting hard enough to kill, but hitting hard enough for him to take Scott off his feet.

Cara Townsend: What a crushing shot to SNS!!!

SNS rolls under the bottom rope to the outside, trying to put space between him and Snow. Snow, not trying to waste a moment runs towards the ropes and leaps over with a cSnow body block. Scott at the last minute moves out of the way, causing Scottie to hit the floor. SNS shakes the cobwebs out of his head and leaps on the guardrailing, before twisting off, nailing Scottie with a huge elbow to the skull. SNS rolls Snow back into the ring and slides in after him. Snow is quickly back up to his feet and is coming off the ropes as SNS is up on one knee. Scottie jumps and seems to hang in the air for a moment before nailing SNS square in the face with a dropkick. SNS falls back into the seated position and before he can do anything, Scottie plants a boot straight into the jaw of SNS.

SNS doesn’t move for a moment so Scottie slaps SNS into a Dragon Sleeper.

Cara Townsend: And SNS is trying to fight out of the hold.

Snow lifts up, looking to go for another knee neckbreaker. Somehow, SNS is able to fight and fight until he is able to reverse the hold into an inverted DDT. He lifts Snow up for an inverted suplex and drapes him hard on the ring ropes. Scottie is just hanging there as Scott climbs the turnbuckle, SNS leaps from the top turnbuckle driving his elbow into the back of Scottie, causing him to flip into the ring. Strader pulls himself up, using the ropes and is waiting for Scottie to move. Strader wraps up Snow while he still is on the ground, Scott hooks his feet under his arms and Snow up, slamming down him down on the ground two to three times.

Cara Townsend: Cherry Whiskey Bomb from the former PWA World & TV Champion and it looks like SNS wants to makes sure Snow stays down this time.

Scott picks him up and Irish Whips him to the corner. Scott yanks Scottie in and lifts him up in a Gorilla Press Slam, but instead of dropping Scottie behind him, he brings him down into a backbreaker. Strader floats over for the pin.

Cara Townsend: THE MEMORY REMAINS!!!

Gerry Essex: And SNS brought him down with all his might with that one.




Eric Emerson: And the winner of this match…SCOTT NASH STRADER!!!!!


“Unchained” by Van Halen (RIPEVH) as the scattered social distancing fans in attendance stand up in anticipation for the entrance of the PWA’s President and CBO. They don’t have to wait long as Meghan Kelser AND Tamika Kalis make their way onto the entrance stage to a decent pop considering the amount of fans allowed into the building.

Gerry Essex: How much you wanna bet they came out to her music because of the Van Halen tribute tonight?

Cara Townsend: That would be a stupid bet to take, Gerry.

The Strader sisters hold their fists up like the use to back when they competed in the PWA’s Tag Team Division and make their way down to the ring. Meghan is all decked out in black cowgirl boots, black jeans, gold CFH belt buckle on a snakeskin belt, and a black leather jacket over a white blouse. Tamika is almost identical except she is in mostly white and a black blouse under a white leather jacket.

Gerry Essex: You know, you look more like Meghan’s daughter than her own does.

Cara Townsend: What? No, that’s silly.

Meghan sits on the middle rope and holds up the top as Tamika steps through. Eric Emerson hands Tamika a microphone as Meghan calls for one from the time keeper (which is also Cara Townsend, hey it’s a fucking pandemic) as the music comes to a end. Tamika is first to to grace us with her voice.

Tamika Kalis: To the few hundred fans attendance, and the millions watching around the world I sincerely hope you have been enjoying the show so far.

Gerry Essex: It’s been better.

Cara Townsend: Gerry!

Tamika Kalis: First things first... earlier tonight we saw Adrian Kalis break the neck of Benjamin Dyce. I just want everyone to know he is at General Hospital and has been taken off the critical list after an emergency surgery. I could say our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family but that’s just talk for “I don’t give a shit” so all medical procedures will be covered by the PWA Talent Emergency fund.

The good will gesture from Tamika receives a positive response. She continues.

Tamika Kalis: However the show must go on! Both Meghan and I have come out to fill you in on the rest of the matches for our Halloween Night Pay Per View: PWA Presents The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!!!!!

Cheers, so many cheers.

Meghan Kelser: That’s right! Live from our family estate in the heartland of Texas will hold host to night to be terrified about!

Cara Townsend: Oh I can’t wait! I love spooky season!

Gerry Essex: Why am I not surprised? You sure that’s not your mother?

Meghan Kelser: Now all matches at TCM will take place over the estate and because the styles of each match up it would take way too long to reset and rebuild and we want to bring you a LIVE show while announcing the gimmick for each match up at the event itself!

They are getting good at the cheap pops.

Tamika Kalis: Meghan here is even in action as she takes Maya Kalis on in the leadership tournament for the OoC!

Meghan Kelser: And Tamika will take on Adrian Kalis!

Cara Townsend: That’s right, the bosses are actually members of the Order of Chaos!

Gerry Essex: Long standing members at that, but our GM is Simon Kalis’s wife so it does make sense don’t it?

Meghan Kelser: We also have Jacob Figgins taking on a mystery opponent to possibly become the new PWA Grizzly Beer champion and Johnny Maverick facing off against a ghost of Scoot Nash Strader in Kerry Shock!!!!!

Most fans have forgotten Kerry Shock, but hey! Maverick will wipe the floor.

Tamika Kalis: Initially we planned on give Miss Seldon a night off from defending but since she is going to be facing her estranged ex-husband we made a collective decision that it will be her first defense!

This gets a good crowd reaction as it’s been a couple months leading into the showdown.

Meghan Kelser: Izzie McDee has given a couple legends a run for their money here since signing with the PWA and we are gonna let the streak continue by having her face the top Scoot himself: S.N.S!

Tamika Kalis: I hope dad’s ready for that one. Of course we can’t forget the Newfie.

Meghan Kelser: Oh you mean Hunter Sullivan? Hey, Hunter... now I don’t really care that you got screwed out of winning the IC title but Tamika here does.

Tamika Kalis: That’s right, I do care. I care so much that you are facing The Phoenix for a shot at the PWA World Heavyweight Chmapionship!!!

The crowd chants “Hun-Ter” “Hun-Ter”.

Meghan Kelser: We will see you all Halloween Night!

‘Unchained’ starts up again as the Strader sisters wave to the fans as they head back up the ramp.

Cara Townsend: That’s quite a line up! One championship to be decided, the other two their first defenses under new ownership!

Gerry Essex: I am curious to what kind of match stipulations will be put in place!

Cara Townsend: Me too! But first, our own Lean Bean Miller is backstage with the PWA Champion!


From The Ashes

The Phoenix is standing backstage with a tall, thin man wearing a slightly too large plaid blazer with the PWA logo on the left breast pocket.

Lean Bean Miller: Lean Bean Miller here with PWA World champion, the Phoenix. Phoenix, tonight you're stepping between the ropes for the first time in a very long time. How do you feel?

The Phoenix: How do I feel? How do I feel? Lean Bean, every morning when I wake up, I feel absolutely amazing. Why? Because I wake up and walk into the bathroom and I see myself in the mirror and that's when I know it wasn't all a dream, that I really AM the Phoenix.

Lean Bean Miller: I meant more like, how do you feel about your first match in years?

The Phoenix: Oh, that? Just another day at the office. When you're as good as me and have defeated as many legends as I have, you kind of get jaded to the whole experience. I kind of feel like Inigo Montoya, except you can't exactly wrestle left handed, so I don't have any way to get any real satisfaction out of my matches. But still, when you're the best sometimes if you step out of the spotlight for a little while, you need to remind people. So that's what I'm going to do tonight, I'm going to remind the world just how dominant I am.

Lean Bean Miller: Any thoughts on your opponent, Vega?

The Phoenix: You know, Lean Bean, they say never to meet your heroes. I think that's excellent advice. Especially because I don't need the hassle of all those cake sniffers wasting my time trying to get a selfie with me. You know what I mean, right? Like, their hands are always clammy, but they just keep trying to touch you. And they always smell like french fries, but there aren't any damn french fries around. Why the hell do they smell like french fries, Lean Bean? Why?

Lean Bean Miller: I really couldn't say.

The Phoenix: You're damn right you can't. But yeah, never meet your heroes. Unless your hero is Scottie "The Panther" Snow. For one, he sure as hell doesn't have anything better to do than take a picture with some mouth-breathing, french fry smelling, clammy palmed cake sniffer. And for two, if your hero is Scottie Snow, then even I pity you, and you need to take whatever tiny scrap of happiness you can wrap your gross, clammy fingers around.

The Phoenix: Now, as for Vega, well, he shouldn't meet his heroes, either. I know he looks up to me, who wouldn't? And I know that facing me tonight is the most exciting thing that's ever happened in his life. He's probably already posted something on his MySpace page about how awesome this is and how he's finally made it to the big time now that he gets to face the Phoenix.

Lean Bean Miller: I mean, I don't think MySpace is even a thing anymore...

The Phoenix: Like you'd know, old man. Anywho, Vega is anticipating the biggest match of his career and I'm going to ruin everything for him by handing him an ass kicking the likes of which hasn't been seen since the Big Ass Catastrophe of 2003.

Lean Bean Miller: The what now?

The Phoenix: Crack a book sometime, Lean Bean. I know your eyes are probably fried from looking at your collection of truly horrendous jackets, but maybe you can get an audio book or have someone read to you or something.

Lean Bean Miller: (In a hurt tone) These jackets are custom made.

The Phoenix: Then maybe you just ask your tailor why he hates you. But your amazingly bad sartorial choices aren't the topic of the day, Lean Bean. My big return match is. And I'll say this much, I wish, I mean I really wish I could have put the PWA World title on the line tonight, just to make things a little more interesting. But the new owners of the PWA can't just give away a Phoenix World title match, they've got to earn some money. But even though this is a non-title match, I'm still going to go out there and blow the roof off the joint. I need to stretch my wings, so to speak. My game plan is to go out there, have one of my patented five star instant classic matches and have myself a chump salad sandwich.

Lean Bean Miller: A chump salad sandwich? Who the hell says that? Is that a thing?

The Phoenix: Of course it is. I know you're old, but try to keep up with the lingo, my man. And now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some important bits of not talking to you to get done.

The Phoenix walks off down the hall.

Lean Bean Miller: Well, you heard it, folks. The Phoenix is back!

The Phoenix walks back into frame and keeps going the opposite way down the hallway, clearly having gotten turned around and not entirely sure where his locker room is.

Jacob Figgins versus Oblivion /w Pandora
PWA Grizzly Beer Contendership Match
Time Limit: 15 Minutes

Cara Townsend: Welcome back PWA faithful! Oblivion with beautiful blonde Pandora are already at ringside and we await the arrival of Sir Figgles!

Gerry Essex: I wonder if he’s coked out?

The lights darken at the opening notes of “Kinetic” by Arcturus. Sir Figgles appears at the top of the ramp, darkness contrasting with his spangly vest, simulating the twinkling of rapidly passing stars. Half mask glowing blue. The Figgle treks down the ramp while slapping the plexiglass protected hands with glow stick-wielding fans.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next weighing in at 238 lbs hailing Saskatoon.... SIR FIGGLESSS!!!!

Figgles hops onto the ring apron, back to the ropes, using the ropes to assist him flipping into the ring. He lands at a kneeling position, arms outstretched and raising as the lights return. His glowing attire snuffed by the lights.


Oblivion and Jacob circle each other in the ring and finally lock up. Oblivion gets the advantage by putting Jacob into a headlock, and Oblivion nails Jacob in the head with rapid punches. Jacob shoves Oblivion off into the ropes, Oblivion bounces back with a diving forearm smash taking Jacob off his feet. Jacob bounces back up and Oblivion is there, nailing him with a clothesline. Jacob bounces back up again and Oblivion tries for another clothesline but Jacob ducks underneath. Oblivion turns around and Jacob nails him with a roundhouse kick! Oblivion falls to a knee and Jacob goes into the ropes. He comes back and nails Oblivion in the chest with a front dropkick. Oblivion falls through the ropes and to the apron. Jacob gets up, and Oblivion starts to get up. Jacob hops up to the turnbuckle and flies off, nailing Oblivion with another dropkick from the top rope. Oblivion flies off the apron and lands on the outside.

Gerry Essex: That Coke head drunk is fast!

Cara Townsend: Gerry! He has a name! It's Jacob Figgins!

Gerry Essex: Whatever! He's fast! Probably because of the cocaine!

Jacob rests in the ring as the ref begins the count.

Ref: 1!



Oblivion gets up to his feet.


Oblivion slides into the ring.

Cara Townsend: And Oblivion breaks the count out, but Jacob was waiting for him!

Gerry Essex: Coke head drunk is really pounding on Oblivion!

Cara Townsend: ....

Figgins nails Oblivion with punches to the back and a kick to the ribs. Oblivion flops on his back and Figgins continues the assault with kicks to the chest and head of Oblivion. Figgins forces Oblivion up to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Oblivion bounces off the ropes and goes into a spear position, but Jacob dodges it with a leap frog. Oblivion clears underneath Jacob and bounces off the other side of the ropes, but Jacob is prepared and nails Oblivion with a spinning heel kick, connecting perfectly! Oblivion falls to the mat and Jacob covers.



Kick out!

Gerry Essex: And Oblivion kicks out right after 2. That coked out drunk dude is going on the run now.

Cara Townsend: Brian you really might get us in trouble.

Gerry Essex: We're the PWA, Cara. We can't be touched by the FCC.

Jacob forces Oblivion up to his feet, but Oblivion counters with a quick jab to Jacob's stomach. Oblivion follows up with another, and another, and then Oblivion nails Figgins with a roaring elbow! Figgins is knocked to the mat and Oblivion launches off the middle rope with a springboard moonsault and stays on top for the cover.


Kick out!

Gerry Essex: And that--

Cara Townsend: Jacob Figgins kicks out right after 2!

Gerry Essex: Cara, don't interrupt me when I'm trying to call that--

Cara Townsend: Jacob Figgins keeps the match alive and Oblivion is on the attack again!

Gerry Essex: Damn it!

Oblivion gets Figgins up to his feet and sends him into hte turnbuckles. Figgins nails the turnbuckles back-first and Oblivion charges in, but Figgins gets his boot up in time and connects with Oblivion's jaw. Oblivion charges in once more, but Figgins lifts his boot up again. However, Oblivion slides underneath and out of the ring, grabbing Figgins by his ankle and taking him off his feet! Figgins crashes to the canvas face-first, and Oblivion gets back into the ring.

Cara Townsend: What a counter there by Oblivion. He had Oblivion fooled him by trying for the corner charge again but went low with the ankle sweep. Oblivion back in the ring now and has Figgins up to his feet.

Gerry Essex: Oblivion tries for the The Juggernaut, but that- -

Cara Townsend: Uhh Jacob Figgins reverses it into a double arm DDT! And it leaves Oblivion nearly unconscious!

Figgins nails Oblivion with the Moonshine Delirium (which is impressive in itself considering the size of Oblivion) and makes the cover.





Eric Emerson: And your winnner and new PWA Grizzly Beer number one contender... Jacob... Figgins!!!!

Cara Townsend: That’s so great for the Figster!

Gerry Essex: As long as he doesn’t do any lines on it if he can win at Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

Cara Townsend: Really Gerry? Anyways

Johnny Maverick versus Mad Max
Singles Match
Time Limit: 15 Minutes

The bell rang as these two superstars locked up in the center of the ring. Riggs showed some superior skills by turning Maverick's hammerlock into one of her own and taking him down with a bulldog. Riggs then began to work over Maverick's arm with a grapevine submission hold, but Johnny quickly got into the ropes to break it up. Johnny got on the offensive by reversing an Irish whip and taking Maxine down with a shoulderblock. Maverick landed an elbow drop and quickly followed it up with a leg drop and then a knee drop onto Maxine's head. The tide turned again when Riggs was able to reverse a figure four attempt into a cover where she managed to get a solid two count. Maverick tried to regain the offense but Maxine was able to nail one of her signatures, Lean, Mean French Machine, for another near fall. Maxine went for the Welcome to the THUNDERDOME, but Johnny caught Maxine's ankle, whipping her over his head to lock on a single leg Boston Crab. Johnny worked over Maxine's back with a series of suplexes, bridging a German suplex for a count of two, but Maxine was able to kick out with some authority. Maverick wasn't finished though as he pulled Maxine back up to her feet, locking in The Perfect Armbar but Maxine refused to give, somehow breaking out of the hold. Maverick was surprised and went for Third Eye Opener, but Maxine blocked it with a punch to the midsection.

Riggs was able to keep on the offensive with her own set of suplexes, as she taunted both Maverick and the crowd. Maverick's back was worked over with a knee and Maxine used a leglock to further weaken his opponent. Maxine locked in a figure four onto Johnny, but Maverick was able to reach the ropes after about three minutes in the submission. The damage had been done though as he was very slow to reach his feet.

Maxine went for her finisher, but Johnny was able to hit Skull Fucker Upper out of nowhere for the pin and the win.

Winner Johnny Maverick 13:44

Main Event
The Phoenix versus Vega
Non-Title Match
Time Limit: 15 Minutes

Cara Townsend: Welcome back fans to the main event!

Gerry Essex: Well I am hearing that walking disease infested Vega did not pass his COVID-19 test.

Cara Townsend: Thankfully he was quarantined off site and wasn’t able to infect anyone! The Phoenix looks pleased with himself though.

Gerry Essex: He thinks Vega is too scared, but I don’t think he knows Vega that well.

Just as the PWA World Champion is about to start leaving the ring “She’s Got Balls” starts pumping through the PWA Dome and out walks for the second time tonight, Tamika fucking Kalils, and that Strader sneer is ever prevalent on her face. She is no longer in her outfit from earlier but in her old gear from her cFh days. She already has a microphone in hand this time. Her music dies down as The Phoenix stands tall in the ring his big gold belt over his shoulder.

Tamika Kalis: It’s a damn shame Vega couldn’t go the two weeks in quarantine. We are going to donate him to science when he eventually kills himself and his girlfriend, Jeremy Gold. However the fans deserve a main event and I am going to give them one. Ring that damn bell!


Tamika comes down the ramp full tilt catching The Phoenix by surprise as she hops onto the apron then over the top rope with a body splash! The fans erupt in cheers as Tamika starts wailing left and rights into the masked face of Robinson’s alter ego.

Cara Townsend: Damn the boss went in hot!

Gerry Essex: This isn’t fair to The Phoenix! He wasn’t prepared to face Tamika!

Cara Townsend: He wasn’t even prepared to face Vega.

The Phoenix is able to push the smaller framed Tamika off his torso and kips up to show he’s still got the dexterity and agility of a sly fox. However, The Phoenix does not want to deal with this so he grabs his belt and slides out of the ring as Tamika shouts at him to get back in the ring. Michelle Attwood has no choice but to start counting out the World Champion!




At this point Tamika slides out of the ring and goes after the Phoenix up the ramp grabbing onto the back his mask and tugging him backwards towards her. He turns around and the two begin trading more left’s and right’s as the referee continues her count.




Cara Townsend: They are gonna get counted out if they don’t get back into that ring!


Gerry Essex: Something tells me that isn’t a concern for either one of them. Although it’s smart strategy for the World Champion. He’s got a big defense on Halloween!


Tamika and the Phoenix have battled their way up onto the stage not paying attention to the referee. The Phoenix doubles Tamika over but over estimates the landing as both go flying off the side of the stage onto the production equipment laying them both out. The fans are going crazy and the commentary team are in shock as Michelle finishes her count out.



Eric Emerson: The official has declared the match a double count out!

Cara Townsend: We need medics out here!

Gerry Essex: Look here comes the cavalry!

Meghan Kelser is out getting Tamika back up to her feet as Scottie Snow checks on his boss of sorts as the PWA Logo comes up on the screen.