World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick



Jon McDaniel: "Our apologies, everybody. Technical difficulties arose during the World Heavyweight Championships contract signing, but here's what you need to know: the match is set at Genesis, Simon Kalis and Matthew Engel will headline-"

Brian Rentfro: "Not if the Phoenix beats Engel!"

Jon McDaniel: "I was just getting to that,"

Paul Alba: "The Phoenix interrupted the contract signing to talk mad shit, and of course the audience sided with the former PWA owner since he's surprisingly the least awful of the three."

Jon McDaniel: "So the Virus challenged Phoenix to a match at Genesis. The stipulation is: beat Virus and Phoenix will join the Main Event match to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship."

the light go out in the arena as the tron lights up. the glow illuminates the crowd silence falls over the audience.

Brian Rentfro: What the hell is going on here?

the words, THE PAST HAS COME BACK TO SAVE PWA`S FUTURE, rolls across the tron. a murmur from the crowd is heard, lights coming back on.

Jon McDaniel: I don't know what that means, but i hope we find out soon..

Alba: save us save us from what?

as the screen cuts to commercial.

Pedro Gonzales vs. John Johnson

Get Yerself a Fuckin' Win; PWA vs. UX

After five minutes of Johnson beating the shit out of Pedro, John-John was done showing off his 'skill' against the rookie and felt ready to pin him, but Pedro surprised Johnson with a small package to upset for the second consecutive week. Some fans cheered, others booed. Either you found Pedro bolting from ringside fast enough to warrant the nickname 'Speedy Gonzales' adorable or you find the stupid joke that is Pedro just an embarrassment to da SPORT. Johnson had a meltdown afterward that's sure to be made into a GIF for losers to use on tumblr.

Blackout part deux

the lights turn off for the second time in the evening.

Brian Rentfro: not again.

the tron light up with more words for the fans

the lights come back as the fans murmur rumor they have heard on the dirtsheets about a big return and questions each other about what's happening.

Jon McDaniel: well it looks like who ever this is, is coming to fight against the rebel pro invasion being led by duff. i just hope its someone who can put up a fight against these ruffians from rebel.

as the screen cuts to commercial

Oi, Savior!

The lights illuminate throughout the arena with gold and purple lined strobe lights as we are introduced to the opening riffs of “TNT” by AC/DC.
















Our subject comes into focus strutting with hands in the air along with a gold star that aligns him coming down the ramp. He has beach blonde hair with a matching gold and purple robe and wrestling pants.

#See me ride out of the sunset

#On your color TV screen

#Out for all that I can get

#If you know what I mean

#Women to the left of me

#And women to the right

#Ain't got no gun

#Ain't got no knife

#Don't you start no fight

He stops short of the ring and the gold star loses him at the end of the entrance ramp. The crowd just looks back at him unsure of how to take in any of this. Suddenly, he raises his arms once more, makes his way up the steel steps and does a quick laid back pose against the ropes.

#'Cause I'm T.N.T., I'm dynamite

#(T.N.T.) and I'll win the fight

#(T.N.T.) I'm a power load

#(T.N.T.) Watch me explode

Our subject finally steps through the ropes and walks over to the other end of the ring motioning for a mic. He receives it and walks back to front center of the ring. The arena now lights back up with a spotlight that follows this mystery guy as he walks around the ring with mic in hand.

???: Name is Chris “THE” Cannon. And I want to emphasize on “THE.” I’m not “this” Cannon or “that” Cannon...but I am “THE” Cannon! The guy that Duff and RPW itself personally hand chosen outside of the conglomerates of the surrounding federations. You see, I’ve been out of this so-called wrestling business for two years; and honestly I never looked back. Took a break from training as you can probably see.

Chris chuckles a bit. A few of the crowd members do as well.

THE Cannon: But the value that I bring to the table is undeniable. Cheesesticks and pizza not included.

Cannon turns and points around the crowd.

THE Cannon: The very worst thing that could happen to PWA’s existence is when Duff Man called me up and offered me money that I could not refuse.

The crowd begins to boo. The alignment of RPW definitely isn’t a popular one around here. This makes Cannon smirk and he now has his head down with a trance-like look where you can only make out his eyes.

THE Cannon: But I march to my own beat. I live on my own merit. And furthermore, whenever the dust settles I will be surviving this war. It’s in my genetics. That’s me ladies and gentleman. And if I needed the help of anybody I would’ve asked for it…Did I???

Cannon snaps back to his rhetorical question without hesitation.

THE Cannon: Hell no! I didn’t need it. I took out Cody Bogard myself. The other guys were just icing on the cake. So why would you need to plan on taking out all the men of RPW when it’s this one you should really be worried about.

Chris tosses the mic, spinning it ‘round for ‘round before precisely catching it in mid-air.

THE Cannon: “THE” Stroke of Genius, “THE” Head-Liner, “THE” Mother Fucker of all Mother Fuckers…….CAAAAAANNNNOOOOONNN!!!!!

The opening bars to Pantera’s “Revolution Is My Name” hits the PA system and Duff Côte d’Ivoire storms out from the back, shoulders hunched, frowning, and wearing a furrowed brow. He’s obviously angry at the newly identified Chris “THE” Cannon.

Jon McDaniel: Well, here comes the boss. Cannon’s boss, anyway.

Brian Rentfro: Honestly, I have no idea who believes that Duff is worthy of running a ship like REBEL Pro, he can’t even keep this guy under control!

Duff’s got a microphone with him, and he stares down at his former tag team partner from the top of the ramp.

Duff Côte d’Ivoire: First of all, show stopper, you may have thrown the first punches at Bogard, but I wore him down before you even got your tights on. Second, what part of suspended did you not understand?! That means that, due to your uncooperative ways -- which I see are still present -- you are not allowed to be here right now. You should be back at the hotel, with your legions of fan-girls and ring-rats. At least, the ones that will have one with such a protruding gut as yours.

Chris laughs.

THE Cannon: Oh, gimme a break. You act as if Bogard was the biggest challenge of your career. And without a doubt, I don’t take that little suspension of yours at all seriously. You haven’t even paid me and according to my attorney that little piece of paper isn’t even a legal binding piece of document. And you’re right…I probably should be back at the hotel right now seeing as I can’t even get the slightest bit of security to protect my luxurious self. I don’t walk into these buildings for free ya know! Nor is my body. In fact, I’ve thought about being a male escort once before. But that’s not under a contract that you could write up my friend. I mean look at you! You could never measure up to me on your best cut.

Cannon pauses for a moment while contemplating his next statement.

THE Cannon: Furthermore, why did you bring me back to the business again? You and I both know...I AM “THE” Cannooooon!!!...And you need me…

Duff begins walking toward the ring.

Duff Côte d’Ivoire: You know, that’s some awful big talk for someone who never defeated me in the ring. Yeah, you blinded me once… burned my face with that “Essence” stuff… but does that measure up to what I accomplished in the years since we last met? I’ve won championships, respect, I raised your daughter… YOUR DAUGHTER, Chris. So maybe have a little more respect for me, because I assure you, that document that you signed is as serious as a head wound. You should consider spending a little more money on a better lawyer.

THE Cannon: I did what I had to do back then. Just didn’t know you were the one ignorant to storylines and shenanigans. I’ve done everything to maim and cripple you...But I never wanted to finish the job. That’s why I chose you as a tag partner because I actually gave a shit about you...or maybe because I got paid a shitload by Scott Sable because he thought you were actually something. You see, you were just a youngster back then, and I had a couple of more years under my belt. But now, I think you’ve actually learned something from me since we last met years ago.

Cannon points.

THE Cannon: But you’re biting off more than you can chew right now. I demand you halt on your march to the ring right now. I’m not in the mood for your commando verbage. You knew what you were going to deal with when you hired me…

Duff continues to walk, slowly as he gets to the ring apron.

Duff Côte d’Ivoire: If you think that I care about what Scott Sable thinks, thought, or will think, you’re wrong. The man was a mental case, and I know a thing or two about crazy people. He deserves to be a footnote on both of our careers. You’re right, though: I did know what I was getting when I hired you. I knew that I was getting one of the best high-flyers in the business; one of the most charismatic guys to ever get on the stick; someone with more scantily clad women surrounding him than Hugh Hefner. Someone who had the balls to stand up to me.

Duff jumps up onto the ring apron, staring a hole through Cannon.

Duff Côte d’Ivoire: I respect you, Chris, but I’ve never let that give anyone a leg over on me. That’s not going to change just because we’ve got history.

Cannon raises his hand to emphasize his point while screaming at the top of his lungs.

THE Cannon: Do you not understand?! I was your head count last week! That should have been all about me! My value! My worth! It wasn’t about fucking whoever else you could scoundrel up against the already dying PWA. I should’ve been given the spotlight, and that’s exactly why I did what I did last week. You stack the cards against me, Duff, and I will bail…

Duff Côte d’Ivoire: I don’t need to explain myself to you, Chris. If you want the spotlight, you’ve gotta earn it, just like everyone else. That’s the way that REBEL Pro works! You earn what you get, it’s not just given! If you want me to put you in the spotlight, then how about you prove it!

THE Cannon: I already have! FUCK THIS! I’m bailing here…

The lights go out for a third time in the night the crowd hushes to a stony silence.

Brian Rentfro: i'm glad it cut off those two idiots in the ring

Bright words fill the tron, THE FUTURE IS NOW THE FUTURE IS...

Freedom fighter by creed hits the pa system as a man steps through the curtain.

Jon McDaniel: oh my god is that, is that RYAN ROSS? is he the man that`s supposed to come and save us from the rebel scum or is he here to join them?

The crowd explodes at this reveal and cheer losing their minds all over the arena.
Ryan soaks it all in standing at the top of the ramp

Ryan: expecting someone else?

the fans erupt at this comment

Ryan: it`s been awhile, its been too long in fact, I dare say this place has fallen apart without me. So much so that a little hole in the wall, garbage wrestling company is trying to take over the PWA. I remember the heyday of the wrestling alliance where people could travel between companies i remember when rebel pro was just another friendly face. since I've been gone I've been watching from home recouping my energy healing from old wounds and watching watching as the alliance fell apart. watching companies close down , people retire and people holdup gold. I kept saying to myself no one wants me here anymore i'm old news, If i return it wouldn't mean anything.
the fans boo loudly quickly changing their tune

FANS: welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.

Ryan smirked.

Ryan: But that all changed last week, that changed when i heard about the fight for the PWA. when i heard rebel pro was invading the PWA i was shocked. how could such a small company take over the PWA? i looked at the roster i looked at what's been happening and all i saw was no comradery. everyone's at each others throats there is no cohesion in the PWA locker room and if we had a chance at keeping the PWA as it is is if i come back and lend my services.
the fans pop at this as duff and ??? look pissed in the ring.
Ryan motions for silence as he continues on.

Ryan: Why would i be of use to the PWA in this time of war? experience? the fact that I've been in some of the most hardcore matches PWA has ever seen? the fact that I've held both tag team and singles gold? the reason i knew id be of use is because i have a fire inside me.

the fans cheer loudly at this getting more and more vigorous as the speech goes on.

Ryan: so when a man has a fire inside, he has to quench it. That night I called the PWA to find out they were under new management, but i got patched through. Willie was extremely hesitant to allow me to return not trusting a man that's been away for so long.

the fans boo this as a superstar return should never be turned down.

Ryan: but explaining my credentials, my background in the PWA I convinced him that i was a worthy investment. so tonight The future has come to the PWA to save it from the rebel invasion the future is Ryan Ross and the future begins now. War is coming rebel pro and its going to end in a PWA victory.

Ryan Ross drops the mic and turns as his music hits the pa system again. he steps back through the curtains to let duff and cannon sit dumbfounded in the ring.


The camera fades in on the Oil Trough, Arkansas city limits sign. The population reads 260.

The camera pans over to the Oil Trough General Store, a dilapidated old building that still sees a lot of customers, considering it's the only business of its kind for 30 miles.

Sitting on the front steps of the store are two young men. They sit, drinking 1 liter Mt. Dew bottles filled with moonshine, since Oil Trough is in a dry county. Old timers walk in and out of the store, eyeing the boys warily. The boys just smirk and watch the old men walk by. They down the rest of their "Dews" and walk around to the back lot behind the store and into the woods. The camera follows the boys to a large stream, where they turn to face the camera. Both boys smile, exposing mouths with a few missing teeth. The smiles fade to more 'businesslike' looks. The older looking of the two begins.

T-Bone: Hey there! Please allow us to introduce ourselves. My name T-Bone. This here's my brother, Skeeter (Skeeter waves to the camera), and we's them damn Dirty White Boys, and we's from right here in Oil Trough, Arkansas.

Skeeter: Yeah, we representin' the 870 baby!

T: Now we know what y'all's thankin. Them boys ain't nuttin' but a couple ol' rednecks. And y'all know what? Y'all right!

S: Hell yeah, baby! Redneck's born an' bred!

T: Now they's some confusion bout what a redneck is. Now fore we educate y'all on what kind a redneck we is, we gonna educate y'all on what kind of rednecks we ain't.

T-Bone holds up his index finger.

T: Number one…we ain’t no blue collar comedy rednecks.
(Skeeter does his best Jeff Foxworthy)
S: If you thank them damn Dirty White Boys are blue collar comedy rednecks…you might get yo ASS WHOOPED!
T: Yeah…heeeeeerrrrre’s yer sign! (T-Bone flips off the camera)
S: Yeah, and all y’all perty ladies come on over and git on yo knees and toss our ‘tater’ salad.

T: Yeah, y’all come on over and git ‘er done.

The boys have a laugh, pleased with their attempt at parody.

T-Bone holds up 2 fingers.

T; Number two…we ain’t no family friendly rednecks like them sell-out Duck Dynasty fools.
S: Yeah! We’d grab them fools and tie ‘em together by they beards and throw ‘em over a clothesline, and watch ‘em fight like them cats we used to do that to.
T: You got dat right, Skee-Ball. Then we’d take they hos and make em quack like a bunch a ducks.
S; But not they mama. She too old, big, an fat.
T: Naw, bro. We take her, too. Bitch can cook her ass off!

T-Bone holds a third finger up.

T: Number three, we ain’t no uppity redneck like Bill Clinton. Fool ain’t even a real redneck. His ass from south Arkansas. No real, self- spectin redneck would marry no ugly bitch like Hillary and sho nuff wouldn’ bang no fat cow like that Monica ho.
S: Naw, naw, T-Bizzle. Member he say he didn’ have no sexual lations with that woman.
T: Member, Skee-Ball, he lied.
S: Well, I ain’t lyin, that Chelsea done growed up to be a fine ass honey.
T: You got dat right!

T-Bone holds up four fingers.

T: Finally, we ain’t yo run of the mill, dumass rednecks that can only count to 21 when they buck ass necked.
S: You damn right, T-Bizzle!
T: Yeah, you know, we’s educated.
S: Yeah, we homeschooled, bitches!

T: Now y’all know what kind of rednecks we ain’t. Now I’mma educate y’al on what kind of rednecks we is.
S: Naw, T-Bizzle, y’all said I could do this part. Y’all said!
T: OK, little brother. Have at it.
We’s them moonshine drankin’
Armpit stankin’

Shotgun totin
David Allen Coe quotin

Rompin’ stompin’
Pigfeet chompin’

Ass beatin’
Squirrel brain eatin’

Hank Jr. sangin’
Yo girlfriend bangin’
Rednecks yo mama warned y’all bout, bitches!

How was that, big brother?

T: I don’ know, little brother. It was a little ‘rocky’ to me.
S: Screw you, T-Bizzle!

T: All y’all in Rebel Pro and y'all punk asses in the PWA better take heed. Them damn Dirty White Boys comin’ y’all’s way. An we gonna raise the stars and bars over all y’all. We gonna dish out a whole heapin helpin of redneck asswhoopin on all y’all’s punk asses.
Cause we them damn Dirty White Boys….
We was born in the backwoods
and raised in a cave
Fuckin’ and fightin
Is all we crave.

S; Yeah, member that, bitches! Let’s go home big brother!

With that the Dirty White Boys cross the stream and disappear into the woods on the other side.

David Manson vs. Hank Serbia

Get Yerself a Fuckin' Win; (re)introduction

Listen, I wrote a two thousand words to put over how fucking violent both wrestlers are, and this shitty website botched saving the results. So now you're just gonna have to do with the image of David Manson blasting Hank Serbia in the head with a steel chair 16 times because that's what it takes to drop such a hardcore dude. Both guys blasted each other with kendo sticks and swung steel chains and slammed one another into thumbtacks, the whole nine yards, right? Yeah yeah, but what matters is the match ended due to Hank Serbia attempting a suicide dive over the top rope but David Manson caught him and spun 180 for a powerbomb that knocked Hank unconscious because nobody stays awake after your head is slammed against fucking concrete, you know. So, yeah, David Manson is slightly more hardcore this week.

On The Third Day

*We jump back to the ring, we see a roughed up Cody Bogard, still bandaged from the brutal beatdown the previous week. Some members of the crowd are surprised to see Cody back so soon after what transpired.*

Cody: "I know I'm still a little banged up from the gangland beating I took last week, but I'm not leaving this ring until I get my hands on Duff. Having you and your little cronies jump me like that, way to spit in my face and kick me when I'm down, both figuratively and literally."

*The crowd begins to boo at that fact*

Cody: "There is just one small problem with your little plan there, you should've finished the job when you had the chance and now I'm looking to make this Kill List mission a little bit more hands-on than in previous instances."

*Crowd starts cheering*

Cody: "Doesn't matter if I'm still banged up to high hell, I will force my body through sheer willpower to beat the ever living hell out of you Duffy. How about it, let's go straight into round two, don't let the bandages fool you, there is plenty of fight left in this one."

*Boos can be heard from the crowd as Jesus makes his way to the ring, trash talking at Cody that is slightly drowned out by the crowd noise.*

Upon reaching the ring, Jesus slides under the ropes and attempts to throw a punch at the Crisis Ace, only to be caught by suprise with a block and a flurry of punches from Bogard. Just as it appears that Cody would gain the upper hand, Jesus lands a knee strike to the injured midsection of Cody Bogard. Dropping in a heap of pain, Cody clutches at his ribs, still suffering from the effects of last week's attack. Jesus picks up Bogard and whips him into the ropes and winds up for a clothesline. Cody ducks under the clothesline and appears to be caught on the rebound for a back body drop attempt by a ducking Jesus. Thinking on the fly, Cody rushes at Jesus and grabs hold of his neck, planting Jesus with a vicious running DDT that get the crowd up on their feet. Feeling the heat of the moment rushing through his veins, Bogard pulls Jesus up by his hair, slapping his face a few times before striking with a shotei to get the "ORA!" going from the crowd.


Another shotei


And another


Machine gun shoteis from the Crisis Ace, rearing back with a stiff shotei that would even make the toughest S.O.B. shake in their boots


Gasping for air like a fish out of water, Jesus is in a wolrd of pain. Cody kicks at Jesus, leading him into the corner, stomping away with no remorse. Glancing over outside the ring, Cody slides out and grabs hold of one of Jesus' arms, wrapping the arm around the ring post. Reaching underneath the ring, Cody pulls out some ring tape and wraps the wrist of Jesus to the bottom turnbuckle to keep it elevated and against the post. Upon reaching the opposite corner, Cody makes a mad dash and connects with a Yakuza Kick to the post, making Jesus yell in agony. The once calm and cheery Cody Bogard has now turned into a ruthless beast, sensing blood in the water and applies a Fujiwara Armbar on the injured arm of Jesus. Almost immediately, Jesus shouts bloody murder and submits to the pain, but Bogard keeps the armbar applies. Pulling at the arm tighter and tighter, Cody suspiciously allows the hold to drop to allow Jesus' arm to react... only for Bogard to yank back like a flash of lighting, breaking Jesus' arm in the process.

The shocking act proves to be the breaking point as Duff rushes to the ring and gets into the face of the rising Cody. However, Bogard immediately decks Duff with a Spinning Heel Kick, forcing Duff into a wobbly state. Taking hold of Duff's head, Cody drops a flurry of elbow strikes to the head, dragging the eblow deep with each successive strike. Once getting Duff nice and loopy, the Crisis Ace winds up his arm and drills Duff with a vicious Bionic Elbow, busting Duff open with blood as he stumbles against the ropes. At that moment, Jaice Wilds and Hank Serbia hurry over to the ring and pull Duff out of harms way, as Cody makes a furious attempt to follow, being restrained by ring security. A bloody Duff looks on in shock, this wasn't the Cody Bogard that he and the rest of the PWA thought they could kick around anymore.

Justify Yourself

Duff Côte d’Ivoire, face covered in a crimson mask, follows the paramedics as they wheel Jesus, who is groaning and whose arm is bent at an unnatural angle thanks to Cody Bogard, to the waiting ambulance in the parking lot of the PWA Dome.

Duff: I promise you, brother, we will get them back for this.

As the paramedics close the doors and the ambulance drives away with its sirens blaring, Duff shouts at Jesus again.


Duff watches the ambulance through the parking ramp before turning around. He’s marching like a man on a mission, the blood adding an exclamation point to that fact. As he is navigating the hallways, he starts to run. He grabs Chris “THE” Cannon’s jacket and spins him around, pinning him to the wall.

Duff: Hi.

THE: I told you, Duffy…I’m bailing. Pulling out. I don’t want my shit inside of this stinkhole at all. get the point!

Duff: Listen here, Cannon. You can talk a big game all you want, about how I need you and you’re the best in the business, but until you go out and prove it? All you’re doing is blowing hot air. So, here’s what you can do to solidify that you’re worth the figure on your contract: Cody Bogard just went out there and hurt one of our guys; I don’t even know if Jesus is going to be able to make it to Genesis this year. Next week, I want you to go out there and destroy him.

Chris points to himself.

THE: Me? You’re asking me to take this guy out? Do I stand corrected here???

Duff: You want the suspension lifted? You want to prove your worth to me, and to REBEL Pro!?

Duff pauses, backing off of Cannon.

Duff: Make it happen.

Cannon pokes his chest out a bit. He nudges Duff on the chest.

THE: What suspension?

The two give each other a stern glare. For a moment it looks like they may go blow to blow. Cannon withdraws his hand and extends it for Duff. Duff smirks, winks, and shakes Cannon’s hand.

THE: I think Cody Bogard has just sealed his fate.

Chris makes up the difference between Duff.

THE: (whispers in Duff’s ear) Watch me explode…

...And with that Cannon exits behind Duff. Duff shakes his head, still smirking.

Duff: Fucking Canadians.

Duff walks off, the camera follows him as he opens the door to his office. He notices a pair of arms resting on the arms of his chair. He puts his hands on his waist and looks up at the ceiling, asking God why he's done this to him.

Duff: Who are you, and what do you want?

A small laugh.

Voice: Some call me Morpheus, but you can call me...

The chair spins around, and we see... ASH NUKEM, wearing black pants, a black jacket, and black sunglasses!

Ash: That Ash-Hole.

Ash smiles and Duff's eyes go wide in the presence of his former ASSHOLES counterpart. Duff demands that the camera leave and the submissive camera crew obliges.

Adrian Kalis vs. Mark McNasty

Victim's Brother vs Rapist's Supporter; First Blood

let's get one thing straight: the match never started. yes, McNasty busted Adrian wide open and took him along on a ride through hell, but Johnny Cunt refused to officiate the match. why? either because McNasty attacked Adrian backstage or Cunt finds him as awful as the rest of the world does. nonetheless, the statement was made. McNasty doesn't need a bell to sound for this to count as a win. He still beat the ever fuck out of Adrian, and the leader of the order of chaos got zero offense in. what does that tell you? the fans were disgusted, but by McNasty's foul attack or Adrian's weakness? i'd say the answer is when McNasty bitchslapped Adrian with a bloodied dildo that sent Adrian tumbling backward down the entrance ramp. the final image before Booking Bad went to commercial was McNasty laughing as he held the dildo high for all the see.

Anna Mathews [c] vs. Lucious Starr [c]

Intercontinental & Grizzly Beer Unification Match

Anna Mathews speared and then mounted and then punched Lucious in the face well over 30 times. Within a minute. The Time Lord obliterated Lucious in a way surprisingly never been done before. Which begs the question: is it worse to be jobbed like this or get raped by Lucious? Lucy will ponder that in his hospital bed, I'm sure.

The show closes with Lucious being rushed away from the arena in an ambulance while Anna Mathews stands on top of a turnbuckle holding both championships high ala Triple H.

She didn't break a sweat. She just broke his face.