World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Tail Gate Party

Harry taught me how to write segments part 1

The show opens outside, in the parking lot of the arena, where Mason Harrell is surrounded by a throng of fans. He's leaning into a lawn chair, sipping a beer and watching a grill cook some burgers and hot dogs as the crowd talks amongst itself.

Jon McDaniel: Is Mason Harrell... tailgating?

Brian Rentfro: With the fans, no less!

Jon McDaniel: Well, I mean, I guess he doesn't have a match this week. Might as well sit and enjoy the show, right?

Mason stands up and burps, tossing the beer bottle onto the pavement. The loud sound of glass shattering can be heard for a block. Mason holds his hand up.

Mason Harrell: Hey! Beer me!

Another bottle of beer comes flying through the air from off screen and Mason catches it without missing a beat. He cracks the top off and starts chugging the new bottle as the fans around him start booing. It's evident why in a moment as Matt Stone walks onto the screen, a cardboard cutout of Emily Corlen under his arm. He looks at Mason and shakes his head before walking away. Mason finishes his gulp of beer and calls out to Stone.

Mason Harrell: Lookit this! That your girlfriend, tough guy? She lookin' a little flat chested to me!

Mason laughs.

Mason Harrell: Ain't she got a wooden personality?

Stone stops in his tracks, turning around to face Mason.

Matt Stone: Oh, you got jokes, do you? Find them in the bottom of that bottle, there? Too bad you couldn't find a match there, eh? Go back to mingling with the rest of the street people, though you may need a paper bag over that thing first.

Stone points at Mason's woman, Dixie, standing next to her man. The crowd utters an audible "oooh", but Mason merely grins, shaking his head.

Mason Harrell: Yeah, you run yer damn mouth, boy, at least my woman got a pulse!

Uproarious laughter from the crowd, as Mason takes another swig from his beer.

Mason Harrell: An' hey, while you in the arena, tell that dang ol' Phoenix Robinson that I want a match at Who's The Man!?, will ya? Provided yer not too busy cleanin' the papercuts on yer dick, a'course.

Stone looks furious as he shakes his head at Harrell. Stone scans the now growing crowd.

Matt Stone: I'm not going to do anything for you. You want something done, go do it yourself, I've got other plans.

Matt starts to leave, and then spins back around.

Matt Stone: And will you guys shut up!

With that, Stone storms into the arena, cutout still in hand.

Mason Harrell: Who wants a dang ol' cheeseburger?

The fans at the tailgate cheer as the show cuts over to the Rampage intro.

Reece Paxton vs Jack “The MackHammer”

Singles Match

Eric Emerson: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this openeing bout is schedualed for ONE FALL...”

“I'm sexy and I know it” by LMFAO hits the PWA-Tron, the crowd perks up, the song begins to play through its intro as the crowd begins to clap along with it, Red fro jumps in with his lyrics and from behind the curtain comes Jack “The Mackhammer” wearing a very comical version that is literally one half of the fecal beagle title – Rebel Pro's prestigious low card title.

Brian Rentfro: “There he is ladies and gentlemen! The self proclaimed sexiest man alive today! What a joke!”

Jon McDaniel: “one half of the fecal beagle champion, the other being Jaice Wilds, The Mackhammer is quickly on his way to being the silliest thing to come out of Rebel Pro yet!”

Brian Rentfro: “Hey let's not forget the entire fecal beagle division over at Rebel Pro!”

Eric Emerson: “Making his way to the ring first, hailing from San Diego, California, he weighs in at Two Hundred and Thirty Five pounds! He is also the owner of one half of Rebel Pro's fecal beagle title... JACK... THE MACK-HAMMER!!!”

He poses at the top of his ramp and slaps the hands of some fans, marching down to the beat of his own drum, and the beat of the music playing over the PWA-Tron, at the end of the ramp he gives the crowd alittle wiggle before he slides under the bottom rope and hops up. He poses for the fans some more before he heads over to the ring to get checked over by the ref.

Eric Emerson: “And his opponent...”

“Trust Nobody” by Ill Bill hits the PWA-Tron quiet at first, the crowd turns their attention from the ring as the song begins to get louder and louder, the song bursts with a sort of rap beat and from behind the curtain comes the Ex-TGW superstar and the newest Rebel Pro star! He stands at the top of the stage looking out at the crowd. He's wearing a True Glory Wrestling T-Shirt, the crowd gives some mixture of boos and cheers he looks down at the shirt, looks up and then scoffs, he pulls the shirt off and reveals a Rebel Pro Shirt, and in response to the boos he got from his TGW shirt, he pulls a lighter from his shorts and sets fire to the ratty piece he got when he first started, the shirt goes up in a sort of woof of flames and the crowd goes nuts.

Jon McDaniel: “There he is! The man who gave up a #1 contender's spot to go to Rebel Pro!”

Brian Rentfro: “Can't say I blame him, you'd jump off the titanic too if it were sinking!”

Jon McDaniel: “The man could've been a world champion, and he what he did to that shirt, is exactly what he did to the bridges he built in TGW, he burned them, and I don't think he'll ever get those contacts back.”

Brian Rentfro: “Ahh! Who'd want them anyway!”

Eric Emerson: “From Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 170 pounds, representing The Order of Chaos... He is The Coyote! REECE PAXTON!”

Reece continues down the ramp slapping the hands of some of the kids who hand them sticking out over the guard railing, he stops at the end of the ramp and smirks over to Mackhammer before he rolls under the bottom rope and hops back up, he pulls off the RPW shirt and tosses it into the crowd, the ref comes over to check him real quick before the match begins.

Eric Emerson: “Now ladies and gentlemen, this match is a Rebel RULES match! Meaning there are no count outs and no disqualifications!”

Mackhammer and Reece meet in the middle of the ring as the ref begins to spout off about the usual rules and what he expects from them, they shake hands and the ref calls for the bell!


Jon McDaniel: “There's the opening bell and we're off on what could be a hell of a battle tonight!”

Brian Rentfro: “These two goofs may be from Rebel Pro! But those guys over there sure know how to go over the limit with their matches!”

Reece and Jack lock up in the middle of the ring, Jack having about an extra hundred pounds on Reece easily takes advantage of this and pushes Reece into the corner turnbuckle, Reece however counters and quickly drives his boot into the gut of the Mackhammer! Jack keels over and The Coyote quickly grabs his head and drives him to the mat with an elbow to the back of his head. The Ref tries to break up the corner action, but as the Rebel Rules imply, there are no disqualifications or counts.

Reece smirks alittle to the crowd as he pulls up Jacks head and attempts to go for a quick bulldog! But Mackhammer pushes Reece off and sends him flying on his ass!

Jon McDaniel: “Some classic wrestling from Reece Paxton, his background mostly from the technical and bare knuckle fighting background, while... Mackhammer is from a... well what is he from?”

Brian Rentfro: “I don't know exactly! He's usually getting whipped around the ring so much we can barely tell sometimes!”

Paxton gets up to his feet quickly, but Jack his on him within seconds, Paxton pushes him off however and Mackhammer runs into the ropes, Paxton runs at the ropes opposite and Jack leap frogs over him before they collide, they bounce back at each other and this time Mackhammer slides under Reece's feet, they bounce back again and this time and Mackhammer yells “STOP!” throwing his hands up infront of reece to stop him!

Mackhammer: “What's that!”

He points up and Reece looks, only to get a huge slap from The Mackhammer!

Brian Rentfro: “What.. What the hell was that!”

Jon McDaniel: “Jack seemed to pull a fast on Reece and he fell for it!”

Mackhammer Irish-whips Reece into the ropes, Mackhammer goes for the ropes opposite again this time, they bounce back against each other, missing by hairlines, Reece slides under Mackhammer this time, Mackhammer leap frogs over Reece, they both bounce off the ropes at the same time once again, they're about to meet in the middle before Reece shouts out!

Reece: “WAIT!”

They both stop.

Reece: “What's that!”

Mackhammer is about to look up but he Smacks Reece across the face once again! However this time, Reece backs up and drives his boot right into Mackhammers face for a hard Mafia Kick! Mackhammers hits the mat and instead of covering Paxton grabs Jack's legs and wraps them around for his own version of the figure four leg lock or as he calls it, the Reece's Pieces!

Mackhammer only lasts for a few seconds before he's forced to tap and the ref calls for the bell!

Eric Emerson: “Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner! Reece Paxton!”

Cowgirls From Hell vs Vic Wagner/Thomas Manchester Black

Tag Team Match

The team of Wagner and Thomas come out to not much of a reaction and makes their way down to the ring. Then the crowd pops pretty big for the first ladies of the PWA... The Cowgirls from Hell who run down to the ring slapping hands with a few fans. Inside the ring each team decides who is going to start first, Tamika for CfH and Thomas for his team. As usual, either member of The Cowgirls is outweighed and is shorter than their opponent.

Thomas asks for a lockup and Tamika actually goes for it, she floats behind Black and managed an atomic drop followed by a springboard bulldog to the mat. The Cowgirls managed to keep away from their opponents during the match, their training having finally paid off, by flying around as much as possible. They may be smaller than their opponents, but they are usually more agile and quicker than them as well. The tide turned in Black and Wager’s favor when Meghan sprung from the middle rope with a springboard moon Sault and Black caught her, power slamming her down to the mat.

Thomas was able to make it to his own corner and tag in his partner, Vic Wagner into the match. Vic was the freshest man because he hadn’t been in the match at all yet. He lifted Meghan up and brought her back down with a body slam. He is slightly bigger than Megha in the weight department. Vic threw Meghan into the corner and followed with a big time body splash that nearly flattened poor Meghan in the corner. Vic backed up for another body splash and that is when the tide turned again as he was charging in, Meghan lifted up both feet and Vic ran face first right into them. Meghan made the tag to her sister Tamika.

Tamika came in with a fiery determination to win their match, she hit a springboard roundhouse kick that knocked Thomas off the ring apron and to the railing outside. Tamika looked at Meghan and they both nodded. Meghan Irish whips Vic from centre ring to the ropes to her left. She catches him and goes for a power slam. Tamika bounces off the adjacent ropes and brings Wagner down with a running neck breaker from Meghan's attempted body slam. Tamika goes for the cover as Meghan runs interference and they get the three count

Winners:The Cowgirls From Hell. All Hail.

Cody Bogard vs Lucy Starr

Singles Match

he match begins as Cody Bogard makes his way to the ring, a sneak attack from Starr jumping out of the crowd onto Bogard, tackling him to the ground. Lucious rolls off from the momentum, and the two start trading fisticuffs (that's right, fisticuffs) outside the ring, each one laying into the other with some vicious shots. Cody shoots a right at Lucy, who ducks the blow and grabs his arm, twisting Bogard into a crossface. Bogard struggles, trying to get free as Lucious tugs in tighter, but manages to use a momentary lapse to turn Lucious over and onto his back, throwing a flurry of lefts into Starr's side. Lucious releases the hold, Bogard and Starr to their feet. Lucious charges up, Bogard reacting by twisting out of the way, grabbing Starr's arm and using his own momentum to swing around and send Lucious crashing into the steel ring steps. The steps fall over as Lucious slumps to the floor, holding his back. Bogard rolls into the ring, resting near the ropes to regain his composure. Lucious starts up, getting to a knee before Bogard rushes across the ring. As Lucious gets to his feet, Bogard soars over the top rope and takes Lucious out with a huge corkscrew crossbody. Both men hit the floor, Bogard rolling off. The ref attempts to get both men into the ring to officially start the match.

Brian Rentfro: Cody Bogard is throwing everything at Lucious tonight, quite literally!

Jon McDaniel: Lucious said some derogatory things this past week, and I think Cody is focused on proving the naysayers like Lucious wrong.

Bogard starts over, grabbing Starr up by the hair. Starr retaliates, grabbing Cody by the tights and dropping to the mat, throwing Bogard face-first into the ringpost. A loud "oooo" is echoed through the crowd, Lucious getting to a knee and grinning at his handiwork. Cody starts to a knee, grasping the left side of his forehead, as Lucious sneaks up behind him, looking for Hades' Flame... but Cody twists out and throws Lucious, hitting a dropsault kick as Lucious turns around. Again, Cody slides into the ring, opting for the turnbuckles furthest from Starr. Lucious stands, shaking off the attack and sliding into the ring, getting halfway across the ring before the ref calls for the bell. Cody shoots out of the corner, ducking a clothesline attempt and turning around with a series of rights as Lucious spins around. Lucious blocks a punch, throwing his own, but Bogard blocks and sends a boot right to the thigh of Starr. Lucious buckles a bit, Cody jumping up into a DDT and a quick cover. A two count proceeds Lucious kicking out, Cody shaking his head and heading for a turnbuckle. Starr rolls up to a knee, taking a quick breath, standing. Cody jumps, looking for a crossbody, but Lucious jumps at the last moment and nails a vicious modified reverse STO. Cody's head bounces off the mat, he's just about lifeless as Lucious takes a few breaths, a sick grin as he looks to Bogard. He crawls over, still Cody doesn't move.

Jon McDaniel: We might need a medic out here...

Brian Rentfro: He damn near killed Bogard right there! Holy hell!

Starr throws an arm over Bogard, the ref dropping to the mat.


Jon McDaniel: HOLY CRAP!!

Brian Rentfro: Cody Bogard just sprang to life and is torquing Lucious' arm with a mean hammerlock!!

Cody rolls on top of Lucious, holding his arm behind his back. Lucious tries to squirm away, but is trapped between Bogard and the mat. He tries to roll out, but it only adds pressure to his arm. Lucious places his free arm on the mat, trying to push himself up, Cody swinging his weight back to stop him. Again Lucious pushes up, Cody turns him back. Cody places more pull on the arm, Lucious yelling in pain. He pushes himself up again, Cody rolling back, but this time Lucious uses Cody's momentum to roll through, allowing himself to free his arm from the lock. Cody rolls to his feet, charging into a tackle on Lucious. He starts throwing a flurry of punches at the AoWF's Most Wanted, Lucious blocking with his good arm. Cody rolls off, grabbing up Lucious' injured arm and dropping a knee. Lucious gasps in pain, rolling on top of his arm.

Jon McDaniel: Cody Bogard being very smart here. Most of Lucious' moves come from the use of both arms, and to disable one makes it less likely for Lucious to pull any of his power finishing moves.

Brian Rentfro: What the hell? Lucy shoulda put this thing to bed twenty minutes ago.

Cody leaps again, looking to drop another knee on Starr's arm, but Lucious rolls over and throws his knees up. Cody hits Starr's legs, rolling off as Starr rolls to his feet, favoring his injured arm. Cody starts to a knee, Lucious throwing his injured arm under Cody's head, using his good arm to lift Cody into a suplex.

Brian Rentfro: Starr is looking for that Hell's Wrath!!

Jon McDaniel: Uh-oh. His arm is buckling...

Indeed, Lucious can't quite take the full weight of Cody on his injured arm, and drops him back down to the mat. Cody returns the move, lifting Lucious for a suplex of his own, but Lucious manages to torque himself and land on his feet behind Bogard. He leaps up, slamming Bogard's head to the mat with a Hades' Flame! He sits up, regretting the use of his injured arm to hit his neckbreaker. He falls to the mat, throwing his good arm over Bogard.

Kick-out at 2 1/2!

Jon McDaniel: GO CODY!!

Brian Rentfro: What the hell? What?! The?! Hell?!

Crowd: LET'S GO CODY! *clapclapclap* LET'S GO CODY! *clapclapclap*

Starr turns the ref, who confirms a count of two. Lucious shakes his head, almost pleading with some unknown force. He flexes his fingers as he holds his injured arm with his other hand, starting to his feet. Cody stirs, holding his head. Lucious grabs Cody's arm, lifting him to his feet and attempting to throw him with a whip. Cody reverses, Lucious running across the ring. He rebounds, barely ducking a dropkick attempt. Another rebound, Cody manages to just about drop to a split as he ducks under Lucious' clothesline attempt. Lucious rebounds again, throwing a boot up... but Cody spins around him, grabbing Lucious' waist and lifting him for a german suplex. Lucious hits the mat, but manages to have the ring awareness to roll out of the ring. Bogard rolls to a knee, surveying the ring. He looks over as the crowd points to where Lucy fell out of the ring, Cody standing and walking over to the ropes. He looks down, but doesn't see anything. He looks to the crowd, pointing to the floor. The crowd cheers, letting Cody know he's on the right track. Cody starts to wonder, but then jumps over the ropes and down by the crowd barrier. He points to the floor near the apron, several fans pointing with him, the crowd cheering in response.

Jon McDaniel: Yup... Cody's more popular than Lucy thought. They're helping him locate the Untamed Fury.

Brian Rentfro: Please. People don't like Lucious because he's been making a name for himself, and he's stopped being a wuss about it. Bogard's just a little bitch who will bow to the crowd's will.

Cody starts to the apron, but stops. He calls the referee out, pointing beneath the ring. The ref slides out, lifting the apron... and gets clocked with a vicious uppercut from Starr! The ref drops back from the shock, rolling to face the barrier. Cody walks over, grabbing Lucious by the hair and pulling him out... AND GETS CLOCKED WITH A FIRE EXTINGUISHER!! Cody falls to the floor, Lucious kicking the extinguisher back under the ring. He crawls over to the ref, who is understandably upset. Lucious points to the apron, then Cody, explaining his actions. The ref waves a finger in his face, yelling at him. Lucious throws both arms up, backing away and starting into the ring. The ref follows after, but Lucious drops as the referee slides in. Lucious grabs up Cody, throwing a knee to his ribs and tossing him over the crowd barrier with his good arm. Lucious laughs, sliding back into the ring. The ref starts a count, Cody being helped to his feet by the audience.


Cody manages to get to the barrier and start over, the fans reaching out to touch his shoulders and back.


Cody stumbles towards the ring, holding his head. He gets to the ring apron before being met with a baseball slide from Lucious that knocks Cody backwards and into the barrier. The ref pulls Lucious back, scolding him again. He turns back to Bogard.


The fans pull Cody to his feet, trying to push him to the ring. He stumbles, bracing himself against the ring steps.


Cody manages to snap into it just in time to slide into the ring and break the count. Lucious goes to work with a flurry of kicks to Cody's head and chest. Cody slips back out of the ring, grabbing a breather. Lucious slides out after him, grabbing him by the head and slamming him face-first into the ring steps. He starts yelling something, but the censors aren't about to let that kind of thing air. He goes to slam Bogard's head down again, but a boot on the step trips up Starr's momentum, Bogard leaping up and turning around into a sweet DDT. He rolls up, grabbing Lucious as they both roll into the ring. Cody makes the cover.

Jon McDaniel: It could all be over right here!!


Brian Rentfro: No, Lucy! You hack!




Brian Rentfro: NO! Lucious kicked out! He's still in this!

Cody looks on in shock as the ref confirms a two count, the crowd is in an uproar. Cody stands, stomping his foot as he stalks Lucious. Starr rolls to his stomach, pushing himself up. Lucious gets to his feet,

Cody grabbing him from behind. He wraps Starr into a straightjacket hold, lifting him as for a brainbuster... and drops him with a beautifully executed piledriver!!


Brian Rentfro: Oh, god... thanks for nothin, Luce. Just lost twenty bucks, goddamit...



Eric Emerson: Here is your winner, the Crisis Ace, COOODYYY BOOOOOGAAAAARRDD!!

Cody raises an arm in victory, holding his head with his other hand. He stands, celebrating as the cheers of the crowd drown out his theme music. He shuffles out of the ring, leaping into the crowd as Lucious rolls out of the ring, EMT's helping him up the entrance ramp.

Emily Corlen Birthday Special

Harry taught me how to write segments Part 2

We see Elizabeth Davis and Katrina walking down the hall way chatting.

Liz: “I don’t know, I’ve never seen him like this before, have you?”

Katrina shakes her head no. The two get to a locker room that reads “Matt Stone LTD”

Liz: “We should have like an intervention, right now”

Katrina: ‘Before his match? Shouldn’t we wait for after the show?”

Liz: “Yeah, fine. Tonight.”

They open the door and we see Matt Stone sitting at a table with a cut out of Emily Corlen around a small table, there’s a cake on the table and several lit candles. Matt has a pointed party hat, and there is one also on the cut out. Stone is singing

Matt Stone: “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you..”

Liz clears her throat and Matt spins around to see them standing there with their arms cross, Stone blushes.

Matt Stone: ‘Don’t you two ever knock? Can’t you see we’re having a party?”

Liz and Katrina awkwardly look at each other and nod.

Katrina: “Matt, we need to talk…now”

Liz: ‘We think this whole Emily thing has gone just a bit too far…”

Matt: “Too far? It’s Emily’s birthday today, we need to celebrate”

Katrina: “No, we need to talk about this obsession you have,,,”

Matt: “Obsession? I will not stand for these accusations. If you’ll excuse me, I have a title match”

Matt gets up and storms out of the room, leaving Liz and Katrina to look at the cut out. We see the Grizzly Beer championship sitting on the table.

Liz: “How long before he realizes he left his title here?”

Katrina walks over and picks it up, walking back to the door and holding it out

Katrina: “Oh, about three more seconds…”

Like that, we see the title be taken out of her hands as she smiles. Liz calls after

Liz: ‘Should we come with you?”

We hear Stone shout “No” from down the hall and they shrug. Katrina walks over and tries the cake with her index finger.

Katrina “Eww, this isn’t chocolate”

Katrina pushes the cut out of Emily into the cake

Katrina: “Bitch”

Liz just laughs as we cut out

NightStryker vs Pike

Singles Match

Pike vs. Nightstryker

The battle between Pike and Nightstryker started out a lot slower than expected as each man tested the water going back and forth on strikes without really giving much a way. The battle continued tentatively around the ring with nothing more brutal than the odd leg kick being scored. However the blows mount up and Pike quickly found himself working on dead legs as Nightstryker picked him away.

The gentle chipping away forced Pike to up the pace and bait Nightstryker into a shootout that saw the two of them trading straight up shots, allowing Pike to get the lead with a German Suplex out of a strike exchange. Pike then asserted his authority and kept up the pace, but the earlier work of Nightstryker in breaking down the legs made it difficult for him and Pike soon found himself unable to keep up the lead.

Nightstryker then fought his way back and used the speed game to his advantage, bringing the match back to stalemate. A trade off of moves and reversals allowed Nightstryker to score with the Inversion, knocking Pike silly and leave him on his knees for Nightstryker to follow up with the Mindbender for the win.

Winner: Nightstryker

Last time on Victory...

Harry taught me how to write segments Part 3

Jon McDaniel: “Just two nights ago, our sister federation Victory Wrestling hosted a memorial show for Johnny Fitzsimons, who wrestled here as Johnny Maverick as well as Johnny Chaos. The main event of that night was Matt Stone taking on Johnny’s little brother, Oliver. Now we do warn you that what you’re about to see if graphic in nature, so if you’re squeamish, I suggest you turn away.”

The screen takes up back to Victory…

Matt and Brick can’t believe it. If Emily Corlen were around, she’d post #BelieveIt. Spyke kicked out of the Combo Breaker! Matt went for another cover, but this one was less close. A third cover and Spyke kicked out just after a one count. Sensing a pattern, Matt noticed the shirt he had word at the beginning of the match laying on the mat close by and grabbed it. Spyke had now started getting up, with Stone behind him, Matt would wrap the shirt around the throat of Spyke Gein. Stone wrenched back on it as hard as he could, some of the crowd booing, the other part in a hushed silence. Ollie’s face was turning slightly purple from the pressure, and there was nothing Roger could do about it. He asked Spyke if he would give up and all he could do was shake his head no. Matt pulled back on the shirt harder, this was one sturdy shirt folks. Spyke knew he only had one out and he went for it. He quickly pushes himself up off the mat, adding more pressure to his neck until he back flips right out of the shirt, striking Stone atop the head as he does so with a marvelous Pele kick! Matt stands straight up and staggers a few steps before completely falling face first on the mat. The crowd exploded as Spykeman rolled out of the ring to catch his breath. Or so he would have us believe, upon closer inspection he was going under the ring and pulling out something, razor wire? Yes, folks, Spyke Gein was actually wrapping razor wire around his kick pad! But wait, there’s more…it’s not found in any store. Well…it is, because it’s lighter fluid! Ollie rolls in the ring where Stone is still face down and pours lighter fluid on his kick pad as well, using a lighter and some flash paper to LIGHT HIS KICKPAD ON FIRE?!?

Matthew McLean: Oh my god!

Matt was starting to get up, but he didn’t see what was coming until it was too late. Right across the face, Matt was struck with the flaming, razor kick Spyke referees to as The Norris. Chucks of flesh peeled off Matt’s face as Spyke’s leg swiped by, his eyebrows singing and the whiplash of the actual kick caused Stone to fall down, out of it. Blood was now pouring out of his forehead and staining the mat. Katrina looked on horrified as Spyke went for a cover now, Roger getting down for the count.

Matthew McLean:: This should be an easy call. One….two….three…

Brick Eagle: What the F-

Matthew McLean: Matt kicked out! He kicked out of THAT?!?

Stone was able to roll his far shoulder off the mat right before the three count Spyke looked a little perplexed as to what it would take to win this match. The fire had gone out by now, but he was still determined to put Matt away once and for all. He spotted the chair in the corner and looked up at the ceiling, giving a nod. Spyke walked over and placed the chair in the centre of the ring. He would then go to pick up Stone with his arm over Matt’s throat.

Matt quickly spins out on instinct, chain wrestling taking over here and pulls Spyke back to him, ducking under his grabbed arm and hooking Ollie’s head from behind in the same position that Ollie had him. Matt then picks Ollie up and hooks his left leg, driving him straight down into the steel chair! Matt floats over with the cover.

Matthew McLean: Was that the...?

Brick Eagle: Yes, that was Another Body Murdered, what an unfortunate name for Johnny Chaos’ big move.

Matthew McLean: Something about that felt dirty




Regardless of the karma involved, Stone did get the three count and Beast Mode plays throughout the arena once again, Matt rolling out of the ring where he’s greeted with Katrina and his Grizzly Beer Championship. Matt clutches the title closely as he takes a few steps backwards before stumbling and falling. He sits up though, a sick smirk on his face as he looks on at Spyke out in the ring, having defeated him with his own Brother’s move. Katie peers on in hopes Spyke is okay, but knows not to risk a confrontation with Matt. Katrina helps Stone stand up, blood dripping down his face. He manages to hold his championship high in the air as we fade out...

We come back to Jon and Brian at ringside

Brian Rentfro: “What a brutal match, and we heard reports that Matt Stone was brought to the emergency room shortly thereafter.”

Jon McDaniel: “That’s right, he has a mild concussion and several deep lacerations, but we have seen him here and he will compete, bringing in a doctor’s note from someone named Dr. Nick Riviera saying he has been medically cleared to compete tonight, and its next!”

Matt Stone© vs Justin Case

Grizzly Beer Championship vs. Television Championship

We go to ringside where Jon McDaniel and Brian Rentfro are standing by at the announcer's table.

Jon McDaniel: Well Brian, this next match up has been a fan favorite all week. People on twitter and facebook have been eagerly anticipating this match up!

Brian Rentfro: Thats funny, because on the PWA website I saw the same hype for this bout. I really dont see what the big deal is. This is just another match up as far as I am concerned.

Jon McDaniel: You need to open up your mind, because this match will blow your mind!

Brian Rentfro: I'll just be content calling the match. Lets go inside the ring.

Eric Emerson stands inside the squared circle with mic in hand.

Eric Emerson: This next match is set for one fall, and is a Title for Title Championship Match up......

"Victory" by Puff Daddy and Company hits the P.A. and out comes "The Millennium Game" Justin Case! He stands at the entrance way, with his manager behind him, as pyro shoots out on either side. Case soaks in the boos of the crowd as they give him power. He raises his arms in the air! Case then struts down the ramp way making his way to the ring with his TV Title over his shoulder.

Eric Emerson: Making his way to the ring at this time, he hails from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He stands in at six foot three inches tall, weighing in at a 230 pounds......."The Millennium Game" Justin Case!!

Case struts to the squared circle with a cockily arrogance that only he can endeavor upon. Once from inside the ring, he steps to the second turnbuckle and poses for the crowd on hand. Whether they like him or not, it does not matter. His manager hits his cane on the apron showing his approval. Jumping off the ropes he prepares for the match while pulling on the upper rope as his music ends. Its time for some talented action!

Jon McDaniel: This man has really impressed me this week, Brian. If ever he was ready for the likes of Matt Stone, tonights the night.

Brian Rentfro: Don't count your eggs before they hatch. Matt Stone is still one of the very best in the AOWF.

Eric Emerson: Making his way the ring at this time, he is the PWA Grizzly Beer Champion of the world!......

Matt Stone comes out from the back to a chorus of boos. He struts down the ramp towards the ring, wearing his patterned hoodie with a large Maple Leaf on the back. His Grizzly Beer Championship wrapped around his waist. However, he is holding his head because of a recent concussion. His face is stitched up and still raw to the touch. He threatens to hit a member of the crowd who was holding up a "Canada sucks" sign and just walks on.

Eric Emerson: He stands in at five foot nine inches tall, weighing in at 220 pounds.......He is "The Straight Shooter" Matt Stone!!

Matt gets on the apron and gets inside the ring, heading straight to a corner and mounts the middle turnbuckle raising his hands. "I'm the best there is!" He shouts out over the loud jeers being rained down on him. He shakes his head to their reaction. "You don't deserve to see me!" He shouts out getting down and taking off the hoodie. He kisses his Grizzly Beer Title before handing it off to the ref. Matt get's ready for his opponent, bouncing off the ropes to loosen up as his music fades away

Jon McDaniel: Matt Stone has decided to come out solo in this match. This man sure looks ready, but you have to wonder if his health issues are going to play a role in this match up.

Brian Rentfro: Well after what we saw backstage, can you blame him? Besides, it's Matt frickin Stone, Jon! He doesnt let anything stop him from attaining his goals.

The referee for the contest is the fair down the middle Scott Swindell. He has both the PWA Grizzly Beer Championship and Television Championship Title's in his hands. Lifting them up for all to see what is on the line in this huge match up!

The ref hands off the titles to the time keeper as he motions for the beginning of the match.

ding ding!!

Case in one corner, Stone in the other, they circle the ring eyeing each other up and down. Locking up in the center of the ring, it is Matt Stone who slides in a head lock then grabing the arm of Case and twisting into a back arm lock as Case trys to grab at his opponent behind his back. Suddenly "TMG" leans down and twists himself out of the move and counters with a massive over the head belly to belly suplex as Stone flys over Case and lands hard. By the corner ropes Stone quickly pivets around on his knee to get a good look at his opponent. Justin just stands his ground and smiles as the two slow things down. Matt trys for the hair pull theory but the ref wont buy it.

Jon McDaniel: Its move for move here as these men look to one up the other in the early going.

Brian Rentfro: As this match ages only one man can prevail. Just call the damn match!

Matt Stone gets to his feet and goes for another grapple lock up, however, Case side steps the move and raises his knee into Stone's gut doubling over Stone as Case gets Matt into a side head lock and lands a running bulldog on the dazed Matt Stone. Case quickly follows up with a side russian leg sweep, hooking the leg for a pin.



Stone is still fresh as Case pounces back on top of Matt with a forearm to the head as he gets Stone back into the corner ropes. Justin lifts Matt on the top ropes and with Stone sitting on the top ropes its Justin Case with a huge DDT from the top ropes!

Jon McDaniel: Matt Stone is busted wide open!

Brain Brian Rentfro: Just great! His stitches must have come undone after what he went through in Victory!

Smelling blood Justin Case attacks when straddling his opponent and showering him with shots to the busted up head of Matt Stone! Throwing Stone into the ropes and comes back with a big tilt the world back breaker! Case goes for the cover.




Matt kicking out with passion as he gets to his feet. Justin Case is busy arguing with the ref as Stone counters with a big gut wrench power bomb! He goes for the pin.



Case still has alot of fight left in him when Stone manages some good european uppercuts to Justin and gets "TMG" into a figure four leg lock! The ref looking on!

Jon McDaniel: Case will not tap, Brian!

Brian Rentfro: Tap bitch tap!

Matt begins to scream out "I'm the best!" as he sinks in the move! But Case manages to crawl to the ropes and grabs the bottom rope forcing Stone to let go. Getting to his feet Matt wipes off the blood pouring from his face and goes to put Case into a swinging neck breaker, but suddenly Stone lets go and holds his head. Dazed and disoriented Case capitalizes with throwing Stone into the ropes and coming back with a huge boot the head! Stone flips inside out and lands hard to the mat! Case jumping Stone and gets Matt into a camel clutch as he wrenches down while Matt's blood pours from his face! Matt wont give up as the ref looks on, so Case gets creative. He lets go of the move and trys for THE BENCHMARK! But Stone REVERSES IT into a small package!




Justin Case showing some heart but Stone counters with not one, not two, BUT THREE german suplex's in a row! Case is in it bad! Matt Stone proceeds with an INDIAN DEATHLOCK! Case is in huge amounts of pain! But he wont give in! The ref looks closely!

Jon McDaniel: Wow Brian, this match could go any way!

Brain Brian Rentfro: Thats what you think.

Matt shouts "Tap bitch!" but Case wont have any of it. Thats when Matt decides to up the anti with ROLLING STONE! But Justin reverses into a massive face buster!! Following up Justin lands PERFECT PUNISHMENT with THREE hold on Belly to belly suplex's!! If thats not enough Case goes for his Lasting Impression! For the pin!




"TMG" Slams his hands on the mat in frustration, he mouths "Its Over!" to the crowd. Case goes for his GAME OVER but its REVERSED into STONE CUTTER!! But Matt Stone doesn’t end there! He gets Case into C-c-c-c combo Breaker! Not one, not two, but three Combo Breakers! Before Stone hits the third Combo Breaker, he shouts out

Matt Stone: “This one’s for you!”

Stone goes for the pin!




Jon McDaniel: He won! Stone did it!

Brian Rentfro: You damn right!

The ever arrogant Matt Stone smiles to the crowd with blood pouring from his face.

Sound of Madness by Shinedown hits up!

The ref raises his arm as he is handed both titles!

Eric Emerson: Here is your winner......and still PWA Grizzly Beer champion and now the NEW owner of the Television championship "The Straight Shooter" Matt Stoooooooonnee!!!

Stone raises both titles in the air as he celebrates in the ring.

Marvin Wood vs Mark McNasty

Singles Match Special Referee: The Phoenix

Marvin Wood and Mark McNasty got to the ring, Robinson lazing back in a corner as the match started. Wood would go for a quick lock up and drop Mark down quickly, rotating around and grabbing his head with a side headlock. Mark would try and fight to his feet, but Wood flipped him over and kept the hold on. Rob stayed out of the exchange as Mark finally got to his feet and shoved Marvin off into the ropes, rebounding to a wheel kick from McNasty! Mark went for the cover and Rob didn’t even notice. Mark got up and shouted at Rob, who shrugged, turning his back on Mark. Marvin snuck up from behind and hooked Mark for a school boy, but Rob wasn’t paying attention once again and no count was made. That wasn’t nice thought Marvin as he got up to articulate that point, McNasty was back to his feet and spun Wood around, dropping him with a short clothesline. Marvin got up and he was dropped once against by a stiffer clothesline. Mark would hit the ropes and come down with a big splash because Mark McNasty is a huge Ultimate Warrior mark, I mean, who isn’t? Anyway, Rob decided he wanted to get out of here so he made the cover, however Wood kicked out at 2. Marvin started getting to his feet as McNasty went for a big boot, Marvin would side step and go to grab Mark with a bear hug. He was successful, then quickly lifted Mark up with a Northern Lights Suplex! Marvin held the hold for a pin, but he only got 2. Marvin kept the hold locked in as Mark fought back up, only to be flipped back over with a second Northern Lights suplex, this was the Suplex Labyrinth! Mark once again kicked out at 2 though, but Wood was persistent.

Once again Mark fought to his feet, and Wood would go for a third suplex, but McNasty countered with a knee lift and picked Wood up, delivering his Sault Slam! With Wood down, Mark hooked the leg. Rob shrugged and went down to cover. 1...2...! Robinson glances at his watch, gets to his feet, shakes his head no and calls for the Eric Emerson. He whispers something to him and stands back, smirking.

Eric Emerson: According to the referee, the time limit for this match has expired, rendering it a DRAW!

McNasty fumes as the Phoenix helps his dear friend Marvin "The Crown Jewel" Wood to his feet, but is wise enough not to attack and give Robinson a reason to fire him before Who's the Man.