World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Rampage begins with our attention already inside the ring. There we see "The Millennium Game" Justin Case in all his glory. standing in the center of what now lies his TV talk show "Case Closed". His own TV Title firmly resting over his right shoulder with a mic in his left hand. Dressed in a fine tailor made suit he address's the booing sold out crowd.

Justin Case: “Welcome to yet another talented edition of my PWA talk show, "Case Closed". You see, what happened last week was a mere fluke. I let my emotions dictate my actions. So this week, even if I hate the guest to no end, out of respect for myself, I will not lower yours truly to ape like actions. Instead, as we open the show, I will talk to this guest and even shake his hand. We will have different opinions but thats what makes this show so talented, if you will. Please hold your applause as this weeks guest on my show is none other than this man......”

Brian Rentfro: “I hope it’s as good as last week”

Jon McDaniel: ‘Good? You thought that was good?”

I created the Sound of Madness
Wrote the book on pain
Somehow I'm still here to explain
That the darkest hour never comes in the night
You can sleep with a gun,
When you gunna wake up and fight?

Matt Stone comes out from the back to a chorus of boos. He struts down the ramp towards the ring, wearing his patterned hoodie with a large Maple Leaf on the back. He walks right down the ramp, with the Grizzly Beer championship on his right shoulder, and the old replica of the Internet championship on his left. Justin sees his old title and scowls a bit.

I created the Sound of Madness
Wrote the book on pain
Somehow I'm still here to explain
That the darkest hour never comes in the night
You can sleep with a gun,
When you gunna wake up and fight...
For yourself?

Brian Rentfro: “Is that Matt Stone? I thought he was…well with that video earlier on in the week…”

Jon McDaniel: “That’s Matt Stone alright, this should be interesting”

Stone gets in the ring and walks right passed Justin to grab himself a microphone. With the stick in hand, Matt opens his mouth, but he’s cut off by Justin.

Justin Case: Thank you for being on my show, yours truly is happy you could make it”

Stone raises an eyebrow at Case, then shakes his head.

Matt: “Yeah, I’m sure it’s a thrill for you to have someone actually talented show up instead of the trash you’ve had on here lately…”

Justin Case: “Actually, I found Emily Corlen to be the utmost talented person ever on this show, aside from yours truly, of course”

Justin smiles, Stone looks ever more annoyed. He rotates a ring on his right hand three times before speaking again

Matt: “Really? That’s what yours truly thinks? Well here’s what I think. I think that you really don’t know Emily like I do. So allow me to take you on a little stroll if you don’t mind, put it up monkey!”

The first image pops on the screen

Matt: ‘As you can see here, this was the debut of Emily Corlen in the PWA, and this is what she looked like when she first met me. A real when Harry met Sally moment, I suppose you could say until I smashed her face in and retained my PWA Intercontinental championship against her. You see Justin, that’s what I do with championships, I defend them, I don’t use them to simply hold my pants up”

Justin goes to say something, but Stone cuts him off

Matt: “But wait, there’s more”

The next image goes up

The crowd has a mixes reaction to this, but Stone carries on like he’s the only one there

Matt: “This is what Emily looked like when she lost her freaking mind! Even still, this was the look on her face when she beat me in May of last year, almost exactly a year ago. Did you know this Emily Justin? If you did, then you wouldn’t be standing there calling her talented”

Justin Case: Actually…”

Stone cuts him off again.

Matt: ‘But wait, there’s more”

The next image goes up

Matt: “This was the last time Emily appeared in the AoWF and I got to say she cleaned up nicely. There she is in all her glory, this is the girl you should be calling talented, not that hackneyed Emily of yesterday. Only when I gave her the chance to form a real partnership, she ran away like a flock of seagulls and left me standing all…”

Justin Case: “Dude, are you obsessed with Emily of what?”

Stone spins around, eyes glaring at Justin.

Matt: “Obsessed?”

Stone starts shaking as he walks up to Justin, Matt runs his right hand through his hair and stares into Justin eyes.

Matt: “I am far from it. You want to talk obsessed?! How about you being obsessed with attention?! What’s the matter Justin, people aren’t taking you serious so you had this brilliant idea of a talk show? How’s this working out for you? Are you getting stopped for autographs now with people wanting to be seen with the television champion? Or are you right where you were a month ago when I took this Internet title from you? I have an idea, the whole premise of this show is to find the perfect challenger for that piece of metal on your arm, right? How about I put up this Internet belt I took for you and you put up yours, what say you, champ?”

There’s obvious sarcasm coming out of Matt’s mouth when he says the last word, but Justin seems to have a smile on his face.

Justin Case: “Why not the Grizzly Beer title? I mean, if you think you’re so much better than Yours Truly, it shouldn’t make a difference, right?”

Jon McDaniel: “Oohh, that’s interesting”

Brian Rentfro: ‘Why would Stone agree to that?”

Matt: “You want my Grizzly Beer title?”

Justin Case: “Unless you’re scared, of course. I know your girlfriend, Emily would have the balls to accept”

Stone’s eyes widen and without thinking, replies

Matt: “You’re on!”

Stone then goes for a quick right hand, but Case blocks it and drills Stone in the mouth with his own right. Matt drops down to the mat and quickly rolls out of the ring, holding his jaw. He clutches at his titles as he slowly backs up the ramp, looking annoyed. Justin goes to the ropes, looking down at Matt.

Justin Case” Oh, and another thing…since I need to find a new tag partner for REBEL PRO, defeating you for your Grizzly Beer Championship is now an audition to anyone out there that has the balls to team with yours truly to become REBEL PRO Tag Team Champions of the world! On a side note, I guess apes are more evolved than I gave them credit for. Be careful what you wish for Mr. Stone. ”

Case smiles from ear to ear as he points to his TV championship on his shoulder while nodding his head ever so cockily.

Jon McDaniel: "Case out witted the witty. This should be one hell of a match up, Brian!"

Brian Rentfro: "I'm glad we have ringside seats for next weeks title for title match up on Rampage!"

Cody Bogard vs Mason Harrell

Singles Match

The match itself started out even. Both men exchanging blows left and right. Harrell threw Bogard into the ropes but coming back the veteran Bogard caught the rookie Harrel with a huge clothesline! With that Bogard lifted Harrell up into a perfect gutwrench bomb power bomb! But Harrell kicked out at two. That when Harrell hit his stride and never looked back finally lifting Borgard up for an inverted sit down piledriver! Bogards neck got messed up and Harrell wins with the pinfall.

Winner: Mason Harrell

TMB vs Pike

Singles Match

Eric Emerson: Our next match is scheduled for one fall...

A series of flickering blue lights stretch their way back and forth across the arena. Eventually they group together and illuminate the entrance way, while the sharp burst opening of "Seven Devils" brings Atticus Pike out from behind the curtain.

Eric Emerson: Representing the Charms out of Santa Cruz, California...

Pike makes his way to the ring with his head down.

Eric Emerson: I give you Atticus Alexander - PIKE!

He stretches his massive frame in the corner of the ring as Emerson switches notecards.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent...

"Electric Worry" from Clutch hits the speakers as the lights start to flicker off and on with a red hue.

Eric Emerson: Fighting out of Tokyo, Japan by way of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Black comes out from behind the curtains wearing baggy blue jeans and boots. He tops that off by wearing a grey North Carolina Tar Heels hoodie with a towel over his head and his forearms and fists taped up. On his fist and forearm tape you see the words “Fallen Saint”. Black hardly looks out from the hoodie as he walks toward the ring. He stops and cracks his knuckles before raising his hands in the air.

Eric Emerson: I give you - THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK!

Black enters the ring and we get a bell.


Jon McDaniel: Both men coming off a win last week – let’s see who builds some true momentum.

Pike and Black circle each other in the ring. Neither committing to the first move until Hostile closes in with a collar and elbow lock up. TMB follows that up with a knee to Atticus’ gut and then throws both hands in a hammer down on Pike’s neck. Atticus falls to his needs. Black takes two steps back and then drives a boot to Pike’s face.

Brian Rentfro: I think Thomas Black is taking some of the words Pike shared this week to heart.

Jon McDaniel: Immediately on the offensive. We have two large men in there – though Pike has the size advantage. It’ll be interesting to see how Black counteracts this.

Pike checks the status of his jaw with his hand, as TMB layers on some boots to Pike’s lower half. He then pulls the young Pike up to his feet and sends him to the ropes. Pike bounces off and comes back at Black and gets met with a big dropkick, taking him back down to the canvas.

Jon McDaniel: Thomas Black getting way up there! And, well, he had to in order to catch the tall Atticus Pike in the head. Let’s see where he goes from here.

TMB down to the mat and tries to put Pike into a sleeper hold, but Pike instinctively muscles out of it and rolls to a free corner. Black rushes over to greet him with a lariat but Atticus catches the arm and brings TMB down with a firm yank. He keeps on Black’s arm with a grapevine.

Jon McDaniel: Pike using this light submission hold to recover from Thomas Manchester Black’s earlier offense. Rookie showing that he’s getting his training in.

Brian Rentfro: You wouldn’t have said that two minutes ago when Black nearly dislocated his jaw.

Black manages to get a foot in the ropes and Pike releases the hold the second the referee lets him know of the infraction. Thomas back to his feet, takes over with another elbow and collar lockup faceoff victory, and pulls Pike’s arm back in a hammerlock. He tries to clip out one of Pike’s leg, but Atticus puts him in a headlock and lifts him over with an awkward suplex.

Jon McDaniel: Black takes the suplex at an odd angle – right on his side – I think his neck absorbed the impact! I don’t think that’s good!

Brian Rentfro: Really? That your expert opinion on the matter?

Pike bounces off the ropes and connects with a big legdrop on TMB. He hooks a leg.



Jon McDaniel: Black gets his shoulder up.

Brian Rentfro: Those never work.

Jon McDaniel: Nor should they.

Pike pulls him back up to his feet and connects with a European uppercut. TMB stumbles back two lengths and Pike tries to combo up with a clothesline, but Black ducks under and brings Pike down with a reverse DDT. Staying at him, he brings him right back to his feet and levees an array of pointed elbows to the back of Atticus’ neck.

Jon McDaniel: Completely focused here on the surgically repaired neck of Atticus Pike. He hits that Branches of Sin later and Pike won’t be able to tap out for a forty-count, much less a three.

Brian Rentfro: That’s an awful line. Make sure you go replace it in ADR before this gets released on a “worst of” DVD.

Black maintains an angled headlock on a floored Pike for a good minute. But as the crowd demands some action, TMB releases and snaps at Pike with a stiff kick to the back. Pike tries to power his way through the pain and staggers to his feet, but Thomas takes him by the arm and whips him hard into the corner.

Jon McDaniel: Pike now prone in that corner!

TMB rushes in a catches him with a high knee to the chest – then doubles up on the maneuver. Pike looks rough, and Black decides to monkey flip him out into the middle of the ring. TMB follows up by hooking a leg for a cover. We get a count.



Jon McDaniel: No! Pike just slid an arm out at the last second!

Brian Rentfro: I don’t think Thomas liked that count.

And he’s letting the referee know about it as Pike rolls out underneath the bottom rope to the outside. TMB notices, waits until Pike is on his feet just outside the apron – and with a baseball slide he connects hard with Pike’s jaw for the second time this match. Atticus falls back into the guardrail – the two trade shots back and forth on the outside.

Jon McDaniel: Not too far from us here – these two really want this one!

Black ends the back and forth by sweeping the leg, chopping the big Pike down. TMB slowly lifts the big man up to his feet and tosses him head first into the ring apron. Pike slumps to the ground. Black plants a pair of shoulders into his chest – but a third Pike manages to duck under – letting TMB hit the apron himself. Both men are down and we get a double count out.



At just about the same time both men manage to get to their feet and roll themselves back into the ring. TMB is first to his feet proper, he comes over to Pike but is caught with another uppercut, rocking him back. Pike upright now, scoops up Black and suplexes him down hard on the mat.

Jon McDaniel: This one can go either way – both men trading offense here.

Brian Rentfro: If I had a nickel for every cliché you popped out...

Jon McDaniel: You’d be able to pay me back for the last five meals you stiffed me on?

Pike brings TMB back to his feet, whips him to the ropes but doesn’t connect with a big boot. Black slips around him, grabs him around the waist and manages to force the big man back and over with a huge German suplex that shakes the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Wow! Quite an impressive display there from Thomas Black!

Both men are slow to their feet, but TMB takes the first advantage and pushes Pike into the corner. He laces Pike’s chest with a few knife-edge chops. He follows it up with a headbutt. Pike is staggered. He tries to bring Pike down in the Branches of Sin cutter, but Pike catches him before he can follow through on the hold – puts a leg to his gut and flips him over with a bridging Fisherman’s Suplex.

Jon McDaniel: Hero’s Suplex!





Jon McDaniel: And he got him! Pulling out his mentor’s move – wow! This one could have gone either way but Pike managed to come out on top. Great match from both men.

TMB, not thrilled with the result rolls out of the ring. Pike has his arm raised high as we cut away.

Justin Case vs Vic Wagner

Singles Match

Justin Case immediately challenges his opponent to some grappling, which works out oddly for him. Wagner gets a quick upper hand and works the shoulder of the Internet champion. After a few moments of being worked over Justin mounts a impressive counter turning a hip toss into a hurricanranna. Wagner tries to fight his way back into the game, but a new found spirit of the champ keeps him in control enough to get a good few technical moves over, pummeling Wagner with some head control. Headlock take over and scissor holds keeps him in the game until a surprise counter brings him to a near fall. Shaken Justin loses him advantage, finding himself the victim of a harsh duo of German suplex's. Setting himself up for a lariat Wagner hits and manages a two count. Case seems on the ropes, but takes a page out of his opponent's hand book with a small package, trying to shake up his opponent. A kick out obviously follows, but Wagner isn't as easily shaken and tries to keep his lead with a few fists and a whip into the corner, only to get a spring board elbow in return.

Case brings himself back into the game wrapping Wagner in a sleeper when he tries to his feet. Vic fights it for as long as possible before grabbing the ropes while maintaining a vertical stance. switching up the style Justin links up for a back cracker, prying Wagner off the ropes. Vic looks dazed and confused before a quick Just 2 Talented!


Winner: Justin Case

Jethro Hayes vs Lucy Starr

Singles Match

Two former PWA World Champions put on a hell of a show for those in attendance. The match started and Lucious seemingly spent most of the match in control by keeping his offense fast paced, but every once in a while Jethro would nail him with something big. Every time it looked like Lucious was starting to pick some offense back up? Jethro would drop him with the Georgia Slam or the Calf Toss or some similar herculean display.

In the end, Jethro sets Lucious up for the Planter and it looks like Lucys luck has run out. But Lucy rolls through with the move as Jethro snaps him up and ends up nailing him with the Hades Flame. Lucy covers for the 3 count to a hail of boos.

Winner: Lucy Starr

Change of Plans

We hear talking coming from inside the office of Rob Robinson. We also hear yelling. The door slowly opens and we see Mr. Hardcore pacing back and forth as Scotty Snow nods up and down at what he says. Meanwhile, Rob Robinson sits behind his desk, looking rather uninterested.

Mr. Hardcore: The man made us look like fools, and you need to give us a chance to get him back. Hell, if we don't beat him, you have to take him on yourself at Who's The Man with no backup!

Robinson stands. He slowly walks around the desk until he is standing in-front of Hardcore and Snow.

Robinson: I hope you're done wasting my time Hardcore. Here's the deal. I need McNasty in quasi-fit condition to win those tag titles over in Rebel Pro. Someone has to distract the competition long enough for me to get a pin. As for the two of you...odds are you'd somehow manage to cost me my title anyway. So here is what we are going to do. That little thing last week where you both were tapping like a chorus line in the middle of the ring...that counts as the match. You lost; sorry.

Snow and Hardcore look less than enthusiastic.

Robinson: Now, you want to redeem yourselves? You want in my good graces? I believe you have a match with Slayton and one of the Straders next week at Victory. Go earn some brownie points there. Now if you'd be so kind as to GET OUT.

Robinson doesn't wait for a response as he turns and walks back to his chair.

The Harlequin vs Masakazu

WTM Semi-Finals Match

The Harlequin vs. Masakazu

Jon McDaniel: Coming up next we have the first of two Who’s the Man semi final matches.”

Brian Rentfro: “But who will be facing Masakazu?”

Jon McDaniel: “Well the Harlequin, of course”

The opening tune of ICP's Hocus Pocus plays in the arena as the crown all turn their heads to see who was coming down the ramp. Out came The Harlequin looking around with a wide smile on his face. As he walks past some of the crowd, he stops randomly and screams at children as he passes, then laughs as they recoil. Harlequin keeps walking down, rolling in the ring and sitting in a corner, looking around. He grabs the middle ropes with his arms and pulls himself up, running from rope to rope to warm up, waving out at the crowd as he does, laughing all the way.

Brian Rentfro: “How can we be sure that’s not Matt Stone?”

Jon McDaniel: “You think Matt Stone would be seen without the Grizzly Beer championship?”

The lights in the arena dim, with only the sounds of a long winded whooooooosh before "The Pretender" by Foo Fighters hits.


Masakazu steps out, decked in black gi pants with The Order of Chaos emblem laced onto the left leg, with a matching sleeveless black hoody. He sways back and forth to the drumline of the song as the crowd goes nuts.

Eric Emerson: He hails from Montreal, Quebec! Weighing in at 210 pounds and standing in at an even 6 feet tall!

Masakazu moves around quickly on the stage, throwing out fierce kicks with his shins and elbow strikes into the air as he continues to move back and forth to the beat.

Eric Emerson: He is THE GENERAL of The Order of Chaos!

The crowd begins an "ALL HAIL!" chant as Masakazu goes for a forward thrust kick, stretching his left leg out as far as it can go and straightening his body before slowly turning on his right foot then dropping into a fighting stance, his fists clenched and his right arm stretched out with his left arm cocked back. Pyros go off all around him, creating a red streaming arch which completely blinds us to Masakazu.


Masakazu flies out of the arch of pyros into the air with his knees to his chest, his arms stretched out as the cameras flash! As he lands, fireworks explode in quick succession behind him. He jumps up once more and pumps his fist, before throwing his hoody off and chucking it to a fan at ringside. He grabs his shoulder length hair and pulls it back as he runs towards the ring and jumps from the ground, right over the top rope and flips himself into the ring. He lands on one knee, his other knee to his chest and his right fist to the canvas with his left arm stretched out behind him. Upon the moment of impact, fireworks explode from all four corners of the ring. He jumps to his feet and bobs and sways back and forth a bit more before coming to a stop. He stomps his right foot down, slaps his chest with his right hand and then gives out a fascist Order of Chaos style salute to the crowd who all stand in unison, saluting him back.

Referee Daniel Davis calls for the bell and we’re underway with this match. Harlequin and Mas lock up, both men looking to get the early advantage and it is Masakazu who does, grabbing Harlequin by the hair and backing him up against the ropes, shooting him across. With Harlequin rebounding, Masakazu drops harlequin on his back with a back body drop. Harlequin is quick to get up only to be tackled down as Masakazu reigns fists down upon his face. HQ tries to cover up, but Mas is relentless until Daniel pulls him off.

Harlequin tries to escape the ring, but Mas grabs his right leg, pulling him back in, knowing what he was trying for. Mas goes to pick up the clown, but has his eyes rakes as a counter. Harlequin then strikes Mas with a forearm to the head and then a drop top hold, Mas falling face first on the mat. Harlequin grabs at Mas’s legs and while The General is dazed, turns him over for the Last Laugh! Mas is already in the Clown’s finisher, could this be an early win?

Of course not, Maya comes rushing down to ringside and gets on the apron, starting to shout something and gets the Harlequin’s attention, who releases the hold and goes over to Maya, when he’s quickly met with a slap in the face! Daniel warns Maya to get off the apron and in the confusion, Mas rolls Harlequin up for a school boy! He even has his feet on the bottom rope for leverage, but still the clown kicks out. Clever clown.

Mas was back on the attack though and pounding hard at harlequin’s body with various kicks. Then a solid shot to the head and the Harlequin fell out of the ring. Mas tried to quickly follow, but Daniel got in the way, telling him that he needs to use the ten count. In that time, the Harlequin was able to roll under the ring to catch his breath…perhaps. Mas got out of the ring and reached under, looking to grab at the Harlequin and getting a hold of something. He pulled and out came a clown. Thinking he had thwarted the plan, Mas picked up the clown who quickly countered with an eye rake, then bounced his head off the ring apron. The Harlequin then grabbed Mas’s head and snuck behind him, dropping Mas across the Harlequin’s back! Masakazu bounced off and fell to the mat. Harlequin quickly picked him up and rolled him in the ring, sliding in after him for he cover, but only getting a two count.

The Harlequin now stayed on the offensive, his wrestling style switching completely from a striking based offense to that of a grappler. The clown would hit German suplexesc seemingly out of no where, counter Mas’s kicks with leg grapevines and dragon screws. Adrian knew he had to change things up and grabbed ahold of the clown’s right arm, something he knew he had weakened earlier but the Harlequin didn’t seem very affected. Catching on, Mas quickly releases the hold and catches Harlequin with a straight kick to the side of the head. Harlequin falls back and is dazed. Mas quickly gets to the top rope and leaps off with the Shin Rai! It hits hard, but Mas doesn’t go for a cover. Instead, he rolls out of the ring and grabs his ring jacket. Mas nods to Maya and gets back in the ring

Maya gets on the apron and Daniel comes over to tell her to get down. Maya grabs him and starts kissing him deeply while the Harlequin gets up, Mas tries to grab him, but the Harlequin leaps in the air, grabbing Mas’s head and driving it straight down on top of his knee! C-c-c-c-combo Breaker! Harlequin gets up and shoves Maya off the apron and then turns to Mas, grabbing his arm and entrapping his head, Masakazu is Set in Stone! Mas tries to get to the ropes, but in his weakened condition decided its best to live to fight another day and has to tap out

Winner: Matt “The Harlequin” Stone

Raizzor vs Marvin Wood

WTM Semi-Finals Match

Raizzor and Marvin begin the match with some impressive toe-to-toe grapple moves, neither one able to get a real advantage at first. After a few minutes of back and forth, Raizzor shoots a left hook that knocks Marvin off his rhythm, gaining the upper hand. Raizzor manages to throw Marvin for a bit of a loop with a suplex and a set of punches before trying to put the match to bed early. As he lifts Marvin for his Tombstone shoulderbreaker, Wood slips out and applies a modified dragon sleeper. Raizzor manages to struggle out, but not before Marvin drops him onto his knee. The drop causes Raizzor to favor his lower back for a decent time for the rest of the match, as Wood targets as many grapples and submissions as possible on Raizzor's back. As Marvin starts to lock in a boston crab, Raizzor hooks his legs and twists, placing Wood in a modified body scissors. Raizzor manages to roll Wood onto his back for a two, but Marvin gets a shoulder up. Marvin struggles towards the ropes to break the hold, Raizzor up to throw a few punches. Raizzor throws Marvin with an irish whip, setting up for a tilt-a-whirl side slam on the rebound, but Marvin manages to struggle free and locks in an octopus stretch. He pulls Raizzor back into a two count of his own, but fails to keep him down. Both start up, Marvin locking in a sleeper. Raizzor drops a bit, throwing Marvin over him and popping in his own sleeper. Marvin counters, managing to get away from Raizzor before charging up with a clothesline. Raizzor ducks, Marvin turning into a fist to the chin.

Marvin manages to reverse a shoulderbreaker into an Imperfect Science, covering Raizzor and advancing to the finals.

Winner: Marvin Wood