World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Malicious vs Gezza

Jethro Hayes Invitational Tournament

The Masked Menace starts out early, dominating Gezza from the opening bell. Gezza was unprepared for the madman's assault, finally rolling out of the ring to escape him. Unfortunately for Gezza, this didn't stop Malicious. Malicious flew off the ropes and nailed Gezza with a suicide dive, driving both men into the guard railing. Gezza starts to fight back with punches, but Malicious grabs his arm and delivers a series of trapped headbutts before rolling the groggy Gezza into the ring. Malicious climbs onto the ring apron and uses the ropes to sling himself onto the top turnbuckle where he jumps off and nails the Broken Straightjacket for the win.

WINNER - Malicious

The cameras cut backstage again, this time to the men's room. Three members of Hollywood Security walk in, opening each and every stall with tasers and batons drawn. One stands up on the rim of the toilet directly beneat the airvent, lifting the gate up, and then sticks his head in, looking around before hopping back to the floor and giving a thumbs up to a fourth guard in the doorway. The fourth guard nods, and then waves his hand. Corey Lazarus walks in, followed by four more guards, and then walks over to the middle stall.

Lazarus: Alright...nobody listen in. A man needs a sense of...privacy...when he does his business.

Corey smirks, winks at the camera, and then steps into the middle stall, closing and locking the door behind him. The PWA World title is then draped over the top of stall door, and we see Corey's slacks drop to his ankles behind it.

Jon McDaniel: ...this is preposterous...

Brian Rentfro: What's preposterous is your inability to understand what's going on here, Jon! Corey's a marked man. Marked men tend to protect themselves. And given that a men's room is just as easy to attack somebody in as, say, a dark alley, or a hallway, it makes PERFECT SENSE for him to have Hollywood Security in there with him!

A loud fart, and Corey chuckles a little, all of the guards in the men's room stoic as ever.

Lazarus: Haha! Sorry, guys. Crow made some chili this past weekend, and I've been snacking on it ever since.

The cameras cut back to the ring.

Kyle Stevenson vs Hunter Sullivan

Jethro Hayes Invitational Tournament

The most exciting match of the night, with the two men being evenly matched. At the end of the match, Sullivan is whipped to the ropes and knocks the referee, Dwayne Cross, down. Stevenson hits the Lights Out on Sullivan, but no referee is around to count the pin. A second ref, Lance Weston, is sent out, but only counts two before Sullivan kicks out. Dwayne Cross starts to come to as Sullivan gets the advantage and hits Stevenson with a bridged German suplex. Both referees drop to the mat and count the pinfall to three. Lance Weston raises Kyle Stevenson's arm as Dwayne Cross raises Sullivan's. The two referees argue as President Robinson comes out.

Robinson: Yeah, so this is why you shouldn't try and end a match with a German suplex, Hunter. Ok, queue up the footage.

The end of the match is replayed on the ADC-Tron and both men's shoulders are on the mat.

Robinson: That's pretty much what I was expecting. However, thanks to the actions of The Talent is a Lie on Chaos earlier, we've got an open spot in the tournament, so both of you will advance to the semi-finals. Hunter, you'll be facing the winner of Matthew Engel and Jacob Figgins while Kyle will be taking on Malicious next week.

WINNER - Double pinfall

Jon McDaniel: Fans, up next we have our main event, as former World champion Matthew Engel takes on our current Grizzly Beer champion, Jacob Figgins, in a non-title...!

The lights in the arena die, and a burning PWA logo appears on the ADC-Tron. Static then fills the Tron, and an old fashioned, black and white film countdown begins rolling.

A massive drumroll cues up The Crown's "Crowned in Terror," and brutal metal riffing plays accents the most violent highlights of the Hollywood Kid's career: the Ultraviolent Cage of Death match with Metalhead at Genesis 3; the infamous Exploding Dumpster match with Jimmy Ultros from PWA Good vs. Evil 2001; and, of course, the barbaric Three Faces of Death match where, teaming with Brandon Nova, Lazarus defeated Vern Michaels and Sean "IcE" Moro for the DRWF Sovereign titles. The pair of guitars stop, one taking over while the other instruments accent it at certain points. The song reaches its 35-second mark...


...and Corey Lazarus emerges from behind the curtain, his eyes hidden behind his trademark pair of silver-rimmed Ray Ban's as a single spotlight shines on both him and the 10 members of Hollywood Security surrounding him. Corey smiles wide, the biggest shit-eating grin in the world, and pats the plaque in the center of the PWA World title. A primal scream roars over the music at the 44-second mark, and Hollywood Security begins escorting Laz down the ramp.

Oh, it's not over yet
Consuming flames of the faceless one
There's no time to repent
As you bow before the serpent god

Eric Emerson: Uhhh...ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the ring at this time, escorted by Hollywood Security...

There's no turning back
Festering demons to hatred sworn
And ready to attack
The jaws of death are hungry like a war

They reach the bottom of the ramp, and three of the HS guards roll into the ring under the bottom rope, and the others gather around Corey as he walks up the ringsteps.

Eric Emerson: ...COREY LAZARUS!!!

Two HS guards hold the ropes for Laz as he steps into the ring, spinning around with the World title held high over his head. The houselights return, and "Crowned in Terror" dies down. The three guards that entered the ring before Lazarus stay there, and the other seven surround the ring on the outside, making sure to yield their batons and tasers. One guard takes Emerson's mic away from him, and then walks over to the ring, handing it to one inside.

Jon McDaniel: Oh, look...he can't even get the mic for himself!

Brian Rentfro: Too dangerous.

The inside guard hands the mic off to Corey, who nods in appreciation. He brings the mic to his mouth, but doesn't speak, instead listening to the crowd.

Fans: SHUT THE FxCK UP!! *clap, clap, clapclapclap* SHUT THE FxCK UP!! *clap, clap, clapclapclap*

Corey shakes his head, and then clears his throat into the mic.

Lazarus: You know, it's just amazing how one week can completely change somebody's opinion of you.

He lowers the mic again, letting the fans chant away.

Fans: SHUT THE FxCK UP! *clap, clap, clapclapclap* SHUT THE FxCK UP!! *clap, clap, clapclapclap*

Corey smirks, lowering his Ray Ban's to the tip of his nose, and then shakes his head, hoisting the World title over his shoulder.

Lazarus: Because in the span of one the span of the past seven days or so...I went from a favorite amongst each and every single one of you to practically the Devil himself.

Corey takes his Ray Ban's off, and then slides them into the inner pocket of his sportscoat.

Lazarus: But I don't blame a single one of you. Oh no, I don't. I mean, if I were one of you, working nine to five Monday through Friday for little pay, having to deal with a boss that just seems like he or she is just flat out against you, having to deal with co-workers or customers that are a shade away from being declared mentally retarded, and I took $40 of my hard-earned money to buy a Pioneer Wrestling Association Pay-Per-View event - in this case, Good vs. Evil - only to witness a returning SUPERSTAR of this business, as well as others, come and interrupt the main event, the big reason why you wanted, NEEDED to order that show, and then cause the President of the company, the head honcho, come down and vacate the PWA World title, the very same one that the returning SUPERSTAR...

Corey winks at the camera, flashing his trademark devilish grin.

Lazarus: ...took back into his rightful possession, then I, too, would be mad. I'd be so mad that I'm not sure what I'd do. Would I go online and find my favorite wrestling messageboard and type away, rant away, on how Corey Lazarus is a disrespectful prick who just threw away every ounce of good will that he'd earned in the last year, all for the sake of one-upping two people whose careers simultaneously skyrocketed after he had to leave due to a broken collarbone? Would I call all of my friends, go down to the nearest bar, and then drink myself stupid to forget about how a man whose life achievements make my own look like a God damned kindergartener's finger painting betrayed two people he never had a care in the world for? Or, and I have a feeling that this one...THIS ONE is the route most of you chose, would I tune in the next Friday night, forgo any and all plans I may have made prior, and watch Chaos and Rampage to see what this man has to say about himself?

Corey lowers the microphone, looking all around the arena, and then turns around to face the opposite side.

Lazarus: Well, I wouldn't go online and troll up a messageboard filled with other never-were's who pick apart every little detail of a celebrity's life just to make themselves feel better about their own disappointing living situation. And I wouldn't go down to the bar to spend the rest of my paycheck on cheap beer and whiskey. And since I've been a voice for all of you people here in the arena tonight, and everybody watching at home, for so long, I'll tell you all just why I interfered in the World title match between Matthew Engel and Scott Nash Strader, and then ran off with the belt.

Corey turns back to the hard-camera side, scratches his chin, and then cracks his neck to the side. He clears his throat again, and then brings the mic back up.



Corey laughs, and then gives the camera another wink.

Lazarus: You see, boys and girls, when you're a SUPERSTAR the calibre of yours truly, you can get away with things that not everybody else can. When you are the L-A-Z, things just naturally come to you. Things like championship reigns. Things like Pay-Per-View main events. Things like an adoring, devoted fanbase; like the begrudging respect of each and every single person in the back; and like the ability to rub your God-given superiority in the face of anybody you damn well please.

Corey's grin disappears, his face showing the anger within.

Lazarus: And for three months, Strader, I've been on the shelf! I broke my collarbone saving YOUR ass back in August. I won that match for us, not you! And what did I receive as a "thank you"? No phone call. No Hallmark card. Not even a fucking nod of your head when you walked by me in the back of the ambulance. But I don't blame you, Scott. If I were in the position you were in, somebody who tried so hard to make it to the top, overcoming obstacles like complete mediocrity to do so when every SUPERSTAR was on the shelf, then I too would take the injury of somebody like the Hollywood Kid as a complete blessing. But then...there's Engel...

Corey lowers the mic and looks up the ramp. Nothing happens. He flashes a smile again, and chuckles slightly.

Lazarus: Hey, Matt, you've been talking all week about how you were going to kick my ass tonight, and I'm taking up some precious time for you and that Figgins guy to bore this crowd to death, so why don't you come on down and shut me up?

Nothing. No music. No Engel.

Lazarus: Oh, wait, that's right...I got to you first. Would the Gorilla in the back PLEASE roll the tape?

Corey points to the ADC-Tron, where we see Matthew Engel walking down the hallway after leaving his dressing room.

Lazarus: This was all of fifteen minutes ago, by the way.

From behind, Corey Lazarus - no Hollywood Security in tow at all - runs out from behind a case for the stage lighting, smashing a fluorescent lighttube over the back of Engel's head. Virus goes down, and Corey nails a pair of boots to his lower back before backing away, laughing. Cut back to the ring, where Corey can hardly contain himself.

Lazarus: Consider that Lazarus Two, and Engel Zero! I hope you all enjoy this next match...because I know I will. And I hope you all order Christmas at Ground Zero, because you're going to see a true piece of American history come to pass. "The Premiere Attraction," yours truly, will go toe-to-toe with five other "men," and I use that term lightly, in the legendary Dome of Destruction match! No ropes. Barbed wire. A steel cage dome all around the ring. Elimination rules. Let's all just remember back at Revolutions Per Minute, when I was the first man entered into the Elimination Chamber, and became the first man to kick out of TWO of Raizzor's Tombstone Shoulderbreakers! This time? No Raizzor. No Alex Wilkie. Not even a Sirus Moran or a Project X. Just Phoenix reprises his role, and, let's face it, Robinson: you've NEVER been in my league, and I've proven that time and time again this past year. So Matt, I hope you have a good match tonight. And I hope you get all of the glass shards out from under your skin, because that can get infected REAL easy. And just before I leave, regarding the World title in MY's going to remain here until somebody has the balls to take it away from me. But hey, that's just life. Deal with it. Rock n' roll.

Corey drops the microphone, and "Crowned in Terror" cues back up.

Jon McDaniel: Stay tuned for Matthew Engel and Jacob Figgins in tonight's main event, right after this!

The scene fades to commercial...

Matthew Engel vs Jacob Figgins

Jethro Hayes Invitational Tournament

Engel, still pissed about events at Good vs Evil, doesn't wait for Figgins to remove his Grizzly Beer title belt before attacking. Engel quickly scoops an unsuspecting Figgins onto his shoulder and hits the Sons of Plunder for the win.

WINNER - Matthew Engel