World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


The cameras cut to the rear entrance of the arena, where a black Escalade with tinted windows pulls up, followed by a white limousine, and another black Escalade with tinted windows behind that one. The four doors open on the front Escalade, and out step four men with full riot gear - helmets with tinted faceshields, black attire, padding, batons, and tasters - who walk over to the rear passenger-side door of the limo. The rear Escalade does the same, and all 8 guards stand watch, holding back even the cameraman. The limo door opens, and out steps Corey Lazarus, the PWA World title draped over his shoulder. Two more guards follow him, and Corey looks around the parking lot.

Lazarus:'s good to be back. Alright! Let's go.

The 11 men make their way, with three guards ahead of Lazarus, two to either side of him, and three behind him. The scene cuts back to the ring.

Rex Cassidy vs Matt Seraph vs Jacob Collins

In a chaos filled 3-way dance we saw each wrestler show off some amazing sets of offense, but in the end it was Jacob Collins nailing his new finisher The JC Driver aka The Roll of the Dice to get the big win.

WINNNER - Jacob Collins

Aeolus Wrath vs Viktor Stone

Jethro Hayes Invitiational Tournament

The bell rings for the match and the two men lock up when the lights in the arena go out for several seconds. When they come back on, both men are on floor outside the ring, out cold, wearing Guy Fawkes masks.

WINNNER - Double Count-out

The cameras cut backstage, and two of the guards - HOLLYWOOD SECURITY - stand in front of a door marked "COREY LAZARUS." The cameraman tries to enter, but both guards hold up their batons, preventing him from doing so.

Bennett: And they're not even allowing the cameraman in!

Rayne: With somebody in the mindset like Matthew Engel has been in over the last week, Jon, I don't think I'd take any chances either!

Nuke Fusion vs Pohatu

TV Title Match

A lackluster match that showed Pohatu in charge for the whole match, which end with him getting the win with the Circuit Breaker. After the match Nightmare comes down to the ring and the two have a face to face as the show fades off the air.

WINNNER - Pohatu