PWA Rankings

These are the official Pioneer Wrestling rankings for active wrestlers. There are a lot of factors into determining the rankings. Wrestlers are divided up into classes based on number of matches. This is important because out of character it shows experience, maturity, and durability out of handlers. In character, it shows your wrestler's experience over newer wrestlers.

The NEW classes as of 3/27/11 are:



Wrestlers who have competed in two or less matches will be in the Entering Wrestlers category until they have three matches under their belt. They will not be ranked. Once they have competed in three matches, they will be place in the first class in accordance of their win and loss percentage. However, exceptions to the class rule are the champions. They are ranked at the top.

We determine these rankings within the classes by win and loss percentage. These rankings are not to be used for bragging rights, as it's a tool for the Front Office to see who has more experience, who is new, and to keep track of records. This is made for reference purposes only.

You will not be placed on the official rankings in any class or entering list if you have not competed in at least one match.

Rankings Layout by Ben Duke.

Active Singles

Rankings started on January 11th, 2008
Updated: 03/19/12
name record total % titles
Hall of Fame: 100+ matches
Legend Class: 50+ matches
Superstar Class: 30+ matches
1 Simon Kalis 22-6-4 32 .750
Veteran Class: 16-29 matches
2 Meghan Nash Strader 15-6-1 22 .705
Rising Star Class: 8-15 matches
3 Tamika Nash Strader 8-3-1 12 .708
Recruit Class: 3-7 matches
Entering Wrestlers