Jon McDaniel: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the beautiful Khorassan Ballroom at the Chase Park Plaza in St Louis. We gather tonight to celebrate greatness. Each year we gather in this room to honor those that have created and continued the PWA's reputation for excellence. These are the people that put their bodies on the line every night, not just to entertain, but also make sure that the PWA now and always has the best wrestling on the planet. Tonight we will induct two men into the Hall of Fame, alongside such PWA legends as Sirus Moran, Raizzor, the Phoenix, and Rage. While these men have worked tirelessly to make sure the fans all know their names, tonight their names will go down in the history books and will forever after be mentioned with the greats.

Jon McDaniel: So now, without further ado, welcome to the 2011 PWA Hall of Fame presented by HeadOn, apply directly to the forehead!

Jon McDaniel: Our first inductee is a man that's been around the PWA for years. He is a former Television champion as well as a former World champion. However, that doesn't tell the whole story of Scott Nash Strader. SNS has also been involved in some of the most memorable feuds in PWA history, chief among them his legendary feud with fellow PWA Hall of Famer, Matthew Engel. Their feud led to one of the most storied matches ever, the London's Burning cage match at Good vs Evil 2008. This match took a serious toll on both men, but has become considered an all time classic. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming Scott Nash Strader into the PWA Hall of Fame!

Jon McDaniel: Our next inductee may be considered an unlikely choice by some. This man hasn't been around as long as most inductees, having only joined the PWA in April, 2009. But since that time he's very rarely been without a title around his waist. He's held the Intercontinental, Grizzly Beer, and Television titles for a combined 346 days in less than two years as an active wrestler. And to put that in a bit more perspective, he accomplished that while not holding any of those titles at the same time as any other title. So with that kind of record, it is easy to see why Matt Stone has been deemed worthy of induction. So, ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming Matt Stone into the PWA Hall of Fame. And now, some words from our inductee!

[Stone walked confidently up to the podium after hearing his name being announced. Standing in front of the audience, he had a confident smirk on his face.]

Matt Stone: “Well, who would have thought this? Less than two years ago I was signed here to PWA, and I’m already in the Hall of Fame. Whether it’s my legendary reign as the Grizzly Beer Champion or my now legendary reign as the Intercontinental champion, not even the popular opinion of the locker room could keep me from getting what is owed to me. Last year, it was the Wrestler of the Year, this year, I’m going into the Hall of Fame. Set to join such legendary names in this company as Rob Robinson, Mark Sommers, Corey Lazarus, Matthew Engel and even Riona Langley. Well you know the difference between myself and those wrestlers? They were at their peek when they were inducted, some of them even past it, but me? I’m still rising. Rising to the top of this industry and I won’t be finished until I claim the PWA World Championship. I suppose I should be thanking all the people that made this possible, but quite frankly, none of you believed I would be going anywhere! From Bud Adams, that self-servicing jerkoff to Mark Sommers who tried his best to hold me down to the Pantheon who told me that I wasn’t good enough to join them…it would still be going strong to this date had they accepted me FYI, I have proved you all wrong! So thank you Hall of Fame review board, whomever you are, you got this one right. Thank you!”

[Matt pauses for applause and receives an earth-shattering silence.]

Matt Stone: “The acoustics in this place are terrible…”

[Matt mumbles as he walks off stage.]

Jon McDaniel: Finally, we come to our front office inductions. Every year we honor the people without whom the PWA simply wouldn't be able to function. Our first staff inductee is being honored for taking charge when the PWA split rosters with Rampage and Chaos. Even though it was only for a brief time, Andre Thomas was pivotal in the concept working. Our second inductee has been instrumental in the PWA's day to day operations for the last several months. Alex Adam has had a thankless job, but has made the best of it and under his charge, the PWA has flourished and had some of the most exciting action in its entire history. So one more time, ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming Andre Thomas and Alex Adam into the PWA Hall of Fame!


Class of 2011

Scott Nash Strader
Matt Stone


Front Office Class of 2011

Andre Thomas
Alex Adam