World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick
Hall of Fame Induction

Jon McDaniel: Ladies and gentlemen, now we're going to back to last night's Hall of Fame induction dinner, once again held at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel here in St. Louis.

(The screen switches to a large ballroom. PWA stars past and present fill the room, along with various members of the pro wrestling press. Jon McDaniel is standing at the podium at the front of the room.)

Jon McDaniel:Wow, I can hardly believe it's been seven years since we last did this. When Genesis rolls around, it means a new start to the PWA calendar, but at the same time we stop to recognize those that got us here in the first place. This year is a milestone of sorts, as this year marks the end of inductions of PWA roster members from incarnations past. From this point forward, only people from the 2008 start of the new PWA will be considered.

Jon McDaniel: Tonight's first inductee was also the first in an important way in the PWA. While she wasn't the first woman in the PWA to face off against the men as equals, she was the first, and thus far, only woman to hold the World title, a championship she's held twice. In addition to this, she is a former Woman's champion as well as a former holder of the Internet title and Television title. I am proud to welcome Psycho Sandra to the PWA Hall of Fame.

Jon McDaniel: The next inductee was not the first big man in the PWA, but he certainly has been one of the most feared. Since his debut, Project X has twice held the World title, as well as the IC and Internet championships. He also holds the distinction of being the first World champion for the current incarnation of the PWA.

Jon McDaniel: Today also marks a long overdue entry to our Hall of Fame. Thunderwolf was behind the invasion of the PWA by the rival SWA, which was eventually incorporated into our company. He has held the PWA tag team titles, the Grizzly Beer title, the Intercontinental championship, and the World title.

Jon McDaniel: Our next inductee is not as decorated as our previous honorees, but holds an important place in PWA history, nonetheless. He is the only roster member to remain since the opening of the company and also one of the very few to be on every roster of the PWA. He is a fan favorite underdog, and though he has won the Television title in recent months, he'll always be thought of as the quintessential loser, and I mean that in the nicest, most respectful sense of the word. With that having been said, I proudly welcome Scottie "The Panther" Snow into the PWA Hall of Fame.

Jon McDaniel: The final wrestler to be inducted is the only other person to have been involved at the beginning of the PWA, though at that time he was not a wrestler. "The Phoenix" Rob Robinson started in the front office, but eventually moved to the ring to fight his battles. He managed to acquire the Hardcore title as well as the tag team titles, with partner the Prisoner. He is also one of small group of people to have held the PWA World title four times.

Jon McDaniel: Finally, we have our backstage awards, for people that help to keep the PWA running as smoothly as it does. This year we add Joe Kanzleiter to that list. Among the many things he does, he is soley responsible for the weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual PWA awards. Ladies and gentlemen, that is the class of 2009!


Psycho Sandra
Project X
Scottie "The Panther" Snow
"The Phoenix" Rob Robinson


Joe Kanzleiter