World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick
Hall of Fame Induction

Jon McDaniel: Ladies and gentlemen, now we're going to back to last night's Hall of Fame induction dinner, once again held at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel here in St. Louis.

(The screen switches to a large ballroom. PWA stars past and present fill the room, along with various members of the pro wrestling press. Jon McDaniel is standing at the podium at the front of the room.)

Jon McDaniel: Time flies, doesn't? Now we're ready to induct another dozen people into a very elite club, the PWA Hall of Fame. Each year we reward those that go above and beyond the call of duty and have helped to shape the PWA into the success that it is today. Let's not waste any time and get right to the awards.

Jon McDaniel: Our first inductee this evening is a man that revolutionized the Hardcore division in the PWA. Last year's inductee, Reese, held that title for a then record setting 107 days. This man, Metalhead, held it for 171 consecutive days. No one before or since has dominated the division like him. In addition to this, he held the IC title for a very respectable two months along with other title reigns, including the Television title.

Jon McDaniel: Within just the last month, we've witnessed history in the PWA, as we crowned our first female World Champion. Our next inductee set the way for this monumental event. Gabrielle slammed open the door for female atheletes in the PWA. She started by winning the Television title, then progressed to the Hardcore Title, the Tag Team titles, and even the IC title! Gabrielle, along with other women such as Samantha Moran and Psycho Sandra, showed the PWA that the women were just as capable as the men.

Jon McDaniel: Now we get to her friend and sometime tag partner, Marcus Collins. He is another guy that's nearly done it all in the PWA. He's held numerous titles, and when he gets ahold of one, people are frightened to challenge him for it. But day in and day out, few people could be counted on to perform with such quality and consistency as Marcus Collins.

Jon McDaniel: Now we'll induct the first of two stables into the Hall of Fame. The Masters of Apocalypse controlled the PWA for much of its time here. It featured members such as Marcus Collins, Gabrielle, Dalton Campbell, and the Brutal. When these guys got together, no one was safe.

Jon McDaniel: The other stable we'll induct is the Moran Clan, the first family of the PWA. Sirus, Fletcher, and Mack Moran, Grifter, the Prisoner and 'Al' make up this elite group. I'd go over their accomplishments, but let's face it. If you don't know who these guys are, you're not a PWA fan.

Jon McDaniel: Next up is a special induction. Both Showtime and Jay have been vital to the success of the PWA. Separately they're former World champions, amongst all the other accolades they've gotten. So in honor of their drive, determination and success, they're being inducted each as singles wrestlers into the Hall of Fame. However, their tag team, Sudden Impact, was also a dominating force. Only the Brothers Grimm can challenge them for the title of best tag team. And only Sudden Impact could knock off the Grimms as tag champions. Indeed, Showtime and Jay are legends.

Jon McDaniel: Our next inductee follows his brother into the Hall of Fame. We can be speaking of none other than Chamelion. Chamelion has been a trooper in the PWA, finally overcoming the long shadow that his brother Raizzor casts. Once he found his own place on the roster, he could be unstoppable. Holding the Television, IC, Grizzly Beer, Tag, and World titles, he's secured himself a place in the Hall of Fame.

Jon McDaniel: Our final wrestler to be inducted is another master of Hardcore wrestling, Corey Lazarus. Lazarus was one of the first SWA wrestlers to jump to the PWA. He's also the longest single reigning Grizzly Beer champion ever. That's also not including a run of over 3 months as Hardcore champion.

Jon McDaniel: Finally, we have our backstage awards, for people that help to keep the PWA running as smoothly as it does. This year, we take into consideration not only the people that help run the PWA, but also those that help to run the wrestling community that the PWA is a part of. During the first year of operation, President Alec Wilcox entered the PWA into the AOWF community. Since then, we've taken part in several inter-promotional events against wrestlers from our allied federations. In recognition of the work and dedication it takes to keep such a large community active and running, we're inducting Ben Duke and Matt Leistikow-Starbuck into the PWA Hall of Fame. Ladies and gentlemen, that is the class of 2002!


Marcus Collins
Corey Lazarus


Masters of Apocalypse
the Moran Clan

Tag Teams

Sudden Impact


Ben Duke
Matt Leistikow-Starbuck