World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick
Hall of Fame Induction

(The scene cuts to the Korsand Ballroom in the Chase Park Plaza Hotel in St. Louis. The room is full of PWA stars, both past and present. As the camera sweeps the room we see the Moran clan, all clad in tuxes, Raizzor, Chamelion, and Jasmine Lee, along with former stars like Ron Porter and BBB. Jon McDaniel walks to the podium.)

Jon McDaniel: Its hard to believe that another year has already passed. And that of course means it is time for this year's Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Last year, we inducted 15 men in the first year of the awards. For 2001, the class is much smaller, but no less important to the success of the PWA. As we enter our third year of operations, it is good to look back and remember the people that made us what we are today. Without these people, the PWA would never have reached to heights that it has, and thus this award was created. And now, without further ado, the 2001 PWA Hall of Fame induction!

Jon McDaniel: Our first inductee is a man that dominated the Hardcore title like no other. His only competition in the matter is the current champion, Metalhead. He held that title an unprecedented 105 days straight during 1999 and 2000. During this period, the Hardcore division was at its peak, with several people wanting the title, but Reese was able to hold them all off. And that was just during his second reign as champion. He'd already held the belt once previously. Although he entered the PWA as a second to fellow Hall of Famer, the Corpse, Reese became his own man and made his mark on the promotion.

Jon McDaniel: Our next two inductees are bitter enemies currently, but in the past, they were the best friends. They are also unique in that they both entered the PWA together when we aquired the first incarnation of the W4F. Monkey McDee, then known as Stephen "The Monkey" MacDonald, and Nightstryker, formed the Creatures of the Night together, winning the tag team titles. McDee would go on to set a record for most days as World Champion at 80 days, which was only recently broken. Nightstyker holds the record of most days with the IC title, at over 81 days. This isn't even taking into account the other titles these men have held. Nightstryker defeated McDee for the World Title, and McDee has held the Hardcore title. Since entering the PWA, their fates have been intertwined and I doubt that their battle at Genesis III will be the last. And even though they've gone seperate ways, which McDee recently siding with the Moran Clan on occasion and Stryker joining the MoA, whether friend or foe, these two have provided the PWA with some of its greatest battles.

Jon McDaniel: Speaking of MoA, our next inductee is the current leader of the PWA branch. Dalton "The Spider" Campbell was one of two men that totally dominated the World Title scene during 2000. He recently broke Monkey McDee's record by holding the World title a total of 84 days! As such, he's the longest reigning champion in PWA history! The Spider came into the PWA with a bang, stealing the vacant PWA title from President Robinson's office and holding a gimmick tournament to crown the new champion, which culminated at Battle Dome 2000. Even from the beginning, the Spider has controlled others to do his bidding. But there was wonder if he could back up his actions in the ring. He put all doubts to rest by controlling the World Title during the last half of the year. His first World Title reign came after runs with both the tag titles as part of DEATH and the IC title. During this first reign, he went for an unparalleled 71 days with only a 2 minute period of not holding the title. While that technically disrupts the title reign, it is still a very impressive feat.

Jon McDaniel: The final wrestler to be inducted is the other man that dominated the World title picture during 2000. Panzadise had an impressive 3 title reigns covering 62 days during the middle of 2000. During that time, like the Spider, he was a fighting champion, taking on and defeating all comers. During this time, Dise became one of the most popular PWA superstars, second only to Sirus Moran, winning the fans over with his wit and humor, but also being a man of action inside the ring. Panzadise couldn't be contacted to show up tonight, but hopefully he'll be getting is award in the mail.

Jon McDaniel: Finally, we have our award for backstage work. Last year we honored the men that had run the front office of the PWA and this year will be no different. While the previous honors were awarded based on the discretion of the front office, the following individual was unanimously voted into the Hall of Fame by his peers. Anytime the topic came up, his was always the first name on the list for inclusion. He's been a member of the PWA since nearly the beginning and during the last year, he's been a huge help in planning events and coordinating things. He's also been the unofficial historian of the PWA, keeping track of title changes and keeping an exhaustive list including dates and important points about the title matches. Just as the PWA couldn't survive without the other men listed, the active wrestlers, the PWA can't survive without the help in the adminstrative offices. So, tonight we induct Jarett Charowsky into the PWA Hall of Fame. Ladies and gentlemen, the class of 2001.


Monkey McDee
Dalton "The Spider" Campbell


Jarett Charowsky