World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick
Hall of Fame Induction

Jon McDaniel: While the ring crew get a new ring set up, let's take a look at a special video of the first ever PWA Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

(Paranoid by Black Sabbath plays as clips from past PWA matches and events start.)

(A clip is shown from the first Genesis, with Rage beating EMT for the World Title. Now the scene changes to the Prima Donna/Raizzor Hell in the Cell match. Next up is President Robinson pinning both Rage and Fear for the World title, only to have Mikey P come out and challenge him and then win the title. Highlights of Nightmare's reign of destruction are shown. Shots of Dr. Steven Remo, the Corpse, Cinergy, Triple B, and Fear hitting their finishers follow. The Brothers Grimm are shown holding Al after winning their first tag titles.)

(The scene cuts to a banquet hall in the St. Louis Chase Park Plaza Hotel. President Robinson is at the podium.)

President Robinson: This is a very proud day for me, both personally and professionally. In the past year, the PWA has grown and flourished beyond anything I ever imagined. And during that time, we've had some of the greatest wrestlers in the world step inside our ring. To celebrate their careers, even if they are still going strong, the PWA has founded the Hall of Fame. Tonight, we induct the first class of wrestlers, managers, and PWA personalities into it.

(President Robinson steps away from the podium and Jon McDaniel steps up to it.)

Jon McDaniel: Let's start from the beginning. Tundra, who was also briefly known as EMT, was the very first PWA World Champion. This is reason enough for his inclusion in the Hall. Not to mention, he was one of the first men hired to compete here. He has had many memorable matches and even though he is gone, he is not forgotten.

Jon McDaniel: The next two men are being inducted as singles wrestlers, but it is only fitting that they both be inducted at the same time. Rage and Fear entered the PWA as mortal enemies. Their feud helped put the PWA on the map. As time went by they formed a tag team and had success with that. They are also each former World Champions.

Jon McDaniel: What can be said about Mikey P that he hasn't said himself? That is hard to say. An underachiever, this man, much to his amazement, found himself at the top of the game as the World Champion. Also a favorite with the fans, due to his flippant attitude, he more than deserves his spot in the Hall of Fame.

Jon McDaniel: There are few groups that can put their differences aside for any length of time in the PWA. Perhaps this next group was no different, but they indeed left their mark. The original ICONS, Prima Donna, Cinergy, The Slice, and Southpaw were unconventional and laughed in the face of authority. This group carried a lot of gold at various points, and that was no accident. Prima Donna had the most success of them all, becoming the World Champion and helping to define the "next era" of the PWA, and as such, he is to be inducted as a singles wrestler as well.

Jon McDaniel: There are many men that the fans love to hate, but none more than Dr. Steven Remo. He was smug, he was cocky, he was smart, and he was one of the finest wrestlers ever to enter the ring. He loved to play both sides against each other, a famous example being his original siding with President Robinson, then his war against him later. Dr. Remo reached the peak of the PWA also, serving as our World Champion.

Jon McDaniel: We've had many strange people in the PWA. Sirus, Mokeangelo and the list continues. But perhaps none are as unique as the Corpse. The green man dominated his opponents and took place in many of the classic PWA matches. Another former World Champion, he was also articulate and intelligent, but he could also fight when the time came.

Jon McDaniel: When you look at the roster of singles wrestlers, one name stands out as the definition of the PWA. That man is Raizzor. Originally known as Chamelion, this man held nearly every belt and fought every person to enter the PWA. While there have perhaps been bigger stars, Raizzor will always be synonymous with the PWA.

Jon McDaniel: Just as Raizzor defines the PWA as a singles wrestler, the Brothers Grimm define it as a tag team. Clearly the most dominate tag team in the history of the fed. And not only have they had much success as a team, but the individual members have seen glory. Grifter gave credibility to the Television title. But Sirus Moran is in a league all of his own. He was held every title except the Internet and is a multiple time World Champion. In addition, their manager/mascot/friend 'Al' is included in the Hall of Fame as not only a recognizable PWA figure, but also a wrestler. This stuffed bear has won battle royals and tag team matches. Not too shabby.

Jon McDaniel: Finally, we give recognition to the men that made the PWA what it is today. These are the men that run the show. Rob Robinson, Alec Wilcox, and Chris Bitner have manned the desk in the office while the wrestlers get to have the fun. For keeping the PWA around for this long and hopefully much longer, they are in the PWA Hall of Fame.

Jon McDaniel: Ladies and gentlemen, the first fifteen members of the Hall of Fame.


The Corpse
Dr. Steven Remo
Mikey P
Prima Donna

Tag Teams

The Brothers Grimm




Alex Wilcox
Chris Bitner
Rob Robinson