World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

Event Staff

General Manager

Mark 'The Chamelion' Sommers
(PWA owner, C.E.O. and boss of the weekly shows, as well as lord and over seer of all PWA related events. Controlling, cocky and self serving, this ten year veteran of the ring currently does things his way, just as he always has.)

Ring Announcer

Eric Emerson
(A veteran of the ring and always a welcome and respected face, Eric Emerson is your all purpose ring master. With a voice so commanding a forceful, he goes that extra mile to make each event that little bit special.)


Lance Weston
(Senior referee - usually officiates main events or other huge matches. Fair but strict.)

Daniel Davis
(questionable tactics, not always fair, leans towards the heels, yet never enough to get fired.)

Scott Swindell
(Basic referee - fair and down the middle - non controversial.)

Dwayne Cross
(Has been known from time to time to somewhat favor the faces in a match.)

Backstage Announcers

Toshi Yang
(Asian reporter - asks the basic questions, isn't intimidated easily by anyone. However, can get flustered at times with the behaviour of certain wrestlers.)

Bud Adams
(Tries to do the job right but can be intimidated by the wrestlers. Has a stronger back bone now a days after the Project X incident, but still is awed by some of the things that take place.)

Lean Bean Miller
(Hard hitting jounalist, doesn't get phased by anything and gets to the heart of the matter, asking the deep questions!)


Brian Rentfro
(Color commentator - usually has dirty or drooling things to say about the women. Cheers the heels more then the faces. Love the violence, and picks on Jon McDaniel sometimes. However, they are friends.)

Jon McDaniel
(Play by Play announcer. Admires the competition, calls foul when heels cheat and tsks the faces when they do the same. Keeps Brian Rentfro in check, or tries too.)