September 12th, 2008

Scottie Snow and King Agony are standing in a hidden corner of the arena.

Scottie Snow - Thanks man, I really appreciate this.

King Agony - Yeah, whatever Scottie. Anyway, you know the deal.

King Agony holds his hand out and Scottie hands him a stack of money. Agony flips through it and shakes his head. Snow hands him another stack but Agony just shakes his head again. A third stack is produced and Agony is satisfied.

Scottie Snow - So you remember the plan, right?

King Agony - How could I forget? Man, I know that I'm going to regret not charging you more for this.

The scene then cuts to Project X,  seated on a steel chair with another in front of him supporting his legs. In his lap is a box of donuts and cakes. His mask is pulled back a bit, allowing him to stuff a sugar covered, jam donut into his mouth. In the background Bud Adams is dressed for action and going through an intensive routine of hindu squats. Sweat flies from his brow as PX shouts encouragement, pieces of donut spewing from his mouth as he does so.

PX: No pain, no gain! Keep it up! Keep going until you feel it in your thighs and you can barely stand, thatís when you know itís working!

Bud Adams takes a break. His legs wobbling from the intensive exercise.

Bud: Forgive me if Iím wrong, but shouldnít I have been doing all this BEFORE tonight?

PX: Bud, whoís the professional here!?

PX stuffs a chocolate ťclair into his mouth.

Bud: Well, you are of course, but you donít seem to be taking this very seriously.

PX: I didnít win 2 World titles by not taking things seriously! Relax, weíve got this!

Bud: Shouldnít you be doing all this as well?

PX: Iím what they call a natural athlete Bud. I just show up and it works.

Bud (To himself):
Natural fat ass more like.

PX: What was that!?

Bud: Oh, nothing!... Look, Iíve been doing all this work, can I get one of those donuts at least.

Bud reaches for a donut and PX slaps his hand away.

PX: What the Hell is the matter with you!? I donít see those thighs squatting themselves, hop to it!

Bud sighs and goes back to his hindu squats.

PX: 1! 2! 3! 4! Youíre a killer! Youíre gonna spit bees!

Bud (To himself): Weíre gonna get killed.

PX: Mmm, chocolate.

The scene then switches to find Matthew Engel and Riona Langly mixed into conversation. Riona looks exhausted from her match, perhaps a few other things. Engel looks fresh and ready to go for tonight.

Matthew Engel:
"Listen, Riona. I know my family and you haven't been eye to eye for awhile now. But, for a second, can we move past that?"

Riona nods.

Matthew Engel:
"Some things haven't been right in my life lately.. and, I just wondering if you had any idea about what's going on. Have you heard anything, a rumor, a hint, that someone might know where Mia and Alexia are?"

Riona's eyes light up for a moment. She looks at Matt, not sure if he caught on to that. Riona brushes her hair aside.

Riona Langly:
"Matt.. I wish I knew. I really haven't heard anything. What's going on?"

Riona tries to act sincere, but she's aware.

Matthew Engel:
"Well, about.. three weeks ago now, there was an incident between me and Mia. She left me and took Alexia. I've talked to all my family, friends, and what have you.. and even called in some favors on the MoA side of things, and I've turned up nothing. It's almost as if she vanished. She hasn't called me, hasn't even shown up on the grid. I'm really worried.. and.."

Matt's emotions come to life.

Riona Langly:
"And what?"

Matthew Engel: "At first I was so upset with them... but now, I just want them home again. I'm afraid something happened to them."

Matt tries to hold back.

Riona Langly:
"I know Mia, we've had many talks. She's a resilient woman, and I'm sure she's just trying to give you time and space to .. get your act together. And I'm not talking about here in the PWA, this is more than that. Obviously you hurt her so bad that she was forced to leave you, and you need to rectify that."

Matthew Engel: "I know, and I'm trying. Are you sure you haven't heard anything? I know this is a shot in the dark, considering what's happened between my family and you."

Riona Langly: "You got that right."

Riona tries to let out a laugh.

Riona Langly:
".. Can't say--"

She hesitates for a moment.

Riona Langly:
"Can't say that I've heard anything."

Matthew Engel: "Alright... well if you do, please let me know."

Riona Langly: "Yup."

The two part ways. Riona heads down a hallway, but makes a stop at a door. She goes in and closes the door behind her. Matthew, however, doesn't buy what Riona's saying, and makes an attempt to eavesdrop on any conversation inside.

Of course... the door is labeled "Jamie Flynn".

Matt sneaks along the way and puts his ear on the door. He catches some conversation between Riona and Flynn inside, but it's a bit muffled.

Riona Langly:
"... he kept asking me about Mia and Alexia, Jamie."

Jamie Flynn: "He.. doesn't know, does he?"

Riona Langly: " Mia... still safe with you."

Matt's face turns red with anger and rage. It looks like he wants to break the door down and settle it right there, but Matt cools off. He makes his way down the hallway.

Matthew Engel:
(imitating a recent Flynn promo) "Jamie fucking Flynn."

Matt turns a corner and disappears. We cut to Chamelion outside his dressing room. He stands there, alone, looking around when Toshi walks up with a mic.

Toshi: Chamelion, did you have anything you wanted to say about your match tonight?

Chamelion: No, not really. It's just everyone else is getting a backstage segment before any matches happen, I didn't want to feel left out.

Toshi just blinks at Chamelion before we cut to the ring.

NO DQ Match

Scottie Snow vs Moke Doshky

Eric Emerson: The following match is for one fall and is a no disqualification match. Introducing first, from Memphis , Tennessee ...Scottie "The Panther" Snow!

The familiar intro of the Pink Panther theme starts to play as the arena lights dim slightly. Scottie ďThe PantherĒ Snow runs out to the top of the entrance ramp, does a bad kung fu pose, then high tails it to the ring.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent...from Bonn , Germany ...Moke Doshky!

The arena lights turn red as Rammstein's "Amerika" plays over the PA. Fantastic Andy Stricklin comes out onto the entrance ramp in his usual garish attire. As the music picks up, he motions to the entry-way and "The World's Strongest Man" Moke Doshky comes out. Stricklin leads Doshky to the ring, holding the ropes for Doshky, which Moke ignores, stepping over the top rope and into the ring.

 McDaniel: This, of course, is a rematch from two weeks ago on Rampage.

 Rentfro: For those of us not paying attention to the plight of Scottie Snow, and frankly who has been, he's wanting Rob Robinson to manage his career and Rob told him he had to win a match for that to happen. Two weeks ago he beat Moke Doshky by paying King Agony to hit him with a chair, thus handing him the win via DQ. So this week, Robinson asked the front office for a No DQ match so that can't happen again.

In the ring, the two men face off. Snow charges at Doshky, but the big German just puts up his hand, holding Snow away while the smaller man swings his fists wildly. Doshky gets bored and shoves Snow away, sending him into the ropes. Snow rebounds off and Doshky lifts his foot, catching Snow in the face. Doshky puts one foot on Snow's chest.




 McDaniel: Doshky nearly won the match just that easily!

Snow gets to his feet and runs at Doshky. Doshky sticks his arm out for a clothesline, but Snow ducks under and runs into the ropes. Doshky spins around to find Snow flying through the air with a cross body block. Doshky easily catches Snow with one arm before sending Snow sailing out of the ring with a Samoan Drop.

Rentfro: That...that looked like it hurt.

Doshky steps over the top rope and climbs out of the ring. He pulls Snow up by his hair and tosses him over the top rope back into the ring. Doshky very casually climbs up to the ring apron and starts to climb over the top rope again.

McDaniel: Look who it is!

Rentfro: Well, we saw Scottie paying him off earlier, now we'll find out what their plan is this time!

King Agony runs down the ramp and jumps on to the ring apron, taunting Doshky. Doshky looks down at Snow, shrugs, then walks over to Agony. Before he can get there, Agony leans back and spits towards Doshky, hitting the big man in the chest. Doshky looks down in disbelief. When he looks back up, his face is twisted in fury. He charges Agony, who has already jumped off the apron and is running back up the ramp. Doshky vaults over the top rope and chases him. The referee watches and starts to count.


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match by count out...Scottie "The Panther" Snow!

McDaniel: I can't believe it, but Snow just won! Again!

Sabotage by the Beastie Boys starts playing and Rob Robinson comes to the top of the ramp with a microphone.

Rob Robinson: Really, Scottie? First you pay off a guy so you can get a DQ and now a count out victory? I gotta say, I like the way you're thinking, I just wish I could say the same for your wrestling. Count outs and DQs don't win championships, Scottie, and I'm a manager of champions, champions like Viktor Stone. But since I did like the fact that you're thinking outside the box, I'm going to give you one more show. At Manitoba Mayhem...Yes, you're going to be on PPV, Scottie. At Manitoba Mayhem, you and Moke will have one more match, no DQ, no countout, the match must finish by pinfall or submission. You win that and I'll manage you.

Rentfro: Did you hear that, Jon?

McDaniel: What, did you think I went to get a hot dog?

Rentfro: Uh-oh, here comes trouble!

As Robinson is leaving, Moke brushes past him, dragging King Agony behind him, holding on to his leg. Doshky walks around the ring, making sure that Agony's head hits the ring posts and steps as he goes around them. Moke heads to the time keeper's table, grabs the ring bell and throws it into the ring before turning and walking up the steps into the ring, with Agony's head bouncing on each step along the way. Once in the ring, Doshky kicks the ring bell toward the middle of the ring, reaches down and pull Agony up by the throat, holding the man up in the air high over his head.

King Agony: Not again.

 McDaniel & Rentfro: Not again!

Doshky chokeslams King Agony on the ring bell, leaving him lying motionless on the mat before leaving the ring. 

Chamelion & Psycho Sandra vs. Project X & Bud Adams

The bell rings and both teams decide on who shall start. Naturally Project X starts for his team while Bud chills on the apron, and Chamelion starts for his. Project X and Chamelion meet each other in centre ring and have the mother of all stare downs. They mouth things to each other that only they can hear.

Rentfro: Iíve been waiting for this McDaniel! Things are gonna explode!

McDaniel: Tensions have been building between these two for quite some time.

Project X mouths something to Chamelion and laughs, clearly amused by his own comment. Chamelion boils up and his face turns a furious shade of red. He draws back his right and cracks PX one right in the jaw. Project X launches himself backwards, lands on his shoulders, pops back up and jumps down onto his back before jumping back up and doing a face plant. He then backs away from Chamelion onto his knees and begs off, with a big smirk behind his mask. Chamelion has a confused look on his face.

McDaniel: Is this Project Xís way of making fun of the boss?

Rentfro: Maybe Chamelion packs some dynamite in that right fist of his, ever think of that!?

Chamelion moves in to lock up with PX but PX runs away to the opposite side of the ring. Chamelion tries again and gets the same result. The crowd start to boo, they want to see some action. Chamelion shouts for PX to step up and fight but PX shakes his head in a mock nervousness. He runs and tags in Bud Adams.

McDaniel: What the Hell!?

Rentfro: Here come the pain!... For the viewers.

Bud is in complete shock that he just got tagged and starts arguing with PX.

PX: Just do what I told you!

Bud looks across and sees Chamelion watching, trying to get a read on just what the hell is going on. When he sees Chamelion and his athletic physique, he looks to leave but Project X grabs hold of him and shakes his head at him in warning. He then points his thumb back towards the ring, saying that Bud is doing this whether he likes it or not.

McDaniel: Bud does not like this one bit!

Rentfro: Who would? Youíve got a multi time World champion and hall of famer against... Bud.

Bud very tentatively enters the ring and looks for escape routes, but with PX hovering over his shoulder, there are none. Chamelion almost seems sorry for him and turns to tag in Psycho Sandra.

McDaniel: Looks like Chamelion is doing his best to make this fair.

Rentfro: What the Hell are you smoking Jon? All thatís happened is that instead of having to fight a 3 time champion, heíll fight a 2 time one. Not much of an improvement!

Bud still seems nervous but not half as much as when Chamelion was staring him down. He loosens up, cracks his neck, rolls his shoulders and prepares to get down and dirty, but before he can do anything, PX taps him on the shoulder. Bud turns around and Project X seizes him by the throat. He lifts Bud high into the air and drives him down into the mat with The Probe.

McDaniel: Okay, now I just have no idea what the Hell is going on here!

Rentfro: Itís obvious McDaniel, Project X just nailed his own tag partner!

Project X hops off the apron and turns to go back up the ramp. Sandra looks at the ref, seemingly for guidance and he says that she better make the pin. Sandra places a boot on the chest of Bud Adams and the ref gets down to make a slow cover, in the hopes of salvaging some sort of a competitive match but it is not to be...




Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of this match, the team of Psycho Sandra and Chamelion!

McDaniel: Project X just gave up this match! Why!?

Project X is halfway up the ramp when Chamelion grabs a mic and addresses him.

Chamelion: No, no, no, this is not gonna happen! You get back down here and you make a fight of this. We are going to settle things.

Project X keeps walking.

Chamelion: You take one more step in that direction and you might as well not comeback!

Project X freezes. He shouts at a sound guy to get him a mic and he does. Project X turns and faces towards Chamelion who is now in the ring with Sandra by his side.

PX: You wanna fire me? Go ahead. You do what you have to do lizard boy. Iím big enough to make money outside PWA nowadays. You have no hold on me, you never did. Iím not going to fight you. Any match you make, Iím going to do the exact same thing. My goal is to take her away from you, and I know that will hurt you far more than me beating you ever could. So, you go ahead and fire me, but just know that I will still be in your life. Every time Sandra goes to the gym, Iíll be there. Every time Sandra goes to the store, Iíll be there... and any time Sandra needs some comforting, Iíll be there. Best part of it all, you wonít be able to lay a hand on me. Iíll be seeing you around.

Project X turns to leave again, but Chamelion is not about to let things drop.

Chamelion: Okay, letís play ball. Whatís it going to take to get you in the ring with me at Manitoba Mayhem?

PX: You have nothing to offer me... Unless... you offer me your wife!

The crowd gasps.

PX: Yeah, thatíll work. You want me so bad, I want one night with your wife! You and me, one on one at Manitoba Mayhem. If I win, I get one night with Sandra, if you win I back off for good and leave you and Sandra to live your lives in peace... AND! I get to set every stipulation and pick every official that participates in the match... That is what itís going to take to get me in the opposing corner! How much is it worth to you lizard breathe!? How bad do you want to hurt me!?

Chamelion lowers his mic. He seems to be giving it a lot of thought.

McDaniel: This is crazy! I donít think Chamelion could possibly accept these terms!

Rentfro: Then Project X sticks around and continues to play a part in his life. Chamelion doesnít want that.

Chamelion covers the mic and has a conversation in private with Sandra in the middle of the ring. Project X looks on with great interest. Chamelion shakes his head as Sandra makes a case for something. Then we suddenly see Chamelion clearly mouth the word ďNo!Ē at Sandra. He then raises the mic again.

Chamelion: Youíre crazier then I thought.  No way am I risking my wife for a match with you, the answer isÖ.

Sandra suddenly yanks the microphone away from Chamelion.

Sandra: I accept!

The crowd pops in surprise and both Project X and Chamelion appear completely shocked.

Rentfro: Did she just say what I think she said!?

Sandra: Iím sick of all this shit. Weíre ending this at Manitoba Mayhem, just me and you!

After Project X gets over his initial shock, a smile creeps in behind his mask.

PX: Okay... I can live with that. I didnít want to have to hurt you Sandra, but it looks like that is the way things are going to have to go down. After I break you in the ring, Iíll break you in the bedroom, and I invite the PWA cameras to cover the whole thing. Iíll see you in Manitoba !

Rentfro: Psycho Sandra has the stones to accept a match that not even Chamelion would accept. This is going to be huge! I canít wait for Manitoba Mayhem!

McDaniel: This could end up being the biggest mistake that Psycho Sandra has ever made!

Project X finally leaves and we are left with Chamelion and Sandra furiously arguing in the ring.       

Cut to Scott Nash Strader's locker room. He's taping up his wrists and getting prepped for his match in a few minutes. There's a solemn knock on the door. Scott walks to it and opens it up; his eyes light up a bit as Matthew Engel stands before him.

Matthew Engel: "I'm not here to cause trouble, Scott. I just want a minute of your time before our match."

Scott is suspicious, and almost has a reaction to sock him one, but Scott obliges and lets Matthew in. Matt looks like a mess, his eyes bloodshot, and his hair a mess. He's not his usual self and Scott notices this.

Matthew Engel: "Ever since the incident.. no matter what, I've felt regret. I.. I really don't even know what I'm doing here."

Scott Nash Strader: "Yeah, what are you doing here? I'm very close to throwing you out."

Matthew Engel: "I understand. Certain things have been going on in my life right now that have.. really shocked my system, so to speak. I was so worried about people hurting my family because of my new affiliation with the Masters. I was so worried about losing control. But, I never had control in the first place. And the individual who ended up hurting my family was me."

We can see Scott start to get irritated by this confession.

Scott Nash Strader: "Save it, Virus. We have a match in a few minutes. I want you in top form."

Matthew Engel: "Scott.. I'm sorry about what I did to Kaleb and Payton. I really... am."

Scott's emotions begin to flare and his tone is violent.

Scott Nash Strader: "How can you be sorry? Do.. do you realize what you've done to my family? I.. I can't believe you. You think a half-assed apology is going to get you off the hook? You know what -- get the hell out before I start the match right here and now."

Matt has an honest look, a look of change.

Matthew Engel: "I've felt nothing but regret for what I did and--"

Scott wastes no time and tackles Matt into the lockers. Scott throws Matt to the ground and begins to stomp on him. Security rushes in and pulls Scott off of Matt, trying to keep these two from killing each other before their match. We go back to the ring.

Rentfro: SNS is getting the party started early, Jon!

McDaniel: I agree with Scott. There's no way Matthew Engel is trying to be sincere there and even if he was, there's going to be a hell of a lot more than just an apology due. Whoah, look up on the screen!

Rentfro: I REALLY want to know what this is all about!  Anyway, Let's kick it over to Eric Emerson to start this match.

Scott Nash Strader vs. Matthew Engel


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one pinfall or submission. Introducing first, hailing from Bailey's Bay, Bermuda...

A rain of cheers and boos comes down as everyone knows who's about to come out. The lights go out, and dark green pyros shoot off into the air. We can hear over the PA system a different crowd at a different time. There is cheering and chanting, like a cult. Suddenly, a voice comes over.

A light... in the black...

or just a fear... of the dark.

A live version of "Fear of the Dark" by Iron Maiden plays over the PA system as more dark green and now teal pyros shoot off. There is chanting from the real crowd and the crowd playing over the sound system, because despite who comes out, there is a huge fanbase of Iron Maiden in the crowd. 

Eric Emerson: He stands six feet even...

I am the man who walks alone

When I'm walking down a dark road

At night or strolling through the park

Matthew "Virus" Engel appears from backstage, still a little shakened up from earlier. Matthew is dressed in a darker colored tuxedo and is accompanied by no one. His tux is almost black, with a hint of turqoise. It's hard to explain, but you get the picture. They make their way down to the ring.

Eric Emerson: ...and weighs in tonight at two hundred and twenty pounds...

Have you ever run your fingers down the wall

And have you felt your neck skin crawl

When you're searching for the light?

Matthew steps into the ring. He proceeds to take off his jacket and dress shirt.

Eric Emerson: He is the leader of the Masters of Armageddon... he is "THE VIRUS" MATTHEW ENGEL!!!

Fear of the dark -- FEAR OF THE DARK!

I have a constant fear that something's always near

Fear of the dark -- FEAR OF THE DARK!

I have a phobia that someone's always there

A louder pop from the crowd, but mixed with boos and cheers. Matt removes his restricting apparrel and is left with a wife-beater shirt, dress pants, and wrestling boots. It's always been that way, he's just representing a darker color, and a darker side. An unforgivable side. The music dies down and Matthew waits in his corner.

Rentfro: Hmmm.. it's just him tonight, like last week. Is there the same stipulation for this match, Jon?

McDaniel: Let me check my notes... nope, he could have the MoA down here if he wants.

Rentfro: Then why doesn't he?

McDaniel: I don't know, go ask him.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, hailing from Houston, Texas....

Scott Nash Strader comes flying down the rampway and slides into the ring immediately. SNS and Virus begin to exchange blows, and SNS gets the advantage. He cuts down Engel some more and then sends him into the ropes. SNS hits a huge spinebuster!


Rentfro: Holy crap! No fancy entrance for Strader here, he's pure business!

McDaniel: I don't know if this is business any longer, Brian. Matthew may have shot himself in the foot by trying to talk to SNS before the match.

Rentfro: SNS hits a big-time powerbomb on Engel! Cover!



Kick out!

McDaniel: Barely a two count as SNS gets Engel up to his feet. SNS slams his tree trunk for a knee into Engel's midsection and then hits a snap suplex on Engel.

Rentfro: SNS goes into the ropes and comes back with a leg drop! Engel is grabbing his throat, that had to hurt!

McDaniel: It's almost like Engel knocked a beehive out of a tree and now the bees are pissed!

Rentfro: Scott lifts him high into the air and slams him down hard!

McDaniel: What a chokeslam! He covers...



3! No! Engel got his shoulder up at the last second.

McDaniel: Scott's arguing with the ref, as Engel stirs a bit.

Rentfro: Riona using the ropes to get up, sees that Scott is still arguing with the ref. Let it go man!

SNS turns around and is met by a stiff kick to the face. SNS staggers back and falls into the corner. Engel slams him knees into SNS's midsection. He backs up to the middle of the ring, and sprints. He leaps and catches SNS in the face with a high knee strike, and SNS staggers forward. Engel hops up to the top turnbuckle. He leaps forward off the turnbuckle, shooting him legs out in front of him, and catches SNS with a massive bulldog! He hooks the leg...



Kick out!

Engel is frustrated and gets 
SNS to his feet. He sends him into the ropes, but SNS comes back and nails him with a big boot! Engel looks out of it, and SNS covers.



Shoulder up!

SNS gets Engel up to him feet and tosses him easily into the corner. He slams his shoulder into Engel a few times and then picks him up so he's upside down in front of me, and takes off to the middle of the ring. He leaps and executes a big running powerslam. He covers...



Kick out!

McDaniel: How did he manage to kick out of that?!

Rentfro: Don't know, Jon. Don't know.

SNS gets Engel to his feet and performs a rear waistlock, which quickly turns into a German Suplex. Engel crashes to the mat hard. SNS gets to his feet and grabs Engel by the hair. He slams his face into the turnbuckle. He does it again, and again. SNS won't stop and finally the referee gets involved to break it up.

McDaniel: SNS is gonna break Engel's head open if he keeps that up!

Rentfro: At this time I don't think Scott would care!

SNS lets go of Engel and steps back for a moment. Engel turns around and SNS charges. Engel moves out of the way at the last second and SNS stops right at the turnbuckle, turns around, and gets met with a roundhouse kick. SNS falls into the corner and Engel comes back with lefts and rights, attemping to cut the big man down. Engel licks SNS low and locks in a front facelock. Engel steps back with SNS in front headlock and runs up the turnbuckles and comes back down with a huge tornado DDT. Engel lays for a moment, and then makes a cover.



Kick out!

McDaniel: Finally some offense out of Engel!

Rentfro: And what awesome offense, Jon. Nobody does a tornado DDT better than Matthew Engel.

McDaniel: Brian.. you got a little something on your nose.

Rentfro: ...

SNS holds his head as Engel uses the ropes to get up. Engel stomps on SNS a few times and then goes to the top rope. Engel hangs up there for a moment, waiting for SNS to get to his feet. SNS gets up and looks over to Engel who's already in midair. Engel lands on SNS's shoulders, and then hits a twisting hurricanrana! Engel covers SNS again.



Kick out!

McDaniel: I think Engel wants to try to get this over quick and get out of here before he finds himself massacred by SNS.

Rentfro: Those aerial moves, while effective, can only keep a guy like Scott occupied for so long. Engel's gotta stick to his guns and get this over with.

SNS is groggy and manages to get to one knee. Engel comes off the ropes and hits a spinning heel kick on SNS, which connects with the side of his face. SNS goes down and Engel hops up to the top rope immediately.

Rentfro: Here it comes Jon! I hope he doesn't miss like last week!

McDaniel: Something tells me he won't!

Engel then jumps off, corkscrewing his body around while somersaulting, and lands with a body splash across Scott's mid-section. Perfection. Cover.





Eric Emerson: And the winner of this match... MATTHEW "VIRUS" ENGEL!!!

Engel doesn't take time to celebrate as the crowd begins to boo him. There are some cheers scattered throughout the arena. Engel disappears backstage as SNS returns to form in the ring. 

Rentfro: You know, maybe for a minute Scott did let his rage get the best of him.

McDaniel: Perhaps that was Engel's plan all along.

Rentfro: I don't know Jon, he seems different. Anyway, we've run out of time.

McDaniel: Ladies and gentlemen, next week we'll be in Canada for PWA's Manitoba Mayhem! But for now, I'm Jon McDaniel...

Rentfro: And I'm Brian Rentfro, saying good night and good luck!

(C) PWA 2008