The scene slowly opens to a bar somewhere in America . Patrons gather in as the bartender picks up the remote control and points it towards the huge flat screen TV hanging on the wall. As the TV comes to life you see the image of an old wrestler standing in front of an old wrestling logo. The wrestler looks up and stares into the screen.   

Wrestler: “This isn’t the beginning of the end…yet the end of the beginning…”     

Suddenly you can hear the dragging drums and samples of Smashing Pumpkins’ “The Beginning IS The End Is The Beginning”.     

' Send a heartbeat to…'      

Project X is shown in the back pacing back and forth somewhere in a dark corner of the arena.   

' The void that cries through you…'      

The M.O.A is shown rushing the ring as the fans react to them.    

‘ Relive the pictures that have come to pass…'     

Nightmare and El Rey are shown warming up in the dressing room as a picture of them wearing the PWA Tag Team straps is hanging in the mirror.    

' For now we stand alone…'      

The song picks up, the camera returns to normal, and a steady drumbeat plays. Letters slowly begin to display themselves on the black screen.     

Sept. 12th, 2008


' The world is lost and blown…'      

The letters crumble away to the image of Viktor Stone leaving the ring, his hands bloody holding the TV Championship.   

' And we are flesh and blood disintegrate…'     

Nightmare and Ledge are shown grinning from behind the entrance curtains.   

' With no more to hate…'      

The picture of each PWA Champion flashes before the screen and rest on the picture of Mark McNasty holding the PWA World Title as the last line of the first verse echoes and the PWA Logo appears. The screen switches to the parking lot area were we see PWA star, Matthew Engel. Engel is wearing jeans and a black or orange polo. As he walks through the doors, he bumps into PWA Television Champion, Viktor Stone.  

Stone: Well, well, if it isn't the leader of the lost.  

Matthew Engel: How original. Something I can help you with, Viktor? Maybe you'd be interested in how to properly execute a suplex.  

Stone fakes the look of honor.  

Stone:, no wonder you are not holding any gold.  

Matthew Engel: Yeah, and the one you're holding meant absolutely nothing until about a month ago. It must be fun beating up on has-beens like Project X.  

Stone: It is, but I'll have more fun beating a has been like you. Because, had your chance at Mark and you came up short. Me...I got a date with that World Title. So you are going to move out of the way...or at the PPV, I will move you out of the way!!!  

Matthew drops his bag for a moment, clearly not intimidated.

Matthew Engel: Listen here Vik; I'm not exactly pleased with what happened last week. I'm not exactly pleased with what I need to go through in order to get back up to the top, but it's an opportunity nonetheless. I've made a career on taking advantage of opportunities, as you may or may not know. I don't plan to move out of the way for anyone.  

Stone: Well then, I guess I'm going to have to make sure that at the PPV there will be no doubt on who the best is?  

Matthew Engel: I could tell you right now, but I'll keep your self-esteem in one piece for now.  

Stone: Don’t worry about myself esteem, Matt…worry about your health.

Matthew stares at Stone for a brief moment before he picks up his bag and begins to walk past Stone.

Matthew Engel: See ya real soon, champ.  

Stone just stares at Engel as the scene fades back to the announcer’s table.  

Derek Stephen Taylor vs. Mr. Hollywood  

Bennett: Those two are gonna tear down the house at the PPV!  

Rayne: Not if they meet like that again, then they are gonna tear down the backstage area.  

“Shadow of the Season” by Screaming Trees blares as the arena lights dim and a giant Union Jack appears on the jumbo-tron. Two golden spotlights point toward the stage where Derek Stephen Taylor has just appeared. DST walks to the ring casually, as if he's headed to a garden party. Once he gets to the ring, he calmly walks up the ring steps and wipes his feet on the ring apron before stepping through the ropes.  

Eric Emerson: Introducing first…from London , England …DEREK STEPHEN TAYLOR!!!  

Gold lights flash overhead as Mr. Hollywood comes out in his wrestling attire of a blue tee shirt and blue jeans talking on a cell phone, completely ignorant of all fans. He gets on the apron and finishes the call. As he climbs in the ring he appears to notice the fans for the first time. He climbs the first turnbuckle he sees and golden pyro falls down from above, which continues as he climbs the other 3 turnbuckles and gets early taunts in on his opponent.  

Eric Emerson: Introducing first…from Los Angeles, CA…MR. HOLLYWOOD!!!  

The two men stare across the ring at each other, intensity burning from their eyes. You can see the two are just ready to go as Hollywood hops from foot to foot while Taylor rests in the corner, just waiting for his chance at Hollywood .  


The bell rings and Taylor shoots out of the corner like a wild-man! Hollywood is caught a little off guard as Taylor spears him into the corner and Hollywood 's head slams into the middle turnbuckle! With Hollywood down, Taylor just sends elbow after elbow to the jaw of Hollywood hoping to break it or something worse. He then drags Hollywood back up to his feet and whips him into the ropes before going for a clothesline that Hollywood ducks! As Taylor turns around he sees that Hollywood has stopped cold in his tracks and drops Taylor with a dropkick that gets the crowd roaring! However, Taylor is right back up to his feet, but this time Hollywood is hammering away at him with a flurry of right's before pushing him into the ropes and nailing him with a back elbow that drops the Phoenix ’s protégé!  

Bennett: And what intensity from these two men!  

Rayne: Both men want this victory badly! I love it! And it'll be even better is Taylor can cripple this Hollywood bastard!  

Bennett: What a sick thing to say!  

Rayne: I only speak the truth!  

Taylor gets back up to his feet thanks to the help of Hollywood who pushes him into the corner and begins kicking him repeatedly in the midsection, hoping to weaken the English man! He then hoists him up onto the top turnbuckle! As he begins climbing it though, Taylor blasts him in the face with an open-ended punch across the face! This drops Hollywood to the mat flat on his back while Taylor leaps from the second turnbuckle and nails an elbow across Hollywood 's throat! Mr. Hollywood clutches his throat in agony while DST drags him to the middle of the ring. DST wastes no time rolling Hollywood over and wrapping him up into a Camel Clutch and pulls back on Hollywood 's neck and jaw as hard as he can!  

Rayne: And now we're going to see Hollywood systematically and methodically picked apart. Oh this is like the old days when you would go see the drive-in movies! I love it!  

Bennett: When was the last time you had a CAT scan?  

Rayne: CAT scan? What's that?  

Bennett: They check your brain. We might need to schedule you one.  

Rayne: There have been these funny bumps on my head.  

Bennett: Yeah, might want to get those checked out too.  

Back in the ring, the referee is checking on Hollywood to see if he wants to tap out, but Hollywood refuses as he can feel the muscles in his back just yelling out in a fit of pain. However, with his arms being free, he starts to muscle back up to his feet, carrying Taylor with him and then runs backwards into a corner where he's able to get DST off of him from the impact of DST slamming into the turnbuckles! Hollywood limps away while DST gathers his breath, but DST only needs a minute as he hunts Hollywood down and nails him with a German Suplex! Hollywood grabs the back of his head in pain while DST brings him back up to his feet and nails him with a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex! The referee slides in for the count!  



Bennett: And Hollywood is able to kick out at two! 

Rayne: Lucky piece of trash!  

Bennett: That lucky piece of trash is giving it all his has.  

Rayne: Sure, I guess.  

Bennett: And Taylor is back up to his feet while Hollywood is grabbing at the ropes in hopes of getting up to his feet, but Taylor puts an end to that idea as he slams his boot into Hollywood's face and drags him to the middle of the ring once again!  

Rayne: I wonder what he has planned now.  

DST then turns Hollywood over once again before putting both knees squarely in the center of Hollywood 's back. Then, he hooks Hollywood 's head with one arm and with his other arm; he hooks the legs, and then finally rolls over to put Hollywood in a Bow and Arrow! As Taylor pulls down on Hollywood's arms and pushes up on Hollywood's back to create the tension, Hollywood begins to yell out in pain as he feels as if his arms are going to be ripped out of their sockets! The fans can only watch on as the referee checks on Hollywood and asks him if he wants to give up. He refuses to do so though even though there looks to be no end in sight for him.  

Rayne: See, this is what Derek Stephen Taylor is all about!  

Bennett: DST is known for his technical wrestling. This is something you expect from someone who is on the same team as our TV Champion, Viktor Stone.  

Rayne: That’s right! And this is why The Phoenix is working with him. Robinson knows what it takes to be the best and DST is showing that he has that.  

Bennett: But this match is far from over.  

Rayne: You're right…it’s pretty much done; Hollywood just doesn’t know it yet!  

Bennett: We’ll see…  

In the ring, Taylor keeps pulling Hollywood 's arms down as the referee keeps checking on Hollywood , wondering if he wants to give up here. Hollywood just keeps fighting through the pain, refusing to give up, and searching for a way out of this predicament, but so far not finding one. The intensity in DST's face shows that he's not going to be giving up on this move anytime soon so Hollywood has to find a way out of it. The fans begin to chant PWA as the adrenaline starts rushing through Hollywood ’s body! He can move one of his legs and swings with it as hard as he can, hoping to connect with something.  

Bennett: And Hollywood just kicked as hard as he could, even in that awkward position, and was able to get Taylor in the midsection to break the Bow and Arrow!  

Rayne: Yeah, but how much damage has been done to Hollywood ?!  

Bennett: That would be the million dollar question! Taylor is back up to his feet, holding his groin, and is dragging Hollywood with him!  

DST then whips Hollywood into the ropes and goes for another clothesline, but Hollywood ducks again! As Taylor turns around, Hollywood is up on the second rope and leaps into a crossbody on Taylor ! He connects with it and both men go tumbling their separate ways as the referee checks on both men! The crowd is on their feet, chanting as Hollywood looks nearly dead from the continued punishment on his back, neck, and legs. Taylor looks to get back up using the ropes while Hollywood lays face first into the mat.  

Bennett: It's not looking good for Hollywood at all.  

Rayne: No, it's not. Taylor should just finish off Hollywood so I can go get some more food.  

Bennett: Didn’t you already have something to eat?  

DST walks over to Hollywood with an intense look on his face. He grabs Hollywood by the back of the neck and rips him up off the mat. He knees Hollywood in the gut before moving quickly around him and wrapping him up as if he's going for a German Suplex. He lifts Hollywood up in the air, but Hollywood blocks and throws a back elbow at DST and circles behind him! The fans in the arena go crazy as Taylor turns around and Hollywood goes for a kick to the midsection. However, Taylor catches his foot as Hollywood just looks at DST with a glazed look on his face, and delivers a big right hand to the jaw of Taylor ! DST hits the mat as the fans go absolutely crazy!  

Rayne: Damn…that was a brutal looking right hand!  

Bennett: I think I need to check my cavities after that kick.  

Rayne: You know brushing regularly can help with that…  

Bennett just looks at Rayne and slowly turns his head back to the action.  

Bennett: Anyway, Hollywood just needs to stay on the offensive.  

Almost as if on cue, Hollywood starts to pump himself up. Hollywood looks at DST and starts to measure him up. DST is rubbing his jaw as he gets up off the mat. As Taylor turns towards Hollywood , Hollywood comes out the corner with a vicious big boot on DST! Hollywood steps through with the move and can feel the momentum rushing through his veins. He pulls Taylor up off the mat and nails a European Uppercut before connecting with a belly-to-belly suplex! With the momentum behind him, the crowd is on their feet!  


Bennett: And Hollywood is pulling himself back into this match one move at a time!  

Rayne: He is, but he's got to put this match out of reach for Taylor or else Taylor could sneak right back up on him!  

Bennett: So true.  

Hollywood and Taylor get back up at the same time as Hollywood connects with a brutal right hand punch to the jaw of Taylor ! Taylor bounces into the ropes as he nails a shot to Hollywood ! Hollywood backs up a few steps and out of nowhere goes for his finisher, the Scissor Kick!  



Rayne: It was close! Sooooo close!  

Bennett: Hold on, DST with a dropkick to the knee!  

Hollywood drops to the mat and Taylor quickly wraps his legs up. He lifts and turns over and he has Hollywood trapped in his Texas Cloverleaf finisher.  


Hollywood tries to hold on as the referee checks on him! Hollywood continues to fight, hoping to break free, but he sees that it's not coming. Yet, he doesn't give up as the referee keeps asking him and Hollywood keeps refusing. He grabs at Taylor 's arms, but there's really no room to do anything or to gather any kind of leverage.  

Bennett: Just give it up, Hollywood ! Come back and fight another day.  

Rayne: I think Hollywood might be too stubborn to give up.  

As the seconds wear on, Hollywood starts moving less and less. The referee keeps talking to him, but after a few seconds, he signals for the bell!  


Bennett: And it looks like that Hollywood has passed out. He never gave up, but his body couldn't hold out any longer and just lost consciousness.  

Rayne: Tough loss for Hollywood as Taylor continues to show that he has what it takes to be in this company.  

Bennett: You have to wonder how much damage Hollywood is carrying on him. He took one hell of a beating.  

Rayne: That he did.  

Eric Emerson: Your winner... DEREK STEPHEN TAYLOR!!!!  

Bennett: Ok, I got a message from the back saying we got some video footage to show.

Rayne: If it’s the PX/Psycho Sandra Sextape, let me get my buttered popcorn first.

An OCB Production  

[begin video]  

We are in the apartment of Seamus and Sean O'Connor. We've been here before, it has been awhile, but it is recognizable.  

Sean: Haven't seen us in a while huh?  

Seamus: Well, we had some family matters to take care of back in good ole Ireland .  

Sean: Chamelion and the Board were kind enough to allow us the time off to take care of the business.  

Seamus: See, it was our mom's birthday and we didn't really want to miss it. Yeah, she had a good one for those who are wondering.  

Sean: Hi mom!  

Seamus and Sean wave to their mom through the camera.  

Seamus: It seems that we've been booked in a match at Manitoba Mayhem.  

Sean: From one foreign soil to another.  

Seamus: In a three way dance for the tag titles none the less.  

Sean: Imagine that.  

The both look contemplative.  

Seamus: It seems that Might and Magic, former foes of ours, think we are nothing to be worried about.  

Sean: Like the buzzing of flies to them.  

Seamus: True we haven't been in a match in a long time, but this business isn't something you forget.  

Sean: It is like riding a bicycle; you never forget how once you learn.  

Seamus: We just wanted to show up here with this little video to be aired and say fans, you are still the greatest.  

Sean: And come Manitoba Mayhem, we will be ready. We might not win, but we will be there to fight and give it our all.  

Seamus: Which is what the fans want, but they also want to back winners.  

Sean: Win or lose, we will be there and to our opponents in Might and Magic also to the tag champs, we are coming, so be ready.  

Seamus: Everyone says to bring your A game, well, we won't mind if you bring say your F game, so we walk out the champs.  

The two laugh.  

Sean: See you soon and fans get ready for live OCB action... coming to an arena near you soon.  

[end of video]  

Mark McNasty vs. Nightmare


Bennett: Wow, looks like the OCB mean business this time around.

Rayne: As this is any different from any other time that they are serious.

Bennett: Ok, that maybe. But they look like a lot more focused.

Rayne: Hey, how about we just cut to Nightmare and McNasty in the ring, Oh king of the obvious.


As the camera view switches to the ring, McNasty and Nightmare walk to the center of the ring and open palmed slap hands. The fans give a little pop for this sign of respect, and right away the action starts. McNasty jumps back in for a grapple, and he catches Nightmare off his guard. Nightmare slaps McNasty’s side once before pushing him off and into the ropes. McNasty bounces back, and Nightmare nails a jumping corkscrew elbow. McNasty slams down and Nightmare a few inches past him. They are both quickly up, and Nightmare smirks towards McNasty. McNasty just shakes the last move off, and charges Nightmare. Nightmare drops to the mat, and McNasty jumps over. But, he quickly puts the breaks on, turns, and nails a dropkick on the mat to Nightmare’s side. McNasty quickly jumps back up, and goes for a leg drop, but Nightmare rolls onto his back and punches straight up into the underside of McNasty’s knee. McNasty leans backwards and lands on his back, holding his knee. Nightmare gets half up, just enough to get in front of McNasty’s knees, and he goes for a Texas cloverleaf. Nightmare crosses McNasty’s legs, and flips McNasty over. With the arena humming from anticipation, McNasty can be heard screaming. He lashes out towards the ropes, and is dragging himself by his finger tips. Nightmare looks out to the crowd, an intense smile on his face. He cranks back hard once, getting a groan from McNasty; but McNasty won’t give. After two minutes of struggling to get to the ropes, the fans are on the edge of the seats as McNasty reaches out for the ropes. His fingertips graze the bottom rope, and he smiles, as he swings for the ropes. But, to his surprise, and everyone else’s, he misses. Nightmare has picked McNasty’s legs up, and walked back a few feet.

Bennett: Wow, so close. McNasty had even touched the ropes.

Rayne: To bad Nightmare wants to, you know, win.

Bennett: McNasty is in the middle of the ring. He doesn’t have a lot of options.

Rayne: But it doesn’t look like that’s going to stop him. Look.

McNasty braces himself on the mat, and looks to be struggling with his legs. Nightmare looks to be fighting against McNasty, but McNasty finally wins. Nightmare does a summersault in the air, as McNasty flips him up and off. The fans give a pop to McNasty, who falls back to the mat, tired after getting Nightmare off. Both men lie on the mat for a second, but the fans cheer for both anyway.

Bennett: What an exciting start to this match.

Rayne: The fans are eating it up like its homemade apple pie.

McNasty pushes up to all fours, as Nightmare holds his shoulder where he landed. He looks over at the dazed McNasty, and quickly forces himself up. Nightmare runs at McNasty, and goes for a violent knee smash to the side of the head. But, McNasty drops to the ground, and grabs the side of Nightmares other foot. The resulting tumble has Nightmare tripping over McNasty, and doing a face plant on the mat. McNasty manages to roll so he only gets a knee in the back.

Rayne: McNasty somehow managed to surprise Nightmare there.

Bennett: I guess when you’ve lost to someone as much as McNasty has with Nightmare; you get better at knowing what they can do to win.

Rayne: Oh shut up.

McNasty indeed thinks fast. He rolls Nightmare off him, and grabs Nightmare’s legs. He slips Nightmare into a standing sideways sharpshooter.(Think Edge’s edgecator)

Rayne: Holy crap. That’s vintage McNasty. The original “Totally Nasty.” BWF days I tell you.

Bennett: Aw crap, another submission. Wake me when something exciting happens.

Nightmare is gritting his teeth, fighting against the pain. With the positions reversed from a
few minutes ago, Nightmare is now the one crawling towards the ropes. Nightmares strains to reach the ropes, a look of absolute determination on his face. McNasty tightens the hold, even straining himself to hold the move in so tight. But Nightmare lets out a loud scream as he lunges as far forward as he can, grabbing the bottom rope. The crowd is split, half cheering, and half booing. McNasty lets go, and Nightmare doesn’t even have time to sigh, before McNasty is stomping him on the back. McNasty is smashing his boot hard. Nightmare finally rolls managing to dodge a boot; and McNasty stumbles. With McNasty off balance, Nightmare braces himself, and swings his legs out from under him, and behind McNasty’s legs. Nightmare slams his legs into the back of McNasty’s knees. McNasty falls to his knees, and Nightmare gets back up. He jumps in the air, grabbing one of McNasty’s arms, and falls backwards, going for a triangle lock. McNasty struggles the whole time. He manages to get his other arm up so Nightmare can’t lock in the hold. With Nightmare still holding onto McNasty’s arm, McNasty stands and turns. He starts swinging at Nightmare with his free arm. Nightmare finally lets go to block a move, and McNasty drops a quick elbow. Nightmare rolls out of the way, and gets to his feet. He grabs McNasty from behind, and locks up. Nightmare then manages to consecutively hit a German suplex, followed by a tiger suplex, finished off with a dragon suplex.

Bennett: Chimera-plex!

Nightmare rolls onto McNasty and hooks a leg.




Nightmare doesn’t waste time acting shocked. He stands up and bends to pick up McNasty. McNasty catches him off guards with a European upper cut, and stuns Nightmare enough to rush him, and hit a vicious spinebuster. McNasty looks out to the fans and smirks. He points to the ropes and gets a good pop. McNasty runs to the ropes, bounces off, and does a roll on the ground. He pops in the air, before extending, and landing on Nightmare.

Bennett + Rayne: Ouch!

McNasty covers, hooking a leg.




McNasty looks flustered, but doesn’t waste time. He stands and wraps his hand in Nightmares hair. McNasty drags him to his feet, and throws Nightmare to the ropes. As he comes back, McNasty is surprised as Nightmare rushes him and nails him with the Lanzarse Spike. With McNasty down and bruised, Nightmare flips him over and locks in the Nagata Lock I.

Bennett: McNasty put up a decent fight earlier as far as submissions go. But Nightmare showing that he’s the pro.

McNasty is right by the ropes and grabs them in an instant. Nightmare doesn’t waste time holding on, he lets go, and drags McNasty out to the center of the ring. Nightmare is standing over McNasty and pulls one of his arms up. McNasty, on the defense, puts his legs up to his chest, and extends them so his feet are pushing against Nightmare’s face. Nightmare is attempting to bat McNasty’s feet away, but McNasty won’t let up. Finally, he pulls back, and smacks Nightmare in the face, HARD. Spit flies from Nightmare’s mouth as he flies back. However, he never lets go of McNasty’s arm. A popping noise is heard, and McNasty’s eyes water. McNasty rolls on his side, and kicks Nightmare again in the chest. Nightmare lets go of McNasty, and McNasty rolls to the outside.

Rayne: What the hell did Nightmare do to McNasty?

Bennett: Not enough. He should be taking advantage of this.

Nightmare doesn’t have to be told twice. As McNasty walks on the outside, we see Nightmare on the top turnbuckle. McNasty turns around, just in time to see Nightmare almost roll off the top turnbuckle, leg extended. McNasty doesn’t have time to dodge, and as a result, he gets an ankle to the face.

Rayne: What the hell, it looks like Nightmare just tripped and manages to get a leg out.

Bennett: You would say that. In all reality, that was a great Harlem Hangover. But with that, McNasty’s a mess.

Nightmare grabs McNasty and drags him to the ring. Nightmare goes to throw McNasty in, but McNasty gets a foot up. He uses his good arm to elbow Nightmare in the face, and then grabs the back of Nightmare’s head. McNasty slams it down on the apron once, and again grabs Nightmare’s head. McNasty walks to the turnbuckle, and slams Nightmare face first into the post. Nightmare stumbles backwards, right into a Lights Out from McNasty!


As McNasty holds his bad left arm in close, he holds the right one in the air. He gets a huge pop from the crowd.

Bennett: The problem now would be for McNasty to get Nightmare into the ring.

Rayne: Well, for most people, yes. BUTTT,

McNasty smirks as he rolls back into the ring.

Rayne: I think Mark’s fine with a count out.

The ref is at 8 before Nightmare is on his feet. As he counts 9, Nightmare dives into the ring. The ref screams no and swings his arms to signify Nightmare made it. McNasty tries to rush Nightmare, but Nightmare ducks. Nightmare ducks a stiff clothesline, and when McNasty turns, Nightmare has jumped for a cyclone kick! McNasty just manages to duck, but it’s enough. Nightmare inadvertently strikes the ref, and he goes down like a ton of bricks.

Bennett: And the match has become interesting.

Rayne: Nightmare looks displeased, but he knows he has to stay focused on McNasty.

McNasty rushes in for another Lights Out, but Nightmare ducks. Nightmare delivers a stiff knee lift, and then an elbow to the face of McNasty. With McNasty dazed, Nightmare drags McNasty to the corner.

Bennett: Looks like Nightmare could be trying to put McNasty away for good now.

Nightmare holds McNasty’s head as he climbs to the top turnbuckle. Nightmare then pulls him up.

Rayne: Aw crap.

Bennett: “Death Before Dishonor” piledriver!

The crowd is going insane! Nightmare slings his arm over McNasty. With the ref out, the crowd counts.











Nightmare looks around, frustrated. He stands, and walks to the ropes and yells to the back.

Nightmare: GET ME A DAMN REF!

Nightmare puts his hands on his hips. Finally a ref runs down and dives in. Nightmare picks McNasty up and hits a DDT for good measure. He covers.




Bennett: Too damn long between move and having a chance to get a pin. The first ref is finally back on his feet. Nightmare slams the mat, and then stands. He throws McNasty to the ropes, and when McNasty comes back, Nightmare grabs McNasty for the Ranhei. But McNasty head butts Nightmare, and stumbles back. McNasty grabs Nightmare and hits a knee lift, causing Nightmare to bend over. McNasty lifts Nightmare up for the sault slam.

Rayne: This is it!

Bennett: Not yet! Nightmare’s fighting!

Nightmare wiggles loose. He nails McNasty in the chest with a hard kick that causes McNasty to stumble in a circle. McNasty walks right into Nightmare lifting him up for the beginning of the Black Crush!

Bennett: This could be over any second!

McNasty struggles. He comes back down, and lands in front of Nightmare. Both men have snarls on their face. They charge, and both nail wicked clotheslines. Both men fly, other’s arm still on them. The two land on their backs, and both refs go down.





One ref raises Nightmare’s arm, the other McNasty.

Rayne: Who won?

Bennett: Looks like maybe they both did…

The refs are talking to each other, and look back at the downed men. After a moment, they call over Emerson.

Rayne: Maybe now we can get a winner.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, this match has been declared a DRAW!

The refs are back by the downed men, and each holds up one’s arm. At that point, the refs begin lifting the men up. Nightmare puts his hand on his head, as McNasty can’t even sit up. Nightmare gets helped to his feet, and pats the ref on the back once to make sure he’s ok. Meanwhile, McNasty has rolled out of the ring, and is limping towards the back, still holding his left arm in close. Nightmare slides out, and jogs up to McNasty. They look at each other, smile, and continue to walk up the ramp.

Bennett: Sign of respect from these two men. Class act.

Rayne: Yeah, but with McNasty’s title defense against SNS next week, you have hope that shoulder won’t hinder him.


Main Event - Champions vs. Challengers
Jamie Flynn & Jethro Hayes vs. Riona Langly & Duff
Cote d'iVoire


Bennett: Fans, we are back with our Chaos Main Event of the evening.  

Rayne: It is set to be one hell of a match.  

Bennett: Team Champion taking on their Manitoba Mayhem opponents in Team Challenger.  

Rayne: Jamie Flynn and Jethro Hayes taking on the team of Riona Langly and Duff.  

Bennett: We have a disturbance back stage.  

Rayne: Somebody get a camera back there quick!  

The scene splits to show the backstage disturbance. The scene is one of true chaos. Duff is tangled up with Jethro and the two are brawling near the catered food.  

Rayne: We have another disturbance in another area of the backstage.  

Another camera scene comes up on the screen to show Jamie and Riona throwing punches at each other near the ticket taker area.  

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is set for one fall. Introducing first, the team of...  

[An old nylon-string guitar begins playing lonely notes over the loudspeakers and the sound echoes as if it's residing deep inside of a sewer.  

Duff is hurled out from the back and Jethro is hot on his heels. Duff lands on the steel of the entrance ramp and rolls over and is to his knees; prepared to fight some more. Jethro assumes the same position and the two begin trading fierce punches, they are near the edge of the stage. Duff pulls Jethro away from the fall; consequently, he whips him into the base of the PWA big screen.  

[meanwhile in another part of the arena]  

Riona and Jamie are trading punches of their own. Jamie goes to throw a huge left fist, Riona blocks and with an arm bar takes Jamie to the concrete floor. Riona is quickly off Jamie and searching for a weapon. It doesn't take her long as she is quickly back in the camera's view with a steel chair in hand. Lifting it over her head, she brings it down with all the force in her body, she catches concrete and the vibration of the impact causes her to drop the chair. Jamie kips up to his feet and delivers a short armed clothesline and the two are back on the floor rolling around, fists are flying.  

Rayne: Duff and Riona are on the same page.  

Bennett: And what is that?  

Rayne: Take out your opponent before Manitoba Mayhem; make sure they aren't 100%.  

Bennett: Good point.  

[Back on the ramp]  

Jethro bounces off the metal base of the PWA big screen into a rolling German suplex from Duff. Jethro's head bounces off the steel once, twice, three times. Duff releases Jethro on the third German suplex, but is quickly back to him. Bending down, he picks up the groggy Grizzly Beer champion, placing a fast boot to the gut, he lifts him up in a piledriver and Jethro's head smashes into the steel.  

Rayne: I'm not sure, but Jethro may be dumber than he was before.  

Bennett: Not dumb, just misunderstood. Perfect piledriver by Duff there.  

Duff gets Jethro in position to hit another piledriver, but is back body dropped to the steel instead. Duff, not to be discouraged, is up to his feet and charging, Jethro plants him with an even flow DDT. Jethro is grinning and when he picks Duff to his feet, a great shot from the camera shows Duff grinning as well. Placing his head between his legs, Jethro gets Duff for the Planter. Duff is up on Jethro's shoulders and begins to wail away at the thick skull of Jethro.  

Rayne: Do we still have a camera following Jamie and Riona?  

[Jamie and Riona's camera]  

Jamie, with Riona's head in his hands, forces her face first into the countertop in the concession stand area. A fan is standing there with a cup of Grizzly Beer and Jamie takes it from him, Riona turns to get a face full of the title's sponsor; she stumbles back. Jamie leaps with a modified Lou Thesz press, but is caught in the stomach by a defensive boot to his chest. Riona climbs up on the countertop and dives with a double ax handle smash.  

Rayne: It is about even on both ends.  

Bennett: Can we get the action up on the big screen? The fans want to see some action.  

The shot of Riona comes up onto the big screen and the crowd erupts in the loudest cheers of the evening.  

Eric Emerson: The referee has declared this match a no contest!  

Riona grabs the back of Jamie's head and returns the face planting favor from earlier to Jamie. His face bounces off the Formica countertop and his forehead is slightly bloodied. Seeing the blood, Riona grins like a shark smelling blood. She whips him into the concrete block wall and Jamie does sort of a running up the wall and kicks back hitting Riona with a spinning kick to her face. The #1 contender to the PWA IC title falls back with her back pressed into the counter. The force of the kick sends Jamie to his hands and knees; he looks up at Riona and grins.  

Rayne: I think all 4 of these participants are enjoying this way too much.  

Bennett: A good old fashioned brawl, that is all.  

[Duff and Jethro on the stage]  

Duff is pounding away at the skull of Jethro; who lands on top of Duff with a spinebuster out of desperation. Jethro rolls over and both he and Duff are breathing heavily. The crowd is going crazy for the fight.  

Bennett: The crowd wants blood and violence.  

Rayne: That is all they ever want, they are getting plenty here.  

Duff and Jethro reach their feet and Jethro is tying up with Duff. With a quick behind the back wristlock, Duff has a slight advantage over Jethro Hayes, he forces him into the base of the big screen again, face first. Duff repeatedly rams the face of Jethro into the base. He pulls him back takes a look at his face, and rams it again. Duff doesn't stop until he sees blood pouring from somewhere on Jethro's face.  

Bennett: Jethro cut right above the eye.  

Rayne: Did you see the determination of Duff there?  

Bennett: Jethro will have his hands full at Manitoba Mayhem, that is for sure.  

Jethro stumbles back and Duff takes the chance to walk through the curtains, he comes back with a metal pail.  

Bennett: Duff fixing to return the favor from weeks ago.  

Rayne: Oh no, the smell is going to be awful.  

Duff waits until Jethro is near the edge of the stage and flings the bucket into his face, confetti covers and sticks to the blood and sweat of Jethro. He tries to wipe the stuff out of his eyes and Duff takes the opportunity to swing the bucket into the face of Jethro breaking his nose and sending him over the edge and to the area below. Duff walks to the edge and looks over, he nods and smiles sadistically; he looks up at the screen's scene before walking back through the curtains.  

Rayne: Damn! He had to fall 30 feet.  

Bennett: That was totally uncalled for!  

Rayne: Did you see the look on his face?  

Bennett: Yeah, it doesn't look well for Jethro; can we get some medical help... like 10 minutes ago?  

[Riona and Jamie]  

Riona is grinning as well and the two charge at each other they connect with a collar and elbow tie up. Twisting in the lock up, Jamie delivers a neckbreaker and Riona is to the concrete. Jamie takes the opportunity to lean on the counter top and take a breath; he then goes for the steel chair from earlier. He stumbles away from the counter and to the location of the steel chair, he picks up the weapon and walks back to Riona. Looking down, he lifts the chair into the air high up over his head. Duff grabs the chair from behind preventing him from using it effectively. Jamie turns around right into the swinging steel chair. Riona rolls up Jamie and with his neck and shoulders rolled up on the concrete, begins to place furious right hands into the face of Jamie Flynn. Duff walks over to the concession stand, steals a French frie and taps Riona on the shoulder and motions for her to lean back. Duff then goes to the wall, runs leaping high up into the air and down with an elevated knee drop to Jamie's forehead.  

Rayne: The challengers are taking it to the champions here.  

Bennett: I cannot argue with that, it ain't pretty. Has anyone checked on Jethro?  

Rayne: If anyone cares, we will let you know of his condition whenever.  

Duff and Riona have Jamie backed into a corner and are taking turns beating him senseless. Duff pulls back his right arm for a stiff shot, but it is caught by Jethro; the look on Duff's face is of utter amazement... almost astonishment. Jethro delivers a right hand to Duff's face driving him into a German Suplex from Jamie. Riona turned to see what was going on and as Jethro planted his fist into Duff's face, he simultaneously planted a boot to Riona's stomach.  

Bennett: Jethro has history with both Duff and Riona.  

Rayne: And Jamie as well. Jethro actually stole the title from Riona.  

Bennett: But, he didn't he won the belt by beating Duff.  

Rayne: Notice you didn't say fair and square.  

Bennett is silent as the action continues on the big screen, before the crowd cheers loudly. Jamie and Jethro are standing up at the top of the stairs at an opening in the arena they look behind themselves, nod to each other, and whip Duff and Riona down the long flight of steps leading down to the ring apron. Jamie and Jethro walk calmly down to the guardrail, kicking the bodies of Duff and Riona down the concrete steps. All four reach the railing; Jamie and Jethro each pick up their Manitoba Mayhem opponents, but are back body dropped over the railing and to the floor. Jamie and Jethro land on the side of the rail closest to the ring, they lay there. Duff and Riona turn slowly to the railing and are met with two steel chairs to their foreheads.  

Rayne: All four combatants are bleeding profusely here.  

Bennett: Do you mean, profusely?  

Rayne: Yeah, that is what I said.  

Bennett: If that is what you must tell yourself to sleep at night, you go right ahead.  

Duff and Riona stumble backwards together into the crowd of fans. Jamie and Jethro are in hot pursuit. All four are fighting through the crowd, fans scurry to get out of the combat zone, some fans try to get in the way, but security is there to quickly remove them from the area.  

Rayne: Where was security awhile ago, to stop this?  

Bennett: Coffee and donuts?  

Rayne: Probably, we could have had a great match.  

Bennett: We are having a good fight and the loudness of the fans is an indication, they aren't disappointed.  

The four are back up at the top so the steps and at another door opening in the arena, Jethro whips Duff through the opening and Jamie quickly follows by doing the same to Riona. The two champions look into the crowd with blood dripping down their face. Jethro still has some confetti in on his head, but both of them look pleased with themselves and they walk through the door. Riona and Duff charge at the two carrying a long mop handle catching the two in the gut doubling them over. They walk around placing their individual heads under their arms(Duff with Jethro and Riona with Jamie's) hit two over the head suplexes on them. Duff goes in search for a weapon and is back quickly with a metal ladder; Riona goes and comes back with a mop bucket. They allow Jamie and Jethro to reach their feet before swinging their individual weapons, Jamie and Jethro duck. Duff, being far enough back misses the bucket, but Riona is clipped by the end of the ladder; she looks at Duff and shots him a bird. He shrugs at her and shoots one of his own back at her. They stare at each other with fire in their eyes.  

Rayne: The team of Duff and Riona drawing to a close?  

Bennett: It was bound to happen; these two have some major history.  

Rayne: (a little sarcastically) Oh really?  

Bennett: Yeah, Riona has lost much respect for Duff when he was with the MOA a long time ago.  

Rayne: So, Mr. Wrestling Almanac, who is someone that you'd never expect to be in the MOA that has been?  

Bennett: Phoenix and the Dragon.  

Rayne: Damn. Ok... how many times has Sirus been a tag team champion?  

Bennett: 15, I believe.  

Jamie and Jethro get to their knees and whip Duff and Riona together; they bounce off of each other. The four of them are in the memorabilia area of the arena and the crowd of people out there is tremendous and cheering as the four battle around the corner into the area they are in. Security is quickly there getting fans to get out of the way; they have long since quit trying to break it up. Duff and Riona are standing in front of the merchandise table, Jamie and Jethro are facing them; in the background is a Manitoba Mayhem banner advertising the Retirement Match. Jamie and Jethro charge at their opponents, who wait for the attack; some fans get in the way and the effect is pandemonium. The mass at the stand is so crowded because each fan tried to get in the action on behalf of their favorite superstar.  

Rayne: That is why fans wouldn’t get involved.  

Bennett: I agree, folks, these guys put their body on the line. They are trained for this, you are not.  

Rayne: So, please leave the wrestling to the professionals.  

Security and paramedics rush the scene and clear the area after about 10 minutes. There is a huge mass of bodies on top of a table that used to hold PWA items. A few of the fans are seriously injured, but most just walk away with the experience of a lifetime, the scene is cut off with Duff, Jamie, Jethro, and Riona all lying in a bloody and sweaty heap on top of broken merchandise and broken tables.  

Rayne: Paramedics are on the scene to attend the fans and superstars; check for updates on the conditions of the individuals involved.  

Bennett: For Chaos, it has been Mr. Rayne and I am Big Richard Bennett... see you in two weeks!  

Chaos goes off the air, with the sounds of ambulance sirens in the distance.