slowly opens to a bar somewhere in America . Patrons gather in as the bartender picks up the remote control and points it towards the huge flat screen TV hanging on the wall. As the TV comes to life you see the image of an old wrestler standing in front of an old wrestling logo. The wrestler looks up and stares into the screen.   

Wrestler: “This isn’t the beginning of the end…yet the end of the beginning…”   

Suddenly you can hear the dragging drums and samples of Smashing Pumpkins’ “The Beginning IS The End Is The Beginning”.   

' Send a heartbeat to…'    

Project X is shown in the back pacing back and forth somewhere in a dark corner of the arena.   

' The void that cries through you…'    

The M.O.A is shown rushing the ring as the fans react to them.    

‘ Relive the pictures that have come to pass…'    

The LUNATIC FRINGE are shown warming up in the dressing room as a picture of them wearing the PWA Tag Team straps is hanging in the mirror.    

' For now we stand alone…'    

The song picks up, the camera returns to normal, and a steady drumbeat plays. Letters slowly begin to display themselves on the black screen.    

August 29th, 2008


' The world is lost and blown…'    

The letters crumble away to the image of Viktor Stone leaving the ring, his hands bloody.   

' And we are flesh and blood disintegrate…'    

Nightmare and Ledge are shown grinning from behind the entrance curtains.   

' With no more to hate…'    

The picture of each PWA Champion flashes before the screen and rest on the picture of Mark McNasty holding the PWA World Title as the last line of the first verse echoes and the PWA Logo appears. The screen switches to the announce table and pyros shoots all over the arena as the crowd goes nuts.  ‘Come with Me’ begins and everyone’s attention turns to the stage, as Chamelion steps out with a mic in hand.  

Chamelion: Welcome everyone, to another Friday night Chaos!  Now, I’m here to share with you a very special announcement.  Back in the day, when the PWA first introduced the TV title;  it was more then just a title belt; it granted the champion a chance to go for the PWA World title, if he could defend the title three times successfully!  To heighten the interest in this championship, I’m re-instating that rule.  So,  once a wrestler wins the belt; if they can defend it three times, at least, then they can challenge for the PWA World Title at the sole discretionary choice of the President.  Thank you!  

Chamelion leaves and the cameras move back to the announcers table.  

Rayne: “Big time news for the president and you know Viktor Stone has got to be happy about that.”   

McDaniel: “But he has to win 3 straight…which is easier said than done.”   

Rayne: “Well his path to the World Title starts tonight with a stop in Hollywood !!!”   

McDaniel: “And with that being said I throw it to Eric Emerson to start the first match.”  

Duff Cote d'iVoire vs. Nick Matthews  


Eric Emerson: "The following match is set for one fall..."

[An old nylon-string guitar begins playing lonely notes over the
loudspeakers and the sound echoes as if it's residing deep inside
of a sewer. When the first drum beat hits, building the anticipation,
a series of black lights illuminate the stage and vapor dances in its
glow. After
about forty five seconds, the classical guitar is interrupted by
Randal Blythe's growling vocals.]

--Our father, thy will be done!--

[The classical guitar is replaced with distorted electric guitars
tuned to drop D, playing the slow and droning "Vigil" by Lamb of God.
The lights surrounding
the curtain flicker in a constant strobe and Duff Côte d'Ivoire
emerges from the back wearing long, black leather jacket. Beneath
this, he wears a black
tee shirt, blue jeans, and combat boots.]

--I have denied--
--This life its worth--
--I will not be the victim--

[He glances around to the crowd and the smirk turns into an arrogant,
toothy grin.]

--Show me how it hurts to rot from the inside out--
--This vigil burns--
--Until the date our fires overtake you--

Eric Emerson: On the way to the ring: from Toronto, Ontario, Canada,
he stands at 6'7" and weighs in at 275 lbs., he is a member of the
Masters of Armageddon,
Duff Côte d'Ivoiiire!

[He walks to the ring in long strides. He surveys his surroundings
again before rolling into the ring. A lone spotlight shines on him as
he plays the crowd
from the middle rope in the far corner for a few moments. They throw
nothing a barrage of jeers at him as he laughs at their discontent.]


[Duff jumps down from his perch and waits impatiently for his
opponent's entrance.]

Eric Emerson: "His opponent, standing at 6 foot even and weighing in
at 235 pounds.... Nick Matthews!"

The lights go out, and a white spiral on a black background shows up
on the tron. A medium paced guitar line plays two bars, and when the
drums kick in,
a spotlight hits the stage and Nick Matthews is standing in it. As the
song continues, he walks quickly down the ramp, singing along with the
words. He
hesitates once he gets to the stairs, and climbs then slowly. He turns
and faces the crowd while standing on the apron, very Jericho-esque.
When he climbs
in, the lights go back on and he sits on the turnbuckle.

McDaniel: "Our first match here on Chaos and it is set to be a good one."

Rayne: "Yeah, Duff vs Nick Matthews and correct me if I am wrong, but
isn't this Matthews' last chance?"

McDaniel: "I think so."


Nick and Duff meet in the middle of the ring and after a quick collar
and elbow tie up; Duff is taken to the mat by a hard and fast arm
ringer from Nick. Duff reaches his feet quickly, but Nick just as
quick leaps from the middle rope with a Lou Thesz press wailing away
at Duff's face. Nick pounds away and after one last massive punch, is
jumping off the top rope with a knee drop to the face of Duff.

McDaniel: "Duff getting the worse end of this exchange so far."

Rayne: "Nick is fighting for his livelihood here."

Nick goes to pick Duff by the head, but Duff having the ring presence
of a veteran pulls Nick's legs out from under him. Bouncing to his
feet, spreads the legs of Nick placing a boot into his abdomen. Duff
is working quickly as he pulls Nick up and twisting him delivers a
vicious reverse neckbreaker; before Nick can hit the mat Duff wraps
his arms around the waist of Matthews and delivers 2 German suplexes.
On the second German suplex, Nick lands on his knees and slides out of
the ring, catching his breath.

McDaniel: "Wow, what a volley of quick moves from Duff."

Rayne: "He is in training for the Grizzly Beer title shot at Manitoba Mayhem."

Nick is up on the apron of the ring and Duff goes to meet him there.
Nick lands a hard shoulder block to Duff and flips over the top rope
with a sunset flip; he goes for the pin.

one... two...

McDaniel: "Duff gets a shoulder up."

Rayne: "Nick caught Duff by surprise there."

Still standing at Duff's feet, Nick drops a fist into the mouth of
Duff. Nick places his hands around the throat of Duff and begins to
choke him out.

McDaniel: "Matthews with a blatant chokehold."

Rayne: "But he has until the count of 5 to break it, before being disqualified."

The ref's count reaches 4 and Nick breaks the hold reluctantly. Nick
up and drops a sharp elbow to the exposed throat of Duff, who grabs at
his throat and coughing violently. The ref backs Nick into the corner
and admonishes him for the uncalled for actions. Duff is up, but
coughing badly, Nick charges at him, Duff delivers a charging
clothesline. Nick hits the mat hard and Duff leans in the corner to
catch his breath. Nick charges at Duff in the corner, but Duff
delivers a stiff knee to Nick's face, who stumbles backwards. Duff
hops to the middle rope and leaps driving Nick to the mat with a
flying clothesline.

McDaniel: "Duff is a fist of fire here.”

I'm A Country Boy by John Denver blares over the arena's sound system.

Rayne: "What is he doing here?"

McDaniel: "I have no idea and he is bringing down a bucket and a metal pail."

Jethro charges down the ramp and Duff spins prepared for the
confrontation. Jethro throws down the bucket and pail and dives into
the ring. Duff charges right into the boot by Jethro and doubles over.
Jethro whips Duff into the corner and Duff stumbles right back out
from the force of the blow; right into a boot in the midsection.

McDaniel: "Jethro just planted Duff."

Rayne: "Duff is out cold."

Nick charges at Jethro who has gotten involved in his match. Jethro
plants a boot into his midsection, turns to the crowd and grins.

McDaniel: "Matthews has just been planted as well."

Rayne: "Jethro was such a stupid hick, what does he think he is playing at?"

Jethro climbs out of the ring and puts the metal pail into the ring
along with the 5 gallon bucket.

McDaniel: "Uh oh, he has a plan here."

Rayne: "But what is it?"

Jethro pours the contents of the metal pail over both Duff and
Matthews; it is hog slop. The stench of the contents reaches the crowd
and they begin to hold their nose. Jethro grins and lifts up the 5
gallon bucket pouring cow manure onto the prone figure of Duff.

Rayne: "Oh my God! That shit stinks!"

McDaniel: "That is what it is... shit."

Jethro places a few more stomps to Duff and climbs out of the ring
laughing and smiling, triumphantly. He reaches the top of the ramp and
turns, a live mic in his hands.

Jethro: "Duff, Manitoba Mayhem... see you there, but please take a bath first."

The ref's count reaches nine and Duff gains his feet. He looks at
Jethro, shoots a bird, and places a foot on Nick.

one... two... three


Eric Emerson: "Winner of the match... "

The rest of the words are drowned out by the crowd as Jethro has come
back down the ramp and is in the ring trading blows with Duff.

McDaniel: "Here we go."

Rayne: "Manitoba Mayhem early!"

McDaniel: "Here comes security to break these two up."

Rayne: "Party poopers."

Security breaks the two up, both are red faced and breathing heavily;
they stare at each other with daggers in their eyes.

Matthew Engel vs. Derek Stephen Taylor



Eric Emerson: "This match is set for one fall. Introducing first
standing at 6 feet 2 inches, weighing in at 235 pounds all the way
from London England ... Derek Stephen Taylor!"

Shadows of the Seasons by Screaming Trees hits the arena speakers...
The arena lights dim and a giant Union Jack appears on the jumbo-tron.
Two golden spotlights point toward the stage where Derek Stephen
Taylor has just appeared. DST walks to the ring casually, as if he's
headed to a garden party. Once he gets to the ring, he calmly walks up
the ring steps
and wipes his feet on the ring apron before stepping through the ropes.

McDaniel: "A pompous arrogant guy if there ever was one."

Rayne: "Yeah, he should be admired."

Eric Emerson: Introducing now, hailing from Bailey's Bay, Bermuda ...

A rain of cheers and boos comes down as everyone knows who's about to
come out. The lights go out, and dark green pyros shoot off into the
air. We can hear
over the PA system a different crowd at a different time. There is
cheering and chanting, like a cult. Suddenly, a voice comes over.

A light... in the black...

or just a fear... of the dark.

A live version of "Fear of the Dark" by Iron Maiden plays over the PA
system as more dark green and now teal pyros shoot off. There is
chanting from the
real crowd and the crowd playing over the sound system, because
despite who comes out, there is a huge fanbase of Iron Maiden in the

Eric Emerson: He stands six feet even...

I am the man who walks alone

When I'm walking down a dark road

At night or strolling through the park

Matthew "Virus" Engel appears from backstage. New member Gregory
Price, Graham Cain and Dead End are behind him, dressed in their usual
black tailored suits.
They have the matching sunglasses, and the evil intentions to go with.
Matthew is dressed in a darker colored tuxedo, however. It's almost
black, with
a hint of turqoise. It's hard to explain, but you get the picture.
Matt has his Intercontinental Title draped over his left shoulder.
They make their way
down to the ring.

Eric Emerson:...and weighs in tonight at two hundred and twenty pounds...

Have you ever run your fingers down the wall

And have you felt your neck skin crawl

When you're searching for the light?

Matthew, Price, Cain, and Dead End make it to the ring. Everyone
except Matthew remains outside the ring as Matthew steps in. He hands
his title to the
referee and then proceeds to take off his jacket and dress shirt.

Eric Emerson: He is the leader of the Masters of Armageddon...

Fear of the dark -- FEAR OF THE DARK!

Eric Emerson:...he is the PWA Intercontinental Champion...

I have a constant fear that something's always near

Fear of the dark -- FEAR OF THE DARK!

Eric Emerson:...he is "THE VIRUS" MATTHEW ENGEL!

I have a phobia that someone's always there

A louder pop from the crowd, but mixed with boos and cheers. Matt
removes his restricting apparel and is left with a wife-beater shirt,
dress pants, and
wrestling boots. It's always been that way; he's just representing a
darker color, and a darker side. An unforgivable side. The music dies
down and Matthew
waits in his corner.


Rayne: "Let's get this started."

McDaniel: "So, who are you pulling for? Both men are hated."

Rayne: "Both, either way, I am right."

McDaniel: "But you would also be wrong."

Rayne: "I don't understand your logic."

McDaniel: "I don't understand you."

The two men meet in the middle of the ring performing the traditional
collar and elbow tie up, but Engel throws a quick blow to Derek's gut
and has him up in an airplane spin toss. Derek hits the mat hard face
first, bouncing slightly. Derek is up to his feet quickly, but is hit
immediately with an atomic drop followed by a quick hard forearm shot
to the back of his skull. Derek stumbles towards the corner from the
impact. Engel looks on waiting for his chance to end the match early;
Derek stumbles back out, now facing Engel who charges at him. Derek is
quick and uses the momentum of Engel to bring him down with an arm
drag to the top turnbuckle.

McDaniel: "Engel made a small mistake there and Derek takes advantage."

Rayne: "See, either way I go, I come out a winner."

McDaniel: "And a loser."

Engel's face bounces off the top turnbuckle and Derek is behind him.
Derek places one arm around the midsection of Engel and another around
his leg. Lifting Matt so that he is parallel to the mat, he drops him
on his back.

McDaniel: "Atomic throw by Derek has Engel to the mat."

Rayne: "He should go for the cover here."

Derek is looking to inflict more damage as he lifts Engel back to his
feet just to drop him again with a backbreaker drop. Matthew rolls
over to his front and pulls the legs out from under Derek; bring the
Englishman to the mat on his back. Both men r4each their feet again
and Derek is quickly behind Matthew aiming for another atomic throw;
but Matthew spins quickly with a 360 degree spinning backfist to the
mouth of Derek. Derek stumbles back, giving Engel the space he needs
to leap on top of Derek with a Lou Thesz press; he places right and
left fists into the swelling mouth of Derek.

McDaniel: "Lou Thesz press by Engel."

Rayne: "But he is too close to the ropes as Engel is forced to break
the hold by the ref's count."

Both men gain their feet again, Engel pissed that he had to break the
hold and Derek because of the move that the ropes broke. Both men are
now in the middle of the ring about 5 feet apart from each other.
Engel races towards the arrogant smile of Derek, who grabs the arm of
Matthew in an arm bar and delivers an armbar leg throw combination;
Matthew hits the mat. Matthew is up shaking his head to get the
cobwebs out; Derek is up behind him and nails 3 consecutive rolling
German suplexes. Matthew is lying on the mat, obviously winded from
the exchange between him and Derek and he tries to get to his feet
when Derek hooks him up in the Trafalgar Square .

Engel is crying out in pain and reaching for the ropes; he is about 2
inches away. Shaking his head again, he crawls forward reaching out
and grabs the bottom rope barely with the tips of his fingers. Derek
breaks the hold after the ref's count reaches 4 and turns around for
the British Pound. Engel blocks it with a short stiff spinebuster.
After catching his breath for a second, he positions Derek and climbs
to the top rope with his back to Derek.

Rayne: "Euthanasia !"

McDaniel: "Engel goes for the pin."

one... two... three


Eric Emerson: "Winner of the match... Matthew Engel!"

Rayne: "See, my guy won."

McDaniel: "just... shut up!"


The Champ Makes the Challenge


We go backstage to see PWA Champion, Mark McNasty. McNasty has had time to clean up a little from his match, and is wearing jeans and shoes. He has the PWA title over his shoulder.

McNasty-“For weeks now, I have said I would defend my PWA title like a champion. I have been asking to fight deserving talent, and I have even asked said talent to fight like their lives depended on it. But no matter what I do, someone always has to come along and sabotage my success. One guy or another does SOMETHING to spoil my title reign. From: Razzior booking me against Gabe Shelley; to Project X interfering in my match with Matthew Engel; right up to Chamelion having to meaninglessly insert himself in my match, simply so he could fuck with PX; and I'm so damn tired of it.”

McNasty's tone conveys how frustrated he is.

McNasty-I have had arguably one of the best years in this federation as far as any long term roster member is concerned. But still guys like Rob Robinson call me a paper champion. Should I take this crap from a guy I retired? Honestly, no. But, when a fly buzzes in your ear for long enough, it pisses you off. So, I intend to do something to shut him up.

Rayne:The day Robinson shuts his mouth will be the day he's dead.”

McNasty-“I'm tired as hell of no one respecting me, ever since I won this belt. This belt in and of itself is supposed to represent respect and prestige. But its guys like Robinson that have turned it into a joke. Robinson says I can't hold my own since I won this belt. But, I beat PX, and I beat Malone; and next week, I continue the Month of Madness. See...”

McNasty's look shows him lightening up a little. A smile is creeping onto his face, as if saying, “I know you'll like this one."

McNasty-“I set up something a little different. Next week, on Rampage, I will be defending my PWA title!”

The crowd lets out a huge pop. Some boo due to it not being this week.


McNasty-“That's right. In the Rampage main event, it will be "The Main Event" and PWA Champion Mark McNasty, taking on "The Virus" Matthew Engel! ONE ON ONE!”

A chorus of boos for the MOA leader. McNasty stops for a second though. His smile has only gotten bigger.

McNasty-“'s the kicker. Guys like Robinson can try to make my title reign into a joke because I can't get a clean cut victory due to guys like PX and Cham. Well, that won't be happening this time. See, the only people who will be aloud ringside will be me, Matt, and the ref. Anyone else who comes out during the match, will be suspended on the spot. That means no MOA; no Project X; no anyone! This means that whether I win, or whether I lose, it’s all me.”

McNasty readjusts the title over his shoulder.

McNasty-“So Engel, stop your little emo bitching, and get ready. Because next week on Rampage: things, get, NASTY!”


As the cameras fade we switch to the locker room of Viktor Stone.


From Champion to Champion…”Watch Your Mouth!!”


The cameras pans to the backstage area where we see Toshi Yang knocking on the door of Viktor Stone's locker room. She slowly enters the room to find Viktor sitting down in his wrestling gear, the PWA Television Championship laying besides him, looking like he is mentally preparing himself for his match tonight.

Yang: “Um, excuse me Viktor. Could I get a few words with you about your match tonight?”

Viktor slowly looks up and boy he doesn't look to be in a good mood. Viktor nods to Toshi and she breathes a sigh of relief.

Yang: “Thanks. So... whatcha gonna do out there tonight?”

Viktor looks at him in complete dumbfoundedness... I think that's a word.

Stone: “What the hell do you mean 'whatcha gonna do out there'? What kind of question is that? You come in here interrupting me and all you can ask me is 'whatcha gonna do out there tonight?' You know what, gimme this...”

Viktor snatches the mic away from Yang.

Stone: “Camera, mic…mic, Viktor! So I don't need you here!”

Viktor shoves Toshi out of the picture and looks straight in the camera.

Stone: “Keep the camera right here. McNasty, you must be touched by angel, but I guarantee you…you keep running off at the lip and it’ll be your title sitting here next to me instead of this Television title. You see I don’t care if you are the champ or not, you don’t disrespect the mastermind behind the path of violence. I’m only giving you one warning, that’s all…that’s it. You open your mouth and show any disrespect to “The Phoenix, DST or me and you're gonna get hurt! There's no way around it, I will fuck you up! So do yourself a favor and find someone else’s name to have fun with. If you don’t, I'm gonna send your cow tipping ass back to the ATL beaten, broken... and in a body bag, bitch!”  

Stone slowly turns his head towards Yang.  

Stone: “Now get the hell outta my locker room”

And with the quickness, the cameraman and Toshi does as they are told as the door slams behind them.  

Kyle Malone vs. Mark McNasty  

As the cameras pan back to ringside you see Mark McNasty and Kyle Malone already in the ring. And noticeably at the announce booth is none other than SNS. The bell rings and McNasty and Malone lock up in the center of the ring, each jockeying for position. Using his size to his advantage, McNasty quickly slaps Malone in a side headlock and quickly tosses him over to the mat with a headlock takedown. Slipping his leg around McNasty' head, Malone quickly counters with a head scissors. Swiveling his hips, McNasty turns over onto his back, forcing Malone to his stomach. Popping up, he manages to slip his head out from Malone's grasp and quickly rolls up his legs and back, into front face lock. Quickly, Malone gets up to his knees, grabbing McNasty' hand. Rolling to his left, Malone spins out of the hold and takes over with a face lock of his own.  

McDaniel: “Beautiful chain wrestling early on by these two wrestlers.”  

SNS: “They do know they’re craft.”  

McNasty makes his way back to his feet and pushes Malone back to the corner. As the ref begins to count and call for the break, Malone lets go, only to have McNasty bury his shoulder into his midsection! After a second and a third shoulder to the midsection, McNasty grabs Malone’s hand and whips him across the ring to the far side corner. Following him in, he goes for running shoulder, but Malone slips his feet up to the second rope and quickly slides out of the ring, sending McNasty shoulder first into the ring post!  

Rayne: “Nobody home for that one!”  

McDaniel: “Malone wisely moved out of the way sending Mark into the ring post!”  

SNS: “Bone meeting steel. I think steel won.”  

McDaniel: “Understatement of the year!”  

On the apron now, Malone grabs McNasty' arm. With a step start, he leaps off the apron, around the ring post, taking McNasty' arm with him, slamming it into the side, doing even more damage to the shoulder! Malone slides back into the ring as McNasty falls back to his knees, holding his arm. Rolling him over, Malone goes for a quick cover but only gets a one count as McNasty quickly powers out and sits up. Grabbing the arm, Malone bends it back at the elbow and clamps down on it with short arm scissors.  

Rayne: “Definitely a different Malone than we saw last week.”  

SNS: “Well it did seem like he was favoring his ribs after those shoulders that McNasty delivered earlier, perhaps he hurt himself. “  

McDaniel: “Very good observation, Mr. Strader, if I may call you that.”  

Rayne: “Oh quit the sucking up.”  

McNasty fights his way up to a knee and quickly gains some momentum, using it to throw Malone off of him. As Malone rolls though his knees and to his feet, McNasty charges him and catches him with a knee to the midsection, that doubles him over. Standing behind him, McNasty grabs his head and pulls him across his back before dropping to his knees, jarring Malone’s back and ribs across his own.  

McDaniel: “Inverted Backbreaker by McNasty, going right back after those ribs.”  

Rayne: “Eye for an eye, Malone went after the arm; he should go after something on him.”  

SNS: “Not so much that as it’s just smart wrestling. Work a body part…”  

McNasty drops a knee to Malone’s ribs before dropping into a cover.  

McDaniel: “, Malone gets the shoulder up!”  

McNasty drags Malone back up to his feet and nails a forearm to the small of his back. Pushing him towards the ropes, McNasty plants another forearm to the small of Malone’s back as he comes off them. He pushes Malone towards the ropes again and tries to land another forearm but Malone counters with a back elbow to McNasty’ jaw! Staggering backwards McNasty sees him coming in again and ducks it. With a boot to the midsection, McNasty sends Malone back to the mat.  

McDaniel: “Those ribs must be killing him now, especially after that backbreaker.”  

McNasty stalks Malone as he gets back up to his feet.  

Rayne: “McNasty might be going for his “Lights Out”.” 

As Malone gets up to his feet, McNasty slips behind him and goes for the brutal forearm shot to the back of the head. Malone, though, realizes it and quickly turns around and counters, dropping down, throwing McNasty off him with a modified arm drag. As the two get back to their feet, Malone rushes towards him and connects with a jumping shin kick! Quickly regaining his bearings, Malone crawls across McNasty for the cover.  

McDaniel: “One…tw-no! McNasty kicks out!”  

SNS: “Make no mistake, dispute Mark’s rep…it’s gonna take a lot more than that to put him down.”  

Rayne: “Did someone feed her a cliché booklet?”  

SNS: “No, but why change a phrase that still works?”  

McDaniel: “He’s got you there…”  

Malone drags McNasty back to his feet and lights up his chest with a hard knife edge chop. Following a second and then a third that sends McNasty back into the corner, Malone ties to whip him across the ring, but McNasty counters, sending him in. He sprints towards the corner but Malone steps out, meeting him about a quarter of the way and quickly takes him up and over, dumping him head and neck first in the corner with a overhead belly to belly suplex!  

SNS: “Oh, right on his head!”  

McDaniel: “Perfect timing by Malone!”  

Rayne: “More like perfect desperation. “  

SNS: “Whatever it was it was the right move at the right time.”  

McDaniel: “Is there any chance I can get you to replace him?”  

Rayne: “Trying to get rid of me, after all I've done for you?”  

McDaniel: “Yes, I'll miss each and every headache you give.”  

Malone gets back to his feet, finally and walks towards McNasty, who is still motionless in the corner. He drags him out towards the center of the ring before dropping down, hooking the far leg and covering. 





Rayne: “McNasty got the shoulder up!”  

SNS: “Almost!”  

Malone smacks the mat in a bit of frustration before looking towards the ref, holding up three fingers. Slowly, he turns to a knee and then back to his feet as McNasty slowly tries to get back to his feet, the ropes helping him, his other hand holding his neck.  

SNS: “Look at him; he's out on his feet!”  

McDaniel: “How is he moving?!”  

SNS: “Heh, how are either of them moving...?”  

Rayne: “Hey, maybe you do know your stuff...”  

McDaniel: “I sure he can give you a few lessons in that ring.”  

Rayne: “Shut up.”  

As McNasty stumbles away from the ropes, Malone nails him with a pair of forearms to the jaw. Locking his arm around his head, Malone grabs McNasty by the waist and takes him over with a northern lights! Instead of bridging for the pin, Malone flips over with him and brings him up to his feet again before nailing another northern lights suplex! Again, Malone flips over with him and brings McNasty up to his feet and goes for a third, but McNasty counters! Kicking his feet, he shifts his weight and plants him head first with a sick looking DDT! McNasty rolls him over and throws an arm over his chest for the cover.  





Malone got his foot on the ropes!!  

The crowd raises to their feet, chanting the words "This Is Awesome" as both men lie face up on the mat, the ref beginning the ten count.  

McDaniel: “Both men have given it their all tonight at Chaos!”  

Rayne: “And we ain't even got a winner yet...will we have a winner...will they breathing?”  

McNasty is first to his feet, still holding his neck. Bending down, he grabs Malone by the head and pulls him to his feet and connects with a hard right hand! Malone shakes off the effects best he can and nails McNasty with a hard forearm of his own! McNasty fires back with a pair of right hands this time. Malone, this time counters with a pair of forearms. McNasty rears back for another right but Malone grabs his head and nails him with a hard European uppercut! Quickly he darts past him, off the ropes but McNasty runs past him, springing off the ropes himself. Malone turns around and sees him. Quick to react, he steps off his leg for another shin kick and connects with glancing blow to McNasty' jaw! Up quickly, Malone grabs McNasty by the shoulders and jumps up nailing Mark on the chin with a picture perfect flipping dropkick!  

McDaniel: “Wow…Malone on the mark with that one.”  

Malone drops and covers McNasty' arms with his leg, holding him down as he pulls his legs up for a cover.  






McNasty kicks out!!  

SNS: “You mean he's got something left?”  

Rayne: “I'm not sure where he got it from.“  

SNS: “I don't think he knows either...”  

Malone grabs McNasty and pulls him back to his feet and connects with a hard forearm to the jaw, rocking him. McNasty fights back with one of his own, rocking Malone. The two continue to trade forearm shots until McNasty gets the upper hand with a knee to the gut and quickly takes him down with a hard spinning clothesline.  

McDaniel: “LARIET!!”  

Rayne: “Can someone please retrieve Malone's head from the upper deck?”  

SNS: “That was a home run swing that Prince can be proud of!”  

Rayne: “Prince plays baseball?”  

McNasty smacks the mat with both hands and screams out as he gets back to his feet; arms spread wide, waiting for Malone to get back up. As he does, McNasty slips behind him. Mark cocks back and goes for the killing shot!

Rayne: “LIGHTS OUT!”

 SNS: “Not just yet.”  

Malone drops down and catches Mark with a monkey flip, but McNasty lands on his feet. Using the speed Mark runs towards the corner. Showing cat like skill, McNasty hops up on the turnbuckle and turns around!!  

McDaniel: “What is he doing now?”  

SNS: “I've never seen him do this before…”  

Rayne: “Me either…”  

Malone is finally up and turns around as McNasty springboards off the top turnbuckle. Mark lands on Malone’s shoulders in the sitting position. 

McDaniel: “McNasty showing off that cruiserweight move set that got him to the big dance.”  

SNS: “I don’t know, it looks like Malone is looking for the powerbomb!”  

McNasty quickly flips backwards taking Kyle down with a huricanrana. But instead of flinging Malone using his legs, Mark ends up pinning Malone’s shoulders to the mat and grabbing his legs for the pinfall ala Rey Mysterio Jr!  

Rayne: “The ref is going for the count!!“  






The ref walks over to McNasty and raises his hands as "Whatever you Became" plays overhead once more. The crowd rises to their feet, clapping in appreciation of the fight that The Champ gave.  

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentleman, the winner of this match... MARK MCNASTY!!!

 McNasty is handed the Championship belt and he rolls out of the ring. He stops at the announcer’s table and looks at SNS, who stands up and returns the stare. Scott points towards the World Title and McNasty pats the belt and says “Come and get it.” Before walking off and heading back up the rampway.  

Main Event - PWA Television Title Match
Viktor Stone (C) vs. Mr. Hollywood

McDaniel: “Well SNS is leaving the booth as we get ready for our Main Event match up tonight!!”  

Rayne: “That’s right we have the self proclaimed “Franchise of Chaos”, the reigning PWA Television Champion, Viktor “The Beast” Stone defending the title against the new comer, Mr. Hollywood.”  

Eric Emerson: Introducing first…the challenger from Los Angeles , CA …MR. HOLLYWOOD!!!!  

Gold lights flash overhead as Mr. Hollywood comes out in his wrestling attire of a blue tee shirt and blue jeans talking on a cell phone, completely ignorant of all fans. He gets on the apron and finishes the call. As he climbs in the ring he appears to notice the fans for the first time. He climbs the first turnbuckle he sees and golden pyro falls down from above, which continues as he climbs the other 3 turnbuckles and gets early taunts in on the crowd.  

Eric Emerson: Introducing the champion...standing at 6'0" and weighting in at 237 pounds...

A pulsing beat hits the speakers as "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck" by Grinspoon begins to play as a man steps out from the smoke rising up from the entrance ramp. The man is wearing Black boots and Black kneepads and Blue baggy jean shorts. He tops that off with a Grey hoodie with the sleeves rolled up and the hood over his head. He also has his fists and forearms taped up.

"Nothing breeds more contempt for this world than the memories now formed...
Every moment a new seed is grown to no reason the trouble unfolds...
For the trials of today, I'm no jury;
Really don't care how you feel
The pleasant notion of miraculous change drifts into multiple jeers...
You want the good life
You break your back
You Snap Your Fingers, You Snap Your Neck

Eric Emerson: He hails from Hartford , CT. ..  

Pyros spike up from the entrance all the way down the ramp. The man beings to make his way down the rampway as Red lights flicker throughout the arena. On the screen behind him, you can see clips from Stone's various MMA and Pro-wrestling matches.

Seconds drip through my hands, washed of moments unborn
All the spaces between bleed, a tribute to a sacrament never exposed...
A message to the forces I've no pity, don't know how thankful to feel...
Expectations of our daily bread gives me the hunger to steal...
You want the good life
You break your back
You Snap Your Fingers, You Snap Your Neck
Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck  


Stone makes it ringside and slides under the bottom rope. He hopes up and scans the crowd while taking off his hoodie, reveling his shirtless, and Tattooed body. Stone starts to stretch against the ropes and then leans in the corner waiting for the match to start.  

*Ding, Ding*  

Hollywood makes a beeline for Stone, clasping his hand quickly and then lunging for a collar and elbow. Viktor barely gets his arms up in time and Hollywood bulls him back toward the ropes, then muscles him into the southeast corner of the ring. The ref tries to intercede, making a five count as Stone signals for a clean break. Hollywood releases Stone at four... then backs out of the corner. Viktor yells something from out of the corner.

Stone: Any time I want, Hollywood . I can make you tap any time I want!

Stone starts out of the corner and they lock up again. Hollywood yanks Stone into a side headlock, working the hold and forcing Stone down to one knee. He then chain wrestles into a front facelock, grinding the TV Champ's head and neck in the crook of his arm.

Rayne: “Right away, Mr. Hollywood is going after the neck of Viktor Stone. Take out the head and “The Beast” is useless.”

Hollywood goes back to the side headlock and swings Stone over to the mat.

“The Beast” hollers out in pain as Hollywood continues to crank on his head and neck.

McDaniel: “You don't see many wrestlers who can make even a simple headlock a devastating and energy-sapping maneuver.”

Rayne: “He better not get two cocky, we know Stone is good on the mat and Hollywood may find that out the hard way!”

Suddenly Stone rolls Hollywood over onto his shoulders.


  Hollywood starts to roll back over but Stone shifts him back onto his shoulders in another pinning predicament.


  Hollywood starts to roll back and again Stone rolls Hollywood back onto his shoulders.


  Hollywood finally kicks free, rolling to his feet and heading right for Stone again.

McDaniel: “Stone left Hollywood with just one avenue of escape there...”

Stone reaches a knee and catches Hollywood with a forearm shot to the gut! Hollywood barely flinches, answering with a forearm shot across the back of the neck and a double chop to the trapezius muscles. But Stone tags Hollywood in the stomach again.

Rayne: “Two hard shots but they get no answer!”

Hollywood sneers and kicks Stone in the side of the head. He bends to pull Viktor into a standing headscissors, when suddenly Stone pulls Hollywood 's feet out from under him and flips forward.

McDaniel: “Double leg bridge!”


Hollywood bridges out!

The two men jockey for position, until Hollywood hooks Stone for a backslide. He gets to his knees first, pulling “The Beast” down into the pinning predicament.



 Stone kicks free. Hollywood rolls to his feet, but Stone is there and catches him with an armdrag! The crowd pops as Stone cinches in an armbar on Hollywood 's right arm.

Rayne: “WHOA!”

McDaniel: “Viktor Stone gets the best of Mr. Hollywood in that exchange, showing off that technical skill “The Phoenix” was talking to him about earlier!”

Already Hollywood is twisting back and forth on the mat, trying to escape the hold. Stone has his left knee jammed into Hollywood 's shoulder joint while he pulls back on the arm, trying to keep the bigger man grounded. Hollywood , meanwhile, tries to roll into the pressure, and catches Stone with a punch to the calf. Then another! Stone grimaces, and Hollywood shoves him away and stands, pulling Stone up into another side headlock, but Viktor twists free and starts to go for a top wristlock! The two men jockey for position...

McDaniel: “So far a solid technical contest between these two competitors.”

The taller Hollywood , however, is starting to get the upper hand. As he starts to bend Stone back, Viktor just lets his body go limp! The sudden absence of resistance sends Hollywood leaning forward, and Stone armdrags him back over to the mat, rolling to his feet. But Hollywood is right there to meet him and catches Viktor with a kick to the gut! Sneering, he goes for the side headlock again, but Stone shoves Hollywood off and into the ropes. Hollywood hooks the rope to prevent bouncing back.

 McDaniel: Hollywood wisely puts on the brakes”

Stone is bouncing from foot to foot now and several fans applauding respectfully as Hollywood circles “The Beast”, sizing him up. Hollywood moves in for another collar and elbow, when Stone drops his arms and goes for a kick to the gut. Hollywood catches his leg and leg whips Stone over to the mat!

Rayne: “UH OH!”

Hollywood bends to go for some sort of leg lock, but Stone reaches up and pulls Hollywood down into a cradle.





Hollywood reverses!




Stone reverses!




Hollywood reverses!




Stone kicks out! Stone kips up, and catches Hollywood with a kick to the chest as he gets to his knees! The smack echoes through the building as Stone hooks one of Hollywood 's arms and ensnares him in a Magisterial cradle.



Hollywood rolls over, pinning Stone to the mat.



Stone gets his shoulder up and wrenches free, only to have Hollywood drive an elbow down across the back of his neck. He pounces onto “The Beast”, hooking his left arm.

Rayne: Hollywood is doing a good job matching moves with the TV Champion!”

But Stone answers with a savage and frantic series of back elbows with his free hand. They find various targets-the side of the head, the ear, and the nose-until Hollywood 's grip starts to lessen. Stone rolls free of Hollywood , who's now on all fours, and charges to ensnare him in the Oklahoma Roll!



Hollywood kicks free, and both men kip up!

They turn to face one another in a stalemate as fans come to their feet and applaud.

McDaniel: “Folks, a FANTASTIC display of technical wrestling! You won't see anything better, and these fans realize that and are showing their appreciation.”

The two men start to circle again, then move in for a collar and elbow. Stone feints, and catches Hollywood in a go-behind, swinging the big man over and down to the mat with a classic amateur takedown! Stone tries to keep his hands locked but already Hollywood is trying to roll free.

McDaniel: “The Beast” is paying for underestimating Mr. Hollywood, who is showing that he is more than just a hardcore fighter!”

Rayne: “He told Rob that he would make him tap, so I think Stone is just warming him up and you know it!!”

McDaniel: “No I don't know it!”

Stone stays right with him, his hands still locked, as Hollywood rolls left and right trying to get out from under “The Beast”. Finally, he twists free and ensnares Stone in a reverse waistlock of his own, popping his hips to DRILL Stone with a German suplex!


Hollywood bridges.



Stone gets a shoulder up, and Hollywood keeps hold, rolling back to his feet.

Rayne: “Stone landed right on the back of his head. I don't think he knows where he is right now!”

Stone staggers forward, trying to reach the ropes, and grabbing the top strand with his right hand. Hollywood cocks back and tags Stone with a BLISTERING forearm across the back. And another! And another and another and another! Finally Stone lets go, and Hollywood hoists him into the air for a delayed belly-to-back suplex...

But before he can drop the hammer, Stone twists in Hollywood 's grip, hooking him and bringing him back over to the mat with a side headlock takedown!

McDaniel: “What a counter!”

Hollywood ends up rolling forward through the ropes, landing on his feet. As he turns back, Stone goes for a baseball slide dropkick, but Hollywood sidesteps it. He grabs Stone by the ankle and waistband as he slides out, then turns, tossing Stone into the guard railing!


Stone flops face first to the mat, grabbing at the back of his head and kicking his feet weakly.

Rayne: “WOW!”

McDaniel: “Mr. Hollywood used Stone's own momentum and FIRED him into that black ringside barrier!”

Grimacing, Stone starts to push himself back to his feet before slumping back to the floor. Hollywood turns to face “The Beast”, and starts to enter the ring.

McDaniel: “Looks like Hollywood might try and get the count out victory.”

But instead he rolls right back out to the floor.

Rayne: “Hahaha, he wishes he were that lucky!”

Hollywood pulls Stone up and shoves his carcass into the ring.

McDaniel: “Show it again! Show Stone eating the ring barrier!”

The production staff obliges, going to a split screen. While Stone tries gamely to reach his feet in live action, the replay shows “The Beast” zip out of the ring with the baseball slide dropkick, only to have Hollywood avoid it, grab Stone by the leg and waistband and swing him into the barrier.

McDaniel: “Like a human baseball bat!”

Back to live action and Hollywood has pulled Stone into a front facelock. He drives one knee up into Stone's ribcage. Then the other. Then repeats. Then Hollywood uses his left elbow and begins smashing it down into Hollywood's upper back and neck with machine-like efficiency and force.

McDaniel: Hollywood can do it all. Classic technical, strong style, brawling, he's a master of every kind of technique!”

Hollywood hooks both of Stone's arms, and hoists him for a double underhook. He hoists Stone for a Tiger Bomb, but instead shifts him 90 degrees in midair so that Stone's upper back comes CRASHING DOWN across an outstretched knee!

The fans groan at the impact as Stone flops to the canvas, grabbing at his neck and screaming in pain.

Rayne: “OHHH WOW!”

McDaniel: “Mr. Hollywood pulling out ALL the stops and Viktor Stone is hurt!”

Hollywood goes for the pin.



Stone gets a shoulder up.

Hollywood covers again, jamming a forearm into the side of Stone's face and pressing his head flat against the canvas.


Two... Another shoulder up!

Hollywood merely rolls over, hooking Stone's left arm with his legs, and his right arm behind Hollywood 's left arm. Hollywood sits Stone up, then brings his hands up and locks them under Stone's chin, yanking back.

McDaniel: “What the HELL do you call that?!”

With Stone's arms both restrained, Hollywood yanks back on Stone's neck.

Rayne: “I don't know but it looks painful as Hell!!!”

Stone twists back and forth, his legs kicking vainly for the ropes that lie significantly out of reach as he SCREAMS in agony. Meanwhile, Hollywood is rocking back and forth, a smug smile on his face as he tortures “The Beast”, enjoying the screams of pain and prayers to a God who prefers not to listen at the moment.

McDaniel: “I don't know how much more of this Viktor Stone can take!”

Stone slumps back, and Hollywood sits up, making sure his shoulders don't touch the canvas. Viktor, however, plants his feet on the canvas and pushes his butt up off the mat, rolling Hollywood back onto his shoulders!




Hollywood screams in exertion as he pulls Stone up and off him, reapplying the hold-but doing so gets Stone entangled in the ropes behind him and he has to break!!

McDaniel: “An innovative counter to an even more innovative submission hold, but Viktor Stone now looks spent!”

Hollywood lets out a howl of frustration and gets to his feet, while Stone stays facedown on the canvas, groaning in pain. Hollywood kneels across Stone's back, waffling him in one side of the face then the other with some strong forearm shots. He sits down on Stone's back, and starts to hook a Camel Clutch-when suddenly Hollywood 's features contort in pain!


McDaniel: “What the…why did he stop!!”

Perhaps, because Viktor Stone has caught two of Hollywood ’s fingers between his teeth.


The ref issues a frantic five count, and Stone lets Hollywood go. He rolls off, clutching his wounded fingers-two on one hand and one on the other-to his body and checking them. Meanwhile, Stone is crawling for the ropes. Hollywood, now muttering a stream of curses, heads right back for “The Beast”, yanking him up to his knees and going for the cobra clutch.

McDaniel: “Mr. Hollywood is going for the Cobra Clutch, can he hook it?”

Stone, meanwhile, is lunging desperately for the ropes with his free hand. Hollywood locks the hold... but Stone gets hold of the middle rope a second later! He grips it like a dying man would a life preserver, and Hollywood keeps Stone in the hold, wrenching him away from the ropes and over onto his belly!

McDaniel: “COME ON! He got to the ropes!”

The ref is giving Hollywood a five count, and he looks the official dead in the eye as the count reaches





Hollywood lets go.

Rayne: “Ha! Smart! Hollywood had a five count and he used every bit of it to exact a little more punishment on “The Beast”!”

Stone is weakly crawling for the ropes, and Hollywood heads right back for him. He pulls Stone to a kneeling position, and waffles him with another forearm shot. Suddenly Stone drops, twisting and grabbing Hollywood by the waistband of his trunks. As Stone falls he yanks forward, sending Hollywood spilling through the ropes out to the floor!

McDaniel: “Whoa!”

Rayne: “CAREFUL!”

Hollywood is down on the outside, while the tries to check on Viktor Stone, who shoves him away.

McDaniel: Hollywood ... I think Hollywood is a little shaken up by that spill to the floor.”

A replay shows Hollywood go spilling out and using his right hand to try and break his fall. He lands awkwardly on that limb, also hitting his head.

Rayne: “His right arm, McDaniel! See that?”

McDaniel: “I did, and it didn’t look too good!”

The referee starts a 10 count, but Hollywood is up at five and getting back onto the apron at seven. Surprisingly, Stone is there to meet him. Stone hooks Hollywood and snaps his neck against the top rope, then reaches through the ropes to keep Hollywood from falling back to the floor.

McDaniel: “Viktor Stone getting a second wind!”

Rayne: “It’s that Marine rage kicking in! It's unnatural!”

Stone pulls Hollywood into a front facelock, and goes to suplex him into the ring, but Hollywood blocks! Hollywood catches Stone with a punch to the ribs, and hoists HIM for a suplex.

McDaniel: “Oh no! Suplex to the floor!”

But Stone twists free, and lands on the apron beside Hollywood . His right leg buckles and Hollywood grabs him, slamming a knee into the side of Viktor's head.


Stone is a bit woozy and Hollywood pauses, doing a little bit of show boating before yanking Stone back up-and taking a finger to the eye!

Rayne: “That’s a veteran move right there, has “The Phoenix” written all over it”

Stone steps closer to Hollywood, partially blocking the ref's view and raises a knee into the Texan's crotch! Hollywood 's eyes bulge in pain as the crowd lets out a lusty roar. Stone starts to stumble again, and as he moves back in Hollywood takes a swing at his foe. Stone ducks under the punch and hooks him waistlock AND FLINGS HIMSELF BACKWARDS, LAUNCHING HOLLYWOOD IN THE AIR! STONE DRILLS HOLLYWOOD INTO THE FLOOR WITH A VICIOUS GERMAN SUPLEX OFF THE APRON!

McDaniel and Rayne: “WHOOOOOOA!”



Stone sits up, his eyes still glassy from the beating he's sustained. Meanwhile Mr. Hollywood is down...

And screaming.

Rayne: Hollywood is HURT!”

McDaniel: “Indeed he is, let's check the replay.”

The replay shows Stone flinging Hollywood off, with Hollywood taking the entire impact of the fall on his right shoulder and head. The referee is out of the ring, trying to check Hollywood 's arm, when Stone shoves the official away!


Rayne: “Stone is pissed…and he looks like he is gonna show Hollywood , you don’t try to show up the champ on his show.”

Stone yanks Hollywood up; his right arm is hanging limply at his side.

McDaniel: “I... I think Hollywood might have dislocated his shoulder!”

Stone turns and, with a malevolent grin, sends Hollywood shoulder first into the stairs. Hollywood rolls onto his back after the impact, grabbing at his arm and yelling out in pain.

Rayne: “Well if he did, Stone just popped it back in for him!”

McDaniel: “I feel sick...”

The referee is back in the ring, and has started a brisk 10 count. Stone rolls into the ring and right back out to break it, before moving back in toward Hollywood . He pulls him to his feet, and forward until he slumps against the steps. Stone gets on the other side of the steps, grabbing Hollywood by the right wrist, and WRAPPING his arm around the steel ringpost! Then Stone grabs his wrist and does it again!


Rayne: “But it's effective!”

Stone rolls in and out to break the count again, before shoving Hollywood back into the ring.

McDaniel: “This is awful! Mr. Hollywood was dominating this match! But now, his arm…it doesn’t look good.”

Stone, meanwhile, has Hollywood 's right arm and is scaling to the second turnbuckle. Stone grabs Hollywood by the wrist and leaps off, ramming his knee into Hollywood 's shoulder! Before Hollywood even has time to scream, Stone rolls over and hooks a Fujiwara armbar on Hollywood !

McDaniel: “FUJIWARA ARMBAR! STONE HAS IT! Stone immediately begins to rotate his body to put himself between Hollywood and the ropes.”

Hollywood is screaming in pain.  

Rayne: “Looks like no more two hand chicken choking.”

Grimacing, Hollywood rolls INTO the pressure and tags Stone with a blatant closed fist to the side of the head. Then another! Stone releases his grip enough for Hollywood to twist free and roll to the other side of the ring, grabbing at his shoulder.

Stone stands and heads for Hollywood , who lowers a shoulder and tackles Stone to the mat!

McDaniel: “Spear by Hollywood !”

Rayne: “He used his good arm to take the impact too!”

Hollywood kneels across Stone and starts HAMMERING him with left forearm shots to the head. Hollywood stands, BELLOWING in fury, as he motions for Stone to stand. Stone starts to try and raise, a string of bloody saliva trailing from his lip. Hollywood pounds the mat before waiting for Stone to turn around.

Rayne: “Looks like Hollywood wants to end this!”

Hollywood grits his teeth and rushes in, but Stone nails him in the shoulder with a yakuza kick!

McDaniel: “Oh!! Damn that didn’t look like it felt good at all!”

As Hollywood clutches at his shoulder, "The Beast" lifts him into a bearhug, making sure that his legs are firmly in between his Hollywood 's. Viktor crouches down to his haunches, hooking his Mr. Hollywood's legs behind his own, and then leans forward, placing his Hollywood 's forehead to the canvas. While still on his haunches, Stone steps forward, bending his Hollywood in half with pressure on his neck, chest, abdominal, and lower back.

Rayne: “CT TRANSIT!”

McDaniel: “Wow…look at the way his back is bending!”

Hollywood is trying to reach the ropes, but Stone is pressing a foot against that hurt shoulder.


McDaniel: “IT'S OVER!”

Rayne: “Mr. Hollywood is tapping and Stone is keeping the hold on a little longer, before letting Hollywood’s legs drop to the ground and falling back onto his knees himself!”

 Stone pulls himself up on the ring ropes and snatches the Television Championship away from the ref.

McDaniel: “Stone pulls one out from the jaws of defeat.”

Stone places the title on his shoulder and calls for a mic from the ring hand. The ring hand hands the mic over to Stone and Stone snatches it.

Rayne: “Well, it looks like Stone has something to say to the people.”

McDaniel: “This should be fun.”

Stone:  “I hear voices in my head… ...and they say 1 down...2 more to go…”  

Stone drops the mic and steps through the ropes and down the stairs. He adjusts the title over his shoulders and heads up the rampway. As Stone disappears through the curtains, the lights dim again.  

“I hear voices in my head
The council me
They understand
They talk me”  

“Voices” by Rev Theory begins to play. As the lights go red, you see none other than the head of Chaos walking out, Eli Storm. Storm walks out smiling with a mic in hand and some papers rolled up in his back pocket. He walks down to the ringside area and stops in front of the announcer’s table.  

Storm: “You know, I had to come down here and talk to you two. Since taking over you two have done a great job.”

 Rayne: “Thank you…that’s what I get paid for.”

 McDaniel: “Thank you, sir.”

 Storm reaches into his back pocket and hands the paper to McDaniel. McDaniel looks at the paper and his jaw almost drops.

 Storm: “You see McDaniel; you’re working double duty between Rampage and Chaos. And as much as I love what you do, I want to prove this show can stand on it’s on. So as of tonight, I’m removing you from the announce team.”

 McDaniel: “What!?! Who…but who is going to work here with Rayne?”  

Storm: “Don’t you worry your pretty little head about that. You just enjoy the fat bonus that is in this week’s check and stand up so we can give you a proper send off.”  

Storm starts to clap as the whole arena begins to clap along with him. Even Rayne stands up and claps for his soon to be former partner as McDaniel stands up and bows towards the crowd. The scene slowly fades with the whole arena standing and cheering. Fade to PWA Logo…

(C) PWA 2008