"The Appetizer!"

May 2nd, 2008

Live on from Adelphia Colliseum - Nashville, Tennessee


Chaos opens to a very nice view of Nashville Tennessee… the camera pans around to show a very nice shot of the entire arena with crowds of people that move slowly into the arena, and others cheer for their favorite superstar. The Camera cuts to stage of PWA that is littered with Amps and a very nice drum set in the middle…Then it cuts to the ring… with Rayne standing in the middle of it with a microphone… he looks very pleased with himself…

Rayne: “Well, I pulled a few strings… and here they are... All the way from over the pond… Performing Chaos’s new theme music and their brand new hit single… Featuring Tim McGraw… LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! DEF LEPPARD!!”

The crowd goes wild as Phil Collen, lead guitar, opens up with a heavy riff country sounding. Tim McGraw then takes a microphone. (All in bold are Tim McGraw singing, the rest is all Def Leppard)

Is your luck enough
is your touch enough
c'mon girl
can you keep it up
is your bluff enough

are you tough enough
is your stuff enough
can you start it up
are you sharp enough
let it roll, let em go, let em fly
took a chance on a chance
but the aces were high
get it on, give it up, give it in
you stole the wages of sin
got to be in it to win

nine lives, nine times to die
i've been bitten once -
but I won't be twice shy -
nine lives, nine times to die
come on and show me your hand
cause it's your time to cry

have you lost your touch
are the stakes too much
did you spin the wheel
and could you close a deal.
Yeah, yeah!
let it roll, let em go, give em style
took a chance on a chance
but the deuces were wild
get it on, give it up, give it in
you stole the wages of sin
cause you're in it to win

nine lives, nine times to die
i've been bitten once
but i won't be twice shy
nine lives, nine times to die
come on and show me your hand
cause it's your turn to cry

let it roll, let em go, let em fly
took a chance on a chance
but the aces were high
get it on, give it up, give it in
you stole the wages of sin
got to be in it to win

nine lives, nine times to die
i've been bitten once
but i won't be twice shy
nine lives, nine times to die
come on and show me your hand
cause it's your turn to cry

nine lives, nine times to die
i've been bitten once
but i won't be shy twice
nine lives, nine times to die
it's russian roulette
with every roll of your dice

and nine lives is all we're gonna get?
I said all we're gonna get yeah?
nine lives, nine times to die
you've just bitten less than your nine lives.


The crowd goes wild as the song finishes up and some pyro goes off on the stage, Rayne and Jon McDaniel are standing by at their commentator table.

McDaniel: “I don’t know how you did it Rayne, But I feel like a little School Girl right now! I’ve been a Def Leppard fan since I was a kid!”

Rayne: “Well I just recently sat down with them in an interview for a magazine a few months ago, and I called them up…”

McDaniel: “Well with that energizing intro we gotta get right into the action, but honestly, I don’t think anything could top that performance!”

Rayne: “Hey, our first match is pretty big! Hank Serbia, vs Duff Cote D’Ivoire and Matt “The Virus” Engel!!”

McDaniel: “Or what about our Main Event, Deacon Frost vs Kyle Stevenson! A high flyer submission expert V.S. a huge monster of a man!!”

Rayne: “Dude! I can’t wait, lets get chaos going!”

McDaniel: “Did you just call me dude?”


Eric Emerson: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall!”

[An old nylon-string guitar begins playing lonely notes over the loudspeakers and the sound echoes as if it's residing deep inside of a sewer. When the first drum beat hits, building the anticipation, a series of black lights illuminate the stage and vapor dances in its glow. After about forty five seconds, the classical guitar is interrupted by Randal Blythe's growling vocals.]

--Our father, thy will be done!--

[The classical guitar is replaced with distorted electric guitars tuned to drop D, playing the slow and droning "Vigil" by Lamb of God. The lights surrounding the curtain flicker in a constant strobe and Duff Côte d'Ivoire emerges from the back wearing long, black leather coat. Beneath this, he wears a black MoA tee shirt, blue jeans, and combat boots.]

--I have denied--
--This life its worth--
--I will not be the victim--

[He glances around to the crowd and the smirk turns into an arrogant, toothy grin.]

--Show me how it hurts to rot from the inside out--
--This vigil burns--
--Until the date our fires overtake you--

[He walks to the ring in long strides. He surveys his surroundings again before rolling into the ring. A lone spotlight shines on him as he plays the crowd from the middle rope in the far corner for a few moments. They throw nothing but Bronx Cheers at him as he laughs at their discontent.]


[Duff takes off his shirt and jumps down from his perch and waits impatiently for his opponents' entrance.]

Suddenly, we hear a voice over the PA system...
Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural...equilibrium.. with their surrounding environment, but you humans do not.
You move to an area and you multiply, and multiple until every natural resource is consumed.

As we listen to voice clips from "The Matrix", the beginning of "Stream of Consciousness" by Dream Theater starts up, soft guitar and bass.

And the only way you can survive is to spread to another area.

There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern.
Do you know what it is?

A virus.
The guitar picks up heavy now, and the drums play a part. The opening sequence of "Stream of Consciousness" comes to an end as a brief part of "Space-Dye Vest" by Dream Theater plays...a newscasting voice coming over the PA.

Some people gave advice before

About facing the facts, about facing reality.

And this is without a doubt is his biggest challenge ever.

He's going to have to face it.

You're gonna have to try, he's gonna to have to try and, uh, and, and, and get some help here.

I mean no one can say they know how he feels.

Then, it cuts to the heavy riff and chorus of "The Dark Eternal Night" by Dream Theater. We're getting the theme here. We're getting the message.
Drifting beyond all time

Out of a churning sky

Drawn to the beckoning light

Of the dark eternal night

The music cuts once more, and we get the climaxing moments of "In The Presence of Enemies, Part 2" by Dream Theater.

Dark master within, I will fight for you

Dark master of sin, now my soul is yours

Dark master my guide, I will die for you

Dark master inside...

Matthew "Virus" Engel steps out from backstage. He's dressed in his usual ring attire. He's sporting the dark green tuxedo with a black silk dress shirt and black tie. His hair is slicked back a little bit and is sporting the goatee more than before, letting it grow out a bit.

Eric Emerson: Introducing now, hailing from Bailey's Bay, Bermuda...

Matt makes his way down the ramp, green and gold pyros shooting off behind him. There's something different in his stride. He seems more tense, more edgy...paranoia consumes him while most of the crowd begins to boo him. They didn't appreciate his antics in his three team tag match.

Eric Emerson: ...weighing two hundred and twenty pounds and standing at an even six feet...

We enter part four of this epic twenty five minute song, entitled "Slaughter of the Damned". It's much faster, much darker than the previous part of the song "Heretic".

Bother trying to find them

They will be coming to you


Fight and destroy until you can't take anymore

Matt doesn't go off to the side and give out his high fives to the fans. They don't want them. He's focused on the ring. He climbs up the steel steps and enters the ring. Standing in the middle of the ring, he doesn't raise his arm. He doesn't acknowledge the crowd at all. Hate and rage fill his mind and soul, while he gets himself ready for his match.

Eric Emerson: ..."THE VIRUS" MATTHEW ENGEL!!!

Caught in a moment of weakness

Committed the greatest of all


Half of my soul

And now it's too late for you

Matt takes his jacket, tie, and dress shirt off to reveal a white muscle shirt underneath. With his wrestling boots tucked under his pants, he's ready to go. "In the Presence of Enemies, Pt 2" shuts down, right before it was about to get to the part where the man fights the evil in his heart and comes out victorious. The future isn't written for Matt, and we don't know if he can come back to us. But, now, he's consumed by hatred and rage, willing to die or kill to get what he wants.

"B.O.B." by Outkast hits the PA system as Hank Serbia walks down the ramp with a kendo stick in hand as he points the kendo around at the fans he then lifts it up shouting as ramp fireworks shoot up loudly blasting the arena silent.

Eric Emerson: On his way down to the ring area: from Rochester, New York he is 6'7 and 243 pounds, the Definition of Hardcore, Hank Serrrbia!

Serbia slaps hands of the fans and then points his kendo at the ring and rolls in to play the crowd as he awaits the match to begin.

Rayne: “Does anyone know how fast it’ll take for an ambulance to get here?”

McDaniel: “Umm, about..5 maybe 8 minutes.. why?”

Rayne: “This match will be over before then…for Serbia that is…”


The match begins, and for a moment, everyone looks dumb-founded, like they had no idea they were actually in a match… before Hank charges to Duff, he tries to take him down, but fails horrible, then tries to give him some hard punches… to no avail, Duff just looks at him, then punches him right across the face, Hank rolls out of the ring as he holds his cheek.

Rayne: “Told ya so… Hank was too gung-ho and was knocked right back on his ass!”

McDaniel: “Well he has as good a chance as anybody to win this match…”

Duff looks down at Virus and Engel just grins a bit, then they both lock up in the middle of the ring, Duff tries to go for a quick wrist lock, but Engel stops him and elbows him right in the head! He then breaks the grapple and runs for the ropes, he bounces off the ropes and comes back with a hard knee to Duffs face!

Rayne: Matt using a bit of his agility to get the better of Duff in this match up!

McDaniel: with this hate between Duff and the other Engels, we are sure in for a heated match-up!

Duff brings himself up to his full height, Seven inches taller than Virus, and smacks him across the face, Virus holds his cheek but only catches a glimpse of Duff before he grabs him again- Duff lifts Virus into a rough Suplex, but then drops him forward on his stomach!

Rayne: And a huge Reverse-Suplex, I guess you can call it that!

McDaniel: Compared to Virus, Duff is huge and could do way more damage with his weight and height than Virus could do with just his speed!

Rayne: Don’t underestimate any Engel, my dear cohort!

Virus shakes it off and just nearly dodges a big boot from Duff, whom gets tangled up on the top rope, Virus runs at him and knocks him out of the ring with a hard clothesline!! The crowd cheers as Duff hits the ground, Virus wastes no time and leaps over the top rope into a rough suicide Dive! Crashing both Duff and Virus into the commentators table! The ref gets to a five count and Hank rolls into the ring to break up the count!

Rayne: Hank is finally back, he obviously sees that both men are out and is now going to pull a vulture tactic!

McDaniel: Its not like no one uses those tactics these days…

Hank rolls out of the ring on the other side and picks up Virus to toss him back into the ring, he hops up to the apron, and waits for Virus to get up so he himself can pull off a sunset flip and get a quick pin! But as Virus pulls himself up, so does Duff, and with Duff to his feet, he grabs Hank by the foot as he is about to hop up! Duff pulls him down and hank face plants into the edge of the Apron!

Rayne: Ooh! That can’t be good for the teeth!

Duff gets up to the Apron and is about to step over the ropes, but Virus goes for a quick clothesline to knock him off again! But Duff blocks in and grabs Engel’s arm, only to pull him in for a hard headbutt! Virus falls back on his ass and Duff steps over the top rope.

McDaniel: Obviously Duff is not the person you want to mess with when he’s mad!

Rayne: You can say that again!

McDaniel: Obviously Duff-

Duff picks Virus up and Irish whips him into the turnbuckle, he then charges Virus and hits him with a hard shoulder block! Virus stumbles forward a bit, but Duff picks him up and props him up on the top rope!

Rayne: Duff may be looking for a high risk maneuver here!

McDaniel: High risk for who, him? or Virus?!

He climbs up to the second rope and locks Virus into a Suplex hold, but Virus begins to deliver some hard punches to Duff’s back! Duff lets go and Virus pushes him off the turnbuckle, and as soon as Duff hits the floor Virus gets up quickly to the top rope and leaps off for a hard moonsault!! Duff sees this and rolls out of the way!! Virus corrects himself and lands on his feet, but is taken down by a hard Flying Clothesline from Duff!

Rayne: A nice recovery from Virus, only to be knocked right back down by Duff!

McDaniel: Well I don’t blame Virus for getting into that clothesline, he must’ve been winded from landing on his feet after that huge moonsault!

Duff walks over to Virus and bends over to pick him up, but Virus quickly rolls up and quicks Duff in the back of the head in the process. Duff goes down and Virus gets back to his feet… he stalks Duff for a moment, but then is assaulted from behind by a refreshed Serbia! Virus is taken back a bit as Serbia locks him into a front face lock, then drops him to the mat with a hard DDT!

Rayne: And here comes Serbia again with the Vulture techniques!”

McDaniel: He completely blindsided virus, why isn’t the ref ejecting him from the match!

Rayne: Its all Legal, can’t eject someone for wrestling…

Serbia looks over at Virus like he’d done something even god couldn’t do, but as he was gloating to himself, Duff got to his feet, Serbia looks up and his smile vanishes from his face, Duff walks forward towards Serbia, but Serbia backs up slowly, but Duff grabs him and lifts him into the air with a military press… he tosses Serbia over the top rope. He changes his attention to Virus…

McDaniel: Duff has got something in Mind, I just know it!

Rayne: Duff has always got something sadistic in mind!

He marches over to Virus who is just about to his full height, but Duff brings him down with a hard punch to the gut, he then picks him up into what looked like a position for a rough power bomb!

McDaniel: Duff is going to end virus right here!

Rayne: Come on Virus! Come on Duff! Put on a better show! Come on!

Virus punches Duff a couple times in the head, and drops him down to his back, Virus uses this to his advantage and hooks one of Duff’s legs!



Kick out!

Duff pushes Virus out and rolls out of the ring.

Duff picks Hank Serbia up and throws him into the ring, Duff checks his nose for a moment and watches Virus and Hank Serbia in the ring, Virus just eyes Duff Cote D’Ivoire down… but he then brings himself up and walks over to the top rope… With his opponent on the mat, Engel rises to the top rope, his back to the ring. He then jumps off, corkscrewing his body around while somersaulting, and lands with a body splash across his opponent's mid-section.

Virus Hooks Serbia’s leg, his eyes still on Duff…





Eric Emerson: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this match up, MATT “THE VIRUS” ENGEL!!!”

[Duff rolls into the ring with a folding chair in his hands and levels Matt Engel! The crowd showers the ring with boos and Duff turns and glances down, annoyed at Hank Serbia, and begins unloading on him with a barrage of chair shots! When he's finished, both men are out cold. Duff tosses the dented chair from the ring and takes his MoA shirt from the ring announcer along with a microphone.]

Duff: I told everyone that tonight was going to be a momentous occasion in terms of my career. I've been saying for a long, long time that revolution is my name and now, I'm going to prove it. This shirt, for me, has symbolized a few things for me. It symbolizes a band of brothers. It symbolizes unity. It symbolizes a LEGACY set up by the likes of Darren Ridel. The likes of Styx. The likes of... Thunderwolf.

[A fowl expression sets across his face.]

Duff: People like... people like Enika Engel.

[His scowl only gets worse.]

Duff: You know what? FUCK THIS SHIRT! AND FUCK THE MoA! What has being with the MoA gotten me? Jack Shit! I may as well have been all alone from the start. Those guys: Vicious, Darren Ridel, Orochi... they don't have your back! The only reason they don't run down to help their own fucking bretherin anymore is because they're too drugged out or drunk to care! So Riona, Matthew, Jonny... relish this moment, because it'll be one instance where you guys are getting what you want from me.

[Duff pulls a Zippo lighter out from his pocket, flicks it, and the MoA shirt is ignited. He throws it on the ground and allows it to burn while officials rush the ring and stomp it out before the flames overtake the ring. The crowd is going nuts and Duff Côte d'Ivoire is already halfway up the ramp.]

Kyle Stevenson is seen meditating in his locker room. We can see sweat pouring down his face.

Just then a knock comes at the door and Kyle's eyes dart open.

Kyle: Come in.

The door opens and Jonathan Cage walks into the room.

Cage: Can I talk to you a minute, Kyle?

Kyle: Sure.

Jonathan walks over and sits down on the bench across from Kyle.

Cage: I need to talk to you about you're mindset lately.

Kyle: What about it?

Cage: It's freaking people out.

Kyle: Why? It's basically how I feel right now. I'm everyone's god damn punching bag and I'm starting to get really sick of it.

Cage: Yeah, but the answer lies in that ring not by snorting Coke.

Kyle: Look Jon, I'm glad to see you but you really need to leave. I have a match to prepare for.

Cage: Fine, Kyle, have it your way.

Jonathan turns around and walks out of the locker room letting the door slam loudly shut.  The scene then changes to
a quick shot of Def Leppard with some groupies, signing autographs in the lobby. The camera then cuts to Jon McDaniel and Rayne.

Rayne: “What a match up, I’ll tell ya… but wait… folks don’t change that channel, because right now is our main event!”

McDaniel: “That’s right, tonight, one on one, we have Kyle Stevenson, vs “The Monster” DEACON FROST!”


Eric Emerson: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall!...”

The familiar bass riff to “Schism” by Tool begins to play over the PA system. Then all of a sudden it stops and we hear a needle scratch as if taken abruptly off the record.

The lights dim as the opening riff to “The End” by Roadrunner United begins to play. The arena turns a blood red as the first verse starts.

##Just when you thought it was over##
##The sky turned black and we all fell to Earth##
##Dead in our tracks, we were frozen in fact##
##Choking to Breathe then came the seas##
##Wash away impurities, wash away everything that couldn’t be##

As the song hits the chorus the man steps out in front of a white light projecting his silhouette out into the crowd. The lights come up to reveal Kyle Stevenson standing at the entrance ramp. He’s wearing face paint and a black trench coat over his usual ring gear. He carries a Singapore cane down to the ring with him. He stands there for a moment. He then walks calmly to the ring. He enters and goes to his corner. He sets the cane in the corner and takes off the jacket. “The End” fading away.

(The fans quiet down in the arena as the lights go purple. Smoke slowly rises from the entrance. A rain like mist floats through the arena as the opening guitar riff of Saliva’s “I Walk Alone” blares through the speakers.)

“I walk alone
I walk for miles inside this of pit of danger
A place where no one follows me
I walk alone”

I'm sick of all these people talkin' out their heads
I've never understood a damn thing that they said
From words to actions
Never knowing what they're about
I guess I'll have to chew them up and spit them out
And I'll say yeah”

(Pyros explodes and out walks Deacon Frost. He is wearing a black leather duster. He has on black baggy jeans and black boots. Frost’s fist and forearms are covered in white tape. Frost stands in the middle of the pyros going off around him. He slowly makes his way down to the ring. Frost steps up onto the ring apron and over the top rope.)

“I walked for miles inside this pit of danger
I've swallowed down a thousand years of anger
The weight of the world has fallen on me
I walk alone”

(The fans go wild as the big man paces around the ring. Frost settles into the corner and waits for the match to get started as the music dies down.)


Kyle Stevenson starts off quick and goes for a quick Arm-Drag take down on Deacon Frost. Frost however, shakes it off quickly and gets up to his feet- he grabs Stevenson into a quick snapemare suplex and goes for a pin!


Kick out!

McDaniel: Frost with a snapemare- but no dice on the pin…

Rayne: Well Stevenson is a tough cookie, I wouldn’t be surprised if he could take out Deacon this week.

Frost locks in a side headlock on Stevenson, but Stevenson gets his leg on the ropes as soon as he locks it in, the ref forces frost to break the whole, much to his dismay.

Stevenson rolls out of the ring and rubs his neck a bit, he looks up at Frost who stalks him above from the apron… the ref begins to count him out, but Stevenson rolls in on the other side, and both men lock up.

Rayne: Stevenson went out for a bit of a refresher? That’s kind of understandable I guess…

McDaniel: Well he better not take to many, who knows, Deacon may like to do a little bit of high flying and take him down from the ring.

Stevenson tries to get behind frost, but Deacon elbows him twice in the side of the head and turns around, he picks Stevenson up for a hard belly to belly suplex!

He turns around for another quick headlock, this time he locks it in, then lifts Stevenson up to his feet and drops him down for a hard reverse DDT!

Rayne: I think Stevenson may need one of those refreshers now…

McDaniel: Deacon Frost is just demolishing him now… this isn’t good for Kyle.

Deacon goes for another pin!


Kick out!

Stevenson kicks out and tries to roll out of the ring, but Deacon grabs him, Stevenson however- grabs Frost by the arm and wraps him into a hard wrist lock, he kicks Deacon in the back of the knees to bring him down and he continues to apply pressure to the already tight wrist lock.

Rayne: Frost is finding out the hard way that Stevenson is stronger than he looks!

McDaniel: That’s apparent!

Stevenson drops the hold for a second and locks in a sleeper hold, this gives Deacon a bit of a moment to get up, but Stevenson brings him down to his knees again with another hard kick to the knees.

Deacon slow fades away as Stevenson keeps the hold on strong
The ref takes deacons hand…he lifts it up and drops it…


No reaction from Deacon. The crowd begins to stamp their feet for frost.

The ref takes his hand again, and lifts it up- he drops it and no reaction


The crowds chant get stronger as Stevenson yells out “COME ON!” wanting to end this match quickly

The Ref grabs Deacon’s hand again but this time it stays in the air. He begins to lift himself up to his full height… he slowly rises as Stevenson feet lift off the ground… Deacon stands at his full 7 foot height for a moment… then he drops down with Stevenson under his back!!

Rayne: Ooh! And a hard strike from Deacon, Stevenson might have a crush lung after that bit!!

McDaniel: I wouldn’t put it past Deacon to put Stevenson out on the sidelines at the end of this match

Deacon stands up with Stevenson now off his back and walks around the ring a bit, he comes back to Stevenson and picks him up… he Irish whips him into the ropes, only to have him come back right into a hard clothesline!!

McDaniel: and the unconscious looking Stevenson is now taken down even more by Deacon Frost!

Deacon picks Stevenson up again, a sly grin cracks his face as he lifts him up into a high suplex… he then drops him down on his back. With a heavy impact- the ring ropes shook violently almost.

Rayne: Now Deacon is just toying with Stevenson!

Deacon lifts up Stevenson again, he signals for the end, but Stevenson manages to get out of his hold, he breaks free of Deacon and begins to come at him with a bunch of different punches and hard kicks! He runs for the ropes and bounces off to come back with a hard shoulder block!

McDaniel: and Stevenson, is using his agility to take down the monster!

Rayne: I told ya he was a strong man!

Stevenson backs up again as Deacon gets up, he bounces off the ropes again to take Deacon down with a another shoulder block, but as soon as he is about to hit Deacon, Frost grabs him and spins him around into a FROST BITE! (Black Hole slam)

Frost goes for a very relaxed pin!




Ding Ding Ding!

Eric Emerson: “Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner… Deacon Frost!!

Rayne: What a win for Frost! Well ladies and Gentlemen, this is where we have to leave you for the night- but don’t fret, we’ll be back next week!

McDaniel: Don’t touch that dial, Rampage is coming up now!!

(C) PWA 2008