March 14th, 2008

McDaniel: Ladies and gentlemen...welcome to WHO'S THE MAN!? Now, before we get this show on the road, we've put together a video to highlight some interesting things that have happened over the past two weeks to lead up to this awesome night in Cleveland...

The arena lights go dim, as the big screen above the stage has a countdown from one. We hear "Land of Confused" covered by Disturbed playing over the video, as we see our first action.

The clip is showing Methodcobra executing the Last Judgment on Mark McNasty, our reigning Intercontinental Champion. The ref goes down for the one, two, three count in slow motion, and it cuts to Methodcobra celebrating in the ring.

Now, did you read the news today?
They say the danger has gone away
But I can see the fire's still alight
They're burning into the night

The video cuts to Payton Strader executing a perfect Dream Sting on ODDYSEY, our current Television Champion. The feed is distorted a bit to resemble confusion as TDR places Oddy's arm over his chest and demands the ref to make the count.

This is the world we live in
And these are the hands we're given
Use them and let's start trying
To make it a place worth living in

Now, we're seeing Project X, coming from out of no where. Then, we cut to Project X delivering the Probe on Enika from thirty feet up. The video replays the short two second footage of Projext X undoing the harness, and we see PX and Enika fall thirty feet. The video cuts to something else right before they land. PX is getting beat on by Raizzor, in a last ditch effort to save Enika from any further abuse. Cut to Raizzor chokeslamming Phoenix on top of Project X. Classic.

Oh, superman, where are you now?
When everything's gone wrong somehow?
The men of steel, these men of power
Are losing control by the hour

The new footage is the arrival of the Masters of Armageddon. Quick cuts to Darren Ridel, Trevor Knight, Orochi, Dead End, Graham Cain, and finally ex-Commissioner Montrose. The video suddenly has a dark red hue as it cuts to Matthew Engel, tied up in the ropes, unable to stop the inevitable. It fades away from a lifeless Jamie Flynn...

There's too many men, too many people
Making too many problems
And there's not much love to go round
Can't you see this is a land of confusion?

It fades back into The Phoenix lifting Kyle Stevenson vertically, and cradling his left leg...and just as he is about to drop Kyle with the Flame, the video cuts to Corey Lazarus...surviving against Karasu and Circa. Corey is warming up the End Credits...hitting knee strikes on Karasu.

Back to Phoenix, jumping up and driving Kyle down...

Corey Lazarus with his final leap of faith...trying to secure his spot in the finals with one last kick...

Cut to Phoenix, smashing Kyle's head into the canvas, and covering him for the win.

Lazarus delivers his final shin kick to Karasu's head...covering him for the win.

Both men are on the video, in split-screen, celebrating. The words "IT ENDS TONIGHT" are in the middle of the screen.

I won't be coming home tonight
My generation will put it right
We're not just making promises
That we know we'll never keep

The video ends as huge green and white pyros go off, initiating the beginning of this event.

Rentfro: A nicely done video!

McDaniel: Thank you...I put it together on my Mac.

Rentfro: Aren't you special...

The cameras go backstage, not to a locker room as is traditional but to the garage of the Gund Arena. Aside from a couple attendants the area is empty. The silence is soon shattered by the growling roar of motorcycles as a trio of bikes pull in. The motorcycles are as distinct as their riders, with one common trait amongst them: an aura of raw power. Closing in upon the group we can determine that these men are "Nightmare" Jonathon Wehali and his brothers-in-arms, Akira Uematsu and Jean-Michel "Dhamballa" Duvalier.

The bikes come to a stop and Nightmare glances around him with a grin.

Nightmare:"So this is the city where the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is located."

Akira snorts in derision.

Akira: "I won't be impressed by that until they induct Japanese artists. And that museum is the only thing this city has going for it."

Dhamballa: Do not be so harsh, Akira. At least they have punk rock artists. They do not have reggae."

Akira: "Yeah yeah whatever, man. At least your people are represented if not your music."

Dhamballa shrugs with a grin while Akira continues to grumble. Nightmare simply rolls his eyes at the exchange. The tail of his black duster brushes against the black finish of his Desperado Posse, its red pearl tribal patterning a testament to his heritage.

Nightmare: "Hey, at least Sommers agreed to my match for tonight. Originally I wouldn't even have been slated to be on this card, and I'm not about to miss my chance at being on television again finally."

Akira: "It's been years since you've fought in front of a camera, what with those other places being barred from television. Got any butterflies, man?"

Nightmare laughs with confidence, at ease as one should get before a fight.

Nightmare: "Not in the least. There are plenty of people here who should be nervous, however, especially with me officially adding my name to the list for the Rumble in the Bronx match. What a way to rocket to the top of this company."

Akira smirks at his friend's answer. Dhamballa simply shakes his head as the three men exit the garage and head into the arena proper.

Dhamballa: "Let us admit the truth, my friend. What you are truly forward to most is destroying this 'man' Methodcobra tonight and proving why you are not to be taken lightly."

Nightmare gives a simple slow nod in agreement.

Nightmare: "Very true, as well as the little party we have planned for Karasu... and perhaps a few others along the way. While everyone else is fretting over what the MoA will or will not do we will be raising Hell of our own."

The big man claps his friends on the shoulder with a laugh.

Dhamballa: "Then let us get this party started!"

The trio head down the hall and turn a corner, not to the dressing rooms but to the floor of the arena, while the camera returns to ringside.

Triple Threat Street Fight

Helix vs. Scartic vs. Jacob Collins


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen...the following match up is scheduled for one pin fall or submission and has been deemed a STREET FIGHT!

McDaniel: What exactly does that mean again?

Rentfro: Eh, it's just a fancy word for anything goes. There's no disqualification.

McDaniel: Interesting...

Eric Emerson: Coming to the ring first, hailing from Balitmore, Maryland...

CUE UP: “Hello/Goodbye” by Lupe Fiasco. A few seconds into the song, HELIX emerges from a random place in the crowd, cigarette in mouth, a 40 oz. in his hand.

Eric Emerson: Making his debut in the PWA...he weighs two hundred and fifty five pounds and stands six feet five inches...

He is a tall, muscular African-American wearing a black trenchcoat over camouflage pants and construction boots. He slowly moves through the crowd, enjoying his cigarette and drinking his beer. He climbs over the guard rail, throws the butt to the ground, steps on it, chugs the rest of his beer and gives it to a random fan in the crowd. He takes his trenchcoat off, throws it to the ground and jumps into the ring.

Eric Emerson: He is HELIX!!!

McDaniel: Interesting fellow...

Rentfro: Moreso than his interview...all I could hear was "BLEEP".

Eric Emerson: And one of his opponents, hailing from Montreal, Quebec and also making his debut...

The debut of "Millennium" by Fear Factory begins to play and Scartic appears on the stage, following a big pyrotechnic explosion.

Eric Emerson: ...standing exactly six feet and weighing two hundred and twenty pounds...

Scartic walks onto the ramp, ignoring the fans. He jumps to the apron and flips forward to enter in the ring. Scartic goes to the corner, climbs the middle turnbuckle, raising his arms and beating his chest. He springboards to the top turnbuckle for a backflip.

Eric Emerson: ...he is SCARTIC!!!

Rentfro: Another interesting lad...a neighbor from the north.

McDaniel: The only folks I like from Canada are the Morans.

Eric Emerson: And finally, hailing from El Paso, Texas...

Jacob comes out dressed in solid black wrestling shorts, boots and both of his hands are taped. He strides to the ring, slapping hands with fans on both sides before quick stepping up the metal stairs and into the ring.

Eric Emerson: Standing six feet and weighing two hundred and fifteen pounds...

He spins once in the middle, basking in the roar of the crowd before going to his corner to await the start of the match.

Eric Emerson: He is JACOB COLLINS!!!!

McDaniel: Jacob didn't make it onto the airwaves this week...let's hope he's prepared himself for what could be a gruesome match. As you can all see, there are random weapons dispersed throughout ringside.

Rentfro: Indeed! We have chairs, baseball bats, two by fours, tables, and is that what I think it is?

McDaniel:'s a guitar.

Rentfro: Not a real guitar, it's a Guitar Hero controller!


All three men slide out of their sides of the ring. Helix comes across a baseball bat, possibly the most favorable weapon there. Scartic gets a two by four, a decent weapon as well. But, the closest thing to Collins is...the Guitar Hero controller! All three men slide back in the ring, their weapons ready, waiting to see who makes the first move.

McDaniel: Collins is a little out of his league there with that Guitar Hero controller!

Rentfro: Well, it's pretty hard'll get the job done.

McDaniel: That's what she God, I've been watching The Office too much.

Helix and Scartic get on the same page and both take a swing at Collins! Collins manages to duck both attempts and catches Helix square in the knee with that Guitar Hero controller, denting it a bit. He swings back at Scartic and catches him in stomach. Scartic doubles over and Collins raises the controller high in the air.

Rentfro: There's your Guitar Hero legend right there!

Collins brings the controller down HARD on the back of Scartic, sending him to the mat. Collins turns around and gets met by a vicious shot with Helix's baseball bat. Helix lays down more shots to Collins with that baseball bat. He turns his attention to a risen Scartic, who clocks him with the two by four! Helix staggers back into the ropes. Scartic comes running after him, but Helix back body drops Scartic to the outside!

McDaniel: HOLY SHIT! The TABLE was on that side!

Rentfro: And unfortunately for Scartic, it was SET UP! Scartic looks like he's in a lot of pain!

The crowd goes crazy witnessing the first bit of carnage of this match. Collins manages to get to his feet and Helix turns around after talking trash to Scartic. Collins, still with that Guitar Hero controller in his hand, looks up at Helix. Helix runs after him, but Collins sidesteps and smashes the side of the controller into Helix's back. Collins spins around, wielding that controller still, and connects to the back of Helix's head! Helix falls to the mat. Collins climbs the top turnbuckle.

Rentfro: See! I TOLD you that controller could do some damage!

McDaniel: Yes you did. Collins leaps off the top ropes, tucking the Guitar Hero controller underneath his right leg, and smashes it down on the back of Helix's neck! GOOD GOD!

The crowd pops again and goes wild for Jacob's crazy move there. We can see some fans playing "Air Guitar Hero" in the crowd. Collins is slow to get up, but gets pulled out of the ring immediately, letting go of his sacred weapon. Scartic is on the offensive, landing lefts and rights on Collins. He picks Collins up in suplex fashion and crashes him down on the outside!

Rentfro: Collins landed all over that broken table madness down there. Helix is back on his feet, and bleeding from the back of his head. That doesn't look good!

McDaniel: Scartic gets Collins to his feet, and Helix is in midair!

Helix, with the baseball bat in hand, leaps over the ropes and crashes down on Collins and Scartic, smashing them with his baseball bat.

Rentfro: The big man flew! Collins seems to have caught the blunt end of that attack as he's busted open!

Collins is bleeding from his forehead as Helix gets Scartic to his feet. He takes his baseball bat and slams it into Scartic's midsection, and then DDTs Scartic onto the broken table! Scartic gets forced to his feet again, and Helix slides him into the ring. Helix stomps on Collins a few more times to keep him down, taking control of the match. Helix walks around the side and finds two chairs. The slides them into the ring and gets into the ring himself.

McDaniel: Helix gets to his feet and goes against the ropes. Big elbow drop from Helix! He gets Scartic up to his feet.

Rentfro: He also grabs the two chairs, one in each hand. What's on his mind?!

McDaniel: Remember the scene from Gladiator?!

Helix reels back with a chair in each hand, looking to connect both of them to Scartic's head. He swings, but Scartic ducks at the last second! Helix slams the chairs together, slamming his fingers too, and Scartic catches Helix with a roundhouse to the chin!

Rentfro: Scartic would've been DONE if that had happened.

McDaniel: Collins is back! He's got his Guitar Hero controller! He swings and connects with Scartic!

Rentfro: Helix is back to his feet, but gets knocked down again by that awesome Guitar Hero controller! I can't really tell anymore, but I think that was the Les Paul design.

Collins stands between the fallen Scartic and Helix. He drops his controller, and covers Scartic.



Kick out at the last second!

McDaniel: Almost a near fall there as we see our first attempt for victory...

Collins slams the mat and gets Scartic to his feet. He slams him into the turnbuckle. Collins unloads lefts and rights, and then sets Scartic on the top turnbuckle. Collins climbs up to the middle rope, but right after that Helix nails Collins with a forearm smash to his back. Helix does it again, and again. Then, Helix sneaks under Collins and puts him on his shoulders, Helix facing the ring and Collins facing the crowd.

McDaniel: Oh my God! Collins is high up there!

Rentfro: Helix slams down Collins to the mat! I think Collins hit his own Guitar Hero controller!

McDaniel: That will leave a mark!

Scartic, still dazed on the top rope, gets hit with a huge haymaker from Helix and falls to the outside. Helix falls to the mat and hooks Collins' leg.




McDaniel: Helix did it! He won his debut match!

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen...the winner of this match... HELIX!!!!

Blood is still pouring from the back of Helix's head as he gets his arm raised by the ref. Helix rips it away and slides out of the ring. He starts talking trash to Scartic on the outside and walks up the rampway, disappearing behind the curtain. Scartic soon follows...and eventually Collins makes his way backstage, getting an applause from the fans.

McDaniel: Another tough break for Collins, but the fans like him.

Rentfro: Yes indeed...let's get ready for our next match!!

David vs. Goliath Tag Team Match
Matthew Engel & Kyle Stevenson vs. Doomsday & Deacon Frost


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen...the following match up is scheduled for one pin fall or submission. Introducing first...

"Highway to Hell" by AC/DC starts up as Doomsday appears from backstage. He doesn't receive much of a reaction.

Eric Emerson: He hails from the Depths of Hell...

McDaniel: You gotta be kidding me...

Rentfro: I know, Jon. I know.

Orange and white smoke fills the arena, while orange pyros shoot off behind Doomsday, who is dressed in a lot of orange. Doomsday makes his way down the rampway, toward the ring.

Eric Emerson: ...standing six foot eight inches and weighing three hundred and twenty five pounds...

McDaniel: Big boy!

Rentfro: He's part of Team Goliath!

Doomsday climbs up onto the apron, and lifts his right leg over the top rope and follows up with his left. He moves to the middle of the ring.

Eric Emerson: ...He is DOOMSDAY!!!!

The crowd doesn't react well as Doomsday raises his right arm up in the air. He goes to his corner.

Eric Emerson: And his partner, hailing from The Bowery...

McDaniel: The what?

Rentfro: Who knows, man. These guys are scary as hell!

The fans quiet down in the arena as the lights go purple. Smoke slowly rises from the entrance. A rain like mist floats through the arena as the opening guitar riff of Saliva’s “I Walk Alone” blares through the speakers.

I walk alone
I walk for miles inside this of pit of danger
A place where no one follows me
I walk alone

Eric Emerson: He stands SEVEN FEET tall and weighs three hundred and fifty pounds...
I'm sick of all these people talkin' out their heads
I've never understood a damn thing that they said
From words to actions
Never knowing what they're about
I guess I'll have to chew them up and spit them out
And I'll say yeah

Pyros explodes and out walks Deacon Frost. He is wearing a black leather duster. He has on black baggy jeans and black boots. Frost’s fist and forearms are covered in white tape. Frost stands in the middle of the pyros going off around him. He slowly makes his way down to the ring. Frost steps up onto the ring apron and over the top rope.

I walked for miles inside this pit of danger
I've swallowed down a thousand years of anger
The weight of the world has fallen on me
I walk alone

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen...DEACON FROST!!!

The fans go wild as the big man paces around the ring. Frost settles into the corner and waits for the match to get started as the music dies down.

McDaniel: Deacon couldn't make it last week due to some tie-ups with proper authorities...but he seems ready to go tonight.

Eric Emerson: And their part of "Team David"...

The familiar bass riff to "Schism" by Tool begins to play over the speakers. Smoke starts to billow from underneath the curtain down the ramp. As the drums pick up, the strobes begin to pulsate to the song. As the song hits the first verse, Kyle steps out from behind the curtain.

Eric Emerson: He hails from Huntington Beach, California...

He looks around for a moment before sprinting down the ramp. He slides underneath the bottom rope into the ring.

Eric Emerson: ...standing six foot five and weighing two hundred and twenty five pounds...

He gets up and goes to his corner.

Eric Emerson: He is KYLE STEVENSON!!!

The crowd cheers for Kyle as he sits in his corner, opposite of the two gigantic men across the ring from him. He awaits his partner as "Schism" comes to an end.

Rentfro: Kyle isn't that much SHORTER than Doomsday or Deacon, but damn they each got about a hundred to hundred twenty five pounds on him!

McDaniel: That's a lot of momentum, Brian.

Suddenly, we hear a voice over the PA system...

Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural...equilibrium.. with their surrounding environment, but you humans do not.
You move to an area and you multiply, and multiple until every natural resource is consumed.

As we listen to voice clips from "The Matrix", the beginning of "Stream of Consciousness" by Dream Theater starts up, soft guitar and bass.

And the only way you can survive is to spread to another area.

There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern.
Do you know what it is?

A virus.

The guitar picks up heavy now, and the drums play a part. The opening sequence of "Stream of Consciousness" comes to an end as a brief part of "Space-Dye Vest" by Dream Theater plays...a newscasting voice coming over the PA.

Some people gave advice before

About facing the facts, about facing reality.

And this is without a doubt is his biggest challenge ever.

He's going to have to face it.

You're gonna have to try, he's gonna to have to try and, uh, and, and, and get some help here.

I mean no one can say they know how he feels.

Then, it cuts to the heavy riff and chorus of "The Dark Eternal Night" by Dream Theater. We're getting the theme here. We're getting the message.

Drifting beyond all time

Out of a churning sky

Drawn to the beckoning light

Of the dark eternal night

The music cuts once more, and we get the climaxing moments of "In The Presence of Enemies, Part 2" by Dream Theater.

Dark master within, I will fight for you

Dark master of sin, now my soul is yours

Dark master my guide, I will die for you

Dark master inside...

Matthew "Virus" Engel steps out from backstage. He's dressed in his usual ring attire. He's sporting the dark green tuxedo with a black silk dress shirt and black tie. His hair is slicked back a little bit and is sporting the goatee more than before, letting it grow out a bit.

Eric Emerson: Introducing now, the other part of "Team David", hailing from Bailey's Bay, Bermuda...

Matt makes his way down the ramp, green and gold pyros shooting off behind him. There's something different in his stride. He seems more tense, more edgy...paranoia consumes him while most of the crowd begins to boo him. They didn't appreciate his antics in his three team tag match.

Eric Emerson: ...weighing two hundred and twenty pounds and standing at an even six feet...

We enter part four of this epic twenty five minute song, entitled "Slaughter of the Damned". It's much faster, much darker than the previous part of the song "Heretic".


Bother trying to find them

They will be coming to you


Fight and destroy until you can't take anymore

Matt doesn't go off to the side and give out his high fives to the fans. They don't want them. He's focused on the ring. He climbs up the steel steps and enters the ring. Standing in the middle of the ring, he doesn't raise his arm. He doesn't acknowledge the crowd at all. Hate and rage fill his mind and soul, while he gets himself ready for his match.

Eric Emerson: ..."THE VIRUS" MATTHEW ENGEL!!!


Caught in a moment of weakness

Committed the greatest of all


Half of my soul

And now it's too late for you

Matt takes his jacket, tie, and dress shirt off to reveal a white muscle shirt underneath. With his wrestling boots tucked under his pants, he's ready to go. "In the Presence of Enemies, Pt 2" shuts down, right before it was about to get to the part where the man fights the evil in his heart and comes out victorious. The future isn't written for Matt, and we don't know if he can come back to us. But, now, he's consumed by hatred and rage, willing to die or kill to get what he wants.

Rentfro: Matt not exactly getting the warm welcome he's used to...

McDaniel: He deserves it for what he pulled last week.

Rentfro: The man is not stable, Jon.

Kyle and Doomsday meet in the middle of the ring, the referee explaining the rules to them. Matt and Deacon wait in their respective corners, the only members of their teams with a decent amount of tag experience. The ref signals for the bell.


McDaniel: The proper reenactment of David versus Goliath begins! Kyle and Doomsday measure up, but Doomsday gets the upperhand and sends Kyle into the ropes. Kyle ducks an attempted clothesline and nails a huge reverse DDT on Doomsday!

Rentfro: Kyle showing his superior ring experience there...

Kyle gets Doomsday to his feet and unchambers lefts and rights, trying to chop down the big man. Kyle whips Doomsday into the turnbuckle and follows up with a huge corner splash. Doomsday staggers forward and Kyle leaps to the top turnbuckle. Kyle stands straight up and comes down with a huge double axe handle to the head and back of Doomsday! Doomsday falls to one knee and Kyle goes into the ropes. He comes back and leaps high into the air, spinning on his side, and connects with the jaw of Doomsday for a huge heel kick.

McDaniel: Kyle is running the match here! Deacon doesn't look pleased.

Rentfro: The big men didn't say anything all they shouldn't have to. Look at them, they're huge!

Kyle uses the middle rope to spring himself up into the air and crashes down on the fallen Doomsday with a huge moonsault. He holds it for the cover.



Broken up by Deacon.

McDaniel: What the hell? Matt just stood there. He didn't try to keep Deacon out of it.

Rentfro: Deacon's like...twice his size.

McDaniel: That didn't stop him from going after Project X last week!

Kyle gets Doomsday up to his feet and connects with multiple knee strikes. Doomsday is doubled over, and Kyle plants him into the mat with a huge DDT! Kyle covers again.



Kick out!

McDaniel: And Matt dropkicks Deacon out of the ring!

Rentfro: See? Matt cares...

McDaniel: I think Kyle would've had Doomsday before if Matt actually did care.

Matt goes back to his corner as Deacon stirs on the outside. Kyle gets frustrated and pulls Doomsday up to his feet. But, Doomsday counters with elbow strikes to Kyle's stomach. Doomsday lifts Kyle up in suplex fashion and drops him hard to the mat with a brainbuster! Both men are down now. Deacon recovers on the outside, getting back up to the apron. He doesn't look pleased.

McDaniel: Deacon looks at Doomsday, who's reaching out for the tag...

Rentfro: And...wait, Frost is leaving! What the hell?!

McDaniel: He's pulling a Virus!

Rentfro: Not funny.

McDaniel: We got ourselves a handicap match here now!

Frost hops off the apron and walks up the rampway, completely displeased with Doomsday's lackluster performance. As the song says, he walks alone. Frost disappears behind the curtain, and Doomsday is alone in the ring. He manages to get to his feet, but Kyle beats him. Matt tags himself in with a slap on Kyle's back, and Kyle looks at Matt with anger. Matt ignores it and goes after Doomsday with lefts and rights. Doomsday gets slammed into the turnbuckle. Matt runs back to his corner, Kyle with a look of confusion on his face.

McDaniel: Now what's he doing?

Rentfro: Matt is on the top turnbuckle now... he flips off the turnbuckle and sprints towards Doomsday!

McDaniel: Matt connects with a VICIOUS spear!

Rentfro: Shh...don't say vicious when Matt is around.

Matt connects with his move, T.K.T, and Doomsday collapses to the mat. Matt hooks the leg...



3! No! Doomsday had his foot on the rope.

McDaniel: Ha!

Rentfro: Hey just because you're all anti-Virus and everything doesn't mean you gotta cheer for this guy.

McDaniel: I'm not my name Norton?

Rentfro: No...

McDaniel: McAfee?

Rentfro: Almost...

McDaniel: Exactly.


Matt starts to argue with the ref, saying that the rope save was bullshit. Doomsday gets to his feet and turns Matt around. Towering over him, he grabs Matt by the throat. He lifts him up high into the air, Matt struggling. He's trying to get out of it, desperately. Suddenly, Matt is let go and Doomsday falls to his knees, Kyle standing behind him with his arm lunged forward. Matt stumbles to the ground, gathering himself together, and Kyle goes into the ropes. He springboards off, and connects with a dropkick to the back of Doomsday!

McDaniel: NICE move by Kyle there!

Doomsday springs forward, and Matt nods at Kyle, giving him a sign of respect. Kyle is ordered by the ref to return to his corner, and he does. Matt gets to his feet and lays down a few stomps on Doomsday. He gets Doomsday up to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Doomsday comes back and Matt uses the momentum to hip toss Doomsday down to the mat. Matt goes into the ropes and comes back, hitting a running Senton bomb. He mounts Doomsday and unchambers lefts and rights, the rage building up in his eyes. The ref tries to pull him off, but Matt pushes him away. Matt lifts Doomsday head up toward him and finishes the attack off with a painful headbutt.

McDaniel: Oh my God! Doomsday is having quite a tough time here with these two...

Rentfro: Kyle and Matt are experience wrestlers...and well, Doomsday just doesn't have the chops for it it seems.

Matt gets to his feet, breathing heavily, wanting to destroy Doomsday in every way he can. But, he tries to calm himself. He walks over to Kyle and tags him in. Matt nods and slips through the ropes and waits patiently on the apron as Doomsday is lying in the middle of the ring. Kyle walks over to Doomsday and gets him to his feet. He hits a quick jawbreaker, which sends Doomsday staggering back into the corner. Kyle charges in with a big knee to Doomsday's face.

Rentfro: I think I know what's coming next!

Doomsday staggers out toward the middle of the ring, and Kyle connects with a huge roundhouse kick that sends Doomsday to his knees. Doomsday begins to bleed from his nose.

McDaniel: He's busted open! Oh man that doesn't look good!

 standing on the close apron, springboards over the top rope and hits a shooting star leg drop, driving Doomsday's face and head into the mat! Doomsday begins to bleed even more out of his nose, as Kyle flips the big man onto his back and hooks the leg.

McDaniel: Hell Freezes Over!

Rentfro: I think it's doomsday for Doomsday!





Rentfro: "Team David" prevails! Just like the Bible says!

Eric Emerson: And the winners of this match..."TEAM DAVID"... KYLE STEVENSON AND MATTHEW ENGEL!

Doomsday rolls out of the ring and tries to stop the bleeding from his nose. Matt is just relaxing as Kyle is celebrating in the ring. Doomsday, embarrassed, disappears backstage. We cut to Kyle celebrating in the ring. He motions Matt to come in the ring, but Matt hops off the apron and ignores him. Matt walks up the rampway and disappears backstage, getting some boos from the fans. Kyle shrugs and the crowd cheers him on as he celebrates his victory in the ring.

McDaniel: A well-earned victory for Kyle Stevenson!

Rentfro: AND Matthew Engel...

McDaniel: Well, yeah...he helped out, but Kyle finished it.

Rentfro: The way Doomsday was wrestling...Jacob Collins would've finished him.

McDaniel: True that. Let's step right into our next match!

Duff Côte d'Ivoire vs. Riona Langly


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen...the following contest is scheduled for one pin fall or submission, with both wrestlers making their debut in Pioneer Wrestling...

A soft pinging noise fills the speakers, moving across the arena as the lights flicker along with it. As the pinging comes to a stop, the lights in the arena shut off completely, and orchestral intro to "Planet Hell" by Nightwish begins. The crowd doesn't really know what to think as images of angels and death flash across the screen, superimposed with flashes of ring action. The lights begin to flicker along with the beat of the drums. And without a warning, the music stops and a massive explosion of red pyro goes off on both sides of the entrance ramp as the the guitars kick in most mightily, the lights coming back on with a fury. Blue lasers fly about the arena as Marco Hietala begins singing.

### Denying the lying ###
### A million children fighting ###
### For lives in strife ###
### For hope beyond the horizon ###

The lasers switch to a reddish hue as Tajra begins to sing....

### A dead world ###
### A dark path ###
### Not even crossroads to choose from ###
### All the blood red carpets before me ###
Behold this fair creation of God ###

As Tajra's pace and the music calm down considerably, a spotlight bursts out from in front of the curtain as a figure slowly makes its way out in front of it, head tilted down. The figure stops just in front of the light, head tilted down. Her long, black hair flows over her shoulders, bangs at the front hiding her face as she silohettes herself on the light.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, she stands 5 feet, 9 inches and weighed in this morning at 142 pounds...

### My only wish to leave behind ###
### All the days of the earth ###
An everyday hell of my kingdom come ###

The woman slowly lifts her head up, hair hanging down over her face and obscuring most of it. Finally, as the second of the song begins, she throws her arms out to the side in a crucifix pose and flicks her head back, her hair flying back over her shoulders and revealing her face.  A huge pop occurs as a stream of silver sparks fall from the screen above her, the light behind her blacking out.  She ignores any sort of minor pain that the sparks would be causing her as three silver fireworks shoot off from the top of the tron to fly off and hit sets above the ring, causing minor explosions and the lasers to switch back to blue.

### The first rock thrown again ###
### Welcome to hell, little Saint ###
### Mother Gaia in slaughter ###
Welcome to paradise soldier ###

Riona drops her pose and paces each side of the entrance ramp, mentally preparing herself for the match as she loosens her muscles up a bit with a little bounce.

Eric Emerson: She comes to us from Philadelphia, Pennslyvania and is the Celestial Trigger...

### My first cry neverending ###
### All life is to fear for life ###
### You fool, you wanderer ###
### You challenged the gods and lost ###

Riona returns to the middle of the entranceway and begins to make her way down the ramp as silver sparks suddenly fly up from either side of the entrance ramp to shower down over her, creating a tunnel of sorts due to the arching shape. Riona's typical neutral gaze not showing much of her thoughts towards the crowd.  The arching shape keeps her from specifically reaching out for high fives, but she doesn't bother to stop the few pats on the back she gets through the tunnel of sparks. Riona stops at the bottom of the ramp as the sparks finally dissipate, looking up into the ring for a few moments before walking over to and up the stairs. She quickly climbs up to the top turnbuckle and snaps off a crucifix pose as silver pyro shoots up from the other three turnbuckles with a loud pop as soon as the chorus begins.



### Save yourself a penny for the ferryman ###
### Save yourself and let them suffer ###
### In hope ###
### In love ###
### This world ain't ready for The Ark ###


She holds the pose there while the chorus goes on, the lasers finally ending. Finally, Riona lowers her arms and hops down into to her corner, doing some last minute stretches and getting ready for the match as the lights return to normal.

An old nylon-string guitar begins playing lonely notes over the loudspeakers and the sound echoes as if it's residing deep inside of a sewer. When the first drum beat hits, building the anticipation, a series of black lights illuminate the stage and vapor dances in its glow. After about forty five seconds, the classical guitar is interrupted by Randal Blythe's growling vocals.

--Our father, thy will be done!--

The classical guitar is replaced with distorted electric guitars tuned to drop D, playing the slow and droning "Vigil" by Lamb of God. The lights surrounding the curtain flicker in a constant strobe and Duff Côte d'Ivoire emerges from the back wearing long, black leather jacket. Beneath this, he wears a black tee shirt, blue jeans, and combat boots.

--I have denied--
--This life its worth--
--I will not be the victim--

He glances around to the crowd and the smirk turns into an arrogant, toothy grin.

--Show me how it hurts to rot from the inside out--
--This vigil burns--
--Until the date our fires overtake you--

Eric Emerson: On the way to the ring: from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he stands at 6'7" and weighs in at 275 lbs., he is a member of the Masters of Armageddon, Duff Côte d'Ivoiiire!

He walks to the ring in long strides. He surveys his surroundings again before rolling into the ring. A lone spotlight shines on him as he plays the crowd from the middle rope in the far corner for a few moments. They throw nothing a barrage of jeers at him as he laughs at their discontent.


Duff jumps down from his perch. The ref signals for the bell. Riona and Duff meet up in the middle.

Rentfro: Here we go!


Duff and Riona lock up, but Duff obviously overpowers Riona. Riona slides out of it and hits a side kick to Duff's back. She springboards off the middle rope with a dropkick and takes Duff down. She hits some knee strikes on Duff's head. She goes into the ropes and comes back with huge knee drop, but Duff rolls out of the way just in time. He gets to his feet quick and clotheslines Riona. Riona gets up and gets knocked by down again with a clothesline. She springs to her feet and Duff tries it again, but she ducks and hits an inverted DDT on Duff!

McDaniel: Big move there! She hooks the leg...



Kick out!

Rentfro: Two and a half count there as Riona goes back to work on Duff. She keeps smashing those knees into the big man's side and head, trying to wear him down.

McDaniel: They don't seem to be doing much damage. Duff gets to his feet and Riona tries for a roundhouse kick, but Duff steps in and grabs her by the throat!

Rentfro: Duff lifts her high into the air and slams her down hard!

McDaniel: What a chokeslam! He covers...



3! No! Riona got her shoulder up at the last second.

McDaniel: Duff's arguing with the ref, as Riona stirs a bit.

Rentfro: Riona using the ropes to get up, sees that Duff is still arguing with the ref. Let it go man!

Duff turns around and is met by a stiff kick to the face. Duff staggers back and falls into the corner. Riona slams her knees into Duff's midsection. She backs up to the middle of the ring, and sprints. She leaps and catches Duff in the face with a high knee strike, and Duff staggers forward. Riona hops up to the top turnbuckle. She leaps forward off the turnbuckle, shooting her legs out in front of her, and catches Duff with a massive bulldog! She hooks the leg...



Kick out!

Riona is frustrated and gets Duff to his feet. She sends him into the ropes, but Duff comes back and nails her with a big boot! Riona looks out of it, and Duff covers.



Shoulder up!

Duff gets Riona up to her feet and tosses her easily into the corner. He slams his shoulder into Riona a few times and then picks her up so she's upside down in front of me, and takes off to the middle of the ring. He leaps and executes a big running powerslam. He covers...



Kick out!

McDaniel: How did she manage to kick out of that?!

Rentfro: [Thick Russian accent] Girl's got alligator blood...can't get rid of her...

McDaniel: You need to stop staying up and watching Rounders every night.

Rentfro: [Thick Russian accent] I'll splash dee pot whensever zee fu--

They are cut off when Duff lifts up Riona in a powerbomb position, but Riona counters with lefts and rights, trying to bring the big man down. He staggers back a bit, but keeps his balance. Riona hooks her legs together and hits a beautiful hurricanrana on Duff.

McDaniel: Nice reversal by Riona!

Riona gets to her feet, as does Duff. She hits him with a right, but that doesn't do much. She kicks him low, which makes him double over, and she hooks both arms. She tries to drive him to the mat with a DDT, but Duff doesn't budge. Except, he picks her up in a bear hug position and slams her down with a spinebuster. He covers...



Kick out!

McDaniel: Riona is definitely making this difficult for Duff!

Rentfro: Duff certainly has a huge size advantage, but Riona is almost just as tough as him!

McDaniel: No more Teddy KGB?

Rentfro: Maybe YOU need to stop watching Rounders every night.

Riona gets picked up to her feet and sent into the ropes by Duff. She comes back and tries for a cross body press, but Duff catches her. He smiles at the crowd, and leans back while throwing Riona over his head for a huge release fallaway slam. Riona hits the mat hard and rolls up into the ropes. Duff grabs her by her feet and drags her into the middle of the ring. The big man goes into the ropes and comes down with a huge elbow drop. He tries for a second one, but Riona moves out of the way just in time. She goes to her feet and connects with a roundhouse kick!

McDaniel: Quite a wake-up call for Duff there!

Rentfro: That only pissed him off!

McDaniel: Duff runs at Riona, but Riona counters with a schoolboy!

Riona grabs a handful of Duff's tights as the ref is on the other side, counting...




McDaniel: What! Come on! How could the ref NOT see that?

Rentfro: Hey, hey! Nobody's perfect. Riona did what she needed to do!


Eric Emerson:
And your winner of this match... RIONA LANGLY!

"Planet Hell" by Nightwish hits the PA system as Riona celebrates in the ring. Duff slams his fist down on the mat. He starts cursing at Riona, telling her that it isn't over. He rolls out of the ring and disappears backstage.

McDaniel: Some heated words there from Duff...I got a feeling we're gonna see these two back in action sometime soon.

Rentfro: They're both damn good wrestlers and don't really like each other at all... I'm sure Duff will be seeking retribution for this.

McDaniel: We're just about to move right in to our next match...ODDYSEY defends his Television Title against Riley Howlett...but we're getting something backstage.

Cut to backstage where we find Warren Engel walking towards the stage to await his entrance. However, he doesn't notice two bodies round a corner, until one of them stops in front of him.

Upon realization of who he's faced with, Warren stops dead in his tracks. He looks over both his shoulders to see if anyone's behind him --- there isn't... But even still he starts backing up slightly...

Vicious: "What's the matter, friend? You look pallid as a ghost."

From the left of Vicious, his running partner Dead End circles slightly around Warren and leans against the wall.

Dead End: "Relax man! We don't want you to get the wrong impression..."

Warren scowls.

Warren Engel: "I've got all the impression of you guys I'll ever need! What now, you want to mess me up as a message to my brother? I don't see any weapons... I promise I'll at least take one of you out..."

The two look at each briefly and smile behind their sunglasses. Their suits are much the same as they were the previous week - all black and custom-tailored. Vicious removes his shades to expose his stoic green eyes, but still manages a smile at Warren as he moves a bit closer.

Vicious: "Warren... Don't follow in your brother's misguided footsteps."

The line seems to catch Engel off guard, and he relaxes his stance just a bit.

Dead End: "Matthew Engel is spiraling out of control. It already cost Jamie Flynn... Are you going to let him drag you down as well?"

He gets pissed again, seemingly taking offense at the shots at his brother.

Warren Engel: "You guys forced him into that situation! Nothing would have happened to Jamie or my brother if it wasn't for you. But I wouldn't expect cowards like you to take any responsibility for it."

Knight rubs his temple with his forefinger, letting Dead field the response.

Dead End: "Open up your eyes, kid. Don't you think its time you ditched 'big brother's' shadow and started thinking for yourself? You're a champion, bro! A name among names! A rising star like you shouldn't be weighted down by a sinking ship like Virus."

Warren looks semi-confused, but still weary of his surroundings.

Warren Engel: "So what are you saying?"

Dead cracks a wide smile and shrugs.

Dead End: "To put it bluntly? That you'd be a perfect fit for the new Masters of Armageddon."

Warren scoffs and shakes his head, smiling as if the notion were ludicrous on its face.

Warren Engel: "Are you serious? You guys have some nerve... assaulting my brother and then asking me to join your ranks! I know your kind is capable of many things, but this is really something... Anyway, if you'll excuse me, the fans are expecting me to defend this right now."

He casually nods to the title belt draped over his shoulder. Without a response from the other two he starts moving, but as he passes Knight is given one more message.

Vicious: "You're wrong, you know. You, your brother... Most of this federation are too stuck in the past to view these three initials in their new light. A pity."

Warren turns back around, but Vicious and Dead have already started their departure. He pauses briefly, but then continues on his way as well.

PWA Television Championship Match
ODDYSEY (C) vs. Riley Howlett


Eric Emerson: The following match is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the PWA Television Championship!!!

The crowd pops nicely, eager for a title match!

Eric Emerson: Introducing first the challenger, she hails from Vancouver, British Columbia; RILEY HOWLETT!!

The opening drum beat of ‘Phenomena' by Yeah Yeah Yeahs cues up and Riley Howlett makes her way to the stage. She walks down the ring taking no note of the fans. She walks up the ring steps and enters the ring, not allowing the fans any view of her behind. She enters the ring and stretches, as many of the men in the audience are staring at her.

Eric Emerson: And her opponent....

The lights dim as "Rumors Of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated" by Rise Against kicks up on the PA system. The guitar rocks throughout the arena and about twenty seconds in we finally have a voice to match the guitars and drums.  Warren Engel appears from backstage, receiving a bigger ovation than usual due to his recent title capture. Well, some would disagree with that, but the crowd loved his match against Paytron Strader regardless. Most of the crowd is cheering for him, while the rest don't bother.

When I die will they remember not
What I did, but what I haven't done?
It's not the end I fear with each breath
It's life that scares me to death

Eric Emerson: Introducing now, hailing from Bailey's Bay, Bermuda...

Warren starts to make his way down the ring as red and silver pyros shoot off behind him. He's dressed in faded blue jeans, a black dress shirt, and a pair of Oakley's. His hair used to be spiked up in the front, but he's grown it out and wears it regular. His bangs cover the tops of his eyes as he reaches the ring.

Eric Emerson: ...he weighs two hundred and three pounds and stands just an inch under six feet...

Your words won't save me now
I'm at the edge feeling the sweat drip from my brow
"Get a grip on yourself" is what they say
Every hour, every day
Hands over my ears
I've been screaming all these years

He slides into the ring and hops to his feet. He yells out to the crowd to get'em pumped. Some react, some don't. He takes off his sunglasses and shirt to reveal a long-sleeve black athletic shirt.

Eric Emerson: ...the PWA Television Champion...he is WARREN "ODDYSEY" ENGEL!!

And now a hand's extending outward
Quiet comfort they invite
Do we dare take what they offer?
Do we step into the light?

Some of the crowd pops again as Warren relaxes in his turnbuckle, waiting.

McDaniel: ODDYSEY has come a long way since his amazing debut a few weeks ago.  First he beats the veteran Sirus Moran, and just last week, after already facing one contender, he gets into a match with Payton Strader and wins the PWA TV title!

Rentfro: Win? TDR had him beat!  The only reason he's the champ is because TDR wanted him to be.  Before this kid can celebrate anything, he has to start wracking up some well earned victories!


While Warren has been in a couple of matches, he knows he’s still new to the game as Riley is, so both of them are cautious with their first lock up.  Once they do, they break it off twice, unable to get a good grip. Riley licks her lips and Warren blinks back, not letting her ‘charms’ sway him. She says something to him and he shrugs back. Riley then pushes him to get his attention, and he pushes her back, not interested in that attention.  Finally, she gets pissed and  throws him to the ropes.  Warren bounces off and she goes for a hip toss. Warren blocks, Riley knees him, flips over and he goes for a clothesline, but she answers with an arm-drag take down!

McDaniel: While the two of them are sort of new to the ring, Riley is showing a bit more skill early on.

Rentfro: If that kid's taking her lightly cause she's a chick, he's going to learn the hard way you simply take NO one lightly in the PWA!

Warren bounces up, and answers with his own arm-drag take down.  As Riley comes up, Warren pushes her into the corner. She comes in, but Warren sidesteps her and hits a drop toe hold, sending her face first into the middle turn buckle. Warren lifts her up and hits a knife edge across her chest.


 Infuriated, Riley grabs Warren and turns him around so he’s against the ropes and connects with a couple knife edge chops of her own.


Riley then whips Warren across the ring to the other side, where his back hits hard. She runs in, but Warren moves and Riley nearly connects with the corner.  Warren takes the chance and pulls on her lower tights and brings her into a roll over package pin.



Kick out!

McDaniel: Nice counter move into a small package!

Rentfro: Counter move, he was feeling her ass up!!  Damn, why couldn't I be in that ring now!?

Riley hops up and takes Warren down with a drop kick. She grabs his legs and positions him and sends him to the turnbuckle with a sunset flip!  However, Warren lands on the second set of ropes as Riley nips up.  She turns as Warren leaps off with an airborne drop kick!  He then covers Riley!



Kick out!

McDaniel: Both are showing some great skill, considering their status!

Rentfro: Either that, or they're both so lame they make each other look good!

Warren then whips her to the other side, but she reverses. Warren meets the corner, but grabs the ropes and lifts himself up. Riley comes in, catches Warren’s legs, and he pushes off and flips her over, sending her to the outside.

McDaniel: I wouldn't call that move lame at all! Warren is using every part of the ring to keep himself ahead of Riley.

Rentfro: It was a good move, I admit, but can he keep it up in the long run?

Warren motions her back in, and Riley cusses and slips in, wiping her hair from her face.  They lock up but Riley immediately hits a knee lift, then a body slam and then a knee to Warren’s face.

McDaniel: Quick retaliation by Riley!  Good offense too!

Rentfro: She has some skill, and that's why they're so equaled, they have SOME!

She then scoops him up in a sitting position and applies a rear submission, sleeper hold.  Warren struggles and starts to fade, but then comes back with a burst of adrenaline. He manages to get to his feet, hits an elbow to Riley’s chest and then bounces to the ropes!  Riley goes for a clothesline, but Warren ducks it, comes off the other side and jumps.  Landing on her shoulders, Riley gets up close and personal with much more then she bargained for, before Warren flips back and takes Riley down with a hurricaranna!

McDaniel: Huge move by Warren to take Riley off her vertical stance!

Rentfro: Heh, you said huge, dude! Good timing!

Riley stumbles up as Warren comes back for another attack, but she catches him and spins him around into a titl-a-whirl backbreaker on her knee!  Riley then picks Warren up by the hair smacks his head into the corner turnbuckle!  Warren elbows her back, and spins her to the corner.  Warren hits a high knee lift, locks her up around the head and speeds her from the corner with a running bulldog!



Kick out!

McDaniel: That should have been it! Riley doesn't want to give it up yet!

Rentfro: Ya know, this is starting to sound more and more perverted as we go!

Warren jumps up and moves around Riley, and locks on a standing scissors lock, before falling to the canvas by her side.  Applying the pressure, Warren has Riley in his Renaissance '86 submission hold and after fighting for almost a minute, Riley finally gives and taps out!


Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, and STILL PWA TELEVISION CHAMPION;  Warren 'ODDYSEY' Engel!!!

McDaniel: She put up her best effort, but Warren's streak continues!

Rentfro: I guess she wasn't as devoted to making a mark in the PWA as I'd hoped.  Ah well, the next match, if you can call it that, will be the first ever Octagon match in PWA history!  I can't wait to see this!


MethodCobra vs. Nightmare


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen...the Octagon match begins NOW! Introducing first, from Montreal, Quebec...

The entrance begins when the camera is on the titantron and the debut of "Down" by Static X begins to play on the P.A system with some smoke that covers the stage. When the music begins to rumble we see MC arriving like Gangrel in a fog of smoke.

Eric Emerson: ...he stands six foot ten and weighs three hundred and ten pounds...

When MC is on the move to walk he does some taunts to the crowd. The same time the fireworks release from the stage. On the ramp he runs fast to the cage and gets inside. He raises his arms to the crowd.

Eric Emerson: ...he is METHODCOBRA!!!

MC begins to shadowbox inside the Octagon, waiting for his opponent.

The house lights dim as smoke begins to boil up from the entranceway. A pulsing beat hits the air as "The Great American Nightmare" by Rob Zombie begins to play as a group of ravishingly beautiful women in hot pants and cropped halter tops rise from the smoke, moving in a sensuous provocative manner to the music. The arena lights begin to strobe in synchronicity to the music as the opening guitar riff hits its crescendo. The entrance explodes as spikes of red pyros fire into the air.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from the City of Angels, Los Angeles, California, he stands six feet nine inches tall and weighs in at 260 pounds. He is Jonathon Wehali...

As a shower of red pyros rains down upon the stage, Nightmare steps through the entrance. Red war paint marks his face. Keeping his eyes upon his opponent Nightmare makes his way to the Octagon.

Eric Emerson: NIGHTMARE!!!

Jon gets near the Octagon, and then climbs in. The door shuts behind him, but it isn't locked yet. Nightmare faces his opponent, his eyes never leaving his opponent. The song fades out, the stage once again in darkness as the Sex Girls return to the back as Nightmare takes his corner to await the bell to begin the match.

McDaniel: That cage is impressive!

Both Nightmare and Methodcobra are loced inside of the Octagon as the bell rings to start the match.


McDaniel: I don't think in the history of the PWA have we ever had a match quite like this one!

Rentfro: Similar to the UFC structure but without the round breaks and it goes until we have a finish.

Nightmare rushes in and immediately goes for the double leg takedown but Methodcobra shows that he has been working on his takedown defense and blocks his advance, countering with a short hook to the jaw that Nightmare shrugs off.

McDaniel: Methodcobra has been doing his homework from the looks of things.

Rentfro: It's still Nightmare's match though and you'd have to make him the favourite here.

Methodcobra moves in with a flurry of punches but Nightmare blocks and steps out of range, coming back with a sharp kick into Methodcobra's knee. Methodcobra moves forward and receives another kick to the knee which halts his advance. He shrugs it off and tries again but his persistence works against him as he is rewarded with a kick to the head from Nightmare that sends him staggering back. Nightmare presses his advantage and rushes forward, throwing a right over the top but Methodcobra parries it and engages Nightmare in a clinch.

McDaniel: This match only comes to an end when we have a knockout or submission.

Rentfro: You're not going to get that by clinching.

Methodcobra tries to use the clinch to his advantage and wrestle Nightmare to the ground but Nightmare plants a solid base and resists his attempts. The ref steps in after a period of inaction and seperates the two fighters. On resuming the action, Nightmare delivers another kick to the knee of Methodcobra that makes him wince.

Rentfro: Too many of those and your knee will swell up like a balloon.

Methodcobra bursts forward and gets through with a jab on Nightmare, followed with a right hook. Nightmare staggers back and regains his bearings enough to kick out at the elbow of Methodcobra.

McDaniel: Nightmare seems to be employing a strategy of working the knee and elbow joints.

Rentfro: If you can't lift your arms, you can't defend yourself, simple as that.

Methodcobra charges forward and catches a roundhouse kick to the jaw that would knock out lesser men but Methodcobra surprises Nightmare by charging through it and tackling him to the ground.

McDaniel: Methodcobra gets the first takedown of the match!

Rentfro: Who would of thought it?

Methodcobra mounts Nightmare but Nightmare goes into full guard by wrapping his legs around Methodcobra's waist to prevent him getting a more dominant position. Instead, Methodcobra rains elbows down into the face of Nightmare, opening up a nasty gash on the side of his eye.

McDaniel: That's a nasty cut right there.

Rentfro: I don't believe this one can be stopped on cuts either.

Nightmare unwraps his legs and places them on Methodcobra's hips before he can move for the dominant position. Nightmare then moves Methodcobra's hips to push himself out from under his weight. He then yanks Methodcobra's arm forward and brings his legs up to lock around his neck.

McDaniel: Triangle choke! One of the most common and lethal finishers in the MMA world, first brought to world attention by Royce Gracie! This should be over right now!

Methodcobra's face turns purple and he looks on the verge of passing out but before the ref can call for the bell, Nightmare releases the hold and gets to his feet.

McDaniel: What the Hell is he doing!?

Rentfro: I think he is sending a message out to Karasu.

McDaniel: He should focus on the match at hand if you ask me.

Nightmare waits for Methocobra to recover and get back to his feet. Methodcobra is confused at a situation where he thought he had just lost the match with being on the verge of being choked out but he doesn't question things and charges at Nightmare but Nightmare catches Methodcobra and lifts him up for the Black Crush and nails it for the knockout win. The referee calls for the bell.


 How's that for focus?

McDaniel: ...

Rentfro: The winner of the match by knockout, Nightmare!!!

Nightmare demands the cage to be unlocked and the tech guy does it. Nightmare celebrates outside the cage, while Methodcobra comes to. Nightmare goes up the ramp, and disappears backstage. Methodcobra soon follows, sad about his loss.

The scene opens to the backstage changing room of Alex Wilkie, the door labeled “Grade A” opens and Alex walks out, wearing one of his Signiture shirts and his wrestling tights. Mark McNasty appears from the right.

Alex: Hey man, what’s up?

Mark McNasty: Nothing, I’m just getting ready for my match… I think its after yours…

Alex: Yeah I would imagine… Got your match Strategy down?

Mark McNasty: Yeah, how about you?

Alex: Well all I can say is that Karasu isn’t going to like my stipulations very much... and there is nothing no one can do about it…

He grinned and Mark took a sip of his water bottle in his hand.

Mark McNasty:
Sounds Grade A…

They both chuckled and shake hands, going their separate ways.


Alex Wilkie © vs. Karasu

McDaniel: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back, next up on the card, we’ve got Alex Wilkie and Karasu going head to head in the Grizzly Beer title match of the night, of course, we all know that Wilkie gets to pick the Stipulations of the match…

Rentfro: But hell, Jon, we’ve barely got a clue as to what Alex has got in mind. It could be anything really!

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall… the match stipulation as yet to be named by the champion… first, The Challenger making his way to the ring first…

The lights cut abruptly, then rise again in a strobing purple and yellow fashion, bathing the arena in dappled shades of both aforementioned colors. A silhouette of a crow seems to fly from the rafters to the entranceway, which the cameras now focus on as a lone figure emerges from the curtain, walking slowly. He doesn’t seem to acknowledge the crowd, but rather spends his time preening his hair and pouting as if the cameras were there for a model shoot and not a wrestling match.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing, hailing from Stratton England, the New Visualist, Kara-suuuuuuuuu!

Karasu makes his way slowly up the ring steps, slipping between the second and third ropes, and checking his cap is intact on his head, then starts to make sure he looks right in the titantrons as his music fades, totally ignoring the referee who wants to check him before the contest begins.

McDaniel: As we’ve all seen in earlier weeks, Karasu has talents… but really fails to prove them in my opinion…

Rentfro: Plus the guy is a real loud mouth… Heh, I think he takes notes from me…

McDaniel: You only wish your fan-base was that big…

Eric Emerson: …And the Champion…

The intro to the Rage song Bulls on Parade begins to sound throughout the arena. It plays and thumps over the speakers, and finally as the intro finishes, and the guitar begins to sound as if it’s on a scratch board, the stage bursts with red fireworks, from behind comes Alex Wilkie, sporting a shiny red leather vest, with the letters A+ engraved in the back, his eyes are covered by a pair of black sunglasses, and his face covered by his golden grin. First, he stands in the middle of the stage, and then points out to a few fans with signs, starting his long walk down the ramp.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, making his way to the ring, weighing in at 250lbs, born in Cold Lake, Alberta Canada and now residing in Seattle, Washington, he is your Grizzly Beer Champion! Grade A ALEX! WIIIIIILKIEEEEE!

He stands at the middle of the stage, drops down to his knees, and points one hand up to the sky and behind him, more red and white fireworks go off into the top of the arena, he then gets off his knees and continues to walk down to the ring, he rolls under the bottom rope, he hops back up and runs towards the nearest turn buckle, tossing his red leather vest into the crowd, then pointing to the lucky fan who caught it, the music begins to fade as he circles around the ring…

McDaniel: You know, I really want to wonder what is going through Alex’s head, I mean, he hasn’t named a stipulation for the match… and he hasn’t even spoke once to the PWA officials about any match ideas…

Rentfro: ive the guy a little credit, he’s a champion you know, he must be pretty busy with fans, and the ladies…

McDaniel: I would really hate to think that Alex would be busy with Ladies when he already has one…

Eric Emerson walks over to Alex, with a microphone in hand.

Eric Emerson: Alex, It’s now time for you to name the stipulation of the match…

Alex looks at Eric, then to Karasu, he snatches the microphone out of Eric’s hand, and lifts it to his mouth.

Alex: Now, I bet you are all wondering… what it’s going to be… a stretcher match? A Chain on a pole match? Hell, an electrified ring rope match… but no, I’m going to be smart about this… Karasu, the match stipulations… for your Grizzly Beer title shots… No Submission moves are to be used through the entirety of the match…

Karasu yells to the ref that he was being cheated, Alex simply flips Karasu the bird and immediately goes on the attack, striking Karasu with a hard right hand, then a hard left, and he manages to get three shots in before the ref calls for the match to start!

McDaniel: Well it seems that Alex seems to have Karasu beat before the match even begins!

Rentfro: Not to mention, Karasu’s main arsenal is Submission moves! I hope he knows more to take one man down than just with an Arm Bar!

Alex begins to strike Karasu while he is on the ground with hard Elbow strikes, the ref has to push Alex off and warn him for improper strikes. Alex backs up, grins, and slips in behind the ref just as Karasu was about to get up, he kicks Karasu right in the gut!

McDaniel: Obviously, Alex isn’t getting paid by the hour here… he’s wasting no time beating Karasu to a pulp!

The ref pushes Alex back to a corner, and points at him and basically tearing him a new one, which gives Karasu time to get up, the ref backs off of Alex, but as soon as he did, Karasu surprised Alex in the corner with a hard Stinger Splash! Karasu backs up and as soon as Alex slumps forward, Karasu caught him in a hard DDT!

Rentfro: I think Karasu is using a bit of force to show what he really thinks of Alex Wilkie.

McDaniel: Well, I would hope that both these men leave it all in the ring tonight.

Karasu kicks Alex over and was about to Apply rough leg lock, but immediately stops as he remembered the stipulation; instead he just kicks Alex in the knees and poses to the crowd, he gives him another swift kick! He poses again to the crowd, but the ref was pushing him back again, having a hard time containing the illegal strikes, Karasu pushes the ref out of the way to get back at Alex, but as he went down to pick Alex up, Alex snaps up and rolls Karasu into a small package!

The Ref counts!



Foot on the ropes!

The Ref taps Alex that Karasu got his toes on the rope, and Alex let go of the Pin, Karasu rolls out of the ring, then rolls right back in, hopping up again to get face to face with Alex, however, Alex didn’t have the same Idea and he kicked Karasu right hard in the gut, going for a Grade A Stunner! but Karasu pushes him into the ropes, Alex came back and just nearly ducks under a clothesline! Alex comes back himself with a hard flying shoulder block!

McDaniel: Alex is getting fired up here, he is way over with the crowd!

Rentfro: Doesn’t say Much for Karasu, if Alex didn’t implement that no Submission holds stipulation, Karasu would’ve had this match won already!

McDaniel: Well, Rules are rules Brian, the champ can do whatever stipulation he wants.

Alex hops up and quickly ran towards the rope, he jumps off the middle one, and tries to hit his A+Ssault, but as soon as he was mid-air, Karasu rolls out of the way, and Alex belly flopped off the canvas, Karasu quickly charges in for the attack and baseball slides Alex right in the gut, then himself, hits a hard standing Leg drop! He stands up, then hits another! He stands and cracks his neck, then his fingers, and picks Alex up, and tosses him into the turn buckle, Alex hits the corner with a thud, and Karasu follows quickly with a hard elbow to the face! Karasu grins and hits another elbow! Alex tries to snap out of his stupor, but his struck with a quick elbow, but this time he catches it before Karasu can retract, he spins around and throws Karasu into the corner that he was just in, for a moment, he holds him there, telling the crowd to quiet down…

McDaniel: Uh-oh, what has Alex got planned…

He then winds up and open hand slaps Karasu across the chest, a loud crack echoes through the arena as the crowd goes WOOOOOO!, Another slap is follow and Karasu is holding his down red chest. Alex backs up, and just as a slap in to Karasu’s face, he turns around, slaps his own ass, yells WOOO! and runs back with a hard Elbow to the face!

McDaniel: Alex showing Karasu a little of what he thinks of him!

Rentfro: How un-sportsmen like!

McDaniel: Uh… No comment…

Alex turns Karasu around and lifts him up onto the top turn buckle. Alex climbs up, and grabs a hold of Karasu’s waist, he wraps his leg around the top rope and lifts Karasu high into the air, hitting him with a hard Spider German Suplex! Alex picks himself up onto the top turnbuckle with just his legs, and turns around, going for a sky high moonsault! But again Karasu rolls just a bit out of the way! Karasu is already managing to pick himself up with the help of the ropes.

Rentfro: Looks like Karasu is a bit shaken by that Top-Rope German Suplex… Who wouldn’t be though.. did you see his neck snap back?

Alex is laying on his stomach, taking a bit of a canvas nap. Karasu gets to his two feet and begins to walk over to Alex, the crowd is chanting LETS GO ALEX-KA-RA-SU!- LETS GO ALEX-KA RA SU! Alex begins to pick himself up, but Karasu has already grabbed a hold of his head, he picks Alex up and picks him high into the air, dropping him onto the canvas with a hard Falling Neck Breaker!

McDaniel:Well it looks like Karasu is paying Alex back for that German Suplex.

Rentfro: An Eye for an Eye as I always say!

Karasu goes back on the attack, Picking Alex up once again, giving him a hard right hand to the face then grabbing him and dropping him with an STO! Karasu goes for the pin, hooking both legs!




Alex gets his shoulder up, and the ref stops the count, Karasu shakes it off and grabs Alex by the hair, picking him up and tossing him into the ropes, As he comes back, Karasu grips him by the waist and tosses him over his head in a rough belly to belly suplex! After that Neck Breaker, Alex had turned into a slump rag doll! The crowd continues its chants, more geared towards Alex now LETS GO ALEX! Clap Clap Clap LETS GO ALEX!

Karasu stomps on Alex’s head and gets right down to his ear, smack talking him before getting up and stomping on him again, the ref pushes him off and tells him if he does it again, he’s out of the match.

McDaniel: Oh Come on now! There is no need for that!!

Rentfro:Relax, Girl pants. Those two are out there to win! I think Karasu can be let off with a bit of a warning on this one, considering he can’t use his submission moves.

Alex begins to get up on his hands and knees, the crowd begin to cheer and chant even louder, Alex grabs the middle rope as he slowly picks himself up… but Karasu stops it immediately and kicks him hard right upside the head! Alex slumps over and rolls out of the ring. Holding his face and laying against the barricade. Karasu looks both left and right, then runs to the ropes behind him, bouncing off coming back, jumping over the top rope into a hard suicide dive! Alex just slightly lists off to the left and Karasu cracks his neck off the barricade!

McDaniel: OH MY GOD! Karasu just killed himself!

Rentfro: It isn’t called a Suicide Dive for nothing! That move is deadly if you miss it!

After a bit, the ref count gets up to about 5 before Alex pulls himself into the ring… then rolls out to restart the count… he grabs Karasu by the back of the neck and tosses him into the ring… Alex had taken control of the match back.

McDaniel: Alex thinks’ he has got this one in the bag now!

He stands up to his full height and picks Karasu up, holding him apathetically by his chin, showing him his middle finger, then kicking him hard in the gut and picking him up on his shoulder, looking out to each part of the crowd… getting them pumped for the Grade A Stunner, but before he can, Karasu starts to wiggle! He manages to wiggle right off of Alex’s Shoulders! Karasu drops down and catches Alex up in a school boy!! The ref counts!





McDaniel: OH MY GOD!

Rentfro: NO WAY!

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen! Here is your winner, and the New Grizzly Beer Champion….KARASU!!!

Karasu was half way up the ramp, before the ref handed him the title and raised his hand, Alex couldn’t believe it, and he slams his fist on the canvas in Frustration… he rolls out of the bottom rope and grabs a steel chair, walking over to where the ref was, Karasu had already gone to the back. Alex grabbed the ref by the collar of his shirt and walked him over to the ring.

Alex tossed the ref and the chair into the ring… he rolled under the bottom rope and grabbed Eric Emerson’s microphone.

Alex: What the hell do you call that! He cheated! He was hooking my tights you lousy ref!

He grabs the steel chair as the ref cowers in the turnbuckle. He raised his Steel chair and was about to bring it down and crush the ref’s skull, but McNasty runs down to the ring and pushes Alex back, Alex drops the microphone, but is obviously yelling at Mark that he’d be cheated, Mark just patted him on the shoulder and told him it was over… it took a bit to sink in, but Alex nodded and patted Mark on the back, leaving the chair in the middle of the ring. They both walk up the ramp as Alex points out to a few fans that were obviously mad about Karasu winning.

McDaniel: Alex is a little sore about losing, Brian...

Rentfro: He clearly got cheated out of his title...

McDaniel: Wait a second, we're getting something backstage.

Backstage, we have a camera crew on Karasu and his new Grizzly Beer Title. But, he's confronted by Nightmare. They begin to exchange words, but Akira and Dhamballa waste no time and attack Karasu from behind! Akira takes Karasu down to one knee. Akira and Dhamballa are taking turns on the new champion, delivering lefts and rights. 

McDaniel: Oh come on! That's just not fair!

Karasu falls into Dhamballa's hands, who kicks him low. Karasu's head gets tucked between Dhamball's thighs and Dhamballa secures a rear waistlock. He lifts Karasu up, and slams him down on the hallway floor! Karasu looks like he's out cold from that devasating powerbomb. Akira lays down a couple of stomps, and they both wipe off their hands. Nightmare laughs and the threesome disappear around a corner.

Rentfro: Jesus...Karaus doesn't look well there.

McDaniel: EMTs are attending to him now...I'm getting a report that he's going to be okay, he might have some hindering back injuries. Let's move on to the Intercontinental Match.
PWA Intercontinental Championship

Mark McNasty (C) vs. Pohatu vs. Circa


McDaniel: The Intercontinental Championship match will be starting soon.

Rentfro: And what a match is going to be. I can't wait to see those three gladiators battling themselves in the ring.

McDaniel: Two of them are hungry for the gold and one of them is the fugitive who will do anything to survive in this match.

Rentfro: Here comes Circa!

Eric Emerson: The following match is scheduled for one pinfall or submission and is for the Intercontinental Championship. On the way to the ring from, Multan, Pakistan. She stands at five feet and eight inches and weighs one hundred and seventy two pounds.. CIIIRCAAA..!!!

"Sleepless" by HellTrain hits and the strobe lights hit in quick fashion, they spin and twirl in a circle around the ring, before focusing in on the entrance way. Circa comes out of the entrance way and begins to head bang a few times to the music before stretching and jumping a bit. She dances to the ring and high fives fans on either side before jumping on the apron. She steps through the middle rope and goes to the closest turnbuckle, raising both of her arms up in the air. She jumps off the turnbuckle and waits in the ring for her opponent.

McDaniel: No matter what Circa has encountered she is always ready to kick some man butt and tonight it's the jackpot for her.

Rentfro: Yeah because she has a chance to win the Intercontinental Championship and the crowd seems to be on her side.

McDaniel: But now the "Electric Enigma" Pohatu is making his way to the ring...

The deep guitar riff of 'I Will Fight Alone' by Firewind filled the arena of the air, the pounding of the drums that followed synching up with the sudden strobing of lights at the very top of the arena. The strobing only lasted for a few seconds, being shortly followed by a brief burst of yellow pyro around the entrance door itself. None other than 'The Electric Enigma' himself walked out following the brief explosion, hopping from foot to foot as he stared down the ramp, his eyes locked onto the ring itself.

Battles rage throughout hamlets and empires
Heroes die, legends are born
The righteous pray all through the eons
Still the evil unsheaths the sword

Obviously having enough of staying at the top of the entrance ramp, the light heavyweight pounded his chest three times with one hand before throwing his arms out either side of him, doing the standard crucifix. After doing this simple taunt, the well known high flier promptly started walking down the ramp, a determined look clearly evident in his eyes as he neared the ring.

Eric Emerson: And from Boone, Iowa...he stands at six feet and weighs two hundred and fifteen pounds..

I will fight alone
Stand and face and army of one
I will fight alone
Until I'm overrun

As the song fell into the standard riffs expected between lyrics, the 'Electric Phenomenon' whipped off his ring jacket and, not even glancing back to see where it went, tossed it over his shoulder into the crowd. Leaping up onto the apron after the piece of clothing disappeared, Pohatu ducked under the top rope and stepped into the ring. Sprinting over to the opposing corner, he practically run up the turnbuckles themselves and posed in the crucifix position again for the crowd, his blue eyes searching the people.

Hear the seer's foretell my - lonely demise
Reap the sorceress angered - am still alive

Hopping down after the angry proclamation in the song, Pohatu turned and put his back to the corner, simply awaiting the match's beginning.

Eric Emerson: The Electric Enigma... POOHAAATUU!!!

Rentfro: As for Pohatu, he looks determined to be the next Intercontinental Champ. He seems ready to shock the world. Can he do it tonight?

McDaniel: If he already beat his partner Alex Wilkie, I guess he can beat Mark McNasty if he uses a wise tactic to trap him.

Rentfro: But be careful Jon. Mark McNasty might not be healthy enough since his loss against MethodCobra but he's still the Intercontinental Champion. I am sure Mark will find a way to be the sole survivor of this match.

McDaniel: Speaking of Mark, here comes the Champ.

Eric Emerson:And finally from Atlanta, Georgia... he stands at six feet and three inches and weighs two hundred and thirty five pounds... The Intercontinental Champion MARK MCNAAAASTYYYY!!!

The lights in the arena cut to black and blue as "Whatever you Became" by Cold begins to play. Two blue pyros erupt from the stage as smoke begins to flow from the back. After a moment, out walks Mark McNasty, receiving a huge pop from the audience. He stops at the top of the ramp and cocks an eyebrow, as he rubs his chin. He then smiles and points to the crowd before he walks down the ramp. He slaps hands all the way to the ring where he rolls in. Mark then walks to a corner and jumps onto the turnbuckle before pointing out to the crowd, receiving another huge pop. He goes to the opposite corner and does the same, getting another huge pop. He then walks to the center of the ring, looks to his left, then his right, and then straight up. As he does, he raises his arms straight up, and pyros begin reigning down behind him. As the pyros stop, Mark makes his way to his corner as the music fades.


The bell rings and the three opponents stalk each other and Mark seems to realize that Circa and Pohatu are going against each other, so he elbow strikes Circa and nails punch in the face to Pohatu. He continues to give this arsenal of strikes against the two contenders until he receives am Enziguiri in the face from the part of Pohatu.

McDaniel: A beautiful Enziguiri, perfectly executed by Pohatu.

Now he sees Circa is in his sight so he goes against her with a test of force. Pohatu seems to get the advantage but with flexibility of Circa she gains all the help to regain the advantage and she holds the hand of Pohatu at the same time. She climbs the third rope and does a top rope arm drag to take him down.

Rentfro: You know Jon I would like to see some Cruiserweight action in the PWA.

McDaniel: You're right because they always amaze the crowd and now we are just about to witness some ourselves.

Circa provokes Pohatu with a simple taunt that even the female could get the advantage and he doesn't appreciate it. So he stands up quickly and tries with a lariat but Circa ducks the first one and when she is behind him Circa gives a reverse DDT and tries for a pin.



Kick out by Pohatu!

She tries to grab Pohatu by the hair and help him to his feet but when he stands up Pohatu counters and uses an irish whip. But everyone is surprised when they see McNasty up and he gives a big boot to the face of Circa. Then after this attention is on his rival Pohatu so he tries to hit him with a lariat but the agility of Pohatu helps him to dodge this attack and when he turns back he receives a dropkick to the face from Pohatu.

McDaniel: Pohatu seems faster than we expect!

Rentfro: Not so fast Jon. Look, Mark's back on his feet!

Like he said McNasty gets up and he holds his stomach due to the strike from Pohatu. He runs at the direction of Mark McNasty but he quickly holds the rope and he sends Pohatu outside the ring. At this time Mark McNasty taunts him. Pohatu seems frustrated and tries to return to the ring but he gets nailed by the dropkick of McNasty. Pohatu is still outside the ring. Now the attention of McNasty is on Circa, he grabs her by the hair and helps her to get up. He gives a couple of knee strikes in the mid section and he finishs her with a suplex and he goes for the pin.



Circa raises her shoulder up.

Mark still has the momentum and he continues to keep this momentum when he raises her and sends her into the turnbuckle and he goes for the charge with a Yakuza Kick to her face. Then he delivers an Emerald Fusion on Circa, putting her out for now.

Rentfro: Damn the style of the champ is so rough.

McDaniel: They don't call him McNasty for nothin'!

McNasty is the only man standing in the ring. He turns back but doesn't see Pohatu who was on a third turnbuckle and he use his leg with a quick dragonrana on Mark McNasty.




Mark McNasty kicks out.

Both men are now standing and they begin some back and forth chops and punches and Marks block the last shot and he uses a haymaker on the mid section of Pohatu to drive him down. When he turns his back, Circa is waiting for him with a combination of kicks to the knee of Mark and she sends him in the ropes and uses a cross body block on him.



Mark McNasty kicks out when he releases her with his strength to push her off of him.

Circa and McNasty are now standing and Mark goes to her but Circa reacts with a couple of quick arm drags and for the last one she locks him into an armbar. But she doesn't have the time to apply the pressure because Pohatu surprises her with a kick to the face. Afterwards, Pohatu uses this opportunity to pin her.



Kick out with the help of Mark when he gives a stomp to stop the count.

McDaniel: Pohatu is certainly an opportunist!

Rentfro:Don't forget it's every person for him or herself Jon!

Mark McNasty continues to hold the leg of Pohatu but he successfully surprises him with a victory hold.



McNasty kicks out.

Both men are now up and they collide and continue to exchange some strikes -- chops, kicks, and punches. Pohatu continues with a knee strike in the mid section and a chop, but for the last strike Mark caught the arms of Pohatu and goes behind him into the full nelson position and he hits him with a spinal tap. Now he sees Electric Enigma is on the ground so his attention is now on Circa. He sees then she is now up and he runs at her but Circa counters with a drop to hold and quickly applies one of her finishing moves -- the STF.

McDaniel:  McNasty is certainly in trouble now! Circa's got him in a tight hold!

Rentfro: Maybe it's the end of McNasty...who knows?

The champ tries with all this force to reach the rope but when he is near Pohatu saves him with an elbow drop on the back of Circa. After, Pohatu quickly grabs her by the head and raises her up and lifts her into a torture rack position and he delivers a Radio Tower on her. He looks at her lying in the ground and begins to laugh at her.

McDaniel: Man, what a sign of disrespect by the Electric Enigma!

Rentfro: You're right, but that's Pohatu's nature.

Pohatu turns back but he doesn't realize that McNasty was up so he nails him with a Lights OUT! and now everyone is down.

McDaniel: Oh! My God! Now everyone is down in the ring!

Rentfro: Look at the carnage in the ring and no one is standing!

The three opponents are still down and they are about to get up. The ref starts the count.





The three wrestlers begin to get up slowly with the help of the ropes.


7... Pohatu and McNasty are now up.


Circa too.

Pohatu tries with a kick but McNasty catches his leg and when he sees that Pohatu is gonna give the dragon whip, McNasty quickly ducks and Circa receives the kick to her face. Mark sees Pohatu behind him. He quickly switches him to put him into his finishing move position and he lifts him into the fallaway slam position. Mark slams Pohatu down to the mat with the Sault Slam..






The Champion quickly leaves the ring, holding his belt in his hand. He celebrates his victory when he shows his title to his rival Pohatu. 

McDaniel: McNasty has been on quite the roll!  He's not yet given up that Intercontinental title to anyone!

Rentfro: The challenges are only going to get tougher, and Pohatu is proof of that, now, let's go....  

Suddenly, "The Empire Strikes First" by Bad Religion plays over the PA system...

McDaniel: Who is this?

Rentfro: I have no clue, but I'm a huge Bad Religion fan!

The drums and bass kick in at the beginning, later assisted by the lead guitar. Then, the vocals chime in...fittingly.


Joseph Engel, or better known as Joe BoXeR, steps out from behind the curtain. He walks out on stage, receiving a decent reaction from long-time wrestling fans. Hell, even newer fans could've caught his last wrestling stint in the third incarnation of the LWF. Dressed in a power suit, black pinstripped jacket and pants, with a blue and white pinstripped dress shirt and red silk tie, he waves to the crowd. He has a mic in his hand and makes his way down to the ring.

McDaniel: Ah, he was the gentleman that was talking with President Sommers last week.

Rentfro: He also wrestled here for a little bit a long time ago, Jon. Back in the glory days of the PWA.

McDaniel: Indeed he did, but he's not dressed to wrestle. I wonder what he's doing here tonight.

Joe walks up the steps and climbs into the ring. He raises his hands up to the crowd, getting more of a reaction out of them. Most of them are on their feet, cheering for the man who lost everything and never turned on anybody. The man who, no matter what was going on, never gave up and was there for the crowd. He's paid his dues.

The music dies down. He lifts up the microphone near his mouth and begins to talk.

Joe BoXeR: Ladies and gentlemen...thank you for the warm welcome here tonight. A lot of you are probably wondering what I'm doing here and how I'm going to be assocated with Pioneer Wrestling...and the rest of you I'm sure don't care. That's fine. But, pay attention...this affects everyone.

McDaniel: Everyone?

Rentfro: I'm clueless.

Joe BoXeR: As of March seventh, two thousand eight...I've been hired by the PWA to be your new commissioner!

The crowd goes wild.

McDaniel: Commissioner!? Wow, Sommers went out and filled that position quickly!

Rentfro: Joe's been around this business a long time...I'm sure he'll work out fine.

Joe BoXeR: That's right. I'm the new sheriff in town, so to speak. But hey, even sheriff's gotta answer to somebody. But, only one person. I plan to do my job well and help the PWA on its rise back to glory!

The crowd goes nuts again. They're excited, Joe has a certain glow about him. But, he's not done.

Joe BoXeR: President Sommers and I have been doing a lot of talking, planning, and know, front office mumbo-jumbo. One of the conditions on hiring me was that I get to produce and organize my own pay-per-view event with the backing of the PWA.

And that will be happening the weekend of April Eighteenth!

Joe points to the big screen up the rampway and the logo for the April pay-per-view, deemed "Revolutions Per Minute", is being displayed. The crowd goes crazy again. A three night event in Dublin.

Rentfro: Dublin! Where the hell did Joe get the connections to pull THAT off?

McDaniel: I have no idea, but that's going to be exciting! I love Ireland!

Joe BoXeR: Now, Mark has already announced the Rumble in the Bronx -- the biggest rumble to ever grace the PWA -- and that will be taking place on Night Two of Revolutions Per Minute. The first night will be mandatory title defenses, of course. However, I am saving Night Three, which will be April twentieth, for a very special title match...

The crowd goes silent with anticipation...

Joe BoXeR: A Six-Man Elimination Chamber match for the WORLD TITLE! Aha!

The crowd erupts once more.

Rentfro: Holy crap...that's a big match!

McDaniel: I feel bad for whoever's champ!

Rentfro: I feel bad for either Corey Lazarus or The of them is going to be in that match!

Joe BoXeR: You damn right. It's going to be hellacious, gruesome, fantastic, and every other cliche adjective in the book. Whether it's Project X...

Not exactly a warm reaction for the PWA legend due to his recent antics...

Joe BoXeR: Or Raizzor...

Big pop for the challenger there...

Joe BoXeR: One of them will have to defend it against five other men or women in the Chamber!

Rentfro: Who do you think will be in there?

McDaniel: It could be a lot of people...there are some decent contenders out there. Corey or Phoenix will be in it...and if Enika comes back, she's got a shot at it. You never know! Joe seems to be almost as crafty as our own President.

Joe BoXeR: Once we get closer to Revolutions, I'll be introducing more matches. I've got a gameplan...and it's going to rock your world. Now, I'll let you all get back to enjoy the rest of Who's The Man!?

Joe drops the mic and climbs out of the ring. "Empire Strikes First" hits the PA again as he climbs up the rampway and disappears behind the curtain, the crowd applauding him off.

McDaniel: BIG news so far! An Elimination Chamber World Title match set for Revolutions Per Minute in April!

Rentfro: And let's not forget the champ's got to defend it against five other wrestlers!

McDaniel: Well, speaking of multiple wrestlers...let's kick it to Eric Emerson to get the Tag Title match underway!


The Brothers Grimm © vs. Might & Magic


Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the PWA Tag-Team Championships!

The crowd comes to life, eager to see this contest, or perhaps for ‘Al’ and ‘Baby’, we may not be quite sure! 

 IEric Emerson: Introducing first, the challengers, weighing in at a total combined weight of 650lbs, and hailing from Parts Unknown, Moke Doshky, The Dragon… MIGHT AND MAGIC!!!

The arena lights turn red as Rammstein's "Amerika" plays over the PA. As the music picks up, The Dragon comes running out. Behind him comes "The World's Strongest Man", Moke Doshky.

Rentfro: Weird to see these guys without Stricklin.

McDaniel: Yeah, but remember Brian, Chamelion banned all managers for that match, and the matches tonight.

The two make their way down to the ring, boos pouring from the crowd. When they reach the ring, Dragon jumps onto the apron, as Doshky walks up the stairs. Doshky and Dragon stand facing each other on the apron, and high five. Moke steps over the top rope, as Dragon braces himself with the top rope, and leaps over. The two then walk to the middle of the ring; Moke poses, as Dragon bounces in place while holding an arm up. As the music dies down, they walk to their corner.

McDaniel: Might and Magic; quite the team. These two were on the winning team in the main event of Rampage last week.

Eric Emerson And their opponents, they are the current PWA Tag-Team Champions, known throughout the PWA as the fairest fighters in the land; here is, … Randall Moran, Sirus Moran.. THE BROTHERS GRIMM!!!!!

“More Human than Human” by White Zombie begins to play. On the big screen, we see footage of Sirus and Randall together with Al’. As the fans cheer, Sirus and Randall come out from the back. Sirus walks to one side of the stage, as Randall goes to the other. Sirus gets a pop on his own, as Randall holds up his tag title in one hand; and "baby", much to the excitement of the crowd, in the other.

Rentfro: Sweet! He brought out baby.

As Randall holds up "baby", the camera flashes to the ring. We see Moke looking agitated.

McDaniel: I bet the back of Moke's head still hurts from the hit Randall and "baby" gave him.

The two walk back to the center of the ramp, and start towards the ring. When they reach the edge of the ring, they stop. From behind Sirus and Randall, we can see them staring straight at Moke and Dragon. Sirus rolls into the ring as Randall walks to the post, and puts "baby" down. Randall then rolls in, and walks over next to Sirus. The two then hold up their titles again, Sirus looking excited. The ref walks over, and Sirus and Randall hand over the belts. As the ref holds the Tag Titles in the air, we see quick flashes of the Morans, as well as Might and Magic, looking at the tag titles in the middle of the ring. The ref walks to the corner, and hands the tag titles to the outside as the bell rings. Sirus goes through the middle rope, as Dragon leaps the top rope. Sirus walks to the middle of the ring, and Dragon meets him there. Dragon smiles as he holds out a hand.

McDaniel: Might and Magic promised this week they’d be good sports.

Sirus freezes for a second. He looks out to his left, then his right; the boos are insane. Sirus just smiles, as he reaches out and gives Dragon a hard shake. BUT,

Rentfro: And Sirus would be dumb enough to trust them.

Dragon doesn’t let go. He pulls Sirus towards him for a short arm clothesline. Sirus ducks though, and as Dragon steps over the arm he is still holding, Sirus lifts up, and flips him.

McDaniel: Or smart enough to do that.

With Dragon now on his back, Sirus looks over to Randall, and holds up a thumb. Randall smiles, and holds up one back. But, even this little gesture takes more than enough time for Dragon to recover. Dragon reaches out and grabs hold of Sirus’s legs. Dragon then pulls forward, causing Sirus to fall flat on his back. Dragon is quick to jump to his feet, before nailing a quick standing moonsault. The ref counts.



Rentfro: Way too early for that.

Dragon doesn’t waste time as he lifts Sirus up by the hair. Dragon irish whips Sirus to the ropes, but when Sirus comes back, he surprises everyone by grabing Dragon’s arm. Sirus spins them both in a circle once, then lets Dragon go to the ropes. As Dragon comes back, Sirus goes for a kick, but Dragon jumps in the air and nails a dropkick to Sirus’s face. Sirus stumbles back, almost tripping, until he hits his back on the corner turnbuckle. Sirus slumps down into the corner, and Dragon looks proud.

McDaniel: Exciting action so far.

Dragon runs to the corner opposite Sirus, and jumps onto the second turnbuckle. He receive a bunch of boos for his effort, and he quickly jumps down. Dragon then runs straight towards Sirus. Dragon jumps in the air, and looks like he is going to go for a bronco buster. But at the last second, out of nowhere, Sirus lifts his leg straight in the air! His foot connects with the jaw line of Dragon, and its like Dragon was shot in the side as his head and neck are knocked at an angle. His body follows, and the end results is a pile up in the corner. Dragon’s stunned form, laying across Sirus.

Rentfro: AWESOME! Crash and burn.

Sirus is shown shaking the cobwebs off, and we pan out to see Randall in the corner screaming for the “God Damn Tag.” Sirus rolls Dragon off, and then grabs the top ropes. Sirus lifts himself up, and walks to Randall. Sirus holds his hand out, and Randall gives it a hard slap.

Rentfro: Things are about to get exciting!

We switch camera angles to show a close up of Dragon’s face. One of Dragon’s arms is hanging off the apron, and he has a glazed look on his face. Things, sadly, don’t get much better for him as we suddenly see a smiling Randall Moran appear above him. Randall bends and grabs at Dragon with both hands, and lifts him straight to his feet. Out of instinct, Dragon throws a punch. Its obvious he is dazed though, as Randall quickly blocks, and starts drilling Dragon. Randall holds a pose similar of a boxer, and he throws vicious cross body left and right punches. Left, right, left, right, Dragon’s head and neck snapping with each hit. Randall finally leans back as he pulls back with his left, and starts winding it in circles.

McDaniel: This could be it!

Randall throws, and as he does, Dragon grabs on, and pulls his legs up and across Randall’s chest! Both fall to the mat, and Dragon has gotten Randall into a cross arm bar!

Rentfro: WOW!

McDaniel: Brilliant recovery from the Dragon!

One of the biggest choruses of boos of the night erupts as Dragon pulls on Randall’s arm. In-between uncomfortable grunts, you can see a look in Randall’s eyes that says “Why did I telegraph that punch.” On the outside we see Moke clapping for Dragon, and yelling out what we can only imagine are encouraging words, in German. Randall is straining, trying to pull his arms together. You can see the intensity on his face as he uses all his strength. His finger tips are actually touching, when Dragon quickly lifts the leg he has over Randall’s neck, and brings it down on his face.

McDaniel: Damnit ref, that was cheap!

With Randall dazed, Dragon gets the submission locked in properly again, and Randall lets out a frustrated “F*CK”.

Rentfro: Well, I believe that’s a good way to sum the chances of the Brothers Grimm retaining their titles as of right now.

The ref is in Randall’s face, asking if he gives.

Randall: HELL NO!

Randall starts pulling his arms close again. The crowd is building up eagerness as Randall’s fingers are mere inches apart. Once again, Dragon lifts up his leg. However, Randall thinks fast. Dragon’s leg goes higher than last time, and Randall sits up in a split second, getting his head under Dragon’s leg. So, as Dragon brings his leg down, Randall is in a sitting position between the legs. A smug smile accompanies a “I’m going to hurt you” look in Randall’s eyes. Moke goes to climb over the top rope, but the ref sees this, and runs over. As the ref is literally pushing Moke backwards; Dragon freezes, and it costs him, as Randall swings his left fist completely in front of him, and into Dragon’s face.


Now free of Dragon, Randall stands. Randall points to the ropes, getting a huge pop from the crowd.

McDaniel: Could it be?

Randall runs to the ropes, and jumps on them. He looks back for a split second, before jumping.

McDaniel: Suicide Scherzo!

Randall goes for a pin. Moke has turned to get out, and the ref turns to see the pin. He dives.


Moke turns and sees the situation. He comes back in the ring.


THR/Moke nails Randall in the back of the head with a boot. The ref is yelling at Moke, but he ignores the ref as Moke picks up Randall around the neck. Moke lifts Randall up to eye level, and starts screaming at him in German. Its hard to tell what he says, but the last work is “baby.” Moke pulls Randall close, before throwing him back to the Moran corner as hard as he can. Randall slams into the corner, and Sirus slaps Randall on the chest. Randall looks up in discomfort to see Sirus coming into the ring. Moke is heading out due to the ref threatening with a DQ. Sirus lifts up Dragon, and nails a snap suplex. Sirus rolls on top of Dragon, and tries for a triangle lock. Dragon blocks though by locking his hands, and Sirus ties to kick his hands loose. Sirus realizes he can’t get the hold, and rolls off Dragon. Sirus picks up Dragon, but Dragon fights back. Dragon ends by kneeing Sirus, and giving him a fierce DDT.

McDaniel: Good move by Dragon.

Dragon has a glazed over look, but he rolls onto his stomach, and starts crawling towards his corner. Sirus leans on an elbow and puts his hand on his head. He looks over at Dragon who is almost at Moke. Sirus lunges, and grabs Dragon’s foot. Sirus sits on his knees, and Starts pulling Dragon back. But, Dragon rolls onto his back, and kicks Sirus in the face. Sirus stumbles back, and falls on his butt. As he does, Dragon turns back to his corner, and dives for Moke’s hand. The hot tag is made, and Moke comes lumbering in. A smirk comes to the corner of Moke’s face, and he comes for Sirus. Moke walks over to Sirus, who is pushing up on his knees, and shoves him down with his huge boot. Moke puts his hands on his hips as he looks out at the crowd with a smile on his face. Sirus looks up, but then starts to push up again. Again, Moke puts his boot on Sirus’s back. But, Sirus rolls onto his back, and grabs Moke’s boot. Sirus twists sideways, and causes Moke to tumble to the mat. Sirus stands, and looks to his corner. Randall is back up, and screaming for Sirus to “F*ucking tag me.” Sirus strolls to the corner, and tags Randall. Randall looks like a kid in a candy store as he gets in, and stares at Doshky. When Doshky looks over, an angry look takes over his face.

McDaniel: I don’t think Moke likes that smile Randall is aiming at him.

Moke turns and says something to Dragon. Dragon smiles, and slowly gets off the apron. Moke turns back to Randall, and the two charge each other. Moke goes for a stroke grapple, but Randall drops to one knee and delivers a stiff gut punch. Randall grabs Moke, and flings him to the ground. Randall just walks around Moke, standing over him; studying him like a cat and its pray. Moke gets to his knees, and Randall goes for a bulldog. However, Moke manages to stay put, while Randall still goes flying forward. Both get to their feet; but it is at this time that Dragon is in the Moran corner, and has baby.

McDaniel: What’s Dragon up to?

Sirus sees this, and jumps down. Dragon looks in the ring, and with the ref facing away, Dragon dives in; Sirus close behind. As the ref is about to turn, Dragon dives out. The ref sees Sirus in the ring, and gets on him to get out. Sirus is trying to explain, but to no use. Randall has walked over to try and explain. At this point, Dragon slides Baby into the ring; where it stops at Moke’s feet. Moke picks “baby” up. Randall, frustrated, turns from the convesation, into a shot with “baby” from Moke.

Rentfro: SLAP SHOT!

Randall falls like a tree that’s been cut down with an axe. Moke tosses “baby” out of the ring, and covers Randall. Dragon walks around the outside to behind Sirus, and pulls him out of the ring. The ref turns back to the match, and sees the pin.

McDaniel: No way…





Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winners, and NEW, PWA Tag Team Champions; The Dragon, and Moke Doshky…Might and Magic!

Rammstein's "Amerika" begins to play as the ref rolls out of the ring, he comes back in with the tag titles, and hands one to Moke. On the outside, Sirus’s mouth is hanging in shock. Dragon dives into the ring, and takes his title. Moke comes from behind Dragon, and lifts him up onto his shoulder.

McDaniel: Well folks, regardless of how it was done, we have new Tag Champs.

Both men are holding their tag titles up. After a moment, they get out of the ring. Sirus rolls in to look at Randall. Randall’s nose is bleeding, and it looks swollen. Sirus helps Randall roll out of the ring, and they start to walk up the ramp. Randall stops a little bit up the ramp, and stumbles over to “baby.” He picks up “baby”, and goes back to walking up the ramp with Sirus.

Rentfro: Over the years these two teams have gone back and forth, tonight Might & Magic came out on top, but will it be the same next time!? 

McDaniel: Sirus and Randall are not out of the picture yet, they never are.. when you think tag titles, you think Grimms, and we’re sure to see those two back in action soon!  And now its time for one of our three main event matches!  This one is going to be HUGE!!

Rentfro: The story leading to this match has been odd, to say the least.  Payton Strader came back and won an eleven man battle royal to earn a shot at the PWA Television Championship, but right after, the movie star known all around the world as DuWayne Johnson, showed up and that has lead to this strange match!  

McDaniel: This will be good, though!  Hell in the Cell always gives us something to talk about, as evident by last month's grudge match between Phoenix and Raizzor! Let's get to the ring for the announcements!


The Dream Reaper vs. DuWayne 'Rock' Johnson


McDaniel: "It's time for the Tale Of The Tape! Brought to you in TDR-HD, compliments of TSN, The Strader Network, proud to simulcast the PWA!"

Rentfro: "TDR-HD...I've heard it all now..."

The PA hits with 'IF YA SMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELL...what THE cookin!' ...the guitars hit and out walks The Rock. He glares at the crowd to get a negative rise out of them, doing the eyebrow taunt.

McDaniel: "Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, no stranger to the wrestling industry, once a dominant force, now a major movie star and this is where the bad blood started, during the filming of the smash hit, Doom."

The Rock makes his way down the ramp and pauses at the end, eyeballing the cell being lowered to the ring.

Rentfro: "I think The Rock's got TDR's number. I mean, he's been a ghost to professional wrestling for years and out of the blue just shows up to settle the score? There's got to be something going on here we don't know about. This is completely unheard of."

You can hear Eric Emerson in the background, announcing the venue for the sold out arena. 'The following event is a HELL IN THE CELL match! Scheduled for one fall, no disqualification...weighing in at 260 pounds...hailing from Miami, Florida...THE ROCK!' The Rock glares at ringside fans, and as the cell is lowered to the ring, he enters the cell, hops up the steps, climbs the turnbuckle and does his middle to top turnbuckle stance, glaring at the crowd.

McDaniel: "As strange as the unfolding events have been, The Rock measures up at 6'4" and weighs in at a solid 260. In my honest opinion, for a guy that's been out of the circuit for a few years, he hasn't lost his physique at all. He still appears to be in tremendous shape and a worthy opponent, even for the likes of TDR."

The Rock climbs down to the apron, steps through the ropes and turns to face the entrance ramp.

Rentfro: "Strange or not, my money is on The Rock."

Visual white noise fills your eyes and the speakers you listen to...silence ensues, after a brief three seconds of squinting your eyes and reaching for your volume knobs or remote controls...the screen goes to a prismatic fog...

McDaniel: "Even after TDR's impressive debut in the PWA?"

Rentfro: "Yeah, if this were a Texas Hold Em poker game, I'm 'all in' on The Rock!"

McDaniel: "I'll call you on that one."

Rentfro: "What?"

The PA plays a dark, undetermined voice : "You've heard it said that living the best revenge..."

The prismatic fog begins to take life and begins to swirl, beginning to form three skulls, as an audio prismatic swirling static sound seems to animate the fog.

The PA plays a dark, undetermined voice : " the best revenge..."

Within the three prismatic and foggy skulls, now forming a crystal clear, solid state, the initials of TDR can be read within each one, as DLT's Official remix of Limp Bizkit's Crack Addict kicks in...the fog sucks you in through the right eye socket of the middle skull...


McDaniel: "And here comes TDR!"

You are visually taken on the inner tunnel of the crystal like socket of the skull, the prismatic fog behind the crystal socket tunnel is dancing and forming, as the visual continues twisting and turning, passing through patches of animated prismatic fog, escaping fron what appears like cracks forming in the socket...

Rentfro: "TDR, the self proclaimed three most feared initials in sports entertainment history..."

McDaniel: "I don't hear anyone disputing that statement."

Rentfro: "What?"

Durst: "I'm addicted to crackin' skulls who punk start static!"

As if on cue, the journey through the eye socket tunnel explodes, crystal shards are flying through the prismatic fog and you are racing through a timeless, speeding void of crystal shards and prismatic fog. If it weren't for the fog, you could almost see the glimmers of distant stars in space behind it.

McDaniel: "Payton Strader measures up at 6' 4" and an uncharacteristic 265. It makes you wonder by trimming off ten pounds, what his strategy will be against The Rock."

Rentfro: "It doesn't make any sense to me at all, he wanted that weight advantage!"

Durst: "It's tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime..."

Prismatic static follows and begins to form the crystal tunnel of the eye socket again, however, the speed rushing forwards seems to instantly cease and begans to retract where it's energy came from, in reverse


Durst: "It's tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime..."

You are thrust out of the eye socket, all of the roaming pieces of crystals reform and solidify as three crystal skulls, the initials of TDR appearing with each, but this time, the initials burn prismatig fog flames...they explode once again, the prismatic static appears and begins to take shape, as the hydraulic lift begins to lift Payton Strader into view.

Durst: "I'm addicted to crackin' skulls who punk start static! THREE! TWO! ONE!"

Entrance spark pyros erupt, his arms are outstretched...his face hidden in the hood of his black trenchcoat...his leather gloved hands are spread fingered. He raises his head slightly, only to give the spiraling spotlights hints of the dark grey face paint of a furious skull underneath. The pyros send down a waterfall of fiery sparks to overflow the falling prismatic fog. The hydraulic lift raises TDR to the level of the entrance ramp. No traditional sneer here, his face is concentrated, full of focus, as he walks down the entrance ramp. Ramp pyros go off with each step he takes, brilliantly sending an upward V pattern of sparks into the air. He does not traditionally break stride. He pauses to see the cell, to see The Rock already inside...Eric Emerson continues the arena announcing, 'And his opponent, weighing in at 265 pounds...from Houston, residing in Rock Springs Wyoming...tHE dREAM rEAPER... PAYTON... STRADER!' The crowd pops, as TDR makes his way to the cell, studies it briefly once again and enters the cell. He belly slides into the ring and is instantly to his feet, his eyes never taken from The Rock. The two get nose to nose, thousands of cameras flash, the referee is closing the cell door and the singing chant of 'REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAPER!' fills the arena.

McDaniel: "I think the fans are trying to teach you a poker lesson, Brian."

Rentfro: "And what is that?"

McDaniel: "Never go 'all in' before the river."

Rentfro: "Shut up."


The bell sounds and The Rock has some choice words for TDR, who's eyes never leave The Rock's, he just chews his gum and his concentration could burn a hole through The Rock.

McDaniel: "This is TDR's calling card. It's like he's an enitrely different entity when he gets into the cell."

Rentfro: "He doesn't got time to show off! This is what it's all about! Put your money where your mouth is!"

The Rock attempts a right hook and TDR sends up a left forearm to block, countering with a huge right uppercutting forearm. TDR hauls off with a right haymaker of his own and The Rock is reeling backwards, as the PWA fans erupt. TDR sends another right uppercutting forearm into The Rock's chin, his flaying arms find the top rope of the turnbuckle and he regains his balance, sending a perfectly timed right knee into TDR's ribs. TDR buckles, as The Rock double forearm axe smashes TDR's mid back. TDR drops to a knee. The Rock holds his hand up, spits on it, sarcastically lifts TDR's chin with his left hand and sends his right fist straight into TDR's nose. TDR's leather gloved hands go rushing to his face, as he instinctively rolls to his back and sideways out of the ring. TDR is checking his gloves and there is blood. He shakes his head, trying to shake the cobwebs and the blurry, teary vision, as The Rock drops to his belly and rolls out of the ring, going after the wandering TDR.

Rentfro: "That'll get TDR a nasal strip commercial!"

McDaniel: "The Rock getting the upper hand in the initial exchange and giving chase to TDR!"

Rentfro: "TDR's bleeding already!"

The Rock catches TDR with a clubbing forearm to the middle back again, stalling TDR's escape, he repeats a second and third time, dropping TDR to a knee.The Rock seizes a handfull of TDR's hair, as TDR grabs two handfuls of The Rock's waistband and heaves backwards and The Rock goes face first into the cell, awakening the shushed PWA fans.

McDaniel: "TDR with a counter!"

Rentfro: "Yeah, he needed it!"

The Rock drops to a knee and checks his forehead and tries to shake it off, using the side of the cell to begin to pull himself up. TDR staggers to his feet and sends a right haymaker into The Rock's face. TDR pulls Rock to his feet and sends him down the length of the ring with an Irish Whip, where The Rock smashes into the side of the cell again and as he staggers back, TDR follows through with a clothesline to the back of The Rock's head. The Rock, face first to the mat covered concrete floor.

Rentfro: "Unorthodox combination by TDR."

McDaniel: "But effective."

TDR catches himself on the ringpost and double checks his nose, as everything below his nose has gone from gray and black skull face paint, to blood red. TDR is up the ringside steps and climbing the turnbuckle. The Rock scurries to his feet and up the steps, shoving TDR's hip and TDR goes sprawling inside the ring, hitting the mat hard on his side. TDR curls up for a moment and tries to roll to his feet, as The Rock steps through the ropes and hops to the middle turnbuckle and jumps. TDR barely to his feet and stares down the incoming elbow from The Rock. TDR drops to his back, his hands go to his head. The Rock taunts the PWA crowd to get a chorus of boos from them.

McDaniel: "The Rock back on the offensive!"

Rentfro: "If he keeps working TDR's face over, The Rock has this match in the bag!"

The Rock sizes up TDR and drops a fist into TDR's face region. TDR's gloves return to his face briefly, but The Rock is following up with a reverse chinlock and wrenching down on TDR's neck. TDR's bloody gloves reach into the air and he begins to try to swing a knee up. TDR fails first attempt...second attempt...his third attempt, has him straining to get to a knee, The Rock, trying to maintain the reverse chinlock. TDR to his feet, The Rock's hold now nothing but a headlock. TDR sends an elbow into Rock's gut. The Rock does not relent. Another elbow from TDR and The Rock still does not loosen the hold. TDR grabs Rock by the waist, hoists him into the air. The Rock releases the headlock and tries a counter shove off, but TDR reaches up and grabs Rock's head and drops backwards, dropping The Rock in an inverted facebuster.

McDaniel: "And The Rock just kissed the mat!"

TDR rolls to his hands and knees. The Rock slowly pushing himself to his hands and knees. TDR dives forward, sending a forearm into The Rock's face. The Rock reels backwards and rolls out of the ring. TDR uses the ropes at the turnbuckle to pull himself outside to the ring apron. TDR gives chase to The Rock. The Rock grabs the ringside steps and hurls them at TDR. TDR sidesteps and begins to swat the huge steel steps out of the way, as Rock instinctively hops to the ring apron and as TDR has swatted the steps aside, Rock dives and shoulder tackles TDR into the side of the cell.

Rentfro: "That's old school University of Miami right there!"

McDaniel: "The Rock about drove TDR through the cell!"

TDR is slumped into the side of the cell and The Rock begins to stir, using the cell wall to slowly pull himself up. The Rock stomps TDR, again and again, then goes for the steel steps. The Rock turns the steps over and has better reach for the handle grooves. The Rock heaves up the stairs over his head and they come crashing down on TDR. TDR buckles over and rolls onto his side.

McDaniel: "The Rock is relentless!"

Rentfro: "The Rock's sending a message that he won't be a stepping stone for TDR's return!"

McDaniel: "That was just awful word play!"

Rentfro: "It's true!"

The Rock seizes the stairs again, flips them over and grips the handle grooves. The Rock hoists the steel steps again and TDR's legs swing around, foot sweeping The Rock. The Rock's feet are out from under him and he falls to the floor mats and the stairs crash down on top of him.

McDaniel: "That was pure instinct on the part of TDR! What a counter!"

A dazed TDR pushes himself to a knee, then to his feet, where he breaks his first sneer of the match, ponders in thought a moment and takes a seat on the steps, that rest on The Rock's chest. TDR's fingers grip the side of the cell for leverage, as The Rock's legs try to kick himself out from under the stairs. TDR reaches as high as he can, gripping the cell, jumps upwards and stomps the steps. The Rock curls up and the steps roll off of the Rock. TDR grabs Rock's head and drags him to the cell wall. Rock is to his knees. TDR shoves Rock's face into the side of the cell wall and begins to rake Rock's forehead along the wall. Rock's knees are trying to keep up with TDR's dragging, as TDR runs his forehead down the length of the wall to the opposite corner. Rock's forehead is bleeding now, to the delight of the crowd.

Rentfro: "The Rock's bleeding now!"

McDaniel: "And TDR has returned the favor and drawn blood!"

TDR grips Rock's chin from behind with his left hand and begins to pound right fists into Rock's forehead, so the crimson streaks can be seen flowing down Rock's face. TDR sends a forearm into the back of Rock's neck and The Rock crashes into the cell wall, his fingers catching inside the grooves and sends an elbow backwards into TDR's groin.

Rentfro: "That'll slow TDR down!"

McDaniel: "A low blow by The Rock!"

Rentfro: "Hey, all's fair in love andwar and Hell In The Cell, baby!"

TDR drops to his knees and rolls to his side, his hands in between his legs. The Rock uses the cell wall to pull himself to his feet. The Rock unlatches the cell gate and yanks the door open, inside the cell. The Rock steps out and yanks a camera man from his chair. The Rock grabs the chair and folds it closed and turns back towards the cell. TDR to his hands and knees. The Rock raises the chair and approaches the doorway. TDR reaches for the gate, as The Rock swings the chair, TDR rolls and swings the cell gate hard. The gate connects with The Rock's swing and the momentum of the gate swinging open to the outer cell, has the chair and the gate crashing into The Rock. The chair and The Rock fall to the outer floor of the cell.

McDaniel: "What a save by TDR!"

TDR uses the ring apron and ringpost to pull himself to his knees. The Rock is beginning to stir. TDR to his feet and staggers outside the cell. TDR grabs Rock's head and drags him to the security barrier, where the frenzied fans are cheering to be so close to the action. TDR slams The Rock's face into the top of the security barrier, Rock drops to his knees, his arms drape the security barrier. TDR accepts a beer from a ringside fan and chugs, getting a pop from the livid PWA crowd. TDR spikes the cup on The Rock's face. TDR reaches into his boot and pulls out a hundred dollar bill and hands it to the fan.


Another huge crowd pop.

McDaniel: "I think TDR just bought a round for the first row!"

Rentfro: "I have to admit, that has to be a first!"

TDR forearm smashes the back of The Rock's neck and Rock slumps to the floor. TDR turns and eyes the cell, and his eyes go up top. The fans see where he's looking and begin to cheer and stomp in a worked up frenzy. TDR points to the top of the cell and works his way to the wall, as the fans approve. TDR begins his ascent. The Rock is stirring, his hand checks his forehead and sees the blood. Rock trying to shake it off and gets to a knee, catching his breath. TDR pulls himself over the top of the cell and makes it to his feet. TDR turns and sneers down at The Rock, who gets to his feet and looks around. The ringside fans are pointing for The Rock and his head slowly looks upwards, where TDR mocks The Rock's 'Bring It' hand gesture and the fans are eating it up.

McDaniel: "TDR has this crowd eating out of the palm of his hand!"

The Rock's bloody eyebrows are furious. The Rock goes to the wall and begins to climb. TDR sneers as The Rock's hand reaches the top. TDR stomps the left hand and The Rock is holding on with only his right hand, shaking his left hand vigorously. The Rock's left hand has to return before he loses his grip and TDR stomps the right hand. The Rock screams, as he has to hold on for dear life with the stomped left hand, as he tries to shake off the thousands of stinging needles in both hands. Rock's right hand returns to top of cell wall and TDR reaches down, grabs Rock's ears and begins to pull Rock on top of the cell. The Rock sends lefts and rights into TDR's mid section. TDR is forced back a step, then two, then three...Rock spits on his hand and connects with TDR's face. TDR crashes to the top of the cell, the steel jingling with his weight.

Rentfro: "That's it, Rock! Give it to him!"

McDaniel: "TDR is down on the top of the cell!"

The Rock follows up with a knee drop to TDR's head and the cell roof bounces with the weight of the impact. The Rock seizes TDR's hair, pulling TDR to his knees. The Rock shoves TDR's head in between his knees and reaches for TDR's waist. The Rock roars, showing off his strength, heaving TDR upwards and powerbombing TDR onto the top of the cell. The cell roof still bouncing from the force driven into it.

McDaniel: "WHAT A POWERBOMB! The Rock clearly in charge of the match now!"

Rentfro: "That's going to hurt in the morning!"

The Rock is not done, grabbing the hair and pulling TDR to his knees, then to his feet. The Rock front headlocks TDR and pulls TDR's arm over his own head and grabs TDR's tights.

McDaniel: "Is he kidding?"

The Rock hoists TDR up in to the air and holds him. Cameras flash at this brilliant display of pure power, before Rock drops TDR backwards into a suplex. There is a huge metal clanging sound, as the outer corner of the cell roof snaps free from the impact and is now dangling.

McDaniel: "What a suplex by The Rock! I don't know how much longer the roof can hold them!"

Rentfro: "The corner is broken!"

The Rock surveys the damage to the roof and does a bloody eyebrow taunt to the crowd, getting another chorus of boos. Rock pulls TDR by the hair to his knees, TDR sends a right fist into Rock's gut, follows up with an uppercutting forearm and then a kick to the gut. As Rock buckles, TDR hooks his arms and begins to head for the side of the cell, as the fans are worked back up into a frenzy.

McDaniel: "Oh,! We've seen this before from TDR! He's going for the dREAM sTING through our announcer's table!"

Rentfro: "That act has broken a couple of necks in it's day! The Rock is in serious trouble!"

TDR makes it to the edge of the cell and points down at the announcer's table, the fans are cheering.

McDaniel: "I don't know about you, Rayne...but it might be time to get the hell out of here!"

Rock uses all of his back strength to get as upright as he can, grabbing TDR's waist, as TDR is taken by surprize and Rock executes a belly to belly suplex and both of them crash down to the cell roof behind the edge of the cell. The roof section bounces worse with one free corner. Rock is to his knees, as TDR tries to roll to his side. Rock slowly gets to his feet, as the roof begins to quit bouncing, the other outer corner, towards the center of the roof, next to the lifting chasm snaps, now two outer corners are dangling and only the center of that section of the roof is stable.

Rentfro: "Rock with an incredible save!"

McDaniel: "That's for sure! But the cell cannot hold what these two are dishing out!"

The Rock sees the further damage and gives another eyebrow taunt to the crowd. The Rock makes his way to the center of the roof and begins to climb the lifting chasm of the cell, pushing himself upwards on the support beams.

McDaniel: "The Rock is up to something here!"

Rentfro: "What on Earth is he doing?"

The Rock heaves himself up and taunts the crowd by removing his elbow pad and slings it into the crowd. Rock turns and positions to launch at TDR.

McDaniel: "He's going for the elbow to end all elbows!"

Rentfro: "DO IT, ROCK! DO IT!"

The Rock leaps, TDR is playing possum and is to his feet, catching The Rock and swings him into a huge powerslam on top of the roof. The cell roof bounces like a trampoline. The third corner snaps free and both combatants find themselves fighting gravity and having to climb back up to sturdy sections of the cell roof.

McDaniel: "And The Rock took the bait and paid the price!"

Rentfro: "They're both going to drop twenty feet to the mat!"

Both of them are trying to climb up and they can hear the metal screeching with the combination of their weight. Both trying to climb as fast as they can, but the combination of their weight is too much for the remaining corner to hold and it snaps free.


Rentfro: "LOOK OUT!"

The roof section catches the ropes and turnbuckle below, causing it to slant, as the two free fall above it and slam into it, the slant in the cell roof section causes them to hit it with a spring type reaction and both are flung outwards towards the ropes, through the ropes and to the floor mats outside the ring.


Rentfro: "They didn't take the full impact of a straight down drop, but I'm not sure if what they got instead was any better! They were just catapulted out of the ring after free falling twenty something feet!"

Both men are sprawled outside of the ring, both just motionless, breath heaving bodies. Rock begins to roll for his side. TDR is pulling himself up with his good friend, the ring apron.

Rentfro: "How much more could these two competitors possibly take?"

McDaniel: "What could be left in the gas tanks?"

TDR and Rock both begin to stir. Rock using the cell wall and TDR is to his hands and knees. Both men breathing heavily, still bleeding and both to their feet. The Rock with a right hook and connects. TDR returns with a right uppercutting forearm and rolls into the ring. Rock rolls in after TDR, as TDR rolls to his knees and throws a forearm into Rock's face. Both men on their hands and knees. Rock slings up an elbow. TDR rolls away with the impact and is to his knees, trying to shake off the jaw stinging elbow. Rock pushes himself to his feet and pursues.

McDaniel: "Both men seem to be digging deep now."

Rentfro: "Whatever works."

Rock with a forearm smash to TDR's forehead. TDR recoils but comes back with a right hook into Rock's mid section. Rock drills another right hook, a second, a third, he spits on his hand and TDR catches the swinging down fist into a rolling arm drag and TDR hops to his feet briefly and sends a momentus baseball sliding dropkick into The Rock's head.

McDaniel: "Rock connected with that move a couple of times tonight, but this time, TDR able to counter, showing a little agility in the arsenal"

Rentfro: "TDR is hardly in the agility category, he's all about power and fighting, I think Rock telegraphed that one a little too much! Come on, Rock!"

McDaniel: "Shedding ten pounds and pulling off a counter combination like that wasn't agility?"

Rentfro: "No."

McDaniel: "And what do you call it?"

Rentfro: "Luck."

McDaniel: "Oh, please!"

TDR slow at pushing himself to his feet. Rock has pulled himself up with the ropes and sends a kick to TDR's gut. Rock scoops TDR up into a Samoan backdrop.

Rentfro: "GOOD ONE, ROCK!"

Rock bounces to his feet and eyes the crowd, as if to call for 'the most electrifying move'. A huge chorus of boos rain out at The Rock. He does the Elvis hip thrust once, twice and goes for the first ropes, bounces and runs across the ring, hopping across the flat on his back TDR and hits the opposite ropes, stops, mocks the crowd, rubs the elbow and goes for the elbow drop and TDR rolls up and kicks both legs like a mule into the falling Rock. Rock crashes to the mat, TDR follows through, catches himself on his knees and rises to his feet. TDR sneers and as the sold out arena reacts with a huge pop, TDR nods and taps his chest with a closed fist. He's breathing heavy and surveys The Rock, trying to get to his hands and knees.

McDaniel: "TDR has the possum act down...just when you think you have him..."

Rentfro: "Yeah, and it's getting old!"

McDaniel: "Whatever works!"

Rentfro: "You are evil."

TDR grabs Rock's ear, heaves him upwards and throws Rock's head into the top turnbuckle, Rock recoils, stutter stepping back a step or two, TDR quick to a knee to send a left hook into Rock's gut. TDR is to his feet as Rock's buckling, TDR faces the ropes, grabs the top rope as he hops to the middle rope with his black combat boots, springboards and turns, TDR hooks Rock's arms and drops to the mat with a brilliant and momentus double arm DDT.


Rentfro: "NO WAY!"

TDR hooks the leg and arches his back for leverage. The ref belly slides into the ring and goes for the count...






Rentfro: "Unbelievable!"

TDR releases The Rock's leg and rolls to his knees, raising his hands in victory.

McDaniel: "Love it...hate it...fear it! TDR has been on a roll since his arrival in PWA!"

Rentfro: "I still can't believe it!"

TDR pulls himself to his feet, staggers a little, but sneers through his bloody and smeared face paint. TDR rolls under the ropes and steps out of the cell door, walking alongside the cell and stops at the foot of the ramp, glancing back at The Rock, who is slowly rolling to his side, glaring at TDR. TDR offers The Rock a sarcastic eyebrow, mocking The Rock's, sneers and heads up the ramp, slapping fans hands, as he heads up to the curtains. TDR pauses, as the curtains split and it's sister, the managerial mastermind, Vanessa Strader.


Rentfro: "My God, first Payton, then Scott Nash Strader, now Vanessa?"

Vanessa glances out at the arena, then returns her focus to TDR, drawing the mic to her lips.

Vanessa: "Another great victory for the three most feared initials in sports entertainment history..."

A mixed reaction from the crowd.

Vanessa: "Your triumphant return to this industry we for someone so prominent about preaching the seven S' seem to have forgotten your family. I get the idea, you wanted to do this all on your own. It's admirable, but you should know that your family has not forgotten about you."

Two men in black sweatshirt hoodies hop the security railing from the crowd behind TDR and one clotheslines TDR from behind and reveals that he had a crowbar tucked into his sleeve. He removes his hoodie to reveal it is Ryan Strader, a.k.a. Black Angel. The second removes his hoodie to reveal he is Payton's twin brother, Kaleb Strader.

McDaniel: "Ryan and Kaleb Strader have jumped TDR from behind with a crowbar!!"


Vanessa walks down and as Ryan holds a barely conscious TDR to his knees, she kicks TDR in the face and hands the mic to Kaleb. Before he can speak, Scott Nash Strader comes running down the ramp and never saw the crowbar, tucked back in Ryan's sleeve and another clothesline has Scott Nash Strader on the ground. Kaleb gives SNS a vicious boot and draws the mic to his lips, as his focus returns to TDR.

Kaleb: "Being related to you has had it's benefits...and has had it's downfalls. I have spent my entire entire your shadow. And I'm telling you now, Payton. Those days...ARE OVER!"

Kaleb with a vicious boot into TDR's face. TDR slumps to the ground and immediately, Ryan and Kaleb are pulling him to his beyond groggy feet. They take him exit left of the ramp and down a small hallway, taking a sharp turn to a loading bay of the arena, where the rear of a delivery truck is open. Kaleb slings TDR into the back of the truck and begins to stomp on the fallen TDR. Ryan returns to the entrance ramp in the arena to further detain SNS with clubbing foreamrs and boot stomps.

Kaleb: "How does it feel, Payton? There is someone that is genetically your equal! It's just you never thought of it like that. You always thought I was inferior...that I was riding your coat tails? I don't need to depend on you, Payton. I don't need your free ride. Your charity. Your pity. I don't need your arrogance. You will understand that I will exist with or without you. I am my own person."

Kaleb yanks TDR to his knees and slams his head into the inside wall of the delivery truck. TDR slumps, lifeless and Kaleb catches his breath. He exits the rear of the delivery truck and pulls the door down and locks it. Kaleb walks around the driver's side of the delivery truck and gets into the driver's seat. Kaleb cranks up the truck and pulls it out of the loading bay, where Vanessa watches. As the truck gains speed and gets out into the parking lot, it is suddenly T-boned with tremendous force from a speeding eighteen wheeler. There is a huge crash of screeching metal and shattering glass The delivery truck jettisons into the air and slams down on it's passenger side. Vanessa screams in terror. Ryan is seen leaving his attack on SNS and runs back to the loading bay, shoving the camera man out of the way. The view goes sideways, static filled and on for a brief moment. The camera man is trying to keep up with Ryan Strader, who has run out towards the wreckage. The view is bouncing and not steady, but as he catches up to Ryan Strader, he is investigating the cab of the eighteen wheeler, to discover it has already been abandoned.

Ryan: "DAMN!"


Sirens begin to wail in the distance and the on site paramedics screech to the wreckage. A fire truck pulls in and fireman leap from the truck and begin to assess the wreckage and how to extract the twins from it. Scene returns to the announcer's table.

McDaniel: "Ladies and gentlemen, words just cannot define what we have just witnessed. It appears there's some huge tension between the Strader twins and during a vicious assault on Payton Strader, administered by his own twin brother, Kaleb Strader, an eighteen wheeler has just obliterated the delivery truck the Strader twins were in..."

Rentfro: "My God..."

Scene returns to the devastating wreckage, where a second ambulance has arrived. Firemen and paramedics have managed to get the accordion scrunched back door pried open for entry and the driver's side door has been removed with "Jaws Of Life". Both Strader twins are carefully removed from the wreckage and placed on stretchers. Each is carefully wheeled to their respective ambulances and lifted in. Both ambulances sirens begin to wail and pull away from the wreckage. Scene returns to the announcer's table.

McDaniel: "Whatever issues the Strader twins have with each other are suddenly overshadowed with the awful fact that someone intended to crash into that delivery truck and the driver has yet to be identified...."

Rentfro: "It's more than just Kaleb Strader coming back to haunt Payton Strader...who could do something like that..."

Scene returns to the loading bay, where Chamelion stands, arms crossed and a completely unpleased expression is on his face. Vanessa and Ryan Strader are seen leaving in a Hummer stretch limosine. SNS walks to the loading bay, holding the back of his head and wincing. SNS looks out at the wreckage and then at Chamelion.

Chamelion: "When you are brought up to speed, you will not be pleased. I can assure you, I have no love loss for any of you Straders. I am not sure what just reared it's ugly head in my federation or what it is you Straders brought with you...that is your problem, not mine. However, the only thing I can tell you now that will make sense later, is that I will find out who the driver of that eighteen wheeler is. Regardless of my past with your brother, Payton, he is a caliber member of my roster and actions like this will not be tolerated."

SNS's has a puzzled expression mixed with his daze. His eyes return to the wreckage.

Chamelion: "I will arrange for you a ride to the hospital, Scott. You need to be checked out and you need to go check on your brothers...and keep me posted. Please."

SNS's puzzlement is instantly washed over with a look of concern...then a cold, hard look at the eighteen wheeler. Scene fades on Chamelion's furious glare.

We cut backstage just before the huge contest to decide “Who’s The Man!?” where Toshi Yang stands in front of one of the larger PPV graphics. Next to her, Raizzor stands solemnly, attired in his wrestling outfit, and wearing his black leather duster.

Toshi: Ladies and Gentlemen, with me at this time, the number one contender for the PWA World title, Raizzor!

Huge pop from the crowd, and Toshi turns towards Raizzor, lifting her head up to gaze at his 6’8 foot frame.

Toshi: Raizzor, in a few moments, you will be facing Project X for the PWA championship. How do you feel? Any concerns or worries?

Raizzor peers down at the little lady, and reaches for the mic. He lifts is from her hands, and gives her a look that says simply, go! Toshi sighs and walks off the screen, and Raizzor turns to the camera.

Raizzor: X, As I stand here, mere moments from our match, I have been questioned if I feel concern, fear or even ‘jitters’ before our contest… and I am perhaps a touch surprised when I answer honestly; no. What I feel, what I have, is confidence.

He allows us a rare smile, but it’s merely a shadow the passes over his features.

Raizzor: I watch you, and I see the frustrations build with each passing minute. This has turned into a parody of sorts, as all you can come back with against me is a list of denials. You try to insinuate yourself into my position, being the stronger of the two, clawing desperately as the mountains of Earth come tumbling down into your grave, your oxygen running out. The wise need not hear reminders of every piece, for they will review all we have said and see where the truths lie.

He grips the mic tighter in his hand.

If you truly feel that people can not change their ways, X, that my past is the foundation of whom I am today, then would it not be logical to assume the same applies with you? If this were to be so, you have little chance of success tonight, and you know you can not label another without the eyes of your enemies questioning your intent. The problem with you belief, X, is that I do not share in it. What I believe if fact to me, and to those who oppose you. Do not cast stones at me, for in this battle I am the one who is in position to rid the PWA of your foul stench. You wear the black hat in this story, X, and while you will try to paint me the worse of the two evils, you are only kidding yourself and your delusions that I have exposed to the world, will only continue to grow.

Raizzor shakes his head, almost in pity for Project X

Raizzor: Again, you bring forth the word ‘supernatural’, and I am beginning to realize now that you are trying so desperately to believe it so that you feel you stand a chance. I am the demon you fear, X, whether in word alone or fact, none the less I am the one thing that has scared you the most since you arrived here, and you may go on trying to ‘wake up’, to see me as less then what I am and overcome it, but X… you’ve not yet been to sleep.

The camera pans closer to Raizzor, his face taking up the entire screen, and his red eyes seem to glisten and glow as he states the final words of this war!

I am the monster of the PWA, you deny my claim but yet I still come for you, no matter what you try to do, I still come. Knock me down, I get back up, try to break me and I heal. There is no answer, X, no answer that will come to you that will stop me. You have what I want, and I will take it. The kingdom you have quoted as presiding over? It’s filled with people that want to see you fall, crumble and be taken off your thrown. I am their champion, and I will complete the task bestowed upon me. Am I supernatural? Am I only a man!? Project X, when the match is said and done, and the final bell tolls…. In all honesty, will it really matter which I am?

Raizzor drops the mic and raises his arms to his sides, and the screen cuts back to ringside!

Who's The Man?! Finals
Corey Lazarus vs. The Phoenix


The camera cuts to the ring, where Eric Emerson stands, notecards in hand.

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with NO time limit, and is the finals of the two thousand eight edition of the PWA Who's The Man!? tournament!

An old fashioned, black and white film countdown begins rolling, the film flickering and a beep heard after every digit.



A single blast of pyro goes off, killing the lights and turning the blank ADC-Tron into images of Hollywood landmarks as the basslines of Slayer's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" creep over the PA system. The guitars chug as the ADC-Tron focuses on the front gate of the Lazarus Estate, and the familiar guitar lick is played as a spotlight focuses on the entrance curtain. The ADC-Tron then shows clips of Corey Lazarus in action - some clips at half speed, others at twice the actual speed - over the years of his career, focusing on Corey holding the DRWF Eternal title high above his head as the reaches its the 27-second mark.



Eric Emerson: Introducing first...

Corey Lazarus steps into the spotlight and then walks down the entrance ramp, Gregory Price at his side, focusing on his steps as he adjusts the black athletic tape around his left hand. Corey wipes a little bead of sweat from his brow with the white towel over his shoulder, adjusting his silver-rimmed Ray Ban's before taking a sip of his Aquafina. Price rubs his shoulders as they walk, hyping him up.



Eric Emerson: Weighing in tonight at two hundred and thirty pounds pounds, and standing at six feet one inch...

Corey stops at the bottom of the ramp, sliding his Ray Ban's off, and then adjusts his sole elbow pad on his right arm. Price chomps away on his gum, looking around all over the arena.

Price: Don't worry, Core, you can do this.

Lazarus: Oh, I know, man.



The bridge of the song plays as Corey hops up onto the ring apron, tossing his Ray Ban's over to Price. He looks down at the black cast on his right hand, taking a few deep breaths.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Hollywood, California...



Corey steps between the ropes and into the center of the ring, the spotlight following him as Price walks up the steps, stopping on the apron in Corey's corner. Lazarus runs the ropes a little bit...

Eric Emerson: He is "The Premiere Attraction"...



Corey rolls forward to a knee, his head bowed, and a fist on the mat. The guitars divebomb...



...and Corey bobs his head to the beat of the drums.

Eric Emerson: ...COREY LAZARUS!!!

Lazarus leaps to his feet as the spotlight dies, the arena lights returning, and slowly spins around, his arms outstretched with his hands wide open. The familiar guitar lick returns, and "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" dies down as Corey backs up to his corner.

McDaniel: Corey Lazarus has been in this match before in two thousand one, the only other time he has been in the Who's The Man tournament.

Rentfro: And he choked!

McDaniel: Yes. Due to outside distraction by the Rage, Corey was caught in Dalton Campbell's Spider's Grasp, forced to tap out.

The referee comes over to check Lazarus out, and Corey hands Price his towel and his bottle of Aquafina.

"Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, hailing from Orlando, Florida...

The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and red pyros flare from the ring posts. 

Eric Emerson: ...standing six feet tall and weighing about two hundred and forty pounds...

The Phoenix the comes down from the rafters on a harness and enters the ring.

Eric Emerson: ...he is THE PHOENIX!!!!

The referee helps Phoenix unhook his harness and then checks him out, signaling that he's good. He gets the men in the ring together, face to face. He explains the rules, and they both nod. He signals for the bell.

McDaniel: This is what we've been waiting for!

Rentfro: These guys have been at each other's throats all week...let's see what kind of damage they inflict.


The two men circle each other, waiting moments for the first to attack. Corey lunges in, but Phoenix reverses and puts him in a hammerlock. He twists Corey's arm vividly, but Corey breaks out with an elbow strike. Phoenix staggers back and then gets knocked into the ropes by a roundhouse kick from Phoenx. Corey goes in, but Phoenix hits a low kick and takes Corey down with snap suplex. He then wraps Corey's left arm up with his legs, grabbing Corey's left wrist with both arms and twisting it violently. Corey is struggling in pain.

McDaniel: That looks PAINFUL! Luckily it's not his broken hand that's mixed up in that.

Rentfro: Corey doesn't look too lucky right now, but he's so close to that bottom rope!

McDaniel: He got it!

Corey grabs ahold of the bottom rope for dear life and Phoenix is forced to let go. He gets Corey up to his feet, but Corey counters with some elbows to Phoenix's stomach. Corey backs up Phoenix a bit and then mows him down with a clothesline. Phoenix gets back up, and Corey takes him back down with another lariat. Phoenix is back up to his feet almost immediately and Corey telegraphs a dropkick, but the Phoenix holds back. Corey lands on the mat, and then Phoenix puts Corey's legs underneath his arms. He steps over to his right, putting Corey on his belly. The Phoenix bends down at the knees and wrenches Corey's legs backwards, putting him a vicious Boston Crab.

McDaniel: Oh man! The ref is down there to see if Corey wants to tap out...

Rentfro: I don't think Corey knows the meaning...

McDaniel: Every man has his limit.

Rentfro: Corey is fighting for that bottom rope again, and he's so close.

McDaniel: Wait! The Phoenix is dragging Corey back to the middle of the ring!

Corey, however, manages to escape due to Phoenix letting up on the hold a bit. Corey turns on his back and gets one leg free. He smashes it into Phoenix's back, which sends him into the turnbuckle. Phoenix turns around, but is met by lefts and rights from Corey. Corey then slams his shoulder into the Phoenix's midsection. Phoenix doubles over a bit, and Corey tucks Phoenix's head between his thighs. Corey lifts Phoenix up in powerbomb fashion and slams Phoenix into the turnbuckle!

McDaniel: Good God! Phoenix was almost broken in half!

Rentfro: The RINGPOST almost broke in half!

Corey hooks the leg...



Kick out!

McDaniel: The Phoenix has still got a lot of fight in him, but that sure did leave a mark.

Rentfro: Son of a!

Corey gets Phoenix up to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Phoenix comes back and Corey tries for a flowing belly-to-belly suplex, but Phoenix puts his leg around the back of Corey's, then unleashes headbutt after headbutt on Corey. Phoenix wraps Corey up in a facelock and plants him into the mat with a DDT. Phoenix covers...



Shoulder up.

McDaniel: Barely a two count there, I think Phoenix was going for the surprise pin.

Rentfro: Corey DOES look surprised!

Phoenix gets Corey up to his feet and hits some knee strikes, and then tosses him into the corner. Phoenix goes into the opposite corner. He runs at Corey, leaping high into the hit, and hits a huge corner splash. Corey staggers out a bit, and Phoenix tries a belly-to-belly suplex of his own, but Corey blocks it and hits a head-and-arm suplex, smashing Phoenix into the corner!

McDaniel: The turnbuckles AGAIN! Good God! The Phoenx might be taken out of here in multiple boxes here tonight!

Rentfro: That's just wrong...

Phoenix is up to his feet though, as Corey catches his breath for a moment. Corey lands a right punch and then follows up with a stiff kick to the side of Phoenix. Corey locks up with a facelock, putting Phoenix's arm over his head. He lifts Phoenix up vertically, but Phoenix quickly slips out of it and lands on his fight right behind Corey. Phoenix lays into Corey with big elbow strikes to the back of Corey's head, then hits Corey with a huge backdrop suplex.

McDaniel: Corey crashes hard!

Rentfro: Phoenix is on the top rope...he's calling for it! The Ashes!

Phoenix flies high off the top turnbuckle, extending forward for his patented diving elbow drop, but Corey rolls out of the way at the last second. Phoenix hits nothing but mat and grabs his arm in pain. Corey gets to his feet, and goes into the ropes. He comes back and hits a highly elevated somersault legdrop on Phoenix. He covers...



Kick out!

Corey getting a little frustrated, gets Phoenix to his feet. He sends him into the ropes and then hits a HUGE twisting spinebuster on Phoenix. He covers again.


2... Kick out! Barely a two count there.

Corey slams the mat and then mounts Phoenix, laying into him with rights and lefts. But, before Corey can get on a roll, Phoenix rakes Corey's left eye and Corey backs off. Phoenix rolls to the ropes and uses them to get up. Corey gets his vision back, but only to see himself getting kicked low and Phoenix lifting him up high in the air. Phoenix drops him down with a brainbuster! He covers...



Kick out!

McDaniel: Either man is willing to give up Brian!

Rentfro: Phoenix is a little flustered himself.

Phoenix gets Corey up to his feet and slams his forearm into Corey's face. Corey gets tossed into the turnbuckle, then immediately put on the top. The Phoenix climbs up onto the middle rope and then hooks Corey up in a facelock. He puts Corey's arm over his head and grabs Corey's tights. He lifts him up, over, and slams him down hard to the mat below.

McDaniel: Superplex! That's gotta be it for Corey!

Phoenix hooks the leg...



Kick out!

Phoenix is flustered even more, and lays down a few stomps on Corey. He goes into the ropes and comes back with a knee drop on Corey's face. He covers again.



Kick out!

Phoenix slams the mat in frustration, and then gets Corey to his feet. He sends him into the ropes and tries to connect with a roundhouse onto the oncoming Corey, but Corey ducks underneath and wraps up Phoenix's arms from behind and slams him to the mat with a full-nelson slam! Corey covers...



Shoulder up!

McDaniel: Corey doesn't seem to happy about that. The ring shook pretty violently when he slammed him down.

Rentfro: Eh...our ring is weak.

McDaniel: Excuse me?

Phoenix is to his feet, Corey right behind him. Corey slams both hands down on top of Phoenix's back and then hits a vicious knee uppercut on Phoenix. Phoenix lays back into the ropes and Corey uses a giant hip toss to take him down. Phoenix gets back up, angered, and runs at Corey. Corey takes him down with an arm drag. Phoenix is back to his feet he runs at Corey, who tries to lock him up. Phoenix slides down between Corey's legs, ending up behind him, and hits a huge sleeperhold slam on Corey! Phoenix covers...



3!! No! Corey had his foot on the bottom rope.

McDaniel: Wow! Close call there, the ref almost didn't see it.

Rentfro: That...would've been bad.

McDaniel: Yeah could you imagine Corey getting screwed out of winning Who's The Man!? again?

Rentfro: I don't WANT to imagine that.

Phoenix gets Corey to his feet and unchambers lefts and rights. He sends Corey into the opposite ropes. Corey comes back and Phoenix uses his sheer strength to lift Corey up into the air, pushing Corey's body back and bring his legs forward. Phoenix grabs ahold of Corey's legs on the way down and slams Corey hard on his back. Phoenix covers...



Kick out!

Rentfro: Oh man! The Phoenix is heated!

McDaniel: Clever...

Phoenx goes into the ropes and comes down with a hard elbow drop. He tries for it again, but Corey rolls out of the way and sweeps Phoenix off his feet. Phoenix is back on his feet, but Corey is waitng for him as he hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Phoenix. Corey gets Phoenix to his feet.

McDaniel: Corey charges at him and dives to his side...

Rentfro: He's going for the END CREDITS!

McDaniel: But Phoenix ducks!

He kicks Corey low, and tucks his head between his thighs. He wraps both arms around Corey in a rear waistlock and lifts him up vertically.

McDaniel: The Flame! The Flame!

Just as Phoenix is about to let go of the waistlock and cradle one of Corey's legs, Corey uses his abdominal strength to lift himself up and slide off of Phoenix's shoulder. Corey wraps his arms around the waist of Phoenix and hits a HUGE german suplex!

Rentfro: What a reversal! Corey barely got out of that!

McDaniel: I was sure that was the end for Corey...

Both men are lying in the ring, exhausted, but Corey gets to his knees. The Phoenix does the same. They get to their feet at relatively the same time, the Phoenix a tidbit slower, and they both have the same idea and nail each other with right punches!

Rentfro: It's Rocky IV all over again!

McDaniel: Except we actually get to SEE the fight!

Both men stagger back, but Corey lunges forward. Phoenix reverses with an arm drag and Corey goes down. He gets back up, but Phoenix is right there. He tries to move in on Corey, but Corey nails a stiff side kick to the stomach of Phoenix. He does it again, and again, and then finishes it with a jumping roundhouse to Phoenix's face. Phoenix hits the mat, and Corey climbs the top turnbuckle.

McDaniel: Corey is standing tall on that top turnbuckle and leaps off...flipping four hundred and fifty degrees!

Rentfro: Corey comes down with a HUGE splash! He holds it for the pin...



Kick out!

McDaniel: How did he kick out!?

Rentfro: The Phoenix is heated!

McDaniel: Enough with that...

Corey gets Phoenix to his feet and slams him into the turnbuckle. He does it again, and again, and then turns Phoenix around and decks him. Phoenix falls back into the turnbuckle and Corey tries for a running clothesline, but Phoenix kicks Corey low. Phoenix reverses it and slams Corey into the turnbuckle. He puts Corey on the top turnbuckle and tries for a top rope brainbuster...

McDaniel: Laz blocks it!


Corey rolls over on top of Phoenix...



3!! NO! The ref is saying he got his shoulder up at the last second.

McDaniel: Corey can't believe it! He's arguing with the ref...

Rentfro: Did...he just kick out of that?

McDaniel: Yes, Brian. Yes he did.

Rentfro: How the...

Corey is on his feet still telling the ref that he won the match, and the Phoenix slowly gets back to his feet. Corey waves off the ref, turns around, and is met with a deadly side kick from Phoenix. Corey falls to the mat, and Phoenix covers.



Kick out!

Phoenix gets Corey to his feet and wraps Corey in a rear waistlock, but instead of Corey being between his legs, he's off to Phoenix's left side. Phoenix lifts up Corey and executes a devasating pumphandle slam! Phoenix covers again...



Shoulder up!

McDaniel: Good God! Corey taking some brute punishment there and not giving up.

Rentfro: So much is on the line between these two...did you expect any less?

Phoenix gets Corey to his feet, but Corey slams his fist into Phoenix's stomach, then follows up with a vicious uppercut. Phoenix gets sent into the ropes and Corey closes in.

McDaniel: Wait, Phoenix doesn't go into the ropes as scheduled...but springboards off the middle rope and then...

Rentfro: TWISTING DDT! He almost broke Corey's neck with that one!

Phoenix covers...



Kick out!

The crowd is going wild, they can't get enough. No man wants to give up, and they love it. We're getting "HOLY SHITS" from just about everyone in the arena.

McDaniel: Holy...indeed!

Rentfro: Holy shit! Holy shit!

McDaniel: Brian!

Rentfro: It's M-TV, man.

Phoenix rolls off of Corey, obviously exhausted. Corey rolls onto his belly, and Phoenix gets to his feet. Corey gets to his feet, turning around, and is met with a kick to the groin. Phoenix places Corey's head between his thighs before bending over and locking his arms around Corey's waist in a reverse rear waistlock. He then lifts Corey vertically, steadying himself as he releases the waistlock, and uses his right arm to cradle Corey's left leg, locking his hands at the wrist. He then bends his back straight, arching Corey's in the process, and falls to a seated position, driving Corey head-first into the mat.


Rentfro: I can't believe it! Phoenix has this match won!

McDaniel: But he's not moving, Brian! That took just about all the energy Phoenix had...both men are in the ring, exhausted!

Rentfro: Look at the carnage!

McDaniel: The ref is starting the count...

Fans: 1!

McDaniel: Still no movement...

Fans: 2!

Rentfro: Somebody get up!

Fans: 3!

Fans: 4!

Finally, we see some movement out of Phoenix. It's not much.

Fans: 5!

He's alive!

Fans: 6!

Phoenix rolls onto his belly and tries to get to one knee. Corey is now moving.

Fans: 7!

So is Corey!

Fans: 8!

Phoenix using the ropes manages to get to his feet, dazed and exhausted. The referee calls for Nine...

and Corey is to his knees. The referee looks at Corey...and right before he can call for ten, Corey lunges up to his feet in a last ditch effort. The referee waves off the count, and signals for the match to continue. Corey and Phoenix go at it, exchanging lefts and rights. Phoenix gets the upperhand and sends Corey into the ropes. He hits a huge back body drop on Corey, and he goes crashing into the mat. Phoenix falls to one knee, very worn out.

McDaniel: This is all about willpower here Brian! Who wants it more?!

Rentfro: Well right now it's Mr. Robinson!

Phoenix gets to his feet. He tries to climb the top turnbuckle, but Corey sneaks behind up and trips Phoenix up on the ropes. Phoenix slams down on the top turnbuckle. With Phoenix facing Corey in the ring, Corey climbs up to the middle turnbuckle. He wraps Phoenix up in a facelock and falls backwards, planting Phoenix's head into the mat from three turnbuckles up. He covers...



Kick out!


Rentfro: I can't believe he just kicked out of that!

Phoenix manages to get to his feet, Corey a little bit faster than him. Corey delivers a low kick to the inside of Phoenix's thigh - the femural artery - and then follows that up with a mid-roundhouse kick to Phoenix's ribs. Another roundhouse kick follows to Phoenix's chest - with the legs doing the three kicks trading off left-right-left - and then Corey grabs Phoenix by the back of his neck, delivers a downward elbow thrust to the top of Phoenix's head, and follows it up with a leaping knee to his face.


Phoenix falls to the mat...and Corey stands above him, dragging his thumb across his neck. Corey lifts Phoenix up into the corner, seating him on the top turnbuckle.

McDaniel: He's not going for the Box Office Bomb?

Rentfro: I don't know WHAT he's doing!

Lazarus then steps up to the middle rope, and locks a front facelock on Phoenix, draping Phoenix's arm over his shoulder before lifting Phoenix up so that they are standing on the top rope. Corey then steps up to the top rope himself, and cradles Phoenix's closer leg. Lazarus then lifts Phoenix vertical as he leaps backwards, releasing Phoenix's head and pushing down on Phoenix's cradled leg as he drops to his knees on the mat, driving Phoenix onto the back of his head, neck, and upper shoulders.


Rentfro: I think...was the the Sands of Ishtar? I've never seen him use it!

Lazarus wastes no time and hooks the leg...





Eric Emerson:
Ladies and gentlemen...the winner of the two thousand eight Who's the Man!? tournament and new Franchise of the PWA...COREY LAZARUS!!!!

McDaniel: He did it! Even though the odds were against him considering his last appearance in the Who's the Man tournament...

Rentfro: Not to mention Matthew Engel pretty much telling Corey he's going to get his revenge tonight...

McDaniel: He overcame it all and now he's the new Franchise! And number one contender to the World Heavyweight Title!
I can't believe the match we just saw!

Rentfro: Tell me about it, Jon. Both men came into Who's the Man saying they were the best, that they deserved to be the Franchise of the PWA but Lazarus was the one that pulled it off.

McDaniel: And after a match like that, who could dispute his claim to that title?

Rentfro: Not Robinson, if he knows what's good for him!

In the ring, the referee is raising Laz's arm. The Phoenix was getting to his feet behind Lazarus and the ref. Phoenix shoves the referee away and Lazarus spins around to face him.

Rentfro: Laz isn't backing down! After all that, he looks ready to fight if that's what Robinson has planned.

Robinson and Lazarus stand a foot apart, staring each other down. Finally, Robinson offers his hand to Lazarus as the crowd cheers.

McDaniel: Does he really think Lazarus is going to fall for this?

Rentfro: Come on, Jon, can't Robinson be a good sport? Hell, maybe he really respects Lazarus and the match they just put on.

Lazarus never takes his eyes off the Phoenix and takes the offered hand as the crowd goes crazy. Phoenix raises Lazarus' hand in the air and points at him.

Rentfro: See! I told you so, Jon.

McDaniel: I can't believe it, but you were right, Brian. The crowd is eating up this display of sportsmanship. I think that Robinson may have actually won them over tonight.

Phoenix and Lazarus head to each side of the ring to soak in the approval of the fans. Phoenix pats Lazarus on the back and starts to leave the ring as the crowd is chanting L-A-Z!

Rentfro: He may have lost, but the fans don't even care!

McDaniel: Brian, why hasn't Robinson actually left the ring yet?

Rentfro: Jesus, Jon, he's soaking up the atmosphere.

The Phoenix comes up behind Lazarus, pulls him backswards by his hair and nails him with an inverted DDT. The crowd reaction is mixed.

McDaniel: Dammit, Brian, I knew it was too good to be true!

Rentfro: Oh, come on, Jon. You didn't really fall for that did you?

The Phoenix makes a belt motion around his waist before finally leaving the ring.
Phoenix disappears backstage, as Price and Corey are heading up the rampway. Suddenly, the lights go out for seconds, but it seems like an eternity.

McDaniel: What's going on!?

We hear some rustling near ringside, but that's not where Corey and Price were. However, the truth comes to light as the lights come back on. Corey and Matthew Engel are fighting ringside, Price on his back where Corey was. He must've been knocked down.

Rentfro: Matt is here! He's come to claim his revenge!

Matt gets the upperhand on Corey and slams his knee into Corey's gut. Matt slams Corey head first into the ringpost. He does it again, and again, and finishes it off with slamming Corey face first into the steel steps. The fans start to boo, they don't like their Franchise wrestler being beat on. Matt slides Corey into the ring. He grabs something from underneath the ring, something he might have planted.

McDaniel: What the hell has he got?

Rentfro: Matt's got a croquet mallet! Holy crap!

McDaniel: No! DON'T DO IT MATT!

Matt is in the ring, standing over Corey. He raises the mallet up high into the air, a sinister look on his face. He drops it down on Corey's head. He does it again, but he doesn't hit Corey's head, he connects with his ribs. Corey is knocked out, a huge abrasion on his forehead, blood coming out of his nose. Matt takes a few more shots into Corey's sides and then throws the mallet away.

McDaniel: is HORRIBLE!

Rentfro: Wow...I can't believe he did that. Corey...Corey isn't moving, people.

Price slides in the ring, wanting to fight Matt, but he knows better. He kneels down and tends to Corey. Matt laughs at Price and slides out of the ring. Matt walks up the rampway as the EMTs come rushing down. They place Corey on a portable stretcher. They plug an IV into him, and put him in a neckbrace. Matt has one last look...a mixture of evil and sadness. His instability shines as the fans continue to boo him. He disappears backstage. Price follows the EMTs up the rampway with Corey.

McDaniel: Ladies and gentlemen...I am sorry that you had to witness that. We will be monitoring Corey's status.

Rentfro: I just...I can't believe it.

World Heavyweight Championship Match

Project X (C) vs. Raizzor

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our main event of the evening!!!

Huge pop from the crowd.

Rentfro: I've been waiting for this all night!

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, the challenger!

Three quick drum beats pick up and then a GONG! Echoes, preceeding the voice of Raizzor saying…..’Dead Man Walking!’….and the arena lights die down as a red eerie glow illuminates the arena. The lyrics pick up as the stage begins to cloud over with a mist and a shadowly shape takes form within the growing fog.

##You've done it now
You've gone and made a big mistake
and I can't allow, you to think you can just walk away
so turn around, and face the piper you're gonna pay
'cause the end is now
this is gonna be your judgement day##

Eric Emerson: He weighs in at 285lbs........he hails from Las Vegas Nevada..........

The music and lyrics continue to illustrate the tension that permeates the entire arena... and the shadowed figure begins to move forward, breaking out of the mist to reveal the Soul-Taker.

##You're gonna Pay, You're Gonna Pay
there's no forgiveness this time
You're gonna Pay, You're Gonna Pay

It's my business, your mind
You're gonna Pay, You're Gonna Pay
I'm burning these ones to the ground
You're gonna Pay, You're Gonna Pay
I'm gonna Bring you down##

Eric Emerson: Known as the Franchise of the PWA.....the Soul-Taker..........RAIZZOR!!!!!!!!

Moving with a slow dedicated purpose, Raizzor stalks to the ring. He comes to the steps, where he stops and shrugs off his leather duster, letting it fall to the floor around his feet. Raizzor steps into the ring.

##No more chances,
No more excuses, no lies
your stories ending, time to say your goodbyes
nice guys, it's said they always finish last
but bad-asses, are always kicking asshole's ass##

kick it

With his chest rising and falling slowly, Raizzor moves around the ring with slow steady steps.

##You're gonna Pay, You're Gonna Pay
there's no forgiveness this time
You're gonna Pay, You're Gonna Pay
It's my business, your mind
You're gonna Pay, You're Gonna Pay
I'm burning these ones to the ground
You're gonna Pay, You're Gonna Pay
I'm gonna Bring you down##

Finally, he enters the ring and prepares for the contest at hand.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent...

The house lights drop and are taken over by the illumination of green strobe lights that dance about the PWA ramp. "Spaceman" by Babylon Zoo hits the PA system as a bright white light blasts out from the back, against this light the outline of Project X can be made as he jogs on the spot, trying to psych himself up. When the music reaches it's peak he bursts forth in a rush of energy and launches his chokeslamming arm up into the air as a jet of green pyro launches up behind him. He then makes his way to the ring with a purposeful walk.  The crowd's anticipation starts to build to unbearable levels as he enters the ring and locks eyes with Raizzor. No turning back now.

Rentfro: The wait is finally over McDaniel. These two are going to rip each other to shreds, I love it!!

McDaniel: Indeed, this should be a contest to remember.

Raizzor and Project X go face to face and exchange unheard insults as the arena lights up with flash photography.

McDaniel: You could cut the tension with a knife!

The referee seperates both men and instructs them to go to their designated corners for the formal introductions. Eric Emerson takes centre ring.

Eric Emerson: Alright wrestling fans, here we go, one fall to determine the PWA Heavyweight champion of the World!

Huge pop.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, to my left, he is the challenger. His record stands at 4 wins, 1 loss and no draws. He is a former 3 time PWA World champion and tonight hopes to add a fourth to his collection. Standing at 6'8" and weighing in at 285lbs, I give you the Franchise, the Soul Taker, the hall of famer, I give you RAAAAAAAIIIIIIZZZZZZZZOOOOOORRRRR!!!

The crowd get on their feet as Raizzor barely acknowledges the announcement of his name, keeping his eyes locked solely on the World champion. Project X returns the stare and then some. Both men desperately want the formalities to be over.

Eric Emerson: And to my right, introducing the champion. His record stands at 4 wins, 4 losses and no draws. He is a veteran of the PWA rings and tonight, makes the defense on his impressive 49th day as champion. Standing at 7'0" and weighing in at 352lbs, I give you the reigning and defending, two time PWA Heavyweight champion of the world, I give you PRRRROOOOOOJEEEEEEECCCCTTTT XXXXXXXXX!!!

Project X raises his title in the air as his name is announced while pointing at Raizzor. Raizzor's eyes could almost burn a hole in him now.

Eric Emerson: The referee will now give both wrestlers their final instructions.

The ref waves both wrestlers into the centre ring where they lock eye to eye, not even acknowleding the referee's presence.

Referee: Now gentlemen, this is the main event live on Pay-Per-View and a lot of people have paid money to see this match, so let's keep things clean and not force me to disqualify anybody. I will take action if I have to. Keep it strictly as a wrestling contest and we won't have any problems. Now shake hands and come out fighting!

Neither Project X or Raizzor shake hands and both simply walk backwards to their corners, refusing to break eye contact.

McDaniel: Don't you dare blink folks, the main event is only half a second away!

Both men warm up in their corners, waiting for the bell, the anticipation enough to make you piss your pants. The fans spontaneously break into a chant of "Fuck him up Raizzor, fuck him up!"


With a roar from the crowd both men charge and lunge at each other. Raizzor manages to duck under Project X's advance and takes him to the mat with a double leg takedown. The crowd erupts as he climbs onto Project X and pounds him with vicious lefts and rights. Project X utilises his strength and rolls out of it, on top of Raizzor where he comes back with his own barrage of punches. Raizzor yanks back on the hair of Project X who retaliates by crashing a headbutt down onto the bridge of Raizzor's nose. Raizzor shakes it off and rolls back on top of Project X who rolls again back on top of Raizzor, who rolls again and sends them both rolling under the bottom rope where they drop with a thump to the outside, still exchanging lefts and rights as they fall.

McDaniel: The ref is going to have his hands full with this one!

Rentfro: He needs to give these guys a little leeway, this is what people pay to see.

Project X starts to strangle Raizzor on the outside who breaks free by gouging Project X in the eye. Project X rolls away and gets to his feet but is shoulder blocked into the barricade by Raizzor. Raizzor then takes Project X and whips him into the ring apron. He takes him again and whips him back into the barricade, and then again into the ring apron. Barricade, apron, barricade, apron. He repeats this process until Project X collapses in a heap from the beating his back is taking.

Rentfro: Raizzor is playing a game of Human Pong and is using Project X as the ball!

The ref gets 3/4 of the way through his 10 count but stops at 9 knowing he is likely to cause a riot if the match ends that way. He instead opts for instructing Raizzor to take it back inside, Raizzor responds by snap suplexing Project X onto the thin padding outside.

McDaniel: It looks like this match is going to take the same path as the one two weeks ago, we can only hope we have a definitive winner this time around.

Rentfro: Screw winners, I want blood!

Raizzor picks Project X up and launches him towards the ring post but Project X manages to reverse the momentum and sends Raizzor colliding head first into the steel ring post. Project X then punches out a fan in the front row, wearing an MoA t-shirt and takes the steel chair he was sitting on.

McDaniel: He just punched one of our fans!

Rentfro: This is where I think they have it right in Japan, if you punch a fan over there, they say thank you. Here they slap you with a lawsuit, but hey, he's the champ and he can afford it!

McDaniel: Not if Sommers fines him again!

Project X goes to nail Raizzor with the chair but the ref slides out and gets in his way, threatening disqualification if the chair is used. Project X snarls and tosses the chair aside before rolling Raizzor back into the ring.

McDaniel: If you look at Project X's win/loss record, you'll find that it is very deceiving. A lot of his losses have been by disqualifcation which comes with the chaos involved with a Project X match. If you look at his singles record only one person has beaten him cleanly in the ring so far and that was Gabe Shelley, a loss he avenged at Genesis last month!

Rentfro: And Raizzor's only defeat comes at the hands of the man who's been Intercontinental champion the last month and a half, Mark McNasty, who also holds a tag team pin over Project X. Both Raizzor and Project X have made steady progress through the PWA... for old guys that is.

Project X enters the ring and comes after Raizzor but finds himself cut off by some stiff punches into his gut. Raizzor fights his way onto his feet and whips Project X into the ropes, nailing him with a big boot as he comes off them. Project X is only staggered by the boot and remains on his feet. Raizzor goes to the ropes himself and comes off them with a roaring elbow on Project X. Project X is rocked on impact but amazingly stays on his feet. Raizzor hits the ropes one more time and this time comes off with a flying clothesline, this time the impact is enough to send Project X crashing to the mat.

Rentfro: It takes a lot to knock the champ off his feet!

McDaniel: But you know what they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Raizzor makes the cover.



McDaniel: Project X still has too much in the tank.

Rentfro: That only counts as a pin in amateur wrestling.

Raizzor tries to pick Project X up but Project X suddenly springs to life and grabs Raizzor by the throat to gasps from the crowd.

McDaniel: This could be it!

Raizzor averts the danger of Project X's finisher with a swift kick between his legs, followed up by a double arm DDT. He makes another cover.



Rentfro: Project X is not even letting Raizzor hear two, nevermind three!

Raizzor forces Project X onto his feet and whips him hard into the corner. Raizzor makes his way to the opposite corner and charges full speed at Project X in a splash attempt but Project X moves out of the way at the last second and Raizzor eats turnbuckle. Project X then catches the backwards staggering Raizzor and sends him to the mat with a neckbreaker. He makes the cover.



McDaniel: Now it's Raizzor's turn to kick out at one! Neither man wanting to give the other the satisfaction of being down for more than a second!

Rentfro: What are you talking about!? That was three, the ref is just counting too slow!

Project X brings Raizzor to his feet, but Raizzor starts to fire back with lefts and rights that back Project X up. Raizzor hits the ropes and comes off them but again Project X grabs him by the throat. Raizzor fights himself loose before he can get a full grip and again hits the ropes and comes rebounding back but this time Project X catches him while he is vertical with one arm around his waist and the other hand on his back. Project X then spins around 180 degrees, and slams Raizzor back-first into the mat. The Crop Circle!

Rentfro: That ought to get more than a one count, it's one of his signature moves!

Project X makes the cover.



Rentfro: No way!

McDaniel: Believe it! This match is going to take a monster of an effort to win!

Project X is in disbelief that Raizzor kicked out of one of his key moves so easily. He angrily pounds Raizzor's head into the mat before picking him up and tossing him into the corner. Lefts, rights, forearms, uppercuts, headbutts, everything gets thrown in, in Project X's frustration. Raizzor slumps down into a sitting position and Project X puts the boots into his face. He drags Raizzor into the center ring and applies the figure four leg lock.

McDaniel: Project X is starting to slow things down a little bit now and control the match at his own pace.

Rentfro: That has to be the biggest figure four I have ever seen!

Raizzor writhes in pain as Project X locks in the hold. It takes all of Project X's strength to keep Raizzor from getting to the ropes due to his height. Raizzor sits up and tries to punch his way out of it but Project X applies more pressure and he is sent onto his back.


Raizzor sits up!

McDaniel: Raizzor needs to be careful of his shoulders touching the mat in this move!

Project X launches right hand after right hand into Raizzor's face, forcing him back down to the mat but Raizzor is more mindful to turn onto his side this time. Raizzor turns to his left and tries to put all his weight forward in an effort to reverse the hold but Project X once again applies more pressure and Raizzor is jerked back onto his back.

Rentfro: It looks like Raizzor is stuck with no place to go, is it possible for Project X to do the unthinkable and make him tap!?

Raizzor doesn't give up hope and again attempts the reversal, this time to the right and with more force behind the movement. Project X again applies pressure but Raizzor blocks out the stabbing pain in his leg and puts all his weight forward, causing them both to roll and reverse the pressure of the move. Project X grunts in pain from the reversal and quickly untangles his legs from Raizzor's.

McDaniel: Raizzor is free!

Raizzor limps to his feet at the same time as Project X and sends him crashing to the mat with a clothesline, followed by another and another. He whips Project X to the ropes and lifts him high into the air with a back body drop that shakes the ring on impact.

McDaniel: Raizzor just lifted Project X in a huge back body drop!

Rentfro: Raizzor is one of the few men on the roster capable of doing that to the champion!

Raizzor keeps up his attack and whips Project X into the ropes again where he nails him with a vicious clothesline from Hell that turns him inside out, Guillotine Version 1! He makes the cover.



McDaniel: And now Project X kicks out of one of Raizzor's key moves at one!

Rentfro: With the determination both these guys have, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a time limit draw!

Raizzor is just as shocked as Project X was earlier but he doesn't let it break his stride. He picks Project X back up and goes straight for the kill by scooping him up onto his shoulders and going for a tombstone shoulder breaker but Project X wriggles and slides out of it. Raizzor turns to meet him but gets caught by the throat with nowhere to go. Project X has his grip properly sunk in and dodges the low blow attempt. With a heave Raizzor is lifted up into the air and driven into the mat with a force that only Project X can manage. Raizzor's head smashes into the mat as Project X hits his finisher, The Probe!!!

Rentfro: That's it, Project X is three seconds away from retaining his title!

Project X makes the cover and hooks the leg.





McDaniel: Raizzor kicked out of The Probe!!! If that doesn't put him away, what in the Hell will!?!?

Rentfro: I have no idea what must be going through the head of Project X right now!

McDaniel: An undercurrent to this feud has been Project X's inability to keep Raizzor down no matter what he throws at him, this must be messing with his head on some level!

Rentfro: At least we got to hear a two count.

McDaniel: And then some!

Project X completely loses it as the ref holds up two fingers signaling a two count. He bull rushes the referee and holds three fingers in his face, insisting he got the pin but the ref doesn't back down. Project X shoves the referee who gets brave and shoves Project X back. Project X snaps and grabs the ref by the throat, lifts him up and drives him down into the mat with another Probe!

Rentfro: Uh-oh!

McDaniel: We have no referee and Project X has lost it! He thought he had the match won and so did a lot of people in attendence!

Project X turns his rage onto Raizzor who has now worked his way onto his hands and knees and kicks him right in the head.

Rentfro: Concussion city!

Project X yanks Raizzor back to his feet and gorilla presses him over his head in an awesome display of strength. He then rushes over to the ropes and launches Raizzor to the outside. Raizzor flies through to the air and comes to a stop, crashing head first into the barricade on the outside.

McDaniel: Project X is a man possessed. It's clear now that Raizzor has obviously gotten under his skin in recent weeks!

Project X hops to the outside and continues his assault, ramming Raizzor into anything in his path, he works his way over to the announcing area. Eric Emerson clears a path as Project X whips Raizzor into the timekeepers table. The table simply crumples under Raizzor's weight, sending anything on it flying into the air, including the ring bell. A light bulb goes of in the twisted head of Project X as he sets the ring bell down on the floor and drags Raizzor over to it, placing his head on top. Project X grabs a chair.

McDaniel: Oh no! Raizzor saved Enika Engel from this just last week, in doing so he probably saved her career!

Rentfro: Project X always has to take it one step too far!

Jaws hang open as Project X lifts the chair up high and brings it crashing down full force onto Raizzor's head.


McDaniel: Oh my God! Raizzor's head just got sandwiched and he is busted wide open! Someone put a stop to this!

Rentfro: Not even I want to see this, he could end his career!

McDaniel: I think he intends to!

Project X looks around at the crowd in self satisfaction as boos rain down upon him, among numerous paper cups and other garbage being thrown. He lifts the chair above his head again which quickly silences the crowd.

McDaniel: No! Not again!


McDaniel: This is sick!

Rentfro: We could have another King Agony moment on our hands!

Raizzor's face can't be seen at all, it's like something you'd see in a horror movie. His face bleeds from every hole and the numerous impacts on his skull have ruptured a few new openings for the blood to escape. His hair is completely matted with the blood that is oozing into a giant puddle on the outside. There would be enough of it for a shallow bath. Project X raises the now heavily dented chair again...

McDaniel: For the love of God...

Project X doesn't get to do it this time as the ref suddenly slides to the outside and yanks the chair away from him.

McDaniel: Yes! The ref has finally recovered and is putting a stop to this madness!

The ref shouts something at Eric Emerson and he repeats it into the microphone.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been informed by the referee for this contest that he is bringing a halt to the action and disqualifying Project X. Therefore, the winner of this match by disqualification, Raizzor!!!

McDaniel: Yet another disqualification for Project X and he keeps onto his title yet again, it makes me sick to have this man as our World champion!

Rentfro: The rematch has ended much like the first match, only I don't see Raizzor getting up from this one.

Project X seems more than happy to take the DQ loss and quickly grabs his title to leave before the crowd start to riot. All sorts of things get thrown at Project X as he makes his way up the ramp, including tomatoes... seriously who brings tomatoes to these things?

The paramedics pass him by on his way up and he stops at the top of the ramp to view the mess he created. He holds the title high above his head which sends the crowd into a frenzy.

McDaniel: I hope he's proud of himself! He's just ruined what should of been a main event to go down in history!

Rentfro: I don't think he gives a damn.

McDaniel: The paramedics are working hard here at ringside and we'll do our best to keep you up to.... Wait!... No way!... Not again!

Rentfro: ...He can't possibly!

Sure enough, a couple of paramedics are flung aside and the nightmare sight of a blood covered Raizzor climbs up to his feet with a primal roar that echoes around the arena without the aid of a microphone.

Rentfro: He can't be Human... he just can't be!

McDaniel: Yes! Raizzor is on his feet and it looks like he still wants to fight! No matter what Project X does he just can't keep him down!

Rentfro: Raizzor would rather die than stay down by the looks of things!

McDaniel: If this feud keeps up, that may be a possible outcome!

Project X finds himself in the familiar position of disbelief as Raizzor climbs back into the ring, his blood dripping down and staining the ring as he does so. He marches over to the edge of the ring, pretty much no selling the agony of the bell shots that has him in such a state, but still feeling it immensely no doubt. His determination to give some back to Project X over rides any degree of pain he is suffering, and so he marches to the edge of the ring and does a Hulk Hogan-esque finger point to which the crowd plays along and shout in unison...

Fans: YOU!!!

McDaniel: Is... is that fear I see in Project X!?!?

Rentfro: I think anyone would be shitting their pants right about now, no matter how big they are!

Project X nervously paces back and forth on the ramp, debating whether to go back or not. The fans goading him with chants of "Pussy! Pussy! Pussy!". Finally Project X holds his belt high in the air and shouts back at Raizzor.

Project X: I'm STILL the champ!!!

With that he turns to leave to thunderous boos from the crowd.

McDaniel: I guess it takes a woman who is not expecting it for Project X to grow a pair, but when it comes to someone who's his equal or better he tucks his tail and runs, typical bully!

Project X is nearly in the back when "Come With Me" suddenly hits the PA. The camera catches Project X shouting a word that may or may not rhyme with "duck".

McDaniel: Oh boy!

In Project X’s way stands Chamelion.  The two glare at each other, before Chamelion calms down and raises the mic in his hand.

Chamelion: No. 

The arena goes silent.

Chamelion: Not again, X, not again.  You claim you’re the best, you’re going to prove it tonight.  Nine years ago tonight I came onto this stage for the very first time, and those nine years ago, I’m going to say exactly what I said then!!

Chamelion shares his Cheshire like grin with Project X.

Chamelion: Project X, I just knew you would pull something like this. Well, guess what? I'm ordering this match to be restarted. Raizzor just got screwed, but I'm giving him a second chance.

McDaniel: He’s restarting the match!!

Rentfro: I don’t know if this is favoritism for his brother, or cruelty! Raizzor is in no condition to fight!

Project X curses at Chamelion and turns, only to find that Raizzor has made his way from the ring and hits a knee to Project X’s gut!  Project X drops the title to the ramp and Raizzor swiftly connects with a DDT, slamming Project X’s face into the belt!  As he pulls Project X up, we see blood pouring through the holes in Project X’s mask and Raizzor leads him down to the ring, pushing him in and the ref orders the bell rung for the match to be restarted!


McDaniel: Raizzor got in a free revenge shot on the ramp and now has the advantage!

Rentfro: I still don’t see how those two are going to be able to fight, they’re both nearly out of it, if not completely!

Raizzor stalks Project X who slides away, trying to find room to get to his feet and take the defensive.  With a swift kick that misses, Raizzor forces Project X onto his back, but it was a ploy! With Project X down, Raizzor lands a leg drop between the legs, harshly connecting with Project X’s lower stomach! He then wraps Project X’s legs up and applies a modified figure four leg lock!

McDaniel: Raizzor’s creative, utilizing a move only recently seen in other feds!

Rentfro: He has Project X on the ropes, figuratively speaking, since if he actually did, Project X could get the break.

McDaniel: Oh, shut up!

Project X grimaces but refuses to cry out in pain, as he struggles against the firm grip Raizzor has on him!  Raizzor glares as he applies more and more pressure, attempting at the very least to break one of Project X’s legs in the process.  Project X falls back on the canvas, the pain over whelming him.



Shoulder up!

McDaniel: Close! Project X can’t lose focus or it’s going to cost him!

Rentfro: That move has a double whammy, not only does it hurt like hell, but if you forget to keep your shoulders off the canvas, you could be counted for the three!

Angrily, Project X begins to wiggle, trying to turn the hold over!  Back and forth he rolls, trying either to do so or reach the ropes!  Finally, he succeeds in turning over but as he does, Raizzor breaks the hold to avoid being caught in his own move.  Raizzor gets to his feet as Project X pushes up and Raizzor hits a drop kick to the back of Project X’s head!

McDaniel: The challenger isn’t giving Project X any room to breath, as he quickly keeps on the offensive.

Rentfro: I gotta admit, I don’t think Ive seen Raizzor move this fast, so much!

With rage guiding his actions, Raizzor swoops Project X up and as he holds him up, Raizzor sets him into position and with the roar of the crowd behind him, Raizzor connects with a signature Last Ride Powerbomb!  He then covers, hooking the leg.




McDaniel: HOLY!

Rentfro: That should have ended it right there!

Shaking his head in disbelief, Raizzor quickly pulls Project X up and secures him and hits a second Last Ride!  He covers again!




McDaniel: Forget that last one! THAT was the ending!

Rentfro: Project X has springs in his shoulders, he has too!

Pounding the mat in frustration, Raizzor pulls Project X up, measures him and races to the ropes, bounces off and goes for a big boot!  Project X suddenly drops, partly due to exhaustion and brings his closed fist up between Raizzor’s legs!  Raizzor collapses in tremendous pain, and Project X glares for the ref to call the bell.  However, to his shock, the ref has his back turned, as he’s trying to get the paramedics out of the ringside area.

McDaniel: That was a blatant low blow and he meant to get DQ’d again!

Rentfro: But now he’s gotten away with it and can use it to his advantage!

Project X shrugs and with his own anger fueling him, he stalks Raizzor who is now on his stomach and wrenches him up into a Camel Clutch position!  Project X begins to pull back, putting all his 300+lbs of pressure onto Raizzor’s lower back while tourqing his neck into an impossible position!

McDaniel: Smaller men would break under Project X’s power with this move!

Rentfro: If he puts enough damage onto Raizzor, the end of this match is going to be academic!

The ref, back in the game, is there, asking if Raizzor wants to give!  Raizzor growls a no, as the pain seeps down into his tendons, muscles and every cell of his body.  Project X roars as he lunges back with even more weight and pressure.  Raizzor starts to succumb to the pain and his eyes droop under the stains of blood covering his face.  The ref raises his arm and it drops once.

McDaniel: Three falls of that arm and it’s over, and would be an embarrassing end to an otherwise glorious fight!

Rentfro: I don’t think he can beat Raizzor this way though!  I have it in my gut!

McDaniel: So now you’re a Raizzor fan?

Rentfro: Not really, but let’s be honest, if you can’t keep that man down with a ring bell and a chair, what’s a Camel Clutch REALLY going to do!?

McDaniel: Well… good point!

He picks up his arm, and watches it drop a second time.  The ref holds up two fingers, and the arena is stunned to see that Project X is going to come out the victor by making Raizzor pass out!  The ref holds up Raizzor’s arm and let’s go… and it doesn’t drop!  Project X curses hard!

McDaniel: WOW!! He’s still in it!

Rentfro: Told you!

McDaniel: Don’t get cocky!

Raizzor shakes his fist, and in an attempt to show there’s still thoughts coursing through his mind, he waves his index finger back and forth, admonishing Project X!  Project X cries out as suddenly Raizzor slips his knees under him, rises up and carries Project X backwards to the corner, crashing the big man against the turnbuckle!  Raizzor then follows up with a stiff elbow to the face three times, spins and lifts Project X to the top of the turnbuckle!

McDaniel: What has he got in mind now!?

Rentfro: This could be a set up for a high risk move, and those rarely pay off!

Raizzor then mounts up and begins pummeling Project X over and over with swift hard lefts and rights! The ref begins the count of five to get Raizzor down, but Raizzor ignores him!  At then, Raizzor lifts up his fist to elicit a roar of approval from the arena, and in that moment, Project X pushes with his might and Raizzor is sent crashing backwards to the canvas.

McDaniel: Raizzor paid for taking a moment to play to the crowd, a move so unlike him!

Rentfro: And I told you it was doomed to fail!

McDaniel: You’re just so proud of yourself tonight, being right all the time, aren’t you!?

Rentfro: Oh, yeah!

Project X then wobbles upwards, finding purchase with the top ropes in an effort to score a huge high risk move.  He stumbles, however, and has to catch himself to re-allign his position. As he does, Raizzor jumps and falls into the ropes, and Project X loses contact with them and falls, crotcheting himself on the top turnbuckle!

McDaniel: The world can rejoice! No little Project X’s in the near future!!!

Rentfro: It would be like Halloween every day of the year!

Raizzor moves in then, and climbs, picking Project X up and hooks him into position!  With great effort, Raizzor heaves Project X up and over and the crowd comes alive as the two slam down to the canvas from an awesome Super-plex!

McDaniel: AMAZING!

Rentfro: Hey, it paid off in the end, give Raizzor credit, but he’s got to follow through! He’s got to make the cover!!

Both men lay there, nearly unconscious, as the ref begins yet another ten count!  At eight, Raizzor rolls over and slides one arm over Project X’s body. The ref drops and counts:



Shoulder up!

McDaniel: NO WAY!

Rentfro: Can Anything keep that man down? ANYTHING??

Project X is on his side, Raizzor on his stomach, and both men still don’t move.  The ref sees this and yes, here comes another ten count.

McDaniel: The torture these two men have gone through, I honestly can’t see it going on for much longer!

Rentfro: It’s a good thing we test our refs to be able to count to ten, or we’d be stuck here all night!

McDaniel: …..

At seven, both men stir, at nine, Raizzor is on his knees and Project X is pulling himself up by the ropes, and at ten, both men are in position to continue.  They turn and each sees a chance and they race to each other… DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!     

McDaniel: Both had the same idea, and it cost them!!

Rentfro: Every time we think they’ll be back up to fight, they send each other back down!! And now it’s up to the referee AGAIN!

The ref shakes his head, and goes for ANOTHER ten count.  It takes a little less time, as both try hard to get up… and by ten, they both are on opposite sides of the ring in the corners, staring at each other through blood matted hair.  Project X curses at Raizzor, yelling he’ll never get the title.  Raizzor responds with a single raising of the middle finger.  Both men charge again, and collide in what could only be called a nuclear explosion of rights and lefts, exchanged equally by both competitors! 

McDaniel: It’s like the match as started all over again, where are they getting all this energy!

Rentfro: Project X wants to be the savior of the PWA, to be its rightful Franchise! Raizzor wants vengeance for… well, everything Project X has done from day one!  NINE years, McDaniel.. Nine years of history, and this is the first time the two have really, truly gone toe to toe for the biggest prize in the business!! Neither one is going to cash in early!

McDaniel: Dude, there is a match going on! But uh, good points again!

Project X gouges Raizzor’s eyes and as the Soul-Taker stumbles back, Project X goes for the Probe! As he hefts Raizzor up in the air, Raizzor twists out of it and on the way down drives an elbow into Project X’s shoulder!  With Project X distracted by the pain, Raizzor turns him around and scoops him up, over and into the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker!!

McDaniel: This is it!! It's over!!

Rentfro: No Way Project X kicks out of this!!!



3/shoulder up!

McDaniel: It can’t be!

Rentfro: I’m stunned!  Project X kicked out! Holy crap!

Raizzor glares, and turns and sees the chair in the corner from earlier.  Swallowing, the Soul-Taker comes to a conclusion… time to rid the PWA of the cancer of Project X, even if it means sacrificing his moment of glory!  Raizzor grabs the chair, as the crowd screams and rants for violence and as the ref comes to take it away, Raizzor shoves him down and rears the chair back!  As Project X comes to his feet!


The echo of the chair shot is so astounding, people later swore they heard it outside!  Raizzor watches Project X crumble to the canvas and he rears back and:

McDaniel: NO NO NO!

Rentfro: YES YES YES!


Another sharp chair shot to the skull of Project X, as Raizzor returns the favor from earlier.  No ring bell is needed for the Soul-Taker to inflict the same level of damage onto Project X, as vengeance fuels his strength!


McDaniel: That’s gotta be it! Raizzor has cost himself the chance to be world champion again!

Rentfro: No way Chamelion can restart the match now, or he’ll be accused of true favoritism!

The referee is having quick words with Emerson, while Raizzor stares at the carnage at his feet.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match, by Disqualification… and STILL PWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, Project X!!!!

Raizzor understands the call, and knows he snapped more then he’d wished for, but the damage was done.  For Enika Engel, the PWA, even for himself, he’s shown Project X that you can not keep the Monster known as Raizzor down… and in the end, whether he holds the title or not.. .Raizzor IS the monster in the PWA!

McDaniel: It’s over, and I think the crowd understands that!  They’re not booing Raizzor so much as booing that it has to end this way!

Rentfro: Raizzor caved in, and let the frustrations get to him!  It can be understood, though, cause Project X tried to do it earlier in the match!

Just then “The Empire Strikes First” by Bad Religion plays and out comes Joe BoXeR, dressed impressively and looking like a man with a mission.

Joe BoXeR: Just a moment ago, backstage, President Sommers threw up his hands in disgust that the match had to end this way. I asked him a simple question, “Do I have any say here?” His response was "Of course."

McDaniel: What does he mean?

Rentfro: Shhhh!! Let the man talk!

Joe BoXeR: So, while it would seem to favor Raizzor for President Sommers to now restart the match, as an unbiased official with the power to do so, I truly believe the fans want to see a winner, a real winner.. and that is exactly what is going to happen!

In the ring, Raizzor cocks his head, curiously. Project X has come to his knees, and while both men are close to each other, both are too focused on what Joe BoXeR has to say.

Joe BoXeR: So, while it appears to me that neither of you are going to give up a three second pin to the other… both of you have come very close to failing that ten count! I think one of you has it in them to survive, and I want to know which it is. So restart this match… and it is now a LAST MAN STANDING match!

McDaniel: HOLY SHIT!!!

Rentfro: Last Man Standing!!!  With these two, that could go ALL NIGHT!!!

The ref, frustrated, calls for the bell again! Joe BoXeR disappears backstage.


Project X releases a frustrated scream into the air at the sound of the bell. Another fall in Hell was in store but he was not one to dwell on things too long. As the sound of the bell pierces his ears he takes advantage of a temporary lapse in concentration from Raizzor and leaps up to his feet, griping Raizzor by the throat. Before Raizzor can react, he finds himself being lifted into the air and driven into the mat with another Probe!!!

McDaniel: Project X just hit the Probe for the second time in this contest! The third fall could be over as quickly as it began!

Rentfro: These guys have to be running on empty now, all second winds and boosts of adrenaline must to be tapped, and they are running on sheer will power alone! This is an example of the lengths you have to push your body to if you want to make it in the PWA main event!

Project X collapses down beside Raizzor, his head still feeling the effects from the vicious chair shots delivered at the end of the last match. The ref begins a count on both of them.





Project X gets onto his hands and knees while Raizzor remains motionless.



Project X forces himself onto his feet where he sways woozily.



McDaniel: Raizzor needs to get up now!


Raizzor springs up into a sitting position and jerks his head in Project X's direction with a crazy eyed look. Project X is not happy at all.

Project X: Oh come on!!!

McDaniel: He just won't stay down! Project X has had Raizzor down on numerous occasions in recent weeks but at no point has he been able to keep him down!

Rentfro: If Project X were to lose the title tonight, I doubt he would be too appreciative of Joe BoXer's impartiality being an Engel.

Project X rushes Raizzor and attempts a boot to the head but Raizzor catches the boot with one hand and sweeps Project X's standing foot out from under him with the other hand. Raizzor then mounts Project X and brings crushing blows down onto his face. Project X manages to lift his knee up into Raizzor’s chest and create some breathing space. He makes use of the space by grabbing hold of Raizzor's ring gear and using the leverage of his knee to roll Raizzor off of him. They both rise up to their feet and engage in another stare down as the fans applaud both men’s efforts tonight with a chant of "This is awesome! *clap clap clap* This is Awesome!"

McDaniel: What a match we are seeing! Whether you like or hate either man, you have to respect what they bring to the table!

Rentfro: This really should have been last man standing from the start, as there was no way a match this heated was going to finish within the rules!

McDaniel: Look at the ring, it is just covered in blood! Both men are bleeding profusely!

Rentfro: How many pints of blood can the human body produce?

Project X and Raizzor rush in to engage each other once again. Project X elbow smashes Raizzor, who comes back with a head butt that rocks Project X even through his mask. He staggers backwards away from Raizzor who presses his advantage and pummels Project X until he is leaning against the ropes. Raizzor then charges into the opposite ropes and comes rebounding back to nail a huge cross body that sends both him and Project X over the top rope, tumbling to the outside. Project X thuds onto the outside padding in a heap while Raizzor lands gingerly on his feet. The referee begins a count on the exhausted Project X.






Project X gets to his feet with an assist from the ring apron but he is showing the effects of a long fight now. He doesn't get any chance of a breather as Raizzor keeps up the attack and sends Project X crashing over the steel ring steps with a flying shoulder tackle.

Rentfro: This match keeps going one way, then the other. It's the kind of thing Pay-Per-View was made for!

Raizzor doesn't let the ref do another count and forces Project X onto his feet, beating him towards the announce table.

McDaniel: Not again.

Rentfro: See ya!

Brian Rentfro bolts just in time as Raizzor launches Project X and sends him sliding across the announce table and onto the concrete.

McDaniel: Once again in a Project X/Raizzor match, Rentfro has abandoned his post and I'm left to soldier on alone.

Raizzor starts knocking protruding objects on the table aside, preparing it for something nasty while Project X recovers on the floor. Raizzor then grabs Project X who tries to resist with a couple of right hands to the gut but Raizzor puts an end to that with a knee to the face. He then lifts Project X up and places him on the table before rolling back into the ring and climbing up to the top rope as the crowd rise to their feet.

McDaniel: This looks like a flashback of their first encounter when Raizzor attempted the Guillotine Version 2 through the announce table but on that night it backfired on him, I don't believe he'd try again!

Indeed, Raizzor launches himself off the top rope and soars through the air, this time connecting with the leg drop to drive Project X through the splintering wood of the table, to the concrete below as the fans roar their approvals at the completion of the Guillotine Version 2!!!

Jon McDaniel was knocked out on collision however and can't call the action. Fortunately, Brian Rentfro has found his way to the Spanish announce table.

Rentfro: Hello... Can you hear me!?

Diego: Ci es...

Rentfro: Shut it Diego, we're on the main frequency now, speak American!... McDaniel has been knocked out by the looks of things and you're left with me for the remainder of this match where Raizzor has just put the champion through a table, this could all be over in ten seconds!

Raizzor pulls himself out of the wreckage and takes a seat in the chair vacated by Brian Rentfro as the ref begins another count with the crowd counting along.






There is some movement underneath the wreckage.



A piece of debris is tossed aside as Project X gets his bearings.



Project X moves onto his knees and breaks the count, locking weary eyes with Raizzor who is seated in front of him. Two more exhausted men you will never see.

Rentfro: I've heard of the never ending story, but this is the never ending match right here!

Project X raises his arms and beckons Raizzor in, daring him to finish the job. Raizzor gets to his feet with an ache and grabs a nearby chair.


Project X's head jerks back from the violent impact but he puts his hand down to avoid hitting the floor again, as even more blood oozes out of his eye holes. He asks Raizzor for another.


This time the impact is more than enough to put him on his back again and damn near knocks him unconscious.

Rentfro: It's almost as if Project X doesn't care anymore, like the fight has slowly but surely been beaten out of him and he just wants it to end, who can blame him!?

The ref begins another count as Raizzor once again takes a seat, taking any breather he can get... just in case.







Unbelievably, Project X once again begins to stir.



He grabs onto Raizzor's feet and starts to pull himself up using Raizzor's legs.


Project X gets onto his knees and collapses into Raizzor's lap.

Rentfro: This is just not possible! There needs to be an episode of "Ripley's Believe it or Not" on these guys!

Raizzor lifts Project X's head out of his lap and nails it with a right hand. Project X is sent flying backwards and begins to crawl away from Raizzor who seems to very reluctantly get out of the comfort of the chair and pursue. Project X gets to the ring apron and uses it to help pull himself up onto his feet. Raizzor comes up behind him and Project X takes a wild swing at him that is easily ducked, followed by a left that goes nowhere near Raizzor and another right that goes absolutely nowhere.

Rentfro: The blood is starting to get into the eyes of Project X and that mask isn't doing him any favors, he can't see a damn thing!

McDaniel: Hello... am I still on!?

Rentfro: Ah, you're finally awake, you're missing one Hell of a match!

McDaniel: Where the Hell are you!?

Rentfro: Somewhere out of harm’s way... Now, stop asking questions and get back to what you do best, call the match.

Raizzor jabs Project X who again retaliates with a heavy swing and a miss. Another blow from Raizzor that staggers Project X towards the barricade. Raizzor approaches Project X, taking care to come from the side but Project X seems to sense his approach even without his sight and gets lucky as he swings a huge haymaker that connects bang on Raizzor's chin. Raizzor is floored.

Rentfro: And now the tables have turned once again, but if Project X can't see, he won't keep his advantage for long!

Project X reaches down and feels around on the floor, trying to find Raizzor's body with no success. Frustration begins to creep in as he lets out a roar and rips off his own mask!!!

McDaniel: Project X just unmasked himself!!!

Rentfro: He had to if he wants to win! You can't fight a man like Raizzor blind!

The crowd gasps at the action but very little can be made out of his face as the white mask is only replaced with one of crimson blood. Project X wipes his sleeve at where the blood has collected in his eyes and some of his vision seems to return. He looks up and sees that Raizzor has rolled himself into the ring where he has propped himself into a sitting position against the turnbuckles. The excessive blood loss starting to drain away at him as well. The now unmasked Project X makes his way up the ring steps and into the ring, and seems to be on last legs as he does so. Project X stands in one corner and Raizzor pulls himself up into a standing position in the other.

McDaniel: No matter what punishment is dished out, both men always make it back to a vertical position and a stare down!

Rentfro: Both men come from the old school with a combined 18 years of experience between them and this is damn sure an old school match for our World championship!

Raizzor makes the first movements towards Project X, but for the first time we see Project X's unmasked, malevolent grin that shows him up to no good. Raizzor pauses as Project X roots in his trunks and produces not one but two knuckle busters, one for each hand.

McDaniel: In the first brawl between these two, one of those were what Project X used to beat Raizzor down and end the match!

Rentfro: He must have brought them along tonight as his Plan Z.

Raizzor takes a moment to re-evaluate the situation but is forced to raise his guard as Project X comes rushing in.


Project X whips a right hand around his guard that sends blood spraying into the horrified fans at ringside. The swelling around Raizzor's left eye seems instant as he staggers about the ring, refusing to go down.


Project X nails another right hook that nearly rolls Raizzor's eyes into the back of his head, but again he stays on his feet. Although this time he is swaying and on the brink of collapsing. His guard is dropped and he is defenseless.


An uppercut connects and what looks like a tooth flies out of Raizzor's mouth as he collapses in a bloody heap on the mat.

Rentfro: An uppercut Mike Tyson would have been proud of!

McDaniel: Mike Tyson never used any knuckle busters in the ring!

Rentfro: I'm sure he would of if he didn't have to wear those gloves.

McDaniel: In any case, Raizzor looks out cold here.

Project X seems satisfied that his job is done and slumps himself against the turnbuckles in the corner, the chair shots from earlier still playing havoc with his head as the ref begins a count.








Raizzor begins to stir but before he can make a motion to get to his feet, Project X pounces on him and drives the knuckle buster right into his knee cap.

McDaniel: Project X broke up the ten count himself when he saw Raizzor starting to move!

Raizzor reaches for his knee which cries out in pain but Project X bats his hands away and drives the knuckle buster into the knee once again. BOOM! Again. BOOM! Again. Project X continues pounding the knee until he gets the satisfactory response from Raizzor, a grunt of pain, signaling that something has been seriously hurt.

McDaniel: I think Project X has just dislocated one of Raizzor's knee caps with those repeated knuckle buster shots!

Rentfro: Smart man. Project X is beginning to realize that hitting Raizzor in the head or nailing him with a finishing move is not going to keep him down, but if you take away a man's ability to walk, then he's yours for the taking! If Raizzor can't physically stand, then Project X will win this match!

PX then rears back to bring forth the ultimate impact when Raizzor swings his arm up hard, knocking the knuckle buster from PX’s right hand!  Raizzor then brings his good leg up into an L shape under PX’s neck and the other leg, damaged comes over as Raizzor pulls PX’s bloodied heard forward into a Triangle-Choke hold!

McDaniel: Now this is something Raizzor does not do very often, a submission move!

Rentfro: He has Project X locked in tightly, and in this position his damaged leg isn’t being used as much, and he can let some of the pain ebb!

Raizzor secures the move tighter and tighter, as Project X frantically tries to fight out of it!  PX swings his left hand, with the knuckle buster but Raizzor deflects it!  With the tightening grip, PX is forced to focus on escape rather than attack!

McDaniel: Of all the action tonight, we’ve come to the point that it falls to whether PX can escape this triangle choke hold or not!

Rentfro: The ring is littered, the outside area is done for, and there’s just no where that hasn’t been destroyed in one way or another by these two behemoths!  But at the moment, they’re dead center of the ring, and nowhere to go!

The crowd is roaring, many screaming for PX to tap out, but even so it would not matter!  Raizzor growls and spits blood through torn lips and he wrenches more and more and PX begins to fade, not that there was far to go!  A full two minutes pass and the crowd explodes to life as Project X begins to tap on Raizzor’s leg, wanting it to end, but the ref can’t stop the match that way!  Raizzor just refuses to let go, his rage carrying his need to put PX out of commission once and for all!

McDaniel: Project X tapped, but that’s not how this has to end!

Rentfro: Raizzor has to release the hold and let a ten count stand, but he’s flat out refusing!  Chair shots, leg drops from the top rope and knuckle busters could not do the trick, so it’s come down to just cutting PX’s ability to live!

Raizzor stuffs his calf deeper into PX’s throat, ripping some hair out as he finds deeper purchase on his head to hold him in place. The crowd is getting restless, as almost four full minutes have passed with Raizzor keeping a firm grip on PX.  PX still struggles a bit, but is losing consciousness fast.  Everyone realizes that Raizzor may actually be trying to snuff PX’s life out of him! 

Rentfro: Ok, this may be going too far!

McDaniel: If he doesn’t let go…. If PX actually stops breathing, it’s murder, no matter how you call it!

Rentfro: PX has been saying that Raizzor isn’t a monster, just a man! Do you think it snapped inside Raizzor to really, truly, prove it otherwise?!

McDaniel: We’re not a ‘story’ fed, the things that happen here are real! Flynn’s accident at the hands of the MoA, and all that happened to Enika, it’s not fake!  Raizzor can’t get away with this!

It seems that the air in the arena has turned cold, people are starting to look at each other with questioning stares.  The ringside people also wonder and finally Joe Boxer and Chamelion come out on stage, wondering together if there is need to just stop this match all together.  Then, the crowd bursts into roars as Raizzor releases the hold, and hobbles to his feet.

McDaniel: FINALLY!

Rentfro: The blood from his wounds have covered Raizzor from head to shoulders, and Raizzor leans left to right as he is woozy and asleep on his feet. However, PX is down, and down good.  Raizzor points and demands the count! The ref, relieved that the hold is  broken, does the count






McDaniel: Not a peep from PX, this has to be it!



Rentfro: Whether he went too far or not, Raizzor did what he felt he had to do to put PX down for real!



Rentfro/McDaniel: WHAT?? NO WAY!


And Raizzor comes in, shoving the ref out of the way.  Raizzor picks PX up and turns him over for the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker!

Rentfro: THIS IS IT!!

But Raizzor’s knee gives a bit, and PX who is not awake, but just going on instinct, wiggles and turns it over, and now has Raizzor in a Tombstone position! 

McDaniel: NO WAY!!

PX gasps, however, as the strength has not returned to do the move, and Raizzor wiggles himself, and turns it over Yet again, and before his feet fully hit the canvas, he surges forward and connects with a normal tombstone, avoiding the use of his knee!

Rentfro: I expected the shoulder breaker, but Raizzor realized his knee was done for and didn’t dare finish it off for good!

Raizzor rises up and falls against the ropes.  The ref begins the count!





McDaniel: I don’t see PX moving at all!




Rentfro: Do you think it’s finally over!?


PX coughs up blood, and rolls to his stomach!

McDaniel: OH COME ON!!


And PX is on his knees, but there’s no life in his eyes.  At this point, Raizzor is beyond caring, and pain or no pain, the Soul-Taker bounces off the ropes, comes at PX and PX jumps to his feet and grabs Raizzor by the throat!  The crowd is in awe, as PX roars and lifts Raizzor into the air!

Rentfro/McDaniel: PROBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Raizzor spins out of the grip, lands behind Project X and falls as his knee gives out!  The crowd is stunned as Raizzor flails in the ring, holding his knee in tremendous pain!  PX wavers around, dazed and even though he sees what happened it does not register. He merely reaches down and tries to pick Raizzor up, but Raizzor’s dead weight is too much and PX just falls back against the ropes, begging the ref to count!

McDaniel: PX doesn’t have anything left! 

Rentfro: He’s just praying that with the damage he’s done, Raizzor won’t get up for anymore!








Rentfro: PX is trying to wipe the blood from his face, peering out as the ref is reaching ten!


McDaniel: The damage has been done, no way Raizzor gets up from this! NO F’ing way!!


Raizzor sits up and the arena’s roof is blown away from the screams and cheers!  PX and Raizzor exchange looks, but a new kind of look. Gone seems to be the hatred, the rage.. Now they just look at each other with awe, perhaps even respect.  PX motions Raizzor to rise, a smug smile comes across his face now, knowing Raizzor can’t.  But then his eyes go wide, for Raizzor does come to his feet, and while he favors the injured knee greatly, and takes huge deep breaths that rocks his upper body back and forth, he does not back down! In fact, Raizzor calls for PX!

Raizzor: Let’s finish this!!!

PX cries out and lunges, and Raizzor comes to meet him head on! They collide, and PX gets the upper hand and hits a knee lift to Raizzor’s groin!! Raizzor doubles in pain, a bit of vomit comes out of his mouth, and PX hoists him up into a Last Ride Power bomb!  PX connects and Raizzor bounces off the canvas! 

Rentfro: PX just used one of Raizzor’s signature moves against him!

PX doesn’t stop, he hoists Raizzor up and goes for another, but Raizzor blocks and counters with The Probe!

McDaniel: HOLY!! Now Raizzor responds with PX’s own finisher!!

This time, Raizzor does not allow a count and he hoists PX up.  PX amazingly, knocks Raizzor’s hand away and races to the ropes!  PX comes back with an attempted clothesline, but Raizzor ducks and mirrors the dash to the ropes! Raizzor bounces off and comes back with a flying clothesline, and he connects!!!

Rentfro: It feels like they’ve got their energy back!

McDaniel: But where are they siphoning it from!!!?

But amazing as it seems, it’s PX who is up first and he raises his fist into the air, watching Raizzor roll in pain with the hurt knee again!  PX decides he will finish Raizzor off by making him tap, and he hoists Raizzor’s legs up and goes for what appears to be a SHARP SHOOTER! PX bends down for the second leg, when Raizzor suddenly springs forward and latches onto PX’s hair again, and brings him down into…

McDaniel/Rentfro: TRIANGLE CHOKE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!         

Raizzor cinches it in, a murderous, crazed look in his eyes, as he repeats the same actions from earlier!  He holds the hair, which is ripping out bit by bit… his good leg in position, his bad leg outside!!  Raizzor rears back, pushing and pulling his body and putting PX into a detrimental position!!

McDaniel: PX is fading!! His arms are down, there may be nothing left of the champion!

Rentfro: Raizzor’s wrenching and wrenching!!!  I don’t think he’ll let go this time!!

The crowd watches intently as the moments tick by!!  Suddenly, PX’s body becomes totally lax, a position not seen in him all night!  Raizzor then releases the hold, and rolls to his knees, careful to put little pressure on the damaged limb.  The ref counts!


McDaniel: I get the feeling we may be here all night!!!!





Rentfro: Raizzor’s up, holding the corner for dear life, as his only crutch!




McDaniel: I see stirring!!!!


Rentfro: OMG! PX is holding his left hand up, and.. and.. he’s extending his middle finger!!!



McDaniel: OH GOD, it’s finally over!! It’s over!!!

Rentfro: I am at a loss of words, at least until I get my breath back!!

The ref is over with Emerson, and says a few words before Emerson holds of the mic!

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match……

A pause, and the collective arena goes dead silent.

Eric Emerson: and NEW PWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION; RAIZZOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The exploding cheers deafen the announcers out, and Raizzor shakes his head, unsure if he heard correctly.  The ref has the belt, and he’s handing it to Raizzor who takes it with trepidation.

McDaniel: It’s not yet sinking in that he’s won the match!

Rentfro: Likely not enough blood left for any oxygen to get to the brain!

Raizzor’s music begins to play, and Raizzor barely moves, watching as PX rolls to his side, coughing up blood.  There is a pause, as the two look at each other.  PX sees the title on Raizzor’s shoulder and swallows, tasting his own bile. Still, he nods but once, and indicates he’ll soon have it back!  Raizzor feels a moment of need to continue the punishment, but his bodies aches argue otherwise. Raizzor steps from the ring, being helped by two onsite medics, and PX pushes his own medics aside, as he gets to his knees.

McDaniel: When you see them like this, it’s hard to believe that Raizzor won over PX.  Raizzor is accepting help for his knee, but PX refuses attention! 

Rentfro: I think tonight they both proved they were monsters in their own right, each from a different sort of world!

Suddenly, the lights go out and Raizzor’s music is cut short.  The arena is abuzz, knowing something huge is about to happen, when the stage bursts to light! The collective crowd gasps as there is a burning effigy of Project X hanging from chains in the middle of the stage… above it on the ADC-tron, the symbol of the M.o.A. appears!  The camera angle from the corner of the ramp catches Raizzor  half way up, his blood illuminated by the licking flames and Project X in the middle of the ring, both staring darkly at the symbol of Project X burning to ashes!

McDaniel: Oh God! The MoA, the MoA is sending a message to.. to Project X!!!

Rentfro: Have they selected a target?? Have they chosen X as their sacrifice in this war!?

Raizzor turns around, and the two men stare back and forth to each other.. and Raizzor spreads his arms out wide, his eyes going back in his head and the last thing we see before going to black…. Is the silhouette of the new PWA World Champion, bathed in the burning flames of a charred Project X!

© PWA 2008