Hosted by: Jeff Augustee
[Hey, he needs the money]


April 19th, 2008

Live from Croke Park in Dublin , Ireland  

Pyros shoot off as we open up to a shot of Croke Park, filled completely with eager fans, who have come from all over for one huge match on this gentle spring evening in Dublin, Ireland.  The cameras switch from different views to give a telling of the jam packed show, before moving down to the single table at ringside, where Jon McDaniel and Brian Rentfro sit, eager to call the event!

McDaniel: Oh man, it’s time!!

Rentfro: One of the biggest, if not biggest event in PWA History is here again!

McDaniel: It was rumored we may never see this match again, but President Chamelion decided to not disappoint the fans.

Rentfro: No matter what you say about the man, he’s made one of the greatest PWA matches, and it’s about to begin!!

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight we welcome you to Dublin , Ireland … and the RUMBLE IN THE BRONX!!      

Eric Emerson: The rules of the match is as follows… two participants will begin the match, and then every sixty seconds later, a new person will enter.  The only way to be eliminated from this match is to be thrown over the top rope and both feet must hit the floor.  When there are just six persons left, each elimination will earn the participant a title shot.  Sixth and fifth will go on to challenge for the PWA Tag-Team titles, while fourth will earn a Television title shot either next week or at the PPV, his or her choice… third will challenge for the PWA Grizzly Beer Championship, while the runner up gets an IC title shot and the over all winner will challenge for the PWA World Heavyweight Championship at High Stakes!

McDaniel: Everyone knows the rules! Lets get this match started!!

Rentfro: I still don’t see why we have to call it Rumble In the Bronx, cause were not in the Bronx !

Eric Emerson: And now, I’d like to introduce to you, the person who drew number one!

The arena grows silent, and the anticipation rises as seconds tick by.

McDaniel: Did you hear that?

Rentfro: The Pin drop? Yeah I heard that too…

Then, ‘Come With Me’ begins and the crowd jumps up, mixed with boos and cheers.. with the cheers likely being that Chamelion will have to begin the match as the first man in!  Indeed, he appears on the ramp, looking a bit pissed off, but composes himself and breaks into his Cheshire grin as he makes his way down to the ring.  Stepping in, Chamelion spins in the center with his arms spread outwards, begging the crowd to cover him in more obvious adulation!  Chamelion then brushes the hair out of his eyes, turns and waits to see who drew number two.

McDaniel: No Way !!

Rentfro: Chamelion’s up first!! The Boss is going to have a hell of time working his way to the last man!

Eric Emerson: And now, the one who drew number two!

‘Cells’ by The Servant plays, and out comes Jacob Collins, who looks very nervous, biting his lip as he comes down the ramp towards the ring.

McDaniel: Ho Ho! Collins in second! This could be good.

Rentfro: Maybe I was wrong… Chamelion may not have such a hard time…

Collins tentatively steps into the ring, never taking his eyes off of Chamelion.  Outside the ring, three referees surround the squared circle, each only there to confirm eliminations, and the one closest to the time keeper orders the bell to be rung!


McDaniel: Here we go!!

Rentfro: Lets get the Rumble in the not Bronx Started!!

Jacob shakes his arms to get them loose as he circles Chamelion. On the other hand, Chamelion is sharing his Cheshire Grim and chuckling, as if this is some kind of joke.  A bit peeved, Collins comes in and tries to lock up with Chamelion, but the former PWA/BWF Champion ducks under, comes up behind and musses Collins’ hair.  Collins spins and swings, but Chamelion leans back and goes ‘whoah’ with a laugh.

McDaniel: Chamelion got it easy being the Number 1 pick!

Rentfro: Heh! Imagine if it had been Raizzor!!

Mockingly dancing around, Chamelion motions Collins in, who runs and a clothesline.  Chamelion ducks, comes back up but Collins has turned and hits a knife edge chop. The crowd goes WOOOOOOO and Chamelion actually blinks in surprise.

McDaniel: And Collins with a strike!

Rentfro: Look at that surprised look on Chamelion’s face! One might think he shat himself!

Collins hits another chop, before Chamelion blocks a third and with his smile gone, he hits a closed right fist against Collin’s chin and the kid is dropped hard to the canvas.  A bit peeved now, Chamelion hoists him up and throws him into the corner, and just begins to pummel the poor kid.  After a serious of kicks and punches, Chamelion throws him to the other corner and runs in with a splash.  Collins stumbles out, and Chamelion answers with a quick drop kick!

McDaniel: Chamelion obviously not having any more fun with Collins!

Rentfro: Well, once you cross the boss you might as well just kick your own ass!



From the entrance, Brandon ‘The Beat’ Jones comes running down to the ring, sliding in as Chamelion has thrown Jacob to the ropes and is trying to exercise him from the ring.  Jones runs up and flips Chamelion up and over and the crowd rises and gasps, but Chamelion hits the apron and slides under the bottom rope.

McDaniel: And Here comes Jones as our third pick!!

Rentfro: Haha! I love this guy! Anyone who’s got “what is love” as his entrance music is okay in my books!

Jones brings Collins back into the ring, and they both turn, but Chamelion is up and as both men race at him, he ducks their double clothesline and as they spin back around, quick as a hiccup, Chamelion hits the Sweet Sound of Success on Collins, who crashes down, and Jones rushes in, only to get caught in a twisting power slam.

McDaniel: Chamelion takes both men down in an instant!

Rentfro: This is why he’s the boss, McDaniel! He’s got the power!

Up and dusting his hands, Chamelion aims and drops a hard elbow on Jones.  Pulling Jones up by the hair, Chamelion throws him to the ropes, intending to toss him over.  He gets one leg up, and tries for the other, but Jones whacks him across the forehead with a sharp jab.  Chamelion back peddles and Jones spears him to the canvas.  Meanwhile, Collins has pulled himself up at the corner, rubbing his jaw. 

McDaniel: Chamelion will have to do just a bit more to get rid of Jones, he’s tougher than he looks!

Rentfro: No surprise there McDaniel, You got to have the will to survive. If your going to get knocked out that easily, you don’t even belong here in the PWA!

Jones stomps on Chamelion, but Chamelion catches his foot, twists him and as Jones falls, Chamelion nips up!  He turns towards Jones, but Collins rushes out of the corner.  Collins hits a dropkick, sending Chamelion to the ropes. He rises up fast and rushes in to clothesline Chamelion up and over, but Chamelion bends and heaves and Collins finds himself out on the floor!

McDaniel: And Collins is out of the rumble!!

Rentfro: Quick and Easy, Chamelion is now one man closer to finishing the match!

He grins down at Collins, who lays haphazardly on the floor, and Jones returns and again tries to flip Chamelion up and over.  Catching the ropes, Chamelion hits a mule kick backwards between Jone’s legs, and Jones falls to the canvas in pain.

McDaniel: Jones is down!

Rentfro: Look! The next man is about to come down!!


And Helix is next, racing down to the ring!  He slides in, comes right for Chamelion, but Chamelion drops and rolls towards the middle of the ring to avoid the attack, jumps up and another Sweet Sound of Success sends Helix right up and over, and his experience in the rumble ends just as it begins.  Chamelion grins, turns and finds himself on the receiving end of a poke to the eyes by Jones. 

McDaniel: And Helix leaves the match as quickly as he enters!

Rentfro: He must still suffer from the effects of his first blood match last night!

McDaniel: But as Chamelion was gloating, he got an evil poke in the eye from Jones!

Staggering backwards, Chamelion throws unfocused hits to try to keep Jones off him, but Jones merely drops to his knees and slams a solid fist into Chamelion’s stomach.  Coughing, Chamelion bends forward and Jones drives him down with a perfect vertical suplex.

McDaniel: Look at Jones! He’s taking on Chamelion and he’s actually got a bit of an advantage!

Rentfro: Yeah, well I bet Jones practices on beating up blind people! Chamelion’s being cheated!!

Feeling in control, Jones picks Chamelion up and whips him to the ropes, and rushes in, delivering a clothesline and again Chamelion is sent barreling over, and again lands on the ring apron. Holding on for dear life, Chamelion tries his hardest to push Jones away but Jones keeps lashing out with vicious kicks, trying to finish off Chamelion.

McDaniel: Jones wants Chamelion out of the match right now!! And I can’t blame him honestly, Chamelion is a huge threat in this match!

Rentfro: First rule to survive the rumble in the Bronx , get rid of the strongest man first!!


The fans roar to life as Scotty Snow, the longest reigning PWA star comes down. He slips in and joins Jones in trying to push Chamelion from the ring.  Grasping quickly, Chamelion holds onto Snow’s leg and slides his body in and around and it forces the two men to turn and continue the beat down on Chamelion inside the ring.

McDaniel: Chamelion is safe from getting eliminated! But now both of the men in the ring are beating the living daylights out of him!!

Rentfro: He should think of something quick or Chamelion could be done here!

Suddenly though, Scotty Snow turns and hits a knife edge chop on Jones, backing him to the ropes!  Jones retaliates with his own chop and the two begin to trade off hard hitting chops, their chests turning bright red at the vicious assaults.

Rentfro: I think Chamelion has some sort of Mind powers! Either that or Scotty Snow is just dumb to give up the team work him and Jones had!

McDaniel: I wouldn’t put it past Scotty snow to be that dumb, honestly!

Brandon Jones gets the advantage and hits a knee lift on Snow, who turns and falls to the ropes and Jones quickly follows through, flinging Scotty Snow out of the ring.  Jones turns, raising a fist for his move but Chamelion is right there with a third resounding Sweet Sound of Success, and this sends Jones following Snow out of the ring!

McDaniel: Scotty Snow then right after Jones!!

Rentfro: That’s the third guy Chamelion has eliminated!!

Chamelion drops to his knees, breathing hard and counting his lucky stars.  He keeps still, trying to recoup as the fans scream a combination of cheers and boos, and it’s a moment later when the count begins again.


A resounding cheer greets Jonathon Cage, who barrels down to the ring, as Chamelion stands and finds his position to prepare for the charging Cage.  Both men meet dead center of the ring, and it’s Cage that takes early control.  A DDT sends Chamelion down to the canvas and a back flip splash follows close behind, knowing the wind out of Chamelion.  Cage then applies a ‘crippler cross face’ wrenching on the back of the now winded Chamelion.

McDaniel: And A fresh man in to take out the used man!

Rentfro: Cage has got a huge Handicap now! Chamelion’s been grinded right down to his bare core!

Chamelion struggles, trying desperately to get to the ropes, his mind not correlating that it won’t matter even if he does.  Cage pulls back, even more, and Chamelion yelps in pain.  Cage holds this position on Chamelion for the full minute, doing as much damage as he can!

McDaniel: Cage showing no mercy at all to Chamelion!

Rentfro: I know someone who ain’t getting a pay cheque!!


Next comes Hank Serbia, new to the PWA, and he heads down to the ring, stepping up the metal stairs and looking in at the scene before him.  He steps between the ropes and then just falls back into the corner.  Meanwhile Cage smiles at him and demonstrates his strength by wrenching back even harder on Chamelion’s back!

McDaniel: Come on Serbia ! Get in this match!!

Rentfro: Why would he? When he can just sit back and enjoy the Chamelion beat down!!

Hank claps for Cage, letting him do as much damage to Chamelion as possible, and the crowd becomes restless, wanting to see more action then this, but Cage knows the best thing to do to get rid of a skilled veteran like Chamelion is to wear him down as much as possible.  Hank continues to stay in the corner, and the time dwindles down to the next entrant.

McDaniel: Well, Hank sure turned out to be a wonderful addition to this match!

Rentfro: Sarcasm?

McDaniel: You better believe it!


However, the advantage comes to an end as Fire comes racing out.  Cage yells at Hank, and he turns only for Fire to slide in and tackle him! She kicks him a couple times, jumps off him and dives right onto cage, breaking the hold.

McDaniel: And here’s Fire! Finally Chamelion’s got a little back up now!!

Rentfro: And Damn! Baby does got back!!

Fire drives her knee into Cage’s face and then rolls to her feet. Chamelion, meanwhile has crawled to the corner, holding his back.  Fire has Cage on the defensive, as he tries to get to his feet.  She hits him hard with a solid punch, but Hank comes walking up behind her.  Before he can reach her however, Chamelion hits a spear, sending both men hurtling out of the ring under the bottom rope.

McDaniel: Chamelion’s and Hank have been eliminated!

Rentfro: No Wait! Look they both slid out of the bottom rope!!

Cage finally finds an opening and spins his body, clipping Fire with his elbow.  He turns back and wraps her up and hits a fisherman suplex.  Cage, angry, heaves her up by her fiery red hair and throws her to the corner.  Cage, unmercilessly begins a mud hole stomp, but Chamelion suddenly appears on the outside of the corner behind Fire and grabs Cage’s legs! He falls and he says something to Fire.  Fire nods and as Chamelion heaves, pulling Cage into the corner, Fire sticks her leg out and her foot connects with his crotch!  Cage roars in pain.

McDaniel: OOOH! No More babies for cage!!

Rentfro: Did you see that Impact? I thought I could see a bit of a shockwave!!

Chamelion pulls himself into the ring, with Hank now getting in on the other side.  Chamelion pulls Fire up to her feet, points at Hank and both zero in on Hank.  They step on either side of him, and Hank finds himself in a none too promising position!

McDaniel: Hank maybe should’ve worked at getting rid of Chamelion like cage was, or he wouldn’t have this problem!

Rentfro: I totally agree with you! Totally…


It’s Michelle Atwood’s turn to come to the ring, but she seems to be in no rush.  She walks steadily down, watching as Chamelion and Fire take turns knocking Hank back and forth.  However, Hank returns a smack on Fire, luring Chamelion in and then catches him in a side slam!  Hank thrusts his leg out, catching Fire in the knee and she drops.  Hank rolls up, motioning Cage to help out.  Attwood enters the ring, enjoying the seemingly focused attention on the Devious Couple.  Cage, Hank and now Attwood all come in towards Chamelion and Fire. Hank holds Chamelion while Attwood ties up Fire and this let’s Cage have at both of them with hard chops.

McDaniel: And the Couple for Fire and Chamelion now being beat down by this evil threesome of Cage , Serbia and Attwood!

Rentfro: Heh, Threesome! I get it!

Cage delivers three to each and then says hold a moment. He slides from the ring and pulls a steel chair away from one of the sitting technicians.  Coming back in, Cage lines up to deliver a fatal blow to Chamelion.  He swings, but Chamelion ducks and Cage whacks Hank solidly in the head.  Startled, Attwood loosens her grip on Fire, and Fire breaks free turns and head butts Attwood in the face.  Cage, angry, heaves the chair again but Chamelion hits yet another spear, taking Cage down.

McDaniel: Cage should know that Dirty tactics should be left to the professionals!

Rentfro: Yeah! Always train hard before you swing a chair around!!

With Attwood phased, Fire picks up the bloodied Hank and with all her might heaves him over the ropes and down to the floor.  Hank finds himself eliminated, as Chamelion punches Cage in the face repeatedly.  Fire walks over, grabs the steel chair and turns, aiming for Attwood.  She swings, but Attwood ducks and grabs Fire and hits a back cracker!  Fire falls in a yelp, distracting Chamelion.  Standing, Chamelion turns on Attwood, and the smaller, lighter woman takes just a quick moment to question her position.  Cracking his knuckles, Chamelion waves an admonishing finger at Attwood, who comes back with a middle finger.  Shrugging, Chamelion lunges in, and the two lock up!

McDaniel: And now Attwood finds herself hooking up with the boss!

Rentfro: Would you quit being so dirty! This is a Rumble!! And Chamelion is just kicking ass!!

Attwood quickly slips down to her knees and brings her arm up between Chamelion’s legs and the Devious One turns green!  He groans and falls and Attwood dusts her hands off.  She stands, smiling but that smile quickly turns to a yelp as Fire grabs her by the hair and throws her across the ring, ripping some of her pretty dark hair out of their roots!  Fire stomps after Attwood, as the fans begin to roar out another count.


And out comes Warren ‘ODDYSEY’ Engel, and the fans are on their feet as he makes his way down, making a beeline for Chamelion.  Warren dives in, runs across the ring as a dazed Chamelion begins to rise, bounces off and hits The Cloque on Chamelion!  Chamelion falls hard to the canvas, and ODDYSEY rises up, looking quite pleased with himself.  He looks over, as Fire is trying to heave Attwood over the ropes.  Quickly he rushes in and lifts Fire up, and sends her toppling over the ropes to the floor, saving Attwood and taking out one half of the Devious Couple!

McDaniel: And Fire is out! Chamelion’s Back up just got eliminated and He may not be to far behind!

Rentfro: Chamelion can do it!! Come on!!

At this point, Cage is finally back into the swing of things and lifts the nearly out Chamelion to his feet.  He pulls Chamelion in and delivers a jackknife power bomb on Chamelion, who bounces down onto the canvas painfully!  ODDYSEY and Attwood come in and all three begin to stomp a mud hole into Chamelion again!  They take turns, trying to out do each other and the Devious One is being pummeled into a pancake.  This continues until the fans again chant!


And the Monster Deacon Frost stalks down the ramp to the ring!  He jumps onto the apron and steps over the top rope!  The three stop and turn and he shoves them all out of the way, so he can pick up Chamelion, look him in the eyes, grin and then throws him to the ropes, so that when Chamelion comes back, Deacon hits the Frost Bite!  

McDaniel: And All wrestlers in the ring now have free reign over Chamelion, Deacon showing why he’s the new muscle of the PWA!!

Rentfro: Come on Chamelion! You’re the boss, you should be showing these people the door!!

At this point, he picks him up again, and all four try to get a grip to toss Chamelion out.  Frost and Cage hold one hand up each, signaling this is the end for Chamelion and ODDYSEY and Attwood put a hand on Chamelion’s back behind them and they all rush the ropes together.  At the last second, however, Chamelion just lets his feet go from under him and he falls to the canvas, sliding out under the bottom rope and he slides hard into the announcer’s table at ringside.  Cage and Frost fall against the ropes, and ODDYSEY and Attwood’s momentum carries them into the two.  Frost catches the ropes to hold on, but Cage trips up and goes crashing to the floor from over the top rope!


Rentfro: Did you see that!! The Team work they all hand only got one of them Eliminated!!

Cage slams his fist to the floor, looking pissed at the others for messing up!  Frost growls, and ODDYSEY and Attwood can’t believe it.  Cage gets up and turns, grabbing Chamelion and throwing him back in the ring, yelling at the three to actually get the job done this time!  The three glare at Cage for his orders, but turn and look down as Chamelion tries to crawl away. 

McDaniel: Chamelion has got the biggest red target on his back at this point in time, you might as well land a helicopter on it!!

Rentfro: There is no saving him now! He’s done for!!


At this point, the three look to see who is to come out, and after a moment, Circa comes limping out, her face a mask of determination, even though she is still injured from last week’s match.  Her eyes seem to be directly targeted at Deacon Frost, who stood opposite her in last week’s match and was in part responsible for her current condition.  Frost shrugs and picks up Chamelion, telling the others he is going to take out the trash.  ODDYSEY and Attwood step back, letting Frost have the honors as he aims to throw Chamelion out towards the entrance.  He starts running, as Circa reaches the ring and painfully steps up on the stairs.  As Frost reaches the ropes and heaves Chamelion up, Chamelion grabs the ropes to hold on and to the shock of the crowd, Circa uses her weight to grabs the same ropes and jump down to the floor.  The combination of momentums causes Chamelion to fly over, but his grip is solid and Frost is sent hurtling to the floor!

McDaniel: FROST IS OUT! Thanks to Circa, Chamelion has been saved once again!!

Rentfro: Damn! This man must have a 24 leaf clover in his back pocket or something!!

Chamelion lands with his back on the ring apron, clenching his face in pain, and Circa rolls in and jumps to her feet, suddenly no sign of her injuries plaguing her!

McDaniel: Circa now taking charge of the two others in this match! Hopefully she can take these two rotten apples out!

Rentfro: I don’t know, Circa may not be showing any symptoms of injuries, but how well can she hide it so others don’t take advantage of it?

ODDYSEY and Attwood realize she tricked Frost, for some vengeance from last week and both come in.  Circa, Attwood and ODDYSEY meet in the middle, three newer, younger PWA stars and the fight resumes full force.  Circa holds her own against the two who have teamed up, apparently, and the three each garner a moment of advantage, but eventually Attwood and ODDYSEY get Circa pushed back to the ropes. 

McDaniel: And Circa obviously no match for the two double teaming her!

Rentfro: Come on Circa! You can do it!! Get out there and show em’ who’s boss! Give’em both barrels!

Attwood and ODDYSEY each grab a leg of Circa’s and tries to hurl her up and over, before Chamelion returns suddenly and drives his shoulder into the back of ODDYSEY’s knee, clipping him!  ODDYSEY falls away holding his leg in pain, and with him gone, Circa is able to get her footing back, hits Attwood in the jaw with the back of her head and turns, lifting Attwood up and over herself, and Attwood finds herself sprawled outside the ring, eliminated.

 McDaniel: Attwood is out of this match thanks to Circa with a bit of help from Chamelion!

Rentfro: But I Doubt this team will last, now that Fire is out of the match, Chamelion will have no quarrel about eliminating anyone else!

ODDYSEY stumbles to the corner, shaking his leg to get some feeling back.  Chamelion nods to Circa, thanking her for earlier, and the two now seem to have turned their focus to ODDYSEY.

McDaniel: And now the odds have changed for Oddysey!

Rentfro: No doubt about it, he’s going to get one hell of a curb stomp!


Things have now picked up as Mark McNasty joins the fray!  Chamelion turns, forgetting ODDYSEY and Circa, as McNasty runs up the steps and jumps over the ropes to go right for Chamelion! The two clash in the center, with McNasty the fresher of the two able to duck under and hits a reverse neck breaker on Chamelion.  Meanwhile, Circa comes in at ODDYSEY and she hits him twice before he reverses her into the corner and runs his shoulder into her stomach.  McNasty meanwhile, hits a leg drop and then pulls Chamelion over and applies a Boston Crab, taking heed of Cage’s earlier attempt to break down the Devious SOB. 

McDaniel: McNasty! McNasty is here!!

Rentfro: Obviously incredibly pissed about his loss last night! He’s here now to make up for it!!

ODDYSEY backs up and tries to drop kick Circa in the corner, but she sidesteps him and his feet get tangled up in the corner ropes!  Circa grabs the top ropes and uses them to lift herself in the air and come down with both feet connecting solidly to ODDYSEY’s chest!  She then turns, sees McNasty pulling back on Chamelion and comes in with a bulldog on McNasty, sending him down face first into the canvas.

McDaniel: And Circa using great agility and versatility takes down both Oddysey and McNasty!

Rentfro: I guess she’s just sick of McNasty always bugging her on PWA Radio!!

Pulling himself up, Chamelion shakes himself a bit to wake up from the intensity of being everyone’s punching bag.  He sees McNasty and ODDYSEY down and smirks, and offers his hand to Circa for the assistance.  Circa smiles and they shake, before Chamelion takes her down with a vicious short arm clothesline.  Grinning madly, showered in boos from the crowd, Chamelion hurtles Circa over the ropes and to the floor.

McDaniel: And Chamelion showing no respect for the help Circa has given him, just tosses her right out of the ring like yesterdays jam!

Rentfro: See, I told you Chamelion would have no problem getting rid her quickly!

He waves playfully at the glaring look of Circa, and turns to get his face crumpled in by a side crescent kick from McNasty!  Mark then bounces off the ropes and hits a sit down leg drop to the back of Chamelion’s head!  ODDYSEY, finally free of the ropes, gets up and they realize its back down to a two on one situation, and they need to focus on getting Chamelion out of the ring!

McDaniel: Oddysey and McNasty now teaming up to take out Chamelion!

Rentfro: It’s a nasty Odyssey I tell ya!!


As McNasty and ODDYSEY heave Chamelion up to do more damage, Nightmare comes from the back and runs towards the ring.  Seeing his approach, McNasty drops his hold on Chamelion and meets Nightmare and the two men resume their heated battle from Night One!  Finding himself alone with Chamelion, ODDYSEY blinks once as Chamelion turns a menacing glare at ODDYSEY and hits a knife edge chop on the unprepared Engel. 

McDaniel: McNasty skips out on Oddysey and goes straight for the fresh man Nightmare!!

Rentfro: Lucky break for Chamelion again!!

In the ring, two huge battles are taking place.  Nightmare and McNasty are trading vicious blows, each trying to whittle the other one down to the canvas, and ODDYSEY and Chamelion are engaged in a battle of technical skill.  Nightmare hits a DDT on McNasty, but before he can capitalize, McNasty trips him up and floats over with a headlock on the fallen Nightmare.  Chamelion twists ODDYSEY’s arm behind him, to which ODDYSEY reverses, and Chamelion reaches back with his arm and with ODDYSEY propelling him, Chamelion is flung up and over behind ODDYSEY. He lands on his feet, turns ODDYSEY around and kicks him in the gut.  Chamelion goes for a Twist of Fate, but ODDYSEY pushes him off into the ropes.  Chamelion bounces off, ducks a clothesline from ODDYSEY, bounces off the other side and tries for his own clothesline.  ODDYSEY ducks, Chamelion hits the ropes, only to turn and get drop kicked to the canvas.

McDaniel: Four men both in the ring trying to stay alive!!

Rentfro: This is intense! At least all of them are fighting different people, not five on one like earlier!

Nightmare gets to his knees, while McNasty holds him hard in the headlock, and Nightmare reaches around, hooks up McNasty and lifts up and drives him down with a back body drop!  Nightmare, free of the hold now, jumps up and hits a 180 reverse standing back flip, landing flat on McNasty, taking the air out of him.  ODDYSEY meanwhile, has come up to Chamelion who is leaning against the ropes and tries for him, but Chamelion grabs ODDYSEY by the waist band and propels him through the two middle ropes to the floor outside.  Sliding out under the ropes, Chamelion follows ODDYSEY in an attempt to continue the assault. Inside the ring, Nightmare pulls McNasty to his feet, but McNasty lifts his arms up, breaking the contact and then kicks Nightmare in the lower stomach.  With Nightmare bent, McNasty runs to the ropes, bounces off them and comes back, connecting with the Lights Out!

McDaniel: A battle raging on outside the ring, and inside the ring McNasty has just taken out Nightmare with the “Lights out!”

Rentfro: Here one go, one more fresh man for the fire!!

Fans: FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE!!           

Kindred appears on stage, looking a touch apprehensive, as he begins to walk down to the ring.  He sees Nightmare, the man he avoided before, and the others engaged in battle.  Stepping in, he avoids McNasty who is working over Nightmare and instead takes notice that Chamelion and ODDYSEY have been fighting over by the announcers table. 

McDaniel: Kindred completely forgetting about Nightmare and McNasty turns his attention to Chamelion and ODDYSEY

Rentfro: I don’t think Kindred should get caught up in all that! Not good for his health!!

ODDYSEY rips away the top of the announcers table, prompting Jon and Brian to jump to their feet and move back.  ODDYSEY grabs Chamelion by his long blond hair, brings him in, locks him up and attempts a vertical suplex up onto the table.  However, Chamelion blocks it, reverses it and lifts ODDYSEY and throws him stomach first over the table!  Chamelion then climbs onto the ring apron, with the intention of doing something drastic.  Kindred runs in, and Chamelion turns and strikes fast, knocking Kindred backwards.  Turning, Chamelion jumps, going for a frog splash but the small distraction gave time for ODDYSEY to recover and he slides off the table, and Chamelion crashes through the table, down to the floor, covered in debris!


McDaniel: Oh My god!! Chamelion just falling short and almost taking him self out of this match!!


ODDYSEY rolls back into the ring, stands and barely gets a chance to appreciate his survival of that attack, when Kindred steps in and before ODDYSEY can contest the move, he is sent tumbling over the top ropes, and hits the floor with a thud!  Kindred barely registers what he’s done, and turns to see Nightmare chop McNasty off him and Mark falls on his ass. Nightmare rears to his full height, angry, and Kindred starts looking around for cover.

McDaniel: Oddysey is out and now Nightmare looks like he’s ready to take McNasty out of this match!!

Rentfro: Nightmare should do it quick! Kindred is one tricky bastard! You never know if he could run up and eliminate you while your trying to get rid of someone else!!


The pop that echoes through the arena can mean only one thing; Sirus Moran has joined the Rumble! Sans ‘Al’ or ‘Alice’, which he declined to be allowed in the match due to an unfortunate incident years ago in another Rumble, races down and slides in.  First, Sirus drop kicks Nightmare, and then comes over to try to assure Kindred that it’s okay to fight!

McDaniel: SIRUS MORAN! Now it’s a Rumble in the Bronx !!

Rentfro: Haha! AWSOME! I know this had to happen sooner or later!!

He pays Kindred on the back, urging him to go to work, and Kindred goes after Mark McNasty.  Sirus grins, happy that Kindred seems ready to play, and slides out under the ropes, and goes over to see if Chamelion is okay.

McDaniel: Sirus obviously showing a bit more affection for the hurt and scared people than actually winning the match.

Rentfro: That’s Classic Sirus for ya!!

Sirus slaps Chamelion a couple of times to get him awake.  Chamelion barely moves in the debris, but holds up a thumb, signaling he’s alive.  Assured, Sirus goes back in, as Nightmare has returned to his feet, and Sirus waves but Nightmare’s response is to hit a side kick, knocking Sirus off his feet.  Meanwhile, Kindred has McNasty down, and climbs up to the top rope.  He looks anxiously from side to side, before sailing off to hit the Nightdrop!  McNasty bounces up from the impact then back down.  Kindred looks pleased and looks around for assurance.

McDaniel: Kindred now taking advantage of Nightmare, moves in like a vulture to pick away at McNasty some more!!

Rentfro: See! What a coward, can’t even pick away at the fresh man!!

Fans: FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE!!           

Kindred’s desire to be told he did a good job turns to utter blanchness as he turns to see The PWA World Champion, Raizzor, come stalking down to the ring.

McDaniel: Its RAIZZOR!! Raizzor is now in the Rumble!!

Raizzor takes the steps one at a time, his eyes surveying the carnage before him.  McNasty is trying to stand, Kindred is backing away, and Nightmare and Sirus are locked up, each fumbling for control against each other.  Raizzor steps solemnly through the ropes, rising to his full height.  Kindred forgoes his fear and runs in, but Raizzor answers with a big boot.  Before McNasty has gotten fully back up, Raizzor catches him and choke slams him back down.  Sirus twists behind Nightmare and shoves him, right into Raizzor who adds him to the list of Choke slams!  With the three men down, Raizzor and Sirus look at each other and Sirus grins with a way to go sign, and Raizzor just stares back.  The reason being, behind Sirus, Chamelion has stumbled into the ring, rubbing the back of his head.  He looks up, sees his Brother and Sirus as the only two standing men and offers a smile back, grateful that he has a moment to rest.

McDaniel: Well looks like Allies of the Kindred are the only ones standing, perhaps a moments peace before some else gets up?

Rentfro: Not Likely! These people paid to see a rumble! COME ON!!!

Suddenly Raizzor steps forward, pushes a startled Sirus Moran aside, and grabs Chamelion by the throat. Before he can react, Raizzor heaves Chamelion up and choke slams him down to the canvas, adding him to the litter of bodies strewn over the canvas.

McDaniel: OH MY GOD!! Raizzor just choke slammed his own brother!!

Rentfro: Maybe Raizzor was sick of everyone always picking on the fact that Chamelion is the owner, and may be giving out special perks to Raizzor just because he’s his brother?

While a bit surprised, Sirus understands the situation with Chamelion’s recent activities, he just normally doesn’t take sides, but he does not interfere as Raizzor pulls Chamelion up, heaves him over his shoulder and walks to the ropes, and deposits Chamelion outside!  He turns towards the others, not realizing Chamelion managed to get a hand on the rope and swing his body back under, still inside.  Sirus goes to say something, but McNasty has risen and drop kicks Sirus, trying to get him to fall out, though he does catch the ropes and hold on.  Nightmare also stands, and Kindred shortly follows, and it becomes an all out skirmish as the four men throw aside alliances and go all out.  Chamelion, on the other hand, rolls past the corner turnbuckle and slides back outside to get a breather.

McDaniel: The Rumble is back up and started!!

Rentfro: Come on Chamelion! Get back in the ring! You can take these guys!!


Kyle Stevenson rushes out all fired up. He hits the ring and goes straight to work taking McNasty and Kindred down with hard clotheslines while Nightmare and Raizzor exchange blows. Stevenson hits the ropes and charges at both men but they stop and silently communicate for a moment of spontaneous team work. Stevenson jumps and attempts to get both men with a cross body but he is caught by both in mid air and hurled backwards in a fall away slam. Just before he lands, Sirus Moran gets in position and extends his knee for him to land on. It drives right under his lungs and knocks the wind out of him.

McDaniel: Triple team!

Rentfro: That’s what you get when you go after too many men at once. He should take a page out of Chamelion’s book and take it nice and easy. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Nightmare smiles at the spontaneous moment of brilliance but is punished for his internal replay with a head butt from Raizzor. Nightmare staggers back and Raizzor beckons Sirus over. They both grab an arm and whip Nightmare into the ropes. Nightmare rebounds and is on the receiving end of a huge double back body drop.

McDaniel: The bond between Sirus and Raizzor seems to be working to their advantage thus far.

Rentfro: But this is a match for the selfish McDaniel. They can play nice all they want, but sooner or later one of them will have to decide to go into business for himself.

McDaniel: I can’t see it being Sirus. Who knows, maybe they will battle it down until they are the final two.


Moke Doshky saunters his way towards the ring.

Rentfro: My pick right here! He has to be a favorite, just look at the size of him!

McDaniel: Always remember that the bigger they are the harder they fall Brian.

Moke hits the ring and stands facing Sirus and Raizzor with a big grin. Sirus makes the first move and hits the ropes full speed. He succeeds in nailing a shoulder block on Moke but simply bounces off the mammoth of a man. Moke laughs and pounds his chest in a “Is that all you got!?” gesture. Raizzor then takes his turn, hitting the ropes and nailing a shoulder block that staggers Moke slightly but barely budges him as the force bounces Raizzor away. Chamelion watches from the outside with interest as the other competitors begin to get back to their feet again.

McDaniel: Raizzor is a huge man himself, and even he couldn’t move Doshky!

Rentfro: He just won’t be budged!

Doshky pounds his chest again. Sirus and Raizzor simply nod at each other and hit the ropes at the same time, as Kyle Stevenson crawls into position behind Doshky. Both Sirus and Raizzor nail a double flying shoulder tackle on Doshky that finally staggers him and sends him stumbling back into Stevenson who trips him down to the mat to a large thud from the canvas and big cheers from the crowd.

McDaniel: They did it!

Rentfro: You might get him down, but there is no way you are getting him over that rope!

McNasty, Nightmare and Kindred are all back up and everyone in the ring conspires to get rid of Moke Doshky. They all force him up with a struggle as Moke fights back. McNasty takes a meaty right that nearly takes his head off but the combined punches and kicks from all the wrestlers backs Moke up against the ropes. They all grab a limb and attempt to lift him over as Moke sand bags to make things more difficult.


Croke Park is drowned in a wave of boo’s as Project X steps out onto the ramp.

Rentfro: Wait, that’s my pick!

McDaniel: You just said Moke Doshky!

Rentfro: Yeah, but I forgot Project X was in this thing. No way anyone is eliminating him!

Project X spots Chamelion on the outside and points a threatening finger at him.

McDaniel: Project X’s feelings on the Sommers family have been well documented and the crowd are not sure whether to cheer or boo in a confrontation with Chamelion.

Rentfro: Chamelion is as smart as ever. A fight with a fresh Project X is bad news and he is putting as much distance between them as he can.

Raizzor spots Project X out of the corner of his eye and breaks off from the Moke elimination attempt and kicks Project X in the head through the ropes. Project X breaks off his pursuit of Chamelion and grabs Raizzor by the ankles, yanking him to the mat and dragging him to the outside.

Rentfro: Here we go again!

McDaniel: We now have half of tomorrow night’s elimination chamber in the match now!

Project X backs Raizzor up with a series of rights towards the broken announce table. One huge punch sends Raizzor staggering backwards into the barricade. Project X picks up a near by steel chair and cracks Raizzor in the head with it. He winds up for another shot when out of nowhere Chamelion comes in from behind and nails Project X with The Rupture on the concrete outside.


Rentfro: Finally, something more easy on the eyes than 6 something meat heads!

Riona Langly runs to the ring and joins the eliminate Moke attempt. Moke gets all stubborn though and makes another attempt to break loose. He manages to shove Nightmare back and head butt Riona as she charges in. McNasty tries to heave his chunky leg over the rope but Moke clubs a forearm down across his head and with a surge, belly flops Sirus, Kyle Stevenson and Kindred off of him. The all pounce back up but one by one Moke swats them aside with his meaty fists.

Rentfro: I told you that Moke was going to win this!

McDaniel: But you said Project...

Rentfro: Never mind what I said!

Back on the outside Chamelion mounts Project X and begins pummeling away at his face but is interrupted when Raizzor recovers and boots him off to take his place. Chamelion comes back and pulls at Raizzor, which gives Project X the opening to seize him by the throat and force his way back up to his feet. Project X tries to Probe Raizzor, but Chamelion shoots a low blow kick into his testicles that forces him to double over. Raizzor shoves Chamelion aside and rolls Project X into the ring.

Rentfro: You can just feel the brotherly love!


The crowd cheers as Grifter sprints to the ring.

McDaniel: The Brothers Grimm are in the house!

Rentfro: Things are starting to get a little crowded in that ring. There hasn’t been an elimination in a while.

Sirus high fives Grifter as he enters the ring and they both turn their attention to Moke with a double drop kick that he swats aside. Kindred charges Moke, but Moke seizes him in a bear hug and nails him with an overhead belly to belly without even arching his back. Kyle Stevenson then rushes in, only to eat a big boot.

Rentfro: I think it’s time for Moke to do a bit of house cleaning!

On the other side of the ring Raizzor pounds away on Project X, but he starts to rally back and staggers Raizzor with a surprise uppercut. While he is staggered, Project X grabs him by the throat, lifts him up and drives him down with The Probe.

McDaniel: Project X just hit his finisher on the World champion!

Project X picks a limp Raizzor up and tries to dump him over the top, but is blind sided by a revitalized Mark McNasty. McNasty comes up behind Project X and attempts to hit the Lights Out but Project X back elbows him right in the mush and DDT’s him down to the mat. Riona and Nightmare buddy up and charge Project X at the same time but he nails each of them with a big right as Moke takes care of the Brothers Grimm on the other side. Moke and Project X then turn to throw a punch at each other and both freeze when they see who the other is. They square up toe to toe. Project X slightly taller, Moke the wider.

McDaniel: I’ve been waiting for a confrontation between these two goliaths!


Boo’s erupt as Vicious runs towards the ring but comes to a stop when he sees the two giants squaring up, taking the wait and see approach.

Rentfro: The MoA would just love to get one of their guys in a title position.

Moke reels back and slugs Project X hard. Project X staggers and brings his hand up to his jaw, shaking his head. He returns the favor and rocks Moke with a big right hand. Moke, PX, Moke, PX. The pattern continues until Moke finally finds himself leaning against the ropes. Project X then lands a big haymaker that rolls the German’s eyes into the back of his head. Project X then turns Moke and tries to heave him over the top rope but Moke still has enough in him to put up a fight against it. He gets him 2/3rds of the way over but struggles with the last heave. Then suddenly, Chamelion runs over and helps pull Moke to the outside by yanking on his arm.

McDaniel: Moke Doshky has been eliminated... by Chamelion and Project X team work!?

Rentfro: They were just combining to eliminate a big threat, now my pick Project X has a clear path to win this thing!

McDaniel: But you said... Oh, never mind!

Project X seems stunned to have Chamelion’s help. Vicious uses this opportunity to finally enter the ring and sneak up behind Project X, nailing a reverse DDT. Vicious then turns his attention to the rest of the competitors but is met head on by Riona Langly who sends him flying into the corner with a Reality Check super kick. Once there, she begins to stomp a mud hole into Vicious.


Scott Nash Strader sprints to the ring and goes to town.

McDaniel: A Strader is always in with a good chance!

Strader comes in and immediately hits Riona with a German suplex. He then grabs hold of Vicious and nails him with a Cherry Whiskey Bomb roundhouse kick that floors him. He turns but finds himself on the receiving end of a drop kick from Kyle Stevenson. Stevenson gets up and looks to take advantage, but Kindred comes up behind him and hits him with a belly to back suplex.

McDaniel: No one man seems able to take control of this match.

Rentfro: It’s the beauty of matches like this. Everyone stands a chance!

Kindred puts some stomps into Sirus Moran as McNasty starts pounding away on Raizzor on the opposite side. Project X gets back to his feet but finds himself double teamed by Nightmare and Grifter who play human tennis with the big man. Chamelion remains observant on the outside.

McDaniel: A lot of people cancelling each other out, the match is at a stand still.


The Phoenix strides out to massive boo’s.

Rentfro: Houston , the ego has landed!

McDaniel: Yet another participant from the elimination chamber tomorrow night.

The Phoenix slides in and goes directly for Raizzor, helping McNasty to beat him down. He holds Raizzor’s arms behind his back as McNasty unloads into his body and face.

McDaniel: It serves both these men to weaken Raizzor ahead of tomorrow night. Phoenix wants to take the title away from him, and I’m sure McNasty will be pulling for his partner Alex Wilkie to do the same.

Rentfro: PWA Radio unites!

Phoenix gets bored and swaps places with McNasty. Lefts and rights from Phoenix , followed by an Ali shuffle. He lines up a big right but Raizzor breaks free and McNasty eats the fist. McNasty turns to Phoenix enraged and levels him with a crescent kick. McNasty then pounces on Phoenix and drives punch after punch down into his face.

Rentfro: PWA Radio implodes!

McDaniel: Stop that!

Raizzor breaks things up by booting McNasty in the face. He picks up McNasty, puts him in between his legs and pile drives him down to the mat.


Alex Wilkie sprints to the ring and makes a line directly for Chamelion and pounces on him with a Lou Thesz press. He pummels away a bit before picking him up and rolling him into the ring.

McDaniel: Chamelion is involved in this match once again! You can’t hide out there forever!

Rentfro: No, but he did get some very valuable breathing time.

McDaniel: We also now have 5 elimination chamber participants in the match and the complete Grade A Nastyness. Things are starting to get interesting.

Wilkie pursues Chamelion as Chamelion begs off. Wilkie marches in but gets a little too close as Chamelion punches him in the balls. Chamelion gets up and tries to leave the ring again but he is seized by Kyle Stevenson who hits him with a death valley driver. Stevenson then picks Chamelion up and runs him over to the ropes but Chamelion drops to the mat and rolls to the outside before Stevenson can launch him. Stevenson doesn’t have time to contemplate things however, as Project X comes charging up from behind and eliminates Stevenson with a bum rush over the top rope.

Rentfro: Bye, bye, Kyle Stevenson!

Stevenson gets up, wondering what the Hell happened only to receive the Sweet Sound of Success right to the jaw from Chamelion.

McDaniel: Chamelion none too appreciative of Stevenson’s elimination attempt on him.


A timid looking Orville Middleton steps out onto the ramp.

Rentfro: Cupcake boy!

He hesitantly makes his way down the ramp but doesn’t enter the ring. He opts for the Chamelion approach of things but for different reasons.

Rentfro: That a boy!

Back in the ring Project X is fired up after eliminating Stevenson and goes straight after Wilkie while Raizzor and Nightmare begin to slug it out. Wilkie anticipates Project X and catches him with a boot to the gut. Wilkie executes a Russian leg sweep on Project X and grabs hold of his legs. Wilkie attempts to sling shot Project X out of the ring but after going over the top rope, Project X manages to cling on and land on the apron. Wilkie goes to finish the job with a running dropkick on Project X but he moves out of the way and Wilkie almost flies right out of the ring. Grabbing onto the top rope is the only thing that saves him and he lands on the apron beside Project X who grabs him by the throat. Project X then heaves him up and Probes him to the floor.

McDaniel: Alex Wilkie is out of here!

Rentfro: He shouldn’t worry too much. It gives him more time to prepare for tomorrow while his rivals kill themselves to win this match.

Nightmare backs Raizzor up onto the ropes and tries to eliminate him but Mark McNasty comes up from behind suddenly and uses the leverage Nightmare is using to try and eliminate Raizzor to eliminate Nightmare.

McDaniel: And Nightmare follows Wilkie!

McNasty then runs across the ring, bounces off the ropes and charges at Raizzor and he eats another big boot. Raizzor then grabs hold of McNasty and gorilla presses him above his head and tosses him to the outside onto his partner Alex Wilkie who is still protesting.

Rentfro: Grade A Nastyness has been eliminated!

McDaniel: We’ve had three eliminations in quick succession!


The Hostess Avenger makes his way down to ringside and begins an argument with Orville Middleton who is reluctant to get in the ring. Orville groans and it appears he has been convinced to get in the ring along with the Hostess Avenger. They both are in the ring only two seconds before Project X and Raizzor clothesline both of them back over the top rope and to the floor.

McDaniel: Short and sweet from the Hostess Avenger and Orville.

Rentfro: I guess they don’t like cupcakes.

Scott Nash Strader backs Sirus into the corner and begins to choke him down. Vicious breaks this up with a kick into the ribs of Strader followed by a uranage. Vicious goes to pick Strader up but is cut off by Riona who chops some blood vessels apart in Vicious’ chest.


Randall Moran hits the ring.

McDaniel: We’ve now got three of the Moran clan in the ring!

Rentfro: Makes you throw up a little doesn’t it?

Randall immediately gets teaming with Sirus and Grifter. Their first target is Project X. Randall levels Project X with a heavy forearm as Grifter gets on his back and puts both his feet in the air. Randall whips Project X into the ropes and dives at his feet, tripping him up. Project X then falls forward face first into Grifter’s boots. Sirus goes up top to finish the job but before he can execute whatever he has in mind Riona rushes over and attempts to eliminate him. She nearly has Sirus out before Randall and Grifter come to the rescue.

McDaniel: That was a close call for Sirus!

Randall takes one side and Grifter the other to deliver a double suplex on Riona. Riona bounces painfully and the two members of the Moran Clan turn as one to find another target.  Kindred has Strader backed into the ropes, trying to fling him over.  Raizzor and Project X are back to battling each other, while Chamelion scurries to a neutral corner, watching the action.  He doesn’t get more then a seconds break when Vicious comes out of no where with a baseball slide, connecting with Chamelion’s knee.

McDaniel: I don’t see why Chamelion keeps trying to hide! In a huge match like these, he’ll never get more than half a second to breath!

Rentfro: Better than not having that half a second!

Phoenix takes the cue of Chamelion’s predicament and drops a hard elbow, rises and smirks at Vicious, before getting taken down with a perfect standing drop kick.  Raizzor knees Project X in the gut, wraps him and lifts him up in a power bomb, but before he can complete it, Kindred comes in with a shoulder tackle, bringing Raizzor down with Project X crashing on top!  Standing, looking proud he was able to take both men down, Kindred doesn’t pay attention as Randall and Grifter hit a double bulldog on the man.  Sirus twists and wows the crowd with a back flip splash onto Kindred’s back!

McDaniel: And Members of the Moran Clan giving it to Kindred!

Rentfro: Maybe they’ll finally get that tricky little bastard out of this match!


Joining the rumble, Duff Côte d'Ivoire , of Duff for short, heads down to the ring.  Once in, his first target is Chamelion, who he picks up and hits the Echoes on!  Vicious calls Kindred over and the three men together heave Chamelion up and rush him to the ropes.  Suddenly, Project X is back and puts the boots to Duff, while Raizzor clotheslines Vicious.  With the force of the three taken away, Chamelion is able to drop again, and Kindred goes crashing into the ropes.  Faltering, Kindred begins to topple, but catches himself and drops to the apron next to Chamelion.

McDaniel: Duff the fresh man ALMOST eliminating Chamelion there!

Rentfro: Yeah, that seems to happen a lot tonight!! Oh Kindred almost got eliminated there too!!

Rolling to the corner, Chamelion takes a breather.  Phoenix sees him and makes another move, but gets headed off by Riona.  She belts him across the chest, and then spins her body to trip him up with a leg sweep.  Riona drives a knee down into Phoenix’s chest, and then applies an arm bar, to wrench Phoenix’s shoulder.  Grifter, seeing Phoenix down, climbs the corner where no one is, and hits a Buzz Bomb on Phoenix !

McDaniel: And Phoenix is down after that huge Buzz Bomb!

Rentfro: Grifter! Quiet Guy with a Powerful hand!!

Riona breaks the hold, standing and as Grifter turns with a smile, she rushes him and goes to clothesline him over the ropes, but Grifter bends and heaves Riona up and over, and she goes crashing to the floor.

McDaniel: And Riona is eliminated!!

Rentfro: Haha! Grifter is a little bit smarter than the average bear!

Grifter shrugs as Riona bitches him out, and he goes to join his clan who are at odds with Vicious and Kindred in the corner.  Scott Nash Strader, who’d been biding his time, starts stomping away on Chamelion, finally able to get a moment with him, and eager to pay back for his belief that Chamelion is protecting Fallen Angel.  Five vicious stomps drive Chamelion into the canvas, and then Strader pulls him out, heaves him to his feet and delivers The Finishing Touch!

McDaniel: And Strader using his power to wittle down Chamelion even more now!!

Rentfro: I never get tired of seeing Straders Finisher! Its so… Can I say… Majestic!

Satisfied, Strader picks Chamelion up and begins to throw him over the top rope. Chamelion holds on for dear life as the fans roar the oncoming addition to the rumble!

McDaniel: Here one go! One more fresh wrestler!

Rentfro: Come on! Let it be someone good!!


Lisa Seldon strolls casually from the entrance, watching the fray in the ring with narrow eyes but exhibiting a calm demeanor.   In the ring, Strader has Chamelion half way over the ropes, when Sirus makes the unexpected save, by hitting a drop kick that sends Scott over the ropes. Both men hit the ring apron and roll in quickly. Chamelion raises his head at Scott who looks back and they both smile, as if to say damn that was close, before they realize who they’re looking at and begin swinging back and forth some more.

McDaniel: Its Lisa Seldon! And with that Distraction Scott and Chamelion were almost eliminated!

Rentfro: I ask for something good, and luck delivers!

Lisa climbs in, and as Vicious throws a punch that levels Randall, Lisa casually steps over and executes the Viledriver on him!  She stands back up, brushing the hair from her face, surveying her handiwork when Kindred appears and hits a knife edge chop, driving Lisa back to the corner.  Project X meanwhile has Phoenix and the two are driving each other to the canvas with hard lefts and rights.  Duff flips Grifter up into a suplex and crashes him down, and Raizzor has Randall back against the corner, his boot choking Randall. 

McDaniel: I guess Lisa Calm attitude got her all tied up! Look at the carnage going on the ring!

Rentfro: this is what the rumble is all about! Carnage and Chaos my man!!

Chamelion whips Strader to the ropes and as he comes off, Chamelion goes for the Sweet Sound of Success, but Strader ducks it and comes off the other side with a diving tackle, and both men are sent outside the ring.  Lisa spins Kindred around and returns the hard chops. Phoenix hits the Flame on Project X, and raises his hand as if he’s just won the rumble, before Grifter hooks him by the tights and flings him out of the ring. Phoenix grabs the ropes, and pulls himself in before hitting the floor. Duff suplexes Sirus, and rolls on top to hit some solid punches.  Randall pushes Raizzor away and spears him to the mat, before lifting him up and throwing him to the corner and shoulder blocks him a few times.

McDaniel: And Chamelion and Strader are out of the ring! No one seems to notice though!

Rentfro: Why would they care! Most of these people have got their hands, feet, and eyes full of their own business!


Virus comes racing down, slips into the ring and pounces on Vicious.  He slugs Vicious hard, his rage built up from over the weeks.  Lisa leaves Kindred reeling, comes over and shares in the assault on Vicious.  Outside the ring, Chamelion trips Scott Strader and then picks up a chair. He measures and swings down, but Strader moves out of the way and Chamelion hits concrete.  Back up, Project X hits the Probe on Grifter, to show his thanks and turns and catches Randall in a back neck hold and brings him crashing down with a neck breaker.  Raizzor offers his thanks with a boot to Project X’s head. 

McDaniel: Here comes Virus! Showing Vicious already who’s the boss!!

Rentfro: Actually the boss is outside the ring with his own problem!!  And besides Virus is getting help from Lisa!!

Kindred hurries over to try to help Vicious, throwing Virus off him and then turning to kick Lisa in the head.  Kindred pulls Vicious up, and props him against the ropes.  He turns and attacks Lisa and Virus, punching them both in turn.  The two duck Kindred and come up behind him, and he turns, yells and runs at them with his arm outstretched.  However, Lisa and Virus duck and Kindred connects with Vicious, sending him over the top rope to the floor outside!

McDaniel: and Vicious has been eliminated by Kindred with help from quick moves by Lisa and Virus!

Rentfro: Whoa Man! Is Vicious ever going to kill Kindred!!

Kindred yells in shock, pleading with Vicious who is spitting on the outside in rage.  Lisa and Virus conspire and go to hook Kindred over, but Vicious steps in and trips Virus up, and since Lisa is the smaller of the two, Kindred mule kicks her and she falls backwards.  Kindred looks at Vicious, but he walks away in disgust. 

McDaniel: A little bit of help from the angry Vicious, but will it be enough for Kindred to survive a two pronged attack?

Rentfro: Not likely, Virus and Lisa are a deadly force when combined from what I’ve seen!

On the other side, Raizzor, Phoenix, Project X and Sirus are all going at it, four of the men from the Chamber.  Raizzor gets hit with the Flame, Project X Probes Phoenix and Sirus hits the Wrong Hand of Doom on Project X.  Sirus looks at the carnage, and pulls Raizzor up, asking if he’s okay. As they converse, Duff comes running in to splash Sirus, but Raizzor pushes past him and catches Duff by the throat and choke slams him to the canvas. 

McDaniel: Raizzor with a hard choke slam!!

Rentfro: That’s why you never interrupt any sort of conversations! You never know who’s gonna get offended!


Dahlia wanders out, looking concerned at the huge amount of bodies littering the ring.  The battle continues to wage as she comes to the ropes and calls on Lisa.  Lisa manages to crawl over and gives her encouragement.  Dahlia looks in, as Grifter is trying to pull Duff over the top rope.  She slides in, bites her lip and bum rushes Grifter, sending him AND Duff over the top, crashing to the floor!

McDaniel: Dahlia with her lack of courage, pushes on through and eliminated both D’Ivoire and Grifter!!

Rentfro: With both of the Razor dolls in the ring, things could get interesting now!

Looking shocked, Dahlia turns to shout to Lisa how well she did, when Dahlia gets tossed up and over by Kindred!  She lands with a thump, and Lisa angrily comes in and hits a round house kick on Kindred.  In fact, she really isn’t too pleased and grinds the heel of her boot into Kindred’s crotch.

McDaniel: Dahlia is out and Lisa goes Hulk all over Kindred’s boy parts!

Rentfro: Oooh! That’s gotta hurt!!

Outside, Strader hides around the corner and as Chamelion comes around, he clotheslines him down, and then stomps away.  In the ring, Raizzor and Sirus are sending Phoenix back and forth between them with roundhouse punches, as if he’s Monkey in the Middle.  Project X however, intervenes and trips up Raizzor and ducks Phoenix and drop kicks Sirus.  Phoenix wobbles and Project X goes to Probe Phoenix, but Phoenix lands behind him and kicks him between the legs.

McDaniel: Phoenix avoiding some more punishment and delivering some of his own!!

Rentfro: Its too bad Alex was already eliminated! Or this little Elimination Chamber Preview would be absolutely amazing! Now all we need is Corey Lazarus!

Randall appears and goes for Project X, but the former champion proves what kind of monster he is, catching Randall, lifting him up into the Probe, but he steps to the side and sends Randall over the top rope with the move.  Randall hits hard on the floor.

McDaniel: And Project X eliminated Randall Moran!! And only Sirus remains of the Moran clan now!

Rentfro: Project X is on a war path now!!

Virus, shaking his head, rises and hits two forearm shots to Sirus, backing him to the corner.  Stepping to the second rope, Virus drives down with punch after punch to Sirus, attempting to faze the man before taking him out. 

McDaniel: Virus now working down Sirus to make him even easier to get out of this match!

Rentfro: Good on him! Although it may not take much, Sirus looks like he’s fading away quickly here!


The fans roar as the former PWA Tag Champion The Dragon comes down, making a direct line for Lisa.  Lisa doesn’t seem him as she’s busy hurting Kindred, and he grabs her by the hair and pulls her in for a pile driver!  Dragon stands up, and kicks at her, before Raizzor catches him and flips him 180 with a clothesline.  Lisa pulls herself up, looking at Raizzor and the two share a glance.  Raizzor goes off, seeking to do more damage to Phoenix , and Lisa puts the boots to Dragon. 

McDaniel: And Raizzor takes out the Dragon easily after his little bit of harsh punishment to Lisa for beating him last night!!

Rentfro: Well who wouldn’t want a little bit of revenge for getting beat by girls!

Strader finally throws Chamelion into the ring and slides in after.  He pulls Chamelion up and tries to toss him out, but Chamelion back kicks him and while Strader drops to his knees, Chamelion bolts over and blindsides Sirus, who has stumbled away from Virus’s attack.  Sirus stumbles to the ropes and Chamelion begins to flip him over, but is stopped short by a side kick from Phoenix .  Phoenix picks up Chamelion, and hits the Flame.

McDaniel: Chamelion now back in the ring is already getting noticed by the Phoenix !

Rentfro: The Flame to Chamelion! Maybe he might actually get thrown out!!

Phoenix looks for Dragon, sees what Lisa is doing and catches her and throws her to the ground.  He picks up Dragon, points to Chamelion and the two come in to try to take the owner out.  Meanwhile, Project X has Kindred in the corner, who is cowering away from the monster and Project X looks jovial as he feigns a rush and Kindred huddles against the turnbuckle.  Laughing, Project X turns to get some room to make the real attack, when Sirus catches him and hits the Nameless Knockout, driving Project X to the canvas.  Sirus nods but out of no where Virus returns and tries to toss Sirus over the ropes, but the former Rumble winner catches the ropes and survives.

McDaniel: Sirus takes out Project X Easily but is almost dropped out by the Virus!

Rentfro: Lucky Sirus caught the ropes!


The fans rise to their feet as Corey Lazarus, #35 in the rumble, heads down to the ring.  Once inside, his first stop is Raizzor, and he hits the End Credits. Hoping on his feet, looking psyched, Lazarus finds Project X coming too, and hits another End Credits on him!  Quickly pivoting, Lazarus smirks and Sirus is the next to go down with the End Credits.  In the ropes, Phoenix and Dragon have Chamelion up and nearly over, but an End Credits puts Phoenix to the canvas, and Dragon loses his grip on Chamelion who lands in the ring, turns and drives his knee into Dragon’s gut, before suplexing him up and over to the mat.

McDaniel: Its Lazarus the Sixth man in the Elimination Chamber match!!

Rentfro: and already he’s making himself heard, I mean, felt, by all the members in that main event match up!

Feeling the moment, Lazarus targets Chamelion and goes for another End Credits, but Chamelion ducks his head and Lazarus spins.  As he turns back around, Chamelion connects with the Sweet Sound of Success!  Lazarus topples to the canvas, and Chamelion grins only for a second before Lisa levels him with a Tequila Slammer! 

McDaniel: And Lisa takes down the boss with the Tequila Slammer!!

Rentfro: Chamelion can hit hard, but when Blindsided! Lisa can hit even harder!

The mayhem continues in the ring, Strader taking advantage of a nearly out Chamelion. Project X, Raizzor, Sirus and Phoenix rise and all four target Lazarus who is trying to get to his feet, only to find himself the unwitting pinball between the bumpers of his four Chamber opponents.  Virus is battling Dragon while Lisa has returned to deal with Kindred.  This continues till the buzzer signals the next arrival.

McDaniel: Who could it be now!!

Rentfro: I think I can see him- No Way!!


Lex Demise arrives!  The returning veteran jumps into the ring and checks out the competition.  He decides to add to the punishment that Scott is giving Chamelion, but is headed off by Lisa Seldon!  Lisa abandons reason and collides with Demise and the two fall to the canvas, locked in a violent embrace.  Kindred tries to shake the cobwebs, but the melee that is the Chamber match breaks apart and Raizzor hits Kindred with a boot to the face.  Phoenix picks up Lazarus to dump him over, but Project X trips him and Sirus actually goes over to try to pry Strader off of Chamelion.  Nothing spectacular happens in the next forty seconds, until the fans shout out the arrival of the next entrant.

McDaniel: Its Utter carnage in this match up! No man giving up any inch!

Rentfro: Never Surrender and Never Retreat!! Old Spartan motto that these men are holding true too tonight!!


McDaniel:  Let's see who is the next entrant...

"Fueled by Hate" by Droid echoes in Croke Park as a parade float in the shape of a 15 foot tall middle finger rolls out from behind the curtain...

Rentfro: What the?!?

The older fans in the crowd give out a roar of surprise. Riding the middle finger is former AOWF champions Chris and Satana Pike!

McDaniel: Wow! Chris Pike last entered the Rumble in 2001!

Rentfro: Dude, they're both totally wasted.

Indeed they are. Chris and Satana sway, eyes half-closed. Pike has a beer bottle full of thumbtacks in his hand. Satana has a shovel.

Rentfro: Ummm so which one is the entrant?

The giant middle finger comes to a halt next to the ring. Both Pikes pause, then leap into the squared circle. The crowd lets out a roar as man and wife tear into any PWA wrestler unfortunate enough to be standing near the ropes.  Chris swings the tack bottle over the head of Virus, and tacks fly everywhere! Virus roars in pain, and Chris heaves him over the ropes and Virus hits the floor! Santana hobbles in and sees Lisa on top of Demise and she burps loudly before kicking Lisa in the forehead.  Lisa falls back, stunned. 

McDaniel: VIRUS has been eliminated!!

Rentfro: The Pikes making a good use of their weapons!!

Chris calls Santana over to Chamelion, and Chris holds Chamelion while Santana hits a running drop kick to his balls! Chamelion drops, rolling in pain and the two giggle together.  They both teeter as if they’re going to fall over, but catch themselves and as Strader comes in, Santana hits a hurricanrana on Strader who is sent into Chris Pike. He catches him, lifts him up for an F.U. move, but instead hits the Burning Hammer, to send Strader up and over the ropes, but Strader somehow catches them and swings in under.  Chris belches his disbelief, and then begins dry heaving, sickened from the drinking!

McDaniel: The Pikes are good wrestlers… but they are sick…

Rentfro: He’s gonna puke all over the Croke park!! Gross!

Chris leans over the ropes, as if he’s’ about to puke, and Demise is there to throw him up and over, so that Chris topples to the floor.  Demise dusts his hands off, but Lisa comes in and throws Demise over!! Demise however, holds the ropes, as his feet are narrowly brushing the floor, and Lisa tries to pry his hands free when Santana comes in and flips Lisa over, so that she hits the floor next to Chris!  Santana laughs merrily, before screeching in shock as Chamelion connects with the Sweet Sound of Success to her back and she goes flying on top of Lisa and Chris!

McDaniel: Lisa Seldon, Chris and Satana Pike have all been eliminated!

Rentfro: That all happened so fast, can we not get a slow mo replay to see what happened?!

Chamelion watches Demise skin the cat, coming back in and as he turns, Chamelion tries for another super kick, but Demise drops to his knees and Chamelion lands next to him, only to get a gut punch by Demise.  Strader appears to finish the job with a swift kick to the back of Chamelion’s head. He flops face first, and Demise and Strader actually acknowledge each other with a nod. 

McDaniel: Demise and Strader teaming up to work down the fatigued boss!

Rentfro: This has been happening all night, and no one can do it! maybe the combined forces of Strader and Demise can finally end Chamelion’s Rumble Run?!


#39 is Enika Engel, joining Sirus, Project X, Phoenix, Chamelion, Scott Nash Strader, The Dragon, Corey Lazarus, Lex Demise, Raizzor and Kindred.  Eleven of the final twelve in the ring.  She slips in as the majority of the action is confined to the corners, Enika stalks right up to a waiting Project X!

McDaniel: This moment has been boiling for over a month!

Rentfro: Project X put Enika out of action!!  Now it’s time to pay up!!

They mouth off a few, back and forth before Project X swings his right beefy arm.  Enika ducks and thrusts forward with her Lips Like Morphine, spraying pink mist into Project X’s eyes!  He cries out as she kneels and comes up her Fake Sound of Progress elbow to the chin!  As Project X back peddles, Enika follows in and kicks him in the stomach and puts him down hard with the Thoughts of a Dying Atheist!  X lays on the canvas nearly motionless and Enika stands, wiping her hands off as if she’s disposed with something toxic.  She barely gets a chance to appreciate her success when Demise spins her around and hits The Moonshine!  Demise then kicks Enika out of the ring under the bottom rope.

McDaniel: Man, not even a moment to celebrate!

Rentfro: Enika was too engrossed on X. Sure, she got a measure of revenge, but now she’s outside on the floor!

Demise turns and gasps as Raizzor scoops Demise up, turns him over and hits the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker!  Demise rolls away and Raizzor growls and turns, and finds himself on the receiving end of the Rupture by his brother Chamelion!  Chamelion grins wickedly, and then gets caught by Scott Strader’s Memory Remains!  Strader kicks at Chamelion but gets spun around and the Wrong Hand of Doom by Sirus puts Strader down.  Sirus waves to Strader, before Corey Lazarus puts Sirus out with the End Credits.  Lazarus doesn’t get a moment to consider his actions as Kindred hits a brain buster on him, putting him down.  Kindred stands, and The Dragon appears and takes Kindred down with a Dragon Wing suplex!!!

McDaniel: What carnage!!! Every man taken down, and only the Dragon remains alive!

Rentfro: Listen!! This is it, the last entrant is about to come out!! We’re going to find out who switched Chamelion’s number and has stolen spot #40!!!!


The fans all rise to their feet, eager to get a glimpse of the mysterious fortieth entrant.  The sound of thunder is heard throughout the arena. The lights slowly dim, but before they completely go out, a flash of lightning hits the ADCtron as white fountain pyro's go off next to the entrance. Blue smoke emanates from the back as Nightstryker, with baseball bat in hand,  walks casually through the smoke, coming to a stop on the entrance ramp. The entire park explodes with cheers.

McDaniel: NO WAY!

Rentfro: Nightstryker??? Nightstryker is here!!!!???

He grins, feeling the out pouring of admiration from the entire park swell over him.  He quickly heads down to the ring, as the Dragon stands there in the center, calling him in!  Sliding in, Nightstryker stands and as Dragon comes in, he swings his signature bat, and doubles Dragon over.  A swing to the back, and Dragon is on his knees!  Nightstryker tosses the bat out of the ring and picks up Dragon, points to the ropes and with the crowd roaring their approval, Nightstryker tosses Dragon out of the ring!

McDaniel: Holy hell! Nightstryker returns and already he’s taken out the Dragon!

Rentfro: He’s my pick, my pick!! No one can do this like Nightstryker!!

Turning, Nightstryker rubs his hands together, grins and as Lazarus pulls himself up to the ropes, Stryker bum rushes him and flips Lazarus up and over, ending Corey’s chances to claim the rumble.  Feeling the rush, Nightstryker then chases down Phoenix, who back steps to the ropes and a drop kick from Nightstryker sends Phoenix barreling over, and he’s eliminated!

McDaniel: Three in a row!! He’s on a roll here! You may be right on your pick!

Rentfro: I’m always right!!!

Pumped, he turns, but at this point his momentum is ended as he gets kicked in the gut by Raizzor!  With him turned over, Raizzor heaves Nightstryker up and lifts him into the Last Ride position, and turns as Chamelion scrambles to the top and flies, spearing Nightstryker in the gut and sending both men crashing to the canvas!

McDaniel: The Hook, Line & Sinker!!! I never thought we’d see that move again!

Rentfro: Could the Kryrmson Dragons be back, despite their differences!?

Jumping up, Chamelion goes to high five his brother, but Raizzor catches Chamelion and hits a choke slam, and Chamelion rolls out of the ring yet again!!! Raizzor feels vindicated, and turns and comes nose to nose with Project X!

McDaniel: So much for that team!!

Rentfro: All night long these two have gone at it!! Project X has pick stains over his face, and he does not look happy!

Raizzor swings, but X blocks.  X swings, but Raizzor blocks.  Raizzor swings, connecting. X swings, connecting. Back and forth, back and forth.  A whip to the ropes by Project X, Raizzor bounces off, ducks X’s swing, hits the other side and comes sailing back with a flying clothesline!  Raizzor rolls to his knees, jumps up and crosses his throat with his thumb!  He scoops up Project X into the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker and slams Project X down!  Raizzor climbs to his feet, victorious when Lex Demise rushes Raizzor and slams him over the ropes, and Raizzor lands on his feet on the outside!!!

McDaniel: Raizzor had momentum going, but Demise has taken the PWA World Champion out of the match!!!

Rentfro: That is a feather in Demise’s cap, and a bit of revenge for the earlier Tombstone!!

Raizzor is surprised, and looks up at Demise, but weary of his surroundings, Demise has turned his attention back to his opponents. Each of the combatants are back to their feet, Enika barrels into Demise, and they crash into the turnbuckles.  Scott Nash Strader and Kindred exchange lefts and rights, and Nightstryker, able to get his bearings, has it out with Sirus Moran!

McDaniel: Two PWA Legends going at it now!

Rentfro: These two have been friends, enemies and everything in between!

Sirus catches Nightstryker with the beginning of the Nameless Knockout. He throws Stryker into the ropes, but Stryker catches them and stops himself.  Sirus comes in to get Stryker, but Stryker slips under Sirus, turns and hits the Mindbender!  Picking Sirus up, Nightstryker mouths “Sorry, Dude!” and tosses Sirus Moran out of the ring!.

McDaniel: And Stryker earns a forth elimination!

Rentfro: and a major one at that!!

Stryker returns to the action, and comes face to face with Project X who miraculously has gotten back to his feet.  Stryker looks up, and cocks his head to the side, not looking afraid.  X growls back and flips off Nightstryker!  The damn bursts and now those two go at it.  Stryker goes for the Mindbender again, but Project X blocks it and hits the Probe on Nightstryker!  He yells at Chamelion, who comes over and helps him pick Nightstryker up!  Project X gives direction, and throws Nightstryker against the corner and Chamelion hops in and hits the Sweet Sound of Success!  Stryker stumbles out, but has enough presence of mind to flip off Chamelion before the two men throw Nightstryker out of the ring, eliciting huge boos from the roaring crowd!

McDaniel: Strange teamwork by those two!

Rentfro: And Stryker was my pick, dammit!

McDaniel: We’re down to the final six!  Each elimination now is worth a title shot!  Each of these men will get a chance to go for belts in the near future, but who’s going to win it all!?

Rentfro: My money’s on Chamelion!  He’s won this before!!

In the ring, Enika and Demise are still wrapped up in each other, not caring for the goings on elsewhere.  Chamelion jumps Kindred, bashing his head into the turnbuckle, and then tosses him out to Project X which hits another Probe!  Chamelion gives X the thumbs up, grinning before Strader appears and finally, after a long night of going back and forth, catches Chamelion off guard and sends him flailing over the ropes to the floor!

McDaniel: So much for your money!

Rentfro: I change my vote!!! Project X!! It’s always going to be X!!!

McDaniel: Sighs

Project X shrugs at the loss of Chamelion and attacks Strader, pounding into his skull in the corner.  He backs away and lines up for a splash, and starts to run in. At the last second, Strader falls aside and behind Project X, Kindred has followed him in and as he tries to skid to a halt, Kindred drop kicks him and Project X joins Chamelion sprawled on the outside!!

McDaniel: Kindred mans up and faces his monsters!!!

Rentfro: Whoah, hold on!!! Six and Five… those are for tag team titles!! Project X and Chamelion?? As a tag team!!?

McDaniel: I’ve seen worse, but not by much!

Kindred looks over joyed, as if for a moment his demons have left him in peace!  He looks down at Project X, feeling elated at his actions, but before he can do anything, Scott Strader dumps Kindred over, and he joins Chamelion and Project X outside the ring!

McDaniel: You can’t take your eyes off the match like that!

Rentfro: Kindred just earned himself a TV title shot, being dumped out like that!

And now, three remain. Scott Nash Strader, Enika Engel and Lex Demise.  Demise and Engel have separated, each to a corner, bloodied by their constant battle with each other.  Neither showing an upper hand against each other.  Strader is in a third corner, breathing deeply trying to catch his breath.

McDaniel: It’s down to these three.  Enika, who should have had her world title shot a month ago. Demise, a man just returned and showing himself to be in prime position, and Strader, always a Strader standing at the end of a match, who is it going to be!?

Rentfro: I give up caring! I can never be right!! Anyone I pick gets tossed out!

McDaniel: Oh, come off it.

Then, a wordless look passes between Demise and Enika.  They don’t like each other, obviously, but it’s a Strader that could ruin their moment.  With that, they both step from their corners and Scott comes in, as both take position on either side of him.

McDaniel: An Engel, Demise and a Strader.  And Strader seems to be at the disadvantage!

Strader watches carefully, and Enika makes a move, so he turns her way.  But she feigns and Demise hits Scott in the side of the head.  As he pounces, stumbling Strader, Enika comes in and her and Demise whip Strader to the ropes!  He ducks their tandem clothesline attempt and bounces off the other side.  They turn, and Strader connects with his own double takedown.  Quickly, he picks up Enika and throws her against the ropes, where he attempts to send her over.  He pushes and pulls at her, trying to get her to fall, but she won’t have any of it. 

McDaniel: He has to hurry, if he gets Enika out, it’ll come down to him and Demise!

Rentfro: And a Strader always comes out on top!!

Demise comes in and seeing the opportunity, drops to one knee and lifts Scott Strader up and over the ropes, and he too is deposited to the outside.  Demise then steps back, motioning Enika to come back in.

McDaniel: It’s down to two! Strader will be vying for the Grizzly Beer Title soon enough!

Rentfro: Why Demise let Enika back in, I won’t ever know!!

Demise offers a mock bow to Enika, who returns with an even more sarcastic half curtsey.  The two circle, knowing that this is the moment, one of them is going to become the fourth ever Rumble winner.  They come in and lock up, a classic collar elbow tie up, with each trying to get the advantage.  Demise pushes Enika to the corner, pushing, and she spins and they roll against the ropes to the other corner.  This time Enika is on the outside, pushing in and Demise rolls across the ropes to the third corner, this time on the outside, trying to press Enika hard against the corner.  Enika delivers a swift kick between the legs and Demise falters backwards.  Enika then rushes him, and takes him down with a reverse neck breaker.

McDaniel: Enika has control, and she cannot let up on Demise!

Enika picks Demise up, and whips him to the ropes, but he reverses it and she goes sailing to the ropes, but takes the advantage to come back with the Ante Up!  Demise falls flat on his face.  Enika then climbs the turnbuckle, and comes down with a double foot stomp to Demise’s back!

McDaniel: Three huge moves. Enika knows she can earn her spot back with just one more elimination!

Rentfro: Demise may have gotten a break with 36, but Enika was 39, and is the freshest in that ring!

Picking Demise up, she whips him to the corner, and he hits with a hard thump!  She comes in with a running clothesline and spit flies into the air, maybe a tooth, with the impact and Enika grins as Demise is lodged against the corner, his arms propped over the ropes to hold him up. Enika backs up, and comes is for a splash, but Demise bends and sends Enika up and over!  Enika lands on the outside, her feet planted on the ring apron. 

McDaniel: Saved!

Rentfro: She’s got to get back in!!!

Demise stumbles along the ropes a few paces and Enika follows, she grabs Demise and goes to hook him up for a back suplex out of the ring but Demise catches her around the head, drops all his weight and brings Enika’s neck down across the top rope! She hits hard, bounces up to a fully erect stance, and falls backwards!

McDaniel: She’s out!!!

Rentfro: No, look!!!!

A single finger however catches the top rope, and Enika saves herself from falling, but sadly it doesn’t last as Demise swings his foot out under the bottom rope, catches her feet and swipes them out from under her! Enika topples to the floor!

McDaniel: It’s over!!!


Eric Emerson: The winner of the 2008 Rumble in the Bronx….LEX DEMISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

McDaniel: Demise does it!! He wins the Rumble!

Rentfro: I was going to pick him too!!!! Sheesh!

McDaniel: You would not do well in Vegas!

In the ring, Demise is on his knees, looking up into the night sky and pointing! The entire arena is roaring as Demise has done the near impossible, coming back to competition and surviving thirty nine superstars! Enika, now up on the outside, stares into the ring, anger written all over her face.

McDaniel: Enika finished off one mission tonight, that of Project X, but now she has a new mission.  Demise just took away her chance at the PWA World Title, the same title Project X took from her

Rentfro: If not one, it’s another, and you know she’s going to be gunning for Demise very shortly!

McDaniel: None the less, Lex Demise has come out the winner of the Rumble… and tomorrow night we’re going to find out just who it is he will be facing off!  Everyone, just one more night to go… three huge main event matches will headline Revolutions Per Minute Night number three, so we’ll see you in just one day!!!  Goodnight!

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