First a flurry of images too quick to see before the PWA logo fades in.

It cuts out, only to be replaced by the fading-in words Black Wind Entertainment.

This too cuts out, and is replaced by the sounds of Tool's "The Grudge"


# Wear the grudge like a crown of negativity. #
# Calculate what we will or will not tolerate. #
# Desperate to control all and everything. #
# Unable to forgive your scarlet lettermen. #

Engel says a quick prayer, crossing his chest, and then backflips, twisting his body around and somersaulting forward. He lands with his chest across Nightmare's torso, and the impact pops him back up to his knees.

# Clutch it like a cornerstone. Otherwise it all comes down. #
# Justify denials and grip 'em to the lonesome end. #

Circa jumps up and runs in for a splash, but Sandra drops out of the way and Circa hits the empty corner.  As she stumbles out, Sandra spins her, kicks her just right and hits the Lobotomy!!

# Clutch it like a cornerstone. Otherwise it all comes down. #
# Terrified of being wrong. Ultimatum prison cell. #

# Saturn ascends, choose one or ten. Hang on or be humbled again. #

Sabine lifts her legs in the air, and manages to get them around Scar’s head. She then uses her legs to push him backwards onto the mat, and off her. She uses her legs to slam Scar’s head into the mat hard. We pan over to McDaniel and Rentfro. Both are speechless as they stare into the ring with wide eyed stares.

# Clutch it like a cornerstone. Otherwise it all comes down. #
# Justify denials and grip 'em to the lonesome end. #

# Saturn ascends... #
# Comes round again... #

# Saturn ascends, the one, the ten. Ignorant to the damage done. #

Langly whips KK into a short-arm clothesline then pulls him up for a back-to-back neck breaker. Ryan Lewis slips free, however, and spins the Celestial Trigger around to plant her with a northern lights suplex.

Viva La Kumquat; Pez Dispenser. Ryan Lewis beams happily, holding the GB Title high overhead.

# Wear the grudge like a crown of negativity. #
# Calculate what we will or will not tolerate. #
# Desperate to control all and everything. #
# Unable to forgive your scarlet lettermen. #

Wilkie slams his hand down, and with one last effort, drags himself almost three inches closer to the ropes. He reaches out, and gets a firm hold on the ropes. The crowd cheers as the ref tells Sabine to let go. But her face shows that she’s nothing but pissed Wilkie manages to get the ropes.







The ref runs to the ropes and tells the time keeper to ring the bell.

# Wear the grudge like a crown. Desperate to control. #
# Unable to forgive. And we're sinking deeper. #

Sandra pulls Chamelion up, shouting for him to fight her, and she whips him to the ropes. He reverses the whip and Sandra hits the ropes chest first, but grabs hold to stop herself.  Chamelion comes up behind her and grabs her around the waist. Sandra spins so she’s facing the middle of the ring and Flips herself forward to roll Chamelion over into a pin, but halfway through, Chamelion clamps down his legs on either side of Sandra’s head, plants his palms into the canvas so that her legs are now pinned under his arm pits and lets his body go dead weight as the ref drops.

# Defining, confining, controlling, and we're sinking deeper. #

The forearm connects, and Lazarus lunges forward from the impact, hitting the ropes chest-first. He bounces backwards, and McNasty's ready for him, scooping him with his chest to Corey's back for an inverted Fallaway Slam. He backflips, driving Laz face and chest-first to the mat as he lands on Corey's back.

Corey begins stirring, rolling over to the ropes and grabbing ahold of the bottom rope. He pulls himself to his hands and knees, holding his head in his hands. McNasty rises to his feet as the ref holds his arm up high, the other arm holding the World title.

# Saturn comes back around to show you everything #
# Let's you choose what you will not see and then #
# Drags you down like a stone or lifts you up again #
# Spits you out like a child, light and innocent. #

Lazarus slams his fist to the mat and stands up...The blood from his nose continues to drip out, Lazarus looks at it and glares before grabbing McNasty and he whips him to the turnbuckle and sets him on the top rope...

 The Sands of Ishtar

# Saturn comes back around. Lifts you up like a child or #
# Drags you down like a stone #
# To consume you till you choose to let this go. #

Phoenix doubles Matt over, placing his head between his thighs before bending over and locking his arms around his waist in a reverse rear waistlock. He then lifts Matt vertically, steadying himself as he releases the waistlock, and uses one arm to cradle the corresponding leg, locking his hands at the wrist. He then bends his back straight, arching Matt's in the process, and falls to a seated position, driving Matt head-first into the canvas.

# Give away the stone. #
# Let the oceans take and transmutate this cold and fated anchor. #
# Give away the stone. #
# Let the waters kiss and transmutate these leaden grudges into gold. #

Cain gets up to a knee as Corey lies lifeless in the center of the ring. Meanwhile, Flynn has come to, and is perched on the top rope. Cain forces himself to his feet, and turns around as Corey shows glimmers of being awake still by rolling to the ropes...

Flynn flies. Suicide Devil's Plancha.

# Let go, Let go, Let go, Let go! #


Pyros light up the scene in Philadelphia. The fans in attendance at the Wachovia Center roar with excitement for the event to begin. As the commotion begins to die down, a familiar but almost forgotten sound kicks up that sends the fans into a dizzy of confusion.

"Would?" by Alice in Chains kicks in, and as the house lights dim...  Darren Ridel emerges.

Full black suit. Black Oakley's.

The fans give a mixed reaction; but tonight its mostly applause from those who remember his performance at this event over a year and a half ago. For some that's more than enough.

He enters the ring, and waits for the crowd to die down... Before he produces a mic.

Darren Ridel: "Thank you all for coming out here tonight for A Farewell to Arms. Indeed it is the culmination of many greuling conflicts; and much more than simply titles are on the line here this evening. Men and women are waiting in the back to give to each and every one of you their very essence to make this night spectacular."

He receives a very sincere ovation, but no one's going wild yet.

Darren Ridel: "Tonight is special indeed; as it marks the first joint venture between Black Wind Entertainment Group and Pioneer Wrestling. We've all worked very hard to make this happen. While certain... 'Compromises' had to be reached, we're all quite confident its been worth the effort. I won't carry on any longer... Enjoy the show."

He turns to leave - but stops and speaks one more time.

Darren Ridel: "And keep your eye on that Intercontinental Title match. One of the best in the business is wrestling tonight."

"Would?" kicks up one more time, signaling the departure of the Master to a fair reaction from the crowd.

As he exits to the back, we cut to ringside; where some familiar faces wait.

Jon McDaniel: "Welcome fans to A Farewell to Arms! With me tonight is of course Brian Rentfro, but we're also treated with the company of former AOWF columnist and AFTA alum Matthew McLean!"

Matthew McLean: "Thank you, Jon. Its a pleasure to get to report on this event once again."

Jon McDaniel: "They say that tonight will be the culmination of many a bitter feud, and in my opinion that is to say the least. Every title match this evening has much more than just gold on the line."

Matthew McLean: "I couldn't agree more - especially when it comes to our main event. In fact, its more than just gold and pride on the line... Rob Robinson's very career is on the line as well!"

Jon McDaniel: "A truly spectacular way to cap off this event... As the Phoenix may indeed be saying his farewell here tonight."

Brian Rentfro: "Well that's all well and good guys, but let's not forget the most important match of the evening..."

Matthew McLean: "And that would be?"

Brian Rentfro: "Are you kidding? The women's tag match, of course! Fire! Sabine! Circa! Sandra! God bless Darren Ridel for this glorious spectacle!"

Matthew McLean: "Oh..."

Jon McDaniel: "Well, certainly some could argue that--"

Brian Rentfro: "Argue what?"

Matthew McLean: "It'll be a good, competitive match, I'm sure."

Jon McDaniel: "But up first is a different tag match, as America's Most Hated take on the O'Connor boys. Let's go to Eric in the ring."

A loud guitar riff hits the PWA P.A system and begins to pick up speed, until the voice of Dropkick Murphys begin singing.

"You say its because we're boisterous
You hate us 'cause we got our dignity"

Eric Emerson: "At a total combined weight of 295 pounds, originally from Dublin, Ireland ; now making their home in Boston, Massachusetts, and supposed former members of the IRA, they claim to be the only true Irish tag-team in the PWA.... The Ooooo'Connor Boooys!"

The identical twin brothers walk down to the ring. Behind them the Irish National Flag waves in a breeze on the PWA Big Screen. They stare at the ring and seem to be prepared for any kind of fight.

"We stand together so proud and strong
This is a place where we belong "

"We got loyal friends
We keep our heads held high,
We'll stick together you and I "

They arrive at the ring and roll under the bottom rope and calmly walk to their corner and await the match.

"But the blood that runs right down your wrist
Don't come from a knife, but the cuts on your fist "

Waiting on the entrance music of their opponents to hit the P.A system, the final words of the first verse finish and then the chorus plays:

"Never alone...
The city streets are where we roam.
Never alone...
This is Boston it's our home.
Don't need no gang to watch my ass
Just loyal friendship and a pint of Bass
In the midst of the chaos and insanity I'm a member of the working class society
We'll sweat in the ring and bleed in the streets
But our will and spirit can never be beat
You can shoot and you can kick but together we'll stick
Through thick and thin not stick or stone
Can break the bond that has here grown
Arm and Arm We Fight As One.
Never alone...
The city streets are where we roam."


"Indestructible" by Disturbed hits the PA system and America's Most Hated, James Reilly and Jason Jones, make their way to the ring, taunting the fans every step of the way.

Eric Emerson: "And their opponents, at a combined weight of 550 lbs, James Reilly, Jason Jones, America's Most Haaateeed!"

AMH smirk arrogantly and step into the ring. They play the crowd a little bit more and then they begin mocking the O'Connor Boys. The referee separates the two briefly and they each go to their own respective corners.


James Reilly and Sean O'Connor start things off and circle one another. Reilly goes from a fighting stance to a nonchalant one and waves his hands, as if to say that he's too good for something of the like. Sean takes advantage when Reilly turns his back and clocks him with a forearm to the head. Reilly stumbles to the ropes and Sean continues to pound away, much to the fans' enjoyment. The referee forces O'Connor to back off and gives him a warning. O'Connor nods and reproaches Reilly on the ropes, who delivers a stiff kick to the gut, doubling Sean over. Reilly takes Sean and whips him into the rope before delivering a high back body drop. O'Connor hits the mat with a thud and Reilly rebounds off of the ropes and delivers an elbow drop that ends up missing Sean completely as he rolls out of the way and back to his feet. Reilly snarls and lifts himself up and O'Connor puts up his dukes, and insists that his opponent do the same. Despite being such a cocky punk, Reilly puts up his fists and the two circle each other again. Reilly goes for a jab, but Sean fakes him out and yanks his arm down, locking him in a reverse Fujiwara armbar. Reilly yelps in pain, but manages to throw his leg on top of the bottom rope. The referee breaks the hold.

Jon McDaniel: "A couple of nice exchanges there to start off the show."

Matthew McLean: "Both of these teams are young and hungry to make an impact. An event this big holds a good opportunity for them to do that."

Sean smiles slyly at Reilly, who shakes off the pain accumulated in the time he was locked in that armbar. He lifts his hand up as if to demand a test of strength. The smaller O'Connor is more than willing to oblige, and locks fingers with Reilly, who decides to pull a swift move of his own and deliver a stiff kick to Sean's gut. He whips O'Connor into the ropes and answers his rebound with a lariat that sends Sean sprawling to the mat. Reilly wastes no time in locking in a sleeper hold, while O'Connor tries to counter the hold. He eventually does break out of the hold by working his way up to a standing base and delivering a harsh elbow to Reilly's midriff. Reilly regains his breath, not planning for such a fight from such a smaller competitor, and an angry expression crosses his face. We can see him mouth something along the lines of, "time to get serious." O'Connor approaches him, talking some smack of his own in a sort of payback from earlier and Reilly lands a right hand against O'Connor's jaw. He backs O'Connor into a corner and begins a series of elbows to Sean's face. The referee demands he back off and Reilly lifts his hands from O'Connor and obeys the rules... before delivering a solid back chop to O'Connor's chest. O'Connor's expression is a pained one, but the ferocity in his eyes is evident when he answers with a similar, if not harder chop. The two begin going back and forth with chops before O'Connor changes things up with an unforeseen headbutt. Reilly goes down to one knee, and both men have beet red chests. O'Connor lands a quick knee drop to the small of Reilly's back.

Matthew McLean: "This has been a very stiff match so far."

Jon McDaniel: "Lots of striking shown here by both men. Its pretty obvious they have a preference to slugging it out."

Reilly reaches a standing base and tosses O'Connor with an armbar takedown. He shakes out the pain in one arm from the armbar before, grabbing his back with the other, and tags out to Jason Jones. Jones takes the ring and puts the boots to O'Connor, who is still getting to his feet. He takes O'Connor by the head and lifts him up before throwing him into the corner. Jones follows up where his partner left off with the stiff elbows to the face, but O'Connor counters it and slams Jones' head into the turnbuckle several times. Jones stumbles around and O'Connor wastes little time in lifting his stunned opponent in the air and delivering a spine-shattering backbreaker. Jones grabs at his back and Sean takes the opportunity to tag out to Seamus. Seamus enters the ring and takes advantage of Jones being doubled over, putting him in a headlock and cutting off all the air to Jones' head. Jones moves backwards blindly and bounces Seamus off of the ropes. Seamus rebounds and Jones lifts him up and delivers a ring-shaking sidewalk slam. Jones lifts himself up, barely even phased by the much lighter O'Connor's obvious difference in weight.

Jon McDaniel: "Jones with a seemingly effortless sidewalk slam against Seamus O'Connor!"

Brian Rentfro: "Ironically, about the most technical move we've seen so far."

Matthew McLean: "True, but you can't deny the impact."

Brian Rentfro: "No - but I can deny the impact America's Most Hated made on the airwaves. Basically, because there wasn't any."

Matthew McLean: "True. Maybe they think to do all their talking with moves like that one."

Jones puts Seamus in a front facelock and forces him to his feet before landing a suplex into the middle of the ring. He then rolls himself back up and lifts Seamus by his head and scoops him up. Some trash-talking to Sean, who tries to enter the ring, but the referee prevents it, and Jones throws Seamus almost out of the ring with a momentous fall-away slam. Jones smirks and glares at Sean, who is basically powerless at this point. Jones picks up O'Connor and places him in the AMH corner. He tags Reilly in and the two begin unloading a barrage of fists, taking turns on the beaten O'Connor. The referee steps in and forces Jones to the outside as Reilly whips Seamus across the ring, into his own corner. Reilly dashes after Seamus, prepared to attempt a crushing splash in the corner, but Sean reaches out and uses the closed fist to knock Reilly for a loop. Seamus takes the opportunity to tag out to Sean, who lunges to the top rope and delivers a flying lariat from the top rope, taking down his larger adversary.

Matthew McLean: "Big move from Sean O'Connor, who flies off the top with a lariat!"

Sean picks himself up and runs into the ropes before successfully landing an elbow drop to the heart of his foe. He goes for the cover.



Reilly kicks out.

Jon McDaniel: "Even with that impact, not enough to keep Reilly down."

Sean lifts Reilly up by his head and whips him into the ropes, delivering a picture perfect dropkick upon rebound. While Reilly is downed, Sean mounts his opponent and begins to fire off right hands while cradling his opponent's head in his hand, slamming Reilly's head to the ground with every clenched fist. He stands and lifts Reilly, whose face has bloodied, and whips him into the ropes. Reilly counters whatever O'Connor may have planned with a running boot to the face. O'Connor slumps to the ground and Reilly goes down to one knee. He coughs and rolls Sean over, pinning him.



Sean gets the shoulder up and the referee halts the count. Reilly is visibly frustrated and he grabs Sean by the hair, slamming his head into the mat several times. He rises to his feet and turns around, taking the time to spit at Seamus, which riles the Irishman up. Seamus jumps into the ring and goes for Reilly, but the referee holds him back. AMH take this advantage to double team Sean, dancing all over him with a barrage of stomps.

Jon McDaniel: "America's Most Hated doing their best to live up to their name - as they've successfully pulled off the cheap double-team quite often in this match."

Brian Rentfro: "Its not cheap if they comply with the referee's wishes. If you're going to get anywhere as a tag-team, you've got to be ready to take advantage of those blind spots. Otherwise, your opponents will walk all over you."

Matthew McLean: "As we can clearly see...."

Reilly decides to let Jones in on the action and tags him in. Jones lifts Sean to his feet and whips him into the ropes. He goes for a big boot, to take Sean's head off again, but Sean sees this one coming and ducks down before delivering a nasty neckbreaker, stunning the larger Jones.

Matthew McLean: "But the O'Connors have been been to use some speed to turn the tide - as we see here with an excellent neckbreaker counter!"

O'Connor crawls towards his corner while Jones stirs. O'Connor strains, reaching his arm out towards his partner, with Seamus returning the gesture. Sean continues to crawl towards Seamus when Jason Jones gets to his feet and, aware of his surroundings, drags Sean back to the centre of the ring and lifts him up by his waistband, driving several forearm smashes into Sean's back, sending O'Connor reeling. Jones then sets Sean into the corner. He walks backward to the opposite side of the ring, and ever closer to Seamus, and Reilly applies a chokehold to Sean while Seamus can do nothing but yell at the referee. Jones turns and attacks Seamus, sending him to the floor with a Face Eraser. Jones then takes the opportunity to charge the corner and attempt a giant splash, only to have Sean squirm out of his partner's grasp, causing him to hit the turnbuckle full-force and chest-first. Gripping his chest, Jones turns around, right into a haymaker from Sean O'Connor. Another punch staggers Jones even more, and then O'Connor sprints to the opposite side of the ring and goes for a cross-body block, only to be caught and whipped to the ground in a powerslam that would turn any mere man into liquid with such velocity. He goes for the quick cover.



3! No! Seamus, bloody nose and all, makes the save with a well-placed boot to the side of Jones' head. Reilly takes the ring and the two bloodied foes begin duking it out, back and forth. They eventually spill to the outside. Seamus takes Reilly and throws him head-long into the barricade. Reilly arches his back and grabs at it. That was quite a hard whip from someone at such a disadvantage in terms of height and weight. Seamus approaches Reilly and begins to lift him up, but Reilly shoves him into the ring steps, a successful ploy at possum.

Brian Rentfro: "Reilly lures Seamus in and throws him to the steps!"

Back in the ring, Jones is distracted by the brawl on the outside. He yells at his partner to keep up the good work, while Sean sneaks up behind him and rolls him up with a school boy. The referee notices and makes the count!



Reilly pulls the referee out of the ring! The referee hits the mats on the outside with a thud and struggles to regain his bearings, the carpet almost literally having been yanked out from under him. Reilly enters the ring while Seamus shakes off the cobwebs. Sean meets Reilly halfway into the ring and Jones clubs him from behind, doubling him over. He puts Sean's head in between his legs and lifts him up in a powerbomb. He goes to throw his adversary down when Reilly leaps up and executes a backstabber on Sean at the same time! Jones rolls over and makes the cover and Reilly goes out and tosses the referee back into the ring. The ref shakes off some cobwebs and begins the count.



No! Sean gets the shoulder up, much to the shagrin of America's Most Hated, who are both visibly frustrated, wondering what it will take to crush those smaller than they are.

Matthew McLean: "The O'Connors really demonstrating their resiliency as they continue to take everything AMH has and get back up!"

Jon McDaniel: "You've got to hand it to them - but being at a complete size disadvantage, they're really putting up a fight!"

Brian Rentfro: "Clinging to life won't help them win, though. They need to hit a big time move to come back and finish this."

Matthew McLean: "Agreed."

Jones throws Sean into the ropes and ducks down to throw O'Connor over his shoulders, to set him up for the Face Adjustment, but O'Connor adjusts in mid-air and delivers a nasty dropkick to his opponent's face, sending him down to the mat. O'Connor slowly crawls towards Seamus, who has positioned himself back on the apron, and reaches out. The fans continue to urge him on. Jones is up to his knees first, and he makes the tag to Reilly. Reilly, whose nose is dripping crimson, rushes towards Sean O'Connor, but he's too late, and Sean makes the much needed tag to Seamus. Seamus takes the ring by storm and levels Reilly with a clothesline, then he does the same to Jones, then again to Reilly, and another on Jones. Finally, he focuses on the legal man. He grabs hold of Reilly's legs and looks to the crowd, who are going absolutely bananas at this point. That's B-A-N-A-N-A-S. O'Connor laces Reilly's legs and synches in the Irish Cloverleaf! Reilly yelps out in pain, but refuses to tap. Jason Jones shakes off the cobwebs from those devestating clotheslines and goes to boot Seamus in the face, only to be met with a reverse DDT from Sean, from behind! Sean takes the opportunity to pin Jones down with the Soraidh Leat! Both men are screaming in ridiculous amounts of pain before Reilly taps!


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, your winners, THE O'CONNOR BOOOOOOYS!

Jon McDaniel: "What a finish! After a greuling match, the O'Connors pull it off with a set of submission maneuvers!"

Matthew McLean: "In the future their opponents will have to learn form this - size alone will not topple the O'Connors."

Jon McDaniel: "We're gearing up for more tag action - but first we're going backstage - where a camera is in pursuit of "Grade A", Alex Wilkie."

Already dressed in his wrestling tights and one of his signature shirts, suited up for his match, Alex walked along the backstage area, looking for the dressing room of the Fiery Vixen. For this PPV the arena was nice enough to make specially themed name plates for all the dressing rooms, Alex's was a plus sign with "Grade A" Sprawled across, and fires- once he saw it- was a fox with "Fire" Etched into it.

He figured it was the place and knocked on the door

Fire looks to her dressing room door wondering who it could be.

Fire: "Who is it?"

Alex Wilkie: "It's Alex, we need to talk."

He said, his voice was a little harsh sounding, trying to thinly veil his obvious nervous voice.

Fire walks into better view, she is dressed in black. Her black leather shorts are cut in a cheeky manor, and her tank top had the red skull and crossbones adorning the center. She opens the door and smiles to Alex.

Fire: "Come on in"

Alex Wilkie: "Thanks"

He said, he waited for her to move aside before he moved in

Alex Wilkie: "Damn, they gave all the ladies the nice room, I could hear Circa bragging to the other guys about how nice it was, figured she was exaggerating. So, You ready for your match then?"

He pulled up one of the folding chairs and took a seat.

She smiled and nodded.

Fire: "Yeah we got really nice rooms, and of course I'm ready. how about you are you ready?"

Alex Wilkie: "I dunno... Heh, I was pretty gung ho awhile ago... But now I'm nervous as shit"

He said, scratching the stubble on his chin.

Alex Wilkie: "Not like I can back out of it now... Got me kind of thinking though..."

Fire looks at him now intrigued. What could he be thinking about?

Fire: "Oh? Really? About what?"

Alex Wilkie: "Well, Chamelion said some pretty probing things... and it actually made me wonder just a bit... I mean there is the pretty obvious reasons..."

He looked at, with a serious look.

Alex Wilkie: "I need to know why you are really helping me... and not this whole "I want to get back at chamelion" Deal, because there is more to it than that. I'm not dumb..."

Fire looks Alex square in the eyes.

Fire: "Alex, it is truly very simple. You cant help me harm Chamelion, I want him to pay for using me. So, being the big strong man you are, I decided to recruit you. Now, I could probably take Chamelion out on my own, but if you beat him enough it will weaken him and I will have no trouble defeating him."

Alex Wilkie: "Uh-huh, what then, as soon as Chamelion is out of the picture you'll be free to do whatever pleases you?"

He gets up from his chair and scratches the back of his head.

Alex Wilkie: "Chamelions not the kind of guy to lose and run away and not come back, You saw him in BWF... He does come back, and I'm not going to be around forever to protect you... I have my own agenda against Chamelion, I'm going to get back at him for all the shit he's pulled against me... and as soon as that is over and done with, I'm going for the world title... thats my plan, Not to be mean, but it just so happens to be a coincidence that he fucked you over the same night I decided to put myself in the picture..."

Fire nods.

Fire: "I understand"

Alex cleared his throat and pulled out a cigar.

Alex Wilkie: "I hope you do, because if Sandra comes after you along with Chamelion riding her coat tails, I won't be there to help...Remember that"

Fire sighs and looks at Alex.

Fire: "Alex, don't act so rash. Seriously? If Chamelion is anywhere around I know you want him taken down, that is why this should work so well. We both hate him, we both want him taken down, just for different reasons. So, don't mess this up."

He looked at her with a "What are you thinking" sort of look.

Alex Wilkie: "Mess this up... I don't have to win tonight... All I need to do is take Chamelion out of the picture... why do you think I challenged him to a street fight? I plan to beat him within an inch of his life... I plan to make him bleed and beg for mercy... I don't have to get the pin fall to know that Chamelion will have a few broken Bones after I'm finished with him."

Fire smiles a devilish smile

Fire: "IF you want some assistance I will help you defeat him tonight in your match after I deal with his psycho wife and her partner tonight."

Alex Wilkie: "I never ask for help, but its not like it will hurt me if you somehow find yourself involved in the match.."

A devilish smile of his own creased his mouth.

Fire: "Oh, I think I can manage to find my way into your match. That much I am certain of."

He chuckles.

Alex Wilkie: "It's not like it will be hard, I'll make sure to toss Chamelion by your dressing room, that way you can't miss us"

Laughs a bit.

Fire: "Well then I wont have to worry so much about tracking your asses down then. I will be ready when I see you two."

Alex Wilkie: "Same."

With that he opened the door and walked out.

We cut back to ringside, with Eric in the ring and ready for the next match.

Eric Emerson: "The following match is for one fall, and is a Diva’s Tag Match. Introducing first,"

The arena goes black as red skull and crossbones appears all over the arena. Then the sound of “This Fire” by Franz Ferdinand hits the PA.

Eric Emerson: "FIRE!"

Fire comes out wearing a black tank top with a red skull and cross bones on the middle, tight fitting black spandex pants, pigtails pulled back with red and black ribbon, and a devilish smile to boot. Wasting no time with the fans she runs quickly down to the ring and slides in under the ropes. She jumps on the farthest left turnbuckle and flips off the crowd. The fans in-turn give fire a nice set of boo’s.

The entrance gate is black as the ominous riff echoes through the stadium. “And hailing all the way from Augsburg, Germany...”

There is a sudden, yet brief rumble of snare drums.

Eric Emerson: "Weighing in at 190lbs...”

Another rumble of snares.

Eric Emerson: "The Dame from Deutchland..."

“The Brat from Bavaria...”

Eric Emerson: "Sabine... Eiiiiiinaouuuuugeeehhh!!"

The music swells, and to accompany it, there is a sudden burst of white flame, flickering and raining in a flurry of pyrotechnics. Sabine appears at the top of the ramp, walking through the white fireworks, and down the walkway to the ring. She moves like a gestapo officer with purpose.

The music swells again, and she uses it as the cue to slide under the ropes and into the ring. She climbs onto the second rope and screams as she raises her arms in the air, and the crowd rises at her beck and call. Sabine makes her way to her corner and goes through the rope. Fire and Sabine both glance at the other. Fire shows a small smile and nods, while Sabine simply returns the nod.

The stadium lights go out for a moment, and after a while, a few sparks erupt near the top of the ramp. The continue to grow in size until it looks like an accidental electrical fire has gone off, and finally...


An explosion sounds off throughout the entire stadium!

Eric Emerson: "Introducing next, Psycho Sandra!"

A heavy guitar intro plays through the speakers, and the televisions begin to display motorcycles, beer, cigars, and finally...

Buried deep inside; and fighting to survive!
My own dying breath is anticipating death!!

Sandra runs down the ramp. She's wearing a pair of black leather shorts, a leather halter top, knee-high boots covered in thick buckles, and fishnet pantyhose. Her hair is done up into two curly pigtails, and there is a heavy looking ballbat in her hands.

Brian Rentro: "Wonder if that bats corked?"

Decompose! A corpse; to feed the crows!
Out of sight and mind! They buried me.. they buried me alive!!

Sandra is stopped by the referee, who makes her put the bat on the announcer's table. She finally agrees and runs back into the ring, rotating her shoulders and neck in between waving to the crowd as her song dies down.

Sabine’s one eye is burning a hole through Sandra’s back. Sandra turns and stops dead. She sees Sabine looking at her, and the two stare at each other for a moment. Finally, Sandra sticks out her tongue and makes a bleh sound at Sabine. Sabine’s eye gets huge and she looks almost insulted. She goes to step into the ring, but is caught off guard as fire explodes from the turnbuckles.

Helltrain suddenly takes the stage as the crowd cheers.

Eric Emerson: "And her tag team partner..."

The guitarist begins to strum on his guitar as the familiar intro to "Sleepless" plays.

Eric Emerson: "Weighing in at 172lbs..."

The guitarist continues.

Eric Emerson: "From Multan Pakistan..."

Damage done and the seventh son
Holy hell we are sleepless
Comatose red in the serpent's bed
Hell we are dying in fever

Eric Emerson: "She is the Punjabi Princess..."

Dinner's served on silver plates
One last gasp of freedom
Before going out to kill the snake
In search of holy kingdoms

Eric Emerson: "CIRCA!!!!!"

What do you want from me?
A life of peace and harmony?
I just wanna rage and all
A hundred years and then I'll go

Circa makes her way onto the stage and begins headbanging and dancing around as the crowd is going insane. She high fives and rocks out with the band before making her way down to the ring with the chorus.

Come close and watch the downfall
Like pigs in filth we crawl
Living life tied up in chains
Prayers, morals, stupid games
Come close and watch the downfall
Like pigs in filth we crawl
Living life tied up in chains
Prayers, morals, stupid games

Circa slides through the bottom rope and high fives Sandra, even getting Sandra to headbang with her for a few seconds. The song finishes, and the two walk towards their corner.


As Sabine stands in the ring, Circa and Sandra seem to be talking about who will start. Suddenly, Sandra points behind Circa and screams.


As Circa spins on her toes, Sandra vaults the top rope. When Circa turns back, Sandra just smirks. Circa can‘t help but laugh and smile, but it turns into a look of surprise very quickly. Sandra turns just in time to jump a low roundhouse kick from Sabine. Sandra begins backing up as Sabine continues throwing low kicks, moving on the ground as if it was normal to her.

Jon McDaniel: "A very unique way to determine who starts - but Sandra may have been a little too careless there, already."

Matthew McLean: "Indeed, Sabine looking focused from the on-set, and capitalizes there very quickly."

Finally, Sabine jumps to her feet. She steps out, and pivits her hips, nailing a hard kick to Sandra’s gut. Sandra stumbles back a little, and Circa tags her back. Sabine goes for a spin kick, but Sandra manages to catch Sabine’s foot, and spin her. When she is facing Sandra again, she now sees Circa coming off the top rope. Circa gets her legs around Sabine’s neck, and connects with a hard huricanrana. Circa turns to Sandra and sticks her tongue out at her, and Sandra can’t help but laugh.

Matthew McLean: "But Sandra and Circa manage to change that tempo and still make a joke of it!"

Jon McDaniel: "Perhaps they learned nothing from the first five seconds of the match?"

Brian Rentfro: "I learned something very important in the first five seconds..."

Matthew McLean: "That being?"

Brian Rentfro: "However hot these women are normally is increased exponentially when they're all in the same ring!"

Matthew McLean: "That is a truly articulate piece of wisdom."

But, the celebration comes a little soon. Sabine grabs Circa’s ankles and yanks them out from under her. Circa hits the mat, back first, hard. Small “ooo” from the audience as Sabine mounts Circa and gives her a stiff elbow to the face.

Jon McDaniel: "And once again Sabine catches her opposing team unawares."

Brian Rentfro: "At least I learned my lesson."

Matthew McLean: "Let us all be thankful for that."

The ref is over in a second and tells Sabine that she can’t do that. Without taking her eyes off the ref, Sabine grabs a hand full of Circa’s hair, pulls up, and elbows her on the top of the head. The ref is getting angry now as he tells Sabine to get off Circa. Sabine huffs as she throws Circa’s head down hard, and stands. She picks Circa up, and goes for a European uppercut. In a fluid motion, Circa leans back, manages to grab Sabine’s arm, and hits an arm drag. Circa gets a small pop from the crowd.

Matthew McLean: "Sabine getting a little harsh there with the referee getting involved - and Circa with a quick counter!"

With Sabine down, Circa quickly follows with a leg drop. Sabine’s legs pop up, and Circa grabs them.



Jon McDaniel: "A very nimble kickout by Sabine."

Brian Rentfro: "Very nimble, indeed."

Matthew McLean: "Is he always like this when women wrestle?"

Jon McDaniel: "I'd rather not talk about it."

Circa stays on the attack by pulling Sabine up, and throwing her to the ropes. When she comes back, Sabine throws a hard punch, but Circa leaps over her. Circa then falls to the mat and gets her legs up. When Sabine comes back, and flips Sabine down to the mat. Circa jumps to her feet and holds an arm up; getting a good pop from the crowd.

Sabine lands close to her corner, and Fire has her arm out. Sabine tags Fire, and Fire wastes no time going for Circa. Circa is up, and Fire charges her. The fans go into an uproar as Fire throws a hard punch to the gut of Circa. Fire goes for a knee lift to the face, but Circa gets her hands up and blocks the knee; throwing Fire’s leg back down. Fire stumbles back a couple of feet, letting Circa nail her trademark spear. But, once on the ground, Fire wraps her legs around Circa and squeezes. Circa just grits her teeth as she puts her forearm onto Fire’s forehead and begins digging it in. Fire lets out a quick scream before tightening her vice grip on Circa. Circa pulls her forearm off Fire’s face, and then uses it to nail her in the side of the face. Fire’s head jerks, but she won’t let go.

Jon McDaniel: "Fire and Circa really taking it to each other there!"

Brian Rentfro: "They cer--"

Matthew McLean: "Please stop."

Brian Rentfro: "What? I was only going to agree with him!"

Matthew McLean: "That's the problem."

Circa pulls back, and connects with another vicious forearm to the head. Fire’s grip finally gives, and Circa manages to roll off Fire. In her corner, Sandra is screaming to come in. Circa stands and turns to go to her corner, but she can’t move. The camera pans down to show Fire holding Circa’s foot. Circa lifts up her other foot and brings it down hard on Fire. Fire lets go, and Circa shows a smug smile. She turns and begins walking towards her corner, but is nailed from behind with a hard clothesline by Sabine.

Jon McDaniel: "Sabine just levels Circa from behind!"

Sandra gets in the ring and nails a lou thez press on Sabine. Sandra begins throwing lefts and rights as the ref is over by the two, yelling at them to get out. He almost gets knocked over though when Sabine manages to roll Sandra over. Sabine continues where Sandra lets off and begins decking Sandra. The two roll again, and again.

Brian Rentfro: "No love between these two!"

Matthew McLean: "Not even the legal competitors."

They get close to the ropes, Sabine on top. Sabine decks Sandra once, causing spit to fly. Sandra lets out a loud growl and rolls the two through the ropes. A thud is heard as the two slam into the ground.

Circa, dazed from the hit to the head, begins crawling towards her corner.

Brian Rentfro: "Circa’s out of it."

Jon McDaniel: "She thinks Sandra is in the corner to tag."

Circa reaches the corner and holds out her hand. Finally she looks up and sees no one is there to tag. Circa’s hand falls to the mat. Fire is on her knees back in the middle of the ring, and she smiles as she sees Circa out in the corner. Fire stands and points to the corner. The crowd is booing like crazy as Fire walks over to Circa, and kicks her once in the ribs. Circa cringes and holds her ribs, as Fire jumps straight onto the second rope.

Matthew McLean: "Fire looking for a big move here!"

Fire turns on the top turnbuckle, and holds her arms up. All she gets is more boos from the crowd. She jumps off the top turnbuckle for the Magma Splash, but out of nowhere, Sandra appears on the outside and pulls Circa away. Fire crashes to the mat with a sick thud, and rolls onto her side, holding the back of her knee.

Jon McDaniel: "But Sandra makes the save and Fire goes crashing down to the mat!"

The screen splits, and in the smaller box we see Sandra and Sabine fall out of the ring. Sabine was on the bottom of the pile, and her head was the first thing to hit the ground. Sandra got off her, and was able to walk away. The screen returns to normal as Sandra jumps onto the apron from the outside, and starts yelling for Circa to tag her. Circa looks up in the corner as if she can just barely hear Sandra. And, with her head still swimming, she lunges out, and tags Sandra.

Brian Rentfro: "Fire's in trouble now!"

Sandra is in the ring in a flash. She begins using her huge boots to stomp away at Fire. Fire tries to cover up, but it isn’t helping much.

Sandra has a look of hatred burning in her eyes we haven’t seen till this point. Each stomp she takes, brings a bigger smile to her face. She finally stops as she bends over, and drags Fire to her feet. Sandra grabs Fire in a grapple, and holds her straight up. Psycho Sandra flashes a smile as she walks around the ring, holding Fire up. Finally, Sandra jumps, and brings Fire down straight on her head.

Matthew McLean: "That could be enough!"

Sandra covers.




Sandra sits up, and looks surprised. She rolls over and picks Fire up. Sandra kicks Fire in the gut, and pulls her in for the Lobotomy. Suddenly, the fans are going crazy. On the ramp we see Daemon, accompanied by an undistinguished man. The man has slick black hair, and while not bulging with muscle, its still possible to tell he is quite tone under his suit. Daemon looks pleased with herself as the man begins descending the ramp towards the ring. Circa, who is back up in the corner, is starring at the man, ready to defend herself. Outside the ring on the other side, we see a hand reach up onto the apron; followed by Sabine’s head poking above the mat. As for in the ring, Sandra lets Fire drop. The ref is already at the ropes, yelling for the man to head to the back. He simply stands outside the ring, and is giving the ref a few words of his own.

Jon McDaniel: "An interesting development at ringside, as Daemon appears with a man I'm not familiar with."

Matthew McLean: "Sabine stirring on the outside, now..."

Jon McDaniel: "What's she going for?"

Sabine slides in the ring, and reaches down towards her boot. She comes back up with a blade sticking out from the knuckle of one finger.

With Circa, Sandra, and the ref all staring at the strange man, Sabine is able to give Sandra a punch to the kidneys with the other hand. When Sandra turns, Sabine swings the black, and clips her right under the eye.

Jon McDaniel: "Sabine just assaulted Sandra with that blade she procured from her boot!"

Matthew McLean: "Even some women have no shame."

Brian Rentfro: "Amen to that!"

Sabine swings again, but Sandra ducks. This time, Sabine goes for Sandra’s gut. The crowd gasps, but we now see Sandra caught Sabine’s hand. Sandra side steps the blade, but gets taken down anyway as Sabine nails a drop toe hold. It is at this point, The man on the outside flicks his collar, and begins walking up the ramp to Daemon. Daemon smiles as the man reaches the top of the ramp, and the two walk to the back. While this has been going on, Fire has crawled to the ropes, and used them to get back up. The ref turns to see Sabine standing over Sandra, who is pushing up on the mat, with the blade in her hand. The ref runs over and grabs Sabine’s arm. She turns to give the ref a death glare, and actually lifts the blade up.

She doesn’t get to use it though, as Circa comes from out of the corner with a missile dropkick to Sabine’s side. Sabine drops the blade, and stumbles a few feet. Meanwhile, Fire has her eyes set on Sandra. As soon as Sandra is up, Fire slams her with the 3rd Degree.

Jon McDaniel: "That's the 3rd Degree!"

Brian Rentfro: "You would know - being as that's how most women respond to your advances."

Matthew McLean: "...Ouch."

Circa runs at Sabine, but Sabine falls to the mat, and pulls the top rope down. Circa flies over the top, and hit’s the floor hard. Sabine looks content as she sees Fire drilling away at Sandra. Circa isn’t as out of it as Sabine apparently thought. Circa dives into the ring straight under the bottom rope. And, with a running start, she dropkicks the side of Fire’s face.

Matthew McLean: "Circa rebounds quickly after hitting the concrete!"

The crowd lets out a collective “OOOO” as Sabine is now in the ring, and after Circa. She manages to lift Circa up, and gives her a hard kick to the side. But Circa retorts with a rolling DDT. Sandra climbs back to her feet rather quickly, while Fire is a little dazed, but on her knees. The ref doesn’t seem to be able to regain control as Circa and Sandra are going at it with Sabine. But, from behind Circa comes Fire. She plants Circa with a reverse DDT. Just when it looks like things are going well for Sabine and Fire, Sabine throws a hard punch at Sandra. Sandra ducks, and Sabine nails Fire in the face. Sandra just watches as this happens, then points in Sabine’s face and laughs. Fire’s nose is bleeding, and she rolls out of the ring to the floor. Back in the ring, Sabine grabs Sandra by the pigtails, and drives her face down into Sabine’s knee. The crowd once again groans as Sabine sets up for the move again. But Sandra thinks fast. As Sabine brings her knee up, Sandra gets her hands under Sabine’s leg, moves her head, and pulls upward. Sabine’s force causes her to fly up, and come down on the top part of her back, and her head. Sandra jumps up, and comes down with an elbow drop on Sabine. She covers, hooking a leg.




Jon McDaniel: "Very close to a win there for Sandra!"

Matthew McLean: "Sabine landed terribly off that move - but she manages to muster a kick out! Can her team rebound from here?"

Sandra pulls Sabine up, and knees her in the gut.

Jon McDaniel: "Here we go - lobotomy!"

But, Sabine flips Sandra up and over. As Sandra hits, Sabine falls to her knees, breathing hard. Sabine looks behind her to see Circa slowly getting up in a corner, and Sandra still down. Sabine realizes its now or never. She walks to Sandra and wraps her hands in Sandra’s pigtails. Sabine drags Sandra up, and signals for the German Hammer.

Matthew McLean: "NO - now Sabine looking to end it here!"

Sabine puts Sandra between her legs, and lifts. Circa uses the last of her energy to pull herself up, and run at Sabine. As Sabine is about to bring Sandra down, Circa dives down, and roundhouse kicks Sabine in the shins. This causes Sabine to lose her hold on Sandra; and Sandra drops down. She lands with Sabine in the position for the Lobotomy, and smiles out to the fans, as she nails it. Sandra covers.




Eric Emerson: "Here are your winners by pin fall - CIRCA and SANDRA!!"

Sandra wobbles to her feet and joins Circa to have their arms raised by the referee. Fire is just coming to on the outside.

Jon McDaniel: "A very hard-fought match by all competitors involved."

Brian Rentfro: "I have to give it up for their performance - those chicks can definitely get down!"

Matthew McLean: "...I think that's the least misogynistic thing you've said all night."

Jon McDaniel: "Pretty much, yeah. We're heading backstage, where I'm told 'Lean' Bean Miller is standing by."

Cut to backstage.

"Lean" Bean Miller: "This is a historic night for the PWA. Aside from all the other big matches, tonight the Phoenix is involved in a World title match where if he loses, he will be forced to retire from the PWA! What are your thoughts on that, Rob?"

The camera pulls back to show the Phoenix standing next to Lean Bean.

The Phoenix: "Lean Bean, I gotta say, I've been doing a lot of thinking that last few days. Like you said, tonight could be my last night in the PWA, so it is kind of bittersweet. On an occassion like this a person usually takes the time to thank the people that helped him get where he is. Most people would do that, but not this man."

"Lean" Bean Miller: What do you mean?

The Phoenix: "Look at the facts, Lean Bean. Everything I've gotten in the PWA I've gotten by myself. So why the hell should I thank anyone? In fact, if you want to get right down to brass tacks, if anyone deserves thanks, its me! If it weren't for me, there wouldn't be a PWA. If it weren't for me agreeing to return to the ring, this place would have folded and become another joke. If it weren't for me, people like Alex Wilkie wouldn't be a star. Hell, after the PWA closed up shop the first time, Corey Lazarus was known as a guy that coulda been a star, but never quite made it. And now thanks to my hard work, Lazarus finally is a star. If it weren't for me, Mark McNasty wouldn't even have a career!"

"Lean" Bean Miller: "Come on, Rob, I'm not sure that's true."

The Phoenix: "You know I'm telling the truth. Without PWA Radio, this place wouldn't be as successful as it is. And out of the kindness of my heart, I invited McNasty to be my co-host and made him into a viable star. And now after that match with me in the BattleDome, he's the World champion! But if it weren't for me, where would McNasty have gone after the BWF folded? Remember, a PWA without the Phoenix is a PWA that's gone in a month. So it is very safe to say that Mark McNasty owes his very career to me. But does he thank me? No. In fact, has ANYONE thanked me since I've come back? Not a single damn person. The management take me for granted and the fans love to boo me. So here's my retirement message if that's what tonight comes to. Fuck you. Everyone that's hearing these words, fuck you. Tonight I'll either walk out of here as World champion or I'll just plain walk out. And when that happens, you'll either be forced to give me the respect I've earned as champion or you'll see what a shithole this place becomes without me around. But no matter what, I'll finally get the respect that I deserve."

Cut back to the ringside area - announcer's table.

Jon McDaniel: "Some very harsh words there from Robinson."

Brian Rentfro: "We'll see how harsh his words are when McNasty knocks his teeth out."

Matthew McLean: "You really pick McNasty to take this - even with everything Phoenix has on the line?"

Brian Rentfro: "I do. Phoenix has a lot riding on it - but McNasty has more than just his title. He's yet to really prove himself with that belt, and if he loses here - well, let's just say he won't have much dignity to bring back to the table."

Jon McDaniel: "That's actually an excellent point. Eric is ready to announce our third tag match in a row!"

An old fashioned, black and white film countdown begins rolling, the film flickering and a beep heard after every digit.



Searchlights scan the darkened arena as strobes go off all around the entrance curtain as mist pours from behind curtain. The thrash riffing and intense double-kick of "Bring the Noise" by Public Enemy and Anthrax fills the arena via the PA system, and random still-frames of Corey Lazarus and Malcolm West in action throughout their career cover the ADC-TRON.



The TV-MA logo flashes on the Tron as green pyro shoots from the stage. Corey Lazarus and Malcolm West walk out from behind the entrance curtain wearing matching TV-MA shirts as Chuck D starts rapping. Lazarus takes some sips from his Aquafina, and West adjusts the athletic tape around his wrists, and then begin walking down the entrance ramp.


How low can you go?
Death row, what a brother knows
Once again back, it's the incredible
Rhyme animal
The incredible D

Eric Emerson: "Ladies and gentlemen, at a combined weight of 380 pounds... "


Public enemy number 1
Five-O said FREEZE
And I got numb
Can I tell 'em that I never really had a gun
But it's the wax that the Terminator X spun

Eric Emerson: "...they are the team of Malcolm West..."

They reach the ramp, and Corey rolls under the bottom rope as West pulls himself onto the apron. Malcolm steps between the ropes and hops onto the middle turnbuckle as Corey kips up to his feet, outstretching his arms to his sides with his hands open, smirking as he turns around to look at all of the audience.

Eric Emerson: "...and Corey Lazarus..."


Now they got me in a cell 'cause my records sell
'Cause a brother like me said, WELL...
...Farrakahn's a prophet that I think you oughtta listen to
What he can say to you, what you oughtta do

Malcolm takes his TV-MA shirt off and tosses it to a ringside attendant on the outside, and Lazarus takes a few more sips from his Aquafina before closing the bottle and tossing it into the crowd.

Eric Emerson: "They are..."

Malcolm stretches out over the top ropes while Corey slides the TV-MA shirt off, tossing it to Gregory on the outside, and West does the "West Up" symbol (making his hands into "guns" and crossing them at the thumb to make a "W").


Follow for now, power of the people, say
Make a miracle (D!), pump the lyrical
Black is back, all in, yeah we're gonna win
Check it out
(Yeah, y'all, c'mon)
Here we go again


Eric Emerson: "...TV-MA!!"



Lazarus walks past West into the corner, and reclines over the top ropes as "Bring the Noise" dies down, replaced by silence. The house lights dim as smoke begins to boil up from the entranceway.

Eric Emerson: "Introducing now... standing at 6'9" and weighting in at 280 pounds..."

A pulsing beat hits the air as "The Great American Nightmare" by Rob Zombie begins to play as a group of ravishingly beautiful women in hot pants and cropped halter tops rise from the smoke, moving in a sensuous provocative manner to the music. The arena lights begin to strobe in synchronicity to the music as the opening guitar riff hits its crescendo, the huge monitors flashing in counterpoint.


~Dig deep down from Planet X, yeah~
~Thirteen ghosts in the devil's head~
~Step right up and feel the fire~
~Hardcore love of the never dead~

Eric Emerson: "He hails from Los Angeles, California... he is Jonathon Wehali... he is..."

Spotlights pan through the stadium, scanning through the air. Suddenly the entrance explodes with a spike of red pyros as the monitors begin showing highlights from Nightmare's previous matches. Icons and champions go down to his kicks and strikes. Superstars and legends tap out to his submission holds. One after another faces famous, infamous, and unknown are shown, each being driven into the canvas headfirst. The footage then burns away to a single word suspended in darkness: NIGHTMARE. It then shatters, the monitor going black.


~Call me the American nightmare~
~Call me the American dream~
~Call me your soul corrupted~
~Call me everything you need~

Eric Emerson: "NIGHTMARE!!!"

As a shower of red pyros rains down upon the stage, Nightmare steps through the entrance. Red war paint marks his face.


~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Yeah, who do you love~
~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Who do you love, yeah~

Nightmare scans the crowd like a general surveying his troops. His gaze then settles upon the ring. Making his way forward he slaps hands with the fans. Trailing behind Nightmare are his manager Akira and his bodyguard Dhamballa.


~Black boots stomp and penetrate, yeah~
~Lust and death gone in your head~
~Rat pack mind degenerated~
~Thirteen ghosts sing the body red~

Arriving at ringside, Nightmare selects a lovely young woman out of the crowd, placing his signature Gargoyle sunglasses upon her head then posing with the fans before turning to once again view the ring.


~Call me the dark intruder~
~Call me the haunted sea~
~Call me your Monster Zero~
~Call me anything you need~

Once at ringside Nightmare springs onto the ring apron, grabs the top rope, and flips over the top.


~Call me the American Nightmare~
~Call me the American dream~
~Call me your soul corrupted~
~Call me everything you need~

Nightmare walks to the center of the ring and pumps his fist into the air. The four corner posts of the ring erupt into an explosion of red pyros as the song fades out, the stage once again in darkness as the dancing girls return to the back.


~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Yeah, who do you love~
~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Who do you love, yeah~

Nightmare takes his place in his corner to await the beginning of the match as Akira and Dhamballa take their stations outside the ring. "Great American Nightmare" dies, and Deadstar Assembly's "Send Me An Angel" cues up. On the ADCTron, clips of Wild Chylde's career roll, and she strolls out from behind the curtain, a determined look on her face. She raises a hand to the appreciative crowd, and then strolls down the ramp, her eyes on the ring. Her assistant, Dominique, rushes out behind her, adjusting the Bluetooth piece in her ear. Ai Mei rips off her business coat and skirt, revealing a pair of wrestling tights and matching lycra half-shirt.

Eric Emerson: "And introducing next, weighing in tonight at 135 pounds, and standing at 5 feet, 6 inches tall..."

Montrose slides into the ring as Dominique joins Dhamballa and Akira at ringside, looking hesitant as the two flank her on either side, obviously for protection.

Eric Emerson: "She hails from Seoul, South Korea by way of New Orleans, Louisiana..."

Ai Mei jumps onto the top rope as "Send Me An Angel" starts fading out, and she raises her arms up into the air.

Eric Emerson: "...AI MEI MONTROSE!!!"

Ai Mei hops down from the top, and then steps out onto the apron. Corey and Malcolm look at each other, nod, and Malcolm takes the apron as Corey and Nightmare step out to the center of the ring.


Brian Rentfro: "...Huh, you mean we're finally starting?"

Matthew McLean: "That did seemingly take forever."

Jon McDaniel: "What do you expect? We're live on pay per view. People indulge."

Nightmare goes to lock up with West, but Malcolm ducks under the big man's arms and delivers a quick pair of kidney punches. Nightmare drops to a knee from the sudden impact, and West backs away to a neutral corner, smiling as Wehali gets to his feet. He rubs his lower back, a scowl on his face, and then pushes his hair out of his face, shrugging.

Matthew McLean: "Quick exchange there."

West struts out to the center of the ring, standing chest-to-chest with Nightmare, and just stares into his eyes. Malcolm starts talking trash, and Nightmare just looks over at Corey, raising an eyebrow. Laz replies with his trademark devilish smirk, and holds his hands up, as if to say "not my problem." West shoves Nightmare back a few feet, and Nightmare just tongues the inside of his cheek, widening his eyes in slight surprise.

Jon McDaniel: "Nightmare seems to be a little shocked by the attitude of Malcolm West."

Brian Rentfro: "Has he ever actually watched a TV-MA promo?"

Ai Mei yells from the corner, shouting at her partner to go after West. Malcolm rests his hands on his hips, and then raises his arms up, flexing his chiseled physique. Wehali steps back in, and the two circle each other before locking up. Nightmare forces West down to a knee, but Malcolm breaks the collar-and-elbow tie-up, taking Nightmare down with a drop toehold. He mounts him from behind, and then calmly paintbrushes the back of his head. Nightmare crawls away and rolls right to his feet, and Malcolm laughs as he gets to his.

Jon McDaniel: "I'm not sure if this is the type of 'wrestling' that Wehali is accustomed to."

Brian Rentfro: "He'd better get accustomed real quick. West and Laz aren't going to cater to his deluded sense of... of..."

Matthew McLean: "Honor?"

Brian Rentfro: "Is that what he calls it? He needs to show some edge or he's just going to keep getting walked on."

Matthew McLean: "That might be a valid point."

Nightmare hits the ropes quick and charges West, who ducks under a clothesline, and then points his finger to his temple, mouthing "I'M TOO SMART FOR THAT, MOTHERFUCKER." Nightmare, however, stops right after he misses West, turns around, and then readies himself. West turns around, and is met with a vicious high roundhouse that sends West right down to the mat. Wehali drops an elbow to Malcolm's midsection, and then immediately goes for a cross-armbreaker. West holds onto his wrist, preventing the move, and then Corey steps into the ring, booting Nightmare in the back of the head, causing him to break the attempted hold. Corey steps back onto the apron as Nightmare gets to his feet, glaring at him, and Corey again holds his hands up, smirking.

Jon McDaniel: "Well, Wehali clearly showing some edge there against West... He just seemed to forget about Lazarus on the outside."

Brian Rentfro: "Do I have to spell out for him how these guys work?"

Matthew McLean: "At the rate things are going..."

West forces himself up to a seated position, and Nightmare nails him in the shoulder with a Mongolian Chop. West grits his teeth at the sudden, sharp pain in his trapeziast muscle, and Nightmare then locks on a rear chinlock. Malcolm almost immediately turns to his side to alleviate the pressure, and forces himself up to his feet. A pair of elbows to Nightmare's midsection breaks it up, and West whips Nightmare into the TV-MA corner. Corey backs off so the ref can't yell at him for illegal double-teaming, and Malcolm nails a big overhand chop to Nightmare's chest. Wehali eats it, and then nails a forearm to Malcolm's jaw. West reels back, and Nightmare fires off with a series of forearms and chops, forcing Malcolm into the center of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: "Nightmare does a good job keeping the momentum in his favor - even after being in enemy territory there for a moment."

Brian Rentfro: "What was the pansy running from? Lazarus wasn't going to try anything."

Matthew McLean: "..."

Jon McDaniel: "...Right."

Nightmare hits the ropes, but as soon as he rebounds West fires off with a diving shouldertackle, taking him down. West pushes himself up, rubbing his jaw, and then stomps Nightmare in the face, grinding the heel of his boot into his cheek. West then gets up, and drops to his knees so that his shin is covering Nightmare's throat, choking him. The ref comes in to call for the break, and Malcolm plays dumb as Corey laughs a little bit on the apron. Ai Mei claps her hands together, and the ref starts the 5-count.





Matthew McLean: "TV-MA are certainly having fun here at Nightmare's expense."

Brian Rentfro: "Nothing wrong with pushing some buttons. This game is as much cerebral as it is physical - Laz and West know this. They're just getting under Wehali's skin."

Matthew McLean: "...And around his neck, apparently."

Brian Rentfro: "He stopped before five!"

Matthew McLean: "That he did."

West pushes himself to his feet, and grabs Nightmare by the hair, sitting him up. He reaches over and tags Corey, who dusts the bottom of his boots off on the apron and then steps into the ring. West locks Nightmare in a rear chinlock, and Corey measures him. West releases the chinlock, and Corey immediately fires off a basement dropkick, sending Nightmare's head right back down to the mat. Lazarus makes a quick cover...



Nightmare gets a shoulder up, and Corey shows little to no surprise. Laz gets up to his feet and steps out onto the apron, holding onto the top rope. Wehali rolls over and gets to his knees, checking his nose for blood.

Jon McDaniel: "Wehali has yet to take any really damaging move, but the tactics used here by TV-MA are certainly taking their toll as they keep him isolated and aggravated."

Brian Rentfro: "See what I mean?"

Matthew McLean: "Lazarus didn't seem shocked by the kickout. He knows they're going to have to do some real harm to put a competitor like Nightmare down for good."

Nightmare gets to his feet and turns around, and Lazarus springboards off of the top rope, looking for a seated senton, but Nightmare catches him and turns around, drilling him to the mat with a powerbomb. He flips over with a Jacknife pin, and the ref drops down for the count.



West runs in and breaks it up with a clubbing forearm Nightmare's lower back, and then backs up into the TV-MA corner. Nightmare gets up and glares at him, receiving only a shit-eating grin from West. Wehali brings Corey to his feet, nails a knife-edge chop to Corey's chest, and then whips him into the S&V corner. Ai Mei holds up her hands, and Nightmare nails a pair of knees to Laz's midsection before tagging Ai Mei in. The ref slaps his hands together, acknowledging the tag, and Nightmare lifts Corey up onto the top turnbuckle, dazing him by lowering his head and nailing a powerful European uppercut.

Jon McDaniel: "Lazarus in trouble now as Montrose is looking for something high-risk..."

Ai Mei springboards onto the top rope, grabbing Corey in a loose side headlock, and then leaps off into the ring, slamming Laz face-first to the mat. She rolls him over and hooks his leg.



Matthew McLean: "Kickout by Lazarus!"

Corey gets his shoulder up, and Ai Mei shows no emotion, just focus. She drops a Muta Elbow onto Corey's chest, and then covers again.


Corey immediately kicks out, and then rolls away, shaking out the cobwebs. Wild Chylde stalks over to Corey and brings him to his feet. She whips him into the ropes, but Corey grabs ahold of the top rope, preventing the rebound. Montrose charges, but Corey back body drops her over the top rope. Montrose lands on her feet on the apron, and Lazarus goes to knock her off with a forearm, but she blocks and hits a high roundhouse kick to Corey's head that sends him stumbling backwards. She springboards to the top as she corkscrews, facing away from the ring, and then leaps off behind her towards Lazarus, corkscrewing back around to face him. She catches him in a front facelock, and then spins with a tornado DDT, planting the top of Laz's head to the canvas, the impact of which sends Corey's body back up into the air.

Jon McDaniel: "Deadly move by Wild Chylde! TV-MA kept control early on, but the real damage has seemingly been done by Wehali and Montrose as this match draws on!"

Matthew McLean: "Wehali and Montrose both veteran competitors of this event. Ai Mei took on Duff Côte d'iVoire in one of the most grueling matches I've ever witnessed first-hand; and Wehali was victorious in ending the career of Jackson Santee in equally brutal match-up."

Jon McDaniel: "Certainly all four competitors are not strangers to high-profile match-ups."

Brian Rentfro: "Damn right. Let's not forget Corey was the World champion not long ago. That says a lot more to me than a couple of meaningless victories two years ago."

Matthew McLean: "To each their own, I suppose."

Ai Mei doesn't go for a cover, but rather hits the ropes. She flies off with a Lionsault, connecting with it, but again doesn't cover. Corey holds his ribs, and Ai Mei hits the ropes again. She tumbles forward and then leaps up, nailing a somersault senton across Corey's midsection again. Lazarus immediately rolls to his side, coughing, but Wild Chylde forces him onto his back, hooking a leg.



Laz gets his shoulder up, and Wild Chylde grabs him by the back of the neck, raising him to a knee. She then nails a series of mid-level soccer kicks to Corey's forehead, constantly holding the back of his head. She reels her leg back, going for another one, but Corey breaks free and catches her leg under his arm. Wild Chylde immediately goes for an enziguri, but Corey ducks it, releasing her leg. She hunches over from landing on her feet after missing the kick, and Corey grabs her in a rear waistlock, hurling her back with a release German suplex. Montrose flips over more to her feet as Corey rolls to his, and she rushes in with a series of kicks and punches. Corey blocks each and every one, and then ducks a high roundhouse and sweeps out her base leg, sending her to the mat. He goes for a stomp, but she rolls away. He immediately goes for another with his other foot, but she rolls back away. Corey feins another, causing Montrose to roll back away, and then nails a soccer kick to her upper back. Ai Mei screams in sudden pain, the smack of Corey's foot against her flesh still resonating throughout the arena, and Laz then picks her up, locking on another rear waistlock. He goes for another German suplex, but Ai Mei looks for a Victory Roll. Corey rolls through and out of it, up to his feet, and then ducks under a running lariat attempt, hooking his arms around Ai Mei's arm and head, and drilling her with a vicious Uranage suplex.

Jon McDaniel: "And after a series of moves and counter-moves, Lazarus comes out on top!"

Brian Rentfro: "He has a tendency to do that. All great champions do."

Corey rests for a minute, catching his breath, and West cheers him on. Corey nods, holding up a hand, and then gets to his feet. He gets Ai Mei by the hair, and brings her up too, shoving her into the TV-MA corner. He tags West in, who steps right into the ring, and they whip Ai Mei into the ropes. Lazarus leapfrogs over her, and West lifts her up for a spinebuster. He twists and slams her to the mat, and Lazarus hits the ropes. West backs up quick and drops to all-four's, acting as a springboard for Laz, who kicks off of his back, twists around, and nails a legdrop across Wild Chylde's throat. Lazarus immediately rolls under the bottom rope and onto the apron, and West doesn't cover, but rather bring Ai Mei to her feet. He doubles her over and lifts her up for a powerbomb. Ai Mei nails a few downward thrust elbows to the top of West's head, and then goes for a hurricanrana, but Malcolm holds on. He whips Ai Mei back up, and then drops her across the top rope, allowing the bounce to send her back as he turns to the side, slamming Ai Mei down with a vicious sit-out powerbomb.

Matthew McLean: "West holds on for the pin!"




West gets up to his feet, holding the back of his head where Nightmare's boot landed, and then shoves the referee aside, clubbing away at Nightmare from behind. The ref goes to separate the two as Wehali turns, trading shots back to West, but then stops. He holds his arms up, and then looks at Corey. Lazarus steps into the ring, and the ref doesn't do anything, so Corey hits the ropes, charging towards Nightmare and West. Nightmare doubles West over, but has no moment to catch his breath as Laz sends him out of the ring with a spinning wheel kick. Corey gets to his feet, checks on Malcolm, and then measures Nightmare as he gets to his feet on the outside.

Jon McDaniel: "Lazarus sizing up Nightmare on the outside..."

Corey hits the ropes and then goes to dive over the top, but Nightmare eyes him and escapes. Lazarus takes notice at the last minute, grabbing onto the top rope, and then lands on the apron on his knees. He gets back to his feet before Wehali can notice, and then charges, flying off with a Thai Knee to Wehali's face, sending both men into the guardrail. West gets to a knee in the ring, and turns to be met with a Shining Wizard by Ai Mei. Malcolm falls into the middle rope, clutching it to keep himself from falling out of the ring, and then pulls himself up with it, turning around as he forces himself to his knees. Wild Chylde hits the ropes on the opposite side, and grabs the top rope, swinging her legs around between the top and middle ropes, and hitting a 619 to West's face that sends him flying back into the center of the ring.

Jon McDaniel: "High-risk maneuvers both inside and outside the ring!"

Brian Rentfro: "Did you see Lazarus make those split-second adjustments?"

Matthew McLean: "There's no denying his ability. He made a good read before connecting with that knee."

Jon McDaniel: "But neither he nor Nightmare are the legal competitors - and Montrose just leveled West hard."

Lazarus gets to his feet on the outside, and then walks over to Ai Mei as she rises to her feet on the apron. Ai Mei kicks Corey in the head, turning him around, and then springboards off of the middle rope with an Asai moonsault. Corey catches her, barely, and falls down anyway, allowing Montrose to get to her feet and drop a leg across Corey's throat. Nightmare pulls himself to his feet, and then slides into the ring, forcing himself up as West gets to his knees. Wehali measures himself as West gets to his feet, and then charges in, sending West down with a stiff Western Lariat. He covers, hooking both legs.




West kicks out at the very last second, and Wehali gets to his knees. He brings Malcolm up to his, and then doubles him over, locking on a double underhook. He nails a pair of knees right to West's head, and then lifts him up, drilling him against the top turnbuckle with a release Butterfly suplex. Nightmare backs away from the falling West, who pops up to his feet, holding his back. He takes a swing at Nightmare, but Wehali ducks it, locks on a full nelson, and nails a release Dragon suplex that dumps West on the top of his head.

Jon McDaniel: "A punishing series of suplexes by Nightmare!"

Matthew McLean: "Anybody else notice that Wehali seemed to make an invisible tag?"

Brian Rentfro: "Somebody tell the ref! Nightmare's cheating!"

Matthew McLean: "...I'll be sure to get right on that."

Ai Mei slides into the ring, and her and Nightmare look at each other. Nightmare brings West to his feet again, and then sets him up on the top rope. Montrose backs into the opposite corner and charges, cartwheeling and then backflipping, jumping up onto Nightmare's shoulders in an Electric Chair-fashion. Wehali turns around and Wild Chylde locks Malcolm in a cravate. Wehali tosses Ai Mei's legs up off of him and rolls forward, allowing Montrose to pull West off of the top and nail a high-angle Cutter.

Matthew McLean: "What a double-team maneuver by Nightmare and Wild Chylde!"

Jon McDaniel: "The cover!"

Ai Mei hooks Malcolm's leg as Nightmare counts on from the opposite corner.




Jon McDaniel: "Lazarus makes the save just in time!"

Brian Rentfro: "What are you talking about?! Montrose never made a tag! It wasn't legal!"

Matthew McLean: "Well, technically... If Nightmare's former pin attempt was illegal because he never made a tag - then Montrose was the legal competitor and that pin was legit."

Brian Rentfro: "What... What...?"

Jon McDaniel: "That's actually... Correct. I think."

Lazarus blocks a right hand from Ai Mei, and then sends her down to the floor with a stiff Roaring Elbow. He slides into the ring, gets up to his feet, and points at Nightmare as the fans chant on. Wehali nods his head, and the two meet in the center of the ring. They stare at each other, both breathing heavy, and chat a little bit. Nightmare shrugs, and nails Corey with a forearm to the face. Lazarus staggers back, but fires back with one of his own. Wehali nails another to Corey's head, and Corey fires back with another of his own. They trade forearms back and forth for what seems like forever, though was likely only a few seconds, much to the fans delight. Nightmare levels Corey with a vicious high roundhouse, but Corey pops right back up and nails a Roaring Elbow to Nightmare that sends him down to the mat. Corey collapses right on top of him, and the ref drops down for the count.




Jon McDaniel: "What an exchange by Nightmare and Lazarus! They're giving it everything they've got!"

Lazarus sits up, fuming, and then gets up to his feet. He readies himself, eyes wide and focused, and Nightmare gets to his feet and turns around. Corey nails a kick to the knee, and then a mid roundhouse to the ribcage, and follows it up with a sandwiching of Wehali's head via a rising Muay Thai knee and a downward thrust elbow. Nightmare collapses back, rolling to his side, and Corey drops to a knee, exhausted. Ai Mei rolls back into the ring, and Corey eyes her. Lazarus forces himself to his feet and charges, but Wild Chylde ducks a running sidekick, and locks on a rear waistlock, drilling Corey with a bridging German suplex.




Matthew McLean: "VERY close to being the match right there."

Jon McDaniel: "I take it we've completely given up on any semblance of tagging?"

Brian Rentfro: "Seems that way."

Matthew McLean: "Guess so."

Jon McDaniel: "Got'cha."

Lazarus rolls away, and West grabs Ai Mei by her hair. He brings her up to her feet, spits in her face, and the scoops her up before dropping to his knees, drilling her head-first to the mat with the Xana-Tonic. Before West can cover, Nightmare comes out of nowhere with a huge right hand that sends West back into the ropes, slowly rebounding back out. Nightmare doubles West over and locks on a double underhook, reaching further down and grabbing both legs by the back of the knee. He lifts Malcolm up and then drops him on his head with the Broken Arrow.

Jon McDaniel: "Broken Arrow by Nightmare! West is in trouble!"

Nightmare covers West, but before the count can be made Lazarus breaks it up with a soccer kick to Jon's temple. Nightmare flies off of Malcolm, falling into the ropes, and Corey drags him out. Nightmare slaps Corey's arm away and goes for a Western Lariat, but Laz ducks it, hooks Nightmare around the outer shoulder while cradling his inside leg, and then drops him head-first to the mat with the Box Office Bomb II. Lazarus sits up, taking a quick breather, but it was not meant to be as Ai Mei nails him with a knee to the side of the head. She brings Corey up to his feet, locks on a cravate, and then runs to the corner, kicking up off of the turnbuckles and flipping over Corey, dropping him on the back of his head with the Rising Phoenix DDT.

Matthew McLean: "And now Wild Chylde takes Lazarus out with the Rising Phoenix!"

Jon McDaniel: "This could be over right here!"

Brian Rentfro: "NO!"

West starts getting to his feet, but Ai Mei measures him, waiting for him. Malcolm gets up, and Wild Chylde hits a jumping spin kick to his head, followed up quickly with a spinning roundhouse to the midsection that doubles him over. Ai Mei sweeps out Malcolm's legs, sending him face-first to the mat, and pounces on him, locking on a Cobra Clutch, sitting on his back and wrenching it in as tight as she can.

Jon McDaniel: "Wild Chylde pulling back on West's head with everything she has! And from that position - every pound of torque is excruciating!"

Brian Rentfro: "Come on, West! Hang in there! Laz, hurry!"

Matthew McLean: "After that DDT, I don't think he's got enough steam left to make it..."

Malcolm holds his hand up as the ref asks him, but West refuses. He then relents, slapping the mat and yelling, and the ref calls for the bell.



Ai Mei releases the Cobra Clutch, and then rolls off of him, exhausted from the match. Nightmare crawls over to her, and the referee holds both of their hands up in victory as "Send Me An Angel" cues back up.

Eric Emerson: "The winners of the match...Ai Mei Montrose and Nightmare...SEX AND VIOLENCE!!!"

Wild Chylde and Nightmare roll out of the ring as ringside security rushes to their aid, but they refuse it. Both help each other to their feet, and the stumble up the ramp towards the curtain as Corey crawls over to West, trying to console him.

Jon McDaniel: "A brutal effort by both teams - all are truly spectacular at what they do."

Matthew McLean: "It seems West may have been a weaker link than Lazarus originally thought."

Jon McDaniel: "Unfortunately neither of these teams will have a chance to move on from here - as over the course of the next month they'll split up to tag with random partners as part of the United Force tournament building up to Summer Sizzler."

Matthew McLean: "That should be very interesting - with so many established teams here already, many a wrestler may come to find their themselves facing their own partners as they vie for tag gold!"


Over two dozen combatants...

Over the course of five weeks...


How far will you go?


Jon McDaniel: "It should certainly make for an interesting month as we build up to one of PWA's longest-tenured events."

Brian Rentfro: "Or depending on how the lots are drawn - it'll be a really long month building up to a crapshoot."

Matthew McLean: "Potentially, I guess. Anyway, we're putting an end to the bevy of tag action we've witnessed so far as the prominent feud between Alex Wilkie and Mark Sommers comes to a front in a street fight - with Television gold on the line!"


Eric Emerson: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the PWA Television Championship!"

The crowd goes silent for a moment... around the arena everyone is buzzing... then over the speakers comes the voice of Zack De La Rocha from Rage against the Machine (lead singer)...

Zack: Mic check!...1... 1...2...Come wit it now!!!

Bulls on parade explodes onto the speaker, with Tom Morrello wailing on his guitar!

Zack: COME WIT IT NOW!! Bulls on parade!

The Song jumps to Tom Morrello's Scatch solo where he plays his Guitar like a DJ Scratch board... for a moment, the song stops... then Zack comes back on!


The microphone explodes, shattering the molds
Either drop tha hits like de la O or get tha fuck off tha commode
Wit tha sure shot, sure ta make tha bodies drop
Drop an don't copy yo, don't call this a co-op

The song bursts into full Chorus, Zack laying down some mad anti-political/War rhymes

Terror rains drenchin', quenchin' tha thirst of tha power dons
That five sided fist-a-gon
Tha rotten sore on tha face of mother earth gets bigger
Tha triggers cold empty ya purse

Then from behind the Curtain comes Alex Wilkie, decked out in a red leather vest. With A+ plus written across the back, he pulls off his Shades and tosses them out into the crowd as he walks down the ramp. For a moment, he stops in the middle,

Eric Emerson: "Ladies And gentlemen, hailing from Seattle Washington... Weighing in at 250lbs... He is...GRADE A..ALEX! WIIIIIIILKIEEEEEEE!!!!"

he turns his back around and lets the vest fall down to the ground, he brings his Arms up and flexes them, White pyro explodes from the stage, Alex turns back around, then rolls under the bottom rope, he hops up, and turns around and hops up to the nearest turnbuckle, he brings his hands up in the Devil horn salute, then hops down, doing a quick neck stretch as his music fades away.

Eric Emerson: "And his opponent…."

The lights dim… and the music of Puff Daddy’s “Come with Me” hits the Big Screen. Strobe lights begin flickering through out the arena… and from the backstage steps Chamelion. He stands in profile to us, head low and his hair covering his face…. As the music picks up… the lyrics begin…

Hear my cries - Hear my calls
Lend me your ears - See my falls
See my error - Know my faults
Time halts - See my loss

Chamelion turns to face us and walks purposely down the ramp as the song continues.

Know I'm lacking - Back tracking
Where I met you - Pistol packing
Itchy finger - Trigger-happy
Try to trap me - Bad rap

Eric Emerson: "Weighing in at 245lbs, he hails from Las Vegas Nevada and is the current PWA Television Champion.... CHAMELION!"

Wire tap me - Back stab me
Break the faith - Fall from grace
Tell me lies - Time flies
Close your eyes - Come with me.

As Chamelion heads down to the ring, he suddenly puts on a burst of speed and slides under the bottom rope into the ring with the intention of attacking Wilkie head on. Wilkie, however, catches Chamelion before he can get to his feet and hits a double axe-handle and follows up with a sharp kick to Chamelion’s sides, bruising his kidneys!

Jon McDaniel: "The fight for the TV title is underway!"


Without pausing, Wilkie picks Chamelion up and throws him face first into the turnbuckle and slams his head against it four times. A quick knee to the back, and Wilkie shows how vicious he can be! Turning Chamelion around, he whips Chamelion across the ring, but Chamelion reverses it, and Wilkie hits the corner. Chamelion comes in, but Wilkie launches out with a powerful clothesline, sending the champion crashing to the canvas!

Matthew McLean: "Quick combinations there - Wilkie looking to capitalize..."

Wilkie then shocks the arena, when he picks up Chamelion and without hesitation, hits the Grade A Stunner! He covers hooking the leg.




Jon McDaniel: "NO! Chamelion just able to avoid possibly the quickest loss of his career!"

The ref catches Chamelion’s foot on the bottom rope and waves off the three. Wilkie angrily gets in the ref’s face, as he was sure he got the three on that quick ending move. The ref shakes his head, and Wilkie turns and pulls the dazed Chamelion to his feet. Giving Chamelion the finger, he kicks him in the gut and goes for another Grade A Stunner. However, in desperation, Chamelion pushes Wilkie to the ropes and as Wilkie bounces back, Chamelion scores with the Sweet Sound of Success!

Jon McDaniel: "Sweet sound of success!"

Brian Rentfro: "Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on here?"

Matthew McLean: "Sommers is still out of it though; no pin attempt."

Unfortunately, due to the stunner, Chamelion can not capitalize, so both men lay devastated on the canvas, having already exhausted much of their beginning energy. The ref begins the mandatory ten count, for even in a street fight if neither man can answer, it will be declared a draw. As the ref reaches nine, both men fall out of the ring on opposite sides, bent over but alive. They stand simultaneously, glaring at each other.

Matthew McLean: "That was certainly an exciting way to start the match."

Jon McDaniel: "Probably not what either competitor was expecting."

Matthew McLean: "Both about even now - we'll see who makes the first move from here."

Egging Wilkie on, Chamelion gives him the middle finger and Wilkie shoots around the ring to catch up with Chamelion, who partially skips and grins wickedly as he slowly moves away. As Wilkie catches up to Chamelion, the Devious one sidesteps him and sends him down with a drop toe hold right on the floor! He follows with an elbow to the back of the neck, and then brings Wilkie to his feet and whips him towards the steel steps. Wilkie, however, manages to reverse it, and it’s Chamelion that goes crashing into the hard steel.

Jon McDaniel: "Sommers doubled over on the outside!"

Wilkie pushes Chamelion aside and grabs one set of the broken steps and hauls it over his head. He turns, aims and throws it at Chamelion, but he manages to duck and it hits the floor harmlessly. Chamelion sticks his tongue out at Wilkie, who answers again with a clothesline that takes the champion’s head nearly off as he crashes to the canvas.

Matthew McLean: "Chamelion may have paid for his arrogance there."

Brian Rentfro: "Wilkie damn near decapitated the bastard!"

Wilkie stomps half a dozen times on Chamelion before throwing him into the ring! Once inside, he picks him up and hits a snap mare followed by a neck breaker. Grinning, Wilkie then comes off the ropes with a leg drop and tries for the cover.



Shoulder up!

Wilkie gets back up to his feet and runs for the ropes again, this time he spring boards off the middle rope and tries for his A+ssault! But Chamelion rolls out of the way swiftly and Alex belly flops right in the middle of the ring! The crowd ooo's as Alex holds his chest in pain! Chamelion then covers Alex with a loose but quick pin!



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: "Two near falls in a row!"

Brian Rentfro: "Ironically - neither occurred after a move as damaging as the ones they threw out in the first minute."

Matthew McLean: "This has been a fast-paced match; a testament to each man's speed."

Alex rolls out of the ring and walks away from the match for a bit, while his back is turned, Chamelion backs up and runs for the ropes nearest Wilkie, He hops onto the top rope and leaps off into a sky high suicide dive, which brings down Wilkie and Chamelion in the process! Chamelion is the first to rise up slowly he fishes under the ring and for a moment he disappears under the canvas, only to come back out with a metal bat!!

Brian Rentfro: "Forget speed - this is a street fight!"

Chamelion slams it down on the ground, Almost as if to yell “Batter up!” Wilkie begins to get to his feet and turn to face the sound of the metal clanging against cement; but as he turns around Chamelion goes for a hard swing to Alex's head! Alex Ducks quickly and gets up, but Chamelion recovers as well and socks Alex in the forehead with the butt of the bat!

Chamelion drops the bat and hooks Wilkie's leg for the pin!




Jon McDaniel: "Close call there after Wilkie takes a shot to the head from that bat!"

Chamelion looks shocked as Wilkie rolls away from him slowly. He looks up at the ref, asking if it really was two count. The ref agrees and Chamelion’s goes back to Alex, who was about to pull himself into the ring... However, Chamelion grabs him by the ankle and pulls him back out over by the commentators tables. Chamelion tries a hard right to knock Alex onto the table, but Alex blocks it and hits him right in the gut with a hard left, he then head butts him twice and tosses him onto the commentators table... Wilkie grabs a steel chair by ringside and raises it above his head.

Matthew McLean: "Wilkie calling for some carnage of his own, now."

Wilkie climbs into the ring and up to the top turnbuckle, he holds his chair up to the crowd and the crowd explodes in agreement! Alex leaps off the top turnbuckle in a leg drop fashion, he slips the chair under him and just as he was about to come down, Chamelion rolls off the table and Alex crashes down through the table.


Brian Rentfro: "Whiff!"

Matthew McLean: "High-risk move that doesn't pay off as Wilkie finds no one home."

Crawling to his feet, Chamelion sees the carnage and what Wilkie tried to do and rips the steel chair from the wreckage and rolls into the ring. Placing the chair on the canvas, unfolded and erect, he runs across the ring, flings off the ropes and comes back, using the chair for leverage he pushes himself up and over the ropes and hits another suicide dive, right into Wilkie and the broken pieces of table!

Jon McDaniel: "But THAT one found a recipient as Sommers caught some major air!"

Amongst the mess, Chamelion nearly unconsciously drapes an arm over Wilkie and the ref is there.



THRE/Shoulder up!

Jon McDaniel: "So close!"

Not even energy enough to be surprised, Chamelion lays there as Wilkie crawls on his hands and knees, pushing Eric Emerson away and snatches one of the long cables. Rolling around, Wilkie wraps the cable around Chamelion’s throat and begins choking him.

Wrenching the cable around and around, Wilkie tightens the cord against Chamelion’s esophagus and stumbles to his feet and drags Chamelion through the broken table bits towards the ring. Sliding inside, Wilkie pulls the cable over the top rope and forces Chamelion up onto the ring apron as he tries to hang him!

Jon McDaniel: "Is this legal?"

Brian Rentfro: "Um, in a street fight? Yeah, I'd say so."

Matthew McLean: "Even a street fight ahs limits - is he trying to win the match or kill him?"

Wilkie laughs as he pulls and pulls, and Chamelion looks to be going limp from the lack of oxygen! Wilkie demands the ref check Chamelion’s arm, which he does and it drops twice! On the third attempt, it falls half way but Chamelion catches the middle rope, and raises his arm just a bit to signal he’s still in it. Wilkie growls, and steps forward to tighten the cable, when Chamelion reaches back with his free hand, grabs Wilkie by the hair and hits a neck breaker across the rope! Wilkie falls backwards and Chamelion lands ass first on the apron, ripping the cable from his throat and coughing severely. The look of rage on his face blends with the purple of nearly going unconscious and the color change really tells the story of the irony of being Chamelion. He turns, looking in at Wilkie, and gets a devious idea.

Grabbing the ropes, Chamelion hauls himself up and over and connects with a Guillotine Leg drop across Wilkie’s throat! He covers.



Shoulder up!

Jon McDaniel: "Looking to return the favor with that one!"

Brian Rentfro: "Somehow I don't think it had quite the same effect as strangulation..."

Matthew McLean: "Not likely, no."

Chamelion rolls to his feet and whips Wilkie clear across the ring, and goes for a hip toss, but Wilkie blocks it, turns around and kicks Chamelion in the stomach! With Chamelion bent over, Wilkie hits the ropes and tries for a Fame-Asser, but Chamelion abruptly stands and pokes Wilkie in the eye! As Wilkie grabs for his face, Chamelion gets behind him and hits a back neck breaker!

Chamelion then steps through the ropes, looking for something to use as a weapon, and with his back turned, does not see Wilkie stand. Wilkie, now up tries to knock Chamelion off the Apron with a hard clothes line! However Chamelion turns and grabs him and flips him over the top ring rope and down onto the ground, from the apron Chamelion turns so his back his to Alex and leaps off the apron in a rough moon Sault. He crashes down on Alex and hooks his leg!




Matthew McLean: "Chamelion just can't keep Wilkie down long enough to retain here."

Jon McDaniel: "There's more than enough rage in Wilkie's eyes to keep him fighting through much more than this."

Brian Rentfro: "I don't know.... From here his eyes look mostly glazed over."

Chamelion gets up and shakes his head, he stands up straight and walks over to the audience, he demands one of the chairs to be handed to him and the fans kindly oblige, Chamelion folds it up and turns to Alex who was just about to get to his feet. He turns around and Chamelion tosses the chair to him, Chamelion backs up quickly and tries to go for a “Sweet sound of success” but Alex moves the chair away from his face and catches Chamelion foot on the chair.

Before Chamelion can recover, Alex rips his foot off the chair and winds up for a hard smack right to the side of Chamelion’s head! As the chair careens towards Chamelion, he ducks and Wilkie spins almost 360 degrees and sees Chamelion dive for a clothesline, and ducks! Chamelion hits the side of the ring, and falters back and with his back turned, Wilkie slams the chair into his skull! Chamelion crumbles to the floor and Wilkie covers.



THR/Shoulder up!

Wilkie, stunned, grabs the chair and connects twice more against Chamelion’s backside and then rolls him up again.



THR/shoulder up!

Matthew McLean: "Wilkie struggling now to keep Sommers down!"

Jon McDaniel: "There's more than just a title on the line in this match... Its pure ego."

Brian Rentfro: "That's a difficult thing to part with."

Matthew McLean: "As we can see..."

Frustrated, Wilkie picks Chamelion up and throws him into the barricade at ringside. Backing up to get a run, Wilkie charges in with all he has, but Chamelion bends and flips Wilkie over himself and over the barricade into the surrounding fans! Rubbing the back of his head, Chamelion turns to see Wilkie down and he jumps over and lands on Wilkie’s back! With a grip in his hair, Chamelion brings Wilkie to his feet and delivers a hard right. Wilkie responds with a left and the two begin to trade shots as the fans surrounding them cheer them on, some trying to get into the view of the camera holding up their signs! Wilkie takes advantage, tripping Chamelion over an empty chair and then throws him down the isle towards one of the entrances! Chamelion turns, trying to get his arms up and Wilkie smashes a half full cup of beer over his head. Chamelion, blinded, can’t defend himself as Wilkie kicks him in the stomach and then lifts his knee up to connect with Chamelion’s jaw.

Jon McDaniel: "Wilkie getting creative there with the use of alcohol to keep the advantage!"

Brian Rentfro: "Not a bad move!"

Matthew McLean: "...Is that the most impressed you've been all match?"

Brian Rentfro: "Possibly."

Grabbing him by what hair he has, Wilkie drags Chamelion through one of the entrances and into the hallway and into the concession area. Fans yell and scream to their friends of the new arrivals. Wilkie notices a near-by taco bell and tosses him over the front counter! Alex hops over the registers and is met by a hard smack to the face from one of the plastic trays used to hold food! Wilkie holds his nose feeling for blood as Chamelion grabs his head and smashes it into a soda-pop fountain machine, Chamelion flashes a Cheshire grins and yells “Wouldn’t you like to be a pepper too!?” He presses one of the buttons on the machines and Dr.Pepper spills out onto Alex's face!

Matthew McLean: "Did he really just say that?"

Jon McDaniel: "Yeah... Yeah, he did."

Wilkie tries to get out of the way of the sprit zing soda, but Chamelion holds him there, mouth open, Covered in Dr.Pepper, Wilkie staggers back through the kitchen towards and Exit, Chamelion follows and sees only a swinging door, he figures Wilkie might be hiding behind so he kicks the door, nothing, he walks to the archway of the door, and gets tapped on the shoulder... He turns and just nearly catches a swift Super kick from Wilkie (Who must've been hiding elsewhere in the kitchen!)

Jon McDaniel: "And Alex Wilkie comes out of nowhere with that kick!"

Wilkie hops on one foot for a second as Chamelion holds his foot high in the air... he then pushes him down to the ceramic tile of the kitchen. Alex's head gives a sickening thud as it bounces off the floor. The ref, finally in the kitchen with both men drops as Chamelion goes for the pin!



Alex pushes Chamelion off of him and gets up quickly to his feet, knowing being on his back won't help him any time soon. He holds the back of his head, and feels a growing lump. He curses and pushes Chamelion towards the fryers, intending to burn him! They get near, but Chamelion sidesteps and hits a drop toe hold, and Wilkie nearly collides with the end of the fryer. Chamelion turns and grabs two of the baskets used to make chalupa shells and does a modified con-chair-to to Wilkie’s head!

Brian Rentfro: "This is getting ridiculous. They've resorted to using fast food as weapons! What kind of street fight is this, anyway?"

Matthew McLean: "A messy one, it seems."

Wilkie crawls towards the back exit door and pushes it open, spilling outside and into the back of the arena. Meanwhile, Chamelion hangs out for a moment, asking for one of the employees to make him a steak taco. He takes the proffered food and munches on it as he steps through the door to find Wilkie getting to his feet, between some of the rental cars the wrestlers drove to the arena.

Jon McDaniel: "Is this really the time for a snack?"

Licking his fingers after the last bite, Chamelion then grabs Wilkie to throw him onto one of the cars, but Wilkie drives his elbow backwards and forces Chamelion to spit up his last bite! With force, Wilkie slams Chamelion’s skull into the hood of one of the cars, and follows through with a swift kick the back of his knee, causing Chamelion’s legs to give out and he falls to his knees, scraping them on the concrete. Wilkie opens the drivers side door, pops the hood and comes back around. Lifting the hood up, Wilkie grabs one of Chamelion’s hands, places it inside the engine area and slams the hood down! At the last second, Chamelion pushes away and falls flat on his back!

Brian Rentfro: "First food, now automobiles. Are we there yet?"

Matthew McLean: "I can't imagine either of these two can keep this up much longer... They've literally thrown everything in sight at each other!"

Before he can move, Wilkie turns and stomps on Chamelion’s stomach, before he picks him up and suplexes him up and backwards, crashing Chamelion down onto the hood of the same car! Wilkie then scurries up the back trunk to the roof and flies for a frog splash right onto Chamelion! He hits it and covers.



TH/Shoulder up!

Jon McDaniel: "Wlikie has to wonder what else its going to take to put Sommers down!"

Matthew McLean: "And vice-versa."

Wilkie pushes Chamelion off the hood of the car, watching him stumble towards another car. This one, Wilkie recognizes as the one Chamelion drove from the airport. With an evil smile, Wilkie watches for a moment as Chamelion gets closer and as he reaches the car for support, Wilkie races in and goes to hit a bulldog, to slam Chamelion’s head against that car hood as well. At the last second, Chamelion turns and bends, back body dropping Wilkie across the hood!

Brian Rentfro: "Now its Wilkie who's laid out on the good of a car!"

Jon McDaniel: "Chamelion's car if I'm not mistaken..."

Brian Rentfro: "Huh - What's Sommers got in mind, now?"

With Wilkie plastered to the hood of the car, Chamelion flings open the drivers side door and slips into the cool leather seat. For some reason that’s plot driven, the keys are still in the ignition and he turns the car over. Slamming the door closed, Chamelion puts the car in drive and slumps forward - pressing on the gas pedal.

Brian Rentfro: "And they're off!!"

Matthew McLean: "NO WAY!"

Turning the car towards the collection of metal trash bins, Chamelion picks up speed till close to 25MPH before slamming on the brakes! The sudden stop hurtles Wilkie into the nearest metal bin, which he collides with tremendous force! Wilkie collapses amongst over turned trash cans and Chamelion steps out, stands over the rubble of Wilkie... And collapses on top of him. The referee just catches up, and drops to count.





Jon McDaniel: "Unbelievable! After using everything from fast food to cars - to his own car - Sommers retrains his title here tonight!"

Brian Rentfro: "Yep - and now him and Wilkie are right where they belong... In the trash."

Chamelion stirs and roll off Wilkie, but can't pull himself up. Medical personnel arrives on the scene.

Matthew McLean: "Hopefully he manages to take a shower before his duties as an official later this evening."

Brian Rentfro: "Amen to that."

Jon McDaniel: "We're moving right into our next title match as there's nothing to clean up in the ring. Langly takes on the Kumquat Kid in a bid to regain the title he took from her some weeks ago on Rampage!"

Back to the ring.

Eric Emerson: The following match is for the PWA Grizzly Beer Championship and is a Carnival Nights Match!

The camera pans across the ring, showing a teddy bear suspended from a chain in each corner. Each stuffed animal is high enough to require a ladder to reach. Two of the bears are dressed like the quintessential PWA icon, Al, while the other two are dressed like his new 'girlfriend', Alice.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, the champion... from Dade City , Florida , he is Ryan Lewis... THE KUMQUAT KID!!

"Look At Me, I'm A Winner" by the Aquabats blares as the camera cuts to the ramp, where orange strobe lights pulse. Dunk emerges to a decent pop from the crowd and begins tossing kumquats into the audience.

Dunk points to the heavens as high above in the rafters stands The Kumquat Kid. He has a harness on and jumps from the rafters, the crowd in a frenzy as he tosses out KoA t-shirts as he goes. He lands right in the middle of his Kumquatians and gives them all a huge smile, some of them patting him on the back.

Ryan hops over the guardrail and hugs his friend Dunk, who takes his place outside in Ryan's corner. The Kumquat Kid scales a turnbuckle and looks out into the crowd, taking a deep breath. He does a moon Sault landing on his feet as the crowd begins chanting "Kumquat Kid, Kumquat Kid", Ryan bouncing around, all giddy in his corner, his music dying down.

A soft pinging noise fills the speakers, moving across the arena as the lights flicker along with it. As the pinging comes to a stop, the lights in the arena shut off completely, and orchestral intro to "Planet Hell" by Nightwish begins. The crowd doesn't really know what to think as images of angels and death flash across the screen, superimposed with flashes of ring action. The lights begin to flicker along with the beat of the drums. And without a warning, the music stops and a massive explosion of red pyro goes off on both sides of the entrance ramp as the guitars kick in most mightily, the lights coming back on with a fury. Blue lasers fly about the arena as Marco Hietala begins singing.

### Denying the lying ###
### A million children fighting ###
### For lives in strife ###
### For hope beyond the horizon ###

The lasers switch to a reddish hue as Tajra begins to sing....

### A dead world ###
### A dark path ###
### Not even crossroads to choose from ###
### All the blood red carpets before me ###
### Behold this fair creation of God ###

As Tajra's pace and the music calm down considerably, a spotlight bursts out from in front of the curtain as a figure slowly makes its way out in front of it, head tilted down. The figure stops just in front of the light, head tilted down. Her long, black hair flows over her shoulders, bangs at the front hiding her face as she silhouettes herself on the light.

Eric Emerson: "And now, his opponent, she stands 5 feet, 9 inches and weighed in this morning at 142 pounds...

### My only wish to leave behind ###
### All the days of the earth ###
### An everyday hell of my kingdom come ###

The woman slowly lifts her head up, hair hanging down over her face and obscuring most of it. Finally, as the second of the song begins, she throws her arms out to the side in a crucifix pose and flicks her head back, her hair flying back over her shoulders and revealing her face. A huge pop occurs as a stream of silver sparks fall from the screen above her, the light behind her blacking out. She ignores any sort of minor pain that the sparks would be causing her as three silver fireworks shoot off from the top of the ADCtron to fly off and hit sets above the ring, causing minor explosions and the lasers to switch back to blue.

### The first rock thrown again ###
### Welcome to hell, little Saint ###
### Mother Gaia in slaughter ###
### Welcome to paradise soldier ###

Riona drops her pose and paces each side of the entrance ramp, mentally preparing herself for the match as she loosens her muscles up a bit with a little bounce.

Eric Emerson: She comes to us from Philadelphia , Pennsylvania and is the Celestial Trigger...

### My first cry neverending ###
### All life is to fear for life ###
### You fool, you wanderer ###
### You challenged the gods and lost ###

Riona returns to the middle of the entranceway and begins to make her way down the ramp as silver sparks suddenly fly up from either side of the entrance ramp to shower down over her, creating a tunnel of sorts due to the arching shape. Riona's typical neutral gaze not showing much of her thoughts towards the crowd. The arching shape keeps her from specifically reaching out for high fives, but she doesn't bother to stop the few pats on the back she gets through the tunnel of sparks. Riona stops at the bottom of the ramp as the sparks finally dissipate, looking up into the ring for a few moments before walking over to and up the stairs. She quickly climbs up to the top turnbuckle and snaps off a crucifix pose as silver pyro shoots up from the other three turnbuckles with a loud pop as soon as the chorus begins.


### Save yourself a penny for the ferryman ###
### Save yourself and let them suffer ###
### In hope ###
### In love ###
### This world ain't ready for The Ark ###

She holds the pose there while the chorus goes on, the lasers finally ending. Finally, Riona lowers her arms and hops down into to her corner, doing some last minute stretches and getting ready for the match as the lights return to normal.

Brian Rentfro: "A Carnival-what?"

Matthew McLean: "To be honest; I don't find the Grizzly Beer title all that inspiring. But it certainly has its level of tradition in this federation."

Jon McDaniel: "The way I understand it, the title belt is in one of those teddy bears."

Brian Rentfro: "Oh. That's... Grizzly."

Matthew McLean: "...Yeah...It certainly is."

The bell sounds to begin the match, and the two wrestlers slide out of the ring. Each of them grabs a ladder and dives back inside the ring. Riona charges the Kumquat Kid, using her ladder like a battering ram. Ryan Lewis brings his ladder up and around to block. Langly strikes at her opponent with her ladder. Block! Strike! Block! Counter! It is a flurry of dueling ladders. The Kumquat Kid drops his ladder and nails the Celestial Trigger with a dropkick, sending her off balance and staggering backwards. Ryan Lewis sweeps his adversary's legs out from under her then rolls to his feet. KK bounces off the ropes and performs the Rolling Kumquats across his downed foe, crushing her beneath her own ladder. Ryan begins setting up his ladder in one of the corners.

Brian Rentfro: "I take it all back! That was awesome!"

Matthew McLean: "Certainly a unique display of physical skill by both athletes."

Jon McDaniel: "I have to admit - it was pretty cool!"

Matthew McLean: "And Lewis now begins his ascent!"

Ryan Lewis begins scaling the ladder, heading for the first teddy bear of the match. Riona Langly hops to her feet and begins climbing up the other side of the ladder. The Kumquat Kid grabs hold of the stuffed animal, but his attempt to free the bear is thwarted as Riona slams her adversary's head into the top of the ladder. The two wrestlers begin exchanging punches, rising to the top of the ladder. Suddenly Langly grabs her opponent's arm and whips KK from the top with a huge arm drag. Both wrestlers topple towards the canvas. The Celestial Trigger manages to land on top of her foe, and both lie still.

The bear drops off its chain.

Jon McDaniel: "An elevated exchange leaves both competitors - and one teddy bear - on the canvas!"

Brian Rentfro: "So in order to find out what's inside...?"

Matthew McLean: "I guess they have to..."

The Celestial Trigger pushes herself to her feet and walks over to rip the head off the teddy bear, pulling out a large jingling bag. A smirk plays across Riona Langly's face as she empties the bag's contents on the mat, spilling a thousand tacks onto the canvas. The fans roar in anticipation.

Brian Rentfro: "...That was disturbing in multiple ways."

Matthew McLean: "It was. And it opens up the door for a whole new level of pain in this match!"

Riona stalks her foe, whipping the Kumquat Kid into the ropes as soon as he's to his feet. Langly catches Ryan Lewis off the rebound, sending him up into the air before sending him crashing down facefirst into the tacks. KK shouts in pain as he shoots straight back to his feet, tacks embedded into his face. The Celestial Trigger drops him with a roundhouse kick to the back of his head, following up with an elbow drop from the second rope across the back of his neck. Riona Langly picks up her ladder, propping it across the top rope then grabs her adversary by the legs. Catapult! Ryan Lewis' head collides with the steel ladder. A Reality Check to the back of the head ensures he stays down while Riona grabs the other ladder and positions it beneath one of the remaining teddy bears. The Celestial Trigger quickly goes up the ladder unopposed and secures the stuffed animal, ripping into it to pull out a pair of brass knuckles.

Matthew McLean: "So far Langly two for two as she rips open another bear to find brass knucks!"

Jon McDaniel: "Kumquat finds himself in a bad way... the tacks were just the beginning!"

The Kumquat Kid pulls himself up to his feet by use of the ropes then spots Riona holding the spool aloft on top of the ladder. KK runs into the ropes and springboards off with a missile dropkick to the ladder. The ladder topples, sending the Celestial Trigger crashing down across the ring barricade. Ryan Lewis climbs to the top turnbuckle and leaps off, delivering the Natural Preservatives to his opponent as she lies suspended across the fence. Both wrestlers spill into the crowd.

Jon McDaniel: "What a set of moves by Lewis! Riona may have over-estimated the usefulness of the "prizes" in those bears if he keeps pulling out moves like that!"

Matthew McLean: "With brass knuckles and tacks floating around - high risk moves almost seem like the safer bet."

Ryan Lewis kips up to his feet and fires a spinning heel kick to his foe as Riona forces herself back up. KK pulls his foe back to her feet, only to be whipped into the barrier then clotheslined over it to the ringside floor. Langly picks up a chair and follows after her adversary. She swings! But KK rolls out of the way! Another swing, this time connecting with his back, causing him to drop to one knee. Another swing from the Celestial Trigger, but Ryan dives out of the way, causing his opponent to strike the ring steps with a resounding clash instead. Frustrated by her opponent's continual evasion, Riona throws the chair at Ryan. As he catches the chair out of instinct, Langly shoots a Reality Check at the chair, drilling it into his face. Lewis drops the chair and is quickly driven into it by an implant ddt by the Celestial Trigger.

Matthew McLean: "The Kumquat Kid puts his remarkable agility in display here, but in the end Langly's assault caught up with him!"

Brian Rentfro: "Did you see his head bounce off that chair?"

Matthew McLean: "It was pretty hard to miss."

Riona Langly rolls back inside the ring, looking between the remaining 'Al' and 'Alice' high overhead. She picks up one of the ladders and begins setting it up beneath 'Alice'. The mangled ladder rocks a bit as she climbs to the top.

Jon McDaniel: "And Langly makes a move for her third bear tonight!"

Brian Rentfro: "..."

Matthew McLean: "..."

Jon McDaniel: "Hey, I only call it how I see it."

The Kumquat Kid slides back inside the ring and climbs up after Riona. Langly glances back at her opponent and kicks at him, but he blocks with ease, grabbing onto her legs. Langly attempts to dislodge her adversary, causing one of the legs of the ladder to start bowing. Ryan Lewis executes a spider German suplex, sending the Celestial Trigger flying off the ladder to the canvas below. This causes the leg of the ladder to snap, sending the ladder falling, Ryan's legs still trapped between the rungs. There is a sharp cry of pain from KK as he hits the mat.


Jon McDaniel: "MY GOD!"

Ryan Lewis rolls on the mat in pain, holding his legs, while Riona Langly lies still, seemingly out cold.

Jon McDaniel: "Riona is out - and Ryan Lewis may have any number of torn ligaments in that leg!"

Brian Rentfro: "I imagine that will make a match where you have to climb ladders difficult to win."

Matthew McLean: "Somehow I doubt that's the thought going through his mind."

The Celestial Trigger's eyes snap open, burning with determination to regain what she believes is rightfully hers. Getting to her feet, she walks past her wounded opponent with barely a sign of compassion. Riona steps through the ropes and hops to the floor, pulling out a new ladder. She walks up the ring steps and re-enters the ring, setting the ladder up beneath 'Al'. The Kumquat Kid drags himself towards the ladder. As his hand brushes against the brass knuckles he picks them up and puts them on his hand. Meanwhile Langly has reached the top and is reaching for 'Al', only to find him just out of reach. She must re-position the ladder.

Matthew McLean: "Langly finds the bear just out of reach... And Lewis is on the move!"

Ryan Lewis pulls himself up to his feet by use of the ropes and slowly climbs the turnbuckles while the Celestial Trigger climbs back down the ladder. KK leaps off the ropes with a hurricarana, taking his opponent over and down to the mat. Ryan rains blows into his adversary's head and face, assisted by the brass knuckles. Langly's eyes glaze over as blood trickles from her mouth. Lewis places Riona into the tree of woe, picking up the ladder as he backs up.

Brian Rentfro: "This doesn't look good for Riona!"

Kumquat Kid: VIVA LA KUMQUAT!!

KK charges forward, driving the ladder into his foe's abdomen. As the Celestial Trigger remains trapped in the turnbuckles, Ryan Lewis positions the ladder beneath 'Alice' and starts up the ladder. When he gains the top and grabs the stuffed animal, he looks sorrowful at the prospect of damaging the teddy bear. Riona disengages herself from the ropes and rushes over to push the ladder over. The Kumquat Kid does not drop with the ladder, however, as he clutches onto 'Alice' and the chain by which 'she' is hanging. Langly frowns as her foe remains suspended above the ring. She climbs the turnbuckles and dives off the top, spearing Ryan into the mat, eliciting another roar of approval from the fans.

Jon McDaniel: "I can't believe this! Even after that barrage from the brass knuckles Riona flies off the turnbuckle in pure determination!"

Brian Rentfro: "Lewis may regret that hesitation there. I mean come on... Its a friggin' teddy bear!"

Jon McDaniel: "Yeah, but... That is a pretty brutal act."

Brian Rentfro: "And mercilessly driving that ladder into Riona's stomach wasn't?"

Matthew McLean: "Its debatable."

Riona Langly kips up to her feet and measures her opponent. She runs in to kick the Kumquat Kid's head like a soccer ball, nearly taking his head off. The Celestial Trigger drags her foe up to his feet to plant him into the remnants of the tacks with a sunset flip powerbomb! Langly walks over and rips open the chest of the teddy bear to pull out a water pistol. Disgusted, she throws down the water pistol and takes the ladder, placing it beneath 'Al'.

Jon McDaniel: "Riona rips open number three! And the contents... Probably not what she expected."

Brian Rentfro: "Who the hell came up with this stuff? Tacks? Knuckles? And a WATER pistol?"

Matthew McLean: "Well, it is a Carnival match..."

Brian Rentfro: "And what the hell do tacks and brass knuckles have to do with a carnival?"

Matthew McLean: "Ah.... Good point."

Riona Langly climbs the ladder and rips 'Al' free of his chain. Ryan Lewis tries to go after his foe, but his legs refuse to support his weight. KK drags himself over to the ladder and begins shaking it, trying to tip it over. Riona drops 'Al' before she can pull out the prize, but she is able to maintain her footing. Ryan frantically drags himself towards the teddy bear as Langly drops from the ladder, racing for it as well. The Kumquat Kid whips out the water pistol, spraying his opponent in the face as she kneels to pick up the stuffed animal. Langly recoils, shouting in pain, as the pistol is revealed to be filled with mace! Fighting against the searing pain, the Celestial Trigger dives for 'Al' simultaneously with Lewis. They each grab hold of the bear, ripping it in half, and the Grizzly Bear Title spills out.

Jon McDaniel: "Oh MY! The pistol had a use after all!"

Brian Rentfro: "MACE? Now tell me, what the hell does that have to do with--"

Matthew McLean: "Regardless, the Grizzly Beer title is on the mat and up for grabs!"

Jon McDaniel: "Both competitors make the dive!"

Both Langly and Lewis dive simultaneously--


And their heads collide. Both fall to the canvas, unconscious... However, Langly falls on top of the title.


Eric Emerson: "Here is your winner and NEW Grizzly Beer champion - RIONA LANGLY!"

The referee raises the hand of the limp Langly, whose eyes are thick and red after the dousing from the mace.

Jon McDaniel: "And Langly regains the title from Lewis!"

Brian Rentfro: "Yep. Hopefully some day she'll actually be able to look at it again, too."

Jon McDaniel: "The Tag titles will be on the line next - after a little shameless self-promotion!"



AUGUST 15, 2008


Jon McDaniel: "We're back folks - and our participants have already been introduced down to the ringside area."

Brian Rentfro: "That Sizzler promo took a lot longer than it seemed like..."

Matthew McLean: "I noticed that, too..."

Jon McDaniel: "The Champions - Lunatic Fringe are set to defend against the upstart Deadpool - let's go to the ring!"


The match starts off with Sirus and Frost in the ring, They circle each other a little bit as Sirus keeps his eye on Deacon Frost and Bronx and Frost keeps an eye on the Moran brothers. They finally lock up in the middle of the ring, Frost goes for a side head lock, but Sirus slips out of it and pushes Deacon into the ropes. Deacon comes back and Sirus trips him up with a quick drop toe hold into a tight Ankle lock, he pulls Deacon over to his corner and tags in Randal, who hops to the top rope and spring boards off onto Deacon Frost with a hard leg drop, fired up, he charges at Bronx and knocks him off the Apron, he turns his attention back to Deacon, who was just about to get to his feet, and tosses him into the turnbuckle opposite to them.

Jon McDaniel: "The Morans not wasting any time in demonstrating why they are not only the tag champs - but a living dynasty when it comes to tag wrestling!"

Matthew McLean: "After coming out that strong, the Deadpool may be wondering if they're in over their head."

Brian Rentfro: "I think we all know the answer to that one."

With Deacon in the corner, Randall hits him with a hard Stinger splash, then catches him off the turnbuckle into a spine buster! He gets the crowd behind before he charges at the rope and spring boards off again hitting a rough lion Sault! He hooks frosts leg!



Kick out!!

Matthew McLean: "Randall displaying some of his quick, aerial prowess there, and follows up with an early pin attempt."

Jon McDaniel: "Perhaps letting Frost know that the victory here can come at any time."

Brian Rentfro: "Uh... or he was just trying to pin his opponent. One of the two, I guess."

Deacon Kicks out and Randall just grins and waltz's over to tag in Sirus, who hops in, a little to excited, he runs over to pick Deacon up from the mat, But he meets Deacon's foot in his face as he bends over to grab him! Sirus falls back a bit and goes to grab Deacon again, who pulls Sirus down into a roll up!


Matthew McLean: "Frost maybe sending a message of his own with that quick roll up!"

Brian Rentfro: "Am I the only one who sees a pin simply as an attempt to win the match? Seriously?"

Sirus kicks out and rolls away from Deacon, both get up slowly, only as Sirus gets up to his feet, from behind, Bronx Williams grabs him into a headlock and holds him in place!! Deacon grins and gives Sirus a couple shots to the gut, Randall gets into the ring but the ref stops him mid-way to the Sirus beat down and tells him to go back to his Corner! Bronx finally let’s go and Deacon bulls him into a high brain buster!

Sirus comes down with a hard thud and Deacon quickly hooks his leg!



Randall interferes in the pin and kicks Deacon right in the back of the head!!

Jon McDaniel: "Nice impact there by the challenger after he and his partner demonstrate some teamwork on the champion."

Brian Rentfro: "Sirus walked into this predicament - literally - and now he's going to have to fight to get some momentum back."

 Deacon holds his head in pain as the ref pushes Randall back to his Corner, Deacon crawls over slowly to Bronx and tags him in, Sirus only had a second to get back up to his feet before Bronx grabs him and pulls him away from his own corner! Bronx pulls him into a front face lock, about to go for a DDT but Sirus uses his weight to push Bronx backwards into a near-by turnbuckle!!

Matthew McLean: "That's a start!"

Sirus begins to jab Bronx in the shoulder a bit, he then backs up and goes to Whip Bronx into the other turnbuckle, Except Bronx stops himself and instead tries to pull Sirus into a clothesline! Sirus ducks under his arm however and spins around. Just as Bronx turns around he is met by a hard “Wrong Hand of Doom!” (Heart punch) Bronx's face goes white and he grips his chest. Sirus goes for the quick pin!



Shoulder up!!

Jon McDaniel: "Sirus demonstrating the lethality of that patented quick strike as he nearly picks up the win!"

Bronx pushes Sirus off of him and rolls over onto his back. Sirus picks himself up and shakes his head some, Bronx begins to get back up to his feet, Deacon in the corner shouts to him to tag him in, But Bronx denies the request and turns to meet Sirus, who tags Randall in... Randall slips into the ring slowly and stands barrel chested to Bronx... Bronx backs up a bit but Randall charges him and pulls him into what could've been a suplex, Bronx however, wiggles a bit and shifts so instead Randall is the victim of a hard snap suplex!

Matthew McLean: "Bronx staying in the ring against the wishes of his teammate - he retains control with that sulpex, but that decision could end up haunting him."

Jon McDaniel: "He seems to have something to prove."

Brian Rentfro: "Don't they all?"

Matthew McLean: "Not usually when gold is on the line..."

Bronx gets up to his feet, as does Randall. Randall charges Bronx again, except this time, Bronx catches him in a Sleeper hold, he backs up to Deacon and gets Deacon to tag him on the shoulder, this time Deacon gets into the ring and socks Randall a couple times in the gut while Bronx held him, before the ref could make the 5 count though, Bronx let go and got to his corner. Deacon instead to Randall into a grapple and hits him with a hard Belly to belly suplex which flings Randall half way across the ring.

Randall gets to his feet and shakes his head a little. Deacon was on him like a hawk within two seconds and grabs him by the back of his neck, and pulls him up to his feet, he shows his hand to the entire arena and wiggles his fingers a bit, he then grabs hold of Randall's neck, Randall wiggles a bit then quickly kicks Deacon in the gut a few times, Deacon lets go and Randall pulls him into a hard DDT!!

Jon McDaniel: "Deacon possibly looking for a choke slam but denied as Randall counters with a DDT!"

Randall flips Deacon over on his back and hooks his leg!




Deacon pushes Randall off of him and rolls away, he gets to his feet quickly, and Randall- He rolls onto his back and hops up to his feet, he grins and points to Randall a sign that he was “Going down”, Deacon just laughs it off and they both lock up in the middle of the ring, Randall gets behind him and wraps his arms around his waist, Deacon tries to shake him off but Randall shifts his weight and pulls Deacon Frost into a hard German Suplex bridge pin!



Matthew McLean: "Randall Moran certainly a very versatile competitor - from his technical ability to his aerial prowess - he can stand toe to toe with just about anyone on any occasion."

Jon McDaniel: "Indeed, and combined with Sirus' experience and instincts makes this Moran team easily one of the more lethal combinations they've come up with."

Brian Rentfro: "And there are a LOT of combinations to stack that up against."

Matthew McLean: "For real."

Bronx runs in and delivers a hard kick to Randall's Lower back, this only opens Bronx to Sirus who charges into the ring and tackles him. Sirus pounds on Bronx face a couple of times before he grabs him and brings him to his feet, only to toss him out of the ring!

Sirus looks left, then he looks right, a sly smile comes across his face, he runs at the ropes and bounces off. He comes back in the same direction that Bronx was in and spring board suicide dives off the top rope and crashes down on the rising Bronx Williams.

Jon McDaniel: "Sirus Moran with a suicide dive outside the ring!"

The crowd erupts as Sirus’s move, and both men lay sprawled on the canvas. Randall, back to his feet, pulls Frost up and whips him to the ropes! Frost bounces off, but launches himself with a flying clothesline. Randall ducks and Frost connects with the referee!

Brian Rentfro: "Look out, ref!"

With the ref down, Randall charges after Frost and as he stands, Randall tosses him over the top rope to the floor. He follows and tries to whip Frost into the steel stairs, but the move is reversed and Randall collides hard. Frost stomps away on him, before picking him up and throwing him up the ramp. Frost follows, tripping Randall as he tries to stand.

Jon McDaniel: "The action has spilled to the outside!"

Matthew McLean: "But Williams and Sirus look to be moving back in..."

Back at the ring, Bronx crawls in with Sirus close behind. Bronx manages to stand first and kicks Sirus in the side of the head. He then picks up Sirus horizontally and throws him backwards over his head. As Sirus lands, Bronx twists and leg drops him across the throat and tries for a cover.

Jon McDaniel: "Bronx manhandles Sirus and looks for a fall - but there's no one to count!"

Noticing the referee is down, and his partner Frost has Randall up under ADCtron, Bronx jumps up and scoots outside to get a steel chair. Sliding back in, he goes to slam it into Sirus, but Sirus nips up and hits a huge drop kick and it slams the chair into Bronx’s forehead. Bronx drops the chair as he falls against the corner and Sirus jumps up, and hits a huge shoulder block on Bronx, doubling him over!

Matthew McLean: "Sirus takes advantage of the situation and is back in control! He's looking for a risk move!"

Sirus lifts Bronx onto the top turnbuckle, climbs up and waves to the crowd before he hooks Bronx up for a superplex! With all his might, Sirus completes the move, and both men crash to the canvas with a solid thump.

Sirus manages to get up first, looks up to see Frost whip Randall off the stage to the gasp of the crowd, and Sirus blinks with concern. Before he can react, he finds himself lifted high into the air and falls backwards as Bronx secures a huge belly to back suplex into a pinning combination! The ref, barely moving, crawls over painfully.

Brian Rentfro: "Bronx with the suplex from behind!"





Jon McDaniel: "The Deadpool are the--"

Matthew McLean: "Wait, what's all this?"

Bronx jumps up, holding his hand up high as the winner! However, the ref pulls his arm down and Bronx looks shocked. Sirus, back to his feet, motions that he’s won, but the ref shakes his head and goes over to the ropes, where he has a quick word with Eric Emerson, whose eyes goes wide but he holds the mic up and announces.

Eric Emerson: "Uh, ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve just been informed by the referee that when the three count was reached… BOTH Bronx and Sirus’s shoulders were down on the canvas! The ref has officially ruled this match, A DRAW!"

Brian Rentfro: "Say what?!"

Matthew McLean: "Well this is a curious predicament... If that's the case, Lunatic Fringe retains their titles here tonight!"

Sirus drops out of the ring, without getting the titles and goes up to check on Randall who’s laying over on the side of the stage. Frost sprints to the ring to argue with the referee with Bronx. As Sirus helps Randall up, who is okay, all four men look up as a single GONG rings out and Raizzor steps onto the stage.

Raizzor: "After a quick review of the end of the match, I am forced to agree with the referee that his decision stands. The problem however, with both men’s shoulder’s down, is that either team could argue they are the champions. I am not going to listen."

He pauses.

Raizzor: "Instead, what I am going to do is this. With our United Forces Tournament due to being next week on Rampage, there will be a slight change in the structure. Lunatic Fringe and Deadpool will be exempt from splitting their teams up in the random draw, and instead will compete as a unit and receive byes to the second round of the tournament to take place three weeks from today. As for the titles? They are now held up, to be awarded to the over all winners of this tournament. That is all."

Raizzor heads backstage while Frost and Bronx bitch louder but Sirus and Randall grin, hungry for the challenge.

Jon McDaniel: "Well this is quite a development! This changes the entire scope of the United Forces Tournament for the next month!"

Matthew McLean: "Indeed, and while neither team walks out a champion today - they have a HUGE strategical advantage going into this event where every other team will be randomized!"

Brian Rentfro: "Not to mention they don't have to compete in the first round!"

Matthew McLean: "With two weeks to plan, prepare and rest up... Either one of these teams has to already be a heavy favorite to advance to the finals."

Jon McDaniel: "Agreed."


Now Available on DVD...

Say Good-Bye One More Time...


Jon McDaniel: "Up next is the header to the main event - as Jamie Flynn and Matthew Engel put their egos on the line in addition to battling for the Intercontinental Title!"

Just when you think the surprises are over... or haven't even started, "Vigil" by Lamb of God hits the PA systems. This is neither the entrance music for Matthew Engel and his MoA, or Jamie Flynn. This is an entrance music not heard in quite some time, and it boggles your mind.

Brian Rentfro: "What's this here?"

Matthew McLean: "You got me."

Matthew Engel appears on the stage. Behind him, Graham Cain, Dead End, Impulse, and Gregory Price. But, there is a sixth person. He's struggling inside a black body bag, which is being dragged by Cain and Dead. They make their way down to the ring, boos being poured down upon them like a Southeastern Asia monsoon.

Jon McDaniel: "And the MoA is out in full force!"

Brian Rentfro: "We may be in for a special treat right here!"

Matthew Engel is the last to enter the ring, as Cain and Dead make sure the individual in the body bag is secure. Impulse is on the lookout, and Price is hanging out in the corner. He's sweating profusely, and probably hasn't approved of Matthew's actions, but knows well enough to keep his mouth closed. Matthew is handed a microphone.

Matthew Engel: "
Once upon a time... there was a man. He was in a black tuxedo, a smile on his face so bright that it lit up the room and made the people around him excessively happy. He was destined to be with a certain young woman, and a marriage would solidify this fact. But, this man made a mistake. He hurt someone. He hurt the wrong kind of people."

The man in the bag starts to kick and yell, but Dead silences him with one kick.

Matthew Engel: "
But this man was so enveloped with his happiness and his soon-to-be bride that he forgot about consequences. He forgot about the most basic law of laws... for every action, there is an equal, but opposite, reaction. However, I've never been a fan of equality."

Matthew turns toward Dead and Cain, and they both begin to lay into the helpless man. We can hear moans and screams of pain. He's alive. He's still alive. Dead and Cain are repulsively tense, and they don't seem to want to stop. Matthew graces Cain's shoulder with his hand, and both men stop immediately.

Matthew Engel: "
The past will always catch up with you, and for this man's case, you're looking at his past and future coming together. Cain, if you don't mind."

Cain nods and unzips the black bag. He begins to lift the figure out of the bag, and throw him down to the mat. He's a big man, and it's impressive that the MoA was able to find a body bag that was big enough to hold him. The man is still in his black tuxedo, but a mask covers his face. It's made of bone, basically a skeleton face from years ago.

Jon McDaniel: "Who is this guy?"

Brian Rentfro: "Looks like he left some poor woman at the alter..."

Matthew McLean: "Or was forced away."

Matthew Engel: "
I told you all I'd have quite the surprise for you, and I fulfill my promises. Let me introduce you to the man who has been living a lie."

Matthew, still holding the microphone in his left hand, reaches down and pulls off the mask. The cameras immediately zoom in, and we can see the bruised face of Duff Côte d'iVoire. The crowd is completely shocked, as this man was pronounced dead after a house fire. Duff begins to cover his face, as Cain and Dead go back to kicking and stomping on him. Matthew throws the mask down to the canvas, and shatters it with one swift stomp. He lifts the microphone back up to his mouth.

Matthew Engel: "Yes... ladies and gentlemen, give me a hand in welcoming back Duff Côte d'iVoire to Pioneer Wrestling. I'd love nothing more for a Q and A session right now, but I simply don't have the time. Let's just stick to me telling you the what, where, why, when, and how."

A brief pause.

Matthew Engel: "
It all started at Revolutions Per Minute. It seemed the end of April brought about fates for two men, not just one. It was quite obvious that after my match with Vicious, I became the new leader for the Masters of Armageddon. A shock in itself, my fate had been laid before me by a man I despised for many years. However, just last week, I had an epiphany. Somebody else's fate had been laid before them that night as well, but no one was there to spell it out for him.

The moment Duff picked up that chair and hit my brother, Warren, in the head with it, was the moment he sealed his fate. He hospitalized my brother for months. Did he honestly expect that to go unpunished? You all know the rest of the story, and it is quite a magnificent tale. He faked his own death, and he wrestled under the moniker of "Feenixx" in Lonestar Championship Wrestling. He didn't count on anybody finding out, and he didn't count on the MoA tracking him down. I guess that's what happens when you're as foolish as he is."

Matthew and Duff share a look. Duff spits blood in Matthew's general direction. Some of it hits Matthew's boots, as Duff's strength to get it anywhere near his face has diminished. Dead End hits a mean soccer kick in Duff's back and Cain finishes it off with a strong right punch to Duff's face.

Matthew Engel: "Things were set in motion to bring Duff back into the lime light, and now you see a broken and humiliated man. Maybe he'll think twice about harming my family and faking his own death again. Darren was able to locate him in Bumfuckville, Texas. Sorry I crashed the wedding, Duff, but it felt right. It felt meant to be. It felt like fate.

Duff is not dead. Duff is alive, and he lied to us all. He went on living his life thinking the past wouldn't catch up, and he wouldn't pay for his sins against my family. This is what happens when you fuck with us. This is what happens when you think everything is alright. I'm no hero, but sacrifices were made to make this happen."

Despite Duff's lying, the crowd plays the sympathy card and begins to boo the MoA. You can't cheer an organization that has been hated for the last decade.

Matthew Engel: "You can boo us, and that's fine. I expected nothing different from a crowd of retards. But, now that Duff has paid for his sins, he can crawl back into the hole I found him in. Here's to you, Duff."

Matthew drops the microphone and lifts Duff's head up by his chin. He whispers a few words to Duff, which brings life to Duff's eyes. Matt reaches back and nails Duff across the jaw with a powerful punch. Matthew whistles to Impulse and Dead and they drag Duff backstage. Cain, Price, and Matthew remain inside the ring.

Jon McDaniel: "I can't believe what we've just witnessed!"

Brian Rentfro: "The MoA attack somebody?"

Matthew McLean: "No, damnit... Duff was supposedly dead! To think he's been alive all this time... and the MoA found him!"

Jon McDaniel: "Only to give him the beating of his life..."

Dead End and Impulse are still dragging a bloodied and battered Duff, and they shove him into the trademark MoA limo. Impulse hops in on the other side, but Dead End doesn't join him. They simply nod, and Dead closes the door. He slams the roof of the limo and the limo speeds off, heading out of the arena. Dead has an evil smirk and leaves the area.

Jon McDaniel: "If that's how the MoA treat their own... I hate to think what's in store for Flynn."


Eric Emerson: "The next match is for Pioneer Wrestling's Intercontinental Title. It is scheduled for one pinfall or submission and has a thirty minute time limit. Our champion, Matthew "Virus" Engel, is currently in the ring, and I will introduce his challenger..."

"Pet" by A Perfect Circle - entrance music of his earlier days - hits the sound system as the fans begin to cheer for him. Jamie Flynn struts out from backstage wearing black trunks with a
red ouroboros emblazoned on the right leg. He has on a black hoodie, and there's a glare from the lights reflecting off his trademark Aviators.

Eric Emerson: "He stands six feet and a quarter inch..."

Jamie begins to walk down to the ring. We can't see exactly where his eyes are focused on, but then again... we don't have to. Matthew Engel stands in his corner, ready to go. Price is by his side, giving him some last minute instruction.

Eric Emerson: "and weighs two hundred and five pounds. He is... JAMIE FLYNN!!!"

The crowd erupts again as Jamie reaches the ring. He climbs in, removing his Aviators and black hoodie. He hands them off to Emerson who takes them down near the announcer's booth. Jamie stretches a little in the ring, as the referee gets in-between them.

Matthew McLean: "And here we go!"


Flynn charges at Engel, but Engel slides away and grabs Flynn's ankle, tripping him up. Engel quickly drops an elbow to Flynn's neck. He does it again, and then goes off the second rope and connects with a guillotine legdrop. Engel stomps Flynn in the chest and backs up for a moment. Flynn begins to move, and Engel hits Flynn with another stomp and a stare. The stare hurts more.

Jon McDaniel: "The hatred between these men well-established."

Brian Rentfro: "Flynn should have stayed dead. Now Virus is going to finish what he started back then!"

Matthew McLean: "We'll see."

Flynn gets back to his feet. He cracks his neck, and nods. Flynn and Engel lock up, but Flynn is quick to land an elbow to Engel's side. Flynn follows it up with some hard knees to the stomach and hits a neckbreaker on Engel. Flynn flies into the ropes and comes back with a senton bomb. He covers Engel.


Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: "That was pointless."

Engel is to his feet. Flynn checks him with a quick right, and follows it up with a jaw-breaking left hook. Engel stumbles back and Flynn tries for a spinning heel kick, but Engel brushes him aside. Flynn to his feet. Engel comes at him with a side kick, but Flynn catches Engel's foot. Engel tries for the enziguri, but Flynn dodges. Engel crashes to the mat and Flynn is right on him for another assault. He unchambers lefts and rights, and then gets Engel to his feet. Flynn takes him down with a quick hip toss, but Engel is to his feet. Flynn spears him into the corner.

Jon McDaniel: "But men relentless with their attacks - not so much as taking a breather."

Matthew McLean: "Flynn in control right now."

Flynn runs to the opposite corner and charges. Halfway, he launches into the air for a corner splash.

And misses.

Flynn connects with the turnbuckle as Engel dodges at the last second. Engel wraps Flynn up from behind and hits him with a huge german suplex. Engel holds on and stands up, still holding onto Flynn. He hits ANOTHER german suplex on him. Engel uses a lot of strength to get Flynn back up again, Flynn trying to struggle out of it. Flynn fights back with an elbow, trying to avoid a third. But Engel perseveres and hits another german suplex on Flynn. He bridges it.


Kick out!

Matthew McLean: "The referee only hit once after all three of those suplexes?!"

Jon McDaniel: "Amazing stamina and perseverance by Flynn!"

Brian Rentfro: "He's just lucky those successive attacks weakened Engel's grip on him."

Flynn to his feet. Engel starts to give him some lip, but there's too much of it as Flynn takes him down with a roundhouse. Flynn grabs Engel's arm and rushes toward the turnbuckle. Flynn hits a tornado cross arm breaker on Engel. Still holding on to Engel's arm, he rings him up and attempts to kick Engel in the back of the head. Engel telegraphs it and ducks, grabbing his leg and taking him down to the mat. Engel is up and Flynn gets to his feet. Engel kicks him low and hits a huge piledriver on Flynn.



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: "Engel definitely got to two right there after that thundering pile driver!"

Matthew McLean: "Flynn will have a tough time rebounding from that attack..."

Flynn is a bit groggy now as he gets to his feet. Engel wraps Flynn up with a front facelock, and lifts Flynn vertically above him. Engel drops down and hits a big brainbuster on Flynn. He doesn't go for a cover, but flies into the ropes. He springboards off the middle rope, attempting a moonsault. He overshot it. Wait -

He didn't overshoot it, he lands both feet on Flynn's chest for a huge double foot stomp! A quick cover.



Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: "What a devastating move!!"

Matthew McLean: "I agree there - I think even Flynn was relieved for a split second before he felt all that weight on his chest!"

Jon McDaniel: "Still wasn't enough though, he powers out of the pin!"

Brian Rentfro: "These high-impact add up. The kid needs to come back with some offense, or his stamina will give out eventually."

Matthew McLean: "Indeed."

Flynn cringes and begins to gasp for air. Engel is up to his feet. He lands a few stomps, and gets Flynn up to his feet. Engel drags him over to the corner, giving Flynn enough time to catch his breath. Flynn slams his elbow into Engel's stomach and plants him in the mat with a vicious DDT. Flynn hooks the leg.



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: "Desperation attempt there to get some breathing room."

Brian Rentfro: "He needs it."

Flynn is to his feet. Engel gets to a knee, but not before Flynn slaps on an impressive Million Dollar Dream choke. We've seen Engel use this move before. Engel tries his hardest to fight it, but eventually falls to the mat. The referee is down in Engel's face, asking if he wants to give up. Engel shakes his head, and tries to fight back with elbow shots to Flynn. Flynn just tightens the grip, and Engel's face begins to turn red. Engel looks about three feet in front of him, and notices a bottom rope in close proximity. He reaches out, but he's a few inches away. He starts to muscle his way toward the rope as Flynn tries to hold him back. He reaches it, and the ref makes Jamie break the hold.

Jon McDaniel: "Flynn forced to break the hold."

Brian Rentfro: "A little too soon - he should have taken all four seconds."

Matthew McLean: "I'm inclined to agree. His breathing has been off ever since that double foot stomp."

Engel starts coughing and gasping for air himself. Flynn hits a soccer kick on him, and gets him to his feet. Flynn sends him into the ropes and telegraphs a spinning heel kick. He connects this time and sends Engel to the canvas. Flynn is into the ropes and springboards off with a perfect moonsault. He holds it for the cover.



Kick out!

Matthew McLean: "Flynn with a successive string of attacks now - whether he's breathing or not!"

Jon McDaniel: "Virus's air canal can't be feeling great after that choke, either!"

Engel is up to his feet as Flynn grins. Flynn lashes out, but Engel dodges it and wraps Flynn up in a hammerlock. Engel dishes out some brutal forearm shots to Flynn's back and then kicks out the back of his knee. Flynn is down to one knee, but Engel picks up him and executes a big sidewalk slam. Flynn gets to a knee and Engel is on the attack. He hits Flynn with multiple forearm shots and punches. He gets Flynn up to his feet and lands a huge ace cutter. Engel hooks the leg.



Flynn catches the bottom rope with his leg.

Matthew McLean: "Excellent ring presence there by Flynn."

Brian Rentfro: "Lucky break, you mean."

Matthew McLean: "No - not the way I saw it."

Engel slams the mat in frustration and gets in the ref's face a bit. He's claiming he had the three count before Flynn got his leg up. Meanwhile, Flynn regroups and knocks Engel down. Engel to his feet, but he's met with a devastating dropkick. Engel flies into the corner. Flynn mounts and unchambers lefts and rights. He finishes it off with an ice-cold headbutt, and Engel falls to the canvas. Engel to a knee and Flynn grabs him by the hair. Flynn rushes to the corner and hits a big-time tornado DDT. A quick cover.



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: "Another close fall as these two are unleashing everything they have to try and get the extra second needed for the win!"

Matthew McLean: "Its all a matter of who can take it more..."

Engel shakes it off and tries to get to his feet. Flynn drops an elbow on his back and follows it up with some stiff kicks to the back of the head. Flynn gets Engel to his feet and works his arm again. Engel falls to a knee, but looks up into Flynn's eyes and gets an adrenaline shot. Engel muscles back up to his feet and flips out of the arm bar. Still holding onto Flynn, Engel pulls him close and gives him a clothesline he'll never forget. Engel climbs the top rope - cannonball 450 splash. Perfect. He covers.



3 -- NO! Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: "Damn!"

Matthew McLean: "Engel very close after that surge of energy sent him up top for a big move!"

Brian Rentfro: "He's so close he can taste it!"

Engel to his feet and Flynn uses the ropes to get up. Flynn rushes at Engel and locks up with him. Engel shoves Flynn out of his grips and into the ropes. Flynn rebounds looking to connect a lariat on Engel, but Engel ducks and Flynn stops on a dime, kicks Engel low, and has an amazing attempt at a release powerbomb. Executed. Cover.



Kick out!

Jon McDaniel: "What amazing presence by both of these competitors!"

Matthew McLean: "Each time one makes a mistake - the other is there to capitalize... Its so close..."

Engel stays down for a moment, grabbing his back and head. Flynn gets to his feet and drops a quick elbow to Engel's neck. Flynn reaches down and lands a few right punches on Engel's jaw. Flynn turns his back and climbs the top turnbuckle. Engel is to his feet now, as expected. Engel turns around, only to be met by Flynn's astounding shooting star press. Suicide Devil's Plancha. He takes Engel down hard, and Flynn quickly hooks the leg.

Matthew McLean: "Suicide Devil's Plancha!!"

Brian Rentfro: "NO!"





Eric Emerson: "Ladies and gentlemen... the winner of this match and new PWA Intercontinental Champion... JAMIE FLYNN!!!!"

Flynn comes off Engel and raises his arms while on his knees. He's overjoyed as the crowd cheers on. The referee hands him his new title and Flynn throws it over his shoulder. The referee raises his hand in victory, as Matthew Engel rolls out of the ring. Price joins him on the outside, for a bit of consoling. Engel rejects him for the moment, and begins to head up the rampway and disappears backstage. Price follows suit.

Jon McDaniel: "After a hellacious back and forth battle - Jamie Flynn emerges as the new IC champion!"

Brian Rentfro: "What a fluke."

Matthew McLean: "How can you even say that?"

Brian Rentfro: "I've seen Matthew Engel wrestle before, that's how. His allergies were bothering him earlier this week... Clearly they had an impact on his reaction time here tonight."

Matthew McLean: "His reaction time seemed fine to me..."

Brian Rentfro: "Obviously your powers of observation require some fine-tuning."

Flynn takes his title and rolls out of the ring. He's handed his hoodie and Aviators. He gives his hoodie to one of the young girls in the front row and throws his Aviators back on. He smiles, and disappears backstage.

Jon McDaniel: "In any event - the main event is here. All of the boiling hatred has built up to this final match."

Matthew McLean: "Will it be Phoenix's time to say good-bye and goodnight?"

Brian Rentfro: "Who cares? He'll still talk us all to death on his radio show..."


Eric Emerson: "The following match is an Iron Man match for the PWA World title. In addition, if the challenger fails to win, he will retire from the PWA! And now, introducing the special guest enforcer for this match, Psycho Sandra!"

As the ring clears and all is made ready for the next contest, the stadium lights go out for a moment, allowing the crowd to talk amongst themselves. After a while, a few sparks erupt near the top of the ramp. They continue to grow in size until it looks like an accidental electrical fire has gone off, and finally...


An explosion sounds off throughout the entire stadium! A heavy guitar intro plays through the speakers, and the televisions begin to display motorcycles, beer, cigars, and finally...

Buried deep inside; and fighting to survive!
My own dying breath is anticipating death!!

Sandra runs down the ramp. She's wearing a pair of black leather shorts, a leather halter top, knee-high boots covered in thick buckles, and fishnet pantyhose. Her hair is done up into two curly pigtails, and there is a heavy looking crowbar in her hands. She gets to the bottom of the entrance ramp and stops.

Eric Emerson: "Next is the special guest referee.."

The lights dim… and the music of Puff Daddy’s “Come with Me” hits the Big Screen. Strobe lights begin flickering through out the arena… and from the backstage steps Chamelion, wearing a black and white striped referee's shirt. His hair is slick as if he'd just gotten out of the shower, and his walk is slightly woozy.

Eric Emerson: "Chamelion!"

Chamelion heads to the ring to await the competitors.

Brian Rentfro: "Looks like he cleaned up well after his match."

Matthew McLean: "Indeed. Hopefully all those shots to the head won't slow his reaction time."

Eric Emerson: "Now, for tonight's main event."

Europe's "The Final Countdown" starts.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, the challenger. He is a former two time PWA World champion, the co-founder and former President of the PWA, as well as the host of PWA Radio. Fighting out of Orlando, Florida by way of St. Louis, Missouri, he is 6 feet tall and weighs in at 240 pounds, ladies and gentlemen, the self-proclaimed Main Event and Iron Man of the PWA... the Phoenix, Rob Robinson!

As the music swells, Robinson, Moke Doshky, the Dragon, and Fantastic Andy Strickland come out on the ramp. The entourage follows the Phoenix to the bottom of the ramp where Sandra and her crowbar turn them away.

Eric Emerson: "And finally, the champion. He is the current PWA World champion, the former Intercontinental champion, tied for the longest title reign in the current PWA, as well as the occassional co-host of PWA Radio...the PWA's Iron Man and self-described Main Event..."

The lights in the arena cut to black and blue as "Whatever you Became" by Cold begins to play.

Eric Emerson: "Hailing from Atlanta, Gerogia. Weighting in at 255, and standing at 6 foot 3 inches,"

Two blue pyros erupt from the stage as smoke begins to flow from the back.

Eric Emerson: "He's "Big Nasty.""

After a moment, out walks Mark McNasty, receiving a huge pop from the audience.

Eric Emerson: "MARK MCNASTY!"

He stops at the top of the ramp and cocks an eyebrow, as he rubs his chin. He then smiles and points to the crowd before he walks down the ramp. He slaps hands all the way to the ring where he rolls in. Mark then walks to a corner and jumps onto the turnbuckle before pointing out to the crowd, receiving another huge pop. He goes to the opposite corner and does the same, getting another huge pop. He then walks to the center of the ring, looks to his left, then his right, and then straight up. As he does, he raises his arms straight up, and pyros begin reigning down behind him. As the pyros stop, Mark makes his way to his corner as the music fades.

Jon McDaniel: "This is it - Title versus career. Both men ready to put an end to this once and for all."

Matthew McLean: "That's what this event is all about... Saying that last good-bye."

The bell rings and the PWA-Tron switches to a countdown clock above a scoreboard. McNasty and Phoenix approach each other and stare, eye to eye. After several long seconds, Phoenix quickly slaps McNasty and then turns to the crowd to smirk. As he turns back to McNasty, the champion sends him to the mat with a right hand. Phoenix is quickly back on his feet only to get knocked down with another right hand. McNasty drops to the mat and continues the assault, nailing Phoenix with rights and lefts. The Phoenix manages to roll out of the way and gets to his feet. McNasty rushes him and Phoenix catches him in a collar and elbow tie up. Phoenix works out of the lock up to a hammerlock which McNasty uses elbows to fight out of. McNasty spins and delivers a dropkick. The champ makes the cover. 1..kickout!'

Matthew McLean: "Quick attempt by the champion after winning that series."

Jon McDaniel: "More of a statement there than anything."

Brian Rentfro: "A statement that... Dropkicks don't win matches?"

Matthew McLean: "Pretty much, yeah."

Both men get to their feet. Phoenix runs at McNasty, driving him back into the corner. Phoenix hits several knees to the midsection before Chamelion pulls him away. McNasty staggers out of the corner and the Phoenix takes him down with a lariat. Phoenix climbs to the second turnbuckle and comes down with a fist drop on McNasty's head. Phoenix covers. 1...2.kickout. Phoenix pulls McNasty to his feet and executes a snap suplex. McNasty gets pulled to his feet and the Phoenix starts to whip him to the ropes. McNasty reverses the whip ducks down to send Phoenix in the air with a back body drop. Phoenix sees it coming and nails the champion with a float-over DDT. 1...2...3! The scoreboard changes to McNasty:0 Phoenix:1.

Jon McDaniel: "And Robinson takes the early lead in this test of endurance!"

Brian Rentfro: "Seldom does that mean anything in these contests."

Matthew McLean: "That could be a valid point - its up to Robinson to capitalize now and create a larger gap if he can."

The Phoenix decides not to waste an opportunity and drops down to cover again. 1...2.kickout. The Phoenix reaches down to pull McNasty to his feet, but McNasty wraps him up in a small package. 1...2...3! The scoreboard changes again to McNasty:1 Phoenix:1. McNasty is on his feet first and starts to pull Phoenix up, but Phoenix grabs his legs and flips him to the mat. Phoenix steps into a Texas cloverleaf and leans back as far as can, nearly bending McNasty in half. McNasty strains to reach the ropes, but they're too far. The champion fights and claws his way, inching closer to the ropes, but still can't reach. Phoenix manages to wrench back even further, causing McNasty to scream in agony. McNasty fights to move closer to the ropes and finally reaches them. Chamelion tell Phoenix to release the hold, but he refuses. 1...2...3...4..The Phoenix releases McNasty.

Matthew McLean: "Phoenix takes that hold to the max - something he may not want to try too often with Sommers and Sandra in the ring."

Brian Rentfro: "Remind me why that was necessary again?"

Matthew McLean: "Fluffernutter."

Jon McDaniel: "...What now?"

Matthew McLean: "Nothing. Just something I saw in a Jamie Flynn promo."

McNasty tries to use the ropes to get to his feet, but Phoenix stomps him in the middle of the back. The Phoenix circles the champion, taunting him and stomping his back anytime he tries to get up. Phoenix pulls McNasty to his feet and whips him into the corner, which he hits back first. McNasty stumbles out of the corner for a couple of steps and sinks to his knees. Phoenix pulls him up and hits him with a double underhook backbreaker, then covers. 1...2...3. The scoreboard changes to McNasty:1 Phoenix:2.

Jon McDaniel: "The Phoenix pulls ahead again!"

Brian Rentfro: "Let's see if he can keep the lead for more than five seconds this time."

Phoenix pulls McNasty to his feet and puts him in a front facelock before lifting him up in the air and holding him there, then brings the champ crashing down with a brainbuster. Phoenix covers. 1...2..kickout. The champ is again pulled to his feet by the Phoenix and gets taken back down with a swinging neckbreaker. Phoenix rolls McNasty over onto his stomach, puts a knee in his back and then wraps his right arm around McNasty's neck, pulling back on his head. McNasty tries to reach the ropes but he's too far away. After trying to get to the ropes, McNasty starts using his left elbow to hammer away at the Phoenix's side. Phoenix breaks the hold, but kicks McNasty in the back of the head as payback. McNasty gets to his hands and knees, but Phoenix takes a step back and then lands a running kick into McNasty stomach, causing him to flip over onto his back. Phoenix gets back to his feet, runs back to the ropes and rebounds off to hit McNasty with a running shooting star press. Phoenix hooks the leg. 1...2...3. The scoreboard changes to McNasty:1 Phoenix:3.

Matthew McLean: "Excellent maneuver by Robinson who extends his lead to two falls!"

Jon McDaniel: "McNasty can't like having to come from behind!"

Brian Rentfro: "Actually, from what I hear he prefers to--"

Matthew McLean: "Please stop right there."

Phoenix is back to his feet as the crowd boos. He brushes off his hands and climbs up to the top turnbuckle. Phoenix raises both arms in the arm, then comes sailing off the top with the Ashes. McNasty rolls out of the way at the last second. Phoenix rolls on the mat, clutching his elbow, which gives McNasty time to get to his feet. Phoenix stands, but McNasty is ready for him and whips him into the ropes. As Phoenix is coming back, McNasty ducks down and sends Phoenix flying over the top with a back body drop. McNasty got so much elevation that Phoenix spins 270 degrees and lands on the guard rail, right across his back. The Phoenix lays on the ground, motionless, as Chamelion starts to count. 1...2...3, Phoenix starts to crawl toward the ring..4...5...6...7, Phoenix reaches the ring and tries to pull himself up using the ring apron..8...9..Phoenix rolls into the ring just before the 10 count.

Matthew McLean: "Phoenix manages to evade what I assume would have been a fall if Chamelion hit ten."

McNasty has been waiting for Phoenix and tried to get his wind back. As Phoenix gets to his feet, McNasty rushes him and whips him into the ropes again. McNasty catches the rebounding Phoenix with a spinebuster and nails the Ouch. McNasty covers. 1...2...3. The scoreboard changes to McNasty: 2 Phoenix 3.

Jon McDaniel: "But he doesn't evade McNasty's attack and now the champion is only down by one!"

McNasty nails Phoenix with a couple of stomps, then gets a vicious look on his face. He grabs Phoenix's leg and drags him to the middle of the ring. McNasty applies an ankle lock, flipping Phoenix over onto his stomach. Phoenix is reaching for the ropes, but they're far out of reach. Phoenix pulls himself up to his elbows and tries to crawl to the ropes. He inches closer, but it is very slow going. The Phoenix fights through the pain and keeps up with the slow movement toward the ropes. He stretches out his hand and is just an inch away. McNasty sees this, releases the ankle lock, but holds on to the leg and pulls the Phoenix back to the middle of the ring and reapplies the ankle lock. Once again in the middle of the ring, the Phoenix taps out. The scoreboard changes to McNasty: 3 Phoenix: 3.

Jon McDaniel: "Robinson reluctantly taps to give McNasty a fall and tie things up."

Brian Rentfro: "This has been a pretty high-scoring iron man match, don't you guys think?"

Matthew McLean: "Both men are certainly giving it everything they have. Neither can afford to hold back - especially Phoenix."

Jon McDaniel: "And with things tied up, he's one step closer to saying his last good-bye."

Chamelion forces McNasty to release the ankle lock, but as soon as he does, McNasty grabs the leg to try again. Phoenix twists over and kicks McNasty away, but doesn't do any real damage. The Phoenix is trying to get to his feet, but his ankle is clearly damaged. McNasty grabs his arm and pulls him the rest of the way up. The champion whips Phoenix into the ropes, but Phoenix's ankle gives out and he collapses, falling through the ropes to the outside. The Phoenix uses the ring apron to get to his feet, favoring his damaged ankle, but McNasty was ready for this and knocks him into the barricade with a baseball slide, damaging Phoenix's back further. Phoenix is slumped backwards against the guard rail, so McNasty climbs to the top rope and hits him with a missile dropkick to the midsection. Phoenix slumps to the ground and McNasty picks him up and rolls him into the ring. McNasty starts to roll back into the ring, then looks over to Psycho Sandra who is watching the entrance ramp. McNasty rolls back out of the ring, sneaks up behind Psycho Sandra and slaps her ass. Sandra turns around, furious, and chases McNasty around the ring, sliding into the ring behind him. McNasty runs behind Chamelion, yelling at him to get her out of the ring. As Chamelion tries to restore order and usher Sandra out of the ring, McNasty reaches into his tights and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles. He holds them up so the crowd can see and then turns to the Phoenix, who is just getting up. McNasty pulls Phoenix's mask off and then nails him in the face with the brass knuckles, busting the Phoenix open. Phoenix collapses while McNasty quickly tosses the brass knuckles out of the ring and covers. Chamelion turns around to see the pinfall. 1...2...3. The scoreboard changes to McNasty: 4 Phoenix: 3.

Brian Rentfro: "HA! McNasty just duped both the special referee and the special enforcer to score that fall!"

Matthew McLean: "One has to wonder if 'special' is more appropriate than it seems."

Brian Rentfro: "Ouch! That was a real zinger!"

Matthew McLean: "Thank you."

Jon McDaniel: "And with that McNasty pulls ahead!"

McNasty bends down to pull Phoenix to his feet. Phoenix is dead weight, but McNasty manages to get him to his knees. Out of nowhere, Phoenix shoots up, hitting McNasty in the face with the top of his head. McNasty is leaning on the ropes and Phoenix surges forward with a clothesline, knocking McNasty out of the ring. Phoenix looks out toward McNasty, then turns toward Chamelion, tapping his wrist, obviously asking how time is remaining. Chamelion points to the giant countdown on the PWA-Tron, but Phoenix shakes his head and points to the time keeper. Chamelion shrugs, but goes to ask the timekeeper how much time is remaining in the match. Phoenix turns back to McNasty.

Phoenix: Hey, McNasty!

McNasty looks up at the Phoenix.

Phoenix: Eight ball, corner pocket!

McNasty looks at Phoenix like he's crazy. Behind him, Psycho Sandra has the brass knuckles. She grabs McNasty's shoulder, spins him around and drops to her knees, then delivers a Greco-Roman uppercut to the junk. McNasty collapses in a ball of agony, but Sandra picks him up and rolls him into the ring, where he promptly curls up into a ball again. Chamelion comes back and holds up five fingers to Phoenix who nods his head. Phoenix drops down to cover McNasty. 1...2...3. The scoreboard changes to McNasty: 4 Phoenix: 4.

Jon McDaniel: "And Robinson ties it up!"

Matthew McLean: "I may stand corrected - seems Sandra managed to do some enforcing after all."

Brian Rentfro: "You can say that again!!"

Phoenix pulls McNasty up and whips him into the ropes. McNasty ducks a clothesline on the way back and then hits Phoenix with a flying cross body. Phoenix holds on to him and twists around to powerslam McNasty. 1...2..kickout! Phoenix kicks McNasty in the side and the slowly starts to climb to the top rope. As he's climbing, McNasty gets to his feet and climbs up, too. McNasty and Phoenix trade punches, but McNasty gets the advantage. Phoenix sags down. McNasty grabs him in a front face lock and superplexes Phoenix. Both men lay on the mat. Chamelion starts to count...1...2...3...4..McNasty rolls onto his stomach.5...6...McNasty in on his knees..7...8...9..McNasty gets to his feet. McNasty backs off and sags into the ropes, waiting for Phoenix to get up. Phoenix struggles and manages to get up to his hands and knees, then just his knees. As he starts to stand, McNasty rushes forward and nails him with the Lights Out. 1...2...3. The scoreboard changes to McNasty: 5 Phoenix: 4.

Matthew McLean: "McNasty fights to maintain the advantage and takes a fall after the Lights Out!"

Jon McDaniel: "Phoenix had the early advantage, but now he's struggling to stay afloat!"

Phoenix tries to get up, but has little luck, collapsing back onto the mat. McNasty is on his feet and looking smug. Phoenix pushes himself to his hands and knees, but McNasty just smirks and kicks him hard in the stomach, sending Phoenix flipping and rolling toward the corner. Again, Phoenix pushes himself up only for McNasty to kick his midsection and send him closer to the corner. McNasty leans against the ropes, leisurely waiting out the clock while Phoenix uses the turnbuckles to get to his feet. McNasty kicks Phoenix in the midsection, causing him to slump against the ropes. McNasty climbs to the second turnbuckle and starts punching Phoenix in the head, with the crowd counting along. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10! Phoenix starts to slump down, but McNasty catches his arm and lifts him up to the top turnbuckle. Again, McNasty climbs to the second turnbuckle and grabs a front face lock, going for the Totally Nasty. Just as McNasty jumps, Phoenix shoves him away, sending McNasty crashing down to the mat. Phoenix gets to his feet on the top turnbuckle and comes down, hitting McNasty with the Ashes. Phoenix hooks a leg, 1...2...3. The scoreboard changes to McNasty: 5 Phoenix: 5.

Jon McDaniel: "Phoenix connects with the Ashes and ties the score once again!"

Brian Rentfro: "Neither of these guys has managed to keep the lead for very long..."

Matthew McLean: "And that can't sit well with either of them. As time ticks on; each fall is crucial to determining who walks out champion."

Brian Rentfro: "And who keeps their career!"

Jon McDaniel: "Time is ticking dangerously close... One of them has to make a move NOW!"

Both men lay on the mat, catching their breath. They roll over and get to their feet at the same time. McNasty and the Phoenix start trading punches, back and forth, each man rocking as the other lands a blow. Every time McNasty hits Phoenix, blood splatters the ring. McNasty blocks the Phoenix's punch and lands one of his own. McNasty blocks another punch and then scoops Phoenix up into position for the Sault Slam as the crowd cheers. McNasty throw Phoenix back and hits the Sault Slam. Chamelion drops down to count the pin. 1...2...The count is interrupted by a buzzer going off over the arena speakers as the time limit expires. Eric Emerson enters the ring and consults with Chamelion before speaking.

Eric Emerson: "Ladies and gentlemen, this match is a DRAW! However, since the champion was not defeated, the title does not change hands. Therefore, the PWA World champion is..."

PA: Dead Man Walking

Emerson is interrupted as the crowd cheers for Raizzors entrance onto the ramp. The PWA President has a microphone with him. As the crowd quiets, he begins to speak.

Raizzor: "A draw? I don't think so. We promised a winner tonight, and that's what we're going to deliver. So, brother, restart the match. We're going into sudden death overtime. Whoever gets the next pinfall or submission will be the winner."

Raizzor starts to walk away, but then turns around.

Raizzor: "Oh, and Robinson? If you lose, you still have to retire."

Jon McDaniel: "This match is still on ladies and gentlemen!"

Matthew McLean: "The next fall will decide it all!"

The crowd cheers again as Raizzor leaves the ramp. In the ring, McNasty is looking pissed and Phoenix is leaning against the corner. Chamelion motions to the time keeper, who rings the bell. Phoenix and McNasty circle each other, waiting for the other to make a move. McNasty attacks first, throwing a punch, but Phoenix grabs his arm and whips him into the ropes. Phoenix catches McNasty with a spinebuster and hooks a leg. 1...2..kickout! Phoenix pulls McNasty up, then lifts him into a fireman's carry. Phoenix swings McNasty around and nails him with a Diamond cutter, then covers. 1...2...kickout! Phoenix slams his fists on the mat in anger. He gets to his feet and starts yelling at Chamelion. Chamelion holds up two fingers, insisting that McNasty kicked out in time. Phoenix gets fed up with this, and shoves Chamelion. Chamelion shoves the Phoenix back, right into the waiting Mark McNasty. McNasty sweeps the Phoenix back in a school boy rollup. 1...2..kickout!

Jon McDaniel: "Each competitor pulling out all the stops!"

Brian Rentfro: "Yeah, that's why they call it sudden death!"

Matthew McLean: "Each attempt puts McNasty three seconds closer to losing his belt, or brings Phoenix three seconds closer to retirement... This is intense."

Both men get to their feet and they lock up. Phoenix powers McNasty backwards towards the corner. McNasty brings a knee up, catching Phoenix in the midsection and swings him around, slamming him into the corner. McNasty takes several steps back, then charges the corner with a spear. Phoenix lifts his legs out of the way and McNasty passes under him, hitting his shoulder on the steel ring post. Phoenix pulls McNasty out from the corner and takes him down with a cobra clutch slam. 1...2..kickout!

Jon McDaniel: "SO CLOSE!"

Phoenix pulls McNasty up and tries to lift him for a suplex, but McNasty entangles their legs. Phoenix tries again, but McNasty resists again before lifting Phoenix for his own suplex. McNasty's injured shoulder gives out and he drops the Phoenix on his head. McNasty takes advantage of the situation and covers. 1...2...3!

Brian Rentfro: "MCNASTY RETAINS!"

Matthew McLean: "NO!"

McNasty gets up and starts to celebrate, but Chamelion puts his hand on McNasty's shoulder and points to the Phoenix. McNasty turns to see the Phoenix's foot is resting on the bottom rope. McNasty yells in frustration, then turns to pull Phoenix up. He whips the Phoenix into the ropes. The Phoenix leaps at McNasty with a flying cross body block, but McNasty easily catches him. McNasty's shoulder buckles again and Phoenix is able to twist, planting his feet and now holding Mark McNasty. McNasty swings his feet, but the Phoenix spins him 90 degrees and executes the Flame. The Phoenix covers and hooks a leg. 1...2...




Jon McDaniel: "No way!"

The Phoenix yells now, and pulls McNasty to his feet and gets him in position for another Flame. McNasty struggles, kicking his legs and manages to flip Phoenix over backwards, landing on McNasty's feet. McNasty hits the Flame on the Phoenix.














Both men lay still on the canvas. The first person in the entire arena to stir is Eric Emerson - the pinnacle of a professional, who picks up his microphone for the last time this evening.

Eric Emerson: "The winner of this match...and STILL PWA World Champion...Mark McNasty!"

The referee raises McNasty's arm in victory, and the crowd finally erupts. He grabs the second rope to leverage himself to his feet, and with all the effort he has left raises the title into the air.

Jon McDaniel: "...And that's it for Rob Robinson, ladies and gentlemen."

Brian Rentfro: "Don't worry, as long they let him on the air - we won't ever be truly rid of him."

Matthew McLean: "Your tastelessness has yet to amaze me."

Brian Rentfro: "Believe me - I've been trying all night."

Phoenix rolls out to where Moke Doshky, the Dragon, and Fantastic Andy Strickland are waiting to help him to the back. He turns toward the ring and his eyes meet McNasty... He then turns and begins his walk to the back.

Jon McDaniel: "Fans, thank you for tuning in to A Farewell to Arms. It has been a very emotional night for many..."

Brian Rentfro: "Some more than others."

Matthew McLean: "Jon, Brian... Its been a pleasure. Goodnight everyone, and enjoy the United Forces tournament!"

Robinson's ascent up the ramp is met first with an honest applause... It soon turns into a standing ovation.

Turning to face the arena one last time, he nods his head... And with that image, we fade to copy write.






"The Grudge"






AMH / O'Connors

Circa/Sandra / Sabine/Fire


Chamelion / Wilkie

Kumquat / Langly

Fringe / Deadpool

Engel / Flynn

McNasty / Phoenix

All Commentary, Segways, Ads and Coding
Matthew McLean