Revolutions Per Minute II: Overdrive
Night One -- April 24th, 2010


Height: 6'2
Weight: 197 lbs.
Entrance Music: "Original King" by Brother Ali
Finisher: Leg Capture Swinging Neckbreaker (The Anti-Hero)
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Entrance Music: "Firefly" by Breaking Benjamin
Finisher: Flipping/Rolling Backstabber (Thoughts of a Dying Athiest)


Each a member of two of the most controversial and popular factions in recent years, Self~Inflicted Drama and Exit Music respectively, these two have yet to meet in the ring, but when they do? It will be phenomenal and it will be a statement from one faction to the other just who is really on top of the wrestling world.

Eric Emerson:
"The following match is scheduled for one pinfall or submission. Introducing first, hailing from Tuckers Town, Bermuda..."

The opening guitar riff to "Firefly" by Breaking Benjamin cuts in, which cues a few swirling pink lights from the stage - no pyro's, no bullshit.

At the eleven-second break mark, Enika Engel steps out from behind the curtain to something of a positive reaction; with her fiancé Dustin "Thunderwolf" Kelser following in suite; which brings in even more fanfare.  Her attire consists of a pink zip-up hoodie - left unzipped, with the hood up over her head - overtop of a white ribbed belly shirt with a black "Exit Music" ensigna in the middle, rotated 35 degrees; along with a pair of white booty shorts with the name "Firefly across the back of them, black fingerless mesh gloves, and lastly a pair of pink, w/ white fur, ankle boots.  She looks out to the crowd, quite excited on this eve - a smile drawn from ear to ear - as she takes a few seconds to let it all sink in. 

### You my friend, you're a lot like them...###
### But I caught your lie, and you know I did... ###

As soon as the opening verse kicks in, she makes her way down the entrance ramp - Thunderwolf following in suite ...

### Now I'm lost in you... ###
### Like I always do... ###

She keeps going until she reaches the bottom, her eyes now taken away from the fans, and aimed down towards the ring, she pauses for a moment....

### And I'll die to win... ###
### Because I'm born to lose!###

As soon as the chorus gets ready to kick in, large pink blasts of pyro begin firing behind her, her budget a little more substantial since the last time she was around for this song and dance...

### Firefly! ###

She throws her head back (thus removing the hood from her head and in turn revealing a white skull cap underneath) and sways her shoulders before throwing a balled fist into the air, cueing a few more blasts of pink from behind her.  The ring announcer drowns out the lyrics...

Eric Emerson:
"She stands 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 140 pounds.. The FIREFLY.... ENIKAAA... ENGGGELLLL!!!!"

She quickly makes her way from the bottom of the ramp, to the ring apron itself...

### Could you shine your light?###
### Now I learn your ways, 'cause they're just like mine. ###

Dustin and Enika share a quick, yet well-versed and passionate kiss...

### Now I'm justified,  ###
### As I Fall In Line ###

Which leads to her non-chalantly lifting herself up and rolling under the bottom rope, before springing back to her feet via kip-up.

### And it's hard to try  ###
### When they're open wide! ###

She goes to the bottom set of ropes, and leans over, pointing to a few of her friends in the front row - giving them and the camera man a bright, white, gorgeous smile.  She soon retreats to her corner and discusses her match plans with Thunderwolf.

Eric Emerson: "And her opponent..."

"Just you hold on a goddamn minute now!"

The opening salvo of "Original King" by Brother Ali kicks up on the soundsystem to a pop from the crowd as Jacob Seldon makes his way through the entrance curtain. Lit cigarette between his smirking lips, he saunters unhurriedly down the entry ramp, exchanging words with some of the louder-mouthed fans.

Eric Emerson: "Introducing, from Ottawa, Canada by way of Albuquerque, New Mexico and weighing in tonight at one hundred and ninety seven pounds... "

Reaching the ring apron, Seldon stubs out his cigarette and exhales one last cloud of acrid smoke before rolling under the bottom rope and clambering to his feet on the canvas. He grins up at the crowd and gestures to his t-shirt which is emblazoned with the long defunct Liberty Wrestling Federation logo.

Eric Emerson: "Representing Self-Inflicted Drama, this is - JACOB SELDON!"

Seldon nods in recognition of another pop from the crowd and then makes his way over to an unoccupied corner of the ring to rest against the turnbuckle in anticipation of the start of the match.

Scott Swindell is checking over both Jacob and Enika Engel for any concealed weapons as stares intently at the ‘Firefly’. Once the referee is satisfied that neither of them is hiding anything from view, he signals for the bell to be rung, and the match is officially underway.


Brian Rentfro: I’m truly hoping Enika loses her top somehow.

Jon McDaniel: I’m hoping for a good match up from two wrestlers we do not see near enough of.

Jacob and Enika Engel lock up in the middle of the ring. Jacob hits Enika with a quick shoulder block that causes her to rock back against her feet staggering slightly. Still Enika persists and she locks back up with Jacob in an attempt to gain the upper hand. Enika delivers a quick kick to Jacob' shin making him release his grip on her and giving Enika time to level Jacob with a quick clothesline. Enika wastes no time as she begins to stomp into Jacob with harsh kicks directly into the side of Jacob' ribs.

Brian Rentfro: Look at Seldon just taking this, what’s wrong with you man?! Get up and rip off her top!

Jon McDaniel: Anyways, Enika is really starting to take it to Seldon.

Enika bends down looking to pick up Seldon when Jacob brings one leg up into the air and aims it directly for the side of Enika's head. This shot takes the Engel sister by surprise and sends Enika crashing back down against the mat from the impact of Jacob’s boot. Jacob brings himself up to his feet and dusts off the front of his shirt before walking over to where Enika is rolling around on the mat and successfully grabbing onto a handfull of her blonde hair. Jacob pulls Enika up to her feet and quickly levels Enika back down with a DDT. Jacob places himself over the fallen body of Enika Engel and begins pulling at her as he applies a boston crab.

Jon McDaniel: Seldon locks on with a picture perfect Boston Crab.

Brian Rentfro: And from this angle I think Enika’s shirt is beginning to slip.

Enika grabs onto her hair with both hands as she cries out from the pain shooting throughout her body. The referee kneels down near the two and begins asking Enika if she would like to tap out in order to have Jacob release the hold. Enika shakes her head no with determination as she begins using her elbows to attempt crawling closer towards the ropes. Jacob leans back looking to apply more pressure to the Boston crab, but Enika continues to fight against the hold until she finally manages to reach the bottom rope with the tip of her fingers. The referee shoots up to his feet and orders for Jacob to release the hold, which he does after a few moments, but not before giving Enika a sharp kick to one knee.

Jon McDaniel: Seldon being the veteran of these two is certainly showing why.

Brian Rentfro: She’s managing to fight back though… sometimes.

Jacob slowly circles around Enika Engel who is holding onto her knee with one hand as she slowly attempts to bring herself back up onto her own feet. Jacob looks like he is waiting patiently, like a lion would stalk its prey, and the moment that Enika staggers back onto her feet Jacob is there to greet her with a vicious spinning heel kick that levels Enika back down onto the mat flat on her back. Jacob places himself on top of Enika and hooks the leg making the first pin attempt of the match. Swindle slides down and begins to make the count.



Jon McDaniel: And she gets her shoulder up!

Enika manages to lift her shoulder up from the mat interrupting the three count. Jacob stands up onto his feet looking annoyed with Enika and she reaches down to pull her up again, but Enika stops her with a quick ,unseen by the referee, rake to the eyes. Jacob staggers back blinded for a moment, which gives Enika the time to jump her to her feet and rush towards Jacob hitting him with a running neckbreaker that levels both of them down against the mat.

Jon McDaniel: Beautiful execution.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, I’m beginning to actually forget I want to see some Enika boobies.

Enika inches closer over towards the fallen body of Jacob and drapes one arm over his body. The referee slides down against the mat and begins to make the three count once again.



Jon McDaniel: It’s going to take more than that to put Seldon out.

Jacob gets his shoulder up and interrupts the three count. Enika pounds her fist against the mat in frustration as she rolls away from Jacob in an attempt to catch her breath. Jacob pulls himself up onto his feet and as he watches Enika doing the same thing more slowly, Jacob takes a running start and levels Enika back down against the mat with a Russian leg sweep. Jacob pulls Enika back upwards by grabbing onto two handfulls of her hair. Jacob hits Enika with a quick snapmare that sends Enika crashing down hard against the mat and holding onto her lower back thanks to the impact.

Jon McDaniel: I’m not so sure that feels good, getting a snapmare.

Brian Rentfro: From the looks of it, I’d say you are right.

Jacob grabs onto Enika Engel and quickly tosses her out from the ring through the ropes and crashing down hard against the concrete floor below. Jacob makes his way over to the apron as Scott Swindle starts the count out.





Enika slides back into the ring as Seldon tries to gain the upperhand with a quick stomp as she tries to rise. He picks up Engel, and connects with a swinging neck breaker. He crawls back up, and looks out at the crowd. As he turns around he is hit with ‘The Fake Sound of Progress’ and he hits the mat hard. Enika raises her hand in the air as she jumps to the top rope. The crowd chants.

Jon McDaniel: Enika is hitting the top!


Brian Rentfro: And there she goes!

Enika leaps off the top rope with a devastating twisting variation of a swanton bomb. Enika clutches her lower back after impact before she drapes her arm over Seldon’s chest. Scott drops for the count.

Jon McDaniel: I’m not sure who that hurt more as Enika covers Seldon.



Brian Rentfro: Arm up!

Enika and Jacob get up slowly. Seldon and Engel nod at eachother and just start throwing lefts and rights at eachother.

Jon McDaniel: Now it’s a brawl! This match can’t decide which way to go.

Brian Rentfro: Gotta love chaos!

Jacob takes Enika down quickly with a swift kick to her feet. Seldon grabs both her legs putting them together, then quickly splitting them causing Enika to thrive in pain on the mat. Jacob now takes his turn on the top rope. The fans give him a huge pop as he leaps off the top rope with an asai moonsault. Unfortunate for him Enika rolls out of the way.

Brian Rentfro: Damn, that’s gotta hurt.

Jon McDaniel: This time I know who hurt more after that move.

Enika pounces quickly on the fallen Seldon and hooks on a half crab. Jacob squirms in pain as he begins reaching for the ropes.

Brian Rentfro: Come on Seldon, fight back!

Jon McDaniel: He doesn’t need too, he’s gotten a hold of the bottom rope.

Swindle tells Enika to let go, but refuses as Seldon holds onto the bottom rope. Scott starts the count.





Enika drops the hold, and turns around to grab his leg again but is greeted with a foot to her face. Blood trickles down upper lip as she staggers backwards. Seldon gets up, and leans back against the ropes before leaning back and running at Enika. Enika gets leapfrogged, expecting Seldon to bounce off the other ropes; she turns around and is greeted this time by a roundhouse house kick to the head.

Brian Rentfro: A stellar kick there by Protean.

Jon McDaniel: Enika is definitely razzled right now.

Seldon and Enika are back up in the ring and taking shots back and forth now, opening up an all out brawl in the middle of the ring until Seldon whips Enika towards the corner. Enika catches herself and lifts her body upwards, her feet aimed back as Seldon runs towards him. Yet instead of running into Enika's boots, Seldon catches himself and then grabs Enika by the legs and rips her off the corner, spinning and dropping her down onto the canvas with a face-first sitdown powerbomb. Seldon is up and jumps onto the top rope but as he comes off with a double elbow drop Enika spins herself out of the way and lashes out with a double sideways thrust kick to the back of Seldon's head as he hits the canvas, adding thunder to the impact. Enika is up now and flips herself off the top rope and hits a moonsault onto Seldon. Seldon pushes Enika off of him and throws a wild kick to Enika's shins, forcing Enika to remain grounded. Seldon's up now and hits a dropping flying elbow to Enika's head.

Brian Rentfro: I must say I'm enjoying this. Pure wrestling at it's finest.

Jon McDaniel: Both of these competitors will do whatever it takes to win tonight.

Enika flips herself onto her feet and turns swiftly to catch Seldon coming for him quickly. Enika switches it up to Muay Thai and lashes out with an elbow uppercut to Seldon's chin sending him stumbling back. Enika raises her left leg up, her knee twisted inwards as he snaps her foot forward into Seldon's side. Enika attempts this with her right leg but Seldon raises his leg to block. Enika starts a fury, switching and rotating between legs with this set of attacks but Seldon keeps up with his blocks. Enika jumps back and cocks her right leg straight forward towards Seldons face in an angle kick, but Seldon dodges it and grabs ahold of her leg. Enika hops up and spins her left leg upwards to take Seldon out but Seldon ducks this as well and now Enika falls awkwardly to the canvas, Seldon still holding onto her leg. Quickly capitalizing now Seldon applies a half Boston crab on Enika and mounts the pressure.

Brian Rentfro: Enika's in quite a situation here. Thunderwolf looks not pleased at all.

Jon McDaniel: Maybe he should be wrestling in this match.

Brian Rentfro: Thunderwolf versus Protean? Old news, Jon.

Enika manages to get to the ropes and Swindell forces Seldon to break the hold. Seldon and Swindell argue for a moment while Enika makes it back up to her feet. Seldon turns around and goes after Enika, but Enika covers Seldon's face with a spray of pink mist!

Jon McDaniel: Whoa! Seldon is covered in pink.. stuff!

Brian Rentfro: A little tribute to Dustin's "Wolfsbane", and she calls it Lips Like Morphine. How clever.

Jon McDaniel: And guess who is happier than a pig in mud right now? Yep, Thunderwolf.

Seldon is trying to wipe his eyes so he can see, but it buys Enika just enough time to leap off the second rope and connect with the Ante Up! Seldon falls to the mat and Enika covers.





Eric Emerson: "And the winner of this match... ENIKA.. "FIREFLY"...ENGEL!!!!"

Jon McDaniel: And Enika scrapes by with a victory here tonight, her first in months.

Brian Rentfro: Scrapes by? She earned it tonight, Jon. The Pink Mist, the Ante Up, everything. She proved she was the better wrestler tonight.

Jon McDaniel: Makes you wonder if she'll come back on a more permanent basis. Let's hope not?

Brian Rentfro: You're such a Debbie Downer!

Seldon rolls out of the ring, still trying to get the pink shit out of his eyes, but he's pissed. It was a classic match and Enika stands victorious with her husband Thunderwolf, her hand raised high in the air by Scott Swindell. "Firefly" comes over the sound system as she and Thunderwolf make their exit up the rampway, possibly for the last time.

Jon McDaniel: Looks like we're getting word that Simon Kalis is going live with an interview with Bud Adams.
Kalis clears his throat as he gets set for the interview to take place with Bud Adams now. Bud clears his throat as well as both men take a few sips from their glasses of water.

Bud Adams: Well everyone, we are here tonight with your number one contender to the PWA Und-

Before he can finish the door to the interview room bursts open and Masakaz The Great quickly snaps a straight fist into the throat of Bud Adams and the cameraman there to film them. Kalis does not flinch as Adams falls out of his seat, the camera is still perfectly positioned as Masakaz takes a seat across from his father.

Simon Kalis: Son...

Masakaz The Great: Father...

Simon Kalis:
 You're wanted by the police, you know that?

Masakaz The Great: And you are wanted by powers far greater than they or you can understand, father.

Simon Kalis:
 Is that right?

Masakaz The Great: It is. You are a fool, and all these people shall come to see this. Your lies and deceitfulness end here, tonight. For I have come to issue a straight forward challenge, father dearest.

Kalis tilts his head back and nods.

Simon Kalis: You want me in that ring?

Masakaz The Great: More than that, father. I want what you have. I covet what you believe you earned in the fallible little way you think you did. I want your shot at Laura Estella tomorrow night.

Simon Kalis: You think you deserve that, son?

Masakaz The Great: You've been reluctant to admit this, but your time is at an end. When we brought the Order of Chaos here we were destined to rule the PWA, father. We were destined to replace the army of Pantheon with a tag team tandem that would lay waste to these people. But you... You changed your mind. Why?

Simon Kalis: That was never our plan, Masakazu.

Masakaz The Great: My name is Masakaz The Great.

Simon Kalis: Okay, my son...

Masakaz The Great: Don't hide behind some sort of facade of sympathy and love for me. You taught me to be the way I am, father. Our plan was always a takeover of the PWA. Yet you fell in love with the PWA. You sought redemption where there was none, and sought love where it does not exist. These fans will turn on you once again when they see your true spirit.

Simon Kalis: The PWA doesn't deserve that. I made The Order better for the PWA, stronger and honorable. These are the tenets I taught you, Masakaz.

Masakaz The Great: So you deny our initial plan?

Simon Kalis: ...No.

Masakaz The Great: Then what changed?

Kalis pauses for a moment as he lights a cigarette. He blows the smoke towards Masakaz's face and smirks.

Simon Kalis: I realized what we would become as we fought The Pantheon. As I spent time with Sullivan and Engel and those ilk and their like, I did not want to be like them any longer Masakaz. I thought you concurred with me on this.

Masakaz The Great: I did. But then you go ahead and so easily forgive a man like Hayes for what he did to us... For what he did to me?! You are a bastard.

Simon Kalis: I am their Hero.

Masakaz The Great: Do you honestly believe that?

Simon Kalis: I do. When Jethro fell, these people needed a hero. I was here for them. I thought you were too.

Masakaz The Great: No... It was always about you, as it always has been. Well it is time, father. If you will not pass the torch to me, willingly, I will rip it from your cold dead hands.

Simon Kalis: So be it, my son.

Masakaz gets up from his seat and walks past Kalis towards the exit.

Masakaz The Great: I'll see you in the ring, father.

He leaves and Kalis takes another drag from his cigarette, nodding off as he begins to undo his dress shirt.