Revolutions Per Minute II: Overdrive
Night Two -- April 25th, 2010


Height: 6'0
Weight: 230 lbs.
Entrance Music: "Thing of Beauty" by Hothouse Flowers
Finisher: Cradle Piledriver (The Flame)
Height: 6' 1/4"
Weight: 205 lbs.
Entrance Music: "Knights of Cydonia" by Muse
Finisher: Shooting Star Plancha (Suicide Devil's Plancha)


Ladies and gentlemen, one of the most controversial and amazing matches to happen in the PWA was The Phoenix defending his World Championship against the Lyrical Assassin, Jamie Flynn. It was highly anticipated, and the match, along with the Iron Man match between Hunter Sullivan and Chamelion, would carry Genesis IX into the record books as one of the best events of all time. Of course, recently we had the amazing night of Genesis X, which some critics say was an all-around better show, but Genesis IX featured a World Title match that pitted the most legendary man in professional wrestling against arguably the most talented man in professional wrestling. It would end with sadness and celebration, heartbreak and relief, as The Phoenix would retain his championship against Jamie Flynn. Now, 14 months after their one and only meeting, Rob Robinson and Jamie Flynn are pitted to do battle once again - not for gold or a spot on the top of the mountain, but for pride and for retribution. Be careful, PWA, this just might steal the entire show.

Eric Emerson:
"The following match is scheduled for one pinfall or submission. Introducing first, hailing from.. U2Town, Ireland."

Thing of Beauty by Hothouse Flowers begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and green pyros flare from the ring posts.

Eric Emerson: "He stands 6 feet tall and weighs in tonight at 230 pounds..."

The Phoenix and the Smoking Leprechaun walk out to the entrance ramp and head to the ring.

Eric Emerson: "He is a five-time PWA World Champion and was twice inducted into the PWA Hall of Fame... THE IRISH PHOENIX!"

Phoenix starts to get ready for this highly anticipated match as Eric begins his second announcement.

Eric Emerson: "And his opponent, from Seattle, Washington..."

"Knights of Cydonia" by Muse hits the sound system as the fans begin to cheer for him. Jamie Flynn struts out from backstage wearing black trunks with a   red ouroboros emblazoned on the right leg. He has on a black hoodie, and there's a glare from the lights reflecting off his trademark Aviators.

Eric Emerson: "He stands six feet and a quarter inch..."

Jamie begins to walk down to the ring. We can't see exactly where his eyes are focused on, but then again... we don't have to. Phoenix stands in his corner, ready to go. 

Eric Emerson: "and weighs two hundred and five pounds. He is... JAMIE FLYNN!!!"

The crowd erupts again as Jamie reaches the ring. He climbs in, removing his Aviators and black hoodie. He hands them off to Emerson who takes them down near the announcer's booth. Jamie stretches a little in the ring, as the referee gets in-between them.


Flynn and Phoenix circle each other in the ring, each waiting on the other to make the first move. Both lock up at the same time, tired of the waiting game here on one of the biggest stages in PWA's yearly event. Phoenix with a wristlock into a hammerlock, Flynn catches the wrist, turning and ducking until he counters with a wristlock into a hammerlock of his own. Phoenix slaps at his shoulder, rolling forward, Flynn releases the hammerlock.

Flynn slams into Phoenix with a elbow to the face, but Rob able to catch and flip Jamie over with a hip toss at the last second. Jamie lands on the middle rope, springing back with a back fist to Robinson's skull sending him wobbling forward. Flynn spins around, but Phoenix is there charging at him again with a clothesline. Flynn with a back body sends Phoenix over the top rope.

Jon McDaniel: Phoenix flies over the top rope and lands harshly on the outside.

Brian Rentfro: I don't think that was the kind of flight pattern Rob was hoping for.

Flynn spins around, but Rob has landed on the apron, slamming a palm into Flynn's cheek sending him to stumble back now. Rob dives through the ropes with a shoulder block, but Jamie able to catch him and spin him around with a DDt onto the canvas. Jamie is immediately up and in the ropes. Baseball slide, but Robinson sits up avoiding the slide. Jamie uses the momentum to slide on out of the ring where he kips up to the apron from a standing position. Rob turns around to have his face make contact with Jamie's forearm. Robinson falls back, Jamie springs to the top rope. Robinson spins back around and Flynn flies from the springing position with a missile dropkick. Rob ducks under the dropkick, moving forward just an inch to hook both of his arms in Jamie'sarms catching Jamie on his shoulders in position for a crucifix powerbomb. Phoenix rushes forward towards center ring, and sits out as Jamie's neck is slammed into the canvas, Phoenix stays in position for a cover.



Jamie with a shoulder up, but Rob is already on the move.

Jon McDaniel: Rob nearly gets a fall there.

Brian Rentfro: Nearly? That was three, Jon.

He pulls Flynn up by the hair, slamming a palm into his face before a side headlock is applied. Jamie with an elbow into Rob's ribs, a second, and the hold is loosened a bit. Jamie shoves Rob into the ropes, Phoenix locks the headlock on tighter. Jamie wraps his arms around the waist, lifting Phoenix up into the air. Phoenix waves his legs, bringing him back down to a solid footing. Jamie shoves him into the ropes again, while similtaneously slamming the point of his elbow into Phoenix's ribs; the hold is broken. Rob holds at his ribs as Jamie forces him to run the ropes. Jamie in the ropes, into the air, kick to the face sends Rob down on his back.

Jon McDaniel: What a kick from the Lyrical Assassin!

Brian Rentfro: Who gave him that dumb nickname anyway?

Jon McDaniel: I'm not sure, but I'd be careful. Jamie might be joining us for the Hayes-Engel match.

Jamie hits the corner, back flipping onto Rob with a splash before allowing the momentum of the move to bring him back up to his feet. Off the ropes, baseball slide into the side of Rob's head rolls him onto his back. Jamie in the ropes again, springboard double foot stomp into Robinson's back has the momentum firmly on Jamie's side and he pulls Rob up to his feet. Rob with a t humb to the eyes gets Jamie's momentum stopped, at least momentarily. Rob with a punch to the gut before following up with a swinging neckbreaker.

Rob pulls Jamie back up, forearm to the face, Irish whip into the corner. Rob with a running start, slamming his shoulder into Flynn's midsection before slamming a knee into Jamie's face. Rob mounts Flynn in the corner, and begins punching away at his head with closed fists.







Brian Rentfro: Robinson is tenacious!

Jon McDaniel: Yes, yes he is.

Jamie wraps his arms around Rob's waist, locking his fists together at the lower part of Rob's back. Rob pounds away with fists to his head until the hold is loosened a bit. Rob actually runs up Jamie's front, slamming his feet into Flynn's face sending him hard into the corner. Flynn bounces out of the corner, holding at his head as Rob slams a knee into his ribs sending him into the ropes. Phoenix with an Irish whip sends Jamie into the ropes, Rob charges in. Phoenix lowers his head, intending for a back body, but Flynn springs to the middle rope, flipping over Phoenix to land on his feet. Rob turns around, but Jamie is already in the air slamming his feet into Rob's chest flipping him out of the ring and to the matting below. Jamie is back up quickly and into the ropes.

Brian Rentfro: Damn it Rob! Stay in the ring! You can't beat Jamie out there.

Jon McDaniel: I don't think he can beat Jamie in the ring either.

Brian Rentfro: He did at Genesis IX!

Rob is up, his back to the ring before he turns around to see Jamie come flying over the top rope with a plancha to the outside. Jamie's plancha connects with Phoenix sending the back of his head slamming into the railing hard!

Jamie catches his breath before pulling himself up, slamming a few kicks into the side of Rob's head. Scott Swindell's count is only up to four as Jamie looks around the ringside area. Irish whip into the ringpost, but Rob manages to catch the post with his right arm and swing around inside the ring quickly and back to the outside with his knee aimed right at Jamie's head.

Flynn ducks under the extended knee, popping back up with each of Rob's legs on his shoulders. Flynn holds onto the legs, spinning around as Swindell's count is only to two now thanks to Rob entering the ring briefly. Jamie spins, sitting out with an inverted spinebuster, Rob's face is slammed into the matting. Jamie rolls over, holding onto the railing as he gets up to his feet. Jamie pulls Rob up, rolling him inside the ring where the match can end because it isn't a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Jamie is up, Rob slowly getting back up to his feet, Jamie off the ropes, running knee to the face, Rob ducks under falling on his forearms, he shoves up to his feet and the ropes. Back in the middle of the r ing, Double Clothesline! Both men are down.

Scott Swindell begins the count, but neither man is going to let it end like this, they are going to have a winner. Flynn and Phoenix circle the ring. They lock up collar and elbow style. Flynn pushes Phoenix toward the ropes. Irish Phoenix pushes back. They are battling for position again and they break it off. No advantage either way, and Irish Phoenix with a huge smack across the face of Flynn. Flynn comes back with five across the face too. They eye each other and begin trading blows. Right hand by Flynn. Right from Phoenix. Flynn. Chad. Irish Phoenix with two in a row. Flynn grabs Irish Phoenix and throws him into the ropes. Irish Phoenix rebounds and catches Flynn's boot with his hands. He reverses the kick attempt, spins Flynn around and drop kicks Flynn in the back of the head. Flynn stumbles into the far corner.

Irish Phoenix runs at Flynn who doesn't see him. Crucifix pin attempt by Irish Phoenix. Scott Swindell in with the count.


Two... Kick out by Flynn.

Brian Rentfro: Come on! That damn Swindell is slow-countin' again!

Jon McDaniel: No he's not, that was good work on Swindell's part.

Irish Phoenix picks up Flynn and hits a DDT. He kicks Flynn, who rolls to his stomach in pain. Leg-drop to the back of the neck. He picks Flynn up looks to be going for another DDT, but it's countered into a Northern Lights Suplex for a pin.


Tw.. Kick out with authority by Irish Phoenix. Flynn gets up and quickly locks on a cloverleaf. Irish Phoenix to the ropes immediately.

Brian Rentfro: Great ring awareness by the Hall of Famer.

Jon McDaniel: Which one?

Brian Rentfro: The only one that was inducted twice?

Irish Phoenix gets up and begins throwing hay-makers at Flynn. Scott Swindell tells him to open up the fists, or he will get Disqualified. Irish Phoenix throws Flynn into the corner. Irish Phoenix rushes in for a clothesline... but catches a boot to the face. Flynn gets into position and locks on an Abdominal Stretch. Flynn cranks on it, adding in some punches to the side. Scott is checking if Irish Phoenix wants to continue. Flynn reaches behind him for added torque, but he is not holding the ropes for leverage. Irish Phoenix screams louder, Rob manages to somehow turn and get a single finger on the ropes, and Swindell makes Flynn break the hold. Flynn scoops up Irish Phoenix and slams him hard. Pin-fall attempt.


Two... Kick out by Irish Phoenix.

Jon McDaniel: Rob isn't giving up easy.

Brian Rentfro: He never gives up easy, Jon.

Flynn looks frustrated. He picks up Phoenix, who elbows him in the stomach. Flynn doubles over, and recieves a high knee lift to the chest. Flynn staggers into the ropes. Irish Phoenix with an Irish whip. Flynn hangs onto the ropes as Irish Phoenix misses a drop kick. Flynn sizes up Irish Phoenix and runs to the ropes... he flips over Rob, catching him on his way down with some sort of sunset flip pin.

The cover...


Two... Kick out by Irish Phoenix.

Jon McDaniel: Nice sunset flip by Flynn, but it isn't enough to keep Rob down.

Brian Rentfro: Nothing is!

Flynn is really frustrated now. He picks up Rob, but Irish Phoenix throws Flynn through the ropes. Flynn to the floor. Irish Phoenix jumps on the top rope... Shooting Star Press off the top rope to the outside!

The crowd is chanting HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!

Jon McDaniel: What an aerial assault by The Phoenix!

Brian Rentfro: That's The IRISH Phoenix, Jon! Get it right!

Jon McDaniel: Whatever!

Both men are down. The crowd is going crazy. Irish Phoenix is up, and the crowd roars for that amazing spot. He throws Flynn into the ring. Irish Phoenix is pumped up. He gets Flynn set up for a German Suplex. He nails it, and rolls with it. TWO GERMAN SUPLEXES! He rolls a THIRD TIME.  Irish Phoenix goes for it, but Flynn kicks his leg between Rob's legs for a back thigh kick, that is perfectly legal. Flynn switches behind Irish Phoenix and nails a Release German Suplex... they are both down.

Scott Swindell sees that neither man is moving. He begins his count.





Irish Phoenix is stirring.


So is Flynn.


Irish Phoenix grabs the bottom rope. The count is eight and Flynn is on one knee.


Irish Phoenix grabs the second rope and gets to his feet.
Flynn is groggy and Irish Phoenix knocks his head off! superkick style.




Jon McDaniel: I thought he had him!

Brian Rentfro: He did! It's that damn Swindell!

Jon McDaniel: Give me a freakin' break!

Irish Phoenix sneers, under his mask, at the crowd. He goes to the corner... Its a moonsault off the top turnbuckle!
The cover...




Irish Phoenix might have knocked the wind out of himself. He hit that move flush. Flynn gets up slowly. He looks to be going for a crossface chicken wing submission... But Irish Phoenix gets in the ropes. Swindell gets Flynn off of Rob. Phoenix goes outside the ring as Flynn argues with Scott Swindell for getting in his way. Flynn doesn't see it coming... Irish Phoenix CATAPULTS HIMSELF OVER THE TOP ROPE AND HIT'S A SWINGING DDT ON Flynn. He goes for the pin!



Th---no! Kick-out again!

Jon McDaniel: Too close!

Brian Rentfro: What does Rob have to do to put away Flynn for a second time?! Come on!

Irish Phoenix sets Flynn onto the top turnbuckle. He climbs the ropes too. Top rope frankensteiner into a pin! But wait, Flynn rolls through the move and he has Phoenix pinned!



Three! NO! Irish Phoenix GETS A SHOULDER UP!

Flynn gets up slowly and picks up Rob. springboard DDT from the top rope! Flynn with the cover.



Kick-outby the Irish Phoenix.

Flynn gets up and is showing that he is beginning to get upset big time. Flynn picks up Irish Phoenix again. Irish Phoenix tries a kick to the stomach, but gets caught. enzeguri by Phoenix. Flynn is hurt bad. Irish Phoenix looks to the crowd. He sets up Flynn. The Flame! That's it.




Wait! Foot on the ropes!

Irish Phoenix gets up, looks to hit another one. Flynn doesn't let him, and throws Irish Phoenix into the corner. He runs in with a clothesline. Irish Phoenix slumps in the corner. Flynn picks Irish Phoenix up into the Power-bomb position.

The count.





Flynn and Irish Phoenix look exhausted. Flynn doesn't waste time... Mercy Killing applied. They aren't far from the ropes however. Scott Swindell asks Irish Phoenix if he submits... no answer. Swindell checks Rob's arm, and it goes limp. He does it a second time.. LIMP. He tries one more time... IT STAYS UP. Irish Phoenix maneuvers and gets his hand on the ropes. Irish Phoenix survives! Flynn can't believe it. They get to their feet once again. They trade fists. Right to Flynn. Left to Phoenix. Right... Left... Irish Phoenix ducks and tries to get Flynn in the Flame position.

Jon McDaniel: Rob's going for the kill!

Brian Rentfro: THE FLAME! Finish him, boss!

Flynn blocks it, he sneaks behind and rolls up Phoenix, slamming his head into the canvas with a rollup. Flynn off the ropes with a springboard Devil's Plancha, he stays for the cover!





Eric Emerson: "And the winner of this match... JAMIE... FLYNN!"

Jon McDaniel: And Flynn is victorious!

Brian Rentfro: What a fluke, Jon! Rob had Flynn ready for the Flame and then Flynn low blows--

Jon McDaniel: He didn't low blow him, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Well, he did something illegal to him! Rob had him beat!

Flynn gets his hand raised by Swindell as Robinson clears out of the ring. He takes his loss hard, beating himself up for not finishing Flynn when he had the chance. Flynn basks in the glory as the crowd gives their loud approval of a great fight.  A chant stirs up in the front rows...