Revolutions Per Minute II: Overdrive
Night One -- April 24th, 2010

Jon McDaniel: “It seems Masakazu--"

Brian Rentfro: “It's Masakaz."

Jon McDaniel: “Whatever! It seems him and his father are going to do battle here, right now!"

Brian Rentfro: “Both men are in the ring, ready to go... this... should be interesting."

Masakaz wastes no time moving in on his father with a snap thrust kick to Kalis' ribs. Kalis isn't quick enough to block but he blocks the next attack and grapples Masakaz quickly now. He raises his knee into Masakaz's chest and forces his son to cave in and collapse backwards. As Masakaz does Kalis rushes forward and roundhouse kicks him in the face sending Masakaz to the canvas. Kalis waits for him to get up and as he does Kalis jumps onto the middle rope and runs along it with great speed and agility before reaching the corner which he uses to springboard himself towards Masakaz.

Jon McDaniel:
“A lot of speed from both superstars here."

Brian Rentfro: “They've got to be faster than that, though. Kalis' title shot is on the line in this match."

Masakaz The Great catches his father mid air by one leg in Kalis' vain attempt for a super kick and awkwardly powerbombs his father to the canvas. Kalis is up quickly as is Masakaz and both men begin exchanging Muay Thai blows with each other. Kalis with a right thrust kick and Masakaz blocks. Masakaz with a left thrust kick which Kalis blocks. Kalis jumps in and attempts an elbow uppercut but Masakaz dodges this and brings his knee into Kalis' gut. Kalis stumbles behind Masakaz who raises his arms to the boos of the crowd, but as Kalis stumbles he lands a reverse thrust kick to the back of Masakaz's knee caps and brings him to his knees.

Kalis pushes himself off the top rope using it to springboard himself into a summersault, where as he lands he catches Masakaz's head and plants him with a sudden and devastating DDT. Kalis is up on his feet and looks around, shaking his head as he watches Masakaz get up. Kalis seems to be pleading with his son in the ring but Masakaz spits in Kalis' face and kicks him in the gut. All of a sudden he double underhooks Kalis and lifts him up and then takes him down with the Masa Driver! The crowd explodes into boos as Masakaz quickly hooks the leg!




Kalis puts his foot on the ropes and shoves Masakaz off of him for using the finisher he himself taught Masakaz. Masakaz backs up laughingly and demands a microphone which he recieves.

Masakaz The Great: "You are fighting a losing battle, father! Can't you see this for yourself?"

Kalis charges and spears Masakaz into the corner. Masakaz holds onto the microphone and begins bashing Kalis in the head with it, the thuds being heard throughout the arena. Kalis gets himself away and Masakaz unleashes a fury of kicks to his ribs which Kalis does not anticipate until he drops to the canvas knocked out. Masakaz holds onto the microphone still and points to the entrance ramp.

Masakaz The Great: "Meet the man who has taught me so much. Who taught me strength where you taught me weakness. He who taught me power where you taught me restraint. Where HE taught ME true independance!!! YOU, Father! You taught me only obediance!"

Kalis looks up from the canvas as Matthew Engel begins to walk down from the entrance ramp. The crowd boos loudly as Masakaz now strikes Kalis while he's down. Engel slides a chair into the ring and circles on the outside, a menacing grin over his face. As Kalis gets to his feet he gives a one finger salute to Matthew Engel but as he turns around Kalis is flattened by Masakaz with the chair. The crowd does not stop booing as Masakaz lays in repeated strikes with the chair to the downed Simon Kalis. At this point Engel hops up onto the apron and enters the ring. Masakaz sets up the chair near the corner and whips Kalis into the corner.

Jon McDaniel: “I.. I can't believe it. Masakaz is now aligned with Matthew Engel?"

Brian Rentfro: “Oh this just keeps getting better and better!"

Engel goes on to the top rope at one end as Masakaz takes Kalis up top, double underhooking his father as he does so and setting him up for the fabled Sentencing of the Damned. The crowds start booing and chanting "NO!" as Masakaz flies off with his father in tow, landing the Sentencing of the Damned on Kalis through the chair. As Kalis convulses, covered in his own blood on the canvas Engel flies off and lands Euthanasia on the downed elder Kalis and quickly gets back to his feet. Masakaz bows and then salutes Matthew Engel as he drops to his knees and pushes the chair aside. Engel smiles as he points to Kalis and orders Masakaz to pin him. Just as he does this the crowd erupts into cheers as Jethro Hayes comes running from the back with a chair of his own in hand.

Masakaz quickly hooks the leg as Engel hops over the top rope and out of the ring near the announcers table.


Hayes slides into the ring!


Hayes sees Engel outside and then lifts the chair over his head in front of Masakaz.


Jon McDaniel: “Matt! What the hell are you doing?"

Brian Rentfro: “I don't think he's got time to talk, Jon. Concentrate on the match! Hayes just saved Kalis' title shot!"

Hayes breaks up the count and drops the chair to the canvas and heads straight for Engel. Engel waits patiently for Hayes on the outside as Masakaz gets up and begins shouting at Hayes in anger. The crowd is now chanting "GLORIOUS!" to awaken Kalis and it works as Kalis jumps to his feet with a burst of adrenaline. Kalis grabs Masakaz by the hair and slams him to the canvas. He uses the rope as leverage as he starts kicking Masakaz in the throat. Kalis does a loud battle roar which catches both Engel and Hayes' attention as they look into the ring. Kalis drops to the canvas and locks in his submission finisher, The Eyes of Eternity. Hayes takes this moment to get the drop on Engel and they begin a serious brawl on the outside of the ring as Kalis applies as much pressure as possible on Masakaz.

Jon McDaniel: “Jesus Christ! This is getting out of control!"

Brian Rentfro: “Impromptu matches are never a good idea."

Engel has the ring bell and smashes it across Jethro's face sending him to one knee. Another bash and Hayes is reeling but Hayes responds with a fist so heavy that when it lands to Engel's gut he recoils from the attack. Engel drops the ring bell and Hayes catches it, flashing it fast across Engels face sending him to the padded ground quickly. Inside the ring, Masakaz's eyes scream the pain he's in as Kalis continues to roar like an angered beast with the modified STF still locked onto his son.


Masakaz taps out and Hayes slides into the ring.


Eric Emerson: And the winner of this match... still your number one contender to the Undisputed Championship, SIMON KALIS!

Jon McDaniel: "Kalis wins! Kalis wins! He still fights Estella tomorrow night!"

Brian Rentfro: “Aw man. I was hoping the dude with the long white flowing hair would have been."

Kalis does not let go until Hayes pulls him off of his son. Masakaz rolls out of the ring and joins Matthew Engel as they head back up the ramp. Hayes has to hold Simon Kalis back but even he and Engel share a few heated words as the crowd looks on in shock at what just unfolded.



Height: 6'2"
Weight: 233 lbs.
Entrance Music: "Welcome to the Masquerade" by Thousand Foot Krutch
Finisher: CIMA's Schwein (Leaving Marxx)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Entrance Music: "The New Ministry" by Walls of Jericho
Finisher: Alex Shelly's Shellshock (Tourniquet)


Marxx and Riona have only fought each other in singles competition one time prior to their meeting at RPM 2, and Riona was victorious in the contest after nailing Marxx with the Detonator and securing the victory. That was just a singles match to main event Sunday (Saturday at that time) Night Rampage. Now, these two go at it again in the main event of the first night of RPM 2 and there is so much more on the line. Marxx has been arguably one of the best Intercontinental Champions in recent PWA history, and the only one who can challenge that claim is his opponent on Sunday, who has the longest IC title reign of all time at 149 days. If Riona can defeat Marxx, not only does she become Intercontinental Champion but she will also take away his chance to break her record. However, if Riona fails, then she will not be a three-time Intercontinental Champion and will not be able to lay claim to the longest IC title reign of all time. Rest assured, this will be an electrifying match up to close the first night.


Eric Emerson: The following contest is your MAIN EVENT, and it will be scheduled for one fall, with a 45 minute time limit, and it will be contested for the PIONEER WRESTLING ASSOCIATION INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!! As agreed upon by both competitors before this match, there will be NO COUNTOUTS.

Eric Emerson: When the bell rings, the man in charge this evening, PWA Senior Official Lance Weston...

Lance surprisingly gets a pop as he stands there imposingly.

Eric Emerson: Now... Standing to my left, the challenger... She weighed in this morning at 140 pounds, and comes to us from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania... A former PWA Grand Slam Champion, she stands at 5 feet, 9 inches... Ladies and Gentlemen, this is RIIIIIIOOOOONNAA.... LAAAANGGLLLLLLLLYYYYYY!

Riona snaps off one of her crux poses as a very LOUD "FUCK 'IM UP LANGLY, FUCK 'IM UP!" chant starts to ring around Cowboys Stadium...

Eric Emerson: And standing to my right, he comes to us from New Brunswick, Canada and currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana... He stands at 6 feet, 2 inches and weighed in this morning at 107 kilos. For 125 days, he has been the current, reigning, defending... UNDISPUTED AND UNCONTESTED PWA INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION... This is the Midnight Role Model... MARRRXXXXXXX!!!!!

Marxx grins and holds the IC Title right in front of Riona's face, egging her on to another pop from what looks to be a split crowd... He hands the title off to Lance Weston who brings it over to Riona. Riona touches the title, looking a little fondly at it before staring up at Marxx. Lance stands between the two and holds the IC title up for the 100 thousand plus in attendance to see before handing the title off to the timekeeper and calling for the bell.


Riona immediately starts the match on the offensive, catching Marxx off guard with a series of stiff kicks to the right leg, already bringing Marxx to a knee. Riona slams her foot into the ribs, then into the left thigh, to the back of the head, and then begins stomping down onto the left shin of Marxx. Marxx manages to crawl to the ropes, grabbing ahold and Riona begrudgingly stops the assault and steps back, allowing the Midnight Role Model to get to his feet. Shaking his leg a bit, Marxx winces in pain and Riona smirks, already seeming to know where she's going to strike. Marxx moves away from the ropes and attempts to initiate a collar-and-elbow tie-up, but Riona is having none of that as she pushes Marxx into the north ropes before whacking him across the chest with a stinging knife-edged chop. Marxx reels from the blow and Riona uses the opprotunity to Irish whip the champion into the direction of the south ropes, but Marxx keeps ahold of Riona's arm and reverses the whip into one of his own, sending Riona into the ropes. Slingshotting off the ropes, Riona rushes towards Marxx only for him to drop down to the mat, where Riona leaps over him and continues her run. Bouncing off the north ropes, Riona is surprised as Marxx flings her towards the center of the ring with a textbook arm drag. Riona rolls to her feet and rushes once more, but this time Marxx leaps over Riona, and Langly ducks underneath. However, Langly doesn't continue her run, but stops and waits for Marxx to land on the canvas. The second that his boots touch the mat, Riona sends Marxx crashing to the mat with another stiff leg kick to the back of the right knee, tripping up the champ and sending him flat onto his back. Grabbing ahold of Marxx's right leg, Riona flings herself over Marxx and pulls his right leg with her, causing the champ some early pain. Staying on the attack, Riona unleashes a few more stomps on Marxx's leg before locking it under her armpit and attempting to turn him over into a single-leg crab... Thankfully for Marxx, it's too early in the contest to do so and he is able to kick Riona away.

Jon McDaniel: “Riona tried to latch on a single-leb crab but Marxx saw it coming and quickly knocked Riona away."

Brian Rentfro: “Riona is going to have to wear and tear the Intercontinental Champion down here tonight, just like she did to Raizzor."

Getting back to his feet, Marxx tries to derail Riona's momentum, and gets just that opprotunity as he catches a charging Riona with a powerslam, sending her crashing into the mat hard. Grabbing a handful of Riona's hair, Marxx drags Riona to a vertical base and forcfully initiates a lock-up, using his height and weight advantage to it's fullest as he shoves Langly into the northwest corner. Lance Weston immediately goes in for the break, and Marxx puts distance between the two before jamming his shoulder right into Riona's gut. Riona gasps for air from the move, but no respite is given as Marxx lets the soupbones fly, hammering Riona with a series of right hands that rock the former World's Champion. Lance once again goes in to stop Marxx' attack, and as before, the champion lets go... right before slapping Riona in the face! Riona looks a bit shocked as she holds her hand up to her cheek, but her eyes seem to go red as she charges out of the corner and quickly ducks a lariat from Marxx. Repelling off the south ropes, Langly shows surprising flexibility as she is able to send Marxx right into the mat with a YAKUZA KICK! Riona drops an elbow onto Marxx's sternum as a quick follow-up and then works the head, grabbing ahold of the head in a variant on the half-nelson and looking to unleash some elbows, but Marxx quickly sees what is coming and breaks the hold, crawling his way into the ropes as a deterrant for Riona to commit anymore violence upon him. Marxx slowly gets back to his feet as Riona stands in the middle of the ring, egging him to come on... Marxx heads towards Riona who quickly unleashes another stiff kick, Marxx grabs it and rolls her up! 1... KICKOUT!

Jon McDaniel: “A good counter by Marxx but it only creates a one count."

Brian Rentfro: “It's got Riona thinking, that's for sure."

Both combatants get to their feet and Marxx holds his right hand, showing how close it was... Riona begs to differ, holding both hands out wide, showing her opinion. Another lock-up is initiated, both wrestlers seeming to want to start things out slowly, and like before, Marxx gets the power advantage, shoving Riona into the southeast corner... Marxx backs away like before, but Riona reverses thier position, slamming Marxx into the corner before lighting him up with a sickening knife-edged chop! WHOOOOOOO! Riona throws out two more chops before backing off, letting Marxx stumble out of the corner, only to send him back down to the mat with a nasty looking lariat. Riona begins stalking the IC champ as Marxx rolls to his feet, Riona surprisingly giving him his space... With the time that is given, Marxx gets back to his feet, but he doesn't have any time to react as she sends a boot into his gut, doubling him over before grabbing his head in a front-facelock and dropping him face-first into the canvas with a nasty looking DDT! Riona rolls Marxx onto his back and hooks a leg, going for an early cover... 1... 2... kickout! Showing no remorse or even anger, Riona yanks Marxx back to his feet and sends another kick to the back of the right leg that sends Marxx to a knee. With Marxx's head in the perfect position, Riona winds up for a ROARING ELB-Marxx blocks it and spins Riona in the other direction, damaging her equilibrium enough for Marxx to lift Riona onto his shoulders from behind and drop her right on her head with a very high angle Backdrop Driver! Marxx wastes no time going on the offensive against the veteran, grabbing Riona's right arm and locking his legs around it in a grapevine before yanking himself and the arm back onto the mat hard! However, Riona is limber, and she manages to twist out of Marxx's grip, rolling him up for only a two count...

Jon McDaniel: “A quick rollup from Langly manages a two count, but Marxx isn't phased."

Brian Rentfro: “However Riona is on her feet."

Riona quickly rolls to her feet before Marxx can and snaps off a sick kick right to the side of Marxx's head, but Marxx ducks the attack and instead floors Riona with a rising lariat that drops her right onto her neck. Riona rolls onto her stomach by instinct and Marxx continues the pressure, locking on a seated neck-scissors... Riona squirms a bit as Marxx catches his breath a bit, Riona's intensity wearing him down just a bit, but his eyes go a bit wide as Riona pops herself into a full headstand before bouncing out of the hold and to her feet. Marxx doesn't have a chance to react at this display of agility as he is too busy getting cracked in the side of the face by Riona's Reebok, courtesy of a stiff roundhouse kick. Marxx collaspes backwards from the impact, onto his side, and Riona adds in the insult to injury as she starts to pulverize Marxx's spine with stiff kick after stiff kick after stiff kick. Finally, Marxx has the good sense to grab the ropes, causing Lance Weston to position himself between the rampaging Langly and Marxx. Seeing Marxx using the ropes as leverage to get to his feet, Riona lightly shoves Weston out of the way and charges Marxx, who thinks very fast and drops down, yanking the top rope with him and causing Riona to fly over the top and to the floor. Marxx rolls to a base and looks at his challenger on the outside before rebounding off the west ropes and flying through the east, hitting Riona right in the face with an ELBOW SUICIDA! Marxx nearly flies into the guardrail from the momentum, but Riona acts as a cushion as she smashes into it back first! Marxx gets to his feet first and takes a second to mock Riona's crux pose...

Jon McDaniel: “Marxx taking a moment to taunt his opponent. How Canadian of him."

Brian Rentfro: “Jon you're killing it with the racist jokes tonight."

Jon McDaniel: “Canadian isn't a race."

Marxx then rolls his opponent underneath the east ropes, and back into the ring. Lance Weston quickly drops down to a horizontal base as the Midnight Roll Model slides into the ring and immediately goes for a cover, hooking Riona's left leg. 1...2..Riona kicks out of the pin attempt. Marxx brings himself up to a stance, hauling Riona up with him using a front-facelock. After being lifted up off of the canvas, Riona is strong armed into the right turnbuckle of the north ropes. The champion then immediately lowers his shoulder, and goes back to the well, delivering excessive blocks into Riona's gut. Riona coughs, trying to regain her wind as the air is evacuated from her chest. Marxx backs off of AC for a split second, and gives Riona a taste of her medicine with a nasty kick right to the ribs! Riona wastes no time in grabbing her ribs while dropping down to her knees in front of the champion. The Midnight Role Model then pulls Riona up to a vertical base once more by grasping a hold onto his left arm and shoulder. Marxx drags Riona out of the corner and pushes her up against the north ropes before whipping her across the ring. Riona slams into the ropes hard chest first, causing her to stumble backwards right into Marxx, who wraps his arms around her in a rear waistlock. The Midnight Role Model lifts Riona up and drops her backwards with a nasty bridging German suplex! 1... 2... KICKOUT! Marxx keeps his grasp on Riona and sends a series of furious knees right into Riona's kidneys. Lance Weston watches on carefully as the two wrestlers lay side by side in the middle of the ring, Marxx continuing to deliver knee after knee to his challenger. Finally, Marxx seems to let up, dragging Riona slowly up to her feet while remaining latched onto her. Once Riona is back to her feet, the Role Model lifts Riona up again, looking to drop her once again, but Riona quickly breaks the hold and uses a small amount of momentum to spin around to Marxx's back... THWACK! Marxx never sees the Roaring Elbow coming as he staggers into the ropes, bouncing backwards... ROARING ELBOW! Marxx this time staggers out of the ring and almost to the floor, but grabs ahold of the middle rope to keep himself on the apron... for a few seconds before Riona sends him flying outside with a nasty dropkick to the face!

Jon McDaniel: “Roaring elbow to the dropkick! Great combination from the former World Champion."

Brian Rentfro: “She's damn near trademarked that roaring elbow, but Marxx won't get punked out like someone we know."

Marxx attempts to get to his feet as Riona steps onto the apron, measuring up Marxx for a move of some sort... Marxx finally makes a vertical base as Riona flies off with a laria-Marxx reverses and drives a knee right into Riona's ribs! Riona tumbles from the impact and Marxx follows, grabbing Riona from behind and driving a series of forearms into Riona's kidneys! Riona falls to one knee due to this flurry as Marxx takes a second to try and gather his thoughts a bit, looking fairly groggy from the repeated shots to the head. This turns out to be a bit of a mistake on his part as Riona gets back to her feet and drives a forearm into the side of Marxx's head. Marxx reels from the blow, but responds with a forearm of his own and it's on as the two begin to trade forearms on the floor, sweat flying between them as the attacks grow in intensity. Finally, Riona gets a break from Marxx and just unloads onto the champion, nailing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 unanswered forearms right to Marxx's jaw! Marxx drops to a knee, and Riona spins for another Roaring El-Marxx shoves Riona away and rises up, smacking her in the face with a PUMP KICK! Riona tumbles on her neck backwards and Marxx is quick to react, grabbing Riona off the floor and into a front-facelock. Marxx finds that he isn't able to do anything from this position however, as Riona suddenly rushes forward, leaving Marxx to have his exposed back driven into the ring barricade. As Marxx holds his back while on his knees Riona pulls him back up to his feet with a small handful of hair prior to placing his shoulder into Marxx's gut and once again driving Marxx back first into the barricade once again. Riona steps back as Marxx drops to a knee, grinning as a chant forms in the stadium growing louder... "OLE... OLE OLE OLE... OLEEEE... OLEEEE..." Riona knows what to do as she charges... WHAM! OLE KICK! MARXX'S HEAD IS SANDWICHED BETWEEN RIONA'S BOOT AND THE BARRICADE!


Brian Rentfro: “That made MY melon hurt just watching it!"

Marxx falls facefirst onto the mats as Riona lifts Marxx up and grunts, pushing him into the ring before sliding in to make the cover... 1... 2... KICKOUT. Riona sighs as she gets to her feet, Marxx slowly doing the same as Riona sets him up and charges... ROARING EL-Marxx ducks under the move however and pops back up to place Riona in a Sleeper! Riona tries to elbow out of the hold, but Marxx's grip is strong and he has the leverage, making it hard for Riona to do much to stop as Marxx applies the pressure... Riona drops to a knee, but Marxx is having none of this as he lifts her back up and drops her HARD on her head with a SLEEPER SUPLEX! Huge pop for that as Marxx gets back up onto his feet, trying to clear his head a bit while yelling at the Dallas crowd to hype them up further. As Marxx goes to pick Riona back up, Riona thinks fast, rolling out onto the ring apron. Marxx follows her out onto the apron and grabs a handful of hair, only to be pushed away by Riona who uses the ropes to pull himself back up to her feet. Marxx doesn't seem to like having his helping hand rejected and comes back at Riona with a kick directed at the side of the head, only for Riona to block it and nail Marxx in the jaw with an elbow! This blow leaves Marxx stumbling back, holding his head for just a moment before surprising Riona with a YAKUZA KICK of his own! Riona stumbles back, but she too comes right back at Marxx with a Yakuza Kick of his own! This time Marxx is left stumbling back again, but he comes right back at Riona who continues at Marxx as they hit DUAL YAKUZA KICKS!! Riona falls to one knee, but Marxx refuses to go down as he wipes a trickle of blood from his nose off his face and comes back at Riona who he places into a front facelock to hit her with a BRAINBUSTER ON THE RING APRON!!!!

Jon McDaniel: “WOW! Marxx might have broken her neck with that move!"

Brian Rentfro: “Marxx is looking to not only punish Riona, but show the world that he hasn't had it easy and he will go to whatever length he can to retain his championship and surpass Riona's record."

Riona slumps to the floor as the crowd goes crazy... Marxx hops off the apron and drags what looks to be an unconscious Riona into the ring... Sliding in, Marxx makes a cover... 1... 2... THRE-FOOT ON THE ROPES! Marxx cannot believe his luck as he pulls Riona out into the center of the ring and goes for another cover... 1... 2... KICKOUT! Marxx stands up and shakes his head at Riona, before reaching down to grab her by the head. Riona is ready for Marxx though and shows this by driving his thumb into the thoat of Marxx causing him to back off holding his neck. Langly quickly gets to her feet before getting closer to Marxx... ROARING ELBOW to the back of the Midnight Role Model’s head!! All of Marxx's momentum seems lost as he slumps down face-first into the mat while Riona takes a small breather walking over to the northwest turnbuckle which she leans back against to give her a comfortable place to take a few deep breaths and clear her head. After Riona has felt that she has had enough time to rest she advances on Marxx as he begins to get to his feet before dragging him into the southwest corner... CHOP! WHOO! CHOP! WHOO! Riona begins to unload a series of knife-edge chops, turning Marxx's chest red from the punishment before ending the barrage with a stiff knee to the gut of the Intercontinental Champion. Marxx doubles over from the pain, but that is nothing compared to the feeling he gets as Riona rocks him with YET ANOTHER ROARING ELBOW, causing Marxx to drop into a seated position in the corner... Riona sees this and repels off the ropes... RUNNING KNEE TO THE FACE! Blood flies out of Marxx's nose from the impact as Riona drags him out of the corner, hooking both legs... 1... 2... THR-KICKOUT!

Jon McDaniel: “NEAR FALL!"

Brian Rentfro: “It looked like a three, but Marxx narrowly escapes."

Riona expresses her fustration over the kickout with a few elbows to the face before getting to her feet... Riona can already seem to feel the belt around her waist once more as she drags Marxx to his feet and sends a swift kick to the back of his right knee, the pain coming back to Marxx as he drops down to both knees... Riona hooks him in a Reverse Front Facelock... BOMB DROPP-Marxx blocks and shifts out, kicking Riona in the gut and lifting her for the LEAVING MAR-NO! Somehow Riona manages to slip off of Marxx's shoulder and stumbles forward to the ropes which she holds onto for dear life as Marxx hunts her down once more. Looking downright pissed, Marxx slams a couple of elbows into Riona's spine, opening that pain back up before pulling the challenger off the ropes and into his arms for a BACKDROP DRIV-NO!!! Riona flips out of the hold, catching Marxx off guard with THE DETONATOR!! Riona is in no position to make the cover as she holds her kidneys.... Finally, both Riona and Marxx get to their feet, to the pop of over 100 thousand fans in attendance... Slowly the two move to the center of the ring where Riona immediately catches Marxx off guard by diving onto the near arm of Marxx to pull him down for a FUJIWARA ARMBAR! However, Riona cannot lock the hold on properly and Marxx is able to roll out and get back to his feet, where he catches Riona with a stiff knee to the face! Riona goes down onto her back and Marxx hits her with a series of nasty stomps to the ribs before circling around the challenger and sitting her up to apply a DRAGON SLEEPER! MIDDLE OF THE RING, NOWHERE FOR RIONA TO GO!

Jon McDaniel: “Marxx has applied that dragon sleeper with intensity and perfection. How can Riona escape?"

Brian Rentfro: “Because she's the toughest person in the locker room, Jon. That, and she has a VD that I'm sure Marxx will try to stay away from."

Jon McDaniel: “And who said chivalry was dead?"

Marxx doesn't keep the hold in for long, though, instead standing up and lifting Riona off her feet, bringing her all the way over for a Reverse Suplex. Riona rolls over onto her back, holding her ribs and cringing as Marxx stands up, looking over towards the corner and nodding. Marxx climbs out to the apron, then starts up the turnbuckles, but seems to be having some trouble getting up quickly, still looking quite a bit woozy from Riona's repeated attacks to the head. Riona manages to get to her feet in the meantime, just to see Marxx flying towards her, sending her head over heels with a FLYING CLOTHESLINE! Marxx immediately makes the cover... 1...2...Riona kicks out. Marxx gets up, this time pulling his challenger up to her feet and into a Standing Head Scissors, reaching down to hook both of her arms, spinning her up for the FOLDOVER TIGERBO-NO! Riona manages to block it, widening her base and dropping Marxx backwards with a BAAAAAACK BODY DROP! Riona collapses from the effort of getting the larger man over her, and Marxx is able block an attempt at a chop to pull her in a Front Facelock... Vertical suplex is reversed, however, as Riona twist out of the hold behind Marxx... ROARING ELBOW! Marxx falls to a knee and Riona rushes in to attempt the Tourniq-Marxx reverses, slamming Riona right into the mat with a powerslam! Marxx wastes no time, lifting up Riona onto his shoulders and slamming her with the LEAVING MARXX!!! ONE... TWO... THRE-KICKOUTTTTTTT~!


Brian Rentfro: “RIDICULOUSNESS!"

Marxx cannot believe that Riona kicked out, and reaches out to pick her up again... RIONA GRABS HIS ARM AND LOCKS HIM IN A TRIANGLE CHOKE! Marxx immediately attempts to free himself from the hold, but finds it next to impossible as Riona's grip on him is as strong as it has ever been. She screams as she thrashes about, trying to get Marxx to tap out to the hold... Marxx's attempts to escape from the hold slowly start to deminish as the lack of air begins to go to his head, causing him to black out. Finally, Marxx seems to go limp, and Lance Weston springs into action, checking the arm of the IC Champ... He lifts it once, and it falls... lifts twice... IT STAYS UP! Marxx begins to revive, attempting to push Riona out of the hold, but her tenacity remains absolute as she continues to keep the hold locked in for all it's worth, and it seems like Marxx's second wind vanishes, going limp once more. Weston moves back in, checking Marxx's arm once more... 1 time up, 1 time down... 2 times up, 2 times down... 3 times up... STAYS UP! The crowd pops as Riona screams out "TAP TAP TAP TAP YOU SON OF A BITCH!" but Marxx is having none of that as he begins to lift Riona up and slams her down with a powerbomb, but her hold remains! Marxx powers her up a second time... another powerbomb, still nothing! Marxx screams in agony as Riona wrenches the hold in for all it's worth, but he still manages to lift her up onto his shoulders and POWERBOMBS HER RIGHT INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!! HOLY SHIT!! THE TOP ROPE COLLAPSES!!!

Jon McDaniel: “JESUS CHRIST!"

Brian Rentfro: “Marxx just killed her! She has to be dead! There's just no way!"

The crowd is going wild in Arlington as both Riona and Marxx lie on the mat, completely motionless as Lance Weston goes crazy, checking the top rope first and then running back to the competitors.

Weston gets nothing for either of them and so finds himself forced to start the count.



Neither stirs.



There’s as much as shoulder twitch and groan from either of them.




Marxx is fighting through it.


Langly gets a hand on what’s left of the ropes.


Jon McDaniel: “And they're both up!"

Brian Rentfro: “I can't believe the top ropes collapsed. Is that ring regulation size or what! GEEZ!"

And he breaks the count as both competitors get as far as their knees and lock horns again. It’s nothing but a scrap then as both of them fight from their knees, striding forearms and elbows, one after the other, throwing every ounce of dead weight through each shot and sending the spit flying through the air. They’re both tired, spent and broken but neither gives an inch as they roll one strike into another.

The two of them are rocked but there’s no give and each hit just works them up more. Suddenly they’re alive again, using the others body to pull themselves up. And each him grows in intensity, one blow more ferocious than the last. Speed and severity rises, the fans are in a frenzy neither is giving in and suddenly they’re not even waiting for turns but just digging away with strike after strike until one final blow from each breaks them apart.

They come back again with straight kicks, smashing each other in the face. Langly takes the worst of it though and falls to the ropes before bounce back into a series of open hand shots from Marxx. The Midnight Role Model then slings a final big shot but finds nothing but air as Langly ducks out and sweeps the leg. Marxx tries to get up but rises right into a Roaring Elbow from Langly that tears through his face. He looks hurt but shakes it off, and the fans go wild as he spits blood all down her face.

Langly looks shocked but then growls as she comes around with a second and shatters his jaw. Marxx goes to pieces but Langly comes down ontop of him, into the mount and in prime position to open him up further with a series of blows. Elbow after elbow rip across his flesh and leave him a bloody mess. He tries to fight back but his hands go limp. Langly wont give in though and continues crushing him into the mat. It’s almost like she’s forgotten there’s a match on as she wails away, but the sight of the referee in her face brings her back and Langly collapses into the cover.





Eric Emerson: “And the winner of this match... your new PWA Intercontinental Champion... RIONA... LANGLY!!!!"

Jon McDaniel: “She’s done it! Her legacy stands!”

Brian Rentfro: “But no one will ever forget what Marxx did to bring this title to the top. Hell, what both of them did. What a match from these stars! This is truly what this title means to the stars of the PWA. This isn’t just a second prize, this is the Intercontinental Championship and this match is a testament to just what lengths people will go to hold it.”

Langly rolls off of Marxx and stands up. Marxx is nearly out, but manages to roll away and land on the outside. EMTs come down to assist him as his face has been busted open really bad. Riona is barely able to stand, but manages to have her hand raised. She is handed the PWA Intercontinental Championship, and she falls to her knees, collapsing in tears and joy.

Jon McDaniel: “Simply amazing, Brian.”

Brian Rentfro: “I agree. Both competitors put on the match of the night, both should be proud. They've done so much for the championship they fought over tonight... it didn't matter who won this match, because the fans were the ultimate victor to see such an masterpiece display the power and charisma of the PWA Intercontinental Championship."

Jon McDaniel: “Well ladies and gentlemen... that does it for Night One of Revolutions Per Minute 2: Overdrive. Stay tuned for tomorrow night, when we see two title matches, a match of pride and respect, and a career match to end what has been a terrific event."

Brian Rentfro: “And it looks like Joe BoXeR is going to have to cough up some money for a new ring tomorrow."

Jon McDaniel: “Let's hope."