Revolutions Per Minute II: Overdrive
Night Two -- April 25th, 2010

As we fade to the backstage area, we are somewhat thrown off guard as a tired Simon Kalis extends his hand out and smiles.

Simon Kalis: Let our friendship be known, and let our mission be clear. We shall shine as the beacons of hope in this great federation, my friend.

Lucious Starr smiles and nods as well, shaking Kalis' hand.

Lucious Starr: That we will, my friend. That we will.

Simon Kalis: All Hail...

Lucious Starr: The Order of Chaos.

Kalis turns away to another figure standing yet unseen by the camera.

Simon Kalis: This is only the beginning, my friends... Only the beginning.

As the shock settles in, we fade back to the ring.


[60 Minutes - No Disqualification - Iron Man Match - Loser Retires]


Height: 6'7"
Weight: 315 lbs.
Entrance Music: "Journey Man" by Korpiklaani
Finisher: Jack-knife Powerbomb (The Planter)
Height: 6'0
Weight: 212 lbs.
Entrance Music: "Sympathy for the Devil" by Guns N' Roses
Finisher: Top Rope Corkscrew Somersault Splash (Euthanasia)


Jethro and Matt were bitter enemies from Matt's return to the PWA in the Summer of 2009 until Genesis X. During that time, they shed each other's blood considerably, and had two grueling matches - one of them winning a match of the quarter award. After their extremely violent match ended at Bad Blood, Engel captured his third World Title while Hayes was forced to the sidelines due to injuries and the doctor's orders. Hayes came back with a renewed sense of purpose in 2010, and demanded repeatedly that he get his fifth and final match with Engel to settle the rivalry. Engel refused every time, and kept his eyes on Riona Langly and the World Title. At Genesis X, the unthinkable happened - Engel and Hayes joined forces to create arguably the most dominate, yet short-lasting, tag teams of all time: Second 2 None. They would defeat Tha Impact Playaz on Rampage for the tag titles, and face a returning Order of Chaos at Who's The Man?! Second 2 None would do what no other team has ever done, in and out of the PWA, and that is decisively defeat The Order of Chaos. S2N was on top of the world, and a week later Engel and Kalis would fight in singles competition with the Order of Chaos' rematch on the line. It was all just a ploy, and Hayes turned his back on Engel, leveling him with a chair and destroying him with a Planter. Hayes would reveal that his intentions were to get close to Engel and betray him, to show the world that Hayes has what it takes to stop Engel and his infection in the PWA. The controversy surrounding the break-up of S2N would lead to an Iron Man match at RPM 2, with their respective careers on the line.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the last match of this historic rivarly.

Will the Southern Hero save the PWA from the Virus... or will his career be destroyed by it?

We are getting closer and closer to the biggest match of the year, essentially. Riona Langly is standing in the middle of the ring, a pair of jeans and a specialized low-cut referee shirt that Laura Estella made her wear. She is ready. Simon Kalis, still exhausted from his match earlier, stands ringside. Flynn has joined Rentfro and McDaniel at the announcer's table.

Jamie Flynn: "Gentlemen."

Jon McDaniel: "Mr. Flynn!"

Brian Rentfro: "Congratulations on your win earlier tonight, Jamie. Must have been nice to get that monkey off your back."

Jamie Flynn: "Indeed."

Joe BoXeR has made his way out onto the stage. The crowd erupts in cheers, thanking him for a wonderful show so far.

Joe BoXeR: "Now.. I announced last week that there would be some extra security for this match. Riona Langly will be our special guest referee tonight. Simon Kalis will be a special guest enforcer and a special guest commentator will be none other than Jamie Flynn. And, I did announce a second enforcer... and here he is."

A familiar face bursts through the curtains and comes out onto the stage. It's none other than Corey Lazarus, a PWA legend and Hall of Famer. The crowd erupts for the Premiere Attraction, as Corey makes his way past BoXeR and down to the rampway. He gives Kalis a nod and Riona just ignores him for the most part. BoXeR disappears backstage and Laz stands on the opposite side of the ring from Kalis.

Jamie Flynn: "Jesus.. how many people does Joe need out here, really?"

Jon McDaniel: "I guess he just wants to make sure the match goes through."

Brian Rentfro: "And Hayes won't have any excuse when he loses. I mean.. nobody out here is an ally to Engel, that's for sure."

Several men walk out onto the entrance stage set up in Cowboys Stadium as the crowd is buzzing for the much anticipated match between Jethro Hayes and Matthew Engel. A bandset rises up from the entrance stage, guitars, drums, violins, and microphones adorn the set for the band. The men that are there are: Jonne Järvelä, Jaakko "Hittavainen" Lemmetty, Kalle "Cane" Savijärvi, Matti "Maatson" Johansson, Jarkko Aaltonen, and Juho Kauppinen.

Each man picks up their instrument, testing it one last time briefly.

Jonne Järvelä: "Cowboys Stadium! How the bloody hell are ya!"

The crowd on their feet immediately to cheer

Jonne Järvelä: "A very good man came to us about a week ago and asked us to be here to perform his entrance song, a song that we recorded some time ago..."

The crowd is anticipating and waiting, nearly too excited to wait much longer.

Jonne Järvelä: "How could we refuse... Jethro Hayes!"

Yeah, that done it, they know the match isn't far away now.

Jonne Järvelä: "So without further adue... Lets! Rock! This!"

"Suuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy!" The hog call, only means one thing... the jamming rhythem of Korpiklaani's "Journeyman" hits up from the speakers, but this time it is not the studio version as the live music is coming from the speakers! The crowd is into it as they are clapping big time as from the back...

The crowd is chanting "Jethro! Jethro! Jethro!" Yeah, they love him again, he holds up both hands to the crowd, pointing down to Korpiklaani there playing the song. Hayes walks down the ramp, surveying the crowd, turning from side to side as to not leave anyone out. Jethro turns his back on the crowd, watching the band play the music as the crowd is into it and knows Jethro is not disrespecting them because he is clapping along with the crowd to Korpiklaani's music. Jethro has a live microphone in hand when he turns back to the crowd.

Jethro Hayes: "From Lenox, Georgia, I weigh in at three hundred and fifteen pounds! I stand at six feet seven inches!"

Jethro walks down the ramp as they begin to sing.

~I was born in a deep forest
I wish I could live here all my life
I am made from stones and roots
My home, these woods and roads~

Jethro Hayes:
 "And tonight PWA World! Tonight fans in Cowboys Stadium! Tonight I! Will! End! Matthew! Engel's! Career!"

The crowd is listening very attentively to the music and the words spoken from Jethro.

Jethro begins to sing: "All my life I loved this sound
Of the woods all around
Eagles flies where the winds blows free
ending Engel's career is my destiny!"

Jonne is nodding at Jethro as he sings the lyrics he wanted to sing here tonight, he is very willing to share the limelight. Jethro is on the ring apron, playing to the crowd. Pyros go off on the stage in a rapid fire succession of green and yellow before Jethro steps through the ropes. Immediately among entering the ring, he holds the mic to his mouth.

Jethro Hayes: "Take it back Jonne!"

Jonne nods.

~Free, free as a journey man
Free, heat in the moonlight
Free, free as a journey man
Free, heat in the moonlight~

Jethro hits the ropes, bouncing off the other side before he stands there in a shower of yellow and green fireworks from the area right above the ring. Green and yellow lights play over the crowd.

~Ragged trouses, rucksack in my back
Narrow road behind me
I never look back
Long way is in the past
As in front of me
Hunger keeps me going
I don't care where it leads
Fire burns under my feet
Journey men pleasure and destiny
Sky is black, stars shows me the way
Moon whispered how to keep my faith~

Jethro nods along with the music, pointing to each side of the fans before tossing his hat off to the crowd behind the announcer's table. Jethro looks at Scott Nash Strader in the crowd nodding to him before turning to Jamie Flynn at the announcers' table and doing the same. Jethro spins real quickly to look into Riona's eyes before simply and honorably nodding at her.

~Free, free as a journey man
Free, heat in the moonlight~

~Free, free as a journey man
Free, heat in the moonlight~

~Free, free as a journey man
Free, heat in the moonlight~

~Free, free as a journey man
Free, heat in the moonlight ~

The lights go out inside the arena as "Sympathy for the Devil" performed by Guns N' Roses hits the sound system. Green and silver pyros shoot off as spotlights around the PWAtron move to the rhythm of the song.

Eric Emerson:
"Introducing now, hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin..."

Matthew Engel steps out from behind the curtains as one of the moving spotlights shines down on him. He is in his usual dark green tuxedo. The magnificent voice of Axl Rose comes to life.

"Please allow me to introduce myself..
I'm a man of wealth and taste."

The crowd gets on their feet, but most of them are boo'ing the former World Champion. Engel begins to make his way down to the ring.

Eric Emerson: "He stands 6 feet tall and weighs in tonight at 212 pounds..."

"Pleased to meet you.. hope you guess my name
But what's puzzling you is the nature of my game."

Engel walks around the ring. First, he passes Simon Kalis. Both men exchange looks of disgust, but Engel makes a comment about Kalis' match tonight. Engel walks away with a smirk. He passes the announcer's table, eyeing Flynn. But their moment isn't one of hatred and intensity; it's more of understanding. Then, he reaches Corey Lazarus on the other side of the ring.

And shakes his hand?

Jon McDaniel: "What just happened?"

Brian Rentfro: "It seems Engel has an ally after all."

Jamie Flynn: "Alliteration aside there, Brian, I think Lazarus has more respect for Engel than he does for Hayes."

Engel hops onto the apron, and climbs into the ring between the top and middle ropes.

Eric Emerson: "He is a two time PWA Triple Crown Winner...  recently inducted into the PWA Hall of Fame.. He is... MATTHEW... "VIRUS" ... ENGEL!!!!"

"Just as every cop is a criminal..
and all the sinners.. saints..
as heads is tails, just call me Lucifer..
'cause I'm in need of some restraint.

So if you meet me..
have some courtesy..
have some sympathy..
and some taste.

Use all your well learned politesse
or I'll lay your soul to waste."

Engel stares down Riona, not Hayes. Riona doesn't remove her gaze from Engel. Engel has removed his jacket, tie, and dress shirt, revealing his standard white undershirt. He begins to stretch in the ring and prepare himself for the match.


Jethro and Matthew circle each other in the center of the ring, neither wanting to make the first mistake. Engel begins to taunt Jethro with some words as Jethro jaws back at his former tag team partner. Collar and elbow, but Matthew ducks under to deliver a swift kick to Jethro's back sending the big man stumbling forward. Jethro spins around and Engel is there with a forearm to the face, but Jethro counters it with a wristlock turning it into a hammerlock. Jethro changes into a side headlock, but Engel counters with a punch to the back of Jethro's right knee. Hayes releases the hold, Engel with a spinning fist right into Jethro's temple. Engel off the ropes, running bulldog takes Hayes down to the canvas.

Matthew off the ropes, baseball slide into Jethro's face, but Hayes is up out of the way. Matthew slides on out of the ring, springing up on the apron to leap to the top rope. Matthew dives off the top with a springboard dropkick, but Jethro catches him, spinning around with a wheelbarrow slam in center ring. Jethro rushes over, leg drop, but Matthew rolls out of the way as well, but he is unable to avoid the entire move. Part of Jethro's boot catches him but it as though Matthew didn't even feel it. Matthew uses his speed to slam a shoulder into the ribs of the rising Jethro. Jethro rolls over onto his back, Engel is there and connects with the baseball slide. Matthew up again, pulling Hayes into a seated position, fist to the face, a second fist to the face, and a spinning elbow shot to the temple has Jethro reeling already. Jethro shoves Engel backwards, shoving up to his feet quickly, he charges at Engel. Drop toe hold sends Jethro's throat across the middle rope. Engel quickly running to the near turnbuckle, diving off with a knee drop that drives the rope deeper into Jethro's throat and causes the Southern Hero to gasp for breath.

Engel off the ropes, running punt kick right to Jethro's chin rolls him off the ropes where Engel lays into Hayes with the foot stomps. Engel goes after a stomp to the throat of Jethro, but Hayes manages to catch the foot pulling Engel off balance. Matthew's face slams into the top turnbuckle and he falls backwards from the impact. Jethro up quickly, slamming a shoulder into Engel's midsection before quickly wrapping his arms around Engel's waist.

High angle Spinebuster!

Brian Rentfro: "Come on Engel!"

Jon McDaniel: "Do you even know why you cheer for him?"

Brian Rentfro: "Because he's awesome?"

Jamie Flynn: "Awesome at getting spinebuster'd."

Engel must be hurting after that, but he valiantly tries to get back up to his feet, Jethro kindly helps him out with that task. Jethro pounds a fist into Engel's face before tucking his head under Engel's arm. Northern Lights Suplex from Jethro has Engel down for the first pin of the match.


Engel kicks out with authority, but you can't blame him for trying to get an advantage early in the match. Jethro rolls up to his feet, but Engel is there already too. Engel charges at Jethro, leap frog from Jethro catches Matthew off his guard, allowing Jethro to spin around and kick him in the gut. Jethro goes for the Planter here early, but Engel rains down right and lefts breaking Hayes' concentration. Engel shoves his weight towards Jethro's head causing him to stumble backwards. Engel flips over the back of Jethro causing the big man to fall down and Engel drives his entire body weight down on Jethro taking him by surprise as he makes a cover as well.


Jethro shoves Engel off of the pin and both men have gained a one count in the early going. Engel up, Jethro up. Engel with a running knee and Jethro is prepared, but it is a faint by Engel as he drives a right hand into the face of Hayes sending him into the corner. Matthew with a body splash on Hayes before climbing to mount Jethro in the corner.









Huge spinebuster from Jethro has Matthew laying out in the center ring.

Jamie Flynn: "See?

Brian Rentfro:
"That was poorly executed."

Jon McDaniel: "It did seem Hayes didn't get all of it."

Jethro shakes his head, but Engel had it scouted as he rolls backwards to avoid most of the impact. He slams into Jethro as he is shaking his head driving his left knee right into Hayes' mouth but no blood yet. Engel keeps on the attack with another lifted knee, then a third. Engel is tenacious in his attack of Jethro, taking the fight to the much bigger man. Engel sets him up in the center of the ring for a piledriver, he yells something out to the crowd. Jethro reverses with a back body sending Engel back first on the canvas. Jethro stumbles forward, deciding to use the momentum to his advantage. Jethro bounces off the ropes, Engel is sitting up, Jethro slams a boot right into the back of his skull folding him up like a package. Jethro pulls Engel up, forearm to the face. Chop to the chest.


Yeah the crowd is into it. Chop again and it is followed by a third and the woos fill the arena. Jethro looks behind him, Irish whip. Engel runs towards the turnbuckle, Jethro spins charging in after him. Engel runs up the turnbuckle, Jethro slams into the corner. Engel lands on his feet behind Jethro, Hayes spins. Superkick from Jethro takes Engel by surprise and right on the chin taking Engel out on the canvas. Jethro points to his temple before covering Engel for a pin.



Engel with a shoulder up stops the pin attempt. Jethro is a little shocked, but knows Engel won't go down that easy with so much on the line. Jethro pulls him up, lifting him onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry. Jethro spins as he tosses Engel.

Engel catches Jethro by the hair on his head, dragging him down into a quick DDT from over six and a half feet in the air! Matthew rolls him over, hooking the leg.



Not yet! Jethro rolls a shoulder up, stopping the count. Matthew doesn't show any expression as he pounds fists into Jethro's face from his prone position. Matthew is bringing the violence and Jethro is bringing the spped and agility. Matthew looks up at the crowd, smirking at them. Jethro slams a fist into Engel's chin rocking him back on his heels. Jethro shoves up to his feet, side headlock. Matthew with an elbow into Jethro's ribs a second, and a third breaks the side headlock. Engel off the ropes, knee into the ribs sends Jethro stumbling. Matthew springs off the ropes with a flying fist to the back of Jethro's skull sending him forward again.

Jethro falls to one knee, Shining Wizard from Engel takes Hayes down on the canvas, he slams Jethro's knee into the canvas to try and weaken his vertical base. Engel is tenacious in his attack with stomp after stomp on the left knee now. Engel off the ropes, dropkick into the left knee before he locks on a leg lock to weaken it further. Jethro sits up, fist to the face, but Engel sways out of the way as he avoids the punch and drops the submission. Engel up to his feet, but so is Jethro, both showing resilience early. Engel flies with a forearm, Jethro avoids. Engel catches his forward progress with a hand on each side of the turnbuckle. Looking while upside down, Engel grabs Jethro on each side of his head with his feet. Jethro smiles as he pulls Engel out of the corner, but Engel wanted just that. Jethro spins around twisting his body to flip Jethro over in center ring to land on his shoulder and side of the head. Engel walks over, knowing that he must stay on the attack here. Engel drops a knee onto Jethro's forehead before leaping into the air with a second one as well. Engel climbs to the top turnbuckle, mmeasuring Jethro as he dives from the top with a double foot stomp right onto Jethro's face and sending him out cold. Engel rolls through the impact, springing up to his feet to bounce off the ropes, spring to the middle, and come off with a back flip into a leg drop across his throat. Engel hooks the leg.




Jethro throws a shoulder up, Matthew can't believe it.

Brian Rentfro:
"That was a total three count."

Jon McDaniel: "No, it wasn't. Riona's doing a good job out there."

Jamie Flynn: "I see a potential career in it for her."

Engel helps him up to his feet, Jethro slams a fist into Engel's gut, a second, and a third, swinging neckbreaker takes Engel down. Jethro is down too, and this match is less than ten minutes old. Jethro crawls to the ropes, pulling himself up with their assistance, but Engel is doing the same, showing that reserve and determination to end Jethro; but Jethro is showing the same. The crowd is definitely into this match even if no hardcore elements have come into play. Jethro runs at Engel, but Matthew ducks under the clothesline. Jethro with a back kick takes Matthew by surprise sending him into the ropes. Matthew rebounds right into a rear waistlock from Jethro. Belly to belly suplex slams Engel down on his head. Jethro pulls Engel to a seated position, placing his knee in between Matthew's shoulder blades before yanking his arms back in a submission hold. Engel grunts out in pain, his eyes closed to block out anything else and give him concentration. Engel rolls to the right, to the left, to the right but Jethro follows him with every sway of his body. Engel rolls to the left, but Jethro lets him loose, choosing instead to follow him with stomps to the back and kicks to the ribs. Engel rolls onto the apron, Jethro pushes him on out to the floor.

Jethro hits the ropes once again as Engel gets up to a kneeling position then to a standing position. Jethro dives over the top rope with a suicide plancha as he flips over Engel catching him in a over the shoulder three quarter facelock into a stunner!

The crowd explodes because th is isn't Jethro's normal wrestling style, more along the line of Matthew Engel. Riona looks impressed with Jethro's agility as Simon's eyes widen is shock as well. Lazarus can't believe it either. But the move cost Jethro as he slams down hard on his left knee, causing him to wince in pain. Jethro gets up, slowly, but he does manage it turning around to find Engel getting up as well, his back turned to him. Jethro stomps forward, but Engel drops down, tripping Jethro up slamming him face first into the ring apron and causing him to bounce back from the impact. Jethro holds at his mouth as Engel springs to the apron, flying off with a toe kick right to Jethro's temple driving the big man to the ground. Riona is powerless to stop anything, even if she wanted to, she just watches on impassively. Jethro's head slams into the railing, but Matthew is far from finished as he pulls himself back up, a wide and evil smirk on his face. He pulls Jethro up, grabbing him in a wristlock. Engel uses all of his weight behind the move as he drops down to whip Jethro into the steps and send them flying to the railing that is protecting the fans.

Engel walks over, calmly and methodically stalking Jethro as he waits for the Southern Hero to stand back up, which he is trying to do here. Jethro is on his hands and knees, but Engel delivers a vicious kick right to his ass sending him head first into the disessembled steps. Jethro pulls himself up on his knees, a hand on both sides of the steps as Engel stalks forward. He stops to stare at Scott Nash Strader.

Matthew is still staring at his former enemy, his former hated enemy before something seems to break the concentration. Engel turns around meeting the steel steps right in the face. Engel drops like a sack of rocks as he just falls limply right there in the spot. Engel's head is up against the railing and Jethro looks at the steps but seems to hesitate. The crowd is yelling for him to do it!

Brian Rentfro: "You dumb hick! Don't listen to these mad people!"

Jon McDaniel: "We're definitely seeing a different side of Hayes here tonight."

Jamie Flynn: "Oh no."

Jethro looks back at the crowd once again, the steps slam into Engel's face for a second time. Something seems to have unlocked in Jethro as he backs up, tossing the steps at Engel and they land in his lap. Jethro jumps into the air, driving the steps into Matthew's sternum with a three hundred and fifteen pound dropkick. The air rushes right out of Engel's lungs before Jethro rolls back up to his feet, the distaste of Engel evident on his face. Jethro pulls the nearly unconscious form of Matthew up, slamming his head between his thighs before lift... no he drops him and holds at his thigh. Jethro is clutching at his thigh where Engel just bit him on the inner thigh, Engel shoves his doubled fists upward right into Jethro's manhood causing him to groan in pain and the men in the crowd to agree with him. Engel shoves upwards with a brassknuckle assisted uppercut to the chin that rocks Jethro backward on his haunches.

Matthew rolls Jethro back inside the ring where he can use the ropes to his advantage and out wrestle Jethro. He pulls himself onto the apron, crawling to the top turnbuckle, diving off while twisting his body in mid air, but Jethro rolls back onto the apron.

Jethro gets himself up, as Engel clutches at his midsection in pain he turns around. Right fist from Jethro, a second soup bone, and a third has Engel reeling but he's still holding onto the ropes. Hayes shoves his shoulder through the ropes connecting with Engel's sore sternum which causes him to let go of the top rope's support. Jethro steps through, delivering a big knee into Engel's face before whipping him into the ropes. Jethro bounces off as well, clothesline ducked by Engel. Jethro spins around, kick right to his face sends him down on one knee, Engel off the ropes. Springboard heel kick to the temple sends Jethro onto the other knee. Engel hits the ropes again, dropkick right to the face, but Jethro can't bend that way so Engel hits the ropes behind him catching Jethro with a running bulldog and down to the canvas. Engel gets in Jethro's face and begins to trash talk his former partner. Engel with a closed right hand to Jethro's face and a second rocks Jethro's jaw in the prone position. Engel pulls Hayes up to a kneeling position so the crowd can watch him pound away at his flesh and his head with all the closed rights and lefts he wants to. Matthew rears back, delivering a stinging knife edge chop right to Jethro's Adam's apple that causes him to begin gagging. Engel sticks his hands on either side of Jethro's mouth and pulls his cheeks apart as though he is trying to make his smile look like The Joker's in The Dark Knight. Jethro seems to be out on his knees though but the pain brings him around.

Jethro fires a weak right, but Engel is able to easily avoid the blow instead kicking Jethro in the gut with his boot before slamming the point of his elbow into Jethro's mouth. Engel slams the elbow into Jethro's cheek before spitting right in his face. The wad of spit runs down Jethro's face humiliating him a bit further before Engel mockingly wipes the spit all over The Southern Hero's face. Riona comes in to check if Jethro is willing to continue, he is barely able to nod.

No fall has taken place yet in this contest, and these two men have given it their all. Matthew turns around and looks out to the crowd and his eyes pop open in shock and surprise.

Jethro rolls him up from behind, taking advantage of anything he can get right now. Riona slides into position slapping the mat as she counts.




NO! Riona jumps up indicating that only a count of two was achieved.

Brian Rentfro: "Ha! Finally she does something right."

Jon McDaniel: "She's been right more times tonight than you have."

Jamie Flynn: "Ohhh sick burn, Jonny."

The proverbial fist bump gets executed between Flynn and McDaniel. Jethro pounds the mat in frustration as he was sure that would be a fall in his favor. Engel rolls back up to his feet, looking at the spot once more before turning quickly to deliver a shot right to Jethro's nose, but still no blood. Hayes is up, Irish whip to Engel, but counter by Matthew. Jethro is sent running, Matthew cartwheels slamming both feet right into Jethro's face sending him over the top to land on his neck and head at Simon Kalis' feet. Simon backs out of the way as he is truly impartial here, so far at least. Matthew drops down to his knees, nods his head, and runs towards the corner near Jethro. Matthew scales the corner diving off with a swanton bomb onto Jethro from inside the ring to the outside of the ring.

"Holy shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!"

The crowd is into it even more now, like him or not, that move was just freaking awesome, but here comes Engel again, pulling himself up slowly from the devastating move he just nailed Hayes with. Engel digs under the ring, pulling a steel chair from underneath. Jethro is barely able to get to his feet, his back to Matthew as Engel just waits. A few of the fans at ringside point behind Jethro, who slowly turns to confront Matthew. Jethro turns, Engel levels him with a steel chair sending him back first against the announcers' table. Another shot to the midsection doubles Jethro over. A golf swing stands him back up and it looks as though Jethro may begin to bleed at any moment now.

Engel balances on his foot and just Prince Fielders Jethro's head with the steel chair, denting it drastically from the impact of steel and hard skull. Jethro is leaning over the table, but not on it just yet. Engel looks at the chair, before jumping onto the ring apron. Engel dives off, tucking the chair under his feet before pistoning them outwards to slam with full force right into Jethro's face and the blood flies in a fine spray. A few drops land on the fans, some on the announcers, and a bit begins to trickle down Jethro's temple as he is now prone on his back.

Engel drops down to one knee, shaking his head before managing to shove up to his feet, but no worries Jethro isn't going anywhere just now, he is literally out cold on the announcers' table, barely breathing. Engel picks up the steel chair, before discarding it for a newer less dented model. Jethro still isn't moving, but Engel doesn't care as he lifts the new chair high up over his head, bringing it down like a sledge hammer on Jethro's face. Engel has gone mad, he is laying into Jethro with repeated shots to the sternum and stomach with vicious after vicious shot to the gut and sternum. Jethro's body is moving, but only from the impact of chair on flesh. Matthew brings the chair down with a particularly devastating shot that connects with Jethro's head before he lays the chair right on Jethro's face and walks away. The fans are worried for Jethro, sure he did them wrong for a little while, but they still no man deserves this sort of vicious attack, but at the same token they are human and love blood and devastation.

Engel lifts up the apron, pulling out a fifteen foot ladder and finally succeeds in getting it out from under the ring.

The Virus turns around, picking up the chair once more, smashing it into Jethro's ribs then one last time into his face. Matthew judges the distance and sets up the ladder accordingly. Engel looks back as he thinks he saw movement, choosing to nail Hayes in the face one last time and now Jethro's face is a crimson mask of his own blood, that final shot causes the fan to boo him heavily, but Engel doesn't care as he climbs up the ladder. Matthew looks back from the very tip top of the ladder, flipping off with a moonsault towards Jethro. At the last second, Engel turns it into a double knee drop right onto the steel chair that is covering Jethro's crimson face. The momentum of the move drives Matthew down on the chair, driving it onto Jethro's face, and carrying the pair of them through the table. Parts of the announcers' table fly up into the air and there are some lucky fans that have a piece of PWA history to sell on Ebay now. Riona rushes out of the ring as Jethro is put into a pin by Matthew Engel on what remains of the table. Matthew is unable to hook the leg, but is on top of Hayes as Riona is right there. The fans can't believe it, if the silence is any indication.




Ding! Ding! Ding!

Eric Emerson: "Winner of the first score by pinfall, Matthew Engel!"

Up on the ADCTron flashes:

Pinfall: Matthew Engel on Jethro Hayes at 15:39
Matthew Engel: 1 Jethro Hayes: 0

Brian Rentfro: "Yes! Yes! The best strikes first!"

Jon McDaniel: "Damn it, they had to go and wreck our announcer's table."

Jamie Flynn: "Yes, maybe I can go backstage and get myself a beer."

Jon McDaniel: "Hold that thought. Just got word that they're bringing us a new table as soon as they clear this one out."

Jamie Flynn: "Shucks."

Engel rolls himself off Jethro, as Riona holds his hand high in the air. The crowd is showering the man with hatred in the form of very loud booing. Engel just smirks at them with distaste as Riona tells him to back up from Jethro. A fan hands Riona a bottle of water to splash on Jethro's face to liven him up, it succeeds in doing that as well as washing the blood mask from his face. Jethro blinks his eyes wide, coughing to clear his throat. He shakes his head from side to side, but just to clear the cobwebs from his cranium because after a shot like that, they are clinging to every crevice of his grey matter. Riona inquires if Jethro wants to continue with this match and as he sits up, he nods that he does want to continue. Engel can't believe that Jethro is going to continue after a shot like that. Riona tells both men that they are to take a thirty second break before continuing with thematch. Jethro and Engel both nod, neither taking their eyes off the other man. A fan behind Jethro hands him a bottle of Gatorade as Laz hands Engel a bottle of the same, these two guys need their energy. Jethro stands up from the wreckage, very unsteady on his feet, but quickly regains his balance.

Brian Rentfro: "Somebody better get us a new goddamn table already!"

Riona indicates that in twenty seconds, the match will continue. Jethro and Engel are separated by Riona, but their eyes never leave the other, maybe a new bit of respect between these two men?

Ten seconds as Riona is preparing to back out of the way, but she is sure not to move until the time has been observed. The fans begin their own countdown.






Ding Ding

The respect? Out the window as Jethro fires the remaining bit of orange Gatorade right into Engel's face catching him by surprise. Jethro kicks out with a fast kick right to Engel's gut doubling him over very quickly in the beginning of the second portion of this contest. Jethro slams a forearm into the top of Engel's skull rocking him yet again. Jethro grabs Matthew by the hair, face first into the ringpost. Jethro winds back up, face first again, and a third time. Matthew spins away, holding at his head as Jethro is on the attack with a boot to to the side of Engel's face pushing him towards the railing. Jethro rushes over, but Engel drops down. Jethro with a cross body as the fans move and he goes over the railing to land in the first row of chairs. Engel pulls himself up, shaking the face shots off, but he can't hide the shaking as he walks. Engel grits his teeth, jump to the top of the railing.

Split Legged Moonsault, but Jethro catches him. Spinebuster into the fast emptying chairs at ringside. These fans are sure getting their money's worth here tonight, if not for anything else, this match. The chairs fold down, going the opposite way from which they were manufactured as Engel groans out in pain.

Jethro picks up a chair, he swings connecting with Engel's head as the three time World Champion sits up. The smack is heard on the other side of the ring and the fans wince from the thought of how painful that is. Jethro winds up again, another shot right to the face and Engel is back on his back. Jethro climbs up into a pair of chairs, coming down with the chair under his extended leg with a chair assisted leg drop right onto Matthew's face. Riona is there in case someone makes a pin attempt, as Jethro does.



Engel somehow manages to get a shoulder up, but Jethro doesn't really seem to care as he yanks Engel up to his feet. Jethro pounds his right fist right into Engel's mouth and his lip splits from the force of the blow. There is a railing from the field to the stadium seats, well Matthew's face just met it on a personal level as he falls back down from the gorilla press toss. Jethro walks over, intent on destroying Engel and getting him out of the Pioneer Wrestling Association for good this time. He stalks over.

Engel lashes out with a kick to Jethro's ankle causing the big man to stumble as the special enforcers are backing the crowd up and keeping them away from the action. Matthew with a second kick out to Jethro's left knee buckling him down to one knee. Engel finds an electrical cord and begins to wrap it around Jethro's throat, but the big man is struggling to prevent this. Matthew with a kick to Hayes' face stops his struggle and Engel tosses one loop around the railing, dropping down with all of his weight to lift Jethro up and choke him out as though he is hanging him for his crimes. Riona is right there checking on Jethro's position, but The Southern Hero manages to kick out and begin a swinging arch. The swing carries him out far enough to come back to deliver a mule kick right to Engel's face. The cord is dropped, but Jethro is spent. Engel smiles through a mouth that seems to be filled with blood. He loops some of the cord, whipping Jethro like you'd whip a mule to get them to pull a plow. Jethro winces from the pain on his back, but luckily the overalls and shirt is protecting him from much of it. Engel quickly realizes this, yanking a torn part of the overall to tear it down his back, exposing the tanned flesh underneath. Engel begins to whip him again, this time Jethro feels each slap of cord on skin, he struggles towards something.

Jethro reaches out, he grasps a extra light bulb from under the overhang, he swings and connects with Engel's face. The glass explodes in many fragments as Engel holds at his face, tiny cuts all over his skin, now he is bloody as well. Although he is not nearly as bloody as Jethro is. Jethro is gasping for breath, but Engel is still on is feet. He rushes towards Engel, Jethro kicks out, Engel jumps over with a flip, coming down in a seated position on the back of Jethro's neck. Jethro's face is slammed face first into the ground, but Engel is far from finished. Engel begins to pound away on the back of Jethro's head with a fury of rights and lefts as he unchambers every ounce of rage and frustration he has. Jethro shoves to the right rolling Engel off of him as he tries to get up to his feet, where his face was is a small puddle of the blood from the forehead wound from the first pinfall.

Engel is back up, swinging a steel chair from a security guard, Jethro ducks under slamming his boot into Engel's gut. Jethro turns with a three quarter facelock into a stunner, a trick he must have learned from Bubba J and they both go down. Jethro rolls Engel over, hooking the leg as Riona is right there.



Engel is able to roll the shoulder up, the anger he must be feeling fueling his every move.

Brian Rentfro: "Engel is gonna do everything he can to avoid Hayes scoring a point."

Jon McDaniel: "Isn't that the point?"

Jamie Flynn: "Hey, there's our new table."

PWA staff help set up a new table for the announce team and Jethro can't believe Engel just kicked out, as he pulls Engel up, slamming his elbow into Engel's cheek for good measure. Jethro pounds his forearm into Matthew's face backing him up along just below the railing. Jethro with a second huge forearm shot, Engel turns around to try and get some distance between himself and the pissed off farmer. Jethro gives chase, but that is exactly what Matthew is wanting as he leaps up to the bottom rail, swinging to flip back behind Jethro slamming him in the back with a dropkick. Jethro falls forward, Engel uses the momentum of his swing to pull himself up onto the top railing. Engel with a backflip tlanding on Jethro's skull with a double foot stomp. Engel pulls the farmer turned wrestler up to a vertical base, chop to the chest, chop to the throat. Engel rips the front of Jethro's overalls down, exposing the tan skin there. Engel with a stinging chop to the chest, it reddens almost immediately from the force of the chop. Engel with a second chop to the chest, and a third. Matthew with a series of quick jabs to the ribs that must be sore from the first pinfall, he continues on those attacks. These two men are nearing the glass doors that Jerry Jones and the Cowboys Stadium open to receive a breeze during games. The glass doors are closed right now because its damn hot outside. Engel with a punch to the face before he leaps to a nearby table, thrusting his foot out right into Jethro's face. Jethro manages to catch him, spinning around to send Engel through a table with a sit out spinebuster! Riona is right there, being the most impartial referee there could possibly be. Jethro makes a cover.




Engel rolls a shoulder up, he doesn't kickout, but manages to barely lift his shoulder. Due to their positioning, those on the field are having to watch on the huge screens above the field as well as on the PWA tron. Jethro pulls himself out of the table debris as well as yanking Matthew up from the broken remnants of the cheap table. Jethro slams Matthew's head into the concrete block, but Engel delivers an elbow to those sore ribs that cause Jethro to wince in obvious pain. Engel smiles in triumph as he gets to Jethro once again. Jethro is holding at his right side, but Engel violently rips away his protective hand to send a series of hard fist strikes into those ribs. Jethro stumbles away from Engel, putting some distance between them. The Virus is hot on his heels, running along side Jethro, diving towards the wall and with a sort of climb leaps back with a roundhouse that misses Jethro as he ducks his head. Engel stumbles down to one knee, landing heavily on his right knee and wincing in terrible pain. Jethro leans up against the wall, trying to catch his breath as Engel pulls himself up next to the drink machines that are hidden from fans' view by a couple of walls. Jethro looks with utter hatred at Matthew, who returns the gesture and look in kind.

The two men stumble forward, ready to throw down again, having taken a brief respit from the violence, they come together with a collar and elbow in the back near the huge doors. Jethro with the quick advantage going into a hammerlock, Engel falls forward using Jethro's weight against him as he flips the big man over. Engel steps up, but Jethro lands on his feet, dropping down to the floor, sweeping out with his feet and taking Engel by surprise. Engel leaps up into the air and these two men look like hell but are going at it for the moment like two fresh wrestlers. Riona right there as Jethro swings with a right hand, Engel catches bringing Jethro down. Jethro uses his own momentum to flip himself over with a hiptoss to land on his feet and pivot with a eukuza kick towards Engel. Matthew avoids the blow diving towards Jethro's left knee, but Hayes able to dance out of the way and avoid the chop block attempt. Engel spins around, dropkick from Jethro but Engel falls back, landing on his elbows to shove himself back upwards. Jethro is up as well charging at Matthew, but Engel leaps up jumping out of Jethro's way as Hayes ducks his head under the leap frog. Matthew kicks backwards, but Jethro telegraphs the move turning off to the right and avoiding the kick.

Jethro drops down as Matthew falls back to the floor on his feet. Engel turns.

Jethro with the Trident right into Engel's midsection driving him against the glass door and both men go through! Jethro and Engel fly through the glass door to the outside of Cowboys Stadium!

Jethro's momentum carries them on through to the outside and Riona follows quickly as Engel's head slams hard into the pavement on the outside. Jethro spins as they land, hooking the leg and rolling on over to give added leverage.




Ding! Ding! Ding!

Eric Emerson: "Winner and able to tie the score up with a pinfall... Jethro Hayes!"

The fans in the stadium roar their approval for the announcement and the view on the screens, but neither man are moving. Up on the big screens flash the following:

Pinfall: Jethro Hayes on Matthew Engel at 22:16
Matthew Engel: 1 Jethro Hayes: 1

Brian Rentfro: "Both men aren't moving. It just goes to show how much Hayes needed to do in order to put Engel down for three."

Jon McDaniel: "Brian I will agree that Jethro tying the score took a lot out of him."

Sure the score is tied, but neither man is moving here. Riona is right there signaling for some paramedics to rush down to check on these two men. The paramedics arrive and manage to get Jethro off of Engel who has blood coming from the corner of his mouth in a small trickle. Two medics are attending to Jethro who has blood winding its way down the side of his head as well as a piece of glass sticking just behind his collar bone. It isn't a very big piece of glass, but it'd hurt and cause pain never the less. Riona is over out of the way as this brief period may take longer than thirty seconds.

She remembers that Jethro did not let her in on his plan, deciding that she really doesn't care either way as she steps forward moving the paramedics out of the way. She walks over to the revived Engel asking if he wants to continue, he nods his head. Riona stands between him and Jethro, making sure that they take their brief respit in the match as per her ruling.

Jethro is being stitched up quickly from the piece of glass in his shoulder as Matthew is getting some super glue put into his wounds to heal them up quicker than new skin. Riona holds up both hands, indicating ten seconds remain in the rest period. Another five seconds pass as the fans in the stadium begin their own countdown.


Matthew shoves paramedics out of the way.


Matthew up to both feet, Jethro does the same.


Riona between the two men as they stare with hatred at each other.


They are waiting, but not wanting to.


Ding! Ding!

Double clothesline and both men are immediately back down on the outside, Engel picks up a broken piece of glass as he gets back up. He swings it in an arch at Jethro's face, but Hayes is able to duck under the swing, delivering a fist to the underside of Matthew's chin knocking him back. Jethro with a clothesline, but Engel isn't out as he uses Jethro's momentum to flip him over onto the broken pieces of glass, causing the fragments to dig into the flesh of Jethro Hayes, drawing tiny trickles of blood. Jethro rolls over, but that is only successful in driving the pieces deeper into his flesh. Engel with a kick to Jethro's chin sends him back on his back. Engel looks up, eyeing the equipment truck parked right out of view, a manic look crosses his face as he finds a nearby ladder as well. Engel pulls the ladder over, setting it up next to the trailer.

Engel delivers a stomp on Jethro's bloody face before climbing up the ladder Jethro pushes the ladder over and Engel is left hanging on by his forearms, his feet dangling for purchase on the side of the semi-truck trailer.Engel is able to kick up onto the top of the trailer as Jethro begins his climb up the ladder as well, his three hundred and fifteen pound form causing the ladder to shake violently in his acent. Jethro is at the top, Engel with a stomp down on Jethro's head, but Hayes doesn't fall. Engel with a second stomp down, but Hayes continues coming up and Riona is dreading having to climb the ladder; she hates ladders. Jethro powers through the stomps, Engel backs up for a vicious kick. Engel kicks out, Jethro rolls over onto the roof missing the kick and getting on the top. Jethro up charging at Engel as the fans are watching on the big screen. Engel able to drop down tripping Jethro up and slamming his face into the steel of the trailer hard enough to cause it to sway from side to side. Riona begins her climb up the ladder and is up top quickly as Engel sneers while he pulls Hayes up. Engel with a fist into the bloody face of Jethro, a second, a third, a fourth, and a fifth. Jethro's head bounces back and forth on his neck from the repeated shots from The Virus.

Matthew drops down kicking the back of Jethro's knees bringing hiim down to a kneeling position, before getting a handfull of hair. Matthew pulls Jethro's head forward while slamming his knee as hard as he can into Jethro's face to create maximum pain. Jethro shoves up, but Engel just slaps him across the face like a bitch catching him off guard. Jethro backs up, Engel charges with speed and agility. Jethro counters with a quickness of his own dropping down to scoop Engel up, planting him on the metal with a running powerslam. Jethro doesn't make the cover though as he is just trying to catch his breath. Riona is there, looking like she is enjoying the spectacle of Matthew and Jethro killing each other in this match. Jethro somehow gets up to his feet, balancing on his two tree trunks before pulling Engel up, who holds at his back as soon as he is up. Jethro carries Matthew over to the side of the trailer, looking down and ready to toss him over. Jethro looks over to Riona and just stares for a moment as the blood trickles down his body. He boots Engel in the gut before slamming his head between his thighs. Jethro lifts Engel up, but Engel able to wave his legs back and forth in mid air. Engel counters with a back body sending Jethro over the side!

Oh! My! God!

Engel drops down to one knee as we hear and see Jethro's body land flat on his back. Right on the pavement. You guessed it, Jethro isn't moving. Engel shoves Riona out of the way as he heads over to the ladder, pulling it up, as Lazarus helps him get it up; something Simon Kalis takes exception to, but the deed is done. Matthew walks over onto the trailer in front of where Jethro is laying on the pavement.

Hayes still isn't moving, but Matthew sets the ladder up, climbing to the very top and smirking as he says...

"Here is your Southern Hero!"

Brian Rentfro: "Here it comes! The best move in all of professional wrestling!"

Jon McDaniel: "That's debatable."

Jamie Flynn: "Clearly."

Engel has his back to Jethro, who still isn't moving, and he backflips off the top of the ladder, sommersaulting his body while corkscrewing to slam into Jethro with a bodysplash.

Damn! Thirty something feet from the top of the ladder and he connects with the Euthanasia! Jethro's dead, he's got to be dead! Riona gets down in position as quickly as she can, but honestly it isn't going to matter because Jethro's dead and has blood trickling from the corner of his mouth now.




No! No! No! No! No! Jethro kicks out! Jethro kicks out!

The fans are up now, if they weren't before, they are up on their feet now as Engel's mouth opens wide in shock and surprise. Riona just stares at the two of them, allowing them to kill the other, if they really want to. But all we can think of right now is the fact that Jethro just kicked out of the Euthanasia from over thirty feet above!

Matthew pulls him up, slamming his head into the side of the trailer, leaving a smearing of blood as he drags the stubborn head of Hayes down the side. Darker spots remain where Engel took the time to lovingly show Jethro a closeup of the Revolutions Per Minute paint job on the trailer. Jethro is stumbling along, as if we expected any different, but Engel is dragging him towards the ring, he is far from happy about this now. Engel opens the door to the trailer, looking for something to use as a weapon, but Jethro takes this chance to shove Engel's head into the opening and slam the door. A crunch is heard as Engel goes limp on his feet, but Jethro slams the door again, a third time, and a fourth until Lazarus manages to get Jethro to stop the onslaught. Enforcers weren't supposed to get involved in the match, but Lazarus is helping Matthew out, something must be amiss in that situation. Jethro looks back at Laz, slamming the door one more time just to spite the movie star wrestler. Jethro flicks im a bird before turning back to Engel and pulling him out of the opening. Engel has something in his grasp.

Jethro receives a sledgehammer shot to the gut. Engel winds up with an attempt to drive the golf ball that looks remarkably like Jethro's bloody head down to the green about six hundred yards away. Engel swings, but Jethro manages to lean back and avoid it. The momentum of the big swing carries Engel around, the sledgehammer out in front. Jethro slams into him with the Trident. The sledgehammer goes flying behind Engel, but the momentum is enough to carry them both backwards. The sledgehammer slams onto the ground bouncing up about a foot. Engel's head slams into the sledgehammer as he lands on the pavement as well. Jethro follows through, hooking the leg for a pin.




Ding! Ding! Ding!

Eric Emerson: "Winner as a result of a pinfall, Jethro Hayes!"

Jethro stands up, leaning against the outside wall as Riona is waiting on Engel to regain consciousness. Paramedics attend to both men, giving them electrolytes to revive their bodies.

Eric Emerson: Leading the falls is Jethro Hayes by a score of two falls to Matthew Engel's one.

Up on the screen the following score and brief summary flashes:

Pinfall: Jethro Hayes on Matthew Engel at 29:49
Matthew Engel: 1 Jethro Hayes: 2

Jon McDaniel: "We're halfway through this battle and Hayes is leading by one point."

Brian Rentfro: "Thank you, Captain Obvious."

Jamie Flynn: "Engel's Euthanasia from 30 feet didn't put Hayes away, and Hayes bounced back with the Trident with an assist from the sledgehammer. I smell an upset."

Engel is now sitting up, his head in his hands as his career is now in real danger, as he is trailing Jethro by one point and must string two falls together to regain the lead. Riona is there enforcing the thirty second break as the crowd is chanting.

"Let! Them! Go! Let! Them! Go! Let! Them! Go! Let! Them! Go! Let! Them! Go!"

Engel nods his head as Lazarus helps him up to his feet, Jethro standing there all alone because Simon is being a good enforcer and not getting involved. Riona shows both hands in the air, indicating ten seconds remain in the break. Jethro finishes another Gatorade, Engel does the same.






Ding! Ding!

Collar and elbow, but Engel plants the point of his elbow right into Jethro's eye causing sharp pain that seems to override all other pain. Jethro backs up, Engel kicks him right square in the face with the sole of his boot sending him up against a metal door leading back into the stadium. Engel looks around, he spies a forklift used to load and unload the equipment from the truck. Engel gets on the piece of equipment and it cranks right up under his turning of the key. The crowd gasps, knowing what he is intending to do. Jethro is blinded in his eye for the moment, but hears the sound. He rushes out of the way, but Engel is already on the gas slamming into Jethro with the force of the vehicle sending him flying backwards through the metal door and sliding about twenty feet inside. Engel hops down from the vehicle, laughing like a maniac as he rushes forward into the now crushed door. Does Joe BoXer have to repay Jerry Jones for damages? Well, this may be an expensive event then as Matthew swings a mop bucket at Jethro's unconscious head busting the bucket as well as creating another wound on Jethro's head; he looks like a package of raw hamburger meat, but then again so does Engel.

Matthew pulls Jethro up, wanting to cause more damage before he goes for a pinfall. He shoves Jethro forward down a short hallway as Riona, Lazarus, and Simon follow quickly after. Simon lights up a cigarette as he walks, watching the action unfold. Engel notices something on a door and stops as though he is looking for this very thing. He tries the knob, but it is locked. He gets extremely pissed before looking down at Jethro's head, slamming it down on the knob until it breaks off and the door swings freely open. Engel digs around in the closet, pulling out a jug of Clorox bleach that he unscrews the lid of immediately as he laughs. Jethro is on his knees, holding at his head where he just opened the door for Engel.

Matthew lifts the jug up, pouring its contents, meant for cleaning, all over the wounds on Jethro's head, back, well his entire body. Jethro screams, actually screams out in pain as the bleach soaks into the fresh wounds and he rolls around trying to get away from the intense pain. But oh no, Engel isn't finished with Hayes just yet. Engel stalks after Jethro, sloshing the bleach around in the jug, he has another plan in his mind.

Jethro is wiping frantically at the wounds, but the burning is still there, Engel kicks him right in the face sending the back of his head crashing into the brick wall. Matthew sets the jug down, and physically rips the stitches out of Jethro's shoulder wound, causing a bit of the flesh to fold down and blood to flow a bit freer. Engel grabs the jug of bleach and pours the remaining solution right, directly, in the wound. No not "on" the wound, but "in" the wound!

Jethro groans in pain, but manages to kick out to connect with Engel's right knee sending him slipping on the large quantities of blood and bleach on the floor. Jethro manages to get up, ignoring the pain, but the actual hurt of it is showing in his eyes and facial features. Jethro plants a foot into Engel's ribs sending the two of t hem down the hallway. The sound of the crowd is getting a bit louder and we round a corner with Engel on Jethro's shoulders as he slams him into a counter serving food. We are in the concession stand where a few hundred people are wanting to get in on the action first hand. Jethro and the enforcers get them to back out of the way as he pulls Engel up onto the counter, readying him for The Planter. Engel back bodies him again, but Jethro manages to land on his feet behind the counter. But the counter cost Jethro as his left knee buckles.

Engel leaps off with a front kick sending Jethro stumbling back to where the cooks are at frying up fries and other snacks. Engel flies through with a crossbody slamming Jethro's back into a freezer wall. Matthew picks up a hot, extremely hot fry baskit, the thing that goes into the hot grease, and slams it into Jethro's face. He now has a slight burn to go with the raw hamburger meat look of his face. Engel pounds a fist into Jethro's groin before tripping him up and slamming his face onto the hot grittle and holding it there. The sound of Jethro's face sizzling is nauseating, but Jethro slams an elbow into Engel's gut and repeats the grittle slam for Matthew this time. Both men now look a bit like fried hamburgers but the blood still flows as Jethro boots Engel out of the concession stand area and back into the hallway. The fans scatter as Jethro and Engel approach, they want to be on top of the action, not in it.

Jethro lifts Matthew up onto his shoulder for a powerslam, he runs out of the back and back in the stadium now where the fans are! The erupt in a huge amount of cheers as Jethro slams Matthew down onto the stage and a snapping sound is heard. Jethro covers Engel.




No! No! No! Not yet! Engel with a shoulder up and it is time for Jethro to be shocked, and he is! He looks out to the fans, to the people surrounding him as if asking "What do I have to do to pin this guy?"

Jon McDaniel: "Engel's resilience is shining right now, but that's about it."

Brian Rentfro: "He's one of the toughest guys in the PWA, that's for sure."

Jamie Flynn: "Maybe."

Jethro nods to himself, knowing one thing he will try. He pulls Engel up, slamming Matthew's head between his legs, lifting him up onto his shoulders and slamming him down with The Planter through! Yes! Through! The! Stage! You saw it right, Jethro just Planted Matthew Engel Through! The! Stage! Jethro falls back on his ass, taking a moment to breathe because Matthew isn't going to be going anywhere after that and everyone knows it. The fans are roaring their approval.

"Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!"

Jon McDaniel: "Oh My God... Hayes just put Engel through the stage."

Brian Rentfro: "He's one of the toughest guys in the.. ah hell.. nobody could survive that."

Jamie Flynn: "Yeah... I'm pretty sure he's somewhere between dead and fucked right now."

Jethro rolls up to his feet, stumbling towards the hole that Engel just went through around two minutes earlier. He looks down, surprise shows on his face as he stands back up. Riona looks over into the hole and her eyes widen in shock as well; both Simon and Lazarus' expressions mirror that of Riona and Jethro. All three back up from Jethro as he says that he is fixing to head down there and retrieve Engel's broken body. The crowd goes silent and this causes Jethro to look at them, most of them are pointing upwards. Jethro turns, but sees nothing. Matthew flies from the top of the PWA Tron with a sommersault into a leg drop!

Oh! My! God!

Jon McDaniel: "What the hell!"

Brian Rentfro: "YES!"

Jamie Flynn: "Christ. A leg drop?"

Jethro's face is slammed into the hole, but his throat is caught on the edge of the hole where the part of the stage fell in! Engel pulls him up, rolling the big hick down the ramp towards the ring, limping slightly along the way. The crowd is still silent, not believing the resiliency of t hese two men and what they'll go through just to rid the PWA of the other. Jethro is coughing up blood as he stumbles down the ramp, but manages to fall to one knee and slow his progress. Engel picks up a steel chair as they are at the end of the ramp now, he slams it into Jethro's skull once, twice, thrice and Jethro is almost down. Engel pulls him around the ring, slamming him face first into the ringpost as the stench of blood wafts to fill the noses of the fans at ringside, the bleach causing their eyes to water as well. Jethro's eyes are closed to the pain, but Engel is opening them wide with his fingers and maticulously pulling them apart to try and rip them right off of Jethro's face! This man is sick and saddistic but he is just wanting to spit right into Jethro's eyes to further humiliate him in front of the people he seems to be fighting for. Engel slams a finger into each of Jethro's eyes for further humiliation.

Engel rolls under the ring, coming out with a black bag, something in it moving and some of the fans think it must be a snake of some sort. Engel looks to them and Jethro has no idea because he is blinded from the bleach fumes, finger pokes, and the nearly ripping off of his eyelids. Engel pulls the drawstring out, reaching into the bag as hissing and something else is heard. The fans coil back in fear and then Matthew brings out.

Kitty Nunchucks!

Jon McDaniel: "What the hell is that?"

Brian Rentfro: "Kittens chained together like nunchucks, Jon."

Jamie Flynn: "Duh."

Some of the fans in the crowd cheer, marking out terribly for this tool of destruction! Others laugh at this humiliation, pointing and openly laughing.

Jethro is trying to wipe the tears and blood from his eyes, but Engel tosses the kittens on his face. The claws, teeth, snarling and biting of the kittens tear his already shredded face to even more shreds as he tries to fight them off without hurting the kittens. The kittens remain, Engel doing his best to aggravate them further as they now rip and tear his chest, forearms, hands, and any flesh their claws and teeth can reach. Engel sits back for a minute or two watching this as Jethro tries to be the bigger man and not hurt the kittens and he takes a break from the hellacious action. The kittens run off, beginning to fight with themselves, but Matthew catches them, putting them back into the bag and in the under ring hiding place. Engel pulls Jethro nearer, locking on his version of the Million Dollar Choke submission hold.

Riona is there, but Jethro is refusing to give, is refusing to submit, his stubborn ass is refusing to give up and the crowd love him for it! Jethro tries to fight back, but in his weakened state, he fails quickly and begins to loose steam quickly. Matthew, wanting Jethro to tap out, releases the hold. Engel digs under the ring as Jethro is gasping for breath and trying to conserve energy. Matthew pulls out a huge log chain, it is already stained with blood that looks remarkably like rust, but it is definitely blood... Bad Blood.

Engel smirks as he nails Jethro in the face with the very same chain that he used to defeat Hayes at Bad Blood with. Engel wraps the chain around Jethro's throat, climbing up the ladder that was left up from earlier in the night. Engel jumps off the other side, effectively stringing Jethro up in a modified hangman's noose. Riona is right there as Jethro refuses to submit... Jethro's face is turning purple, then blue from the lack of oxygen.

Jethro is able to nod his head and slap the side of the ladder in a call that he is submitting, living to fight for another fall. Riona turns to the timekeeper and signals that Engel just won the fall.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Eric Emerson: "Winner of the fall by submission... Matthew Engel!"

The ADCtron screen flashes with the following:

Submission: Matthew Engel to Jethro Hayes at 34:10
Matthew Engel: 2 Jethro Hayes: 2

Jon McDaniel: "And we have a tie ballgame, gents. After Hayes put Engel through the stage, Engel came back with a vengeance."

Brian Rentfro: "It was die hard, that's for sure."

Jamie Flynn: "Yeah, maybe Hayes will come back alive at the end and get shot by Carl Winslow."

Jon McDaniel: "Welcome to the party pal! But seriously.. Hayes was just lynched.. and this was after Engel's revival of the kitty nunchucks and Hayes putting Engel through the stage. What other madness can ensue here tonight?"

Hayes is let go from the modified hangman's noose, courtesy of Matthew Engel. Hayes falls to his knees as Riona gives him some time to recuperate. Hayes is coughing up blood, and looks up at a a bloodied and fatigued, but grinning from ear to ear, Matthew Engel. Ten seconds remain on the break, and Lazarus is issuing a few words of advice to Engel. Engel nods a few times, and then Riona calls for the match to continue. The fans are in an uproar... nearly half the crowd cheering "JETHRO!" and the other half cheering "VIRUS!" It's split down the middle, just like the match, just like the rivalry, just like their PWA careers.

Hayes rises to his feet and Engel goes after him immediately. Engel nails him with a right, then a left. Engel sends him into the ropes and Hayes comes rushing back, trying to take out Engel with a clothesline. Engel ducks underneath and then plants his boot right on Hayes' jaw, just as Hayes turns around. Hayes stumbles back into the ropes and then Engel picks up the ladder. Engel rushes forward, but Hayes gives a kick to the ladder and thrusts the ladder into Engel's gut. Engel drops the ladder to the mat and Hayes nails Engel with a running DDT, Engel's head getting planted into the metal ladder! Hayes mounts on Engel's back and grabs him by the head, slamming his head repeatedly into the ladder. Engel's blood flows even more and Riona just sits back, waiting for a tap out or a knock out. Engel throws an elbow back and surprisingly catches Hayes right in the temple. Engel does it again, and again, and Hayes manages to roll off Engel. Engel gets off the ladder and slides out of the ring, falling to the ground below. Blood pours out onto the floor, but Engel manages to grab something from underneath the ring.

Hayes is trying to get up to his feet, holding his head. Hayes walks over to the ropes and tries to grab Engel by the head, but Engel nails him directly on the forehead with the chair!

Hayes can taste his own blood, and his eyes light up with anger and fury. Engel gets into the ring as Hayes gets to his feet and Engel swings at him again, but Hayes catches the chair. Engel and Hayes both hold the chair, but Hayes overpowers Engel and slams it into Engel's face! He does it again, again, and again! Engel stumbles back and Hayes throws the chair at Engel. Engel catches it right at face level and Hayes punches the chair as hard as he can, slamming it into Engel's nose! Engel falls to a knee, holding his nose. Hayes tosses the chair away, his blood pouring out of his forehead. There's obviously a huge gash right in the middle of his forehead, just above where a potential unibrow could be. Hayes wipes the blood away and goes after Engel again. He hits Engel with a knee and then picks him up for an atomic drop and connects! Engel bounces back into the ropes. Hayes tries to clothesline Engel over the top rope, but Engel ducks down and lifts Hayes over the top rope. Hayes falls to the floor below and crashes hard, rolling up against the barricade.

Hayes gets to his feet as some of the fans in the front row give him some encouragement. Hayes, instead of going into the ring, reaches for something underneath it and pulls out a table. The table this time is covered in broken glass, tacks, and...

Jon McDaniel: "Are those containers of Febreze glued on that table?"

Brian Rentfro: "I... guess."

Jamie Flynn: "Thank God."

Engel's eyes light up. He climbs to the top turnbuckle as Hayes finishes setting up the table on the outside. Engel tries for a missile dropkick, but Hayes dodges out of the way just in time. Engel lands on the outside and Hayes grabs Engel by his bloodied hair. Kalis is nearby, watching on with a painful look in his eyes. Hayes slams his gigantic fist into Engel's stomach. Hayes whips Engel head-first into the ringpost. Engel bounces off and falls to the floor. Hayes picks Engel up and lays him across the ring apron. Hayes climbs up to the ring apron himself and kicks Engel in the back a few times. Hayes puts Engel's head inbetween his legs and underhooks both of Engel's arms. He lifts Engel up vertically, Engel's legs straight into the air and Hayes leaps off the ring apron...

...sending Engel head-first through the table he set up.

The crowd falls silent.

Lazarus and Kalis are right there, looking on in painful shock and awe of what just happened. Even Riona can't believe it.

Hayes, despite the fact he has tacks and glass in his thighs, manages to cover Engel.





Eric Emerson: "Winner of the fall by pinfalll... Jethro... Hayes."

Even the personification of class himself, Eric Emerson, can barely manage to spit that sentence out. Engel looks dead to the world... or so we think. The crowd manages an applause for Jethro Hayes, but surprisingly most of them are worried about Engel's condition after that horrendous piledriver.

Pinfall: Jethro Hayes on Matthew Engel at 42:18
Matthew Engel: 2 Jethro Hayes: 3

Jon McDaniel: "Hayes goes up a point with the hell of broken glass, tacks, and air refreshers."

Brian Rentfro: "He should be using that on himself."

Jamie Flynn: "I'm gonna have to agree with that sentiment. It's unfortunate that Jethro needs to smell like pigs in mud wherever he goes."

Riona tells Jethro that Engel has 30 seconds to recover before the match begins again. Hayes had grabbed one of the Febreze containers and uses it on himself and on Engel. The crowd shares a laugh and Hayes smells his armspits and breathes 'freshly'. Hayes slides back into the ring. Hayes takes a moment to pluck out some of the glass and tacks in his legs, and gets handed another Gatorade to replenish. Lazarus is down by Engel, trying to get him to wake up. Riona reminds Lazarus that if Engel doesn't wake up by the time 30 seconds ends, she will call for Engel's forfeit. Lazarus is slapping Engel in the face, doing everything he can to wake him up.

Ten seconds remain in the allotted break period.

However, Engel manages to come back to life. His eyes open, his anger vibrates throughout the arena floor as he screams in pain and anguish. Laz helps Engel to his feet and into the ring. Hayes can't believe it...

Riona signals that the match will continue as Engel is able to stand on his own two feet, miraculously.  Hayes tosses his empty Gatorade bottle away and goes after Engel, nailing him with rights and lefts. Hayes whips Engel into the turnbuckles. Engel nails the turnbuckles hard and falls to the mat. Hayes picks Engel up by the hair and puts him on the top rope. Hayes climbs to the middle rope, but Engel is smiling.

Jon McDaniel: "That's just sick. Engel is getting destroyed and all he can do is smile."

Brian Rentfro: "That's because he's got something in store for Jethro!"

Jamie Flynn: "A dental plan?"

Taking a break from Flynn's side-splitting comedy, we cut back to the ring to see Hayes trying for a superplex off the top rope, but Engel is holding onto the top ropes for dear life. Engel buys himself just enough time to put on a pair of brass knuckles that Corey Lazarus slipped to him while he was helping him up to his feet. Engel breaks out of the facelock applied by Hayes and nails Hayes with the brass knucks right in his forehead, right in his cut, which only makes the pain ten thousand times worse... and Hayes falls off the ropes and onto the mat below. Engel climbs up onto the top turnbuckle. He tosses the brass knucks back to Corey Lazarus, and launches off the top rope with a smirk and the Euthanasia..

It connects...

Engel stays on top of Hayes for the cover, and Riona is right there.





Eric Emerson: "Winner of the fall by pinfall... Matthew Engel!"

Engel rolls off of Hayes, giving himself a moment to catch his breath. The ADCtron lights up with the recent fall and the match's score.

Pinfall: Matthew Engel on Jethro Hayes at 45:32
Matthew Engel: 3 Jethro Hayes: 3

Jon McDaniel: "Engel ties it back up with an assist from Lazarus."

Brian Rentfro: "I'm a little shocked that Lazarus is helping out Engel."

Jamie Flynn: "Somebody needs to. The poor kid's getting knocked around out there."

Engel manages to get up to his feet... while Jethro is still on his back, holding his head. His forehead continues to leak out blood, and Engel is leaning against the ropes, exhausted, bloodied, and practically broken.



Riona informs the two combatants that there are ten seconds left in the brake. Laz tosses Engel another Gatorade bottle and Engel chugs whatever he can. Hayes gets up to his feet.. his anger and exhaustion pouring through his face along with his blood. Riona informs both men that the break is over... and Engel tosses back the Gatorade to Laz. Engel rushes at Hayes and nails him with a front dropkick to the chest! Hayes cringes and begins to gasp for air. Engel is up to his feet. He lands a few stomps, and gets Hayes up to his feet. Engel drags him over to the corner, accidentally giving Hayes enough time to catch his breath. Hayes slams his elbow into Engel's stomach and then hooks up Engel with a front facelock. He puts Engel's arm over his head and then cradles Engel's left leg. He hits Engel with a big-time fisherman's suplex.

Hayes is to his feet. Engel gets to a knee, but not before Hayes slaps on a sleeper hold. Engel tries his hardest to fight it, but eventually falls to the mat. Riona is down in Engel's face, asking if he wants to give up. Engel shakes his head, and tries to fight back with elbow shots to Hayes. Hayes just tightens the grip, and Engel's face begins to turn red. Engel manages to reach for a piece of broken glass that Hayes plucked out of his leg and stabs Hayes in the arm with it!

Hayes screams out in pain and lets the sleeper hold go. Engel starts coughing and gasping for air himself. Hayes is back up to his feet however, and pulls the glass out of his arm. He screams out in anger and then Hayes hits a soccer kick on Engel, and gets him to his feet. Hayes sends him into the ropes and telegraphs a clothesline. He connects this time and sends Engel to the canvas. Hayes climbs to the top rope. He gets a cheap pop from the crowd. He flies off and connects with a legdrop over Engel's throat.

Engel is up to his feet as Hayes grins. Hayes lashes out, but Engel dodges it and wraps Hayes up in a hammerlock. Engel dishes out some brutal forearm shots to Hayes's back and neck and then kicks out the back of his knee. Hayes is down to one knee and Engel steps back and unleashes a really hard kick into Hayes' neck. Hayes falls to the mat and Engel is on the attack. He hits Hayes with multiple forearm shots and punches. He gets Hayes up to his feet and lands a huge ace cutter. Engel goes for a pinfall to go up two points on Hayes.



Kick out!

Engel slams the mat in frustration and gets in Riona's face. He's claiming he had the three count before Hayes got his shoulder up. Riona stands her ground, but Engel reminds her of the importance of the match. Riona kindly replies with a "I don't give a fuck, Hayes got his shoulder up". Engel just gives Riona a smile and meanwhile, Hayes regroups and knocks Engel down. Engel to his feet, but he's met with a devastating big boot from Hayes. Engel flies into the corner. Hayes mounts and unchambers lefts and rights. He finishes it off with an ice-cold headbutt, and Engel falls to the canvas. Engel to a knee and Hayes grabs him by the hair. Hayes rushes to the corner and hits a big-time tornado DDT. Hayes covers, trying to tie up the score. Riona hits the mat.



Kick out from Engel!

Engel shakes it off and tries to get to his feet. Hayes drops an elbow on his back and follows it up with some stiff kicks to the back of the head. Hayes gets Engel to his feet and works his arm again. Engel falls to a knee, but looks up into Hayes' eyes and gets an adrenaline shot. Engel muscles back up to his feet and flips out of the arm bar. Still holding onto Hayes, Engel nails Hayes with a roundhouse he'll never forget. Engel climbs the top rope - five star frog splash. Perfect. He covers.



Kick out from Hayes!

Engel to his feet and Hayes uses the ropes to get up. Hayes rushes at Engel and locks up with him. Engel shoves Hayes out of his grips and into the ropes. Hayes rebounds looking to connect a lariat on Engel, but Engel ducks and Hayes stops on a dime, kicks Engel low. Hayes tries for the Planter, but Engel slams the back of his head into Hayes' groin. Hayes cowers away in a lot of pain. Engel slams a roundhouse kick into Hayes' face and Hayes is against the ropes. Engel gets an idea and locks Hayes arms between the top and middle ropes. Hayes can't go anywhere now, as we see shades of last year's brutal feud over the World Championship. Engel slides out of the ring and grabs a fire extinguisher. Engel climbs back in the ring and nails Hayes in the gut with the fire extinguisher, and finishes off the attack with a shot to the head. Hayes screams out in pain.. and Engel drops the fire extinguisher to the mat.

However, Engel isn't done yet. Engel uses whatever strength he has left to also lock Hayes' neck between the top and middle ropes. The pressure from the ropes is giving Hayes a mild choke, but not life threatening. However, Engel climbs out to the apron and underhooks Jethro's arms and shoulders. Engel also has both the top and middle ropes hooked as well, and if Engel were to pull down on Hayes, it would choke him even more.

And that's exactly what he does. Engel purposefully loses his footing on the apron, but holds onto Jethro and the ropes as best as he can. The result chokes Jethro incredibly with the ropes and Engel's weight, and Jethro's life begins to dwindle away. Engel is dangling on the side of the ring, holding onto Jethro for another submission.

Riona is in Jethro's face, asking if he wants to give up. Jethro turns blue again... and due to the lack of oxygen, Jethro is forced to submit once more to Matthew Engel.


As soon as Engel hears the bell, he drops to the floor and lets go of Jethro. Riona unwraps the ropes around Jethro's neck and arms, and Jethro falls to the mat. The crowd is flabbergasted by Engel's tactics, and most of them are in sadness over their Southern Hero.

Eric Emerson: "Winner of this fall by submission... Matthew Engel!"

Laz comes over to Engel and helps him back up to his feet as Engel was sitting down to catch his breath. Meanwhile, Jethro is struggling to get to his feet inside the ring, and Riona isn't sure if he can carry on. Riona starts the 30 second break. The ADCtron lights up with the recent fall and the match's score.

Submission: Matthew Engel on Jethro Hayes at 52:19
Matthew Engel: 4 Jethro Hayes: 3

Ten seconds left on the break, and Hayes is still on his knees. Engel slowly rolls into the ring and even has trouble getting up to his feet. Both men are completely exhausted and still bleeding. The loss of blood has to be tremendous, and both men can't last much longer. Jethro is finally back on his feet, and his eyes.. his eyes are black with hatred as he stares down Engel. All Engel can do is smile.. and tell him to bring it. Riona signifies that the break is over and the match will continue, but Jethro is on the losing end with less than 8 minutes left.

Hayes and Engel go at it, and Engel gets the advantage right away as he connects with a headbutt to Hayes' bruised and bloodied forehead. Engel kicks Hayes in the gut and takes him down with a swinging neckbreaker. Engel goes into the ropes and hits Hayes with a kneedrop. Engel goes into the ropes again and tries for another kneedrop, but Hayes moves out of the way. Engel lands on his knee hard, possibly injuring it. Engel is rolling around, holding his knee, but Hayes doesn't care as Hayes takes advantage of the situation by kicking Engel in his injuired right knee. Hayes drops down on Engel's knee with an elbow drop, then another stomp, then another elbow drop. Hayes tries to inflict as much pain as possible. Hayes drags Engel over near the ladder which is still in the ring and puts Engel's leg inbetween the ladder. Hayes grabs the top of the ladder and slams it down repeatedly on Engel's leg.

Hayes doesn't stop and continues to beat down on Engel's knee. Engel is screaming out in pain and agony. Hayes gets Engel up to his feet and throws him between the turnbuckles and Engel's shoulder slams into the ringpost. Hayes pulls Engel out of the corner and takes him down with a release german suplex that puts Engel right on the ladder! Engel screams out in pain again.

Brian Rentfro:
"Just five minutes remain in this match.. and Hayes is down by a point!"

Jon McDaniel: "He needs to score now, Brian."

Jamie Flynn: "And all Matt has to do is take the punishment and survive, something he's renowned for."

Hayes sets up the ladder he was using to beat down Engel's knee. The ladder is a tall one, standing 15 feet from the surface of the ring. Hayes uses whatever strength and endurance he has left to climb up the ladder, but not just by himself, he's pulling Engel with him. Engel and Hayes are near the top of the ladder. Hayes has Engel down by his feet, but manages to pull him up to his waist area. He's unable to put Engel's head between his legs, but manages to pull Engel up with a waistlock. He flips Engel up onto his shoulders, and with one last ditch effort...

Brian Rentfro: "There's no way this is happening."

Jon McDaniel: "We might really see the end of Matthew Engel."

Flynn holds his tongue for a moment, in anticipation of what Hayes is trying to do.

And then it happens... Gut-wrench Powerbomb from the top of the ladder. Engel is sent crashing down 15 feet onto the hardened canvas. Hayes falls from the ladder a second later, and during the free fall, manages to land directly on top of Engel, crushing him. Hayes stays on top of Engel for the cover, and Riona can't believe it.

She hesitates for a moment, but snaps out of whatever pleasure-filled vision she was having and hits the mat for the count.





Eric Emerson:
"Winner of this fall... JETHRO... HAYES!"

The crowd erupts for the Southern Hero as he rolls off of Engel. Engel is clutching at his back.. and neck... and head... and everything else.
Pinfall: Jethro Hayes on Matthew Engel at 56:04
Matthew Engel: 4 Jethro Hayes: 4

Brian Rentfro: "Less than four minutes left... and we have a tie."

Jon McDaniel: "And Jethro Hayes is back on his feet."

Jamie Flynn: "I taught him well, it seems."

The 30 seconds break is in effect once more as the Iron Man match clock pauses. Engel is struggling to get to his feet. You can almost feel his blurred vision, his heart pounding a million times a minute, and the adrenaline rushing through his veins. Both men are running on fumes right now, trying to reach down and scrape whatever they have left to survive this match. Hayes leans against the ropes, refusing a Gatorade and keeping his focus on Engel. The ladder is finally out of the ring.. as Riona removed it.

Ten seconds left.

Engel slips and falls to the mat again. Riona asks him if he wants to continue. He looks up at her, not with hateful eyes, but almost apologetic eyes. She looks at him with confusion.. and Engel tries to make it up to his feet again.


The break is over and Engel pulls himself up to his feet. He stumbles back into the corner of the ring, resting against the turnbuckles. The clock is clicking closer to 60 minutes.


Engel looks over at Hayes, both men feeling the end is near. Engel sloppily taunts Hayes to come after him, and Hayes can't believe it.

Brian Rentfro: "Look at that.. after all he's been through, he wants more."

Jon McDaniel: "Both men have been through an incredible ordeal tonight."

Jamie Flynn: "Yeah, I feel their pain. After all, I've been subjected to your terrible play-calling tonight, Jon."

Brian Rentfro:  "Ha!"

Hayes goes after Engel but Engel counters with a kick to Hayes' ribs. Hayes doubles over and Engel tries for a DDT, but Hayes lifts Engel up and over with a northern lights suplex. Hayes doesn't bother to bridge it but rolls up to his feet. Hayes stomps Engel in the mouth and chest repeatedly. Hayes pulls Engel up to his feet. Hayes tosses Engel against the ropes and uses the momentum to whip Engel to the other side of the ropes. Once Engel is about to hit the hopes, Hayes takes off after him. Engel bounces off the ropes and comes back and gets nailed by the Plow from Hayes!

Jon McDaniel: "GOOD GOD! That Plow had somethin' extra on it!"

Brian Rentfro:  "That was quite a fancy way to do that, I must say."

Jamie Flynn: "With Engel's momentum colliding with Jethro's, that in no way, shape, or form felt good at all for Matt."

Hayes makes a cover, trying to go up one point with just three minutes left.



3 -- KICK OUT!

Engel kicks out at the last second, and Hayes, along with the rest of the world, can't believe it. Hayes pulls Engel up to his feet and slams his elbow into Engel's face. Hayes tosses Engel into the turnuckles. Engel hits the turnbuckles and stumbles out of the corner. Hayes kicks Engel low and puts Engel's head between his knees. Hayes lifts Engel up and onto his shoulders, and throws him down for the Planter and Engel connects not with the mat, but with the turnbuckles!

Jon McDaniel: "Somebody stop this.. he's going to kill him, Brian."

Brian Rentfro:  "I can't.. I can't watch this anymore myself."

Jamie Flynn: "Come on guys, this is the best part. What a bunch of.."

Engel looks broken in half, and Hayes tries for another cover.




NO! Engel once again kicks out at the very last possible second! Riona holds up the two fingers for Jethro, and Jethro won't argue because no matter how he feels, he knows Riona is calling it fair. Jethro is angry and picks Engel up to his feet. Jethro looks up at the clock.

Just under two minutes left and the score is still tied. Jethro slams his left fist into Engel's stomach and then gives Engel an uppercut to the jaw that rocks Engel. Engel tries to fight back with a knife-edge chop, but the effect fails on Hayes and Hayes grabs Engel on both sides of his head and tosses him into the turnbuckles. Hayes rushes in, but Engel moves out of the way just in time. Hayes was trying for the Plow into the turnbuckles, but instead nails his shoulder on the ringpost. Engel falls to a knee, blood covering his face and most of his upperbody. Engel gets back up and turns around and Hayes is pulling himself out of the corner. Engel takes Hayes down with a reverse DDT and tries for a cover.



Kick out!

Hayes kicks out with authority and rolls up to his feet. He beats Engel on that part, and Engel turns around only to be met with a thunderous clothesline from Hayes. Hayes climbs up to the top rope. Hayes is now standing erect on the top rope and the cameras are going off like crazy.. because for some stupid reason Joe let people bring their cameras in. Hayes leaps off with a shooting star press... and connects!

Jamie Flynn: "No fucking way."

Jon McDaniel: "WOW!"

Brian Rentfro:  "Oh come on!"

Hayes stays on top of Engel for another cover.




Hayes looks up with widened eyes.. and Riona can't believe it herself. She holds up the two fingers once more.

Brian Rentfro:  "Despite nearly 300 pounds crashing down on Engel.. he still kicked out!"

Jon McDaniel: "This is crazy.. Engel may never wrestle again regardless of a win or a loss."

Jamie Flynn: "But that's why he's the Virus, because he'll put everything he is and everything you are on the line for the sake of a victory. There are only so few of us who truly do that."

Hayes gets up to his feet, and Engel is coughing out blood, just barely alive. Hayes looks at up that clock...


Eric Emerson: There is ONE minute remaining and we have a tie score!

Hayes gets Engel up to his feet and nails him with a knee to the stomach. Hayes plops Engel on the top turnbuckle and climbs up to the middle rope. Hayes puts Engel on top of his shoulders in a torture rack! Hayes manages to make it to the top rope. Both men are dangerously close to falling and severely injuring themselves, but Hayes manages to keep his balance with Engel being rocked in a torture rack on the top rope.

Brian Rentfro:  "What a dumb move there, Jon. There's no way Engel will submit. There's only 30 seconds left!"

Eric Emerson: 30 seconds remaining!

Jamie Flynn: "Stop stealing Eric's spotlight, Brian. Let him worry about the time."

Hayes continues to torture Engel as Engel cries out in pain, which is surging throughout all parts of his body. Engel's head, his knee, his back.. all of them feel like they're on fire and the pain is being intensified by Jethro's amazing strength, utilizing the torture rack.

Eric Emerson: 15 seconds remaining!

Jethro awakens from his torturing trance and realizes that time is of the essence...

Jon McDaniel:
 "Wait, this is a new move of his!"

Jethro leaps off the top rope, releasing his left arm which were holding Engel's legs. He spins Engel and connects with a vicious neckbreaker on the mat below.

Brian Rentfro:  "Wow, what a move."

Jamie Flynn: "I'm sure Jon will come up with a pretty name for it."

Jon McDaniel: "I'm being told Jethro already has... he calls it 'Tobacco Road'."

Jamie Flynn: "Of course he would."

The crowd is erupting in madness and cheers for the Southern Hero. The clock dwindles down to its final seconds as Hayes is crawling over Engel to make the pinfall attempt.




Hayes manages to plop his arm over Engel's chest as Riona is right there to make the count.

Riona: 1...               Clock: 2...

Riona: 2...               Clock: 1...

                                Riona: 3!!!!            Clock: *BUZZER SOUND* 0!


Riona isn't sure what happened first, Jethro pinning Virus or the buzzer going off. The crowd is dumbfounded, half of them saying it was a draw and the other half saying Hayes won.

Brian Rentfro:  "The buzzer went off first, Jon!"

Jon McDaniel: "No way, Engel was pinned! Jethro wins! Jethro wins!"

Flynn remains silent in the matter, as Riona goes over to talk with Eric Emerson. Eric nods his head to what Riona is saying and Riona climbs out of the ring. She begins to head up the rampway.

Eric Emerson: "Ladies and gentlemen."

Kalis helps Hayes up to his feet. Meanwhile, Corey Lazarus has entered the ring. Eric has kept a safe distance and stayed by the ringbell, over by the newly replaced announcer's table after Engel and Hayes went through the first one earlier tonight.

Eric Emerson: "I have been informed by the special guest referee.. Riona Langly... that Jethro Hayes received a three count pinfall on Matthew Engel right before the buzzer went off!"

The crowd erupts in cheers, and some boo's, but regardless... Cowboys Stadium is the loudest it has ever been. Hayes and Kalis celebrate in the ring. Meanwhile, Lazarus is trying to help Engel to his feet, but Engel is having an extremely hard time getting up.

Eric Emerson: "And thus... your winner.. by a score of 5 to 4... JETHRO... HAYES!!!"

Engel's eyes widen as he hears the news. Kalis comes over to Lazarus, investigating the fact that Corey is helping Engel. Corey doesn't haven an answer for him, but tells him to back off. Kalis shoves Lazarus away from Engel and Kalis is about to hit Engel, but Lazarus nails Kalis right in the face with a sharp kick. Hayes goes after Lazarus but Lazarus quickly leaps forward with a high knee to Hayes' bloodied forehead.

Jon McDaniel:
 "It still baffles me that Lazarus is helping Engel! Engel has spilt so much of Laz's blood over the years."

Brian Rentfro: "I can't believe Hayes won! The buzzer went off first! You believe me, right Jamie?"

Jamie Flynn: "Honestly, it was too close to call."

Brian Rentfro:  "That.. that bitch! It was her one chance to screw Engel over! It's a fabrication.. a lie... a conspiracy!"

Laz pulls Engel out of the ring. Scott Nash Strader hops the barricade and pauses right in front of Lazarus. Lazarus is hesitant, but SNS comes on the other side of Engel, giving Lazarus a hand in helping Engel up the rampway. Lazarus remains skeptical, but both men help a battered, broken, and bloodied Engel up the rampway. Engel's feet drag along the cold steel as he leaves a bloodtrail to the backstage area.

Brian Rentfro:  "And not only is Lazarus helping Engel, so is his long-time enemy in Scott Nash Strader... this.. this has been a strange night. I can't wrap my head around what's going on."

Flynn has left the announcer's table.. and calmly walks past Kalis and Hayes who are in the ring. Flynn gives them a smirk, putting on his Aviators and heading backstage.

Jon McDaniel:
 "Brian I'm being told that RPM 2 has gone past its time limit.. and it even has gone past the extension Joe BoXeR was able to purchase from teleivision providers worldwide!"

Brian Rentfro:  "So we might be cut off any second?"

Jon McDaniel: "Yes, but Engel has been re--"


(C) PWA 2010