Revolutions Per Minute II: Overdrive
Night Two -- April 25th, 2010



Height: 5'9"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Entrance Music: "Natural Born Killas" by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube
Finisher: Sliding D style Lariat (Splatterhouse)

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Entrance Music: "Heroes of Our Time" by Dragonforce
Finisher: Avalanche Invertabreaker (Sentencing of the Damned)


Both Estella and Kalis are flashes of the new and bright future of the PWA. Laura Estella managed to capture the PWA Undisputed Championship in just her seventh match in the PWA, and she defeated 5 other proven superstars in one night to do it. Simon Kalis broke out into the singles scene after his valiant return at Genesis X and won the Who's The Man?! 2010 Tournament, declaring himself the number one contender to Laura's title. These two have had one of the better war of words from the aftermath of Who's The Man?! up until this point. Will Kalis' glory carry him once again to PWA championship gold, or will Laura once again prove why she is one of the best in the business by defeating a seemingly unstoppable General?

Eric Emerson:
"The following PWA Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship Match is scheduled for one pinfall or submission. Introducing first, the challenger, hailing from Montreal, Quebec.."

) All Hail The Glorious (

This can be heard over the speakers just before "Heroes of our Time" by Dragonforce. Simon Kalis steps out from behind the curtains immediately, his customized "Who's The Man?!" Championship firmly strapped around his waist. Decked out in urban military camoflauge khaki's and a black wifebeater with military issue standard boots he raises both arms up. With his black bandana tied in front around his forehead, he smirks as the smoke billows up from the lit cigarette hanging from his mouth as the crowd sings along to his theme.

)Call for us(
)The power in all of us(
)So far beyond the blackened sky tonight(
)Forever more in us(
)We are victorious(
)and so alive(

Kalis lowers his arms and begins approaching the ring from the ramp.

Eric Emerson: "He weighs in at 180 pounds even and stands in at 6 feet tall. Hailing from Montreal, Quebec Canada... He is your Franchise Of The PWA! One half of The Order of Chaos! He is... Simon Kalis... THE GLORIOUS!"

Kalis slaps the hands of fans along the way, handing his cigarette to a lucky woman in the crowd who swoons as she rubs his chest on his leave away from her. Kalis hops up onto the apron and flips himself onto the top turnbuckle, banging his had to the heavy metal of his theme song as he goes to each corner and raises the title high. He hands it to the referee and waits for the match to begin.

Eric Emerson: "And his opponent, hailing from Los Angeles, California..."

You’ve got to say: I’m a Human Being Godammit! My life has Value!


I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!


Fuck you nigga, cause I can!

A second blast and the piercing shriek through the speakers as Natural Born Killaz takes over the building. The fans are in an uproar.

Brian Rentfro: “And here comes our Champion.”

Jon McDaniel: “But for how much longer?”

Brian Rentfro: “Guess we’re about to find out.”

Already on their feet the crowd explode as Laura saunters out onto the stage, holding out her hands and soaking in their applause amidst some pyrotechnic rainfall.

Jon McDaniel: “Nice effect.”

Brian Rentfro: “Yeah if it doesn’t go all Undertaker on her.”

Jon McDaniel: “Who?”

Brian Rentfro: “No one.”

Laura walks all the way to the head of the ramp and then stops, taking a good look out over the arena and across every watchful eye. The building is packed and the sound is deafening but she doesn’t seem so fazed, and places a little knowing smile across her lips. She suddenly falls to her knees and throws out her arms again as lights explode across the stage.

Journey with me into the mind of a maniac
Doomed to be a killer since I came out the nutsack

Laura bounds back to her feet amidst a second blast and begins a slow and graceful walk toward the ring, amidst all the chaos throughout the arena. Spotlights rush about the fans.

Eric Emerson: "She stands 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 135 pounds..."

I’m in a murderous mind state
With a heart full of terror I see the devil in the mirror

Laura holds out one hand as she goes, offering it to any fan who accepts and paying no ill to the Kalis supporters who scream back in her face. Her other hand cradles her title as it sits comfortably upon her shoulder. There’s a look about it like that’s where it belongs. For whatever reason she’s also wearing a track jacket, but I’m sure we’re about to get to that.

Eric Emerson: "Your PWA Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World... MISS FANTASTIC LAURA ESTELLA!"

Decapitation I aint hesitating to put you in the funeral home

Laura hits the ring and leaps up to the apron, landing on one knee and latching onto the ropes so she can turn for a look back up the ramp and a vicious smile right down the camera lens. It closes in and catches the look perfectly before she leaps up to her feet. It’s about now she catches her first glimpse of Kalis and their eyes lock.

Jon McDaniel: “Are we about to get this underway now?”

Laura leaps through the ropes and up towards him. Kalis doesn’t bother to take a step as Laura merely stops short, holding a hand to her chest and the song says it for her.

Nobody illa than this graveyard filla
Cap Peeler
Cause I’m a Natural Born Killa

And she smiles and turns away, throwing herself into the nearest corner and up into the lights. Flash bulbs explode as she holds up her title. She then places her title on the buckle and reaches for the zip on her jacket. She then peels it off slow, giving everyone a glimpse.

Jon McDaniel: “What does her shirt say?”

Brian Rentfro: “The Glorious.”

With her or against the fans are all over it now as she throws herself back down to the mat and takes a step toward Kalis again. This time she throws her belt down in front of him and offers out her hands. There’s a look in her eyes that says it’s the closest he’s going to get. She backs up into a corner as her music starts to fade. The chaos begins to fade as she looks him up and down… grinning all the time.

She’s ready for this.


Laura Estella and Simon Kalis circle the ring for a moment before Estella stops and extends her hand towards Simon Kalis and nods. Kalis remains with his eyes locked to hers as he cautiously moves forward, but then extends his own hand and they shake hands for a few moments. The crowd cheers this sportsmanship as both Estella and Kalis respectfully back away from each other. Kalis stands back and stomps his foot to the canvas and extends his right arm all the way out forward, saluting her Order of Chaos style. She smirks and moves in, Kalis drops the salute and dodges a flying lariat from her. Estella hits the ropes and bounces back backwards with a flying elbow towards Kalis who instinctively ducks out of the way. She stumbles back but catchers herself on her feet as Kalis goes for a roundhouse kick, she completely bends backwards and dodges the strike. Quickly Estella goes to trip Kalis as he stands on one foot and does so but Kalis pushes himself forward and lands on his other foot before turning his body to an angle and getting back to balance.

Jon McDaniel: “The agility from Kalis is nearly unmatched in the PWA, Brian."

Brian Rentfro: “Except by his opponent tonight, Jon."

He flicks his nose with this thumb and she cracks her neck as they both begin to circle the ring once more. Kalis enters a stance very familiar to our Undisputed Champion and he rushes forward snapping out a thrust kick which still stings as Estella blocks it by raising her left leg and knee to cover her midsection. Kalis throws an elbow towards her face at that very moment but she dodges it and grabs ahold of him, out of no where nailing a sleepwalker suplex as one of them finally breaks the tie. Kalis rolls away and gets back to his feet just as quick as she does. Estella snaps a thrust kick of her own but Kalis blocks it in kind this time and uses his leg to sweep her off of her feet. Quickly switching styles Kalis kicks her hard on the inside of her thigh and then grabs her by the legs and turns her over, placing her in a Boston crab.

Jon McDaniel: “A painful submission move, let's see how our champion deals with it."

Brian Rentfro: “Do I sense a bit of sarcasm in your voice?"

Kalis screams as he applies as much pressure as possible, and Laura shakes her head violently in protest never allowing herself to come close to defeat. She tries to overpower Kalis with the strength of her legs but Kalis maintains the grip and begins to drag her into the middle of the ring. In a complete display of agility, Estella pushes herself up by her hands and quickly places her hands around Simon Kalis' neck and holds the position. As Kalis applies pressure on the Boston crab he is then pulled back by the pressure from Laura Estella and her unorthodox hold over him. Referee Scott Swindell has no idea how to react to this double hold pulled off by both superstars. Kalis' grimaces are muffled by the fact he is choking out and Estella clinches her teeth as her hold also adds pressure to her back from Kalis' Boston crab. Finally both of them let go at the same time and Kalis stumbles forward and onto his chest on the canvas, as Estella falls forward as well and onto her chest. They both crawl away from each other, Estella favoring her back and Kalis coughing as he massages his throat.

Jon McDaniel: “Both parties are defintely in pain from that excursion."

Brian Rentfro: “But our champion is quick to her feet, because she's a smooth operator."

Estella is up first followed quickly by Kalis. As they both rush each other in the ring Estella unleashes a furious attack on The Glorious as she strikes quickly with a soccer kick to Kalis' left knee followed by one to his right knee. Kalis falls to his knees and she then brings up another swift soccer kick right into his chest which has him clutch the area of his heart before he grabs his head and brings her knees in succession into his face. Kalis falls over and seems out of it as Estella takes aim for his head and hits a back brain kick. She turns away for a single moment to gather momentum but quickly Kalis grabs ahold of her from between her legs and pulls her down, rolling her up and applying pressure with his upper body as he goes for a quick pinfall.




Jon McDaniel: “Near pinfall there by the Glorious."

Brian Rentfro: “Which one?"

Jon McDaniel: “The black one."

Brian Rentfro: “Whoa, don't get all racist on me now, Jon."

Jon McDaniel: “Nah it's fine, they're both minorities now that we know Laura is Puetro Rican."

Kalis shakes it off and gets to his feet, as does Estella. Kalis attempts to lay in a kick to the gut but Estella grabs his leg and spins him around and out of nowhere hits Stain of Mind on The Cult Hero! The crowd erupts as she hooks his legs and goes for the cover herself.




Jon McDaniel: “The champion nearly retained with that move."

Brian Rentfro: “It's quite a move, I'll give her that. Engel does a move like that himself."

Estella smirks and doesn't seem surprised as she rolls herself away from Kalis. Kalis gets to his feet and shakes off the move and waits as Estella rushes forward to him. She tries to connect a stiff right to his face but he counters with a timely arm drag sending her to the canvas. She's up quickly but out of no where Kalis locks on and applies a blizzard suplex taking her back down. As she lays on the canvas the camera flashes go off as Kalis springboards himself off the top rope and lands an incredible corkscrew moonsault onto Estella. She however throws him off of her much to Kalis' surprise and enjoyment. He winks at Estella as she spins herself on her back almost like a break dancer and lands a yakuza kick square in Kalis' smug face. Kalis falls back again but completely rolls himself up and over and back onto his feet as Estella jumps to her feet.

Both of them rush each other now and a brawl breaks out as Kalis and Estella begin exchanging lefts and rights to the enjoyment of the crowd. Estella's head snaps back hard with each blow, but so does Kalis' head and as he backs up he seems surprised at her striking power. He smiles, Estella signalling he shouldn't be surprised now. Kalis rushes forward and spears Estella at the last moment straight into the corner turnbuckle. But Estella uses her leg strength and climbs up the to the top rope with Kalis' head now locked inbetween her right arm. She pushes herself off and spins with Kalis locked in her arm and lands a powerful flying DDT with Kalis' face kissing canvas at the end of it.

Jon McDaniel: “What impact there."

Brian Rentfro: “Kalis did eat a lot of canvas right there. You gotta wonder how clean that mat is after tonight so far."

She now does a bit of double stomping on Kalis, using the ropes to leverage herself as she jumps with both feet and lands on Kalis chest not once, not twice but thrice until Kalis moves out of the way and hops back up onto his feet. Kalis begins moving rapidly now using quick footwork to throw her off as he raises his fists in the air. He moves forward with a straight hook to her face and she easily dodges it however that was Kalis' plan. As she goes for the dodge Kalis pulls back and sends himself backwards onto one leg as he sweeps his right leg upwards and straight into Estella's chin. This sends Estella stumbling into the ropes but she uses this to her advantadge. As Kalis adjusts himself back onto two feet without falling she's already running towards him having bounced off the ropes and lands a perfect missile dropkick to Kalis' face. Kalis spins around and collapses to his knees.

Jon McDaniel: “Ouch! Kalis nearly got his jaw relocated on that one."

Brian Rentfro: “But it's all good because he's got ho's in different area codes."

Estella jumps up onto his back as Kalis gets to his feet and she begins landing a number of hard lefts and rights into the top of his head as he stumbles around, but Kalis catches Laura Estella offguard when he uses one of his hands to squeeze her on the... backside, so to speak. Angirly Estella pushes herself forward in an attempt to hurricanrana Kalis but he simply drops back at the same time slamming her entire body face first into the canvas. He waves to the crowd and winks as takes a good and perverted look over Estella's body before rolling away from her and getting back to his feet. As she gets up she isn't too amused and rushes forward, as does Kalis. But this time it's she who catches Kalis offguard as she comes to a sudden stop and manages to lift Kalis up, dropping him back down for a fallaway slam. It's at this time that as Estella looks out into the crowd she sees a fairly slim and toned man in the crowd with long, flowing white hair. Masakaz.

Jon McDaniel: “Aw come on, what's he doing here?"

Brian Rentfro: “Checking up on his failed opportunity, it seems."

As Swindell checks on Simon Kalis, his son Masakaz The Great jumps the barrier and slides into the ring quickly now to the boos of the crowd. Estella gets ready to attack him but he backs off, instead pointing to his father who is starting to get up. Masakaz pushes Estella aside and then grabs Swindell and throws him into the corner. As Kalis looks up he watches as Masakaz' foot comes crashing down, but Kalis rolls out of the way and Estella will watch no more as she clotheslines Masakaz with great force. Masakaz stumbles back and seems surprised as Estella and Kalis share a few words and then Kalis and Estella grab hands and go for a double clothesline on Masakaz, nailing him and sending him flying over the top rope. Police are already there and catch Masakaz as he tries getting up, placing him in handcuffs. Kalis shakes his head as he looks on in shame.

Jon McDaniel: “Just think, Masa used to be so peaceful and friendly."

Brian Rentfro: “At least he's no longer a problem for the rest of the night. We hope."

Estella sees a chance to capitalize on Kalis' distraction but instead backs away and respectfully waits as she also watches Masakaz cuss his father out as he is taken away from ringside in handcuffs. Kalis turns around now with his eyes wide open, but notices Estella is a good distance from him. Kalis nods and then both he and Estella help referee Scott Swindell up. They both brush him off and smirk as they now jump back away from each other. Kalis takes one more quick glance towards the ramp as Masakaz disappears from sight. Now he looks back to Estella who nods to him and they both rush towards each other. They both hit clotheslines on each other now sending each other flipping into the air and down onto the canvas in a pile. The crowd cheers on now, chanting "ESTELLA... KALIS.... ESTELLA... KALIS" in respect to both fighters in the ring.

Jon McDaniel: “The crowd is showing their dividing lines as some of them root for Kalis and the others for Estella."

Brian Rentfro: “I definitely hear more Estella chants than Kalis chants, but whatever you say there Jon."

They both get up together at the same time now and Estella rushes forward and jumps into the air, flying across the ring and nailing Kalis hard in the face with a flying super kick. Kalis flips back and hits the back of his head on the canvas hard. The sudden impact from the superkick sends a burst of blood out of his forehead as his stitches reopen. Kalis grabs his face and wipes the blood from it as he crawls to the corner and uses the ropes to help him get back to his feet. Estella smiles as she moves in for the kill now, grabbing Kalis and spinning him around and then picks him up in a very special manner before dropping him back down with KneeVD. The crowd goes nuts as she climbs the top rope and raises her arms. Kalis seems completely out of it right now as she flies off with a corkscrew shooting star press, using Kalis' own finishing move Retribution against him! She lands it perfectly and doesn't hesitate to cover just as the crowd begins to chant "GLORIOUS".








Estella cannot believe it as Kalis throws her off of him and she flies into the corner. She squints her eyes as he coughs up something nasty and begins to show signs of life. The crowd's chants do not die down as Kalis uses the ropes to bring himself to his feet while bobbing his head to their chants. He roars as he looks into the crowd with a grand smile over his face, blood stained and all. He walks quickly around the ring to each side and throws his hands in the air to raise the volume of the chants before stomping his foot and saluting the crowd at each side. Estella is already back on her feet and watches just him, somewhat admirably as he plays to the crowd and they rejuvinate him. She on the other hand stares at him as if they are the only two people in existence. Kalis licks his blood off of his hands as he quickly spins around to face Miss Fantastic Laura Estella. She nods. He nods. They now both begin to meet each other in the center of the squared circle.

Jon McDaniel: “A near sign of respect there, Brian?"

Brian Rentfro: “Doubtful."

Kalis goes for a grapple and locks horns with Estella now, but Kalis is surprised at how strong Estella responds to the lock. Kalis attempts to raise his knee into her ribs but she blocks while maintaining the grapple hold, fully aware of what Muay Thai brings to the battle. Kalis smirks as he goes for another knee to the ribs but Estella smirks as she blocks the attack with ease, but she's caught off guard when Kalis violently headbutts her in the forehead sending her back. Kalis moves in quickly now and picks up Estella from her waist and lands a sudden snap northern lights suplex on the World Champ. He moves in and on top of her quickly, and begins unloading a series of powerful blows to her face until she starts bleeding from the impacts. Estella seems dazed for the first real time this match as Kalis jumps up onto his feet and pulls her up by her hair, whipping her into the ropes. She comes flying back and attempts a spear of her own into Kalis but he latches onto her, using her own momentum to DDT her straight into the canvas.

Kalis is up first and lifts her up by her hair again and this time she pushes him back and lands a sudden tiger suplex on Kalis as she latches onto him. But both of them are up on their feet quickly now but Kalis strikes first and quickly, gouging her in the eyes. Laura Estella tries to grab her face but Kalis capitalizes and kicks her square in the gut before grabbing her head and neck and laying out Estella with Tears of Redemption! The crowd is on their feet as Kalis hooks both of her legs and Scott Swindell drops for the count!




Kalis sits up quickly now in disbelief as he looks at the downed Laura Estella and then at Swindell and then the crowd itself. Kalis begins to smile and laugh as he gets himself to his feet, genuinely applauding Estella as she gets herself to her feet. Kalis wipes some blood from his face, as does Estella and she mouths something inaudible to us at home. Kalis smirks and nods as they both rush forward to each other again and this time it's Estella who takes advantadge as she stomps on Kalis right foot taking him off balance. She grabs ahold and lands a gargoyle suplex on Kalis which surprises him as it lays him out cleanly on the canvas. Kalis is back onto his feet as Estella continues her assault with a muay thai styled angle kick of her own straight to his ribs which sends him leaning against the ropes. Estella hops up onto the middle rope aside him and hits a spinning heel kick taking Kalis down and out.

Jon McDaniel: “And that kick connected violently to Kalis' head."

Brian Rentfro: “His head has taken quite the beating since he returned at Genesis X."

Kalis seems completely dazed as he sits up in the ring and seems half out of it. Laura Estella sees her chance now and she runs towards the ropes and comes back, sliding in and hitting Kalis in the neck with a lariat that completely takes him out. Estella quickly drags him a bit more to the center of the ring and collapses on top of him, hooking the leg as Swindell goes for the count.





Estella rolls off of Kalis and is ecstatic as Swindell hands her the PWA Undisputed World Championship.


Jon McDaniel: “She's done it!"

Brian Rentfro: “Laura has put a decent amount of critics to rest tonight by defeating the franchise of the PWA."

Jon McDaniel: “I had my fair share of doubts, but Laura proved herself a worthy champion tonight and Kalis knows it."

Estella celebrates in the ring now as the crowd applauds her on. She looks smiling into the title as she throws it over her shoulders and then catches Simon Kalis getting to his feet. He looks around and then extends his hand first this time. She shakes his hand and they both raise their arms, Kalis pointing to her as she raises the Undisputed title. Kalis hits the canvas and slides out of the ring as Laura Estella continues to celebrate her hard fought victory in the ring.

Jon McDaniel: “I can assure you this won't be the last time we see these two duel. It may or may not be for a title, but they put on a hell of a match here tonight and both sides should be proud."

Brian Rentfro: “I gotta admit, Jon, I enjoyed this match thoroughly. All of the RPM 2 matches had an added intensity and elogence only reserved for such an event here tonight."

Jon McDaniel: “With Estella's victory tonight, she earns yet another main event spot on our next pay-per-view, High Stakes. And speaking of High Stakes, what about our next match coming up?"

Brian Rentfro: “Everything is on the line, Jon. And I do mean everything."