Welcome back to Revolutions Per Minute. Rumors have speculated that Joe BoXeR, former PWA Commissioner and General Manager, has come to an agreement with the PWA Board of Directors to bring back RPM in April of 2010. The event, which has been dubbed 'Overdrive', could potentially draw an even bigger crowd than the original due to the growing demand. Last year, Joe BoXeR initially wanted to bring RPM II to the O2 World in Germany, but due to the arena's lack of capacity compared to Croke Park in Dublin, the Board of Directors did not sign off on it, despite Joe's desire for a smaller and more exclusive event. However, Joe has gone to the BOD with a different proposal -- a two night event at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The BOD immediately agreed to BoXeR's proposal, as the potential capacity for a massive wrestling event could easily top what they did in Dublin.

On March 7th, 2010, it was revealed that Joe BoXeR had confirmed Overdrive to happen in the month of April. The dates of the event will April 24th and 25th, and all of the PWA's championships will be defended.

As the events of Who's The Man 2010 unfold, we will get closer and closer to April and more details will be known about Joe BoXeR's second Revolutions Per Minute event.


February 22nd, 2010 - Spotlights updated
March 7th, 2010 - 'Overdrive' set for last weekend of April!
March 8th, 2010 - Spotlights updated
April 19th, 2010 - Card posted; Spotlights updated; New banner courtesy of Imagemiester!
April 25th, 2010 - EVENT AIRED

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Wrestler Spotlight...

He has been called the Cult Hero, the First Class Felon, the General, and more recently the Glorious -- but one thing is for sure, Simon Kalis has been a force to be reckoned with since his arrival in the PWA in September 2009. He would taste PWA gold quickly as he and his son, Masakazu, won the PWA Tag Team Championships by defeating Riona Langly and Emperor Ian. They would hold those titles for 110 days, defending them successfuly on several accounts, and have the fourth longest tag title reign of all time. Kalis was sent to prison the night he lost the tag titles, and made a valiant return at Genesis X. His singles career in the PWA took off, and he won the Who's The Man?! tournament to earn a shot at the Undisputed Champion, Laura Estella. Can Simon Kalis, despite the recent betrayal of his son and his troubles with his past arising here in the present, bring his own glory to the Undisputed Championship?

Match Spotlight...

Riona Langly (C) vs. Lex Demise
PWA Grizzly Beer Championship Match
Revolutions Per Minute, Night Three - April 20th, 2008


History --

Revolutions Per Minute had its first event in April of 2008. The founder and host, along with Pioneer Wrestling, was Joe BoXeR.

RPM was a three-night event that took place in Dublin, Ireland, at Croke Park. Croke Park is an outdoor football arena that was revamped for a massive wrestling event the weekend of RPM. The attendance numbers were over 75,000 people per night, possibly PWA's highest grossing event.

The first night featured gimmick matches and Television Championship, Intercontinental Championship, and Tag-Team Championship matches respectively.

The second night featured the infamous Rumble in the Bronx, which was dubbed 'Rumble not in the Bronx but in Dublin' by PWA Radio. Lex Demise would go on to win and earn his shot at the PWA World Title.

Night three featured Grizzly Beer and World Championship matches, along with a grudge match between Matthew Engel and Vicious. Ultimately, the winner of their grudge match, which was Matthew Engel, would go on to lead the new incarnation of the Masters of Armageddon inside the PWA. The World Championship match took place inside the Elimination Chamber and Raizzor would walk in and out of RPM as World Champion.


Scott Nash Strader: 0-0-1
Jonathan Cage: 0-0-1
Duff Cote d'iVoire: 1-0-0
Warren "ODDYSEY" Engel: 0-1-0
Deacon Frost: 1-0-0
Helix: 0-1-0
Kyle Stevenson: 1-0-0
Fire: 0-1-0
"Nightmare" Jonathan Wehali: 1-0-0
Mark McNasty: 0-1-0
Razordolls: 1-0-0
Might & Magic: 0-1-0
Riona Langly: 1-0-0
Lex Demise: 1-1-0
Matthew "Virus" Engel: 1-0-0
Trevor "Vicious" Knight: 0-1-0
Michael "Raizzor" Sommers: 1-0-0
Corey Lazarus: 0-1-0
Rob "The Phoenix" Robinson: 0-1-0
"Grade A" Alex Wilkie: 0-1-0
Sirus Moran: 0-1-0
Project X: 0-1-0