time: wednesday evening

day: august thirteenth

place: new orlean's general hospital.

(Warren is nodding off in a chair next to Joe's hospital bed. The room is fairly dark, with lights from machines giving us some details. A figure stands in the doorway and knocks softly. Warren jumps, and looks at the door. He adjusts his eyes for a moment, but recognizes the intruder.)

Warren Engel: "What.. what are you doing here?"

(The figure steps into the dimly lit room. Matthew's mentor, in a sense. A real puppeteer, Darren Ridel.)

Darren Ridel: "Your brother asked me to check in on you as he was already detained. How are things, Warren?"

(Warren lowers his head, feeling abandoned.)

Warren Engel: "Joe should be out of here soon.. and I'm still recovering myself. What.. I can't believe he sent you."

(Darren paces over to the window and gazes outward.)

Darren Ridel: "Despite what you may think about your brothers' choice in company, we do take care of our own."

(Warren laughs in disbelief.)

Warren Engel: "Yeah? Is that why my family's falling apart? Is that why two Engel brothers have ended up in hospitals, and Matt's wife and child are on the brink of leaving him?"

(Darren remains composed. He turns his head back around just slightly.)

Darren Ridel: "And what was the state of your family before Matthew joined the Masters? Harmonious? Blissful? Were you not the object of several people's attacks before then?"

Warren Engel: "I'd like to think not. See, unlike Matt's long-time sparring partner and friend, Dustin Kelser, he doesn't like to air his personal life. He doesn't like to share it with anyone, not even his own brothers. But, you're not the one getting phone calls every night from Mia who's crying because Matt snaps on her for no reason and physically abuses her. You're not the one who has to convince her that Matt will change and that everything is going to be okay.

I should have your job.. I'm the only one keeping this together, Darren. But I can't hold it much longer."

(Warren looks down and lets out a sigh.)

Darren Ridel: "Are you saying that your brother isn't capable of handling his commitment to me?"

(Warren looks up and for a brief moment, progress.)

Warren Engel: "Exactly. Rid him of his responsibilities... let him go. I understand why you wanted him in the first place, and I understand why Matt wanted to fight for your cause. But, it's taking its toll on him, on us.."

(Darren turns around, and looks Warren squarely in the face.)

Darren Ridel: "Unfortunately, it's not that simple. Matt truly believes in the Masters. Even if I were to fade out of the picture, he's wholly engrained in its existence."

(Warren stands up.)

Warren Engel: "No, I'm afraid I can't believe you. The Matt you know, the man right now, yes he believes in the Masters like it's the Bible. But, the Matt I grew up with, the real Matthew Engel... he doesn't. And if I can reveal to him what he's doing is truly hurting his family and friends, then he's going to leave you.

And you're going to let him."

(Darren laughs with a wide smile.)

Darren Ridel: "Why, that wouldn't be a threat, would it?"

Warren Engel: "Nothing will have to be threatened if you'd just let him go."

(Darren begins to leave the room.)

Darren Ridel: "I don't tie people's hands together. Anyone that comes to me does it of their own free will. Your brother is no exception, and I'm willing to bet you don't know him half as well as you think you do."

Warren Engel: "And I'm willing to bet you need him a hell of a lot more than he needs you."

(Smiling, Darren produces a pair of black Oakley's and places them on his face.)

Darren Ridel: "Well, we'll certainly see. I'll give Matthew your regards."

(And just like that - he's gone.)

time: thursday evening

day: august fourteenth

place: bailey's bay, bermuda; engel residence.

(I'm sitting at the bottom of the stairs to my basement. I have a towel around my neck, and a completely focused mind. I hit record on the camera.)

Matthew Engel: "Why the hell do you ask so many questions, Alex? 'Is it bad.. ' 'Do you think.. ' Just shut the hell up. Stick to what you know, and if you're unsure, find out on your own. You're a big boy.

As I tried to sit there and digest what you and Mark had to say, I couldn't help but notice you two were both regurgitating the same shit back to me. You two both are so bent on downplaying Thunderwolf, when all I'm trying to do is be content with what I have. I don't control the booking here in the PWA. I show up when I'm needed, I work hard, and I win most of the time. I was given a chance to be in this match and I got it. What more do you want from me? Oh, I get it.

Because I didn't beat a guy like Deacon Frost, I'm suddenly not good enough to be in this match. Yeah, right.

This topic is over and done with. I don't need to justify myself to you two. In case you have forgotten, I have victories over both of you."

(A quick chuckle.)

Matthew Engel: "And I see you're as dumb as ever, Alex. I shouldn't have to read between the lines. You need to learn how to be direct with your words. Fuck the lines inbetween, do something with your actual lines. Do something with your own words. All you've managed to do is reassure me that you're not going to win tomorrow night. You haven't progressed since we last fought, Alex, and I managed to take care of you then. I can sure as hell do it now.

Oh, but you're in the World Title match. Surely you've made some progress.

Again.. we don't need to go into why you think and I think your spot in this match is a big waste of my fucking time.

Stop comparing me with you. We both didn't luck out. You lucked out. I have beaten you and Mark, neither of you have beaten me. I beat somebody with importance, you didn't. I didn't give oral sex to Robinson in order to get a shot at the World Title, you did.

You and I are very different and had very different ways of getting into this match. Stop comparing me to you, because we're not the same at all. I'll stroke my ego all I want and say that I'm better than you, Alex, and if Mark wasn't your friend, I wouldn't be the only one saying that you don't fucking belong in this match. However, it doesn't mean it isn't true.

You don't belong here, and everyone that stupid enough to have not figured that out by now will definitely know tomorrow night when you're the first eliminated."

(I scratch my neck a little, and take a deep breath.)

Matthew Engel: "The ass of the PWA roster? That's not a nice thing to say about you and Mark. Granted, I don't think you're even near the same caliber wrestler that I am, but I wouldn't call you the ass of the roster. Maybe the.. inner thigh fat? The bottom lip? Oh, wait. How about the ear lobe? Yeah, you two are the ear lobe of the PWA roster. That sounds a little better, don't you think?

But hey, if you hadn't spent so much time trying to predict what I'd be saying and come up with your own thoughts and arguments, maybe your promo wouldn't have sucked so much. So, maybe you are the ass of the roster.

Yes, I did in fact lose to Robinson. But, he's not in this match, so what relevance does that have? Oh, Mark has beaten him twice. Well, I've beaten Mark. So, survey says, Robinson doesn't fucking matter. And yes, I lost to Flynn. But the fact remains that I did win the Intercontinental Title, however I wasn't meant for that belt. I'm meant for the World Title, and I will be giving it everything I got to make sure it ends up in my hands at the end of the night. You could say I have a knack for winning titles and not keeping them. That would be a decent argument considering I lost both the Intercontinental and PWA Tag Title the first time I defended them.

But you can't make an argument against my ability to win titles. That's just stupid. I have more clutch than a goddamn manual transmission.

Keep your two cents, Alex. You might need it."

(I take the towel off my neck and throw it off camera.)

Matthew Engel:"I haven't earned it. Mark, you know that's not true. I was so close to pinning your shoulders to the mat when we fought and Jamie interfered. I have actually beaten Alex, both those facts clearly negate your ridiculous statement that I haven't earned my spot in this match. Not only did I win a contendership match, but I've clearly shown over the past several months that I am World Champion material. I'm one of the top names in this company, and I put on a fan-fucking-tastic show.

That isn't stroking my ego, that's just simple chapter and verse.

So I'll be glad to take your title from you tomorrow, and fatten the wallets of thousands of critics out there when their bets on me bring them home the extra cash they need to pay for the sex they can't get from their wives. Eh, I shouldn't judge. I've never had that problem.

You should give up your title. You sucked before you won it, you were great for a moment, and now you suck again. It's funny how that works. True champions, the greats, don't turn out like that. They become even better wrestlers and have consistent great moments. Yours are few and far between

However, I guess you didn't have a choice. Blame the front office all you want, but you can't blame them for what I'm going to do to you tomorrow. That will be your undoing, because you'll have a chance to face an opponent that will truly challenge you, and you'll fall short, while I'm falling from the heights of the Euthanasia and crashing down on you."


Matthew Engel:"And who cares what Raizzor had to say to you awhile back? Do you think because Raizzor and I have the same things to say about you, it might be true? You're too ignorant to believe it. I understand I'm a cocky son of a bitch. I understand that I like to put others down and stroke my own ego for the sake of whatever. I do it because I can. I do it because it's fun. I do it because I damn sure can back it up in the ring.

But you? You're in denial. Raizzor and I have got you figured out, and you just can't accept it.

And don't make me reiterate just how much you and Alex have said the same shit over and over to me. You guys need to come up with some new material, because the bullshit you're spewing out just won't cut it.

You two can think lowly of Dustin all you want. I know what he's capable of, I've felt what he's capable of. In the ring, there are few like him. And due to the history we have, a history you two don't know much about, I took pride in defeating him. So what? He is a PWA legend. He's held that belt you're wearing, Mark. He's held the Intercontinental title. He's held just about every damn title this place has had.

So I won't downplay him despite his recent efforts to make an attempt to come back to wrestling. He's earned his spot in whatever hall of fame he decides to retire into.

As for you two?

Not even close."

(A short pause.)

Matthew Engel: "But, get ready for another loss this week. Get ready for a new World Champion.

I do not forgive.

I do not forget.

Hell... just get ready."