"It's your right and your ability...
to become my perfect enemy."

- a perfect circle

(It really doesn't matter, does it? You're not paying attention. The only thing you care about are the words; the sounds of me verbally abusing my opponent. Well, in the comfort of my own home, I don't plan to disappoint you.)

Matthew "Virus" Engel:
"This is how the PWA World Champion gets treated. I don't understand it; what have I done to deserve this? Sure, I've been critical of the way this company has been directed, but I've always been loyal. I've been here, keeping the PWA afloat, and staying dedicated to the sport and to the World Championship. I created a title defense for Honor Bound when there was supposed to be none. I'm here to bring the prestige back to this title, after its long vacancy.

But, this is what I get. On the road to Honor Bound, I don't get the match I've been wanting. I get to face someone that has no business being in a wrestling ring, let alone in a ring with me.

Rob, I know you've got a lot going on with resuming once again your duties as President of the PWA. Let me fill you in on something. This shit right here? It doesn't fly with me. You get your head out of your fucking ass, or the PWA might lose another World Champion to its competition."

(I clear my throat, then switch gears.)

Matthew "Virus" Engel:
"It was actually your boyfriend that threw you at the World Champion, Katie. When the tentative card went out for this week's Rampage, he saw himself against the World Champion and saw yet another loss to his record. In spite of actually having to face me, he used whatever pull he manages to have and had the match changed. He threw his one true love to the slaughter, instead of having a go at it himself. That's the man you've hitched your wagon to. That's the man who represents the PWA's current Intercontinental Champion.

That's the man that will never - ever - face me in a PWA ring.

You might have your wish of me gone sooner than you think."

(I give the camera a wink. Oh, what's that? Foreshadowing? You're not paying attention though, are you Rob?)

Matthew "Virus" Engel:
"I won't even begin to dissect the despicable human being that is David Blazenwing, because due to his ever-growing fear of me, he has chosen to step away from this opportunity. He will never get another one, not in Pioneer Wrestling. He has made himself unworthy to be mentioned by others in the same breath as me, let alone stand with me in my fucking ring.

That's right; my ring, you cunt. Because while you and anyone else associated with him have spent your PWA careers settling for mediocre, I've always set the bar higher and higher every time I'm in the ring. You want to question my worth? My legend? God, you two-faced little whore. I'm in my fourth PWA World Heavyweight Championship reign, not third. Please, get your fucking facts straight. I've stepped into the ring with some of the best in the business, winning and losing. I don't need to spell out my accolades for you, they speak very well for themselves. Who's The Man?! winner, Rumble in the Bronx winner, undefeated at Genesis, Who's The Man?!, and Summer Sizzler. Jesus. I could pour it on you all fucking day, but the best part?

I earned all of it.

You didn't earn this match with me. It was thrown to you like a hot potato, because your man couldn't handle the fucking heat.

And now the burns on your hands will be nothing compared to my boot smashing your skull and your torso being crushed by the most amazing aerial move this side of the Earth."

(Determination. I feel like it's late 2009 all over again. A different cunt this time.)

Matthew "Virus" Engel:
"It's funny how you talk about the tournament, as if you had anything to do with it. You've been out of action since Genesis, and even that match was coined the bathroom break match of the night. Please, just shut your mouth. I won my tournament qualifying match. I won my quarterfinals match. I survived in a fatal fourway, eliminating Marxx and Starr. I made Starr tap out like the little bitch that he is, because for some reason on one night he decided to be something more than just a punching bag. He decided he wasn't going to take a loss to Raizzor and then get eliminated right away. He decided to fight back. I give him credit for that, but it wasn't enough.

Maybe that's something you should take notes on. Bring a real fight; not a bunch of hot air and bullshit. Maybe you can actually make a run at upsetting the PWA World Champion, a Hall of Famer, someone who has earned his right to be listed amongst the best this industry has ever seen. But, alas, it won't be enough. Still - it's better than going down like a stupid whore, isn't it? You really have no other choice but to stop stroking your man's ego and bring something to the table that's relevant.

Paraphrasing lines from Tropic Thunder and telling me I don't deserve to be where I'm at isn't helping your cause.

It's ironic is what it is. Because, honestly, you don't deserve to be where you're at. The same goes to your man, who only won his title at Who's The Man?! with the help of Alexander O'Ryan. Neither one of you deserve to step into the ring with me, because you're what's wrong with this company. Two cunts that don't give a damn about anybody but themselves, showing zero respect to those who've earned it. You might think I threw the first stone, but it was your man who told us he'd be the greatest PWA wrestler of all time if he beat Mark Sommers.

I never laughed so hard in my fucking life.

What did you expect me to do, Katie? Sit back and let him talk like that? No.

See, it all goes back to earning what you get. What has he earned here? A couple of wins splattered over a fucking terrible PWA career? Good for him. I'm glad, because the day I let a half-wit faggot like him get an opportunity to face a four-time - not three, you paying attention now? - PWA World Champion like myself, is the day that Simon Kalis realizes he's the worst thing that's ever happened to wrestling.

Never, to be exact, because Simon is an ignorant fuck."

(Truer words have never been spoken. I stand up, obviously my anger rising as well.)

Matthew "Virus" Engel:
"You want to chastise the other members of this roster, yet.. those men that you're talking down to come out to that ring every fucking week, giving everything that they are for the chance to be a winner and to entertain the crowd. Jethro Hayes could snap your neck like a twig, and Planter your man to the core of the fucking planet. Sirus Moran, and all of his kin, are the greatest legacy in the history of this sport - bar none. How dare you, a self-righteous piece of unproven trash, talk down to those who have helped shaped the PWA to be one of the greatest companies on the planet?

I mean.. isn't that why your man is here? To compete in the same company some of the best have, a company that isn't run by himself? Isn't that why you're here?

Yet, you're going to spit on the very people that have made this opportunity available for you.

Well - fuck you.

This week, I'm going to flat-out destroy you. Just when you think you've had enough, I'll continue my barrage of pain and brutality until I think you're finished. I won't stop until your blood is spilled all over that fucking ring, so just everyone in the world can know that you don't belong here. I won't beg your man to get in the ring after I've destroyed his woman, because believe it or not I'm not in the business of ruining lives anymore. I'll spare him, but he'll never look at you the same. He'll look at you with condescending eyes, because you got utterly humiliated by a man who you both deemed as a fluke.

And when your man cries out to me for revenge, I'll walk right up to him and tell him to fuck off, before I shatter his jaw into a million pieces.

I know I have what it takes, because I've looked into the eyes of men and women who have stood before me knowing full well just what kind of hell they were walking into. I've looked into the eyes of the impossible, and snapped its neck. I've created a legacy of my own built upon some of the most memorable rivalries and matches, but no one will remember this week - except you.

When I go to Honor Bound, I'll leave with the AoWF Tag Team and PWA World Championships. I won't remember destroying you. I won't care.

But you?

You'll remember this moment until the day you die.

The moment you found out that Matthew Engel is everything he claims to be."